this is a travel version of the big one

OK, so one thing I’ve noticed when watching Hunter x Hunter (the 2011 version, at least) is that the characters don’t really change their costumes like they do in other anime, like every arc or so.

But then why

is this little kid

apparently such

a fashion icon?

I mean, how big is this kid’s wardrobe?

Where is he getting all this stuff from? Is it expensive?

Can you imagine Kil and Gon going on their travels and having to carry all this stuff with them, tho? Just bags and bags of Killua’s costume changes.

Fashion concious Killua is my new headcanon.

Chapter 93 Thoughts.

Le writer is happy because this was such a good chapter.

I will be using Mangastream since it is on the point and Crunchyroll translation is not out yet. I will make corrections after I read Cruncyroll translation.

Ah, I am really living for chapters like this! Many things I learn, many things I crave. New info. Yay! To sum it up cursory, in this chapter we saw:

  • Isayama really did reversed the map, call it a brand new world and gave half of it Marley. Really, Marley is putting British, Mongols and Romans to shame while Alexander the Great is crying at background.
  • Marley is relying too much on Titan power, that is why they don’t have an advanced army and navy.
  • Mads Mikkelsen is their marshal.
  • Mid-East Union is now Fab-Kebab Union who lost the war but also got all the praises and that made Marley jealous.
  • Zeke can get even more interesting every month. He also has a Zekeret.
  • Marley is not aware that Zeke is royal blood. Bruh.
  • We found out how Zeke is able to control titans. With injecting his own spine fluid. Reasonable.
  • Cartman is actually a cartwoman and she stole my heart. Unlike roast master Galliard.
  • Reiner “I must protect the smol ones” Braun. Enough said.
  • The smol ones are also winning my heart more every chapter. Gabi, Falco, Udo and Zophia are 14 year old cutie pies.
  • Paradis is doing well, Paradis is doing great.
  • Ackermans are actually lab rats.
  • Ymir. Beautiful. Willful. Dead.
  • Le writer is wishing next month to be a Warrior chapter as well to get a Warrior volume and her chapter thoughts are under the cut.

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Jongdae and his foreign girlfriend going in vacation together to her country so he can also meet her family ;) it would be nice to read about all the cuddly/warm moments during the trip and vacation time <3

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Originally posted by achenlove

Moments can be many different emotions: sadness, despair, happiness, love or lust, but in the end - every single moment will inevitably end, like stars that burn in the sky, or candles that flicker and dance in the darkness of a room. Though, even when moments fade like Polaroid photographs, memories can replace them, and engrave long-lasting images in the brain of beauty or disaster for those who are given the God-given gift of a good memory.

Taking your boyfriend to Wales was one of those things - a moment, or so, that’s how it felt. From the airplane ride to the stay, to the long walks and family gatherings until the moment you departed back to South Korea. It felt like literal seconds ticking by.You only ever really realise how precious and beautiful those seconds are when time starts running out.

Time ticks against your wrist from the moment you landed in the North of Wales, it plays against your mind like a constant, antagonising ringing - but this is all for Jongdae, because only moments and fate will count until the final flight.

The trip started in the cool, chilly coastline of Colwyn Bay where your home is situated. Your family is big, but they’re full of love and support, and from the moment Jongdae steps in the room and shyly introduces himself in English, you can just tell how much your family adore him. Your parents admire his drive and passion not only for working but for you, and your siblings could die for his aegyo and childish antics - you, yourself couldn’t help but smile as he and your younger siblings unite together to prank you. You couldn’t be annoyed - not even a little, not when his smile was so alive and passionate his get your heart ablaze.

Life is short and cruel; you make Jongdae pose in photos with you to aid an older, worn down version of yourself, to remind you of the “good old days,” the days you can be around the one you love and not worry for tomorrow; only for today.

