this is a veritable feast

Anatomical Gastronomy: An Outlander Kitchen Cookbook Review

Outlander Ktichen (@outlanderkitchen​) is a veritable feast for the anatomical senses! This delightful cookbook by trained chef and food writer, Theresa Carle-Sanders, will charm all five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

Pupils will dilate with pleasure as you behold the gorgeous photographs allowing you to visually sample delectable dishes inspired by Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books. Who can resist the image of Rosamund’s Pulled Pork with Devil’s Apple BBQ Sauce? Yum! Even the typography used throughout the book is delightfully designed to awaken the senses.

Ear drums will vibrate as you hear yourself oooh and ahhh with pleasure over the variety of dishes designed to make your stomach grumble, from Mrs. FitzGibbons’s Overnight Parritch to Murtagh’s Gift to Ellen, cleverly presented in the form of Puff Pastry Boar Tusks, to Black Jack Randall’s Dark Chocolate Lavender Fudge (who knew BJR had a sweet tooth? Apparently, the only sweet trait he possesses!).

Taste buds will rock and roll once your dishes have been prepared and you take that first bite of Jocasta’s Auld Country Bannocks or Jem’s Bread Pudding with Maple Butterscotch Sauce. Your mouth will feel satiated with your stunning successes because Theresa’s expertise leads you through the basics of a Mrs. FitzGibbon’s worthy kitchen with informational tutorials and thoughtfully written recipes throughout.

Oh! And the smells! The olfactory system will go into overdrive as you catch a whiff of Pheasant and Greens at Ardsmuir glazed in “a sweet, luscious sauce of orange and apricot…” You can’t help but sniff deeply over Lord John’s Upside-Down Plum Cake as you pull it steaming from the oven. Your nostrils will flare with Sarah Woolam’s Scotch Pies as fragrant beef, onion, pepper and nutmeg hit your olfactory receptors.

And finally, wait until your fingers feel Roger and Bree’s Pizza; you just know as you pick up the first slice that the crust will be crispy and the inside chewy. Mayhap you’ll hesitate as your lips touch the rim of your glass with The Comte St. Germain’s Poison but you can’t resist the elderflower liqueur and lime twist. And, Brianna’s Bridies, with their flaky pastry and hand-pie size, will fit perfectly in your palm.

While I’ve focused on a few of the anatomical benefits of this cookbook, there are so many more treasures inside including Diana Gabaldon’s wonderfully humorous forward that begins with “Food disappears all the time…!” Hah! Throughout are passages from Outlander books, historical references, and clever adaptations of traditional recipes for today’s discriminating palate.

Give yourself a full-body, anatomical experience with this fabulous cookbook!

A deeply grateful,

Outlander Anatomist

John Wick is back! 

They stole his car. They killed his dog. Now, they want his freedom. 

As a HUGE fan of the first movie, John Wick (a must see movie), I naturally couldn’t wait to see John Wick Chapter 2 this weekend. And boy did it live up to my expectations. Perhaps  better than the first movie, Chapter 2 delves even deeper into the world’s underbelly of crime, assassins and the Continental Hotel. With plenty of action, plenty of martial arts and plenty of Baba Yaga (Boogeyman), John Wick Chapter 2 is a veritable feast of gun-fu!

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What Not To Fear - Paul & Alejandro


Alejandro’s first trip to the colonies was done mostly out of curiosity.  A new world to explore…new nightmares to experience…it was a fascination to him.  Usually the pesanta preferred to enmesh himself in the past…but for the first time since the Renaissance he felt like something new and exciting was happening - one worth taking note of.

True - the place was hardly as civilized…but Alejandro found he liked the wildness of this new world - and the promises that it held.  And then came the wars.  So many.  Each battle a veritable feast…without the need to slip into people’s personal and private dreams.  Yes…war was a horror, but when given the choice between digging into someone’s mind or feeding off of the fear a battlefield wrought, he’d take the battle any day.  It wasn’t that he didn’t feel for those who fought and died…but getting too attached to the humans and the wars they waged…it only ever caused him pain in the end.  Better to keep himself distant.

After the French and Indian Wars were through, he decided to linger.  The natives of this new world intrigued him - made the pesanta long for simpler times…times when he would’ve been honored for his abilities rather than feared.  He moved in and out of colonial society - sometimes through the towns, sometimes with the tribes.  It was pure chance that he happened to be in Boston when the unrest began.  He could sense it even then…the stirrings of a war yet to be.  Maybe the others could, too…maybe not.  But since he had nowhere else to be, the pesanta stuck around.

He watched as the British army overtook the town, and the fear which had only been a soft rumbling amongst the people became palpable.  The public whipping of a potentially innocent man, the riot which left five colonists dead in the street…and things only got worse from there.  So he stayed…and from a distance Alejandro fed.  Occasionally he would step in and intervene…small things here and there…acts of kindness to counteract some of the cruelty he witnessed.  A monster he might be, but heartless he was not.

