this is a three part thing ooh

This Is Love: Part Four

Summary: Being Bucky’s PA wasn’t easy and you respond to his grumpy attitude with your own. The two of you have never gotten on, forced to stay working with him because your Uncle Tony insists you have a job. 

Word count: 2418

Warnings: swearing

A/N: this is the last tiny bit of douche Bucky, I am very sorry he’s nice after this

Part One    Part Two    Part Three

You’ve never felt happier in your job than you do now, curled up with Steel, chatting casually with Wanda and not worrying about what nasty things Bucky might say to you next time you see him. You haven’t told anyone about what happened after your date for fear that you might jinx it but you haven’t seen him since so you have no idea if the good mood he was in has lasted.

‘Ooh you know what we need to do soon?’ Wanda asks, shaking your arm excitedly. 'We have to go on a shopping trip. You, me and Nat’. You nod at her, definitely in need of an escape having not had a day off since you started this job.

'And meeeee’ you hear Sam squeal from the kitchen and laugh as he charges over to you. Your laugh is silenced when he slips and falls to the floor with a loud bang. He’s sat on the floor looking absolutely baffled and all three of you are stunned to silence. You’re the first to break it with a whooping laugh, clutching your sides and gasping for air, Wanda soon joins in and Sam, trying his hardest not to, finally smiles and pulls himself up. You wipe the tears from your eyes and giggle at the memory of Sam’s face.

'Ok I’ve got to tell the others’ you say, still laughing. As you skip away you hear Sam yell after you telling you not to breathe a word of it to anyone but you ignore him and run of to the labs where at least two of the team, Bruce and Tony, will definitely be.

The automatic doors slide open and you dance in, not phased when you see not only Tony but also Steve and Bucky who all look like they’ve been in quite a heated argument. You smile at each of them and when your eyes land on Bucky the smile wavers, taken slightly aback by his cold stare. In an attempt to lighten the mood you jump onto Tony’s work surface, throw your hands behind you and leaning on them as a support you let your head fall backwards, your hair spilling onto the desk still laughing as you had been the whole way here. You look around again to already see some of the tension alleviated, all three of their faces softened and smiling. You begin your story with a giggle and a deep breath before you launch into it.

'Oh my god’ you say, already needing to pause for another giggle, 'the funniest thing just happened. Ok so Wanda said we need to go on a shopping trip soon and then all of a sudden Sam just bursts in and runs up to us. And then’ you gasp for air and continue, 'and then he slips over and lands right on his bum’ at this you squeal with laughter and collapse, physically wheezing and hitting the table with your hand. The three men listening to your story are all smiling and Tony joins in with your laughter. When you calm down you look around again. 'So what’re you guys talking about?’

'How you had a date that you didn’t tell me about. Seriously I’m your uncle it’s my job to know this’ Tony says in a mock offended tone. You shrug and smile sheepishly.

'Chill out he was a total fuckface, literally one of the worst humans walking. And if your that well vest in my love life Nat says she knows a guy she can set me up with’ you say casually, your mind drifting back to the picture Nat showed you on her phone of the guy, Mathew you think his name was and smile to yourself.

'Really?’ you turn to look at Bucky, his face twisted with bitterness as he spits the question in disgust.

'Mhmm’ you hum in confirmation, determined not to let him get to you. At this he laughs harshly and mockingly and you brace yourself for his next words.

'Let’s hope he’s not as bad as the last one then I might not have to listen to your problems and pretend to care’. Your eyes widen and the smile falls from your face to be replaced by a grimace. You knew his kindness towards you couldn’t last long. You hop down from the surface and glare at him with your hands on your hips.

'Are you fucking kidding me?’ you shout and ignoring Steve mumble something about language you continue. 'If I remember correctly I was fucking comforting you cause of a dumb nightmare! What are you like five? Who the fuck still has nightmares at 100?’ You know it’s a low blow but you just want to hurt him as much as he has you. He gets to his feet, towering above you with that familiar deadly inside look in his eyes. You flinch and take a step back holding a finger up as a warning not to step any closer. You’re still nursing your bruised chest and don’t want another set of purple blotches to try and cover. 'Stay the fuck away from me James’ you growl and watch as his stare wavers exposing a hint of hurt and regret. He turns and strides out, walking so quickly that he has to stop and wait for the automatic doors to slide open. You watch him go, the glare still fixed on your face and are about to leave to go to the common area back to Wanda and Sam when Steve puts a hand on your shoulder.

