this is a very good movie

I want to see Coco again but I don’t want to suffer through that Frozen special at the beginning once more…

The Jungle Movie (no spoilers)

Goooosh I just finished watching The Jungle Movie and it was SO GOOD! It was worth the fight to get it made, it lived up to all the hype! 

This show has always maintained a prefect balance of being ridiculously hilarious and very emotional, and this movie maintained that tone to a T! It really took all the best parts from the show and put them all together into something action packed and genuine.

It’s impossible not to get pulled into the charm of the characters, and the movie makes you fall in love with the show all over again.

Thank you Craig Bartlett and everyone on the HA! Crew!

Thelma was so good! 

I highly recommend it! We usually see that movies with super powers focus way too much on the supernatural aspects and are very action-heavy with little character development. But what I love about Thelma is that, even though the movie is about a girl who discovers her super powers, it mostly focuses on her feelings and struggles in a realistic way. It shows that these powers come with serious consequences, in contrast to superhero movies where the powers are always something cool. Thelma is a psychological thriller but I wouldn’t say that it’s scary. It’s a slow movie though. But it keeps you engaged the whole time and it’s super SAPPHIC! The protagonist and her love interest have a great chemistry, not to mention that none of them dies and the ending is good! So, yeah, I don’t know what else to say to convince you to watch it

Family Feud - Part Two of True Family

Writer - @harry-hook-me (myself)

Request - @sixknee

Disclaimer - I do not own any of the Descendants characters or scenes from the movies, all credits goes to the creators and producers of Disneys descendants.

Summary – Follow up to True family; More bad ass reader

Warnings – Tiny mention of sex (only very, very minor) some bad language

Word count – 1928

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PopCode’s interview with Robert Pattinson and producers Paris Kassidokosta-Latsis and Terry Dougas the premiere of Good Time in Athens, Greece

Question : How did they end up working together?

Latsis and Douglas have been a fan of Rob for a long time, when they were introduced to the Safdie brothers, saw the trailer of their last movie, and read the script, they were hooked and came on board.

Rob: “When I met them (the Safdies) I just wanted to do something which just felt very connected, breathless and it’s pacing. And all of their movies just feel kind of out of control and I really wanted to do something like that.

Many people have called this your best performance, do you feel that way too?

I can’t really tell about my own stuff, I really wanted to do something which felt very very of the moment, and I think the Safdies definitely have that. They’re very “zeitgeisty” directors at the moment and I think that is what people are connecting to, and it’s been a while since there’s a proper punk movie and it just feels a little more dangerous than the average that comes out.

Do you have a career plan, how do you pick? Is this a cinephile exercise?

Basically after I did Cosmopolis with Cronenberg in 2012 or 13, I didn’t really realize that you could actually work with these kind of legendary film auteurs. And it really changed my whole rationale on how I pick things. Because it was a massive high after doing that job and even just getting the job in the first place. And so afterwards I was kind of just tracking down people like Herzog, Claire Denis, James Grey, all these people who I just grew up loving their movies. But I didn’t really think I could actually work with them, so for a long time, I was basically just trying to recreate my DVD shelf from when I was 17,  I’m still kind of in the process of that.

Rob blanked out when asked about working with dream collaborators. He only managed to mention working with Ciro Guerra next year after finding the director’s last movie “Embrace of a Serpent” incredible.

Which scene stands out and was fun to do?

It was a really really fun character. Playing any part that he (Connie) doesn’t really have any fear and doesn’t have any shame in his actions, you are playing someone who is not self-reflective at all, so there is a relentlessness to almost any interaction he has with anybody else. So it is always kind of fun, you are having to play parts where you are kind of always up and down, kind of depressing scenes, but there is all just forward momentum. A lots of scenes are really funny, a lot of scenes I am doing with Buddy Duress are just fun. I am working with the Safdies and they are just quite audacious, they always like putting in their writing just left turns all over. In every single scene, you feel you’re going in one direction and suddenly it just complete switches genres in the middle of a scene. Yeah, it’s always fun to do that.

What are the other cult favourite movies that you might really enjoy?

I defintely watched Straight Time before we did it. (with Dustin Hoffman), and The Executioner’s Song with Tommy Lee Jones, that was a TV movie, which was a big part of it, and lots and lots of stuff about Charles Manson. A big big part of the performance is Manson.

How was it like working with Cronenberg?

It was such a gift to do Cosmopolis. I didn’t really know what I was going to do as the Twilight series was ending. Eventhough I have done movies in between, I just haven’t got a specific direction where I was going to go and Cosmopolis just came out of nowhere and I just thought that the writing was so excellent. And as soon as you worked with someone who’s just kind of a titan, and he had so much trust in me and so much belief, it really changed my whole attitude towards acting, my career in general. If Cronenberg calls you, it’s a vote of confidence, it kind of allowed me to go into other things afterwards, which I don’t know if I would have the confidence to try and pursue without that.

