this is a terrible craving

i don’t think that people understand that when i say “i miss my childhood,” i don’t mean softly going over memories and fondly smiling and sighing over a time gone past. no. that’s not at all what i mean. i mean a demonic ache in the deepest reaches of my soul. an ache of sorrow, of sadness, of anger, of depression, of melancholy. it eats me up every day and it’s the worst kind of emotional torture to be put through, to cry night after night over the state of absolute euphoria, of real happiness, of purity and joy taken away. it’s the most terrible emotion to have. i actively crave that euphoric, joyous feeling every moment of my life where i am conscious and it hurts more and more every second.

it hurts.

[absolutely no cgl, ddlg, mdlb, terf, radfem, or nsfw interaction. this is a personal post that’s okay to reblog- but reblogging onto a porn blog is absolutely insensitive.]

Amusing thought of today: post-Inquisition Dorian being horrified with himself for craving some Fereldan cheese. Or terrible ale. Or the sound of Mabari barking in the kennels.  He’s even missing the cold a little bit!

Those southern barbarians ruined his tastes. What’s next? Tacky dog sculptures around his house? Vishante Kaffas!

Like What You See?

Request: You’re work is amazing!!!! I was wondering if you could do a bucky smut where he has had a nightmare and is taking his frustration out on the punching bag when he catches reader watching him and he can see her silhouette through her silk nightgown or at least something along those lines thanks

Summary: You catch Bucky after he’s had a nightmare. He’s in the gym, trying to release some pent up feelings, throwing his fists as hard as he can against a punching bag.

Warnings: Smutttttttt and angst :/

A/N: I hope you like this! I’m sorry it get’s a little real with the readers two paragraph responses to Bucky in the middle, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you read it. Also, I wrote this at four in the morning, so I may not get to any requests tomorrow because I need a break from writing the fics.

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  • dukat: thank you for rescuing me
  • sisko: i know you would have done the same for me
  • dukat: benjamin! if i start chasing after you nilly willy and both of us get hurt, who will look after jake? think of our son, benjamin! our son!
  • sisko: i really wish you'd stop calling him that
Steve Rogers: Baby.

Pregnancy is both a wonderful and terrible thing. Wonderful? Well what can be more magical than creating new life with the person you love beyond belief, the person you want to give everything to. Terrible? Everything else: the aches, the cravings and pains, the mood swings…

You’re 8 and a half months pregnant and currently feeling like a beached whale sat on the sofa of the Avengers tower, watching reruns of Friends with Natasha. Your husband Steve is away on a mission, the worst part is you haven’t got a clue when he’s going to be home and that scares you considering you’re ready to pop. Feeling a surge of pain you place your hands on your swollen stomach rubbing it tentatively, “gosh Nat, I’d never have signed up to this whole baby thing if I knew it’d be this painful” you chuckle and so does she, “well that’s your own fault Y/N, at least it’ll be worth it when it comes, I still can’t believe you don’t know what gender it’s going to be” she smiles at you, you smile a little too, “you know me Nat, all about the element of surprise” you wince again as another surge of pain runs through you, Nat’s smile turns into a face full with concern “are you alright?” “I don’t know, I’ve been getting surges of pain all day and they keep getting worse” you explain still rubbing your stomach.

Nat looks deep in thought but doesn’t say anything. You move to get up, shuffling awkwardly to the edge of the sofa; “I’m gonna make a cup of tea, do you want one?” You ask as you finally manage to get up, Nat shakes her head politely and you smile walking over to the kitchen. As you’re grabbing a cup out of the cupboard another wave of pain like no other hits you causing you to drop the cup, making it shatter all over the worktops and floor; you can’t focus as the pain is so excruciating. Nat bolts into the kitchen and over to you, “Oh my god! Are you okay?!” She practically shouts, you can’t think it hurts too much, then you feel something warm and wet run down your leg making your eyes go wide. “Nat…” you croak still bent over in agony, Nat helps you straighten up “what is it Y/N?” She asks cautiously, “I need to go to the hospital… my water’s just broke…” you say surprisingly calmly considering you’re having a meltdown on the inside.

