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Promise Me

Final Fantasy XV

Ignoct | Ignis Scientia x Noctis Lucis Caelum

705 words

A soft yawn escaped the lips of the young bespectacled advisor as he waited for the elevator. The halls were empty and quiet, only because it was past midnight and only a few staff members were roaming about. Ignis had decided to check in on Noctis, despite the very late hours. The kid needed to be watched, not because he was a prince, but because he was a tad bit unstable. He’d seen and been through things no kid should. Noctis just learned to ‘hide’ it better the older he’d gotten. Ignis knew it was still bothering him, he’d been with him for years so how would be not.

The low ding of the lift alerted him of its arrival and took him out of his thoughts. Ignis adjusted his glasses as he stepped inside and rode to his desired floor. However, a few seconds after exiting the lift, a very familiar scream echoed passed a door and down through the empty halls.

It was Noctis.

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The Kissing Booth

A SnowBaz fanfiction


Once a year, usually in the spring, Watford stages a carnival for the students.  It’s usually quite humble, mainly consisting of booths selling small magic trinkets, or snacks like cotton candy, sweets and other classic carnival fare.  There’s always the tiny petting zoo over near the Cloisters, and some years Watford even scrapes enough together to bring in a carousel.  Most of the booths are run by student volunteers, and though everything is by donation, all proceeds go to whichever charity the student body has voted on.

           I go every year, mostly for the caramel apples and sweet cider, but this is the first year I’ve been behind the scenes of the carnival and helped at a booth.

           In truth, I didn’t even sign up for it, but Agatha hadn’t had a break all day and needed some cotton candy of her own.

           I should have told her to find Penny, or Trixie or even Minty.  Anyone but me.

           It doesn’t take long for the word to spread that Simon Snow has taken over the Kissing Booth, and mortifyingly the line has doubled in length.  Mostly first or second-year girls, blushing and stammering or swaggering up to the counter with a pronounced sway in their step, with the odd boy interspersed through the line.

           It’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened to me – that honour goes to the time in second year that Baz stumbled upon a spell that made my clothes slowly dissipate, garment by garment, in the middle of the dining hall – and after the first two or three quick, cold kisses I start to calm down, but I’m counting the minutes until Agatha comes back.  How she endured hours of this, I cannot comprehend.  That’s just Agatha, I guess.

           A redhead drops her donation into the tin and her eyes flit around, meeting me for only a split second at a time, her cheeks aflame.  I try to look as non-threatening as I can and lean forward enough that she can close the rest of the space.  She darts in with a kiss that’s no more than a peck before running over to a giggling pair of who must be her friends, a triumphant grin on her face. She must have been dared.  Poor girl.  I hope I wasn’t her first.

           “Well, well, well.”

           My stomach lurches at the cold drawl I know only too well.

           “What are you doing here, Baz?” I say in as civilized a tone as I can manage.

           He stands there with his arms crossed over his chest, his mouth in a twist that’s a bit too amused to be a sneer.  “When I heard that the Chosen One had taken over the Snogging Booth, I simply had to see it for myself.”

           “Well, now you’ve seen it, so now you can go.”

           “Saving the World of Mages one kiss at a time,” Baz murmurs with a chuckle.  “Not exactly what I was envisioning.”

           “I’m only covering for Agatha,” I retort, “she’ll be back in five minutes if you’re wanting her services.”

           He scoffs.  “I’d rather not snog your girlfriend, thank you very much.”

           “She’s not my – forget it,” I shake my head.  I’ve told him at least a dozen times, but it never stops him.

           “She must have been really desperate for a break to put you in charge,” Baz drawls on, his voice smooth like honey but with too much of a bite to be sweet.  “You’d think she’d at least pick someone attractive for the Kissing Booth.”

           It stings, but I don’t flinch.  “What, someone like you?” I spit back too fast.

           His eyebrows shoot up in delighted surprise as I realize my mistake.  “You flatter me, Snow,” he purrs, and I feel my cheeks heat up, but I furrow my brow tighter and hope it passes for anger.

           “Is there a reason you’re still here?” I growl as the burning spreads from my cheeks to my ears.  

           “As a matter of fact, there is,” Baz says, and his gray eyes look cool enough to staunch the flames at the tips of my ears, but the more I glare into them the more the fire rages.  “I’m here to torment you.”

           “Great, well you’ve done that.”

           “I wanted to see what you’d do.”  He leans on the edge of the counter, bringing his face far too close to mine for comfort. “What would the Mage’s Heir do if his nemesis showed up at the Kissing Booth?”

           “You can torment me any time,” I shoot back, “you’re holding up the line.”

           “Oh, yes, well,” he feigns conern, “I wouldn’t want to keep anyone from their kiss.”

           “Then go away.”

           His eyes narrow and he pretends to think.  “Mmm, no.  I don’t think so.”

           “Baz, I’m warning you.”

           “Terrifying,” he drones, “but this is too much fun.  Besides,” his eyebrow flickers up, “don’t you owe me a kiss?”

           I flash him a smirk of my own.  “Aw, Baz. If you were so desperate for a kiss, you could’ve just asked.”

           Baz, to his credit, doesn’t bat an eye.  “You think of that comeback yourself?”

           “There’s a fee, you know,” I ignore him, barely having to raise my voice above a murmur for him to hear me, he’s so close.  “You haven’t paid the fee, so I don’t owe you anything.”

           He doesn’t drop his eyes from mine, and the cool gray takes on the spark of a challenge.  Out of my periphery I see him reach into his pocket, and there’s the clatter of coins dropping into the tin.

           I should punch him.

           I should spit in his face.

           I wanted to see what you’d do.

           I take him by the lapels and crush his mouth under mine.

           He makes a muffled sound of shock.  To be fair, so do I, but mine is more angry than it is surprised.  I kiss him hard and rough, and it’s a bit of a juxtaposition because his mouth is oddly soft.  A face like his, you’d expect his lips to be made of marble, cold and unmoving, but he’s the farthest thing from unmoving.  I can’t tell if he’s struggling or if he’s kissing me back but his lips are so, so soft and I want to bruise them, mark them, bite them…

           I only stop when a series of wolf whistles reminds me that there are at least ten people watching us.

