this is a valentines day card from me to you


~ Valentine Day Cards from The CarzyBoiz ~

sorry, i rushed it. and yeah i’m late i know, i’m bad at keeping updates..

also thank you for @martziplier98 for helping me out for making these cards (by figuring what they should be saying and all that) so yeah! go check their tumblr out and give em a support! :D

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RFA+Saeran and V Receive a Valentines Day Card from MC


  • “Well this cute butt of mine has kept you around for five years now,” he chuckled from the couch. 
  • “It’s really a powerful thing,” you agreed and relaxed into the cushions. 
  • He leaned in closer. “Isn’t there anything else you like about me?” 
  • “Hmm…like what?” you teased and pretended like you couldn’t think of anything else. 
  • An arm slipped around your waist and pulled you down roughly. 
  • Yoosung hovered over you with a flare of passion to his eyes as he looked down at your body. 
  • Your heart beat accelerated in excitement. 
  • His hand slowly wandered up and down the side of your frame.
  • “I could think of a few things…” his deep voice made you shiver. 
  • “Maybe a few things…” you swallowed. 
  • Because I am obsessed with older Yoosung 


  • You two were laying in bed when you handed him the envelope 
  • He sat up and hugged you to his chest with on arm 
  • When he read it his smile spread so wide he chuckled 
  • “We’re so perfect for each other!” 
  • You giggled as he started kissing you all over and dragged you both back down onto the bed


  • A small smile broke out
  • She looked up with an eyebrow raised at you
  • You held up a copy of the Promiscuous Jalapeno 
  • “I am willing to watch this, because I love you.” 
  • Jaehee’s smile only grew. “Are you trying to seduce me?”
  • You winked. “Maybe~”


  • You held up a bottle of red wine
  • “I’ve got wine and I’m not wearing any underwear,” you stated in a seductive tone. 
  • His eyes widened for a second and you could see his excitement 
  • He put down the card and pulled you close
  • “A woman after my own heart,” he smirked. 
  • You bit your lip. “Happy Valentines Day.”  ❤ 


  • “Happy Valentines Day!” you exclaim and hand him the card. 
  • He takes it, “Well well well, I bet it’s about my ravenous looks right?”  
  • He starts to read a loud, “Things I will never do: Give you up. Let you down. Run around…” he grew silent as the rest sunk in. 
  • He threw the card and started to walk away to the bedroom. “NO! NO! I REFUSE!” you heard him yell. 
  •  “I can’t believe you Rick rolled me on Valentines Day!!!” he shouted. 
  • You were laughing hysterically. 
  • “And they say I’m the sadist?” he exclaimed. 
  • You were leaning against the couch trying to catch your breath. 
  • He stomped out of the room and right up to you. 
  • Before you knew what was happening he picked you up. 
  • “There’s no way you’re getting away with this!” he said and locked the bedroom door behind you two. 
  • Aw, young love. 


  • You smiled so proud of yourself as you handed him the card and a pen. 
  • He handed it back to you
  • He had written no with a box next to it and checked it
  • You frowned. “Saeran! That’s not how this works!” you pouted. 
  • He patted your head. “I know,” he smirked. 
  • But your pouting face was so sexy he couldn’t resist 
  • “I’ll make it up to you…” he stated as he bent down to capture your lips. 


  • Imagine the card like this but also in braille 
  • He would blush and love how considerate it was
  • “I love you V,” you held his face in your hands. “I’ll kiss you and tell you how much every time you doubt it.” 
  • He covered your hands with his and smiled. 
  • And looked down at you with his bright blue eyes. 
  • “Than I’m the luckiest man in the world,” he replied.

BONUS: Vanderwood (by popular request) 

  • MC: *hopeful smile*   。◕‿◕。
  • Vanderwood: What is this?  ( ಠ_ಠ)
  • MC: A Valentines Day pun! \(^ω^\)
  • Vanderwood: Why? ( ಠ_ಠ)
  • MC: *making sad eyes like a seal* B-but, the bed.  \(◕︵◕\)
  • Vanderwood: Don’t you have work you need to do?   ┐(≖︿≖)
  • MC: *deflated* You’re right…  o(╥﹏╥)o
  • I’ll have to practice my Vanderwood writing…

Happy (early) valentines day!