And that’s when you see the most calm and collected person you know break into undiluted panic, with a shrieking yell she begins to guide you to the elevator not bothering to alert the other Avengers. “There’s a bag ready in my room, would you be able to get it please” you say through gritted teeth as another wave of hell hits you, Nat let’s go of you in a frenzy running off down the halls of the tower and returning moments later with the bag you had prepared ready for this day…

God you wish Steve was here, how can you be taking this alone! You throw your head back against the hospital bed as another contraction hits you like a tonne of bricks. You panic as tears flow from our eyes- not because of the pain, though it is tear worthy, but because you’re absolutely terrified. You can’t do this. You really can’t, you can’t do this alone. Of all the days and all the times it had to be now. WHY THE HELL DID STEVE TAKE THAT MISSION! HOW THE HELL CAN HE MISS THE BIRTH OF HIS OWN CHILD!

You whimper as the midwife encourages you to push, Nat is in the waiting room as you insisted to do this alone, along with the other Avengers who eventually had been notified. “I-I can’t do this, I can’t” you cry out, the midwife continues to encourage you as you push with all your might. And then you push again feeling everything drain from your body making your eyes shut, the room is silent for a moment before loud screams fill the room. You did it. That’s your baby screaming, you sigh deeply as the tiny baby is placed on your chest for the first time.

“Congratulations Mrs Rogers, you have a healthy baby boy” the midwife smiles, your heart flutters and swells as you lay your eyes on your whole world, you’ve created this tiny human being… The midwife then takes him from you so he can be cleaned up and weighed, and so you can be sorted out a little. <br> &lt;p&gt;&lt;p&gt;<br> Heaven almighty you did it.

Steve runs into the hospital waiting room to be greeted by the other Avengers, his face filled with panic and self loathing for not being here sooner; “any news?” He pants still in his battered uniform, the group shake their heads causing his heart to drop- is something wrong?!

He moves quicker than lightning to your hospital room, gently opening the door to feel his heart almost burst from his chest. There you are.

There you both are.

You lay in the hospital bed holding a tiny bundle, you look up at Steve smiling tiredly “better late than never Mr Rogers” you chuckle slightly, Steve moves further into the room closing the door behind him. He could cry. You did it. He walks over to the bed taking a seat in the chair beside you, he stares at the small baby held within your arms unable to take his eyes off of the beauty of such a miracle. “Say hello to our little boy Stevie” you whisper, Steve looks up at you with tears streaming down his own face, “I- oh my…” no words can describe how he feels right now.

“Would you like to hold your son?” You ask holding him out to Steve, with shaking arms he allows you to place the tiny being in his arms. He can’t hold back the sob that emerges from his lips as his heart swells to the point of bursting. How can he have so much love for two people? Taking one look at the little boy cradled in his arms he can’t help but ask “have you named him?” It comes out in barely a whisper as the child squirms lovingly in his arms with closed eyes, you smile gently placing a kiss on Steve’s cheek, “his name is James Buchanan Rogers” Steve looks at you with eyes that almost pop out of his head, “I know how much Bucky means to you, he’s been the only family you’ve ever really had, and besides I like the name” you laugh a little at the look upon Steve’s face. “I love you so much Y/N, and you little James, I promise I will protect you with every ounce of my being” he says to the baby as his minuscule hand wraps around Steve’s thumb.

Welcome to the world baby James.

AN; we are incredibly sorry for the lack of updates but as we’ve probably said a billion times before (I know we’re like a broken record) school is a bitch! But all is not lost! I will be writing a lot more on here (for a change), I’m feeling like it’s what I owe to you all so don’t be afraid to drop a request anywhere you see fit! -Jade xx

anonymous asked:

Imagine-- Nick Jackson and a surprise pregnancy 👶🏻👀

- the signs had been there for weeks
- mood swings, cravings for odd foods, the terrible nausea
- you’d tried to pass off the morning sickness as food poisoning, blaming those weird vegan cookies you had nicked from Zack Sabre Jr
- but then you were a week late for your period, which was normally like clockwork
- two little pink lines later, you were sitting on the couch of the apartment you had shared with your boyfriend of over a year, Nick Jackson, hyperventilating
- he was due back from the airport pretty much any minute
- you couldn’t hide something like this from him, he just knew when you were bothered by something and you had a shit poker face anyway
- you just didn’t understand how this could happen, you guys were always so careful
- “Honey! I’m home!”
- he’d just gotten off a fourteen hour flight from Tokyo and Nick always sounded so cheerful
- “Babe?”
- you clasped your hands tight in your lap to keep them from shaking
- “Living room! We need to talk.”
- you could hear his bags thump against the ground
- “Don’t know if I like the sound of that!”
- he was laughing as he rounded the corner, dark smudges underneath his eyes the only indication he wasn’t feeling 100%
- his laugh died when he saw how pale you were
- the next thing you knew, you were wrapped up and in entirely too tight hug
- “Are you feeling okay? Do you need anything? What happened? Did Kenny say something dumb again?”
- you tried to answer, but your face was essentially smashed against his chest and your words came out mumbled
- “Sorry I didn’t catch that?”
- you sighed heavily, preparing for the worst, and looked down as Nick loosened his grip, unable to look him in the eye
- “I’m pregnant. Took four tests with the same result.”
- the silence was deafening and Nick’s entire body went tense
- it was too quiet for two long, but when you went to pull away, Nick wrapped his arms even tighter around you
- he was rocking you back and forth, pressing kisses against your hair, and his tears hitting the skin of your forehead
- “You’re really going to make me a daddy? Oh my God, (Y/N)…. This is the best news I’ve ever been given.”
- it felt like a weight was lifted off of your shoulders and your heart swelled so much it was almost painful.
- but then Nick had to do it
- “Just wait till I tell Matt. We only need a second kid now to beat him!”


Requested Anonymously

Soulmate AU: You get cravings for whatever your soulmate eats.

When you were a kid, the cravings were a big issue, mostly because you couldn’t figure out what you were craving. This wasn’t an uncommon problem in young children. After all, a little girl from South Africa isn’t likely to recognize the taste of the smoked elk meat that her North American soulmate is eating. But you almost never recognized your cravings. Yes, sometimes you recognized bread, but you could never find the right bread. Sometimes you recognized salad, but you could never find the right mix of greens. It was like your soulmate was eating food from another planet.

As you got older, it got easier. You got better at ignoring the unstoppable cravings, and at finding close substitutes. More foods in your soulmate’s diet were recognizable to you as the years went on. A sudden and ongoing craving for jelly babies left you terribly pudgy during your tween years, only for the craving to suddenly stop when you hit thirteen.

It was frustrating, but it was fine. What worried you was how you would sometimes go a whole day without any cravings at all, or sometimes three or four days. You would forget to eat on those days if you weren’t careful. Being a slave to your soulmate’s overwhelming eating habits for your whole life had left you without much of an appetite of your own. You worried that he might have an eating disorder, or that he was living somewhere where there wasn’t always food to be had.

Other than that worry, it was bearable. You adjusted. You reminded yourself to eat even when he didn’t. You didn’t let yourself be too bothered when you craved foods that didn’t seem to exist on Earth. You lived, you ate, and so you sometimes worried, but for the most part, you did alright.

But then the bananas happened.

It just happened every once and awhile at first. Bananas became more common in the diet, and at first, you didn’t mind. At least it was healthy instead of jelly babies.

It didn’t settle with that, though. You got to the point of craving bananas five, six times a day. Had your soulmate moved to a banana farm? It was getting ridiculous. You had to carry a banana with you every time you left your house.

And then it got worse.

You woke up in the middle of the night, craving bananas. And you couldn’t even be sick of them, either. Your soulmate wanted them, and therefore, so did you. But why wasn’t he getting sick of them? It was ridiculous. Could people get sick from too much potassium? Were you going to start turning yellow, like people who ate too many carrots turned orange? Were you going to start getting sick from eating in the middle of the night so often?

You took appetite suppressants that were made just for soulmate cravings, and they helped, but there was nothing that ramped down the need for bananas.

All in all… your soulmate was driving you crazy, and you hadn’t even met him yet.

You saw him in the park.

Itchy with cravings, you were fishing a banana out of your bag, when you caught sight of a man sitting on a bench.

Eating a banana.

Lots of people ate bananas. Lots of them, right at this very moment, were eating bananas and giving their soulmates banana-cravings just like the ones you were getting. But you were looking at one of those people, and you knew that this particular banana-eater was yours.