You travel around the enchanting countryside, introducing Jongdae to the hills of Snowdonia, and the alluring landscape of Llandudno in bright yellow wellies and big, warm coats. Though the heat of the clothes isn’t the only thing that keeps you warm - it may sound cheesy, and Jongdae would laugh at you for thinking such thoughts - but nothing can make you more mellow or warmer than watching the happiness in his eyes that radiates from his orbs to his grin.

Though exploring the country isn’t the only thing you do in your home town. Jongdae takes you back to your rebellious teenage years; kissing in corners when no one’s watching and whispering sweet nothings when no one is listening, and when no one is around at all you take advantage of the satin bedsheets where he, and only he, can make you whimper, moan and writhe.

With each distracting second of your day, it keeps you distracted from the insecurities and anxieties that you have - not looking at the ink that stains beneath your wrist watch that hides the image you only wish you could remove. You hate the way your Mother looks at you pitifully because of it, or the way your Father purposefully acts as though  it isn’t there, it’s like a time loop of pain and agony every time you come home.

And when the final day draws to it’s end, you sit on the plane with Jongdae, your heart pounding as the flight takes off like the final take of memories.

Jongdae talks animatedly about the trip, the unforgettable moments; though all you can do is smile and hold back the teardrops because you know his unconditional memory issue.

Back in Korea, you sit in a pearly white room, glazed eyes watching the seconds tick down on the final day inked on your skin.


You walk towards the cubical,


You gently pull back the curtain,


You step inside,


The bed dips under your weight as you take a seat on the hospitalised bed,


“Who are you?”

“It’s me, Jongdae, it’s {y/n}.”

And the number reverts back on your hand to 365 days.

Note: I felt cynical - please don’t hate me. Idea came from an AU prompt I read and I altered it to kind of make it a soulmate AU where the reader has a tattoo on their wrist counting down the days they have left with their soulmate. So Jongdae, unfortunately, only has a year until his mind resets because idk I felt like making angst. Tell me what you think, I’m usually not good at angst drabbles. Danke! (Also thanks to @stitch-xiu-up who I woke up just to help me with this and edit it. Goodnight) 


On this day in music history: April 24, 1961 - “Runaway” by Del Shannon hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 4 weeks, also peaking at #3 on the R&B singles chart. Written by Del Shannon and Max Crook, it is the biggest hit for the singer/songwriter from Grand Rapids, MI. Originally titled “Little Runaway”, Shannon and his bandmate Crook write and record the song a few years earlier. They re-record the song at the suggestion of their manager after signing with New York based Big Top Records. The Musitron keyboard solo (invented by Crook) becomes one of the most distinctive and memorable parts of the record. Entering the Hot 100 at #77 on March 6, 1961, climbing to the top of the chart seven weeks later. “Runaway” is later covered by numerous artists over the years including versions by Elvis Presley, Bonnie Raitt and The Traveling Wilburys. Del Shannon re-records the song himself in 1967 as “Runaway ‘67” for Liberty Records, though it does not chart on the Hot 100. The original 1961 recording of “Runaway” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA, and is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 2002.


27.03.2017 Takayama

Early that day we got back on the train to Takayama. It would have been really close from Gero, but because of concerts I often change plans.

First thing we did at Takayama was to find some food. Actually I always wanted to try out the famous Kobe beef, but we found a lunch set with Hida beef instead. Even it wasn’t the famous one, it was so damn delicious! The restaurants staff explained how to cook the beef ourselves. I think this is fun way to decide how you want your food.

We took a walk around the city and mostly found a lot of tourists. Sure, the old traditional houses are pretty, but after travelling around Japan over and over again I can find big similarities in many cities. We stopped at different shops and checked out if we want to buy some souvenirs, mostly for ourselves. One thing we bought was さるぼぼ (Sarubobo), which is a traditional amulet of the Hida region. We found a cute easter version with bunny ears and couldn’t resist. Each colour has a different meaning, but we got the pink (Love: It will help you to meet someone or that your relationship is going well) and blue (Work: It should bring a sense of calmness to improve concentration) ones because they were pretty and cute :D

With less people I’d totally love to walk around those old streets of Takayama. The shops on your left and right look really pretty and many of them put some flower pots outside. It got a really nice atmosphere and I totally would have explored it during early morning if I just stayed longer.

