this is a veritable feast

A day impacted by noise –
a borehole being drilled, 
a driver being irate, his horn obnoxious,
neighbours having a squabble,
dogs unbearably excited,
a political rally here, 
a thrilling football match there,
beer bottles shattering,
a two-year old exercising his lungs –



call it respite, call it relief,
like a bubbling stream, 
like a soothing salve,
her voice fills my senses,
infused with lightness,
I nod my head, tap my feet
to the rhythm she picks
mesmerising by the clarity
delighted by its purity,
Oh, the way she sings!


I don’t know
if You’ve noticed,
there’s an angel missing
from your choir. 

anonymous asked:

how would each of the paladins + Allura react when their s/o takes a fatal blow for them to protect them during battle? like s/o doesn't die, but come really close. s/o was unconscious and in a healing pod for days.

- He is not okay. But his first priority is getting his s/o out of there safely.
- He’d have to pull back a bit from the fighting, but he’d be able to get them to the ship without risking the rest of the team either. He’s good at multitasking.
- He’d be super anxious. Lots of pacing. He’d be trying to put up a good front to not scare the rest of the team.
- Would actually cry as he held his s/o when they finally emerge from the healing pod.
- He was really scared that he’d lose them.

- Hoo boy. He has zero chill.
- Definitely flies off the handle at whatever the hell hurt his s/o.
- He can’t be the one to get them into the pod. He’d honestly be too afraid of hurting them more. Someone with gentler hands would have to do it.
- Would literally not leave the med bay. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this boy took the mattress from his room and parked it in front of his s/o’s healing pod
- When no one’s around, would be quietly begging them to just wake up
- Holds his s/o close when they come out of the healing pod, followed by “What the fuck were you thinking?!”

- Oh no. no no no no no. More than a little panic, with a lot of protecting involved.
- He’d be super scared for his s/o and would only be able to hold back the waterworks long enough to get them out of immediate danger.
- I see lots of stress cooking/baking in his future. His s/o will have a veritable feast when they emerge.
- There’s going to be lots of cuddling when they come out, just so he can be sure that they’re really there.

- He shuts down. Like, can’t fight anymore. Can’t move. Can’t think. Just, stops functioning.
- Someone else has to carry his s/o back to the ship, and another (probably Hunk) has to drag his ass back as well.
- I definitely see him as the most outwardly worried/scared. Lance is very expressive.
- He’d do some bargaining. “If you just open your eyes, I promise I’ll stop flirting.”
- Is so relieved when they finally come out of it that he just cries and hugs them. Super clingy for weeks afterward.

- Hell hath no fury like Pidge.
- She’s really good at compartmentalizing. She’ll push her feelings aside long enough to get them the hell out of there.
- Once they’re in the pod, all bets are off and she starts getting really worried and scared.
- She’ll try to throw herself into her projects/tech to keep her mind busy, but nothing will be able to hold her focus.
- Like Keith, she’d probably sleep outside the healing pod while waiting for her s/o to come out.
- She’ll be so relieved when they emerge and all she can do is hug them really tight, to the point where someone makes a joke about her breaking a rib.

- She’ll get the job done. It’s what she’s always had to do. She knows she can rely on one of the Paladins or Coran to get her s/o to safety.
- Once the job is done, she’s checking over all of the readings from the pod herself.
- She’ll be super on-edge the entire time they are in the healing pod. It’ll come out during the Paladins’ training.
- Very teary-eyed when they finally do come out of the pod, safe and sound.
- Lots of whispered words and soft touches for a while.

2) First Date- Or, Inclement Weather

Sherlock is not having this.

He’s not having his first proper date with Molly Hooper ruined because London’s summer is shite.

So when he realises that the bucketing rain outside is going nowhere and will thus nix his plans for a picnic, he does the logical thing: He calls Mycroft and has him shut down access to Baker Street for all but local traffic, as well as having the florist and caterer his brother favours when entertaining Lady Smallwood send over large bouquets of flowers and a veritable feast of Thai food.

He then arranges for one of Mycroft’s cars to pick her up from Bart’s.

