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Well guys it’s been 20 years since the first ever Harry Potter book was published, by a queen known as J.K. Rowling. I bonded with, one of my now, very good friends over Harry Potter. I learned about fandoms and started this blog to share my love of them, Harry Potter probably being my main one. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for these books! I learned so many things from these books, such as kindness, acceptance, the difference having really good friends can make, and so much more! These books not only made me into who I am, but also got me into reading! Rowling had a difficult life and I don’t think she expected to influence so many lives with just 7 books. I honestly can’t thank this woman enough for creating this whole world, that we can just escape into when we can’t or don’t want to deal with our world, even if it’s only for a short while. So thank you J. K. Rowling for creating this amazing world for all of us to go to, when we need a little magic in our lives.❤️💛💙💚

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Hi! I just saw the Wonder Woman film for the second time and even though this is a very good movie something bothered me each time. My concern refers to the degree of Diana's naivety. She doesn't know what is a watch, an ice cream and snow. Ok, that's cute. But her approach of the war, of the human nature and Ares... I mean, I know this is an initiation story but she is really young and ingenuous, especially next to the male characters, which is definitely sexist. (1/2)

I’m a WonderTrev fan for a long time now and I don’t like see Steve more experienced than Diana. He is impeccable (thanks, Chris Pine!) but they made her too innocent compared to him in my opinion. And what is really sad is that now we’ll never see the mature Diana in interaction with her warrior puppy… What do you think about it? (2/2)

Hi, thanks for the question! I’m actually glad you brought this up because my answer is kind of personal. Also, ⚡️SPOILERS! WONDER WOMAN MOVIE SPOILERS! SCROLL PAST THIS QUICKLY IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE!⚡️Diana’s arc in this movie reminds me of my mom’s story. My mom wasn’t raised on Paradise Island, but by two people who were children when the Partition happened. As a result my grandparents were terrified to let their own kids out of their sight. My mom, who is whip-smart and intuitive and lively, was kind of a handful for her parents (Li’l Diana basically). When she would ask them big scary questions (#AndtheGodkiller?), her parents would tell her that it was complicated and that she would understand someday (#Hippolyta). It was with this boundless potential and curiosity and black-and-white worldview (the complexity of which was never fostered) that my mom came to America when she married my dad (#Diana). My dad, older and wiser and weary (#Steve-ish), would also answer her questions also with a simple, “It’s more complicated than that,” leaving my mom to basically figure things out on her own. She did and now she’s Wonder Woman, but it took time.

Back to the movie: to be honest, I didn’t find Diana’s naivety sexist. Yes, she was ingenuous compared to Steve and the Oddfellows, but she was even more out of her element on Themyscira. Hippolyta and the other Amazons always kept things hushed around her (and it came from a genuine place of love), so how could Diana possibly know that Ares’ plan and humankind were a lot more complex than what she thought? And when she came to Man’s World, Steve didn’t elucidate further (again, his inaction came from a place of concern and compassion too). If the people Diana trusted the most didn’t trust her enough to nurture her intellectual growth, then where can she possibly turn? She’s naive because, despite her vehement protests, she was sheltered. It’s a testament to how inherently resilient and driven and curious she is that she learned as much as she did. Homegirl grew up on an island with *no men* but read Clio’s treatises including the volume on heterosexuality. Per the novelization, she had read about snow and quickly put two and two together when she saw it for the first time. She is so so so smart! Yes, her world view was black-and-white, but we actively see the maturation of her thought process and the shifting of her paradigm when she’s on that battlefield with Ares. 

[I saw the movie again recently too, and it occurred to me that this is why No Man’s Land is the most resonant scene in the movie for women: Women are constantly “protected” and “shielded” from “reality” (for whatever patriarchal reason, take your pick on a spectrum from nice to mean), but reality sees no gender and hits everyone just the same. To watch Diana forge her own path with absolutely no guidance from others… it hit me right in the gut, hard. It’s what my mom did. It’s what we as women do, to varying degrees depending on our sociocultural contexts.]

So yes, movie!WW wasn’t as wordly and wise as Marston!WW; conversely she wasn’t as deer-in-the-headlights as Perez!WW. As sheltered as she was, she was still trailblazer whose confidence and sense of purpose carried her through. Honestly I felt so proud of this version for how she handled herself when she left Themyscira. Thanks again for the question!

