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Remember Hellenic Polytheists...

Aphrodite wants you to be nice to yourself and your body because she thinks it’s beautiful

Apollo cares about your mental health

Dionysus wants you to relax and enjoy life

Hermes appreciates your puns and pranks and silly antics 

Hephaestus thinks you’re hella talented and inspiring as is

Artemis believes you’re strong enough to fight off the bullshit people throw at you

Ares wants you to keep fighting 

Athena believes in you - your intelligence and capability

Poseidon knows that you can be as calm as a lake’s current or as fearsome as an earthquake

Hestia wants you to be safe and comfortable

Persephone wants you to stop and smell the roses

Hera has a beautiful future planned for you

Hades doesn’t want you to kill yourself tonight

and remember, if all else fails,

Zeus would totally start a shit-storm over you

Genoary, Day 23: AFTERTALE - What comes to mind? Let your imagination run wild.

Sort of a tribute to ye olde April Fools’ comic that never got finished, since that’s exactly what I thought of for some reason…

Genoary challenge by @shinydiamondblog
CQ as herself, @loverofpiggies


*vomits up a bunch of critical role art*

I have no earthly idea if I posted any of this. They did all appear on Twitter, I THINK. But here ya go, because I guess I only draw Critical Role art right now??? Wow I should fix that.

  • Keyleth concept design.
  • Ripley and Orthax (totally drawn BEFORE we knew they were actually in cahoots, I was totally just daydreaming).
  • Ripley and Percy.
  • Percy with Vex.
  • Animus crit failing.
  • Vax and Vex have A Talk.
  • Post-kiss reaction.
  • Keyleth is the Tomoyo to Percy’s Sakura.

Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #271

(Context: in my head, this post continues from this one. Sometime after a failed plan that resulted in Warfstache totally kidnapping Mark, lol.) (Dialogue from Atlantis.)

Stardew Valley Headcanon

Harvey is NOT a hipster and he gets very defensive if someone suggests that he is.

“Hey, I inherited that turntable! I didn’t buy it on purpose!”

“Then why,” Maru asked pointedly, “did you leave work early to buy the Zuzu City Sound Experience’s debut album ON VINYL instead of downloading it?”

“Because I wanted to b…” He shook his head. “To buy it directly from the band so I could meet Nathan Elmwood.  He’s, like, the best trumpet player. Ever. In the entire world.” He sighed.  His shoulders drooped.  “And when I did meet him, I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I just didn’t say anything.”

Maru chuckled.  “Okay.  But what about the PBR?  I totally saw you drinking a PBR.”

“I did that to be polite!  The farm girl bought it for me, it was when she first moved in, before she’d figured out how much I like my coffee!”

“Okay, let’s unpack the coffee thing!”  Maru reached under the counter.  “Fair trade, organic, dark roast…HIPSTER BLEND!  You’re a hipster!”

“It doesn’t say that.  Well, maybe the fair trade organic dark roast thing…”

“And can we talk about your sweater?”

“Yes, but please be nice, I knitted it myself.”

“Wait, what?”

“Yeah,” he said.  “The cable knit in the middle here was a bear to get right. See?”  He held the sweater out and Maru leaned in to inspect it.  “Is knitting sweaters a hipster thing to do?  They’re too busy going to bars and getting tattoos for that, right?  This took me nearly a year.  Every night, I’d go home, put on an audiobook or some music, get my yarn, and work on it for an hour.”

“That’s…actually really cool,” Maru said.  “I was gonna make some joke about a thrift shop, but you did that yourself?”

Harvey nodded.  “Yep.  I’m not a hipster.  Just a nerd.”

“But it’s so fun to push your buttons!”

“And it’s so fun to hide all the small gloves and cover all the pens at the nurse’s station with lidocaine…be careful who you mess with, Maru.”  

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Wolfstar Headcanon

- James seeing Sirius with love marks all over his neck and collar bones
- James pestering him to tell me who you’re making out with Padfoot, it’s not fair!
- Sirius only smirks and tells Prongs to bugger off
- Remus is totally failing to keep his laughter in while James continues to ask and ask
- Much to Peters annoyance, James refuses to look on the map because no, spying on snivelling shape for a prank is not the same as invading Padfoots privacy, Wormtail!
- “Why aren’t you interested in who Padfoots getting this stuff from, Moony? Are you trying to… hIDe SomEThiNg MoONy?”
- Moony jokingly says to give Padfoot some veritaserum, not thinking James cares enough to bother with it
- oops?
- “Hey Pete! Come with me to slughorns office, we have some potion to take. No I’m not just going to look on the map for who it is! No veritaserum isn’t mean, what harm could it do? Fine the map would be easier but how would be know which person he hangs out with it is? … shut up.”
- sure enough, James swaggers into the great hall with dark under eyes but a air of confidence about him the next morning. He winks at Remus in a ‘thanks for the idea, mate’ sort of way, and slips the potion into Sirius’ drink while his back is turn.
- slurppp~
- “So, Padfoot. Care to tell us who this special someone is?”
- Moony is blushing like MAD
- Padfoot goes wide eyed as he whispers “Moony”
- silence …
- sorry mate. What was that, couldn’t hear you.
- silence …
- “MOONY!” He yells for the whole room to hear.
- silence …
- the hall figures it’s just Sirius and James mucking around like usual and goes back to its normal chatter, leaving James frozen, Sirius out the door in two seconds flat, Peter not caring because it was obvious all along, how have you not realised this yet Prongs, and a poor Remus blushing profusely
- “oh”

So I totally failed Inktober. Haven’t drawn since. Last night I needed to stress draw and it randomly ended up being Mob from Mob Psycho 100 so uh here he is (It’s all my roommates fault. We watched One Punch Man together awhile back so she made me watch this with her too and after I had to read it because addiction. It’s honestly even better than OPM I think).

28th March 2017 …and we are still whirling and enduring!

Oh Yes! …I’m sorry SP and Kishimoto, shoots your worst fanservice whenever you want …but Sakura Haruno IS the true heroine and she WILL ALWAYS BE!

Happy Birthday queen of my heart!

psss! yes she is on a motherfuffing Katsuyu in her badass samurai outfit form the old 616 ch cover!  …This would have seemed an ancient japanese picture but I think I’ve totally failed