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I was admiring your art, like I do a lot, and I noticed that you add Mark’s scar on his stomach, and I just love that because it IS a huge part of his life and I hardly see people drawing it in on their fanart (I’ve been paying a weird amount of attention to the scar lately in videos and idk)

I mean, it’s a big boy there lol. I love drawing his scar, tbh. The whole ‘scars are beautiful’ thing. Mark def seems to have that attitude. In one of the other tub videos, he did say that :P And he doesn’t ever seem bothered showing it off. 

Idk I figure some people don’t know/are doing it out of respect maybe? Maybe some people don’t know Mark is chill with it? idk. For a while, when I started out, I forgot about the scar completely.

one of the things i want to do is paint mark with his scar. or maybe a simple painting that isn’t incredible detailed, but still outlines to beauty of him and his “faults”. maybe not the focal point of the piece, but still. 

scars are beautiful dude


“wuh-wuh-we,” bill said. “huh?” - “wuh-we do it.” -  “oh,” ben said,
feeling (and looking, he was sure) extremely stupid. but he didn’t care
if he looked stupid, because he suddenly felt very happy. he couldn’t
remember the last time he felt this happy. 

brotherseen // xelision​


he looked up at bill denbrough,
their eyes met,
and that was all it took.

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hey Nuri! just curious about your change in style! when i started following you a few years ago the characters you drew had a greater aspect of realism to them, nowadays the illustrations have more of a 2D feel. I'm just curious as to the change? is it time, experimentation or are you just bored of drawing things so realistic ? would love to know your thought process on the change. love your work!

Hey! Thanks for putting up with me for so long lol. Yes, years ago I was really into realism. I did a lot of portrait stuff. That sense for detail kinda rolled over into everything else I did. I obsess over small details too much I think. In my mind I have an image of what I want art style to look like; bold colors and expressive shapes and forms with a certain level of simplicity and detail. So I made a conscious decision to work towards that. 


I AM GONNA EXPLODE I ate so much.

It was my first time making gluten free dressing (or any dressing) and it came out SO GOOD. Ever since I learned I was gluten intolerant like 3-4 years ago we’ve made gf stuffing once and it was super burnt. But this one came out perfect and amazing I was sooo happy!

Also had lots of tasty gluten free desserts. @garrisonbabe made the gluten free pumpkin roll and I could eat the whole thing. T_T Also not pictured cuz I forgot to take a pic of it: we brought home leftover turkey for Lily and Mandy and they gobbled it so fast lmao. It was the first time in a while Lily ate everything in her bowl. :p She loves meat lol. We couldn’t bring Lily and Mandy to my grandma’s for Thanksgiving cuz they’re still too hyper and barky, and also my grandma and grandpa’s dog, Daisy, the mini poodle in these pics, is super scared of other dogs. >.>

Also I just realized the only pics I took on my phone today were of Johnny Weir on TV for the parade this morning, me, Baylen, dogs, and food. No human family members lmaoooo. Oops.

Whelp, here I am, guys. Little old me. Yes, I love Pokemon and yes I wear a lot of different things on top of my head lmfao ;) Thank you for helping me reach 500 followers (510 by the time I noticed it today lol) and for the continued love and support! You guys are truly awesome. Lots of love, and Happy Thanksgiving! You guys are what makes me thankful xoxo



Yes hello I’d like to join in on the theory of Wolf Link being in Breath of the Wild for the sake of Twilight Princess Link looking after the new guy and babysitting showing him the ropes.

Dragon Age “Favorite Game” Alignments:

Lawful Origins
-knows everything about the DA universe
-reads all the codex entries
-actually knows things about story structure

Neutral Origins
-romances alistair every time
-can never bring themselves to make evil choices
-loves the music
-cries a lot

Chaotic Origins
-just replays all the different prologues over and over
-restarts when they get to ostagar

Lawful 2
-thinks DA2 was unfairly judged in comparison to origins
-has Strong Opinions ™ about anders
-thinkpieces and meta
-secretly bitter

Neutral 2
-really just loves all the DA2 characters
-like, REALLY loves them
-a lot
-fix-it fic and coffee shop AUs
-probably bisexual

Chaotic 2
-has only played 2
-“wtf is a darkspawn lol”
-purple dialogue options
-probably a blood mage

Lawful Inquisition
-enjoys fetch quests
-takes time to craft new weapons and armour at regular intervals
-talks to every companion between every single mission
-looks up walkthroughs and quickloads whenever a companion disapproves

Neutral Inquisition
-Inquisition was their first DA game
-avoids fandom drama
-just genuinely enjoys all the games
-the most chill

Chaotic Inquisition
-spends 90% of their time falling off of roofs in skyhold
-runs into dragon battles 20 levels too soon and gets destroyed
-tries to glitch on purpose


The Grasp™

  • What i say: I love dadvid it's so cute lol
  • What i mean: In the season 1 finale we learned why Camp Campbell means so much to David and why he works so hard to keep up his positive attitude. This was important for Max's development, as he realized that David isn't as naive as he seems, and started to see that there are still some good things in the world and people worth trusting. The season 2 finale, however, focused a lot more on developing David as a character + his relationship with Max. When David found out about Max's parents, put aside his own morals and feelings in order to help Max. He took charge of the situation as a responsible adult guardian and prioritized Max's safety over the state of the camp. He immediately rushed out to put Max in a safe and open environment, apologized sincerely to him, and made sure to let him know that his feelings were valid and understandable. DAVID 👏 IS 👏 THE 👏 PARENT 👏 THAT 👏 MAX 👏 NEEDS 👏 i'm gonna cry

I couldn’t stop thinking about the post that @banavalope made about their interpretation on BOTW!Link, so I couldn’t pass up on drawing him. Their outfit/armor choice is just so nice? I admire the idea so much honestly.