Of course, by the time Molly gets to Baker Street she’s so exhausted she can barely taste the food (her favourite), or smell the flowers (her preference), and she falls asleep  on his shoulder before they can do anything even remotely romantic, let alone naughty.

Still, judging by the smile on her face the next morning, Sherlock thinks she’s as happy as he with their first date.

sherrigamblin  asked:

LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Imagine Claire's reaction when Jamie keeps bringing home strays. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

Modern Glasgow AU

Claire shrugged out of her blue overcoat, hung it beside Jamie’s mac (raindrops still clinging to it from the earlier cloudburst), straightened a pair of William’s muddy boots and Julia’s battered clogs (tsking to herself that she had to remind them yet again to neatly line up their shoes in the cubby when they came back inside), and set her Mini’s keys in the dish on the sideboard. The metal clanked cheerily with Jamie’s own Range Rover keys.

She signed, rolled her shoulders in a vain attempt to shrug of the stiffness from a long day standing in the clinic’s walk-in ward, and smelled something delightful wafting from the Lallybroch kitchen.

Ah, Mrs. Crook was up to something tonight. She’d cooked a veritable feast the night before, and there had been plenty of leftovers. So why was she baking…lasagna?

Claire frowned. Something was up.

Just what that something was became immediately apparent as she padded down the hall and rounded the corner into the kitchen.

Small muddy pawprints dotted the cream-colored tile between the doorway and the space beside the oven, where her husband and five children stood in a circle, crouching over something.

“…doesna have a collar so I suppose we can keep him then?”

“He’s so small - I canna believe someone would just let him go like that!”

“Aye - if he hadna chased Adso up that tree I’d never ha’ seen him! He was hiding under the bushes -”

Claire cleared her throat. “What are you all doing?”

Six heads swiveled toward the doorway. Jamie’s face split into a smile, eyes creasing.

Oh no. She knew that look…

“Mama! Mama! Itsa wee dog! Da found him today!” Brianna exclaimed.

“Aye Da says we can keep him, as long as we take him to the vet and make sure he’s go’ his shots!” William practically vibrated from excitement.

Fergus hoisted Julia up on his hip as Faith stepped back.

To reveal a small, lean, bushy gray dog, blissfully destroying a cooked chicken.

Jamie crossed the room to gently kiss Claire’s brow in welcome. “He’s small, but his paws are big. So he’ll grow to become a proper guard dog, aye? We’re in need of one around here - the bairns all sorely miss Bran, and it’s been a while since Lallybroch has had a dog…”

Claire surveyed her small family from left to right - blue and brown eyes pleading silently.

She shook her head in amazement. “I can’t argue with any of you, it seems. What shall we call him?”

William cleared his throat. “I was thinking…Rollo.”

Julia craned her neck over Fergus’ shoulder to look at her big brother. “Wollo?”

William raised his chin a bit. “Aye - Murtagh and I were watching a documentary about Vikings the other day. Rollo was a mighty Viking king. A good dog should have a strong name, aye?”

“Yeah - Rollo!” Faith cheered. “And if we’re not too careful, he’ll get big enough from Mrs. Crook’s cooking that we’ll need to roll him out of the kitchen!”

Rollo Fraser chose that moment to look up at his new family, lick his chops, and urinate on the tile.

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HCs for a really talented s/o who is a master at the culinary arts with Josuke? Like s/o always has breakfast made or always has an array of different samples on the counter? Pls ;////;