           Trying to salvage the illusion of control, I break away harshly, still gripping him by his collar.  The cocky smirk has dropped from his smooth features and now his face mirrors mine, a matching scowl, like I’ve crossed a dangerous line.  I probably have.

           “Was that what you wanted?” I growl.

           He doesn’t answer, just holds my gaze another few seconds before pushing back from the table, his lapels slipping out of my hands, and stalking away.


I don’t see Baz at the carnival after that, and I stay as long as the booths are open, perusing the same counters and feigning interest even after having looked through their contents three times.  I keep Penny company where she mans the popcorn booth, drizzling caramel over every few cartons, and I even get bored enough to hang around Agatha back at the Kissing Booth for a little while, until one too many patrons have asked if I’m available for service.  When she and Penny are freed we pet the goats at the petting zoo, the ones that Ebb has graciously volunteered for the event, and take a few spins on the carousel.  Only once the light has begun to fade and the signs are being lowered from their booths do the three of us part ways.  Even then, I offer to help Ebb get her goats back safely.

           Basically, I’m doing anything I can to put off going back to the room, but eventually I can’t avoid it any longer.  I’ve wandered the grounds enough times that the sun has properly disappeared behind the distant hills and I can barely see the ground in front of me. Even then I’m tempted to consider crazy alternatives like spending the night at Ebb’s place, but I’m pretty sure that would be against school rules anyway, and besides, I’ll have to face Baz eventually.  There’s no undoing what’s happened.

           When I finally trudge back into the room, he’s staring out the window at the moat, presumably trying to intimidate the merwolves, but he turns at the sound of the door.  His expression, though I don’t see it for long before I look away, is hard to read. Wide eyes and a furrowed brow, like he’s still mad at me for my stunt earlier, but there’s a bit of a questioning edge there, too.  Almost a where were you edge.

           Normally I have to start any type of conversation, but tonight he wastes no time. “What the hell was that, Snow?”

           There’s no question as to what he’s referring, and I can’t help but get angry again.  “Me? You’re the one who had to start something!”

           “Well, you didn’t have to react so drastically,” he mutters, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall by the window, the moonlight casting its glow on his skin and making him even paler than usual, almost transparent.  I half expect fangs to slide out from his lips for no reason and complete the picture.

           His soft, soft lips.

           “You were egging me on,” I seethe, the memory igniting the rage that I’d felt in the fractured moment before kissing him, “it’s your fault anything happened.”

           “Proud little hero,” Baz says with the slightest smirk, “can’t back down from a challenge.”

           “You know I can’t, not in front of people.”

           “Wouldn’t want them to think the Heir is a coward.”

           I feel like a balloon in me is swelling and deflating at once.  “But that’s just it, Baz,” I insist, anger momentarily aside.  “If they think I’m afraid, what reason do they have to hope?”

           He doesn’t answer right away, and for a second I think maybe he understands. I want so badly for him to understand.

           “No reason,” Baz eventually says, turning to look out the window again, “not with someone like you as the Chosen One.”

           I want to groan, to kick something, to shake him by the shoulders and make him look me in the eye and for once not fight me.  Have we ever in our lives made eye contact without there being some challenge between us?

           “Why did you have to get in that line?” I shake my head.  “There are so many other ways of tormenting me, lower-stakes ways.”

           “To be fair, I’ve already exhausted most of those,” Baz murmurs with a little shrug of his shoulders.

           “When have you ever been fair?”


           I’m tired of standing here at the door, so I kick off my shoes and sit down on my bed, trying not to think about how much closer I am to him now, still at the window, looking as vampiric as ever.  His gray eyes are positively silver in the moonlight, and the black of his hair looks silkier than ever, as if it’s soaking the rays directly into him. He almost glows.  I have to laugh a little, because more than once Baz has mockingly compared me, with my bronze curls and sky-blue eyes, to the sun, but he himself wears a halo of night.  If I am the sun, then Baz is most certainly the moon.  Distant, cold, mysterious, almost too pristine to touch.

           His gaze returns to me suddenly.  He raises an eyebrow in a wordless inquiry, and I realize I’ve been staring.

           “What exactly was it you expected me to do?”

           “At what point, Snow?” he gives a humourless laugh.  “You had more than one opportunity to react.”

           “When you paid the fee.”

           His tiny smile disappears.  “It doesn’t matter.”

           “It does.”

           “Drop it, Snow,” he says, the hardness returning to his eyes, and I know I’ve cornered him.  Drop it is Baz’s way of betraying himself, of saying there’s something that he doesn’t want to tell.

           “Was I supposed to kiss you?” I ask.  For some reason I have to know.


           “Then what?”

           “I don’t know, Snow, punch me.  Push me. Beat me to the ground.  Something.”

           My brow furrows in confusion.  “Wait. You wanted me to hit you?”

           He shrugs, more with his head than his shoulder.  “One of us has to get hurt, right?”

           I rise to my feet, and I’m face-to-face with him again, only his eyes are different this time.  Whereas at the booth he had betrayed no hint of doubt at our closeness, now there’s a flicker of something in the silver, something that feels a lot like the way my heart is racing in my chest, and it dawns on me.  He was putting on a show at the carnival, acting like nothing I could do would get to him, just as I had been.

           If they think I’m afraid, what reason do they have to hope?

           One of us has to get hurt, right?

           And suddenly it makes sense.

           There’s only a few inches between us, so it feels almost natural when I lean in and press the gentlest of kisses to his lips.

           He doesn’t kiss me back this time, but he doesn’t move away either.  “What was that for?” he asks when I draw back a second later.

           “You act like we’re so different,” I say wonderingly, “but we’re the same.”


           “What do you think we’d be if we didn’t have to fight each other?”