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I saw your description said you're reading murder on the orient express- have you seen the trailer for the upcoming movie version?! It looks AMAZING (also I'm in love with your art and I hope you have a good day okay bye)

I am so excited about it! I saw so many people complaining in the tag when I looked that Poirot had a stupid mustache and how Johnny Depp ruins everything, I was just like, hell yeah I’m going to see an OTT aesthetic period mystery where Johnny Depp is the murder victim like Y E S. He isn’t going to be in it very long we can all relax from his over acting and be done with it….. That is unless darling Agatha blindsides me with a resurrection at the end, considering I haven’t finished it yet

Real talk, Disney’s Descendants was a positive movie about teenagers escaping abusive and controlling parents and you don’t get a lot of stories like that aimed at a teen demographic.

As far as Disney channel originals go, I really unironcially loved that one and I hope the sequel’s good or at least preserves the fun of the original.

It was just a good time, if you can shake off your adult lenses for an hour these kids are very easy to root for and I wish I had something like this when I was a teen

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Pfft- WHAT?! That movie honestly isn't very good. No offense to you/ your opinions, but seriously! It was too distracted from the main plot, it had no explanations for how the pirates/ Babet changed sizes, and speaking of them I'd like to know HOW THE HECK Babet got control of the ship! And on a side note, half the time I couldn't even tell if Ann and Andy were supposed to be siblings, or if they were supposed to be shipped. There's more stuff I'd talk about, but I'm out of room.

Am I the only American on here who likes Tintin? I swear if it wasn’t for the movie and a old friend who lives in a UK I probably wouldn’t of got into it. I tried to get some of my old friends to get into it and well… they fine it okay. but not really into it. living in America and liking Tintin is tough. there’s no Tintin shop. there’s only one and it’s in New York. I don’t get why my country don’t like Tintin very much. I guess they don’t have good taste. and the movie didn’t do so well here either. they need to make Tintin more out there in the states. shoot. put more Tintin shops. heck show reruns of Tintin on Nickelodeon or HBO or Cartoon Network like they did in the 90s so more Americans can get into it or something. don’t worry i like Tintin. it’s just feel like it’s not many Americans. i guess they need Tintin to put on a cape so Americans can like him.

Finally watched Captain Underpants and I gotta say...

The movie is exactly all I wanted as a kid when I read the books.
The voice actors were chosen very well, the slight alterations in plot still suited the series amazingly and George’s and Harold’s friendship was illustrated beautifully in this!

There was one scene that crushed me tho and it did it wonderfully, so many good angsty feels!
I recommend the movie for any CU fan out there! Dreamworks brought that piece of my childhood to life and I am very happy!

Daniel Sharman Imagine

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You sat at the side of the set watching as Daniel filmed his last scenes of the day. His new movie was already amazing, you couldn’t wait till other people saw it. Even more you wanted people to so how good of an actor Daniel really was.
As the scene ended Daniel made his way to you

“I’m always happy to see my girl smiling but what’s the reason” he sat next to you making you smile even bigger.

“I’m just very proud of you” you kissed his cheek. Daniel pulled you on his lap.

“Really?” You nodded when he asked. It surprised you he didn’t even know it already.

“Yes. You’ve reached so much. You have such talent, but besides all that you are an amazing person. Making everyone happy and always so nice to the people you work with. You’re like a real life Superman” he laughed and pulled you in for a kiss.

“Thank you (Y/N). That means a lot to me, especially coming from you. Now what do you say if we go out to a nice restaurant?” you got off his lap and reached a hand out for him.

“Let’s go. I’m paying” you said making Daniel laugh out and follow after you

“In your dreams babe”

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Hey there!! I was wondering if I could get a written ship with BTS? I'm very cuddly, loving, motherly in nature. Really nice a friendly to everyone including strangers, good with kids (and animals!!), polite around adults. In my spare time I dance and work-out, as well as watching movie (horror, animation and romantic comedy movies) and cooking. I love cuddling and skinship in general. I really want to get married :D I spend a lot of time with my family. Thank you so much and have a nice day 💗

-Seokjin vibes-
I ship you with Seokie!

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Much like Seokjin, your both very friendly, lovable and well known as the mother friend.

He’d love to dance with you, he’d be like the student and you the teacher, as most times he’d be unintentionally tripping over his two left feet.

Aside from dancing, cooking would always bring a smile to his face!
I feel like Jin would also love to constantly hold hands, feeling your fingers intertwine with his would never fail to boost his already bubbly personality.

He’d especially love midnight cuddles although much to his irritation - you’d likely be interrupted by Taehyung and Kook, asking something rude for a dare or dancing.

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They’d giggle like idiots, putting a smile on your face.
Seeing you happy would always brighten up Seokjin too, taking away his seriousness.

