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Friendly Reminder

That at one point in “Carry On,” just after Baz sends Mordelia away crying for Mum, he and Simon *inevitably*  start making out.

And then the maid walks in and simply clears her throat and announces that Penny and Agatha have arrived wITHOUt SO MuCH As BLiNKInG AN EYELASH AT WHAT’S GOING ON IN THERE.



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I wasn't around when Acchan was constantly center but did people still get annoyed at her being center all the time? Because right now, I am pretty annoyed at how they (Jurina and Sakura) are literally being shoved down our throats. I know that they are supposed to be the future of the 48G but I feel bad for all the AKB members who were originally called the next gen ace.

Atsuko’s famous line, “Even if you hate me, please don’t hate AKB48″ doesn’t come out of nothing. She had tons of haters right because she was the most popular one - actually, the most popular one together with Oshima Yuuko. I’m pretty sure some of Yuuko’s supporters couldn’t stad her right because of that reason. Shimazaki Haruka was “originally” called next gen ace, too. The first period of her pushing, which worked exactly as Sakura’s right now (I feel like Jurina’s pushing has never truly stopped since day one, tbh), I can’t even name you how many people were constantly throwing shit at her and calling her bad names. They even called her “useless”.  There even was a Paruru-anti blog here on tumblr which posted awful and shitty things about her. 
The reason why both Sakura and Jurina are being so much pushed, and constantly “shoved down our throats” is because, clearly, they sell good. They’ve got thousands of fans, they manage to get more and more people to like them in a very short time. If other members were able to do that, I’m sure management would start/go back to push them, too. Back at the time of Shimazaki’s push, that’s exactly how it worked. She sold very good, many people got super into her salty-yet-super-cute-character. I got fished by her too at the time. Management pushes only girls they think can work well, girls who they think can bring into more and more fans, which will of course mean more and more money to them. If Mukaichi Mion can’t do that, if anyone else can’t do that, then they’ll try with someone else until they get another Matsui Jurina or another Miyawaki Sakura. That’s how it works. That’s how it has always worked.

About “si”

The word “si” can be used for several things:

- it can be your “if” : if you’re late, you’ll miss the beginning of the movie

- it can be a music note : do ré mi fa sol la si 

- it can also be a way to argue, that you translate as “yes” in english except it doesn’t have the defensive/passive-agressive aspect of the notion

Let’s say someone is accusing you of something you haven’t done and you’re saying you have (either it’s true or not). Illustration :

#1 - Mum : you haven’t washed the dishes, you useless child!


Maman : tu n’as pas fait la vaisselle, espèce d’enfant inutile!

Vous : SI, JE L’AI FAITE! (we would probably rather say “(alors) si, déjà!” or “si, d’abord!” but also sound like absolute brats)

#2 - Boss : I don’t think you have put that file on my desk

You : yes, of course, I did it yesterday!

Patron : je crois que vous n’avez pas déposé ce dossier sur mon bureau

Vous : si, bien sûr, je l’ai fait hier/je m’en suis occupé-e hier!

Weird post again, but that is a very used word. Well! Hope this helps! x 

(tbh I don’t know why I spend so much time looking for cute or funny gifs when there are millions of stupid stock photos on google pictures)

Completely useless information but i wanted to share that because the Tumblr App is such a flowing and lag-less beautiful thing, my mobile background gif sometimes appear instead of pictures in posts, and well

it just looks as if Waluigi dramatically praises whatever is up there

K so i don’t really give two shits was side of the discourse you’re on, can we all just agree that deleting things off a wiki page because you personally have an issue with something is a shitty thing to do.

You’re not standing up for lgbtq+ rights, you’re not ousting cis/hets out of the lgbt community, you’re not doing anything remotely productive, you’re just being a shit person.

Here’s a quick heads up, you know who uses wikipedia to find information. That’s right, a metric fuck tonne of people, not just the cis/hets you’re using as a cover for your misplaced dislike of an entire community. Researchers, teachers, confused kids in the closet, me! We have all turned to wikipedia for information. 

