this is a toy poodle


Katsuki Yuuri is 22 and in college and disgustingly in love with Viktor Nikiforov, his boyfriend of two years.

They have a one-year-old puppy named Makkachin, whom they got from the breeder as soon as he was fully weaned. 

They live together in a gorgeous 2-bedroom apartment - with huge bay windows and what is technically a guest room, but which they’ve been calling “Phichit’s room” for as long as they’ve been living there, for how often the Thai boy stays over. Sometimes, Chris stays there too, when he’s in the country, and Phichit will complain for weeks afterwards that nothing is where he left it and someone has been rummaging in his personal belongings. (Yuuri and Viktor have long since given up questioning why he even keeps his personal belongings in their guestroom).

Viktor is a successful, best-selling author who insists on travelling to the places his books are set in the interest of accuracy even when the setting has next to nothing to do with the plot, because he’s just extra like that.

Yuuri and Makkachin travel with him whenever they can, but being a college student doesn’t give you that much free time, so most often Yuuri has to stay at home, or come home early. He doesn’t mind too much. He’s never actually alone for more than a few days at a time anyways (again, Phichit crashes at their place a lot).

They’re happy and disgustingly adorable and #couplegoals for literally everyone.

And then…they break up. And neither of them will say why. All anyone knows is that it started with a tiny little argument, and spiralled quickly into something monstrous and devastating.

And within the month, Yuuri moves out of his gorgeous 2-bedroom apartment with the huge bay windows and the guest room that they used to call Phichit’s room.

He leaves behind the boyfriend he was disgustingly in love with, and the puppy that whines pitifully after him, scratching at the door and begging to be let out.

He’s done uni by then, and so is Phichit. They have nothing left to tie them to that city, and because Phichit is beautiful and perfect and a way better best friend than Yuuri deserves, he convinces Yuuri to move with him across the country, to sunny beaches and towering palms, to a place as far away from home as they can possibly get, while staying in the same country.

And Viktor? He’s left behind in a too big apartment, with a heartbroken puppy that lies listlessly on Yuuri’s side of the bed and can only fall asleep when listening to Yuuri’s breathless laughter through old vacation videos on Viktor’s laptop.

Once their lease is up, Viktor decides to move back home to Russia, to parents who hug him tightly when they see him standing miserable and tired on their doorstep, and a little brother who barely recognizes him without his ex boyfriend attached to his hip.

He keeps writing his books (tragedies now, instead of the romance his fans have grown to expect from him), even sells his movie rights to some of them, and Makkachin starts running and playing again, tongue lolling happily out of his mouth and bouncing with excitement whenever Yura mentions the beloved “w” word. These days, Viktor always takes him travelling with him, ever since Makkachin got sick with anxiety the first time Viktor left him behind at his parents’ home for a week.

And meanwhile, Yuuri learns to live with a gaping hole in his chest where his heart used to be, so painful some days he can barely breathe.

Phichit is with him every step of the way, his partner-in-crime, his brother in all but blood, his platonic soulmate. (It’s a warm and sticky summer night when they lie on a sandy beach and listen to the waves lapping quietly at their bare toes, and they promise each other that if neither of them are married by forty, they’ll just marry each other. It’s not exactly what Yuuri had wanted from his future, but it still makes him clutch at his stomach in breathless laughter when Phichit suggests it.)

Viktor had always been the author out of the two of them, the one that knew how to string words in just the right order to paint a vivid picture in the minds of his readers.

But Yuuri isn’t too bad at it himself, he thinks. He decides to give it a try.

He paints a story of a clumsy couple, charmingly naive, so in love, so perfectly imperfect. He paints a story of a couple that bickers and banters, fights and then makes up with whispered apologies and warm cuddles. He writes about a couple that fights and makes up, fights and makes up, fights and makes up until…quite suddenly…they don’t.

He writes about the couple that goes their separate ways. A couple that is too young, too inexperienced for this thing they have between them, this thing that’s so huge, so important, so beautiful, they’re both afraid to lose it, so they throw it away themselves.

And then, just because he wants to give them the one thing he’d long given up hope for, he ends their story with a question.

(Can we give this a second chance?)

Katsuki Yuuri is 26, and disgustingly in love with Viktor Nikiforov, the boy he broke up with three and a half years ago.

He has a cute little 2-year-old toy poodle named Vicchan, whom his roommate, his platonic soulmate (his potential fiancé?) had given to him as a present to get over his broken heart.

They live together in a cozy little 1-bedroom apartment just ten minutes away from the beach, with a sofa-bed that their friends, Guang-Hong and Leo, like to crash on sometimes when they’re in the middle of another lovers’ quarrel.

Yuuri is a best-selling author, with his one-hit wonder, On My Love, garnering international attention and countless desperate requests for a sequel.

Yuuri likes to take Vicchan for walks along the beach early in the morning, just as the sun is beginning to peek above the horizon and paint the sky in soft pinks and dazzling oranges.

They’re taking a break one day, with Vicchan splashing in the shallows a few feet away, when Yuuri is suddenly bowled over by a whining, panting, standard sized poodle, all soft brown fur and sloppy kisses.