You won’t regret sneaking a look at MinJoon

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So, shall we carry on?!

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They are The tallest and the shortest members of BTS

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You might think these two have no synergy whatsoever

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But No No No No

Originally posted by junghosyub

You just didn’t notice their similarities

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Jimin may be the only one from the maknae line who can bully Namjoon and Rapmon will be ok with it

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Tossing him in the pool

Originally posted by troiskims

Calling him an old man, when he is just one year older

Originally posted by yoongbit

Calling him a cry baby

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And making sure that the world knows that he is a pervert

Originally posted by hey-seoul-sistah

Normally Rapmon should get mad

Originally posted by sunnylattae

but who can get mad at Jimin?

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The man finds him cute whatever he does

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And Chimchim knows how to use his assets

Originally posted by jicute

to make the leader one of his biggest fans

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Rap Monster is even impressed by Mochi’s smol fingers

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He thinks it is the most adorable thing EVER

Originally posted by sosjimin

I am telling you he is a fool for Jimin

Originally posted by sosjimin

And it got worse during the blood sweat and tears era

Originally posted by sugutie

There wasn’t a video where our leader wasn’t bragging about him

Originally posted by hey-seoul-sistah

Even when Jimin was just winning plushies, RM was cheering like he just won the gold medal at the Olympics

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If Park-attractive-handsome-will-make-you-fall-hard-for-him-Jimin look the other way, RM will try to make him turn HIS way

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Just look at him:

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He literally wanna have a bite 

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By now, Namjooni (and every JM stan) thinks Jimini ain’t even real !!

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Who will blame someone who got to experience that angelic smile so close

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At concerts, they are the cutest 

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and it is soooooooo

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heart fluttering !!!

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Jimin is a great dancer so he will be Namjoon’s teacher at times

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They look cool for one minute

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then turn into THIS:

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is Namjoon the brain of BTS and Jimin one of the best dancers of the group

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Skinship is so natural for these two

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And they like each other shoulders?

Originally posted by gotjhope

Most of the times if you look at Rapmon’s left shoulder

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You will find a cute little mochi occupying it

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For him, it’s as cozy as home

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He will lean on Namjoon

Originally posted by eyesmiletrash

Cling to him

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You have certainly seen this habit that Jimin developed: laughing while leaning on RM

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It is seriously … a thing

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

He will glue himself to Monie and laugh until tears come out

Originally posted by joonjuly

but it seems this habit got to Namjoon too

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Seriously, If you just look at them you will find yourself smiling with them

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Jimin is one of the members who expresses his emotions easily

Originally posted by mochifairyjimin

While Namjoon is a leader who is proud of even the smallest achievements of this maknae

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So you will end up with beautiful moments where you can see both their eyes shine while they pull one another for a hug

Originally posted by sunnylattae

Namjoon will naturally grab Jimin’s hand to help him stand up

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because Jimin is his precious younger brother

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Rap monster gave many good pieces of advice to Jimin, yet what is unknown is that Namjoon will talk to Chim about his hard times too as he is a good listener

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These two’s amazing relationship get overshadowed by other ships quite often

Originally posted by yoongichii

So people do not see how hard they try for each other while doing the smallest things

Originally posted by chimchams

Jimin literally lays down on the floor to take a good selfie of Namjoon (tell me if one your friends even cared that much about your photo?)

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There are times RM will talk about deep things that Chichim will not understand, yet he will still listen to him

Originally posted by gotjhope

Their friendship is built on both admiration and respect

Originally posted by sosjimin

At good or hard times, they will always grab into one another

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So please stop sleeping on their amazing relationship

Originally posted by yoongichii

They are two handsome, talented and charming young men worth ALL the time

Originally posted by jinpout

So I hope this post will make you catch up and appreciate their future precious interactions

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I promise you

Originally posted by chimchams

they are worth your care

Originally posted by yoongichii


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and love

Originally posted by jiminthefairyprince

This post ends here but I hope your appreciation for these two starts now

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There are a lot of things to love about these two, the savagery, the pranks, the hugs, the laughs … I got interested in them since that fan meeting back in 2014 where Jimin got on his knees to propose to Namjoon with a red rose but RM refused him because he had to get his parent’s approval first, then in another fan meeting Jimin will put a veil on Namjoon which will make him stand up and hold into Jimin like they are going to walk down the aisle LOL. They are very random and entertaining so I really get happy whenever they do something together. I wish many other ARMYs will grow to love this duo too~

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Mana, Neah, Tyki & Allen theory

“By your side, he has forgotten love.”

A quote from combining the backs of vol 24 & 25. 

This is full of spoilers, including excerpts that we’ve seen floating around from the new fanbook, Gray Record, which you can order off of here

I wrote this out first on twitter here, but figured it might be cool to share here too. What similarities and parallels do Mana, Neah, Tyki and Allen share?

Specifically, in that Tyki is much more similar to Mana, and Allen to Neah, and parallels between them.

I’ve been thinking about the post Aymi (@dgmhallow) made, here, about both the Earl and Crown Clown suits acting as separate entities from their…. accomadators.

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