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When will people finally understand that it's not about being "racist" against white people, but it's about using jimin for harmful posts like this. The topic is unimportant. It's the way people are promoting it. This is not a joke. Just because jimin is a popular singer that doesn't mean that he's your property to use however you want. But anyways, it's useless to argue with them bc they will still keep holding onto their own opinions. It just gives them the attention they so desperately want

Anonymous said:  Tbh the jimin hates white people joke is not alright. Because BTS has now been introduced to billboard there may be more people searching them up. If those people see that kind of joke they may take is seriously. You don’t want people hating Jimin for a joke his fans created. People will get the wrong idea about his personality. I want to tell ppl please stop it with these jokes. If you make just one joke doesn’t mean someone else made just one too. Everyone together makes it into a big deal.

Anonymous said: I think Jimin would be sad to hear that people, armys, joke about him hating whites. Jimin doesn’t seem like the type to hate anyone

Anonymous said: I’m not even white but the whole joke really pisses me off. It’s like “social media has built an idea around instead of leveling race issues and eradicating them, to instead turn the tables.” It’s still very hateful and there’s no need for it, there’s no evidence Jimin hates white people so shut the fuck up and let’s all try to be a more loving fandom for fucking once.

Anonymous said: the shittiest thing about this whole jimin hates white people thing is that people are actually believing in this crap and new fans will believe bts hate white people and it gives a bad rep for bts, most people whining about it aren’t whining cause they’re white they’re upset for the boys rep, but all the poc who think its a harmless joke think white people are offended cause its insulting to white people it’s borderline bullying tbh


Wow! Here they are, sorry for the wait I thought I’d post them in a bunch. You guys really wanted Kaito in that f3 shirt lol. I really like that e2 sweater it would probably be the only thing I’d actually wear from the list.

@yes-hello-i-am-useless @dont-touch-my-sons @rachello344 and that anon that wanted Kaito in g3 that is trash love you to

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i will probably be even more inactive here but i will still be on queue. I’ll probably be more active on these places:

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Friendly Reminder

That at one point in “Carry On,” just after Baz sends Mordelia away crying for Mum, he and Simon *inevitably*  start making out.

And then the maid walks in and simply clears her throat and announces that Penny and Agatha have arrived wITHOUt SO MuCH As BLiNKInG AN EYELASH AT WHAT’S GOING ON IN THERE.



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Tfw When people say "Have a good one." What are they talking about? I just reply with "You too." Have a good one what? Why do they speak in riddles? Also what am I supposed to say to "Don't work too hard." What does it matter to them? Why don't they want me to work hard? What am I supposed to say? Mockingjay

hey mockingjay (post/161574393627) probably a decent way to respond to “don’t work too hard” is to chuckle and say “I won’t” but no response is required tbh. I think the implication is a politely distant comment on your wellbeing i.e. “don’t overwork yourself” but in a more casual sense. it could also be a sort-of-joke referring to the tendency to slack off when performing some tasks, sort of like “I know you’re not gonna overwork yourself doing [boring thing], haha.” just useless small talk :/

also the “one” in “have a good one” refers to a nonspecific interval of time. it’s a more casual variant of “have a good day.” in addition, leaving the time interval as an unknown allows the well-wishes to apply to a greater range; that is, it could mean “have a good day,” or a good week, or even a good life. the vagueness is intended to make it more relatable and also less intimate, a common feature of modern casual speech. “you too” is an appropriate response.

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I wasn't around when Acchan was constantly center but did people still get annoyed at her being center all the time? Because right now, I am pretty annoyed at how they (Jurina and Sakura) are literally being shoved down our throats. I know that they are supposed to be the future of the 48G but I feel bad for all the AKB members who were originally called the next gen ace.

Atsuko’s famous line, “Even if you hate me, please don’t hate AKB48″ doesn’t come out of nothing. She had tons of haters right because she was the most popular one - actually, the most popular one together with Oshima Yuuko. I’m pretty sure some of Yuuko’s supporters couldn’t stad her right because of that reason. Shimazaki Haruka was “originally” called next gen ace, too. The first period of her pushing, which worked exactly as Sakura’s right now (I feel like Jurina’s pushing has never truly stopped since day one, tbh), I can’t even name you how many people were constantly throwing shit at her and calling her bad names. They even called her “useless”.  There even was a Paruru-anti blog here on tumblr which posted awful and shitty things about her. 
The reason why both Sakura and Jurina are being so much pushed, and constantly “shoved down our throats” is because, clearly, they sell good. They’ve got thousands of fans, they manage to get more and more people to like them in a very short time. If other members were able to do that, I’m sure management would start/go back to push them, too. Back at the time of Shimazaki’s push, that’s exactly how it worked. She sold very good, many people got super into her salty-yet-super-cute-character. I got fished by her too at the time. Management pushes only girls they think can work well, girls who they think can bring into more and more fans, which will of course mean more and more money to them. If Mukaichi Mion can’t do that, if anyone else can’t do that, then they’ll try with someone else until they get another Matsui Jurina or another Miyawaki Sakura. That’s how it works. That’s how it has always worked.