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Extended Imagine Requested by Anon: can I have an imagine where the reader is a 90s icon and jared has a crush on her (even though she’s married) and hes on ellen and she surprises him!

sidenote: Y/S/N = your 90s’ sitcom’s name ; i interpreted his crush more as like an admiration, not completely romantic, hope that’s okay

Author’s P.O.V

The Ellen Degeneres Show

“Hello everybody and welcome to today’s show. Guess who is on the show today, that’s right it’s none other than Jared Leto. Yeah, y’all are excited about that. Jared will be talking to us about his new movie Blade Runner 2049 and later he will join me for a game of heads up. So, stick around, I’m gonna go dance.”

Later in the show

“Hi, Jared. How are you?” “I’m good, how are you?”, he replied smiling. “I’m very good. I’m really happy to see you again, you haven’t been here for a while.” “Yeah, I know.” “Well, listen I’m excited about your new movie. Tell us little bit of the story.”
[The interview continues, Ellen asks him more about other upcoming projects and about Thirty Seconds to Mars. Then the official interview part is over]

“Well, Jared it was lovely to talk to you, and I’ll hope you’ll stick around because I have plans for a game with you.”, Ellen looks at him mischievously. Jared laughs, “Alright.”

After the commercial break

“Hey everybody, welcome back. I’m still here with the wonderful Jared Leto. Now Jared, I heard that you recently admitted to having a crush on someone and it’s not me.”, Ellen states, pretend upset. Jared chuckles, “Aww, no, of course I have a crush on you.” “Ah huh, but who do you really have a crush on?” Jared clears his throat and shifts slightly in his seat, “Well, I might have a crush on Y/N.” “Y/N Y/L/N, who we all know. She is a wonderful actress, who became famous on the 90s sitcom Y/S/N of course. She’s beautiful, kind and really funny.” Jared’s slightly blushing, “She is, she definitely is.” “Well, I’m glad you told me.”, Ellen laughed and so did the audience. “Anyway, it’s time for a game. We’re going to play one of my favorite games ‘heads up’, partner edition, so you’ll need a partner. Here to help us out, please welcome Y/N Y/L/N” The audience erupted in cheers. Jared turned around to see you walking over to Ellen and him. Ellen gave you hug, and then introduced you to Jared. You both hugged each other. Ellen ‘whispered’ in your ear “He has a crush on you.” Everyone laughed, and you chuckled. “Well, I’m honored. I’m a big fan of yours.”, you said to Jared, smiling. You took a seat next to him. He smiled back. “So, Y/N, how have you been?”, Ellen asked. “I’m good, yeah. A bit exhausted, you know with the new baby at home but yeah, it’s good.” “Oh yeah, that’s right, you just had a little baby. How old is he/she?” “She’s 2 months now.” “Congratulations.”, Jared said smiling to you and started clapping, the audience and Ellen joined him. “I’m happy for you.”, Ellen added. “Thank you.”, you were blushing. “Okay, now let’s play. Jared, Y/N, you have to work together to get me to guess whatever it says on the iPad, okay?” You both nodded.
You both had a lot of fun playing the game, seeing as you are both competitive and wanted Ellen to guess as many as possible. You indeed managed to set a new high score. “That was amazing, you two make a good team. Thank you both for stopping by. Jared, good luck with the movie, it looks amazing. And Y/N, thank you for helping us surprise Jared and all the best to you and your family.” You both thanked her and waved goodbye to the audience.


“Hey Jared, it was really nice meeting you. I’m actually a big fan of your band and you’re acting of course.” Jared smiled, “Thank you very much. And that I’m a fan of yours is probably needless to say again. I loved Y/S/N, I still watch it from time to time.” You smiled brightly at him, “Thank you. You know we should meet up sometime for coffee or something.” “Yes, we should.”
You exchanged numbers and went your separate ways. A few weeks later, you both had some time and met up. You became really good friends and Jared’s crush on you is something you still tease him about from time to time.

Random tree bros headcannons

Who kills the bugs: Neither because Evan gets upset. Connor gently captures them and sets them free outside.

Who cooks: Connor doesn’t know how to cook without setting the kitchen on fire. Evan basically chases him out every single time.

Who does the grocery shopping: They like to go together and bicker over what brands are better. Evan insists on buying all natural while connor sneaks pizza bites and Oreos into the cart.

Who drives everywhere: Connor does most of the driving because Evan gets really nervous. He’s getting a little better but Connor still insists on driving when it involves going on the highway, bad weather, or night driving.

Who picks the movies: They alternate when they have movie nights. Connor is really into horror movies but Evan prefers a good comedy.

What do they watch on TV: If Connor has the remote, they watch the news. Connor is very politically involved and likes to keep up but he will also turn on some talk shows. Evan enjoys a good nature documentary but can settle for watching Ellen.

What did they major in when they went to college: Connor majored in psychology and minored in political sciences. Evan majored in environmental sciences with a minor in geology.