- Josuke can cook the very basics. His mother being away at teacher’s conferences has taught him enough not to starve; toast, an omelette, maybe a couple of very simple soups. He’d not consider himself a chef, by any means - although he definitely would consider himself a connoisseur of fine culinary arts, just from the amount he eats. 
- So when he discovers his s/o has such a talent, he’s beside himself with joy! Two of his favourite things in the whole world are eating good food, and being with his s/o - and the fact that they can both be rolled up together? Amazing!
- Being home-cooked for, too, makes his romantic little heart swell up. Home cooking feels like something intimate and deep and real, and every time he meets his s/o’s eyes over tonight’s jaw-droppingly beautiful dessert concoction, his cheeks flush pink and he averts his gaze. 
- He never takes it for granted - every morning, he bounces downstairs and is greeted with a veritable delicious feast, and through a mouth full of food he mumbles out how great his s/o is and how much he loves them. 
- He always makes sure to thank them before he goes off, too. He’d tried, the first couple of times, to wave away the food with a modest; ‘Aww, babe! Y’didn’t need to!’, but after establishing that his s/o just really liked cooking for him Josuke had accepted that he would never go hungry again. 
- If he sees his s/o doing the washing up, he begins to complain. “Babe! You’ve done so much work! Let me do that!”
- He often feels like his s/o exerts too much of their energy on cooking for him, and although he really really appreciates it, he worries about them. Being able to at least do the dishes is his way of giving back. 
- S/O really wishes he’d stop stealing food when they leave it out to cool down. He keeps messing up their recipes because there’s one less of whatever there should be when they go to do things. 

making spirits bright

today’s fic: jily celebrity au

(or basically a sequel to the tinder au i wrote back in may)

lol remember when i had about 30 anons clamouring for a sequel to this and i was like ‘um no idk what it would even be about’? well ta-da. here’s a sequel. about nothing. idk man it’s just 2k of fluff.

wc: 2201

ao3 | see more ficmas here

“Did you know that we’ve apparently broken up?”

James barely looks up from where he’s sat on the floor, leaning against her legs as he goes head on against Sirius and they in a FIFA match. She finds it absolutely hysterical that he’s losing so badly when he himself is a world class football player.

“Charming,” he says distractedly, “Is that the Sun again?”

Lily flicks his ear. “No, the Sun said we eloped in Paris a few months ago and we’re awaiting the arrival of our firstborn with bated breath. Honestly James, keep up.”

“My bad,” he says dryly, “By the way, we’re naming our first child Elvendork.”

“I thought we agreed on Bathsheba?”

“Yeah, but Elvendork is unisex.”

“Good point.”

He throws down his controller in a huff when the game ends with him losing spectacularly. Remus comes in first place, and he snickers when he sees his ridiculous pout. Meanwhile Lily just pets him, accustomed to her boyfriend, the drama queen.

It’s only later, when he’s spread out on the couch, his head on her lap while the rest of them switch over to another game, does he ask, “Sorry, who was saying that we broke up?”

Lily glances down at him, still scrolling through her phone. “Oh, the Mirror. Marlene likes to tweet me articles that we’re mentioned in. Apparently the fact that I didn’t go to the last fundraiser with you but went out for milk on Saturday without makeup means that our relationship is on the rocks.”

“How dare you not wear makeup while doing menial everyday things. They’re right, this is the beginning of a downward spiral, Evans.”

He’s still in her lap, glasses askew and hair a complete mess, and she leans down to swipe a quick peck on the lips.

“Yeah, I’m a real embarrassment, you should break up with me.”

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can you do an otp tag with mc/hana?

YES, I love them! Hana is AMAZING oh my god. Send me a Choices couple (canon or not) and I’ll break down their relationship!