’(Y/N) he’s not a bad guy I promise’ Steve attempts to reason with you and defend his friend. You shrug his arm off and interrupt him before he can continue to waste his breath.

'Steve stop. Don’t make excuses for nasty people. You can’t put flowers in an asshole and call it a vase’ you snap before turning and following in Bucky’s foot steps.

When you walk into the common area the room is filled with laughter. A laughter which soon dies as Sam and Wanda take in your glum expression. Both sigh and Wanda, in an attempt to lift your spirits grabs her phone and hits shuffle on her 'when (Y/N)’s depressed’ playlist, the music that fills the room instantly making you smile. The three of you start dancing wildly to the song, your back to the door so you don’t see or hear Bucky enter and stand in the doorway, the corners of his mouth twitching upwards almost involuntarily. His small smile soon falls away however when you bend over, pressing your bum into Sam’s crotch and swinging your hips in circles, and it turns into an almost deadly jealous glare at Sam when he rests one hand on your lower back and lifts the other into the air in a fist pump. Both of you are fully aware that the two of you are just friends and this is obviously just banter but Bucky is not and, taken over by envy, he struts calculatingly up to Sam who has his back to him. He taps Sam on the shoulder and when he turns around, brings a metal fist up to collide with his jaw sending him flying maybe two or three metres backwards. Bucky’s chest is heaving with anger and you run to Sam’s side, holding his head in your hands as he blinks up at you, bewildered.

'What the hell is wrong with you?’ you yell at Bucky who’s attention now turns to you. He looks confused at your tone which is infused with a white hot rage.

'He was all over you (Y/N)! What’d you think I was gonna stand by and let him harass you like that?’

'He wasn’t harassing me James we were dancing! Jesus!’ Your attention turns back to Sam who moans in pain. 'Hey look at me’ you order. 'Can you stand?’ When he nods you get him to his feet. 'We’re gonna take you to the hospital wing ok?’ He nods again, holding his hand to his jaw and wincing at the slight pressure. Throwing a last glare at a still confused Bucky you help him to the lift and then into a free bed in the wing. When he’s settled you look down at him sympathetically. 'I’m gonna kill him’ you say decidedly. Sam shakes his head.

'No you’re not. He’s just jealous’ he says and you’re reminded of the last time you heard him say that before your date.

'I don’t understand why would he be jealous? We’re like sworn enemies’.

'I think’ Sam begins and then winces again before continuing. 'I think he really likes you. Like really, really likes you’.

'He’s got a funny way of showing it. If that’s how he treats people he likes god knows how he treats people he actually doesn’t like’.

'He’s afraid. I’ve seen this before, veterans who are too scared to get close to their loved ones in case they leave them when they learn about all the things they’ve done. He doesn’t want you to get too close cause he doesn’t want you knowing about his past’.

'I already know about his past, what’s he got to be afraid of?’ you question in slight disbelief.

'Ok then maybe he’s afraid of himself. Maybe he’s pictured you and him together and seen himself waking up from a nightmare only to find his hand round your throat or HYDRA taking you and hurting you as some kind of bargaining chip. I think’ he pauses and beckons you to come closer, 'I think he might be in love with you’. At this you bark out a short laugh right in his ear and he winces.

'Sorry’ you whisper. 'How can you even come to that conclusion? How can he be in love with me and yet treat me like he does?’

'To protect you’ he states simply. 'He’s sacrificing his own happiness with you for your safety’. He says this like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. With the way he words it you almost believe him and he looks up at you, smiling in the knowledge that he’s given you something to think about.

'I don’t believe you’ you say quietly, still slightly in shock.

'Yes you do’ Sam says from his bed. You step outside the clammy room and rest your back against the wall, sinking down until your bum hits the floor. Pulling your knees up under your chin you bury you face in your hands and allow the thoughts in your mind to run free. What if Bucky really was in love with you? And could you really take that chance? Could you honestly confront him, put your heart on the line only for it to turn out that Sam had been wrong? You didn’t think you could. If it backfired you could loose your job and worse still your dignity. It was hell working with him anyway, it would be even worse after a conversation like that. You decide to clear your clouded mind and getting to your feet you head off back to the common area, thinking that if you heard Bucky say one nasty thing to you you could put Sam’s idea down to concussion. When you push the doors open and walk in Bucky has his head in his hands and Wanda is resting one hand on his shoulder. Both look up upon your enter and you swallow slowly the words 'he’s in love with you’ swimming around in your mind.

