this is a v serious gifset guys

You guys win at the Top 5 Game: SAM OUTFITS

More like V-necks! V-necks! everywhere, haha. 

Also, I deserve a METAL for not putting “TOWEL ONLY” as one of these. Someone give me a gotdamn award. 

ALRIGHT TIME TO GET SERIOUS. Let’s do this (in no particular order):

  • This orange jumpsuit (this may be the only one that is specific to one episode).

I have NO idea why but I LOVE Sam in this hard core and always find myself reblogging the shit out of any gifset/photoset that includes it. 

I mean… it may have something to do with THIS FACE ^^^^^ that he makes while wearing it… but also…. I don’t know! He just LOOKS bigger and broader in orange. I’m all about it

yes clap thank

  • Suits 

Though, more specifically I like them disheveled, untucked, and with the tie loosened up. 

Sam lounging in his hotel room in a ruffled up suit is just… wow my fav. However, I can deal with a nicely tailored look, too, such as:




Sammy can wear the HELL OUTTA THAT SUIT. (yeah i know it’s lucifer but why you think he wants sam winchester for his vessel LBR??)

  • Sweater Vests

I may love this so much because it is a nice change from the redundant FBI suits the boys tend to wear all the time, but also he just look so distinguished. Like DAMN.

(ok yes hi you can’t see his sweater vest in this gif but LOOK AT HIS FACE good lawd had to include it)

Makes me think of crooners from the ‘40s & '50s.

idk I just LOVE it. 

  • Athletic Wear

I feel like any time Sam wears a tracksuit we should organize a parade.



I don’t even know if I can go on in this post now because I am stuck watching this gorgeous, goofy giant in a windbreaker and tennis shoes. AHHHHHHHHH.

Oh OH but it gets better. God bless the person who wrote this episode and gave us an opportunity to see ALL OF SAM’S ARM. ALL OF IT. Shoulder to wrist, ALLLL OF THE ARM!!! (I mean, we didn’t get a shirtless Sammy shot this season, but this was almost as good for me.)

But it doesn’t have to show skin for me to enjoy myself. Sammy in a slouchy hoodie makes me happy, too. The thing is, Sam would be such an athlete and I like to see him in sporty clothes because I get to think of what Sam would be like playing the best sport ever Basketball.  

Also, above we have one of my favorite little moments of Spn (that apparently no one gif-ed or even properly capped because I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE) when Sam and Dean are throwing the football, then spike it, then fall down. SO CUTE. And also thank you athletic wear, for hugging Sam’s hips and allowing his little tummy to show as he does this. (I’m legit shameless whoops).



There are sad v-necks (Oh this one let’s the tattoo peek out MY FAV)!

There are deep v-necks! (Psssst below is the first picture of Sam I EVER made my iPhone background.)

There was even a scrubs v-neck! (And that Doctor’s coat doesn’t hurt one bit either…..)

There are long sleeved night shirt v-necks! (YASSSSS)

And just… whatever kind of V-neck you want to call this just GOD BLESS