this is a useless post tbh

Okay has anyone seen the new Disney channel show Andi Mack I just saw the first ep and it’s centered on an all-Asian cast which is so cool i wish I could have seen an American Asian show when I was a kid, it’s written by the person who did Lizzie McGuire, and the plot twist… is literally a straight up Korean drama….


Friendly Reminder

That at one point in “Carry On,” just after Baz sends Mordelia away crying for Mum, he and Simon *inevitably*  start making out.

And then the maid walks in and simply clears her throat and announces that Penny and Agatha have arrived wITHOUt SO MuCH As BLiNKInG AN EYELASH AT WHAT’S GOING ON IN THERE.



Things I hope will happen season 2 of Voltron

Klance (kiss that mullet boy you useless space bisexual)

Shunk Hunk/Shay (pure and wholesome)(still not sure if that’s Hunk x Shays ship name or Hunk x Shiro but I mean Hunk x Shay)

Shallura (my girl has been asleep for 10000 years. that’s such a long time without getting dick. too long tbh) (ty to that person who helped me correct my mistake)

call out post @ this dumb bithc (me) for constantly being like “wah i want to write but i’m not good at it wahwah” like literally just write!! u ! useless meat puppet ! ! nobody expects you to be fucking shakespeare right away you don’t even have to let people see the shit stuff ! but you won’t be good without practice! - obviously !! cannot believe she’s doing this I’m so fucking done with myself tbh

Tbh Native Americans deserve everything why dont we give it to them? Remember back when they were fighting for control of Alcatraz, a fuckup of a useless island that nobody wanted, and they couldn’t even get that? Remember when they were like “literally just leave this water alone your oil is gonna kill us all” and the US government sent in militarized police to forcibly evict them from their own goddamn land????

it’s funny because the narrative itself shows that lenalee is very complicated and actually flawed and thus more human and realistic and relatable. it’s just misogynists selectively choose to ignore that and either turn her into a ~weak useless crybaby~ or a ~mary sue~ (why are we still using that word? it’s 2016.) 

  • she’s gotten irrationally mad at allen, lavi, and kanda countless times and apologized to them. she’s more emotionally mature than three of them so she owns up to her mistakes. 
  • she has a bad temper! and i would too tbh (well, i do) if i’d have to deal with an annoyingly clingy older brother and three annoying best friends who do stupid shit all the time! 
  • she herself has said on more than one occasion that she “hates” god and curses god for everything that’s happened to her friends. she’s not some innocent naive flower who doesn’t know anything about the world. she can be just as cynical as the main three, except y’all like to ignore that because y’all only like to glorify the ~complexities~ of the male characters, as if lena isn’t complex or well-written. 
  • she herself has admitted to her narrow worldview! she herself has said “to me the world is composed of the people i love and care for”! and this parallels kanda’s narrow worldview, allen’s self-deprecating internal conflict, and lavi’s facade of happiness! it is deliberate people! 
  • she’s ruthless as fuck! do y’all not remember her fight with the level three akuma? she just soared past lavi and told him to look after the ship so that she could recklessly fight the akuma on her own. and if she hadn’t, everyone would’ve died but she herself almost died in the process. she recklessly risked her own life because she was so fucked up over losing allen, because she blamed herself for losing him! and that’s something allen, kanda, and lavi have done before too! 
  • i’m serious like, people really need to pay attention more to her fight with eshi. not only is it one of the most badass and awesome dgm fights in general, but it showcases lena’s darker, more reckless side which is fucking awesome. she literally laughs in eshi’s face and smirks at him at one point and basically says “if i go down, you’re going down with me”. those aren’t the words of some ~innocent mary sue weak useless flower~. those are the words of a war-hardened veteran warrior (which she is). 
  • when someone she loves is hurt or dies, she doesn’t cope well at all (AGAIN, A PARALLEL TO ALLEN/LAVI/KANDA. WOW. ARE WE STARTING TO SEE A PATTERN HERE?). she curls in on herself, holes herself up, and blames herself. that’s not ~flawless angel~ behavior, that’s complicated behavior found in people w/ PTSD (which she has). 