He can barely breathe around the desperate affection, and not even Vicchan’s excited, curious yapping is enough to distract the ecstatic giant furball from his reunion with his long-lost and sorely missed human.

As soon as Yuuri can breathe again, fingers curled into his beautiful older puppy’s fur, he looks up, and his heart clenches at the sight of the Russian man standing a few feet away, a familiar paperback clutched to his chest with white-knuckled hands.

He still wears his heart on his sleeve.

A question tumbles out of his mouth.

And in that moment, Yuuri knows to start his next book with an answer.

(“Of course.”)

170811 The War Fansign: Kyungsoo fanaccounts

@hello_apriler: Kyungsoo talked about his pets because so many people were curious. He said he’s raising two and when EXO-L said “cute~” he asked why that was cute haha. They’re toy poodles and he named one Ink because it’s black and one Pepper because it’s gray. When he brought the gray one home, the members competed to name it. Baekhyun suggested Dusty  

@dyohyun9293: […] Chanyeol said if Kyungsoo kept a brown poodle, it would probably be called Doenjang

@Dearcloi, @Only_k_s: Kyungsoo was the cutest thing in the universe, seeing him between Chanyeol and Jongin but not pay attention to their games. He commented that the weather this morning was really nice, that on nights like these when the dust levels are low, it’s good to visit a playground or go on a walk in the park or by Han River with your loved ones. 

@neri_1227: Kyungsoo said he’d like to take a walk if there was time today, so Sehun asked what he was doing after this. Kyungsoo has two more things scheduled TTT and he’d come to the fansign from another thing too TT

@xoxo_elephant: I said to Kyungsoo it must be hard because you’re so busy, that it looks like you’ve lost weight TTT He asked if it really looked like he did, and that he isn’t trying to lose weight on purpose but seems to be anyway. Don’t lose weight, Kyungsoo TTT  

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EXO’s Pets Thus Far

Minseok - Tan; female(?); Domestic Long Hair; kitten(?)
Junmyeon - Byul; female; white Terrier; full grown
Jongdae - (none)
Sehun - Vivi; male; white Bichon Frise; full grown
Chanyeol - Toben; male; black Poodle; puppy
Baekhyun - Mongryong; male; Corgi; full grown
Jongin - Jjangah, Jjanggu, Monggu; female, male, male; white Toy Poodle, brown Toy Poodle, brown Toy Poodle; all full grown
Kyungsoo - Meokmul (Ink), Huchu (Pepper), both females; black Toy Poodle, Gray Toy Poodle; both puppies
Yixing - (none)

the signs as stupid things i've done

aries: licked a chili bc i thought ‘it can’t be that hot’

taurus: stepped into an ankle deep puddle outside of the bus doors even though the bus driver warned me about it

gemini: bought my roommate cereal as a present but then hid it before she got home bc i was mad at her

cancer: made up a story about a man with a toy poodle trying to win a dog show and made myself cry

leo: been drunk and naked in a hot tub and yelled “daddy put some wood into our fire box” to a dad of some guy whose house we were at

virgo: spent the bus ride to the cruise telling everyone how they shouldn’t put their magnetic cabin key cards next to their phone bc it will erase them, then gotten to the boat and accidentally erased my own key card within 15 minutes

libra: hit a tree with a stick, making the stick break in half and the piece fly towards my face, giving me the only black eye of my life

scorpio: peed in a bush in front of a fancy hotel in a city centre, put my pants back on and walked to the street, noticed that there’s something in my underpants, put my hand into my underpants right there in the middle of the street and pulled out a handful of pine needles

sagittarius: cut a hole into my eyelid when i was trying to trim my false lashes while they were already attached

capricorn: bought a train ticket for the wrong month bc I was buying them two months in advance

aquarius: named a character ‘augustin rivers’ after reading the fault in our stars and thought it was very clever and original

pisces: googled for call of duty and typed in cod and just gotten pics of fish

  • kyungsoo: jongin, i have a confession to make
  • jongin: don't tell me you're breaking up with me!?
  • kyungsoo: *pouts* how could you say that! of course i won't!
  • jongin: *clutches chest* okay, what is it you want to tell me then?
  • kyungsoo: im pregnant
  • jongin: W H A T ?
  • kyungsoo: *smiles* im pregnant with our two new babies!! *claps his hands three times* mongmool-ah! hoochoo-ah!
  • poodles: *barking and runs to kyungsoo*
  • jongin: jagiya... *mouth agape*
  • kyungsoo: *looks up at jongin, smiles* i gave birth to two new kids, jagi. mongmool, hoochoo, meet your daddy nini
  • jongin: *stunned*
  • jongin: ...
  • jongin: *beams*
  • jongin: JAGI THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!! Janggu, jangga and monggu will definitely love their new siblings!!! wahhhhh!!

tbh when yuuri is flashing back to his childhood memories with yuuko and they’re just fanboying over victor the whole time and yuuko’s like “yuuri i wanna see you skate on the same rink on victor one day!!” and yuuri buries his face in his toy poodle victor “vicchan” katsuki’s fur and blushes a delicate pink at the very thought of skating next to victor it’s… very gay