           I don’t miss the split second of longing in his eyes.  “Keep dreaming, Snow.”

           “Because I bet it would involve a lot more of this.”  I bring a hand up to his neck, my fingers instantly lost in the wavy tips of his hair and it’s exactly as soft as it looks bathed in moonlight.

           Baz closes his eyes like he has to collect himself.  “You’re the hero.  I’m the villain.  What more do I have to say?”

           “Fuck that,” I chuckle, “we both know that’s not true.  You’re a boy, and I’m a boy.  That’s all.”

           “Tell that to the rest of the world.”

           “I don’t care about the rest of the world,” I shake my head adamantly, “I want to know what you think.”    

           “About what?”

           “If there was no act, no reputation, no role to play,” I murmur, “if we were just two boys, what would you do?”

           Baz returns my gaze a moment, searching my eyes.    

           Then his lashes close and he’s kissing me, and my eyes drift shut again like I’m sighing in relief.

           I let my fingers tangle higher up in his hair while my other hand grips the front of his shirt like earlier, only without the anger of the afternoon.  He angles his head further and guides the kiss deeper, his hands gently gripping my waist and pulling me closer.  I melt against him, my mouth moving with his, my head swimming with his citrusy scent, and I can’t hold back the moan that escapes my throat when he takes my bottom lip between his teeth in a gentle tug. Suddenly I’m floating, weightless, and Baz gives a muffled sound of surprise when I press back a little harder.

           When we finally break apart, both of us gasping and dizzy, I immediately want more, want to line his neck with my mouth, want to feel his breath hitch when I reach the base of his throat, want to hear my name in his sigh.  Would he sigh Snow or Simon?  I want to know.

           “Please,” I whisper, dotting a kiss to the corner of his mouth, “can’t we just be two boys?”

           When I meet his eyes, they’re full of more longing than ever.

           In response, he kisses a soft, slow triangle pattern on my cheek, and I recognize the pattern of the three moles by my eye, and I can’t help but smile.

“We can try.”

The Laundry Fic

Pairing: Amazing Phil & Daniel Howell (Phan)

Genre: Fluff, Light Smut, Head-cannon?

Word Count: 1800

Inspired by:  So we all know from Dan’s latest video that he spent his early years of Uni travelling down to Phil’s flat to do ‘laundry’. Here’s that fic. (Despite the title, I promise it’s not one of those fics). 

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@klancemasweek: Day 3 - Cold / Warmth (a tad bit late but I loved this theme so I wanted to wark a little harder on it)

Fire being his natural element, Keith hates the cold. Good thing he has a warm boyfriend to snuggle up with!

Just For Him - Loki x Reader

Originally posted by lightneverfades

Summary: In which (Y/N) dresses up in a revealing replica of Loki’s armor for a Halloween costume, only to realize his was far more interesting.

Sorry I didn’t do a request - I really had to do a Halloween theme one in order to feel satisfied!!!

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warning: Kinda NSFW, but like it’s not that sexual, just intense makeout that’s all LOL

Word count: 2K!!

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A/N: Requests are open and I absolutely am open to anything! I love speaking to you guys and receiving any type of feed back so please don’t hesitate to send an ask or message (:

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Regression - Request

Requested by anon: Sherlock x reader. Readers ex boyfriend used to shout at her before he used to beat her. Sherlock never shouts when she’s around as he knows it scars her. One day Sherlock and Mycroft are having an argument Sherlock is staying calm but Mycroft starts shouting. Causing reader to drop a heavy glass dish before running out the door and into the rain
& anon: Sherlock x reader. The reader was in an abusive in the past. Now happy with Sherlock but doesn’t like shouting. Mycroft comes in asking Sherlock to come to dinner with mummy. Mycroft and Sherlock start arguing. Sherlock is staying calm but Mycroft is shouting causing reader to shake in fear.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,750

Warnings: Abusive-ex, post-traumatic stress disorder’s regression, triggering.

A/N: Another abusive-ex related fic… I’ll say it again, if any of you is in a similar situation please, please, please, get help. Leave, break that sh*t up, do whatever it takes to go back to a normal life (unless it risks your life, then look for alternatives like calling the cops). I’ve experienced violence first-handedly and I can tell you that there is ALWAYS a way. Don’t let yourself down. You are worthy enough to get a real relationship without violence, abuse, humilliation, etc. YOU ARE WORTH IT.


Originally posted by stupidteletubbie

Road trips weren’t Sherlock’s favourite kinds of journeys, especially when the destiny was his parents’ house. Yet, he remained calm, finding all sorts of excuse to encourage the on-going conversation between him and (Y/N) to continue until their arrival.

It had been Mycroft’s idea to spend the Christmas Break at their parent’s house. Obviously, Sherlock was a bit reluctant about it, but (Y/N) convinced him to spend time with his family. He agreed as long as she went there with him – which was perfectly accepted by the rest of the Holmes – and so there were.

They arrived a tad bit late, when the moon had just risen over the green hills that framed the petite picture of the small British house Mr. and Mrs. Holmes lived at. In spite of the time, they were received by the cheerful couple and Mycroft, who was just as serious as usual.

After a long dinner, they went to bed. As far as they could tell, that that Christmas would be pacific between the two brothers. Sherlock hadn’t been shot then, and Mycroft was free from his work, so Mrs. Holmes and (Y/N) hoped that they weren’t stressed enough to start an argument over nothing.

The first two days were fine. Mycroft and Sherlock would bombard each other with snazzy comments, but that was it. Mrs. Holmes was more than happy to have her two boys at home without arguing.

“I think he is behaving because of you.” She confessed once to (Y/N), while they baked together.

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Christian Yu x Reader: Let Me Explain - Chapter 2

Chapter 1: These Seoul Streets. | Chapter 2: Uninvited Guests | 

Word count: 2251

Series type: Angst, Smut (in later chapters) & Fluff.

Warnings: Mentions of sex and bad language.