like seriously, lenalee herself, in the narrative of the manga, is a complex and well-written character. is she immensely kind and caring and helpful and loving and loyal and positive and cheerful most of the time? absolutely! is she more emotionally mature and level-headed and intelligent than the three main male characters? yes! is she any less complex or relatable or realistic or flawed than them? hell fucking no. the narrative has shown the parallels bw the four of them time and time again. the narrative has shown how complicated and truly human she is. it’s not her fault that y’all wanna box her into a certain category to justify your misogyny. lenalee isn’t 100% angelic or kind. she can be ruthless and cynical and narrow-minded and it’s 100% amazing and understandable since she too is a product of war. idk why y’all like to ignore everything she’s gone through i mean. her parents are dead. she was kidnapped by people at the order, taken away from her brother for /years/, tied up and tortured, and forced into honing her skills in battle. she’s seen countless comrades and friends die and sustained multiple injuries of her own. this girl has gone through just as much bullshit as allen/lavi/kanda have so please, for the love of god, stop reducing her to the ~uwu innocent mary sue flower~ trope because she isn’t that. kind and mature =/= weak or simple-minded. 

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Thanks for that addition to the post about the assistive cane thing! It has been bugging me for a while but i didnt know how to articulate that feeling. :( Tbh it reminds me of those "gloves" that can "read sign language", which were also done without any input from Deaf people and therefore are pretty much useless. It's just inspiration porn for abled people. *rolls eyes*

yeah, for sure! it’s been sitting in my drafts for a while

 there have been a lot of posts like this and they always make me really angry

the one that comes to mind is the braille-reader ring that was going around a while back, which only reads one character at a time and sits on the finger in a pretty awkward way, and therefore is, like, basically useless according to every method of reading braille that i know and know of. there was also that popular post about “autism clothes” which might seem cool at first but actually have a tracker in them. 

there have been lots more and if i posted them all i’d just be crying all the time but i’m glad my post was helpful in articulating what you were feeling

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You aren't useless, friend. You are a great friend to me that keeps me company on these dark nights when I feel upset. I just pop on my dash and here you are with whatever you've posted/ reblogged and I don't feel lonely. Thank you very much for being there!

aww thats nice.  tbh lately i felt depressed and stuck with progress on things

i havent drawn my own stuff.  its bringin me down.  


ok so!! i made the INCREDIBLY DUMB MISTAKE of deleting my old blog!! same url as the one i currently have (csibarryallen)! i’m devastated about it and i’ve been crying for the past hour (let me live) bc i’ve had that blog for seven years so i’ve litch just lost what was perhaps the biggest documentation of my life ever. tumblr staff was pretty useless helping me and said i can’t restore my old account, so i’ve had to start over!! that’s pretty rough tbh but i’m hoping y’all can help!! 

what you can do: 

  • follow me here on my new account!! i just hit a really big follower goal yesterday and i’m devastated that i need to start all over, but i’d love to see all my mutuals again!! 
  • search for any of my old posts on your blog by using the “/search/url”. some of my recent urls include officialseaworld, acepeter, rathaways, and csibarryallen. if you’ve been following me for a while, you can also try some of my older urls!! if anything pops up, please just shoot me a message and let me know!! 
  • reblog this post and get the word out to your followers!! i’ll be following back as many of you as i can, as i’m currently following zero people lol.

any and all help would be sososososo appreciated!! it sucks so much that i have to start all over but hopefully i can get things back to normal soon! 

Its pretty useless for me to make a callout about her because she is a really popular artist and I have severe avpd, but she used to have a porn blog full to the brim with incest and pedo porn and she herseld produced pedo porn (mostly dav/ekat as far as I remember tbh). Also she defended known pedophiles such as mc/sig/gy and roach/patrol.
So yeah please stop reblogging from so/l-l/ay i guess

[And do/nt rb this post. Again.]