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Mom, I just wanna thank you for that one post about Ymir's death. I knew there was something making me uncomfortable about it but I didn't really know what, and your post summed that pretty well. I have to say I'm mad, tbh. Like, I don't think killing Ymir was just like the "dead lesbian" plot some stories (and some games~) use because Ymir's death wasn't simply related to her relationship w/ Historia and there was more to their stories as separeted characters, but I'm frustrated, cause I feel +

+ like it was simply illogical and useless to her character. I knew any of them could die at any moment because, well, we’re talking about SnK, but I’m sad that it happened this way. I started watching SnK when I was discovering myself as a lesbian, and Yumikuri was that one ship who helped me see myself as normal, because their relationship and their character arcs wasn’t only about them being girls who romantically liked each other, but people with their own issues trying to overcome those +

+ issues. So I guess that makes me extra sad, but at least I know that Ymir’s death doesn’t make them not canon anymore. This was mostly venting so I’m sorry omg (also you can publish this if you want, it’s ok)

I want to repeat something from a conversation I had with my friend @bossard right as the serum bowl was beginning.  She tossed it off as a quick aside but it summed up everything I was feeling. 

Something authors need to be aware of when they kill characters is that somewhere is someone for whom that character is deeply important. They see themselves there, the character helps them through their struggles, and is a touchstone of strength. It’s not just ‘I love this character’ but ‘this character is part of me’.

That was Erwin for me. It sounds like Ymir is that person for you.  And my heart breaks for you. I want to make my blanket fort bigger and invite you in! 

If my experience losing a beloved character is anything to go by, it’s going to hurt for a long time. He’s been out of the story for 8 months and I’m still not over it. But it’s like you said, a character’s death doesn’t make them matter less. It doesn’t make their relationships any less important. Or any less canon. 

We also have a wonderful fandom who will step in to help ease the hurt. I haven’t checked ao3, but I’m sure the talented yumikuri writers are firing up their reincarnation aus. If you find one that brings you comfort, please share it with me.

Much love to you, my dear!

lmao I’m actually delayed really cold angry about the people on my homelessness post. compassion towards the homeless is honestly always conditional and it’s so depressing. I know those people think they are enlightened progressives and it’s like, honestly you are useless. you are the reason so many ppl get stuck in shelter cycles bc of addiction, your selective empathy. that runs as deep on the left as it does on the right tbh

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Ymir's character is literally boiled down to nothing but obsessing over Historia. Isayama put little to no effort into her personality, and I think the way she doesn't care about anyone else proves that without question. There's no proof that she cares about anyone other than Historia thus showing her selfishness. we all know she just wants more of that skirt ripped off. Everything she EVER did was for HISTORIA, and she just wound up screwing things up even more. Ymir's pretty useless, tbh.

Obviously, we haven’t been reading the same manga. You want proof? You got it, dude. (Long post and spoilers under cut)


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K so i don’t really give two shits was side of the discourse you’re on, can we all just agree that deleting things off a wiki page because you personally have an issue with something is a shitty thing to do.

You’re not standing up for lgbtq+ rights, you’re not ousting cis/hets out of the lgbt community, you’re not doing anything remotely productive, you’re just being a shit person.

Here’s a quick heads up, you know who uses wikipedia to find information. That’s right, a metric fuck tonne of people, not just the cis/hets you’re using as a cover for your misplaced dislike of an entire community. Researchers, teachers, confused kids in the closet, me! We have all turned to wikipedia for information. 

When you delete or vandalise wiki pages you’re not just hurting a few specific ace people, but every asexual person who needs information, every teacher who wants to make an inclusive phse lesson, every researcher who wants to learn more about sexuality, every confused closeted questioning kid who doesn’t know what’s going on. Everyone. Even people who are nothing to do with the lgbtq+ community who just wanna learn more about wonderful human diversity. Why hinder that?? Literally why? 

I’ve seen the ace flag and information relating to it gone off the lgbt symbols page and I’ve seen edits about David Jay. Both of those things are basic piss baby discourse edits, but I’ve also seen edits removing referenced information about studies about asexual people. Like whaaaat? That’s legit researched information that someone just.. deleted because they don’t like asexual people. 

Does no one understand how truly terrifying that concept is?

You can’t just… stop people a group of people having access to information about themselves because you have a personal thing against them? That’s actually scary, what the heck!?

So, in conclusion, please stop deleting information that people actually kinda need. tbh even if it’s useless information, don’t let the discourse stop people accessing it. Please.

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Since I figured out I really need a language notebook to start German because I won't have a tutor or anything, and I saw your post about your language notebook, I really wanted to ask if there's anything you've changed, any extra advice you'd give, or something like that. I've been searching for everything Tumblr could show me about it and I'm still confused and feel like I'll make a useless mess hahahaha I'd love to see more photos of language notebooks but I'm not sure how to find them??

im kinda ashamed to admit that i havent touched my language notebook in ages oops 

My german notebook hasnt changed, but when I started with galician i decided to make a notebook on onenote, which imo works a bit better, cuz you can add different sections and pages–all with titles–which makes it easier to find stuff

Everything can be color-coded and its much more portable than an actual notebook, and its much easier to modify stuff as you go on :)

As for finding inspiration, i looked for language notebooks made by other langblrs and i asked around, and if you look outside of tumblr, there are blogs that offer tips on how to make a notebook :) but mostly, i think you should try to see what works best for you, cuz everyone learns differently, so one person’s ideas for a notebook might not work for you :/

I feel like im rambling and idk if i made much sense hahaha but i hope this helps!

Just because you arn’t able to work, study or do much of anything due to mental illness doesnt mean you dont deserve to live. You’re never worthless or useless. You may be stuck now but things will change. Thats whats so great about the world…its always changing. Life is hard and aslong as you’re here and alive thats doing something, thats living and sometimes that can be the hardest thing to do. Youre never worthless and never a burdern on society. You’re always wanted and appreciated. Its okay to need time to recover and need to take care of yourself, its okay to find things hard even if theyre considerd ‘simple or easy’
Your life isnt a failure.