Additional Characters: DPR LIVE (Dabin) and mentions of other artists/fictional characters.

Rough summary: Christian is your boss but also your best friend. You both have feelings for each other but his way of living complicates your relationship.

A/N: I am completely overwhelmed with the love I’ve gotten due to these series. I wan’t to thank everyone for reading and supporting. All of your comments and likes motivate me so much! Also keep in mind that English is not my first language, therefore there might be some spelling/grammar mistakes.

You blankly stare at your phone. Letting Dabin’s text sink in a little. You had a meeting at YG at 10:30 AM with Yura and her management. How unbelievably ironic.

You felt numb about the situation, not knowing how to wrap your head around it, reading Dabin’s texts over and over again. You left him on read, not feeling the need to reply or vent to him about what happened last night before Christian walked away. Back to the club.

You sit up straight in your bed, closing your eyes when you suddenly feel the childish urge to cry.

“What did you expect” you whisper to yourself with a trembling bottom lip.

This time he really did lead you on. This time he really did give you hope that things would be different, and then he turns around and does shit like this.

You fall back onto your bed, sobbing lightly. The lack of sleep which made your head heavier wasn’t helping your situation either. You curled up in your sheets trying to get yourself together.

You had to be professional. You couldn’t let this ruin your work ethic. Not like this.

After a while of feeling miserable you decided to take a hot shower. You stood there for about thirty minutes before you realized you actually needed to hurry if you wanted to make it to the YG building in time.

You put on a black t-shirt dress with combat boots and fishnet socks that stopped just below your knee, staying true to your trendy, dancer type-street style.

After somewhat fixing your face and concealing your tired and puffy eyes, you head out.

As you get there you realized you were on automatic pilot. You didn’t even pay attention while driving, making you wonder how you survive time after time, especially in brutal Seoul traffic.

“Ahh y/n-ah very punctual as always” Lee Sung Hyuk aka Yura’s manager welcomes you with a warm smile bowing to you slightly at the entrance.

You immediately respectfully bow back while shaking his hand. “That’s my job sir” you smile weakly.

You felt terrible. The amount of sleep you got in the past 3 days is what normal people sleep in one day. You didn’t have time for breakfast and even though you didn’t drink last night, you still felt dehydrated. Also the fact that this meeting was for Yura didn’t help at all.

Even so, you had to pull yourself together and not make it obvious to Yura that you knew of the situation or that it bothered you.

After accepting a cold glass of water you walk to the meeting room and kindly greet and bow to everyone there. The room was filled with managers, stylists, vocal teachers and other important people, but Yura was nowhere to be seen.

Everyone waited in silence for the past 15 minutes. You crossed your arms and leaned back in your chair a little. Pinching your nose bridge showing your frustration to all the executives and managers.

“I-I’m sure she’ll be here soo-” Lee Sung Hyuk couldn’t finish his sentence before people’s heads turned to the hallway. The walls around the meeting room were made out of glass, so everyone could see what went on.

Yura arrived with her sunglasses on dressed in a black hoodie and black leggings. She had no make-up on and quickly sat down after bowing to everyone apologizing for what seemed like 20 times. You inspected her attire and saw the logo on the left sleeve of the sweater she was wearing. It said DPR. It had to be Christian’s sweater. You try your hardest not to stare at her, but the fact that she was actually wearing his clothes to this meeting baffled you.

“I was held up at home I apologize” she says. At that she locked eyes with you. She didn’t realize you were there but when she did she cracked a little smile.

It took everything in you not to launch over the table and grab her by the nape of that sweater to beat that smug grin off of her face.

“Shall we continue” you boldly state looking straight into her eyes. “I have somewhere to be.”

The meeting went on as usual. Everything from outfits to schedules and skills were talked about. You couldn’t help but point out the fact that there was a lot of work left to be done on her dancing. It was true, but your petty self exaggerated just a tad bit more to make yourself feel better. Her facial expression dropped when you spoke about her lack of ability.  Knowing you were doing it to taunt her.

What comforted you about this all is that she’d probably be scolded afterwards for being late and not catching up with dance practice, but no matter how comforting that may be, it still didn’t make up for the fact that she fucked him.

The meeting ended after half an hour, and after saying your respectful goodbye’s to everyone except Yura, you walked out of the building as quickly as you could. You felt trapped in there. Almost not being able to breathe.

You walk through the main entrance, happy when the fresh air hit your face.

Sitting in that meeting made you realize one thing. You’re tired of doing things you don’t want to do for someone who doesn’t appreciate you.

You’ve made up your mind. You want out of the contract.

                                                      - time jump-

You ignored every call and text from Christian and Dabin, Christian obviously didn’t know Dabin snitched on him. Which was obvious through his texts.

You nearly threw up reading Christian’s messages. He called you for about 15 times in between those texts, Dabin on the other hand blew up your phone like there was no tomorrow.

You delete your call history wiping away the evidence of Dabin calling you around 43 times from 10:00 AM to 12:45 PM.

Dabin was a protective/worried friend who would always check on you from time to time. Mostly you didn’t mind, but today was not the day.

You stand in your kitchen making some of your special mac and cheese, when you hear the door open. Dabin knows where you leave your spare key, so he always just enters unannounced, probably knowing that if he rang the doorbell you wouldn’t have answered the door anyway.

Dabin followed the smell of food to your kitchen and sees you standing in your pajama shorts and tank top stirring in a pot.

He sighed. “Smells good.” Is the first thing he says.

You turn around giving him a look. “Yeah.”

“Yeah? You know I could be an axe murdered who just showed up. You might be a little more alert next time” He says sitting on your kitchen counter looking at you dumbfounded.

“Well Dabin, axe murderers don’t announce that they’re coming over.” You say a little more bitchy then you intended, walking over to a cabinet and grabbing two bowls.  

Dabin’s eyes followed you. He sighed grabbing your wrist when you walked passed him again.

“What, you don’t want some?” you ask emotionless.