@whitecanaryoflight replied to your post “You canary demons need to calm the fuck down… Laurel was useless and…”

Hey Anon, how about you come off Anon and say it to our faces instead of hiding like a little bitch lmfao. How about you stop shoving your worthless opinion down people’s throats and mind your own fucking business.


@dinah-lance replied to your post:

“canary demons” lmao i’ll take it

same tbh

@calmandcalculating replied to your post:

are we canary demons now sign me up

it’s funny how they meant it as an insult but i’m like ‘yeah, i like it’

@ciceroisthefamilycat replied to your post:

1- you’re neither ugly nor useless. 2- at least your anon was useful for giving us ‘canary demons’

Also, your reply to this ugliness was amazing.

1- you’re too sweet. 2- it could have been worse. 3- thank you lol, i take pride in answering petty hate like this

useless artemis fowl headcanons
-his hair is naturally wavy
-after tlg hes ‘calmed down’ quite a bit more so he spends lots of time with his ponies/ composing etc.
-the only meat he eats is fish
-hes got a big sweet tooth (canon tbh) his fav is dark chocolate
-he runs with butler every morning
-never got over 5'5"
-he has at least schizophrenia, ocd, and depression
-hes trans ofc, ftm
-ever since his ‘return’ hes a lot more quiet
-he stops trying to please his parents and accepts that they neglected him
-he has delicate piano hands but theyre all scarred up (little scratches, burns) from all the work he does
-he grows very comfortable around holly, and starts signing/ humming around her, which prev. he only did around butler (holly is very proud of this)
-and yes he can sing, very beautifully, he has a light and fluttery voice
-he speaks to the twins in irish a lot but they have set language days- one day they only speak his russian, another english, etc.
-he still does things in fives sometimes and this really freaks holly/ butler/ foaly out
-he likes “collecting” languages; learning as many as he can
-hes extremely ticklish
-if you try to tickle him stare alone will make you spontaneously combust
-he likes to feed birds and watch them
-he was raised on bad (good) 80s music
wow that’s a lot

I never reblog these memes because I only really want to do them for Bethyl so here you go, here’s an “OTP meme” for Bethyl (tiny apartment verse but it applies to most non-zombie AUs tbh).

  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy? Neither tbh. Daryl barely knows how to text. He only likes it because Beth sends him pictures when she’s at work or whatever, and he can never say no to Beth pictures tbh. He tends to be a one-word texter though.
  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie? Openly? Beth. But she knows for a fact she caught Daryl’s eyes watering during the Lion King.
  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave? Neither of them, they’re too smart for that! 
  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing? Daryl. But he doesn’t do it in a silly way. He comes up behind Beth when she’s sitting at their little table or standing at the kitchen counter, and he puts his hands over her eyes and leans in and his voice is all low when he says ‘guess who’ and it makes her shiver every time. And she says “hmm, I dunno, I’m not sure” and then he kisses across her neck and her very sensitive ear until she whispers his name. 

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17 as useless superpowers

Minghao: can sense any dog in a 1 km radius

Jeonghan: never having a bad hair day

Woozi: heat vision but only strong enough to be a mild discomfort

DK: Your toast will never burn no matter the setting

Hoshi: always guessing the correct answer in a multiple choice

S.coups: ability to locate your phone, only your phone

Vernon: Communicating with bandanas

Jun: Double jump irl but only once a year

Wonwoo: walk through walls by get stuck halfway

Mingyu: immunity to paper cuts

Seungkwan: See into the future exactly one second

Dino: Falling asleep immediately whenever you want

Joshua: Angels sing whenever you enter a room

signs as useless trash
  • aries: playdoh thats been sitting outside for too long
  • taurus: the ouya
  • gemini: themselves
  • cancer: indie horror games
  • leo: ur opinion
  • virgo: tumblr users
  • libra: a copy of arkham knight for the pc
  • scorpio: a floppy disk
  • sagittarius: the government
  • capricorn: astrology blog mods
  • aquarius: your best friends
  • pisces: homestuck