  • How did they meet? On the first night of the masquerade ball that opened the social season of Cordonia’s Royal Court, MC walked into the boutique when Hana was changing and nearly died of surprise. Hana’s first thought was that Maxwell chose his suitor well, and her second thought was that wow, she was pretty. MC couldn’t get over how soft and pretty Hana’s voice was, not to mention the rest of her.
  • Who developed romantic feelings first? MC, almost immediately. She and Liam had hit it off the night of Liam’s bachelor party, but only as bros, and Maxwell brought her in to make the whole process of choosing his future wife more bearable, because Liam could always use more people on his side, and as such, she felt free to find Hana charming and sweet and romanticly minded. Hana somehow missed MC and Drake and Liam and Maxwell’s hints at the bros-only relationship between MC and Liam, and so felt deeply conflicted about the romantic feelings that started to develop when the court was held at the Nevrakis estate.
  • Who is their biggest “shipper?” Liam and Maxwell frequently would put the two of them together in order to encourage the relationship. Liam wants his friends to find love so bad it’s a little heartbreaking.
  • When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances? They have their first kiss the night of the coronation, after Liam has, in a turn of events that surprised everyone, including Drake, he decided to pick Drake as his future spouse. Once Hana and MC were in the clear, MC dragged Hana away from the ball to confess her feelings towards Hana. Hana burst into tears of joy and reciprocated, and they kissed under a starry sky, while Ana De Luca snapped a few heartwarming photos of the confession.
  • Who confessed their feelings first? ^^
  • What was their first official date? Their first official date was the day after the coronation ball, where MC took Hana out to the beach just for fun. They brought a veritable feast for two and spent the day frolicking in the waves, eyes only for each other.
  • How do they feel about double dates/group dates? They love doing them occasionally, as MC loves making Hana the center of attention with a large group of people, and Hana loves being with the people she loves.
  • What do they do in their down time? Sometimes, when their schedules are empty and they can relax, they’ll go out to the sunroom in their house, and spend the day there basking in the light and life of the room. Hana will read or play endless melodies on the piano, and MC will break out her paints and get lost in the colors.
  • What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like? For MC meeting Hana’s parent’s it was a bit awkward considering they were so disappointed their daughter didn’t do as they wanted and gain the Prince’s hand, but after a while, it got better. MC’s parents loved Hana instantly and accepted her into their family immediately.
  • What was their first fight over and how did they get past it? Their first fight was over who was going to plan their anniversary date, and they got over it when they realized they were arguing over who loved who more. They ended up flipping a coin for it.
  • Which one is more easily made jealous? MC. Hana’s still getting used to the idea that MC is ‘hers’ and it still takes her a little by surprise. MC, on the other hand, is kind of possessive of Hana, though not in a negative way, more in a ‘pay attention to me senpai’.
  • What is their favorite thing to get to eat? MC loves introducing Hana to casual American food, so much. Hana fell deep deep deeply in love with french fries, she can’t even tell you.
  • Who’s the cuddly one? What their favorite cuddling position? YES, THEY ARE. Favorite cuddling position is spooning in all variations, they switch little spoon and big spoon positions.
  • Are they hand holders? YES. MC loves kissing the back of Hana’s hand and making her blush.
  • How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? Funny story, they actually ended up having semi-public sex in the ocean on their first date. They were the only ones around, so…
  • Who tops? Sometimes Hana, sometimes MC, sometimes they flip for it.
  • What’s the worst first they’ve ever gotten into? The worst fight they ever got into was over the party favors at their wedding. Don’t ask, it’s still a bit of a touchy subject to this day.
  • Who does the shopping and the cooking? They shop together but MC isn’t allowed to cook, she’s awful at it. Hana loves cooking so much, it’s one of her happy hobbies.
  • Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness? Hana, it’s been drilled into her since she was young, MC isn’t messy but she is much less tidy compared to Hana.
  • Who proposes? MC! she proposes for the first time a few months after the Coronation Ball, at Liam and Drake’s wedding, but Hana says, not yet. They get engaged literally the next day because Hana can’t think of a reason not to.
  • Do they have joined Bachelor/Bachelorette parties or separate? Joined, they spend the entire night at each other’s side. It’s adorable.
  • Who is the best man/maid of honor? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids? Best Man is Maxwell, and they pick Kiara and Penelope as their Maids of Honor. Liam and Drake are groomsmen.
  • Big Ceremony or Small? Small, but high-class luxury.
  • Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?  They do! They have a honeymoon touring all the places they went during the social season.
  • Do they have children? How many? They do! They end up having a girl.

Thank you so much for the ask!

[fic] got me hooked

Percy Jackson doesn’t go looking for trouble; trouble always comes looking for him. In which a Hufflepuff is trying his damnedest not to get expelled from the only school he’s ever liked, but he’s best friends with a Slytherin who has a penchant for rule-breaking, and he can’t say no to her pretty smile.

(AKA here’s a thank you fic for reaching 600 followers!! Have some PJO Hogwarts!AU. I actually have a more substantial Hogwarts!AU involving the Triwizard Tournament but that’s nowhere near done so you can have this ball of fluff for now)

Saying Percy Jackson is a troubled kid is an exaggeration and an understatement at the same time.

