this is a travesty tbh

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do you have any slow burn fic recs of pepperony that takes place pre-im1?

there really aren’t many pre-im1 slow burn fics (a travesty tbh) but here are a few that come to mind that at least begin pre-im1. :) (ps i haven’t read some of these in years so if they aren’t really what you’re looking for i’m sorry!)

- access granted by elorapid
- travels series by pukajen
- unscheduled meetings by roboticonography
- the courting of tony stark by boombangbing
- love is like a stubborn youth by owlvsdove
- my heart in your hands by secondalto
- every picture tells a story by mycedarchest
- ladykiller in love by artemis_day
- just a job by miran anders
- 5 times pepper took care of tony by zauberer_sirin

and now these aren’t pre-im1 but they are slow burn and i love them!

- drive by roboticonography
- the wager by outtabreath
- palmer’s kiss by vr trakowski
- mnemosyne’s lock by vr trakowski
- copra cabana by csi clue
- green laurel by vr trakowski
- self-preservation by roboticonography
- you’re all i have by xxhiphuggersxx
- they take apart their nightmares by sabinelagrande
- heir by anxiousgeek
- ever i saw by baronessemma
- my best friend’s baby by snoot37

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Has Cas met Jody and vice versa? Bc I'd like to see them meet and for them to get along. And then after he's gone or out of ear shot, for Jody to tell Dean he "chose a good one" and that he's "a lucky guy"

No they haven’t met yet and it is a TRAVESTY.  Tbh you may be writing this because you’ve seen all the Jody on my dash recently but I will re-iterate because hey, I love Jody…  Jody is the epitome of a Badass woman who can do both sweet, polite and gentle and give-a-fuck shoot you in the head if you touch my boys and give me the evil eye.

I love her.

She already has shown previously to season 12 but even more clearly in season 12 that she is kind of a mom figure to Sam and Dean, the little arm grab in 12x22 made me want to weep, those guys are such good actors… they conveyed such meaning between this moment and the one in 12x06 at the door. 

I am 95% sure that Jody will be a key component in the GA being made more aware of Dean’s grieving as romantic.

I’m just going to explain here what I was going to write on a separate post because I have real FEELINGS about some of season 12′s foreshadowing for season 13 and Jody and Eileen are a big part of this.

Between Sam, Jody and other regulars and one off characters we should get some excellent Grieving!Dean exposition because…

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I have previously said that I was expecting a Red Meat style parallel towards the end of season 12 and we got it - Sam / Eileen (DAMN YOU I WAS HOPING FOR A RANDOM COUPLE IS ALL, HOW DARE YOU MAKE IT SAM/EILEEN!). 

Now we need the follow through. We need Dean to grieve, which is partly why I think so many meta writers think Cas has to stay dead for a good amount of time rather than being resurrected, even if not really himself, he needs to be really actually dead for a while, REALLY dead, for Dean’s part of the story.

I’m thinking these days that season 13 is basically textualising the potential of season 12 re: the boys in relation to Mary and Cas.

From 12x03 (dammit I love 03′s of the season!) we have:

- Mary removing herself from them for her own self realisation story and partly out of love for her memory of them as children.

- Cas removing himself from them to protect them out of love and to save the world out of his own sense of duty. 

Then from 12x15:

- The boys think Mary has removed herself out of choice from them but behind the scenes we learn that Mary has been misled, allowed herself to be misled and ends up held against her will. Dean manages to get her back by being honest and facing his own demons while accepting her flaws and through the power of love. BUT she is of course separated from them AGAIN, and now further removed than in the MoL HQ prison.

- Dean thinks Cas is dead and is deeply worried. Sam is supportive. The miscommunication due to a lack of honesty about feelings and not facing their own demons is a part of why Cas ends up dead.

So do you see what I mean? That season 12 focused a lot on the boys’ worry about Mary being separated from Mary and Cas being dead? That 12x23 actually made this happen for season 13?

So season 12 was foreshadowing season 13 in this sense, taking what the potential issue could have been and making it WORSE. Mary is separated from them at the MoL / ends up in a totally different universe. Cas is potentially dead / Cas is actually dead. Mary and Cas, who are both absolutely central to their character arcs as a whole, will of course be central to the boys’ character arc’s through this part of their story.

So yeah, moments in season 12 like Jody offering to console and help Dean to talk about “anything”, the boys turning up at her house and Sam revealing one of Dean’s sexual interests while Dean is a little embarrassed (but this will be much less the case now moving forwards of course, I hope it is an exposition of how much less bothered he will be about this kinda thing in season 13 onwards), Jody canonically being linked to being a mother figure to Dean in his time of angst…. 

I can’t help but feel this is going to be important with all the other links around this. It’s too much of a coincidence.

Like I say, either way I think this is going to be relevant but IF Jody is in the 3rd episode of the season I will be even more excited as 03′s are usually very important re: Cas in my mind.

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Saw the pic of the Rogue One comic of Cassian's name mispelled. That's an utter travesty, tbh. On another note, Cassian could have been assigned to retrieve Jyn from Wobani, but pulled out for some reason or another and only K2 was left? Or he could have been waiting in the ship as a pilot and didn't really see Jyn until the interrogation? Just some food for thought.

They come for Jyn Erso in three ships: the extraction team, the air support, the intelligence. Melshi runs point for the ground team with K-2SO providing needed authenticity for their cover, and Shara Bey floats her X-wing just in range to bring in firepower if needed.

And then there is Cassian. He knows her whole dossier inside out, and the features of her face are etched permanently into his brain.

He pulls up her holo in his datapad. Her face is cast in profile: defiant chin, hard eyes, and the set lips of a woman who has not known peace for a long time. Tanith Ponta. Kestrel Dawn. Liana Hallik. Jyn Erso. A handful of names both false and true but only one face, one body, the most precious commodity on this whole mission. He wants to meet her, this key to the lock that is Saw Gerrera and the Imperial defector on Jedha.

Cassian wonders faintly what she might have been like as a child, before her life was ripped out by the roots. (It’s a thought he often has about himself; and the road she has taken from then to Wobani has been a hard one, harder even than his, he thinks.)

Then he sees the transport they sent out return and Erso led out of the back doors by a scowling Melshi. Stepping out of his U-wing, Cassian catches only a glimpse. Her head is down, her hair caked in mud. She seems to sense him and turns ever so slightly to take him in before Kay steps between them.

“I know your information says that she is important toward the next step in this scheme, but if you ask me,” Kay says, setting his golden orbs on Jyn Erso before returning his attention to Cassian, “she hardly seems worth this sort of effort.”

Cassian watches her disappear into the back of the transport ship, then motions for Kay to return with him to the cockpit. “I guess we will find out, won’t we?”