Where do they choose to live: After college, they moved in with Evan’s mom while getting on their feet. They chose to live in a small apartment about fifteen minutes away from their hometown. They visit their parents often and stay in contact with their friends.

Answer 8 questions then tag eight people

I was tagged by @eyes-of-tigers (i can’t tag u :(() thank u hun!!

Last movie I watched: It Follows, which was actually pretty good for a horror movie and not very scary either, i’d recommend it

Last song I listed to: bad liar by selena gomez, 100% my faaaave jam atm

Last book I read: Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult, honestly incredible - eyeopening and insightful and such a page turner. it’s about racism and prejudice, specifically in america, and it’s written in such different perspectives that i feel like anyone could read it and learn something, amazing. definitely recommend if that tickles anyone’s fancy 

Last thing I ate: i had a healthy ham sandwich lol back on that diet life

Where would you like to time travel to?: when i get there am i in that time forever or do i see my life and then go back to now??? coz if i just see that time period for a bit then i’d go forward and see if my life gets any less depressing, but if not i’d go back to like early 2000s when i was a small innocent baby and music was INCREDIBLE, but not far back enough that women had no rights lol

Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: chandler bing, always

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be honestly?: i wish i was with mint and kari :(

Current fandom obsession: currently i feel very happy in the cancer crew fanbase, but my main focus atm is pretty little liars since it ends on wednesday and i’m preparing myself for an absolute breakdown

i tag @baratkat @punkzack @barakatforyou @riansdrums @heydawson @attackonmax @shaddyhatter @stardust-barakat

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Ok this is a dumb question but I'm curious. Does the tv show Fargo have anything to do w the movie fargo

the same vibe as the movie mostly, the same accents, there’s a good cop usually and it centers around crime, it usually goes for the whole regular people get into a situation with crime that escalates terribly angle 

it’s a very good show, every season has new characters and a new story

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I’ll be doing Lon’qu and Robin for this!

Who worries about how they will look when they’re older: I don’t think either of them stresses about this too much, but maybe Robin just a little more.

Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s: Lon’qu. He’s not very good at expressing himself so he prefers to pour his heart into things that are a little more indirect.

Clings to the other during scary movies: I feel like they’d both do this haha. Robin probably doesn’t hold back, though.

Gets into the shower with the other randomly: Robin, to see how flustered Lon’qu gets. He’s a blushing mess and that only drives Robin to continue.

Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone: Robin does it without even realizing.

Initiates hand holding while the other is driving: Lon’qu. He’s more for subtle gestures.

Secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events: Robin gets too much fun out of messing with Lon’qu. He gets his revenge, however.

Asks weird questions in the middle of the night: Robin asks the weird questions even when wide awake, but Lon’qu definitely makes the most nonsensical statements when he’s tired. Robin rolls along with it, and Lon’qu doesn’t remember them in the morning.

Asks “what are you thinking about?”: Hm, I feel like Robin would do this more often but Lon’qu occasionally does as well.

Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do): Lon’qu, definitely. He finds a lot of comfort in it.

Thank you very much!

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i need to gush to someone so i will gush to u. I have the biggest fuckign crush on this person in my year (they also happen to be one of my closest friends) for weeks we've been sending each other random pickup lines and they fake propose with flowers over snapchat etc. I got confused and stressed and it was hard to see what was a joke and what was serious. So the other night, I told them. And they like me back. We don't know what to do cause we're both closeted in many ways, but i'm so happyyyy

Awwwee ! :3 thats very cute. You could go to the movies and stuff since you’re close friends and no one would question and think you’re just friends being friends. ? Hm. Good luck to you, my friend


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What do you think jyns personality would be if she didn't have such a tragic childhood

Probably still Cassian’s worst nightmare. Reckless, impulsive, strong-willed, a bit of a troublemaker. I think tragedy has forced her to be sincere when people needed it, so I would say she’d be guarded in different ways that we see in the movie, more sure of her boundaries and less thrown around by fate and necessity. Her trust issues would be milder to say the least. Less driven, not spoiled rotten but certainly softer around the edges because she had a very affectionate father. How I see her is how I write her in AUs; a bit prickly, but sharp and affectionate and funny and good at adapting to situations.

so, like, hear me out. so let’s say kevin james, stay with me, had announced he was appearing in a quentin tarantino film. no seriously stay with me here. and like… it’s your typical tarantino affair. lots of violence, engaging dialogue, all that good stuff. but it’s with kevin james. and suddenly you find yourself actually enjoying watching kevin james on screen. to the point where it’s like holy shit he can act?? then because tarantino films are typically very well received he’d suddenly be nominated for best supporting actor. 

so then

it’s time to do paul blart mall cop 3. and that trailer hits. “featuring: academy award nominated actor, kevin james”

that would be the moment i’d give up on movies forever