“Y/n” he says in an almost pleading tone. “Talk. To. Me” he takes the bowls from you grabbing you by your shoulders trapping you so he could inspect your face.

You look at him with a frustrated frown. “What is there to talk about. Christian is an asshole. He hurt my feelings more then he ever did before last night, and he acts like he didn’t do shit. I had to keep my shit together at that meeting, seeing her stroll into that meeting with HIS hoody on.” You spit out. “I just can’t believe he played me like that. As if I’m on of his bitches”

Dabin closes his eyes. “It’s a fucking mess y/n I don’t know what to say. I told him. I told him you two needed to talk and clear up some issues between the two of you and then he does shit like that. It just baffles my mind. It’s like he agrees with everything I say and forgets after like 5 minutes just to do the shit he’s always done.”

You sigh at his words. Christian is the carefree type. He’ll do what he wants or needs to do. No one can tell him otherwise besides you. Or so you thought.

Dabin pulled you in between his legs and enveloped his arms around you hugging you tightly, trying to comfort you but physical contact when you’re having a hard time always leads to you crying.

“Even if he needed me around for the money and recognition for DPR he might as well be a little nicer to me. At least now I know he’s not using me, he’s just a genuine asshole” you blurt out.

“I’m sorry.” He says sighing into your hair.

“Don’t be, it’s not your fault. If anything it’s mine for believing him and falling under his spell again after he decided to be nice to me for more than 10 minutes.” You sniff into his chest.

“Don’t cry” he says letting go of you wiping away your tears with his thumbs. Dabin felt indifferent about your harsh words on his best friend. Even though what Christian did was fucked up, Dabin knows his heart, and it wasn’t like this. There had to be some kind of explanation to all of his shitty behavior lately.

“I don’t know what has gotten into him lately. Maybe there’s an explanation to all of this.” He says getting off the counter taking the bowls into his hands and giving you one.

“Right” you say rolling your eyes. Dabin will be mortified once he finds out you’ll buy out your contract with DPR. You’re not ready to tell him yet, so you quickly change the subject.

“Let’s just eat, and chill for a while.” You say putting some of your delicious looking special mac and cheese recipe into his bowl, handing him a fork.

He nods giving you a smile. “I actually just came by for your cooking you know.” He jokes to lighten the mood.

“Yeah I figured.” You chuckle.

                                                     - time jump -

Christian hesitated to ring your doorbell so he decided to peek through the window.

He didn’t know how to feel when he saw Dabin and you on the floor of your living room just smiling and talking away.

“Is this why she’s ignoring me, because she’s with him?” he whispers to himself in disbelief.

He frowns thinking back to what Dabin said to him in the club last night.

“y/n is loyal, funny, hella cute and hard working. She always puts up with your shit, she takes care of you when your legs won’t carry you anymore, yet you’re out here fucking around, knowing she has feelings for you, which you do too, even though you always try to deny it.”

Did Dabin just want you to himself all this time? Is that what that little outburst of him was.

Still he couldn’t believe his eyes, watching you. Like nothing happened between the two of you last night. He scoffed “wahhh-chiencha”

There’s only one way to find out what is going on right?

Christian rang your doorbell patiently waiting for you to open the door.

                                                         - inside -

“I honestly think I need a nap after all of that food.” Dabin says throwing his head back.

You got up taking the bowls from your coffee table. “Just get comfortable I don’t care” you say walking to your kitchen. Just as you put your bowls in the sink you hear your doorbell ring.

“I’ll get it” Dabin says yawning, walking towards the front door.

You wonder who it’d be, but you expected a package today so you didn’t think much of it.

“Hyung?” you hear Dabin’s voice echo through your house.

You look up in shock, realizing that could only be one person.

“What are you doing here mate?” Christian asked stepping inside. You quickly dried your hands walking towards the noise.

“I could ask the same of you” you say to Christian standing in the doorway to your hall. You were furious. Where did he find the fucking nerve to show up here unannounced?

Dabin closed his eyes. “Fuck” he whispered under his breath.

“What do you mean, why are you even angry? I called you like 20 times. Is it that hard to pick up your phone? Or were you too busy messing around with Dabinnie here?” Christian spat out to you.

“What the fuck did I do wrong?” Dabin asks cocking his head to the side looking at Christian dumbfounded.

You give him an angry look, balling your fists out of frustration.

“Get the fuck out of my house Christian.” You say crossing your arms. “I’m serious.”

“No” Christian simply stated. “Not until I know what the fuck is going on here and why you are so angry with me”

“Really Ian?” Dabin said to Christian in awe of his denseness to the situation.

Christian ignored him turning his attention to you.

“Y/n?” Christian said with an impatient tone.

“You went home with Yura. Did you think I wouldn’t find out? Really Christian. Even after what you said last night. Is that what you were sorry for? Because you already knew then and there that that’s what you were going to do once you returned to the club!?” you yell at him. You try your hardest to choke back your tears, but your voice already cracked multiple times.

Christian looked at you with wide eyes, finally realizing the situation.

“I-I didn’t go home with her y/n she went home with me” Christian says not thinking of how that just sounded still shocked by your outburst.

“Like that’ll make it better dude” Dabin says giving him a ‘bitch did you really just say that’ look.

You just look at him dumbfounded walking away from him and from confrontation, not wanting to cry in front of him anymore. You slam the door that divided your living room from the hallway behind you. “I want both of you out of here.” You say as calm as you could sound in the situation. The fact that you were crying was clearly audible from the sound of your voice.

Dabin slowly turned to Christian. “Hyung, you’re putting me in the most awkward position of my life right now.”

“I didn’t fuck Yura.” Christian says throwing his hands up in the air. “I didn’t. She was shitfaced drunk! What was I supposed to do!?” Christian fired his anger towards Dabin this time.

“Get her a fucking cab maybe?” Dabin yelled back. He had enough of this shit. He hated to be in the middle of his two best friends. “Let’s just both leave okay? She is in no state to listen to you.