I did that thing, where you make the card stuffs. Rejected lines include “I’m pretty tired from running through your mind all day so how about you let me rest on your bed,” “Necrophilia hasn’t even been outlawed in most parts of the world,” and “I didn’t bother getting you anything other than a card since you’re going to die in a few decades anyways.”

Sorry for this being late but here is my February limited spread. It’s themed around love and matters of the heart, since I always think Valentine’s day when February rolls around. This spread is great no matter what your relationship status! As always, you can use this spread for yourself (please tag me, I love to see!) or you could head to my shop and purchase a reading! I’m also offering a bonus Oracle card with every reading purchased through the month of February, so head to my shop and check it out! (The back of card image is from the After Tarot deck.)

February Limited Spread: “Stupid Cupid”

1.) The Current State of your heart.
2.) That which your heart needs less of.
3.) What you love most.
4.) That which needs your love most.
5.) The direction your heart is headed. 
6.) A painful (but unavoidable) pain your heart may face. 


somewhere, in a Galaxy far, far away...

Hux: Ren, this just came for you *hands over card* 

Ren: Why didn’t you throw it away? *rolls eyes*

Hux: It’s yours. You throw it away. I am not your secretary! 

Ren: Okay, so you gave it to me, good job! Get the fuck out.

*Hux leaves*

Ren: *mumbles* this for sure is from Snoke… but why? It isn’t my Life-Day!

Ren: *opens card* 


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Ren: what in the world… *starts searching archives, sends card to labor to tell if her DNA is on the card*

Ren: so… this is… “Valentines Day”… send gifts, cards or flowers to person you love. Reys DNA was on the card! she at least must’ve touched it at some point. Maybe it really was from her… for me *adds card to his sulk-shrine*

Ren: Rey likes me… by the maker! She likes me! I must show her that I like her back! 

Ren: *doesn’t know what to write*…who is a slimy little subject, always knowing what to say to please others?

Ren: Hux, can you hel-

Hux: How did you get into my quarters?! Get out or I am calling the security guards!

Ren: fine. I am eloquent and literate. I’ll find the right words.

Somewhere else, a few hours later:

Poe: Hey! Rey… this… came for you. By express. *hands over card*

Rey: Oh, thank you! 

Poe: *walks away*

Rey: Oh! It’s from Kylo! *checks if is alone*

Rey: *opens card*


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Rey: I don’t know what I expected…


Hurhur…Happy Valentine’s day from me to you! (Have some punny cards with your favorite first order guys ;v;!)

A big thank you to @white-rainbowff for helping me writing all those wonderful puns :D! (I couldn’t have done it with you ;3;!!)

Edit: Mitaka’s card had a spelling error…i just bring shame to my family!! I like double and triple checked…god damnnn…;A;!!!!


I used the special affects tool too liberally. But hey, at least you get some shiny skeles!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! My one tru love (besides UF!Paps and KurasumaSin) is YOU GUYS!! <3 I love you!

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If you’d like a special Animal Crossing Valentine card from me (via tagged post), REBLOG THIS!
I’ll post all of them on Valentine’s Day, & I will make sure everyone who reblogs it gets one! 💝
I’ve been saving a bunch of them for weeks, & I’ve even made a few of my own. ☺



I’m sorry about Mori’s one though. damn my editing skill ughh.


Valentine's Day Starters:
  • “Will you be my Valentine?" 
  • "Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  • “Who’s it from? Your secret admirer?" 
  • "These came for you, shall I put them in water?" 
  • "I’ve never had a Valentines" 
  • "I’m your secret admirer" 
  • "Did you like the flowers?" 
  • "Surprise! It was me!" 
  • "Secret admirers weird me out. They’re like legal stalkers." 
  • "How many cards did you get this year?" 
  • "Did he ask you out?" 
  • "Did she ask you out?" 
  • "I don’t like chocolates." 
  • "I’m allergic to flowers." 
  • "If I see another loved up couple, I’m going to throw a rock at them." 

Victuuriweek - Valentines Day

(Here it is! The Valentines Day prompt. I drew a lil picture and a short ficlet to go with it. This picture is also paired with @magical-mistral‘s Yuuri drawing here.)

Title: Katsudon is my Eros!
Rating: General Audience
Warnings: None
Summary: Viktor receives a Valentines Day card from Yuuri 

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