'You broke his jaw’ you say staring hardly at Bucky.

'I’m sorry’ he says quietly and you curse him in your mind for not being his usually bitchy self.

'It’s not me you should be apologising to’. You’re clutching at straws now to make him say what you keep expecting him too.

'You’re right. I’ll go down there later and apologise’. You wince slightly at his deep blue eyes now filled with sorrow and his calm yet upset tone. God dammit just say something dickish, you think. 'I’m sorry?’ You hear Bucky question and your eyes snap up to him. You’d said that out loud. Shit, you think, your heart racing and you squeeze your eyes shut to compose yourself.

'Urgh’ you moan walking over to the kitchen counter. 'Doesn’t even matter’. You wrench the door of the fridge open and grab the large tub of ice cream you had put aside for a day like today. Sinking down in one of the couches you pry the lid off and all your attention turns the the delicious treat waiting for you. You’re barely one spoonful in when the headache caused by your relentlessly conflicting emotions gets too much for you to handle. You set the tub down next to you and once again hang your head into your hands. You can’t help but let the few tears brimming in your eyes escape and Bucky, upon catching these gets up to come and sit with you, taking your hands away from your face and holding them in his own. He looks into your eyes and you feel like he’s penetrated your soul, unable to hold eye contact for too long because of the sheer intensity of his stare.

'I’m sorry’ he repeats and you have to fight to suppress the loud sob threatening to erupt from your throat.

'The fuck kinda drugs has Wanda put you on?’ You say, trying to cover your emotional state.

'She just.. knocked a bit of sense into me that’s all’ he says smilingly and throwing a thankful glance at Wanda. 'Forgive me?’ he asks, giving you a lopsided grin.

'Sure’ you say, a bit in shock from just those two words. You offer him your hand as a signal of peace and he takes it in his own, shaking it and when he releases it he smiles again. 'Friends?’ you say as a last test of Sam’s theory and to make sure you were on the same page. If he did see you in the way Sam said he did he would say something surely?

'Friends’ he repeats, smiling almost sadly. You nod, knowing now that Sam was wrong. Bucky wasn’t in love with you, that much was clear and you smiled in the knowledge that your job would be made a hell of a lot easier now you were friends even if you couldn’t be anything more.

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little twenty one pilots things

the distant screaming in the end of implicit demand for proof

that soft “three, four” before the pantaloon starts

the people clapping and the woman laughing at the end of johnny boy

nick thomas’s backing vocals at the end of air catcher

tyler sighing at the end of trapdoor

that little “okay” before the rap in taxi cab

ode to sleep “ye ye ye”

top-of-lungs background screaming in slowtown

josh’s “ooh ooh” thing in glowing eyes

the end of zack’s verse in kitchen sink where it sounds like tyler and zack are rapping in unison

that scream in anathema right as he says “I let another day go by”

more “ye ye ye” in ruby

josh counting “two, three” in migraine right as tyler says “depresssssssing thoughts”

all the breathing in guns for hands

that “eeeeeeeeeeh” melody in fairly local


“josh dun!”

“alright, second verse”

part two

Part Two: A Match Made in Heaven. (My Bloody Valentine S05E14)

Episode Summary: Castiel helps Sam, Dean and the reader hunt down Cupid on Valentine’s Day after people begin killing each other for love. But things become worse when each of them starts to be consumed with their own lust for hunger. 
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 5,609.

Previous Part | Supernatural Rewrite Masterlist

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Grim question: clause three of the Code of Wand Use - no non-human creature is permitted to carry or use a wand. Do you think that was ever used against werewolves, was there a loophole for them, could that be part of the reason many don't carry wands? I really want to start a discussion!

Ooh, now this is one of those topics that’s bound to lie within the grey area for werewolves. Without a solid position in either the Beast or Being division, I suppose it’s entirely up to the prosecuting party whether the law applies. Which means, of course, terrible things for many, many werewolves facing minor convictions or even unrelated misdemeanors. (“Your son accidentally tipped over your cauldron, and your downstairs neighbor was burned by acid? Ha! Silly werewolf, playing with potions? I think not!”) Honestly, it was probably one of the things used to conveniently dehumanize the werewolves at every opportunity.