By the time he’s ten years old, he’s been through six different schools. In each school, he gets expelled for strange, inexplicable things that only happen when he’s around. In his last school, a girl who bullied one of his close friends actually got grabbed by the water from the courtyard fountain and pulled in. And somehow, the school thinks that’s his fault. 

Okay, yeah, it most likely was his fault; but in his defense, he had no idea that he’s a wizard, much less actually control his magic back then. 

Magic. When he gets his letter from McGonnagal and he finds out he’s half-wizard, of all things, the strange incidents start making sense. During that meeting, his mom comes clean about knowing about his absent father’s magical heritage and explains everything to him. She and McGonnagal discuss more things and Percy hears something like Statue of Secrets being said over and over again; but by the end, McGonnagal invites him to attend Hogwarts – a school for kids with magical abilities like him. And he’s never been more excited to go to a school. 

When September 1 comes around and Percy realizes just how bloody freaking awesome wizarding school is, he’s determined to not get kicked out of Hogwarts. And if that means avoiding anything that remotely smells like trouble, he’ll do it. 

That all changes in second year, when he becomes Defense Against the Dark Arts partners with a Slytherin named Annabeth Chase. 

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Sorry for the delay!

Not proofed again…

Part I

Part II

It took a little under a day to get home, as hauling the weapons back slowed them down a great deal. Unfortunately, the time did not pass quickly - after all of Meg’s words, both of them were hesitant to speak and mostly kept their eyes to the ground.

At last, when they arrived home, a very tired Castiel immediately set about preparing for bed. Just before climbing in, though, he looked at the small bag of tea he’d been given.


Should he take it? I mean, if it helped him deal with the humidity, that would be a godsend, and even if it didn’t no harm done.

Unless it’s poisoned.

No, no, that wouldn’t make any sense. Meg wouldn’t poison the prince’s spouse, the symbol of peace between Angels and Nagas. That would be unfathomably stupid.

So it can’t be harmful. That means the worst it could do would be nothing at all.

Or taste awful.

Castiel shrugged and sprinkled the contents into a cup of hot water to sit.

It didn’t smell awful.

The Angel took a tentative sip, smacking his lips in thought.

It didn’t taste good, but it didn’t taste bad, either. It was mostly weird - with very strange undertones. Not completely unpleasant, but not the worst tea he’d ever had. After putting some honey in it, it actually wasn’t too bad. He finished the cup and set it down, moving to crawl into bed.

It turned out drinking it before bed was a good idea, as it made him incredibly drowsy, so he fell asleep mere minutes after hitting the pillow.

Now, you know that feeling? The one you get when you’re asleep and you start feeling cold, and you realize that your feet aren’t covered by the blankets? That’s the unpleasant feeling Castiel woke up to, sometime in the middle of the night, he didn’t know quite when. 

Not that the climate around him was cold per se, but it wasn’t the temperature he liked, properly snuggled underneath a blanket of just the right thickness. It was uncomfortable. Hell, it almost felt like the blanket had bunched up, or his legs were dangling off the bed, that’s how much of him was chilled.

Not to mention it felt like someone had stabbed his stomach.

Castiel groaned, and tried to pull his feet back under the sheet, while also trying to pull it down to cover him, but for some reason his feet felt so sluggish and heavy. He tried again to move them, after all, maybe they’d just gone to sleep, when he had a sudden, horrifying revelation.

He couldn’t move his legs. At all. And everything felt wrong.

The Angel gasped as he opened his eyes to see what the matter was, only to feel almost immediately dizzy. Everything looked off, all the depth was wrong, it was as if everything was both closer and farther at the same time, as if he was seeing double vision, except there was still only one. The fires in the fireplace… they didn’t look brighter, but they looked… they looked hot. He didn’t know how to explain it, but he could tell by looking at them how hot they were. He could smell the heat off of them, it was so strange.

It was that damn tea, it must have been. Maybe it had something in it that made Angels trip out or something, Castiel didn’t know, he just knew he felt awful.