First we planned to do a nearby hiking, but somehow we weren’t in the mood. So we bought some more food and went back to our guesthouse. Since we had our own private room, we stayed the rest of the evening there and just relaxed.

Note: We had this running joke going on, since this year’s winter was very cold and as long as in Germany, the cherry blossom were totally delayed. In 2014 I was in Japan during the same time and saw so many blooming trees, but this year everything started late. So whenever we went to places which were well known as cherry blossom spots, we always said “The cake is a lie!” (reference of the game “Portal”).

Today’s calendar:
Weather: cloudy and cold
Distance: Nagoya to Takayama
Steps: 8,942 (6.35 km)
Accommodation: J-Hoppers Hida Takayama

Positive: Hida beef
Negative: nothing

Tainted AU Time Travel Crossover: The Fallen Shepherd

If you were wondering what the original idea was, here’s the link:

It deviated from it quiet a lot and no I am not planning on continuing it. Its a big what if idea and heavy reaction idea fic. Hope you enjoyed it (Also, I feel this is one world where a Tainted AU Sorey and Mikleo can find acceptance.)

Here’s links to an AO3 version and FFn version

Here’s how the meeting would probably turn out (Poor Eleanor):

Eleanor stared at the pair that had appeared in front of their group. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey I heard you're a big Tjeffs fan. Was wondering if he would like me. (All versions including the real one) I'm 5'3", slightly chubby, short curly hair with bangs, has glasses, has slight deformation in left eye, loves music, loves travelling and eating random food from everywhere I go.

Buddy… this isn’t exactly what I’m here for

10 things about me

Thanks for tagging me, @justarandomfangirlsstuff ! :D

So, let’s see:

1. I live on an island, also near some mountains and a big, very old (like 2000 years old) city.

2. I traveled by ferry every day both to high school and university. This was, definitely, one of best experiences in my life. Night-traveling by sea is extremely beautiful.

3. As much as I love paper books, I like digital versions of those books even more as they are infinitely easier to search, which is important for analysis writing. Also, I can have a whole library on my phone and read it at any moment.

4. I firmly believe that fan fiction can be serious literature. ‘Originality’ is not a measure of worth. Structure is a measure of worth.

5. I’m an avid video game player and it shocks me how many people my age that I know have never played a serious video game in their life. Video games should definitely be more analyzed and discussed in academic circles than they are at the moment.

6. I really like running and (sea) swimming.

7. I’m a Bruce Lee fan and consider him to be an excellent thinker. His book Striking Thoughts is an awesome book.

8. I’m very much capable of falling asleep while sitting in a chair. I now do it much less than I used to, but as an undergrad I practically did it every day.

9. I would really like to publish a book about Tolkien.

10. I very much support Elon Musk’s goal to make us a multiplanetary species. Besides being perhaps crucial to our survival, the idea is also pretty neat in itself. Let us just hope that a Star Trek-like kind of future awaits us somewhere down the line. :)

I tag: @tinychildcollector, @lucifers-cuvette, @eveningalchemist, @dragonofmordor, @dawnfelagund, @ttrtru, @erenaeoth, @queen-haleth, @doegred-main

Have fun! :D

Time Travel as a past and future plot device in WTNV

Like everyone else who listened, my first reaction to the latest episode was “ow, my heart.” Then, I started thinking about what the arc could possibly be for this season. Is it possible that the key is time travel? And how does time work in Night Vale anyway?

Well, as Carlos discovered in his first year in Night Vale, it doesn’t. 

Which makes the question - how does time NOT work in Night Vale.

1. Personal experience of time

Characters in Night Vale age at different rates, and their memories about it are fuzzy. Cecil is apparently over a hundred years old (as of [Best of?], and he is deeply uncomfortable whenever Earl Harlan brings up the fact that they can’t remember how old they are. However, old woman Josie was shown to age normally. Earl was nineteen for decades, and then became middle aged. Jackie Fierro has been nineteen for who knows how long. Lee Marvin has always just turned 30. The University of What it is suggests that Carlos’s timeline could be funny too. 