When you delete or vandalise wiki pages you’re not just hurting a few specific ace people, but every asexual person who needs information, every teacher who wants to make an inclusive phse lesson, every researcher who wants to learn more about sexuality, every confused closeted questioning kid who doesn’t know what’s going on. Everyone. Even people who are nothing to do with the lgbtq+ community who just wanna learn more about wonderful human diversity. Why hinder that?? Literally why? 

I’ve seen the ace flag and information relating to it gone off the lgbt symbols page and I’ve seen edits about David Jay. Both of those things are basic piss baby discourse edits, but I’ve also seen edits removing referenced information about studies about asexual people. Like whaaaat? That’s legit researched information that someone just.. deleted because they don’t like asexual people. 

Does no one understand how truly terrifying that concept is?

You can’t just… stop people a group of people having access to information about themselves because you have a personal thing against them? That’s actually scary, what the heck!?

So, in conclusion, please stop deleting information that people actually kinda need. tbh even if it’s useless information, don’t let the discourse stop people accessing it. Please.


~ Well, as you may already know, I’m mostly a traditional artist and I work a lot with Watercolor and Inks. There was a time I shared a lot of tradi stuff, but since weeks I’m almost always posting digital sketches for my answers and all because well, tbh I also like working on digital a lot, and I’m currently sketching my new heartbreaking Tamatoa and Maui little comic ! But it’s question time huhu ! ♪ I’m wondering… Would you be interested by more traditional sketches and artworks of my Tama, or do you prefer digital ?

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kimbap noona! could you do a svt as internet friends?

S.Coups: He’s very open about his thoughts and feelings, but no one ever knows what he’s talking about because of autocorrect and typos. He calls his Internet friends his children even if they’re older.

Jeonghan: He keeps their messages on read/seen.

Joshua: He’s friends with everyone. He probably runs a really popular account and befriends anyone who asks. He’s somehow able to keep up with all of them.

Jun: In the span of one week, he has their cellphone numbers and adds them on every social media account. He jokingly comments greasy things on their pictures.

Hoshi: He spams his Internet friends’ messages, and he keeps going even if they haven’t even read it yet. His friends always wake up with 500 messages in their inbox and all of them are from him.

Wonwoo: He’s the type to forget to answer messages and then wonder why his friends haven’t spoken to him in days.

Woozi: Rarely ever online. Being online at the same time as him is like winning the lottery.

DK: Online 24/7. No one knows how he does it. It could be 4:37am and he’d still answer a message within ten seconds.

Mingyu: He cannot keep a conversation going for his life. He always answers every thirty minutes because he keeps getting distracted.

The8: He sends his Internet friends pictures of everything. He sends them pictures of food, views, cute items he bought, new clothes, and even useless things like candy wrappers.

Seungkwan: He cries to his friends about his fandoms. He just cries and spams their dashboards, probably writes a novel in the tags.

Vernon: The one that disappears from the face of the Earth, and then returns to spam his Internet friends with updates and memes. And then he disappears again.

Dino: The type to always make cute posts for his Internet friends. He makes cute edits of their favorite fandoms, writes sweet posts saying how happy he is that they’re friends. He’s a sweetheart.

thank you for your request!! ^^

holy shit my guys i have an interview for an internship sunday!!! like i applied a few days ago n it takes like an hour 2 get there, but the place sounds good n at least they wanna see me n im!!! holy shit!!! like i’m
so excited!!! idk if i can focus now lmao like??? i was afraid i wouldn’t get one this year n had 2 work a year before applying again, like i know i haven’t got the spot but tbh im an excellent choice n i just hope i get it!!!! (if i like it there… i gotta see but man i’m hoping for the bestttt)

miadifferent replied to your post “I guess the chips subtext may still work? Heather did say she ~wanted…”

But the chips eating girl Bill had a crush on was a different one? or did I miss Heather eating chips?

Tbh I’m not sure about that actually (thanks useless memory *bangs head on table*) and you might have a point there but I’m definitely not going back to rewatch the thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Who was she talking about with the fat-shaming though? Was that Heather or another girl then?