But it wasn’t until he looked down at his strangely heavy and immobile legs that his heart stopped in his chest.

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ok so I,,, misplaced an ask in a series of unfortunate events but! I have fixed things! Five days after promised!! For @600ml​, hope it lives up to expectations :’)

NozoEli - #34 “You can put your cold feet on me.”

The first thing Russia greets Nozomi with is a small airborne blonde.

“Nozomi-chan!” Alisa dangles off Nozomi’s neck, giddy with the rush of seeing her again after an entire semester away. Nozomi laughs and, with a quick glance around for stray passersby first, spins Alisa in a circle that lifts her feet.

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emberglows  asked:


@emberglows where you at?! I MISSED YOU! LESS THAN THREE


So growing up, not so sick. Later on…

Who’s the better caretaker:

When they move in together…they have no idea how to take care of another person much less themselves and make do by being miserable together with sniffly noses and they decide to weather out together.

fortunately, their network of friends and loved ones is expansive enough. Alya hears the scratchiness in Marinette’s voice over the phone. She rallies Nino and calls Sabine who promptly gets to work cooking a veritable feast of warm foods.

But Adrien and Marinette are heroes with martyr complexes the size of Paris and they literally barricade the front door with cushions and chairs…things light enough to move with their weak and trembling bodies wracked with the flu. 

“You can’t. We love you too much to expose you to do this.”

They forget that Alya and Nino literally have spare keys for the days when the couple go out to the country and need someone to cat sit for the weekend.

So the barricade is overcome and what was a sick day becomes a family dinner with Adrien and Marinette wrapped up in blankets and “quarantined” to the corner of the lumpy couch.

who is the most needy when they’re sick:

“I am a cat. Just chilling out. Because I literally am nothing without my lady.”

Adrien is. Plagg doesn’t just pick his Chat Noir based on who has admirable qualities or a steady source of cheese. He looks for cat like tendencies, tactile habits and steady gazes. Adrien is a cat. Nough said.

He curls up in Marinette’s lap, even as she tells him

“Let me go make you my mom’s famous “Beat-the-cold tea”.

And he pouts and whines and places his head on her lap, wrapping his arms around her waist to prevent her from getting up because she’s warm and he has chills.

Marinette laughs and places a kiss to his burning forehead and promptly rolls him off of her so she can help him feel better. Granted, she does pay extra attention to him when he’s sick, so he milks it for all his sickly worth. 

Adrien has to literally pay Plagg and Tikki their weight in cookies and cheese to keep them quiet.

who gets startled/worried every time the other sneezes:

Adrien once heard that your heart stops when you sneeze and that’s why we say “bless you.”

Needless to say, Marinette finds his constant “are you okay’s” during allergy season a point of endearment and annoyance.

who stocks the house with cold medicine and orange juice:

Alya does. (See coddled-to-the-point-of-ineptitude for more info)

who is more careful not to spread their illness and who doesn’t care:

They are both idiots with giant hero complexes and literally isolate themselves when they first move in together if one or the other gets sick. Unfortunately or not, living in such a small apartment does not allow for much sacrifice. There are literally five steps from Marinette’s pile of cushions on the couch to Adrien’s cave of blankets on the bed. 

They figure that both of them are bound to get sick anyways and suffer together after the first year.

This however does not extend to others. They refuse to infect other people. See barricade incident of 2021 for an example.

who gets cuddly when they’re feverish:


who tries to pretend they’re fine:

MARINETTE THE POOR BABY. The first time Adrien sees her sick, it’s because she’s worked herself to the bone for an upcoming deadline. Model work is tiring, but it’s done by the end of the day. Designing fashion is a lifestyle and when Marinette has a project, she can go well into the night when the stars have burned out and the moon is fading in a sky of slate gray.

She leaves the window open. Fresh air helps her concentrate. She’s not coughing, she just choked on water. She’s not shivering, she’s just nervous. She’s not feverish, she was just drying her hair. (She says this deliriously. Her hair isn’t wet. She hasn’t taken a shower.)