But here’s a few flaws in the plan: First, we don’t know if many werewolves carry wands, or how many. It’s implied that there aren’t many, you’re right. But could it be more of a logistics problem– an “I tried to keep my wand with me and I broke it” problem? It’s also implied that many werewolves are, well, unsavory characters. Which means that many of them could have suffered stints in Azkaban. And if I’m not mistaken, for certain offenses they break your wand? Or maybe length of stay? (This could be one of the things that leads to, “silly werewolf, wands are for wizards”.) Sirius’ wand was broken, as are the wands of many death eaters. Third, Remus has a wand through the entire series, and we know that at least from the end of PoA on, he’s publicly known to be a werewolf. He’s very famous thanks to a certain Potions Professor. Surely (perhaps especially after) the end of PoA, someone at the Ministry would have pushed for his wand to be broken if it were the law? We can argue that Remus is under Dumbledore’s protection and therefor pretty much immune, though.

So now I think I’ll post this bad boy and hopefully we can get the discussion going. Thoughts, anyone?

Bias Accent Tag!
Bias Accent Tag!

Ooh a different bias tag! :) This time, I was tagged by both @gayhoseoks (my soulmate) & @haneulismykoreanname (this cutie) to this interesting version of the accent tag!

p.s: This is what my voice sounds like! I hope you guys think I’m still cute! :3

Here are your questions:

1. What are the top three favorite things you love about your bias?

2. When did you know your bias was the one?

3. If your bias wasn’t a part of BTS his or her respective group (God forbid), who do you think would be your bias and why?

4. If you could spend a day with your bias, what would you do? (keep it clean)

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“★*゚‘゚・ Jim Henson’s The Storyteller Sentence Meme (part three) ・*゚‘゚ ★

“When people told themselves their past with stories, explained their present with stories, foretold the future with stories…the best place by the fire was kept for…The Storyteller.”

Change pronouns/phrasing/tense/etc as needed!

The Soldier and Death

  • “You’re a good man who deserves a better whistle.”
  • “An ugly thing, but remarkable.”
  • “Now the devils have it for their card games.”
  • “But that’s folly!”
  • “I collect teeth!”
  • “But howsoever life smiles on us, the last laugh is reserved for death.”
  • “A man in black comes to measure a coffin.”
  • “Now where the devil’s that devil of mine?”
  • “Ooh, quite nice black flowers!”
  • “I’ve come too late.”
  • “Death needs a new friend.”
  • “Good, eh? Death, a prisoner.”
  • “A sinful soul comes to surrender his life.”
  • “Follow the church music.”
  • “Remember, I delivered you from the furnace.”
  • “But you see, there is no memory in heaven. Souls forget.”


  • ”What a noodle you are!”
  • “What shall we do til morn, eh?”
  • “I don’t like the forest, it’s all shadows.”
  • “That doesn’t sound very nice.”
  • “I can tell by the gleam in your eye, you have a sweetheart!”
  • “I see, said the blind man!”
  • “You must sleep after a good fright.”
  • “They have but two tasks; to drown men and to drown women.”
  • “Do you know who I am?”
  • “You are blessed with great courage, I am cursed with a little cunning.”
  • “Take a sword. Take two!”
  • “These are definitely not my legs! Too short by half.”
  • “You were my first and only friend.”
  • “Dead again, are you?”
  • “Shut up and come here and hug me!”
  • “I’ve been so far, so long and all I needed was the thought of losing you to teach me what fear was!”

A Story Short

  • “What will I do when there are no more stories in me?”
  • “What use is a storyteller without stories?”
  • “A fool eats his last potato, a wise man plants it.”
  • “Everyone knows, beggars are never what they seem.”
  • “I am a teller of stories, a weaver of dreams.”
  • “I can fight dirty but not fair.”
  • “I am not domestic, I am a luxury and in that sense…necessary.”
  • “What more could an artist want? Food to eat, money to spend and his audience awake.”
  • “I should have said no but the gold glittered.”
  • “I loathe entertainers.”
  • “I am a beggar, sir. It is my business to smell.”
  • “Here you are, you ratbag.”
  • “I’ve been dreaming, none of this happened.”
  • “I have no story to tell.”
  • “He’d given me a story.”
  • “So that’s how a story was lost and then found.”
  • “You know how it is in stories.”

Q: You’re the only one with short hair among the nine members. It’s distinctive. Do you think about completely transforming too?