Her judgment is clouded by anger right now. Talk to her tomorrow or when she’s ready.” Dabin calmly stated grabbing his older friend by his shoulders trying to get through to him.

“I hate that she thinks I would do something like that. I hate that she’s crying because of me.” Christian says looking into Dabin’s eyes. Hoping to find answers to questions he didn’t even ask yet.

“Hyung. Come on, let’s leave. Don’t make her angrier than she is right now”

“I don’t want to leave her.”

“It’s not about what you want right now Ian.” Dabin said letting go of Chrstian’s shoulders.

Christian simply nodded agreeing with Dabin, unable to wrap his head around the situation. He felt defeated. Defeated in a battle he didn’t even get to fight in.

Dabin drove Christian home. It was a silent car ride but the two of them didn’t have to speak to know what was on their minds. Of course it was you.

Christian closed his eyes. Frustrated and heartbroken when he imagined you all alone in your apartment, crying over something that didn’t even happen.

He planned to confess to you before he came to your apartment and talk everything through that had been happening over the past few weeks. He could have been hugging and kissing you right now, but a night that was supposed to be the start of something new for the both of you, turned out to be a night he could never have imagined.

“If she would’ve just let me explain” Christian whispers to himself staring out the car window.

Chapter 3: Confrontation

Exo Reacting to You Fangirling Over Them


Minseok would be surprised, a pink tint flushing his cheeks as the love of his life continued to squeal over his personality. Yes, the first time this happened he didn’t intend to make you go crazy cute for him, but it seemed like every other time after that he done aegyo just to here that giggle ring through the room.

Xiumin rested against a wooden bench, gravel cracking beneath his tennis shoes as one drop of his mint chocolate chip drizzled alongside its cone and missed his fingers by centimeters. His body somehow found itself facing you as his pink tongue took in its last taste of the sweet substance, his lips turning up into a smile as this happened, “You know what would be great right now? Singing the Gwiyomi song.”

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On the Outside:

“Yess, I’m the man. I wasn’t even trying either.”

Originally posted by dawnlus

On the Inside:

Yess, I’m the man. I wasn’t even trying either.

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Be prepared for Kris’ cute, dorky side because that’s exactly what would come out once he noticed your changed behavior. Well, behind closed doors it would. After taking in every ounce of joy and squealing he’d quickly find a reason to make an exit, his “cool” facade tearing away as you heard his delighted yells.

Originally posted by luedeer


Our Junmyeon would stare for a moment as his dark eyes scanned the skin upon your face, the slightest smile curving his lips as a light laugh escaped him.

“My baby’s so sweet. I love you.”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai


Yixing would act nonchalant about the whole thing, the sight of you fangirling before him as typical as looking at his own reflection. Of course, he’d appreciate it nonetheless and make sure you receive a kiss for your adorable behavior.

“You’re the cutest baby,” his lips pressed against yours, the skin lightly brushing against yours.

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Baek would be very flattered with your gestures, his lips forming his signature rectangular grin as his fingers lightly pinched your cheeks.

“So cute, my love. So cute~”

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Jongdae would definitely use his outside voice to express his gratitude towards you using an expression called “teasing.”

“AHHHH, (y/n), I knew you could never deny that my good looks and charm makes you swoon! But afterall, the greatest guy deserves to have the prettiest girl.”

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Watching the way Chanyeol’s fingers lightly grabbed onto the small ones caused a wave of warmth to cave into your heart. Deepening as he swayed the toddler’s arms, a small kiss powerful enough to have you falling out your chair pressed against Chanyeol’s skin.

And there you were, fingers clenching against the fabric of your shirt as your limbs sprawled across the marble.

“Heh, Jagiya,” a pink tint painted along Yeol’s features as crinkles formed along his eyes from laughter. “I know we’re cute but try to contain yourself.”

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Kyungsoo would become very shy, his rose red skin warming up even more against the knitted sweater that draped along his arms. He had to admit, he found you adorable, but it was too much for him to handle.

“No, no, no. Hajima! I don’t like this. You’re so cute with the way you flail over me. Stop it, please!”

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The two of you would be at his latest dance rehearsal, his body endlessly moving to the beat as you watched the sweat drip along his biceps to soak into his clothing. It traced along his tan skin, the muscle being invaded with a slight shine. Next thing you know, your hands are over your mouth to hide a mix between a high pitched yell and groaning.

“Babe, you’re my girlfriend. You see me dance all the time. Why are you squealing?”

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Honestly, Tao would either do one of two options:

1. Be flattered and smother you in kisses until all that fills your lungs is laughter


2. You’d boost his ego, his voice soaked in a smug smile

Or, of course, the other other option is he’d do a little of both and go on about how cute he is as he squeezes you in cuddles

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Watching your boyfriend of two years on stage, face gleaming with happiness as he dances to yet another one of his group’s hit songs made even yourself scream a few times, but this stage was different. With his tender smile and baggy outfit, you couldn’t help but shriek a few times as Unfair rung through the stadium. The bounce in your step didn’t halt until you were able to express your feelings to him.

“Awe, Jagi not around the boys. You make me blush. Thank you, I love you.”

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dating reggie mantle | would include


written by: rosie, gaby & kelly

anonymous said: can you do a dating reggie?! xx

- reggie always calling you pup

- he’d drive you to school everyday

- waiting outside your house leaning against his car

- “morning pup”

- forehead kisses

- lots of hand holding

- piggy backs are a must

- singing loudly in his car on the way to school

- being the ‘it’ couple -screw bughead-

- jealous reggie™

- being really close with archie being one of reggie good mates.

- “are you trying to move in on my girl andrews?”

- you’d naturally be a vixen

- reggie drooled whenever you wore your uniform

- something about that little skirt that drove him insane

- you go to all of his games

- being his number one fan

- you’d even go to practice

- he loved looking up to see you on the bleachers watching him practice

- your hair blowing messily in the wind

- he’d smirk as the other jocks ogled over the fact reggie had the hottest girl in the school in the stands.

