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a midsummer night’s dream live (globe 2016)

but, like in sickness, did i loathe this food;
but, as in health, come to my natural taste,
now i do wish it, love it, long for it,
and will for evermore be true to it.
(act iv sc. i)

Here, There Be Dragons

title: Here, There Be Dragons

pairing: akakuro

rating/warnings: it’s nothing super graphic, but akakuro both have shitty pasts and kuroko has a lot of pent up self-hatred.


Over a course of thirteen years, Tetsuya and Seijuurou learns a lot of things.

They learn that magic isn’t always so obvious from the very beginning, that one’s worth isn’t reliant on one’s magical abilities, and that they need each other in all aspects of their life in both the magical and the mundane. They also learn that a bad past doesn’t necessarily always have to mean a bad future.

And maybe, home isn’t an unattainable thing for them.

notes: for my kuroko/akashi?, @ichikonohakko ! this thing is 12k+ beast, and i suffered, but alternate universes, man;  i love anything fantasy and dragons are my favorite creatures, so i’m glad we shared that interest lmao. while i’ll have the full on here, i suggest reading this on ao3 for notes and better formatting, though. this thing is barely beta’d so there will be some mistakes probably.

read on ao3 or below!

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HBO Warmas → Day 18/25: Disney AU

Eugene Roe as Tiana

“Mama, I don’t have time for dancin’, that’s just gonna have to wait a while.”
Spy Thursday - xXFallenstarXx - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Natasha Romanov
Characters: James “Bucky” Barnes, Natasha Romanov
Additional Tags: First Kiss, Fake Relationship
Series: Part 5 of xXFallenstarXx’s BuckyNat Week 2017

Two spies in a love hotel. Two lovers who don’t know how to love.

eyy it’s adira here with another super late shitty fic enjoy


Oh, am I talkin’ too loud?
Sometimes I get over excited, shoot off at the mouth
I never had a group of friends before
I promise that I’ll make y’all proud

wowie wow I recently got a bunch of followers and thought I’d say thanks by making a follow forever bc i don’t post anything original so a shout out to the people who do and a really bad graphic thingy

I’m not gonna alphabetize these tho so

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Thank you all for doing what you do!

tessrps christmas pack!! →

 So I got super motivated earlier to make a Christmas pack, filled with all sorts of fun things, and now its time to share it with you! If you can ignore my shitty graphic up top (ew) then I hope you enjoy this pack!! EVERYTHING was cut out by myself, literally spent like 14 hours on photoshop working on all the pngs. I didn’t make the backgrounds or the brushed but I hope you enjoy! The set includes:

  • 50 Holiday PNGS
  • 8 People PNGS (in holiday outfits)
  • 6 backgrounds
  • 33 brushes (its a photoshop file so unfortunately these will only open with photoshop)

Please like or reblog if you use, show me all my time was worth it! XOXO [[download]]

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Skip Muck (feat. That one thing we all pretend didn’t happen) + text posts (4/?)

so i made this at four in the morning yesterday and passed tf out and haven’t been on the computer since

but here u go

can everyone please stop making shitty inaccurate posts now

First of all, I am both surprised and elated and confused. Of course, I can get super sappy but I’m pretty sure we don’t want me spilling my guts out. BUT!! I will say that I am incredibly grateful for the continued support on this meme Hell hole of a blog and it makes me exceedingly happy that so many people enjoy what I’m doing here and like Dantalion!!! Now before I dump names, these are really in no particular order and have people I roleplay with often to those I simply admire and I probably forget people and I’m sorry!! But thank you so much guys!  

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So the time has come again for me to make a shitty graphic and praise all of you for being fantastic. Yes, it’s follow forever time. I actually hit 1.5k a week or so ago, but I’ve been super busy so I’m only just getting round to it. As usual, bold names are super fab, and italicised names are people I’d like to get to know better in the future. Thank you for your continued support of this trashy as shit blog. I love you all so much. 


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A little problem with reversed rolls [if you wish to read it]

I work fast food. I know there are all kinds of bad customers which include those who try to scam for free things. However, you can’t just assume that they’re trying to steal from you. I try to give the benefit of the doubt and I wouldn’t frame someone to try to make them pay for my own mistake. You just don’t push your faults onto your customers.

My story begins with Apple. I had gotten a 17" MacBook Pro for my 21st birthday. I was super stoked because I thought I was getting a shitty Lenovo. Within the first week, I had to take it back to Apple because the logic board failed. They were supposedly forced to replace the entire computer. That nixed my Apple Care. $350 gone. But hey, it happens.

A few months later, it starts acting up. It has display problems and being a graphic design student entering my finals this poses a huge problem. I’m calm and patient despite my entire world revolving around this computer (I don’t have a desktop) and bring it in multiple times driving miles through traffic and squeezing through their overly-crowded store. They take it apart half a dozen times, I’m screenshotting and printing error reports, taking pictures and videos with my phone, writing all the procedures I did to try to fix it based on research and advice from technicians and generally trying to help all that I can. Well eventually, they said that my computer need a lot of parts repaired and that should be the end-all-be-all. $330. I spent most of my portfolio show money on fixing it. It works great again.

Not even six months later, I’m getting the same problems. I go through the same procedure and be as helpful and patient as I can even though they would often make me wait up to 45 minutes past my appointment time and they’d shuffle me between kids who didn’t seem to know a USB port from a CD drive (I figured there must be real technicians behind the walls). It needs to be fixed for the same problems. Another $330. Starting to get a little miffed. Mind  you, they haven’t figured out what has happened exactly. They were basically fixing symptoms but not the cause.