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  • NAME: the closer
  • BIRTHDAY: january 29
  • ZODIAC: aquarius
  • HEIGHT:  168.5
  • FAVOURITE BOOK:  my bank book
  • FAVOURITE ARTIST/BANDS: i have a few lukewarm to things i like but gone are the days i really supported just one or two wholesomely. night riots has one or two good songs. foreign air, the black keys.
  • LAST MOVIE I WATCHED:  the man from UNCLE because i rp with a character there n i need to learn more before i go deeper into things
  • HOGWARTS HOUSE: ravenclaw
  • RANDOM FACT:  i’ll be doing a non-profit project end of this year we are all very excited about. and unlike solo projects where you have to be in my country to get into, this one can be shared. it’s an idea, ideas are most powerful. i will be writing about it when we’ve done it and maybe if some of you are touched, please take it forward
  • WHEN DID YOU CREATE THAT BLOG:  maybe two months ago, not very long
  • DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS:  @slitgraves  @cometcdaddy @hislee @firstmostdangerous
  • WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR: i used to be the top art editor for tumblr many years back when i was doing my bachelors so it started from art
  • DO YOU GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASE: i do! only thanks to ALL OF YOU. i would NOT be anywhere without EACH and EVERY one of you who’s made it sooo pleasant for me and i’ve honestly woken up everyday looking forward to tumblr and rping and even if i don’t get to write, really just talking/chatting/doing whatever we can in the ims and in discord. honestly, every happy thing from here has been because of you and your posts and threads that i do stop to read sometimes and just the whole experience that you have created.
  • WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL:  i was in a big hurry and didn’t care to spend days thinking before i started bruce. so with me i usually just start things without wasting much time.

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we saw justice league bc they dont show thor ragnarok anymore and i think i’ll post a whole review of it sometime but i’ll say, w/o giving spoilers, that the flash’s comic relief aspect was really really overdone and there were some cringy weird scenes esp in the 2nd act. aquaman and flash both had one Very Bad line each. all the action scenes except a specific one were VERY good. other than that it really was much better than what i expected from a zack snyder - joss whedon movie. 9/10

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Ok so my friend and i are talking about the utter FAILURE of the King Arthur movie that came out earlier this year and I was just wondering if you had any ideas as to how a King Arthur film could be made and be successful and good because Merlin survived for 4 years so why the hell can't a King Arthur movie be good and succeed?

Given how much of a hoot Man from U.N.C.L.E. was, I’m surprised the new Arthur flick was apparently so dull. I’m not especially familiar with the material beyond Monty Python and some of the stuff in Seven Soldiers, but surely a mythical, colorful, very arch straightforward take on the material could draw some butts into some seats if handled competently? He’s a noble man who finds a magic sword in acknowledgement of that and teams up with other good people to fight what needs to be fought; that shouldn’t be so hard to get right.

Alternatively, there was that one Tumblr post about an office sitcom where it slowly turns out all the coworkers are reincarnations of the round table, and I’d be down for that. Or hell, in that regard just do Camelot 3000 or something, I’ve heard good things.

Oh my god. I just realized the best handle ever. @coolhanluke

Its a pun on a movie title and it also is commentary on a very good star wars ship. 10/10


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Rupert Graves as Cane in the…

@egmon73 It has a very limited European release. I don’t think it has played at all in the US. I follow the movie’s Instagram and Twitter feeds. Nothing. ��

It did play in the US!  The World Premiere was in Somerville, MA for the Boston SciFi Film Festival, and guess who was there to see it?  Me!  I wrote up the best review I could, given the circumstances (no spoilers), and it’s had a number of other film festival showings.  It’s such a good film for such a teeny budget and I hope it gets something of a release so more people can see it.  I’ve got cash ready for a ticket, the DVD, a streaming copy…

My review

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The only thing that gives me a bit of hope about the Sonic Movie is that it now made by Paramount, one of their most recent live-action hybrid movies was SpongeBob Out of Water, which they were able to make the cartoonish characters look good in live action. I just hope they use the same technique if the movie really has to be live action.

Given that Marza are supposedly doing the animation and if their work (Including NoTW is anything to go by), the CGI at the very least ought to be great.

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I'm on the fence about the crossover. On one hand I'm excited that Candice and Tom are actually crossing over and also looking forward to the Westallen wedding. On the other, the Nazi theme and imagery seems pretty heavy. Having Eowells as a sinister Nazi doctor that's experimenting on Supergirl (and maybe others?). Yikes. Hoping it turns out decent but we'll see.

Yeah, it’s tough. In general I’m excited about it, since we’re getting a lot of Tom in two roles, and this fully-integrated “4 hour movie” seems to be a much better way of doing things than in the past. But there does seem to be some very heavy stuff in there. On the one hand, it’s good that they’re portraying the Nazis as being truly horrific rather than Generic Kinda-Bad Guys. On the other, this isn’t Schindler’s List, most of us aren’t tuning into the Arrowverse hoping to see stuff like that, and there’s always the worry TPTB will screw it up royally.

So, like you said, hoping for the best… Probably Tom’s kids are banned from watching the show till they’re 18 now.

I’m going to go see Coco before my Thanksgiving break ends, and y'all should too! I was worried that it would be washed out by Justice League because their release days were so close, plus I hadn’t been seeing very good promo for the movie (which is pretty frustrating), but its dOING SO WELL SO FAR IM CRYING TEARS OF JOY. This is so important to me, not just for diversity in kids films but because it’s a representation of my culture. It’s not diversity for the sake of diversity; it looks to be a beautifully animated movie. I’m a woc who is grew up believing that I could not be considered pretty because of my darker skin (I’m not that dark, but pretty tan, definitely not pale skinned), since the only girls I saw on tv were white growing up. Now that I’m older, I know that doesn’t mean anything, but I think about all the other little Mexican-American boys and girls who can see a character that looks like them save the day in a Disney movie and it makes me want to cry! And the reviews are so good! Go see this movie, give it your money, I think it deserves it.