- you loved it most when it was too hot and sweaty for him that he’d remove his shirt

- leaving you to ogle at that body

- when practice was over you’d skip down to meet him

- jumping onto his waist as you kiss each other

- wolf whistles

- “you get that mantle”

- he’d sneak into the gym to watch you practice

- as you and cheryl stayed late to perfect the routines

- he loves watching you dance in those tiny vixen shorts

- he hated having to share you with cheryl

- “hate to break to you blossom, times up she’s mine now” - “bite me mantle”

- you just giggle and wonder over as he places a kiss on your lips

- wearing your vixen uniform would just tease him without you doing anything

- “puuuuuuup.” - “reggie, i’m not doing anything.”

- running your hands through his hair would be his weakness

- “mmmm, pup. keep going.” - “gosh, you’re enjoying this a tad bit too much.”

- once you stop he would just whine until you put your hands back in his hair

- he would just love to put his hands on your bum

- you didn’t like it, you loved it

- he’d be that lowkey caring boyfriend

- “hey pup- what are you wearing?” - “clothes?” 

- “no, you’re not going out until you change.”

- he’d buy you a milkshake before going to your house

- he’d also would poke you up whenever you hung out, which is, everyday 

- reggie would make you feel like the queen you deserve to be

- you are his pride and joy

- you’d see him smiling more around you

- at random times, he’d just squish cheeks

- “uhhmm-” - “shhh.”

- you’d pout at him making you look cuter

- “oh my god, you’re so cute.” - “i have never seen you in this state, ever.”

-you’re the only person that could break down his ‘tough guy’ act


- hikes through the forrest surrounding sweet water

- going kayaking

- “reggie i swear to god if you tips us” - “pup it’s okay i’ve got this

- he definitely didn’t have it

- he’d let you wear his jersey

- goodluck kisses on the field

- he’d always get in trouble by coach because he always wanted to be with you

- ”MANTLE over here now before your benched for the season

- when it wasn’t football season it was basketball season

- you attempt to be some sort of competition so he had extra practice

- but he always went easy on you -most- of the time

- “this is too hard reg”

- guilt kisses

- being his lucky charm

- and his date to every party he’s invited too

- drunken dancing

- so much grinding

- getting completely wasted together

- hangover feeds at pops

- trying to help him study

- “c'mon reggie focus”

- neck kisses

- urges to cuddle

- “im trying pup, you’re distracting.”

- banter

- playing with his dog vadar

- reggie would walk the both of you through the park

- “look at me giving my two girls so much needed exercise”

- pretended to be insulted to get kisses and an ‘im sorry’

“who’s a good girl who’s- a good pup” - “i thought i was our favourite pup?”

- giggle and puppy dog faces

- “you are my favourite pup, i promise”

- piggy backs

- driving around with the windows down

- your legs draped over his lap

- soft driving music filling the background

- being alone in his house a lot

- with his parents always being away with business

- reggie liked to imagine that this was the future

- living in a big house with his two favourite girls

- no school

- no drama

- just the two of you

- blissfully in love.

Tainted Love

Originally posted by strangerthingsedits

Anonymous Requested: Can you PLEASE do a Steve x Reader (Its a Soulmate AU because I’m a slut for Soulmate AU’s) where the reader always has a song stuck in her head and is a very musical person and writes her own songs and stuff, and Steve always hears all of the music she listens to, and vice versa? So one day she has a really obnoxious song in her head and Steve is DONE and they could be in the car with all of their friends or something (the world knows about soulmate stuff) & they start humming AT THE SAME TIME

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: none.

A/N: I altered this a tad bit, so I hope you don’t mind :)

Once I ran to you (I ran),

You felt your lungs burning as you sang at the top of your lungs, but you didn’t care. You could feel the wind your hair and the breeze blow onto your face as the car drove down the street. As you sang your passion out, you head Steve laugh from beside you and glancing at him you cheesily moved your body, making him laugh even more.

Steve had suddenly picked you up on a late Friday afternoon demanding that the two of you were going on a road trip - and after much convincing to your mother, you were on your way. Steve said he had a destination but refused to tell you and after moment of silence, you’d turned on the radio only to hear one of your favourite songs playing.

Now I’ll run from you,

“Sing!” You cheered over the loud music, meeting Steve’s gaze. He laughed, shaking his head as you sped down the freeway but you weren’t taking no for an answer. “Sing! Come on!” 

You only continued to pester him, burning your lungs in the passion as you felt the beat of the song take over your body.

This tainted love you’ve given,

Before you knew it Steve’s much deeper voice rang throughout the car and you felt yourself laughing aloud as his voice cracks. His cheeks grew red but you only cheered him on, grabbing his free hand and singing loudly with him.

You were in your glory - all thought leaving your mind as you felt yourself at complete peace. Time with Steve was always the best and no matter what you always found yourself completely and utterly happy when around him. Steve seemed to just know you - understand you and without evening having to ask he knew what you wanted and what was best for you in that moment, no matter what mood.

It made you feel like you’d found your soulmate.

I give you all a boy could give you,

It hadn’t always been this way and before you’d found Steve, life had been at his worst. But then everything with Nancy happened with him and somehow you two just found each other - though you’d never trade it for anything.

You loved Steve Harrington.

And it was these moments when you’d completely embarrass yourself, doing the stupidest things or being the loudest, most annoying person you could be but somehow he’d still gaze at you with those loving eyes. Steve would never laugh at you and rather with you, and no matter what you did he still continued to love you.

Take my tears and that’s not nearly all,

He always knew how to make you feel better.

So as you sang at the top of your lungs, waved your arms around widely and made a complete fool out of yourself, and Steve gazed at you with those leaving eyes, you found yourself at peace.