The main way this could be used is in revealing memories. Cecil’s past is, I think, likely to be revealed slowly, not as a major plot arc. However, I think we will definitely be hearing more about how relative ages affect people in Night Vale. 

The whole town also has a personal experience different from the outside world. Places that exist don’t, places that don’t exist do. The 30s were a time of prosperity in Night Vale and a time of depression outside. However, there is evidence enough that our world does exist, somehow. 

2. Communication and knowledge, past and present

In History Week, Cecil reports on the future history of the town as though it is fact. He states that as of 2052, there will have been no mayor in Night Vale for 30 years. Which means that in 2022, 7 years away, something happens. 

Dana’s experience in the Dog Park was another example of this. She and Cecil could never seem to communicate at the same point in time. Also, when she was in  desert, she saw herself in the future as someone important (presumably she saw herself as mayor). Her family also saw her, and she remembered the incident and interacted with herself (so that won’t cause some horrible world ending paradox). 

The Museum of Forbidden Technologies also has multiple time travel machines, some not invented yet. Time travel was legalized in the time period of the show. (I point out these machines because the first episode of the season was a successful heist. And because that would be awesome) 

Of course, the use of a time travel plot will depend on one key question…

3. Closed Loops vs Alternate Timelines

Most time travel falls into these two categories. Today, we seemed to get an example of a closed loop story. Cecil told Kevin about the rebellion. Kevin sent Daniel. But we already knew about Daniel, and it appears that nothing was changed. Thus, the past was always changed, and no alterations happened. While this can be fun, it does mean that you can’t change what you know happened, just show how it happened and help make it happen. (Think Time Turners in Harry Potter).

However, there is plenty of proof that the other big type of time travel, alternate timelines, can also exist. Stories normally deal with these in one of two ways. The first is the alternate universe, where some divergent event caused a split. There are theories that Desert Bluffs is an alternative of Night Vale. (Think of the Star Trek episode where Spock has a goatee.) 

An example of alternate universes running into each other is Nulgorsk. In one version, the city was destroyed, and Night Vale was about to be destroyed too. In the other, nothing happened. Only Simone Rigadeau remembered both versions.

The other way it is used is creating an alternate timeline. Go to the past, change something, and when you go back, you are in a different future than the one you left, with you being the only one who remembers the change (Think Back to the Future). The Traveler experienced this type of time travel. He claimed he had saved Night Vale before and would again, and that he couldn’t return to his future as he knew it.

If I had it my way, this last one would be what I would want to do. Cecil says there is no use thinking about what could have been, but it is possible to change it. Steal a time machine, or have Carlos make one. A lot of people want to save Kevin. I want to go one step further.

It’s possible. All the methods are there to find out what they need to know and change it.

Let’s save Desert Bluffs. 

inklingsofanotherworld  asked:

Future of Forestry - Traveler's Song (either version is good, but it'd be cool of you checked the Piano and Strings Sessions version, too)

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

This one’s not bad either, but it doesn’t hit me like some of their other stuff does. There’s some really great parts, but I am not overly big on his vocal delivery on this one. 

Piano and Strings version

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

Alright, this one fixes the issue I had with the other version. I think he taps into the vocal potential on this one in a better manner. I enjoyed it more than the original. I think a super heckin’ version of this song would have all the instrumentation of the original but with the softer touch of the piano and strings version, but that’s just me being a hecker, lol.


Am I the only one who loves how the entire plot of Kingdom Hearts 3D is one big joke at the series expense?

Like how they introduced time travel purely to explain how there could STILL be multiple versions of the same character running around even after KHII?

Or how the writers were clearly sick of how often fans were telling them that the Org XIII members were way too dramatic for people without emotions so they just retconned it to be bullshit?

Or how after realizing how confusing the naming was they just had Reno say ‘fine, call me whatever the hell you want?’