When she nearly faints at a fashion show debuting her new line, cue Adrien making a dramatic leap from catwalk to the where she stands, long legs cutting quite the image in dark pants and a chat noir inspired sweater.

At home, Adrien scolds her, even as she’s sniffling and burying her aching head into their feather pillows. (they indulge sometimes…just a little)

She still tries to fight it sometimes…but after those headlines, she gives in a little more easily when Adrien pulls her to bed, smooths back her hair, and presses reassurement to her lips as he tucks her in.

Not giving in makes this part all the more fun for her.

who tries weird/old-fashioned remedies:

adrien…OKAY HEAR ME OUT. HE’S NEVER HAD A CLOSE FAMILY. never had many traditions to call his own. So when he has chance and becomes part of the Dupain-Cheng family, he shows interest in Sabine’s remedies.

She smiles kindly, takes him by the hand and leads him to her perfectly organized pantry. 

The work begins and even when Marinette rolls her eyes a little at Adrien’s “try this mushroom, it will help with your stress”, she still drinks the remedy.

She will never admit it, but somehow Adrien’s concoctions work a little better than her mother’s.

It might be because of the magic healing kisses that follow such a remedy. 

anonymous asked:

Have the Inhuman as a "franchise" in your opinion dispel the "supporting characters" box they have been defined as being for decades or they are still struggling to climb out of that hole?

That’s not an easy question to answer in that, for me, The Inhumans have never been ‘supporting characters.’  They used to be these outlying figures who I just loved event though they were on the fringes and not many people gave them much thought.  Books like Silent War, War of Kings and Realm of Kings were rare treats that I gobbled up like a male offered up to someone whose been starved.  Now I have this veritable feast and I’ve been enjoying it so much that I don’t really care whether or not the majority of my fellow comic fans are liking it or disliking it.

That said, if I take a step back and try to look at the matter from a less-biased vantage, I’d say that the Inhumans have been partially successful in climbing up a tier or two in the pantheon of Marvel’s various franchises.  They are certainly no longer merely supporting characters, but are by no means on the level of the more prominent characters of the MU (such as the X-Men, Avengers, Spidey et al.).  I’d say there are roughly on par with The Defenders or New Warriors.  They may ultimately go away for awhile; the demand for them is likely to wax and wane.  Yet their visibility and base acknowledgment of their existence will likely remain augmented for the long term.  

To use your phrase, the Inhumans have definitely ‘climbed out of the hole’ of being supporting characters.  Although not being obscure and being popular are two very different things.  

….a dominant feedee who orders themselves a veritable feast at a restaurant and then orders a salad on your behalf because “we can’t have you ruining your figure” even though they’re the ones practically bursting from their clothes

tardisesandtitans  asked:

Hey, I saw you like Merlin x Harry 👀👀👀 I watched the first Kingsman a few weeks ago (I'm very late to the party) and recently I found out I'm becoming merlahad trash 😂

Heeeeee, welcome to the Kingsman fandom family! Nothing wrong with being a bit late (just ask Harry, fffft), that just means that you’ve already got a veritable feast of fandom things to explore! And especially welcome to loving Merlahad: they’re such a lovely, lovely ship. (And I’m sorry I was slow to answer this, I had it open in a tab, and got distracted and…. >.>)

And naaaaaaah. No need to call trash, Merlahad is amazing, and there are some super amazing people who love it, and who write it! I mean, given Harry and Merlin, how can it not be amazing! Kick ass super spy and his even more kick ass tech wizard spy (yeah, I’m probably a little biased there, I love the shit out of Merlin) who’ve clearly spent decades together (whatever sense of ‘together’ you’re looking at) and they are just. As John Barrowman would put it, 

If you ever want recs, I would be happy to give some! And if you ever want to flail about these two perfect idiot spies, I would also be happy to flail with you!

galrasoldier-x7  asked:


There was a veritable feast laid out on Rocket’s body of Galran sweets and fruits for Keith to indulge in. It was mouthwatering to see and smell.

“You look delicious~” Keith purred as he crawled over and lapped up a sweet melon piece from Rocket’s thigh, kissing the skin as he went. “I’m going to enjoy this~”