You immediate reaction to the discovery was to turn tail and run, forever becoming a lonely, crazy old cat lady, rather than face the man who was going to love you and cherish you forever.

Who came up with that? you thought, staring at him. He was wearing a leather jacket, and even from as far away as you were, you could tell that he was a big man. Bigger than you, anyway. Broad-shouldered and long-legged. It was intimidating. Who the heck thought it was a good idea to have people drawn to each other like this? We meet and ride off into the sunset, just like that? He’s never met me, but I’m gonna walk up to him and he’s gonna love me and I’m gonna love him, no doubt about it? Just like that, no slow-burn build-up? Whose idea was this?

The more you thought about it, the less scared you were, although you were still plenty scared. But more than you were scared, you were frustrated. Why?


You marched across the green field, frustration and fear warring with each other as the invisible bond between you and him dragged you forward. When you reached him, you dropped your open bag to the ground in front of him so that he had a perfect view of a notebook, a cellphone, a pen, and three stupid bananas.

“You.” It was the only word you could think to say. It was the only word that you could manage to say.

He blinked (gorgeous, bright blue, expressive, crystal-clear) and tossed his banana into a nearby trashcan without even looking (that shot would’ve made jocks jealous). The biggest grin you had ever seen on anyone crossed his face and he eagerly jumped to his feet. "You!

He looked and sounded so happy (just to see you, oh wow, that look was just for you, no one had ever looked half so happy to see you, ever) you almost awww’d. But you had a bone to pick.

"You jerk,” you snapped, stepping closer.

A fleeting look of incomprehension crossed his face, followed by hurt. His grin faded. “What?”

“The bananas, mister,” you said, poking him on his jumper-covered vest (purple, you noted against your will, frustratingly pleased with how the color complemented his light tan). "Hardly anything other than bananas for six months because of you!“

"I…” He squared his shoulders (broad, very broad, strong, good for holding onto when you kiss him, but- gah, no, no kissing, not now), defensive of his taste in fruit. "I like bananas. Bananas are good.“

Whatever. He could act innocent all he wanted. You weren’t done. "Jelly babies made me fat when I was a little girl.”

At this, he visibly grimaced (he was older than you expected him to be, but not so much that it was a problem, and the slight creases of age only served to make him look more distinguished). “Oh- ah, yeah, sorry ‘bout tha’.”

“And what about the rest of it?” you exclaimed, throwing your hands up in the air. "All those crazy foods that I could never find! What was all that?“

He didn’t answer that one. Instead, he fiddled with the edges of his leather jacket, nervously eyeing the toes of his boots. "Aren’t ya… at least a little happy t'see me?”

All the frustration was snuffed out like a candle, and you were suddenly disappointed with yourself for being so harsh. He wasn’t what you had expected at all, but your soulmate bond told you that he was perfect. And he was perfect, in a strange way.

“Yes.” His head snapped up at your answer. “Yes, I am very- ah!”

He had stepped right over your bag and grabbed you, lifting you up into a spin. You laughed, startled, gripping his shoulders for balance as he grinned up at you, even happier than he had been before.

Oh, you thought, enchanted by blue eyes that made you ignore a big nose and enlarged ears. You could only see the best of him, and the parts that weren’t the best… well, you loved those too. He really was perfect.

“Very!” you blurted out, trying not to shriek with laughter as your soulmate held you up. “Very happy to see you, I am, I’m sorry!”

He set you gently on the ground and kissed you without any hesitation, and that was perfect too.

“But we gotta come up with some sorta compromise on the banana thing!” you blurted out when his lips pulled away from yours, and he laughed.

Better Than Coffee

Square Filled: Scent Kink
Ship: Cas x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings/Tags: Scent Kink, Dry Humping
Word Count: 1098
Summary: After struggling to win a bet, the reader discovers something new about Cas.
A/N: Written for @spnkinkbingo and for @stephizzle94 as part of my 2K Kinky Celebration Drabbles who requested a Cas x Reader with the prompt “H-how long have you been standing there?”. First time writing Cas (eek!).

Originally posted by perevalovaaa

The bet was for you to have an early morning run every day for a week otherwise the loser would be on laundry duty for a month. You regretted your arrogant confidence, saying yes to a bet with the Winchesters; a bet that had you waking up before the sun was even out. But when Sam and Dean began mocking your lazy morning temperament, you wanted to prove them both wrong. There was no way you’d be stuck doing laundry for the two brothers, you needed to win this.

