this is a sweet moment


After his successful conversation with Cydon, Coffea felt elated. Finally everything felt fixed, or on its way there, and the entire Event was behind them. He tried hard not to think about the choice he had to make at the end of his month, the day before his birthday, because he had no idea what his answer would be. Now it was harder than ever.

His mood was so good that the entire house felt it. When he found Papaver hovering over a cookbook, he hooked an arm over his shoulders. “Can I smell what the Pap is cooking?”

“A wrestling reference? Really?”

“Wrestling is fantastic,” Coffea gasped. “How dare you sound so disgusted.”

i want to see alex and maggie in bed together. i want to see alex in reading glasses with her book, and maggie with her messy bun working on paperwork. i want maggie finally snuggling down to go to sleep and alex absentmindedly rubbing her back while she reads some more. i want to see alex already awake some morning, watching maggie sleep because she looks so cute even though she snores a little bit. i want to see maggie coming in extra late when alex is already asleep, crawling into bed and immediately big spooning alex so she can kiss her neck because she’s happy to be home. i just really want those sweet, domestic moments that happen naturally when you’re comfy with someone.

Like, Tatiana was not necessarily meant to cry. It was supposed to be an emotional moment, but she just laughed in joy and she just broke, and it was just tears and she was just weeping. And Evelyne was just like, ‘Oh, my God.’ And holding each other—that moment was so real and so raw between the two of them.” -ORPHAN BLACK 508 WRITER AISHA PORTER-CHRISTIE

me : man idk about this Demencia character… I don’t think I might be intrested ://

my gay ass while doodling this : oh honey :)

Does anyone else find it sweet that Logan wanted to take Charles Xavier out on a boat to live out the rest of his days

Their life together was MISERABLE.

It was sad and dark and full of…ugh, driving, sand, and dirt.

Logan not only did not abandon Charles, even though their life together was this boring, horrible, frustrating little struggle for survival. 

He didn’t go searching for a new life.

He STUCK around. 

Took care of Charles’s needs.

Took care of him even though he was dangerous and expensive to take care of and rather petulant, stubborn, and miserable, not easy to be around, due to his mental degradation. 

And what did Logan dream of?

What did he aspire to, after years of glory as a hero and countless victories, years of being strong and free? 

Just wanted to take Charles somewhere happy. 

Just wanted to make him happy and content out on the sea before he died. 

And Logan would’ve been happy there too. 

He was gonna blow his brains out, wasn’t he?


After Xavier died on that boat? 

Did anyone else find that sweet? 

And sad?