this is a trace btw

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are you okay with people tracing your art if they don't like say it's theirs or ever even show anyone? like if they're trying to work on like being better at drawing but they never share the tracing or anything? (as in they throw it away//get rid of it without sharing bc they're just trying to practice?) sorry if this is worded weird

tracing art doesn’t help you get better at all though???? that’s like using a base it doesn’t really help you develop as an artist
an d shrugs idk????? again, it doesn’t help you develop as an artist so idk why u would try tht anyway
the only way u can develop as one is to practice and tracing isn’t rlly practicing
btw i rlly don’t mean to b rude if i sound as if i do gbjdjsgff

Hey btw.
If you ever, in complete seriousness with no trace of irony, walk up to a real person in real life and tell them you “ship” them with another real life person

Fuck you,

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As long as you're not a retard you should be able to tell who the original artist is. Don't yell at this dude to conform to your laziness

I’m an artist. And I can tell you what this guy is doing is one of the greatest and most disgusting insults you can do to an artist. People can change their urls. Or website names. And therefore source name can look different compared to what the credit says. I shouldn’t have to trace a bunch of images to find the actual creator. And btw. If you are going to use ableist terms. Use them again and I WILL block you and once I find out your url I WILL report you for violating tumblrs rules.

what i do during lunch time at work with highlighters sharpies and a red pen

insp by this draw your OTP meme x

Project I had to do for Art 101 involving stipling and different types of dots, but figured I should post it here too!  Feat. my fav, the squid sisters!

(Overall this took me 12 straight hours of dots and once I get it back I’d really love to try and do some watercolor on it too)