Or the genuinely brilliant and serious thematic twist of Sora’s inherent goodness being his downfall?



Hello everyone,

I heard my friend talked about the new choice on society6, the travel cup which I think it’s one of the best idea of an item to print the arts on ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

So I came and updated some new print arts on my society6 store included the ZoSan big family travel cup (this print already had got the coffee mug version.) and the print ver of Zoro & Sanji celebrating artwork.

Please come and take a look ~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Even if you won’t buy anything, I would much appreciate if you could help me share this post.

Thank you and have a nice day!

I finished knitting my version of the Snowflake Beanie from Taylor’s store! I ordered the original one online but when my order came it wasn’t in the box, and my invoice had said it sold out. I was so disappointed so I decided to put my amateur knitting skills to the test and make my own! I adapted a simple beanie pattern I found online by creating my own chart and adding the fair isle color work for the words and snowflake (a new technique I learned!). I’m really happy with how it turned out, and while it’s not the same as the one from Taylor’s store, it’s my own unique version that I can be proud of! This project has given me so much confidence in knitting, and I’ll be able to convince myself to try more challenging patterns in the future! Taylor is always my big motivator to do things when I have no other motivation, like sewing a dress for the first time so I could have my own version of the floral Blank Space music video dress, or saving money like I’ve never saved before to see her in concert many times, or traveling to new places across the country to see her perform. I am so thankful to have Taylor in my life!!

Walk To Me

Requested: can you do an imagine where you can’t walk but start getting rehab while shawn is on tour and you surprise him at a show in toronto and walk on stage and he freaks out and is super happy and surprised?



About a year ago, your life changed. You used to be active, always running, doing gymnastics, and adventuring everywhere. But you got a spinal injury from an accident while you were doing gymnastics, and the injury left you unable to walk. Although you have been undergoing intense physical therapy to try and regain control of your legs and learn to walk again, the progress is slow and so difficult. The biggest bright spot of this past year has been Shawn for sure.

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You all have those songs you will ALWAYS recommend when someone asks, so here’s a range of songs I would recommend to anyone:

The Draw -Bastille // Rivers and Roads - The Head and the Heart // Papaoutai (ft. Angel Haze) - Stromae // She’s Got You High - Mumm-ra // Ulysses - Josh Garrels// Dust Me Off - Tilly and the Wall // Goodbye - Ke$ha // Landfill - Daughter // Teenage Dirtbag (cover) - Mary Lambert //  212 - Azealia Banks // House of Gold - Twenty One Pilots// Non Je Ne Regrette Rien - Edith Piaf // Run Boy Run - Woodkid // Kiss with a Fist - Florence + the Machine // Work Song - Hozier // This is Gospel (Piano Version) - Panic! at the Disco // Dust Bowl Dance - Mumford and Sons // Unbelievers - Vampire Weekend  // San Francisco - The Mowgli’s // Skinny Love (cover) - Birdy // Walk On By - Noosa // Superhero - Tim McMorris // Safe Travels (Don’t Die) - Lisa Hannigan // Strangers Like Me - Phil Collins // Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift ft. Civil Wars // Once Upon a Dream - Lana Del Ray // One Day/Reckoning Song - Asaf Avidan // No Rest for the Wicked - Lykke Li ft. A$AP Rocky // New Soul - Yael Naim //  Wonderland - Taylor Swift // I Don’t Wanna Love Somebody Else - A Great Big World // Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked - Cage the Elephant // Beggin for Thread - Banks // Buy the Stars - Marina and the Diamonds // Electric Twist - Fine Frenzy // On the Radio - Regina Spektor // Paris - Magic Man // If You Can’t Sleep - She & Him // Mad World (cover) - Jasmine Thompson // Crazy for You - Best Coast


Happy April 1st, members of the Super Time Force! Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve bent space-time in a way that has allowed us to provide a FREE ULTRA UPDATE for all Xbox One players!