A: I want to try a variety of things. Something powerful, something cute, something sexy. Smokey makeup suits me well. Jihyo said so too while we were training. But I really haven’t tried it at all recently. I’ve only put on light makeup after debut.

Q: Your self-introduction is “Jeongyeon, in charge of girl crushes!,” right?
A: Haha, yes. I had that image in Sixteen. But I’ve been told I got a lot cuter [baby-ish] since then. What to do?

Q: Your unconcerned calm in “TWICE’s Elegant Private Life” is one of the reasons for having a girl crush. That seems to always be valid.
A: To be honest, when I go on stage I’m nervous a whole lot. Because I go “I have to do better, I have to do better.” But I try to do things comfortably for the reality program of our private life. There’s really nothing to hide either.

Q: The woman standing in front of the camera, bangs messy or not. Is the face of that Jeongyeon familiar to you?
A: For now, the part above my eyes is on the thick side, so while I do have double-eyelids, there are many people who don’t know that. And, hm… she has pretty teeth.

Q: You were also the only one of the members to reveal her weight on broadcast. These things don’t concern you, though you’re nervous on stage?
A: The team I originally was to debut with fell apart, after around three years. I think experiencing it not go to plan made me more resilient. I’m always thinking, “This is enough.” But I’m as nervous for interviews or shooting or stages as ever. I shrink without even realizing. They’re different from reality programs.

Q: Are you disappointed with your small part in “Like OOH-AHH”? Because it’s your debut song.
A: It’s not like we’ll be singing that song forever. I can just do more in our next recording.

Q: It’s something to pass over?
A: Yes. I’m going to be singing forever anyways. (indicating the Star Wars Lego nearby) Do you play with Legos by any chance?

Q: No, it’s just something in this studio. You collect Legos, right?
A: I haven’t been able to buy many lately. The Pororo Lego set that my older sister bought a little while ago is about it.

Q: What series do you like most?
A: I don’t have an exact one. I just like building with them. I have a countless number of kinds. I brought everything from home to the dorms. That’s not it. I was living with my sister, and she sent them all to me, saying that the house was too messy. Haha.

Q: Your dorm doesn’t seem to be very big?
A: Does it? I think it’s on the big side. I use a small room with Momo and it’s cozy. I like small rooms more than big ones.

Q: Do you build Legos according to the instructions?
A: Yes. I make them exactly and put them on display. Besides Legos, I like to exercise too. Things like running or jumproping.

Q: You certainly excite girls’ hearts?
A: I probably look very ugly while I’m running.

[Do not edit!  | Translated by Mego for TWICE GLOBAL]

genie, escaping a magic lamp: greetings mortal! in return from freeing me from my prison, i shall grant you THREE wishes!

me: it’s okay, you really don’t have to!!! i know that would probably just be an inconvenience on your part and i really don’t wanna be a burden. really it’s fine!!!!! the last thing i wanna do is pressure you into helping m

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ooh! ooh! for the prompt thing, Jack/Rhys and #12! :D

Hey, look at me filling prompts from - *checks timestamp* - three months ago. I am so, so sorry, tinimoo. ;_;

#12 from the Good Parts meme:  12. We were pretending to be lovers but I’m not pretending anymore and I have to know if you feel the same way

This turned out a bit long so it’s under a cut. No warnings, though.

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[Recording at Abbey Road] George came in and he wanted to play slide. He said, would we mind if he played some guitar on the record with us. George brought his guitar out and he and Pete [Ham] actually went and got the slide parts and recorded them. Took them about seven or eight hours, a long time to get them perfect. You know, George was meticulous in the studio, and he insisted that we do things - like, if we were doing a ‘ooh-ahh’ harmony part, three-part harmony backup vocals, George would insist that we did them all at once, all around the mic, all together. And he would make us work at it, and I’m not kidding, he would make us work all day to get that vocal part right. And I loved him for that. He saved my songs in a lot of cases, songs I was going to throw away. ‘No, no, that’s a great song!’ And he’d get his guitar out, and play the song with you, and arrange it with you, and maybe write a line or two with you to show you that your lyrics weren’t nonsense, that he could write lyrics that were more nonsense but they still made sense. It was a great experience and in all of those ways, he introduced us making Beatle records, if you like. Just brilliant.
—  Joey Molland (Badfinger) on recording ‘Day After Day’ with George Harrison, from the documentary Fab Four Stories

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Ooh, I've only seen two of those, but man... I think that The Croods should have won :/ Really, I liked Frozen a lot too, but The Croods was just like... woah, especially near the ending.