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Tbh, what's bs is that he makes a 10 min vid on something useless that he can just write a blog post on because he knows he gets paid for number of people watching it(or something similar to that, I'm not sure how YouTube's paying system works)

Blog post would’ve taken much less time away from the game too, but we have to milk the YT bucks yanno?

-Mod Sega

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What keeps you motivated to write your magnificent stories?

The tears of my readers hahahaha! (jk, but I can’t wait to read others’ reactions about what I have written and all the angst)

Tbh it is hard to stay motivated. My stories don’t get as many views as I would like they would and I don’t get much feedback (if not for the ones who comment every time I post a new chapter - two people at best). So it is hard for me to keep writing under this impression that no one cares and that no one will ever care. I feel like everything I am writing is useless because of this. I feel that my stories are shit. But that is my problem and my impression. It is none of anyone’s concern; only mine.

But I also love writing stories. I love creating, structuring and forming sentences and words. I love sharing them and I most certainly love to see a work of mine and whisper “I am going to paper-print you and put you on my book-shelf”. Truth is, the Vikings fandom is small, and few are the people who truly ship Rollo and Gisla. Fewer are the people liking Thorunn and any other character than Lagertha. So I don’t get a large audience, unlike people who wrote about Rolisla before season 4 even started and people writing about more popular characters. Many were those who were disappointed with the way the show treated that ship, and many are those who fell out of love with it. But still, I love writing about Vikings. I love my two ships in this fandom, no matter how unpopular they are. And it keeps me inspired to write. I write out of love for the characters.

And some day, I will write original stories. I have the Sword of Stones trilogy I want to write and I fully intend to begin writing for it this year. If I am cunning and lucky enough, maybe it will be published one day… I know this is the dream of many of us, and I know it is hard to get published. Nevertheless I wish to try.

I hope this answer the ask hahahaha

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why is topupdating garbage? did they do something? I don't follow them but I see them on my timeline and stuff sometimes

im gonna keep this short because i dont want to go to the archives to find everything, but:

- people who run it go onto their personal accts and say one of the boys are ugly/useless to the band
- they post people’s concert pics w/o consent; could just RT
- when topupdated said theyre stopping the account, topupdating liked a tweet basically promoting themselves as “the only top account” now (they have since unliked it)

there’s a lot more but the people who run it are just shitty people only thirsty for RT’s tbh

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Re: kevin pictures. Ever notice that while lesbians post support of gay male relationships/positivity in media or irl, gay men don't do the same for lesbians? Is this because gay men largely find us unfashionable, uncool, and therefore useless, or because lesbians have been conditioned to "see the good in men" like all women and channel it towards gay men because they at least won't try to rape and assault us? Tbh the gay men I've known enjoy joining in with straight women to laugh at us.

I just think women as a whole are much more likely to be invested in fandoms and shipping than men. I think there’s a big difference between support and shipping also.

I’m sorry you have had bad experiences but I feel kinship with my gay brothers.

okay so like/reblog if you post any of the following bc i went on a MASSIVE unfollowing spree bc i was following about 3000 people bc ive been on this site for almost five years hah

  • KND
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • Late 90s cartoons and later
  • Gravity Falls
  • Regular Show
  • Adventure Time (even tho im really behind on both this and reg show)
  • Steven Universe
  • Wander Over Yonder
  • My Little Pony
  • RC9GN
  • Ben 10
  • Bobs Burgers
  • I guess pretty much ANY cartoon tbh
  • LGBT stuffff
  • Harry Potter (even though I haven’t even finished the second last book)
  • Feminism/social justice
  • IF YOU’RE AN ART/FANFICISH BLOG AYYY (super including if you post a lot about your OCs; i find them interesting and adorable)

im not fussy about ships either, everything is pretty cute to me even if i dont ship it tbh *shrug emoji*

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those whiny bitches (antis) have the mental age of a 4 year old, I swear. they're annoying and I can only feel secondhand embarrassment when I read their bullshit smh damn useless idiots

tbh I think four year olds wouldn’t have the attention span to actually waste all that time of their life on doing what antis generally do