This update brings you the Helladeck, 50 new super fun challenge levels that will force (pun intended) you to use your time-rewinding brain in a different way.

The Ultra update also brings you the Ultra Force mode, an alternate style of time-forcing with extra-powerful, extra-asplosive versions of the Time Force team. But you gotta beat the game before you can wield this Ultra power.

Oh and we added some pretty challenging achievements as well, for all you hunters.

We’d like to thank everyone who has supported our crazy time-traveling platformer on Xbox One. Did we mention this big update is free? Cause it is.

Go forth and Ultra! KOOKANUNGA!

NOTE: This is not an April Fools joke. Trust us. Your Xbox One is probably updating it now!

The Hiker and The Backfire Deduction~ ASiB

Out of all the techniques used in BBC Sherlock, I think my favorite is the use of mirrors. The Hiker and The Backfire are among one of the most complicated, and lSiT breaks it down beautifully in this. 

myc1ara asked: Hello! I absolutely love your M-theory! I thought it was brilliant! I have an observation that I would like your opinion on: in ASiB, the same music plays when Mycroft receives the text from Moriarty in the scene that the driver sees the hiker killed just after he shows up in 221B. What do you make of that?

I planned to cover this in the S&S entry for A Scandal in Belgravia, but I’ll do it now…

It’s EXTREME heartbreak music. And because it’s so extreme, it’s used sparingly: we only ever hear it three times, iirc:

1. the hiker deduction (this is the big thing)

2. Mycroft being devastated by Moriarty’s text

3. Sherlock’s epiphany that it’s about to be “too late” when he drops his champagne glass before toasting John’s marriage.

So what about that hiker, eh? What could that possibly do with heartbreak? Well, we know it’s got something to do with something important because a lot of time is spent on it and it has NO relevance to the plot of ASiB.

It’s actually my favorite subtext in the show, because it’s a tricky one: it’s BEAUTIFULLY constructed and terribly clever. The hiker and the client who sees the hiker are both mirrors for John, but separate parts of him. I’ll set up why each is a mirror, and then explain what’s going on in the scene.

Then for the hell of it, I’ll tell you John’s other mirror in the episode, because it’s a quick one. This is pretty long (pictures and videos, too), so here’s a cut:

First, keep this in mind: I’ve said over and over that the pool scene is where John realizes he’s undeniably in love with Sherlock. (If you don’t believe me now, see how you feel at the end of this.) Before that point John may have suspected, may have told himself it was just a crush, whatever. But he was willing to give his life at the pool, and that changed things for both John and Sherlock. On the surface, you’d think they left the pool and never thought about it again, but that’s the exact opposite of reality. The entirety of A Scandal in Belgravia is both of them wrestling with what they think are hopeless feelings for the other.

Second, John’s blog tells us exactly what he did after the pool debacle: took a trip to New Zealand with Sarah, which is good, right? We learned in The Great Game John hadn’t had sex with her yet, and there was no point during the episode he could have done so, so hey, nice going, John, must have gotten laid! …Except, huh, they broke up there. They went all the way to New Zealand together… and broke up there. What could have happened?

In the comments, Sherlock says John didn’t tell him he broke up with her. John didn’t want to talk about whatever precipitated it, apparently.

Oh well, guess it’s just a mystery!

So let’s meet the client.

First thing is he dresses like John:

And we get this odd shot with John sitting behind him, literally in the background of the guy’s story. We almost always see John and Sherlock looking at the clients together, but this time it’s intentionally framed this way.

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I’m trying to get to my backlog of questions/friend requests (so sorry for the delay! Dx I’m doing a bit better). It doesn’t help that Tumblr has been a bit wonky lately… >.> 

But here are a few more random notes/tips/etc.

1. Travelling Salesmen

I need to make an apology on this one! >o< It turns out, I’m worse with numbers than I thought. And I probably need new glasses or something.

I thought that the travelling salespeople could first come in Autumn of Year 1. I was wrong. It’s Autumn of Year 2. Autumn 7th, to be exact.