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Harry Potter!!! on Ice

Watching Yuri!!! On Ice has made me suddenly have a terrible craving for a specific kind of fanfic.

You know how there are a fair few ‘what if Harry Potter was raised by (insert character/s from another fandom)?’

Well now I want one of those. But in the lines of 'Viktor and Yuuri adopt tiny Harry Potter’ and here’s why in so specific order.

Harry inevitably gets into figure skating and goes into juniors. No matter what medal he does or does not get, Victuuri parents are So Proud.

Viktor finds Harry’s hair adorable since it sticks up and out like Yuuri’s when he goes his out.

Yuri ends up fond of tiny Harry who follows him around when he visits, or when victuuri and harry meet Yuri.

Harry gets plush tigers for his birthday and feline themed gifts. He loves them. Yuri is smug and pleased.

Harry learning Japanese and Russian since more often than not they visit both countries and his parents get so teary eyed when he speaks to them specifically in their language. Like their own little secret.

Hogwarts (and various other magical schools) letter arrived. Turns how the Katsuki family was originally magical. However one parent was born without magic and married a muggle. So they don’t fumble too badly at the news of magic.

Harry gets special permission to leave school for competitions.

Harry practicing skating on frozen school lake in Winter (and gains an audience)

Turns out Fluer’s little sister is a fan of Harry’s when she’s seen him Figure skate and has an adorable little crush.

This is pretty much a draft atm but oh man I needed to get this down before I sleep it’s 4:31am frick. I am so down for anyone who wants to contribute or get excited over this idea because Oh MaN.

KEEP YOU SAFE // masterlist

Request: Not sure if you’re taking requests, or if you’ve written something like this before. If so for either, my apologies. But could you write something where Kylo had previously dated someone and had a child with them, but they died in child birth and the child didn’t make it soon after either. And that’s why he turned to the dark side. And then the reader comes along and they fall in love/she gets pregnant and it restores the light in him. Sorry if it’s too much.

A/N: Thanks for the request, anon! I didn’t expect it to be so long, but it ended up being that way…anyways, enjoy! Requests are open once again :)

Warning: None

Word Count: 6.8K+

Heavy panting filled the stark bedroom as the bed creaked with every toss and turn. Sweat rippled down the pale forehead of the man who had found himself cemented into a nightmare he wished to never experience again. Gripping tightly onto the silky, ebony sheets as his fists clenched harshly onto the soft material with every weep, Kylo couldn’t seem to find a way out of the misery his mind projected him in.

Ben!” The soft wail echoed in his head, heavy breathing and crying mixing within the sound of his own. “Ben, please!” Watching the blurred figure cry out in her broken state, Kylo only felt his heart breaking with every tear that slipped down the young womans cheek. “Ben…Ben…Ben!

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NCT Dream's reaction to the members of NCT U checking out their girlfriends pt. 1

So before we get started, I’m not trying to turn any of the older members, or any members for that matter, into pedophiles, which means that everyone in this scenario is at least eighteen years of age. Also, I know Mark is a member of both units, but because NCT Dream has seven members and NCT U has six, I decided to make it even by including him in this reaction as a member of NCT U only. Now on with the reaction…

You and your wonderful boyfriend have been dating for just over a year now, but he has yet to introduce you to any of his members. With awards season and his latest comeback right around the corner, he’s been crazy busy, and you’ve been equally occupied with your own responsibilities. Despite his hectic schedule, your boyfriend is serious about you, so it’s time he stops putting it off and finally introduces you to his band mates and industry associates. The release party for NCT Dream’s new album is tonight, and he wants nothing more than to celebrate this special occasion with you.

This boy has been head-over-heels for you from the moment he first laid eyes on you, and now here he is introducing you as his girlfriend in front of all his closest friends. He couldn’t be prouder, in fact he’s practically glowing. He’s been making his rounds with you by his side for about an hour, and as much as you’re enjoying yourself, all this shouting over the loud music is giving you a sore throat, so you excuse yourself for a minute to grab a drink at the bar.