Totes agree. The Croods made me cry like… three times. And I do not cry easy.  Well I didn’t, before I became an adult. Then something weird happened…. but I digress.

The familial relationships felt so much more legitimate–I mean, the very thing Frozen gets credit for.  That’s the hardest part to ignore. The Croods was just all around smoother, better, storytelling.  And the imagination!  And the world.  It had so, so much. :’)

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A part two of your Hogwarts AU pretty please? *puppy dog eyes*

Ooh, was not expecting this one! It’s a fun AU, so thanks! Here’s the original drabble: Magnets Pull Me In. And a little snippet of a possible sequel:

It had been three days since Caroline had been tasked with Klaus duty, and things were definitely not back to normal. Things were… weird. And it was freaking her out. He’d been confined to the hospital wing, for most of Sunday, and when Caroline had popped her head in to check on him (because it was her duty, of course) he’d been surrounded by his younger siblings and an appalling amount of chocolate frog wrappers.

She’d slipped out before they’d noticed her, telling herself that she was not disappointed. Not at all.

He’d made an appearance at dinner, but had quickly been surrounded by the rest of the quidditch team, and they’d loudly talked and laughed and replayed the match. And she’d had a final draft of a potions essay to finish.

God, she would kill for a laptop and a printer sometimes.

But that day hadn’t been weird. It had been a little Klaus-light, sure, but it’s not like she’d missed him, or anything.

But the next day, at breakfast, he’d slid in next to her and used his good arm to hand her a pitcher. And she’d been just about to pass it along (because she’d never quite gotten a taste for pumpkin juice), when his hand had stopped her. He’s poured a glass, without saying a word, and Caroline had been shocked at what had come out.

Orange juice. Actual orange juice.

“Stopped by the kitchens, and requested it. The elves were happy to oblige,” he’d said casually. As if it wasn’t the nicest thing he’d ever done for her. As if it wasn’t the nicest thing Klaus had done for anyone, save possibly his sister, that she’d ever heard of.

And it had only continued from there. He’d opened doors, offered perfectly charming, not at all lecherous compliments. He’d agreed with her, even when she’d gone out of her way to be confrontational.

And Caroline was flattered, don’t get her wrong. But also kind of confused. Because she’d told him to be nice, not an entirely different person.

And it’s on the third day, when she snaps. They’re in the common room, and it’s late. Klaus has been scratching away at a sketchbook, and he must have some kind of charm on it, because she can’t see what he’s drawing and she’d tried. Repeatedly. Caroline’s supposed to be writing her proposal for her final Arithmancy project, but she’s mostly been sneaking furtive glances at Klaus.

She decides to call it a night, because if she’s not getting any work done she should at least try to get some sleep. He looks up when she starts throwing her things in her bag, “Heading to bed, then?”

“Yeah,” Caroline mutters.

“Pleasant dreams, love,” he returns, tone mild and almost sweet.

Sweet. Klaus Mikaelson. Maybe he had some lingering brain damage after all?

Fed up, Caroline drops her stuff, “What is your problem?” she hisses, planting her hands on the table.

Klaus blinks, confused, “My problem?”

“Why are you being so…” she waves her hands for a couple of seconds, struggling for the right words, “bland? You’re like a freaking pod person!”

“You said…”

“I know what I said! But I didn’t mean…”

Suddenly, Klaus grins, tossing his sketchbook aside, and leaning back in his chair, “Ah, I see,” he says slowly, looking smugly pleased with himself.

And it might be the first hint of the real Klaus that Caroline has seen in ages, so she’s not as annoyed with it as she should be, “What, exactly, do you see?”

“You like me, Caroline Forbes,” he replies, brimming with confidence. “More than you want to admit. Even the bits you claim to find insufferable.”

Caroline feels her face heat, even as she sputters, because he’s right, damn it. The dry sense of humor, the quick wit. The snobby little asides and the long suffering expressions he wore when talking with people he considered intellectually inferior (which was basically everyone, save for her, and a handful of his friends). “Shut up,” she manages to spit finally, fumbling for the bag she’d dropped.

She throws it over her shoulder, and turns to leave, but Klaus speaks, before she’s made it very far, repeating his previous offer, “Would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me, Caroline?”

This time she says yes, even if she’s not exactly happy about it.