I’ve studied the travelling salesman portion of the Famitsu guidebook time and time again, but I always thought it said “1年目秋” (Year 1 Autumn). But it doesn’t.

I will admit that I do have some vision issues, but I think that’s the first time I’ve mistaken a “2″ for a “1″.  >///< I even took off my glasses and studied it up close to make sure that I was right. And I thought that “7″ was a “1″ at first, adding to my confusion. Wow. Just…wow. xD 

I am so sorry for misleading everyone. ;_;

By the way, the above text says:

The Days the Travelling Salesmen (Home Sales) Will Come
* The first appearance will be the 7th of Autumn (Fall), Year 2.
* From then on, every 20 days, there is a 50% chance one will appear [if you exit your house at the right time–9AM-6PM]. (After 60 days it’s a 100% chance one will appear.)

2. That Elusive Mitten Crab

I have never caught a mitten crab, in either the Japanese or English versions. So I had to do a little research into this one.

The mitten crab is considered one of the “big fish,” a rare species that can be caught only when you’ve caught all the other fish in its area. You’ll also need an upgraded fishing rod to catch it–which means you must have access to the Tropical Country.

The mitten crab can only be found in the wheat/rice paddy area, which means you just have to have caught all the fish in that area. Evidently, the crab can only be caught from the upper pier. 

I haven’t unlocked the Tropical Country yet in the English version, but I have noticed that I catch more fish from that upper pier in the wheat/rice paddy area. If I fish from the lower pier, I mostly catch garbage. 

The mitten crab soup recipe (or whatever it’s called in the English version), is in recipe set 4. It’s one you receive as a festival prize.

The mitten crab is called the “Shanghai Crab” in Japanese, which led to some confusion on my end when people first started asking about the crab. xD (”Mitten crab? What’s that?! I haven’t heard of……ohhhh it must be the Shanghai Crab! Hrm…”)

Fritz has surprisingly sophisticated taste, doesn’t he? Well, he IS a good cook, so he really knows fine soup when he sees it, I guess…

3. Bricks for Sale! (And other Year 2 Goodies)

How do you buy pearls? Bricks? Etc.? The answer: Be patient! Those are available as soon as Year 2 begins.

The Rose Country. I think they had 15 for sale this day. As you can see, they also sell herbs and glass stones.

The Cabin Country. Jerseys, Suffolks and alpacas are now available!

By the way, alpacas are skittish at first. They’ll run away when you approach them. This is perfectly normal behaviour. They’ll calm down once they get about 1 heart of affection. After a while they’ll start following you around.

I kind of wish that the cows acted like that too; I’d love to see a big fat cow nimbly scurrying away. xD 

Sakura Country. They sell pearls! Someday, they’ll also sell the elusive gold pearl. That one won’t be available for a while, though.

The antique shop also sells pearls, but only the yellow pearl is available at first. (Why does Mistel seem to have an endless stock of copper ores and yellow pearls? No idea…but he will eventually sell more ores and more pearls.)

Do you wanna join a fandom?
Do you wanna join a fandom?

Yep, this is another version of Frozen song “Do you wanna build a snowman”. This time it’s focused on fandoms :)
P.S. Sorry for my stuffy nose, hope you like it anyway.

Do you wanna join a fandom?
Come on let’s go and try               
So many fandoms wait for you
so join them now
and have some little fun
There’s Sherlock and  there’s Doctor
you ask “Doctor who?”
Come on and just check it out!

Do you wanna join a fandom
it doesn’t have to be a big one
Where “all men must die”

Do you wanna join a fandom
And watch all day your favourite shows?
Be Mishaminion, Cumberbitch
Or big fan of J2 or Tom Hiddleston?
Be like one of the Avengers
Go to the Middle- earth
Oh may the force be with you!

Hey, I know you want it
to hunt some demons, solve a crime
to travel through the time and space
defeat Lord Voldemort become a Jedi Knight
We are like one big family
So don’t be shy
Come on it’s Adventure Time!

Do you wanna join a fandom?