Renjun: Taeil has been sitting at the bar alone just minding his own business for a couple of minutes, when you suddenly appear right in front of him. You don’t even notice him as you place your order with the bartender, but Taeil has definitely noticed you. He’s a pretty shy guy, especially when it comes to a beautiful woman like yourself, but you’re too beautiful to pass up.

Trying to appear smooth, Taeil scoots his barstool over a little closer as he desperately tries to get your attention. “Hi, I’m Taeil.” He says, running a shaky hand through his hair.

It’s a miracle you even managed to hear him over the music, but you’re happy you did. After all he’s your boyfriend’s hyung, and the last thing you want to do is a make a bad first impression. “I know, it’s so nice to meet you.” You stretch out your hand for what turns out be a rather awkward handshake.

“So, I’m guessing you’re a fan of mine then?” Taeil inquires.

“Not exactly, you se…” Before you can finish talking someone places a gentle hand on your shoulder, catching you off guard.

“Y/N, here you are. I was so worried.” Renjun says, pretending he was unaware of you whereabouts. Truth be told, Renjun spotted Taeil making googly-eyes at you from across the venue, and he knew he had to act fast.

He’s not a jealous person, and he knows there’s no way Taeil, or anyone else, could ever steal you away from him, but he couldn’t handle watching from the sidelines. He loves you and his hyung, and chances are you two will be running into each other a lot in the future, and the last thing Renjun wants is for things to be awkward between the two of you. Taeil doesn’t handle rejection very well, and Renjun just wants to spare him the heartache.

“I see you’ve meet my girlfriend, hyung.” Renjun says giving him a shy smile. “I still have a couple of people I would like to introduce her to, but maybe after that’s over we can all sit down and have a proper conversation.” With that Renjun hands you your drink, gives Taeil one more smile, and whisks you off to meet the rest of NCT.

Jeno: He can’t help but pout as you withdraw yourself from his side in search of a drink. He really wanted to show off his amazing girlfriend, but that’s kind of hard to do when you are halfway across the gigantic ballroom, with at least a hundred people between the two of you. He gives you one last longing glance, and is about to return to the conversation with his manger, when he witnesses you stumble.

You’ve always been a huge klutz, and the five inch heels you’re wearing are not helping your situation. Jeno rushes over as fast as he possibly can given the humongous crowd, only to see you in Jaehyun’s arms. As he attempts to cut through the crowd, Jeno happens to hear Jaehyun flirting with you.

“I’m fine, really. Thank you so much.” You say averting your eyes as you try to detach yourself from Jaehyun.

“Are you sure? How about we take a seat and I help you examine your ankle. You know make sure nothing’s broken?” Jaehyun winks at you, refusing to let you out of his grasp. I mean it’s not everyday a hot girl practically falls right into your lap.

Jeno’s seen enough at this point. Having finally made his way to your side, he literally pulls you away from Jaehyun and into his own chest. “Jaehyun, how nice of you to help my girlfriend. We’d love to stay and chat, but poor Y/N here seems to have sprained her ankle. Luckily for her, she has me to examine it. If you’ll excuse us.” Jeno drags you far, far away from Jaehyun, and spends the rest of the night watching over you like a hawk to ensure no one else even attempts to come onto you.

Haechan: The fact that you even decided to walk off while Haechan is introducing you to the director of his lastest music video, has already got him in a terrible mood. He’s a person who craves attention, and it hurts him to think you’re more interested in your own thirst than his new mv. Haechan gave you a slight glare, which you playfully returned as you walked off in the direction of the bar.

You’ve now been gone for well over half an hour, and as crowded as the venue might be, there is no way there could possibly be a line that long for one drink. Ending his conversation, Haechan sets off in search of you. So far he’s checked the bar, bathroom, dance floor, and still you’re nowhere to be found. He’s starting to get nervous about your wellbeing, so he steps out into the hall to call you because it’s too loud to hear anything inside.

Just as he’s about to dial your number, Haechan spots you at the end of the hall having what looks to be a very intimate conversation with Mark. Mark’s leaning in too close for Haechan’s comfort, as the two of you laugh hysterically at one of Mark’s lame jokes.

“What’s going on over here?” Haechan butts in, squeezing himself into the small space between you and Mark.

