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ya girl has purple hair now 💜❤️

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It always baffles me what people claim as “historically accurate” for ye olde fantasy fiction while completely ignoring all the cool shit that actually did exist and negates their misconception that everyone was Gross™ and unkempt because Reasons.

Like all y'all realize we’ve had soap for a while, right, and perfumed oils?

I mean fuck me, we have evidence of the Egyptians as far back as Cleopatra (and likely before) styling their nails (rich and poor!) bright vibrant RED hues using tinted oils and henna.

We’ve got evidence of unisex nail tints and adornments from the Ming Dynasty including but not limited to kohl, vegetable dyes and literal actual gold dust gelled together with egg whites and bees wax. Not to mention actual mother fucking tooth brushes dating from the late 1400s and the well known “chew brushes” from before then.

But sure. Rough mannered white dude takes a piss behind a tree and makes a comment about wining and whoring as he does up his ‘britches’, and all your women just expect to be brutalized 24/7 while lamenting the stench because nobody bathes.

Yep, sure sounds like mediocre white dude fantasy to me.

lance: you want your best soldiers on the front lines, so i should probably step down………….

keith: stop thinking about who flies what and just focus on your missions



I dunno what it is about listening to some of Queen’s Greatest hits being played by a 100+ year old fairground automated pipe organ, but it’s weirdly therapeutic at 3am. 

Killer Queen is also 100% my jam on this thing. It just sounds like you’re living inside the start of a Studio Ghibli movie and honestly I feel Freddie would have wanted it that way.

Ignore the yelling man.