Oh tainted love
Tainted love

Echo - Part One

Summary: A hunt had both you and the boys stumped. Just when you think you have a breakthrough, however, you get cursed by a mysterious figure that leaves you completely unable to communicate with them with ease. Turns out it’s not easy to hunt when all you can do is repeat what is said to you…
: SamxReader
: 3588
: None really… maybe angst if you squint, and a tad towards the end.
AN: HAHAHHAAAA, this is a stupidly late birthday present for @poemwriter98. She’s a wonderful human being, and definitely deserved to get this on time, but I just hit a block. So, I guess making it two parts is a good thing… I’ll overcompensate. Love you m’dear!!! Hope you enjoy it!
This is another one of those fics where I’ve nerded out a bit. Greek mythology is always a win!!!  XD
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!


The scream from up the road caught both you and Sam by surprise, but neither of you hesitated to sprint towards its source. After all, this hunt had left you all stressed, confused, and completely lost when it came to trying figure out what had killed the four men in the small country town. Not to mention the seven cows that had been eviscerated. So, a breakthrough in any form was a welcome prospect.

You dropped the Chinese food you’d been carrying in a heartbeat, bolting down the street after Sam as you reached back and pulled your gun from the waistband of your jeans.

A man had collapsed on the sidewalk, the girl he was with screaming as large gashes appeared on his body, his yells of agony joining hers as his blood started pooling on the concrete.

Sam immediately dropped to the ground, but hesitated. It was clear he wanted to try and help the man, but didn’t know how, especially since most of his body was now coated in lacerations. Then, with a frustrated growl, he started searching him, ignoring the evident pain he was in.

While Sam did that, you immediately scanned the surrounding area.

It looked like an ordinary street. The odd tree, parked cars, houses, a light on here and there and a few people had stuck their heads out their windows to see what the ruckus was about, but beyond that…

A shadow at the end of the road.

You only spotted it because, whoever it was, suddenly started moving away. Instincts took over, and you took off after it.

When in doubt, follow the suspicious creep fleeing from a crime scene.

The figure picked up speed as you approached, clearly noting the fact you were charging them with a gun drawn. That certainly piqued your interest…

They rounded the corner, you hot on their tail, completely ignoring Sam calling your name.

There was a split second where you knew what was going on. A hand collided with your forehead, a cold, wrinkled hand whose nails dug into your skin slightly. You barely caught a glimpse of her face, shrouded by a cloak over her head, but what you saw told you she was older, and she was pissed.

“You should have just let me be, hunter,” she snarled.  Then, the cold from her fingers started spreading out, seeping across your skin like a splash of water. Your limbs went limp and your senses went numb, and you were only vaguely aware of Sam still shouting for you.

Within seconds your eyes dimmed, sound faded, and you felt yourself fall to the floor.

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chemistry, part 1

Originally posted by stilesstilinski37

pairings: teacher!dylan o'brien x student!reader.

warnings: just some cursing.

a/n: I am really really excited about this new series, so I hope y'all like chemistry teacher O'Brien just as much as I do.

word count: 2k+

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anonymous asked:

do you have any sterek stories centered around hickeys ?

I don’t know if these necessarily center around hickeys, but they have them! - Anastasia

Originally posted by alexisbty

This tumblr fic.

Tumblr Fic 02: Hickeys


LupusScintilla (inkandblade)

(1/1 I 158 I Mature)

Derek wasn’t sure what it was that Stiles had found that would let him mark-up a werewolf’s skin, but he liked it.

Hiding the hickeys by even_fireflies_burn_eventually2002

(1/1 I 525 I Not Rated)

So there he was, sitting on the edge of Lydia’s bed, whilst she concealed the hickeys and bite-marks on his neck with foundation.

Coming out of the Closet by krystalcollins

(1/1 I 1,460 I Teen)

In which Stiles is tasked with talking to Derek about how he doesn’t show enough affection to the pack, although he’s sudden realized that pressed up against Derek in a closet wasn’t the best place to do it.

Destruction of Government Property by thetimeisnow

(1/1 I 1,754 I Not Rated)

Stiles gives his soon-to-be-husband a goodbye-hickey before Derek is leaving for three weeks and ends up being accused of destruction of government property.

Drinking Games by bibliosexual

(1/1 I 1,967 I Teen)

The day Jennifer dumps Derek very publicly in Starbucks, he goes back to the apartment and gets very drunk.

Stiles gets drunk with him, in brotherly solidarity. He would bet one hundred dollars and his vintage Elvis poster that Derek’s never been drunk before. No way is he leaving Derek to do it on his own.

Also, he may be just a tad bit curious what Derek is like when he’s not entirely sober.

There’s also the very important consideration that if Stiles doesn’t get wasted right now, he’s going to do something even stupider, like go murder somebody. Somebody whose name starts with “J” and ends with “ennifer” and who dumped Derek. Who even does that? It’s Derek.

Mate Claim by MissusCarlikins (orphan_account)

(1/1 I 3,227 I Teen)

Stiles gets a late night visitor.

Wait 2 by Prairie_Grass

(1/1 I 3,603 I Explicit)

Stiles is deeply confused, late for school, and has hickeys.

Derek is smug, and happy to offer Stiles a ride.

The asshole.

Darling It Is No Joke by thehoyden

(1/1 I 13,250 I Explicit)

The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper.

Find Me Sitting Fireside by kaistrex (weishen)

(1/1 I 13,282 I Teen)

With the news that an Alpha wants Beacon Hills for their own, Derek and Stiles are forced to attend a couples retreat at a ski resort to learn their enemy’s identity. However, the threat is the least of Derek’s problems when he’s expected to fake a relationship, share a bed and suffer through candlelit dinners with the man he’s secretly been in love with for the past four years.

Just Give Me Derek Hale in a Kilt by Spitshine

(14/14 I 32,254 I Explicit)

Stiles had just finished med school and moved to Beacon Hills to be close to his dad; it seemed a pleasant, if sleepy, place–until he touched a stump out in the woods and woke up in 1746, in the midst of the struggle for a free Scotland.

Hottest werewolf ever jumping his bones? Icing on suddenly-supernatural cake.