“Hey, man. I’m not sure if you two have already met, but this is my good friend, Y/N.” Mark replies as he desperately tries to get a glimpse of you over Haechan’s head like some lovesick puppy.

“I know my own girlfriend, Mark. And just how exactly are you two close friends, when you’ve met no more than thirty minutes ago?”

“Uhhhh… w-wel…”

“That’s what I thought.” Haechan cuts Mark off, grabbing your hand as he hauls you out of the building towards the parking lot. “I’m going to forgive you this one time, but I better never catch you flirting with my girlfriend again.”

Starving (Request)

I know requests are closed right now but I got one and I know I will forget about this once they’re open again. Sorry about that hope you’ll take this in consideration anyway, I would LOVE one inspired by the song “starving” by Hailee Steinfeld.

could you do one where Harry wakes you up in the middle of the night because he’s horny and it leads to a little something smutty


In his dream, Harry had your legs wrapped around his waist. Hovering above you as he drove himself further and harder into your core. He could feel your fingers clawing into his back and your moans in his ear as he leaned down to attach his lips to your neck. You were so close; he could feel you. Your thighs were squeezing his hips just as hard as your core was squeezing his cock as he continued to pulse in and out of you. Just as he felt you lose control around him, everything went black.

Harry opened his eyes to darkness. He could hear his breath coming a lot harder than it normally did, and he felt hot. His skin felt as if it were on fire, and not in the way it did when he got too much sun. It was almost an electric feeling that was tingling all over his body.

Once he got himself a bit more oriented, the other thing he noticed was that he was hard.

Very, very hard.

His dream had gotten him so worked up that he could actually feel that he had started to leak. He let out a groan, reaching down to palm himself over his boxers. The sheet that had been on top of him had long since been discarded, and when he turned to look at you he found that you had taken the part that had previously covered him and made yourself a bit of a blanket burrito.

The ache in his cock stilled momentarily as he looked at you. You looked so cozy and so content that he almost couldn’t stand it. He had never fallen asleep next to someone that he loved so much. Every time he opened his eyes and saw that you were still there, it made him melt. In normal circumstances – if he woke in the middle of the night – Harry’s first instinct would be to simply roll over into you and cuddle you close before going back to sleep.

That was his happy place; his comfort.

But not tonight.

Tonight, Harry could only think about one thing and that was the dull throbbing in his cock and how badly he wanted – he needed – to be inside of you.

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Three Months

Anon: Ello. Can I please get a fluffy wonho smut when he comes home from tour? Thanks ❤️😊

Author: Admin A

Character(s): Wonho (Monsta X)/Reader

Word Count: 2259

Summary: It’s been three months, and Wonho was finally coming home. Tonight would be perfect, you made sure of it. 

     You couldn’t get the smile off of your face. After three months touring around the world, he was finally coming home. Everything had to be perfect. You flitted around the kitchen, making sure everything was straightened up after prepping to cook dinner. He would be home around seven, he had told you, so you would have dinner ready and the table set by then. You glanced at the clock. 4:06. You had plenty of time.

           Smiling, you walked into the living room, straightening and arranging so he could come in and be stress free for a while. You got lost in your thoughts, thinking about how he would kiss you and hold you when he came in, how he would look at you with that beautiful smile of his on his elfish face. You were so wrapped up in your thoughts, you didn’t even hear the door open or the footsteps cross the threshold. It wasn’t until a pair of arms wrapped around your waist and a chin rested on your shoulder that you were pulled from your thoughts. You jumped at the contact, trying to wiggle away from you captor.

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Imagine your OTP going through the McDonald’s drive thru in the middle of the night because Person A claimed they had a terrible craving.

Bonus 1: Person A can’t drive and had to wake Person B to ask for a lift.

Bonus 2: To make it up to them, A says they’ll pay for B to order whatever they want.

Bonus 3: If it’s close to morning, your OTP drives to a viewpoint and watches the sunrise while eating their take out.

If OT3: Person C comes along for the ride/says they also want food, but then complains about having to sit in the back seat.

OT3 bonus: Once your OT3 reaches the viewpoint, Persons A and B pile into the back with C in order to shut them up.

OT3 bonus 2: Your OT3 falls asleep in the back of the car surrounded by empty take out bags and are late for work/school.