He still kept mostly to himself; it was always better to not draw attention, but that didn’t mean he didn’t wander the streets now and then…hover himself around areas that seemed to breed the most trouble.  And today was no different…although perhaps it should’ve been.  The battle that had taken place…Bunker Hill…Breed’s Hill…it had changed everything - for better or worse the pesanta couldn’t be sure.  Curiosity,  more than anything, had him wandering the streets.  So many fears…so many nightmares…and things had barely begun.

imagining the 4th
  • Jack and Bitty took the truck out right at dusk after a veritable feast by Suzanne and Eric.
  • Jack and Coach had a lowkey sweet tea drinking contest during dinner.
    • Coach won (only because Jack was watching his diet, of course)
  • Suzanne plied them with pillows and blankets because there might be a breeze, dear.
    • It was a sticky 82°F 28°C.
  • Bits, bless his heart, packed a dessert picnic. Watermelon from the fridge. More carafes of sweet tea (sorry I can’t drink anymore of that tonight, Bitty). 
    • (Remember that diet? It disappeared when Bitty revealed the summer berry pie topped with fresh whipped cream–because ‘murica!)
  • The first thing Jack and Bitty did after they spread out the pillows and blankets in the truck bed wasn’t actually cuddling.
  • Because then the fireflies came out.
  • And…they were like little hovering stars in that secluded field surrounded by trees. 
  • So Bitty and Jack chased after those stars, and at one point, there was almost a cloud of fireflies that Bitty walked into.
  • Thanks goodness Jack brought his fancy camera because. Well. 
  • In that photo, Bitty’s eyes are squinting in laughter, and the fireflies surrounding his head look like a halo.
    • Halo.
  • And after Jack lowers the camera, he lets himself really look at Eric, and he’s overwhelmed with the simple joy he feels in that moment.
  • Eric looks over at the same time and feels a magnetic pull towards Jack.
  • They meet in the middle.
  • Fireflies are blinking and hovering around their heads.
  • When they finally kiss, the first of the fireworks shoot off into the sky.
Okay but consider this

Rey relied on instant, probably stale and tasteless rations that she had to haul tons of scrap in just to get a few measly bites and sure it keeps her alive and gives her the energy to explore the graveyard of giants in the scorching heat day after day but its never enough and its never satisfying because that sadistic bastard Unkar Plutt always screws her over in the deal

And all Finn probably knew for sustenance as FN 2187 was probably bland, nutrition-controlled rations provided by the cold and impersonal hands of the first order and it has everything he needs including protein and hormone boosts to make sure he stays fit and healthy and compliant but its like eating the color gray and even though he doesnt know hes missing out, he feels like he is long before he even defects

Who wants to bet as soon as Poe finds out he goes into nurture mode and whips up a veritable feast for them and afterwards every meal he makes is something new for them to try and he always makes too much and practically forces second third and fourth helpings on them both

Not Only In Dreams... Anymore

A/N: I was inspired by this post, and got family feels….

Killian watches as Mary Margaret sits the dish of potatoes among the already veritable feast on the dinner table. The smile she gives him is casual, and she passes that around the table as well. Around the table for her husband, for her daughter, for her grandson, and for Regina.

Why is it that this is when the realization and the acknowledgment bombards his mind? The table is filled with… family. The table is surrounded by this group of people who shared blood and lineage. And then there was him….

Killian listens to the way Dave speaks humbly of the accomplishments that his daughter has made in the particularly time-consuming and grueling day at the station. He watches as he leans in and the way his smile is so affectionate towards Emma. There is a glint of something close to pride. A pride for not only his daughter, his princess, but also for his sheriff and partner.

Ah, this is what family is like! And he turns his head just slightly to catch a glimpse at the woman beside him. The woman who had made his inclusion at al possible.

But it wasn’t just Emma, was it now? Because, for the first time in centuries, he feels as if he knows what it means to have family.

Liam had been his family. The loss of his brother had been a difficult circumstance that had tried to harden him. And that loss had succeeded fairly well.

Milah… Milah? She had been his family as well. She had been his opportunity to set sail towards a life that could mean something again. And then he had lost her. And then life had lost so much meaning…


Emma had come into his life so unexpectedly. And she had brought with her… had she always known that she was going to bring with her… she brought with her a group of people. She had offered him family without saying the words. And now…

“Hook?” She says it as her leg bumps against his. “Killian?”

He turns towards her again. He sees the curious look on her face as her green eyes shine.

“Is something wrong? It looks like you just went somewhere far away.” And her smile grows. Her eyes shine even brighter.

He can’t contain his smile as he shakes his head.

“I’m fine, love,” he assures her just as softly. And he returns the bump of leg to leg. “It’s nothing.”

Emma’s lips purse before they turn into a smile.

His simple answer spawns a simple response.


And then she turns her attention to the still speaking Dave. His words now a jumble because he had went to some far off place.



They had pulled him in. How has he not taken note of that before?

Sitting at this table, sitting amongst these people, (Killian smiles as he watches the heaps of potatoes being transported onto Henry’s plate) it is difficult to not want everything that it encompasses.

Home… the Jolly is home, but so is this.

Family… aye, there is nothing like this type of family.

It is unofficial, yes. And his eyes slide back towards Emma. It doesn’t always have to be unofficial. One day… it can be official. Never the mind, because… what this is…

He feels her slip her fingers against his hook, holding firm…

This is family.