It’s not even a week and my computer is messing up more than ever. I immediately book an appointment and head down there. The man I spoke to (and worked with before) said that since it’s been so recent, they’d cover my repairs. He even got his manager to write off on it because it was under store warranty. They say it’ll take 3-5 days.

A week passes and no word. On day 8, I get an email saying that I need to approve some random errors (it didn’t say what it was for) and that it “voided the warranty” and would cost $770+ to fix it. THAT’S MORE THAN THE FIRST TWO REPAIRS COMBINED!!

I was livid but I kept my cool. I called in to see what was going on (after navigating their annoying automated phone service) and they’re saying it’s water damage.

Now, as a personal note, I treasure my laptop more than anything on this planet that isn’t living. I would give up my car before I gave up my laptop. Food and liquid doesn’t come within five feet of this laptop. This laptop isn’t for porn, emulators, downloaded movies/music, or anything that could possibly mess it up. I. Treasure. My. Laptop.

They had the gall to tell me that there was so much water damage that it had leaked through the entire computer.

Excuse the fuck out of me??? EXCUSE. THE FUCK. OUT. OF. ME.

My laptop has been taken apart now over a dozen times for the same repeated problems. No where was it even mentioned that it could have somehow have been water damage. Like I mentioned above, I take good care of my laptop. Water doesn’t come near this thing. Now, all of a sudden, they find all of this water damage that they described as equivalent to someone pouring an entire soda can onto my keyboard. If I had done something like that, don’t you think I would have FUCKING SAID THAT?? Why would I have wasted so much of my time and money instead of having it fixed in one go??

Now, all of a sudden that it’s being covered by a warranty, the problems I’m having is something that coincidentally voids this warranty.

I call the store manager. He was feeding me a load of crap. He was telling me that despite him already agreeing to cover all of it, he would cover only half. I told him that’s not good enough. I told him I knew I was being jerked around.

I hang up with him. He was useless. He was a pawn. I knew that. If I wanted this worked out, I’d have to go to someone who has my laptop. I call the repair center Apple uses in my area. I explain to the guy what has been going on and he looks at all the notes that the other techs and I have put together and he agrees that something is awry. It didn’t make sense. He agreed that if it was really what they were saying, it would have been noticed immediately. He was looking at my laptop as we spoke and he says that there’s no way that they would have missed it and the water damage doesn’t look old.

He agreed to fix everything free of charge because I was obviously being messed with by some crappy employees. I’m assured that I won’t get the same deal again. I told him that it was fine because I don’t plan on going back to the Apple Store if this is how they want to run things.

What really upsets me is that I really didn’t deserve this. I was so patient, cooperative, and understanding. I did everything I could to help them out. I know what it’s like to work with upset and angry customers or people trying to get one over on you. I do. I talk about it openly. I didn’t deserve to be scammed over. They literally tried to make me pay for their own mistakes.

Sometimes, it really is the cashiers. Sometimes they really deserve to have hate rained onto them.

Upon further research, this kind of “tomfoolery” isn’t uncommon with Apple Stores. I read stories about employees putting child porn on the computer of a woman they hated and then called the cops on her.

Just. No…

Hyperion-issued Motivational Poster #36

People think of Rhys’s collection of Handsome Jack posters as super sexy and that’s completely valid and all but hear me out:

Shitty actual-motivational-poster-inspired Hyperion propaganda

Inspired by @starrelia

Proof that I take one-off jokes FAR too seriously

Okay friends, I’ve had this blog for just over a year now and I thought it was about time I acknowledge all of the fantastic people I’ve met on here! Whether I’ve never talked to you, I’ve talked to you once or twice, we used to talk all the time and never do anymore, or we talk every single day, I adore each and every one of you and I want to thank you all for making my experience on this ridiculous website fantastic! 

So, to everybody on this list and everybody I may have forgotten, thank you!

(also please ignore the shitty graphic- i’m a writer, not an artist)

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hey B) so i hit 1k a few months ago which was super cool so i decided to make my First Ever follow forever to thank all of u for being so lovely n making my dash as fun n great as it is!! i was gonna bold faves but almost everyone ended up bein bolded so im not doing that i guess anyway i lov u all *rupsha voice* *harry voice* all the lov


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hey guys i’m super close to my next hundred so i thought its tumblr awards time!! ♥ ♥

♡  rules:

  • mbf this trashbag
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  • deadline is nov. 25th
  • 1 winner and 1-2 runner ups for each category

♡  categories:

kira yukimura award// best url
liam dunbar award// best icon
allison argent award// best theme
lydia martin award// best edits*
stiles stilinski award// best teen wolf
clarke griffin award// best the 100
glenn rhee award// best multifandom
malia tate award// best overall 
scott mccall award// nicest blogger
bellamy blake award// personal favourite
 * = reblog with your creations tag

prizes under the cut, enjoy!!  ♥ ♥

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I started making this follow forever at the start of the year when I had just hit 2k followers and now I’ve surpassed 5.2k. Which is really, super amazing. And I’m a lazy butt who really should have gotten around to thanking everyone a lot sooner. So here it is, my first follow forever.

Firstly, thank you to halfghxul for getting me into haikyuu in the first place. Without you there would be no haiwaizumi and I wouldn’t enjoy sports anime like I do. And to sakamchis for creating this graphic for me so i didn’t make something shitty on paint. Also for making me eat my words of “I’ll never reach 1,000 followers by the end of 2015” and not gloating too much when I ended up being really wrong. Both of you are awesome.

Here is a list of some of my favorite blogs that I am incredibly lucky to have found on this stupid website. (Please note that not all of these blogs post haikyuu) Mutuals are bolded.


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