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wonder woman 2 wishful thinking:

The year is 1973. The Cold War is at its height, and Berlin is infested with spies and mistrust. When a friend of hers is murdered in his home in Germany, Diana Prince heads to East Berlin in order to unravel the mystery behind the death, and finds that not only is there more to the murder than she first thought, but her pursuit of truth has drawn the attention of a shadowy organization that is not interested in being dragged out into the light, and is willing to try to silence her at any cost.

Up to and including sending a ghost story after her.

HBO Warmas → Day 18/25: Disney AU

Eugene Roe as Tiana

“Mama, I don’t have time for dancin’, that’s just gonna have to wait a while.”


1. Aces and aros are a diverse group of actual ppl

2. Someone saying they’re ace/aro is not info about “their sex life” let alone a graphic detail regarding it that no one should know ever but a partner™. Ppl talking about being ace/aro outside such a relationship are not “weird” or gross for it. If you clam otherwise you’re a horrible person and a piece of shit.

3. The “abstinence only” crowd/conservatives do not somehow think aces and aros are super great

4. There is no such thing as ace/aro privilege.

5. Treating aces/aros without basic respect and/or wishing bad things on us for being ace/aro is 100% vile

6. Being shitty to ppl and then calling it “discourse” does not obligate those ppl to have a discussion with you if they want to call that crap out (and a ton of really nasty crap has gone on in this mess, don’t try to claim otherwise). For one, just no. Also, “discourse” can refer to communication in general not just a direct debate. Someone writing a post about shit that’s gone down and then ignoring (or blocking) ppl who try to argue about it is not doing “discourse” wrong even in a technical sense.

Super shitty screencap of this pic from the Talking Dead because I love it and I haven’t seen it floating around anywhere yet


a midsummer night’s dream live (globe 2016)

but, like in sickness, did i loathe this food;
but, as in health, come to my natural taste,
now i do wish it, love it, long for it,
and will for evermore be true to it.
(act iv sc. i)

anonymous asked:

late night talks with dallas?

— fuck man I don’t even know
— he’d talk about random stuff
— with dally I think it really depends on who you are
— and how long you’ve been together
— you could be a one night stand and have an amazing conversation about waffles at the diner on the ribbon
— or you could be someone he’s super close with and would talk about his feelings w
— not graphically bc this is dally we’re talking about but
— or missing New York
— or stories about things he’s done
— yeah, like I said, it depends
— if you’re sarcastic you guys might have a kind of war of wits like??
— or if you’re really sad he might talk about how shitty his parents are
— or if you’re really outgoing and funny he might talk about pranks you guys should pull

i’ve been looking for more people in my fandoms to follow, so like. if this stuff pertains to you, pls reblog or like the post so i can check out your blog.

  • fandoms: mass effect, dragon age, overwatch, world of warcraft. i have a wow blog at @nightwell if you’re interested!!
  • tagging systems are really important. like, fandoms, characters, and ships.
  • you make edits or graphics? that’s super cool. write fic? that’s super cool, too.
  • if you ship jaal w male ryder, you get extra bonus points. fuck it. if you’re gonna put more gay content in general on my dash, you get extra points in your favor.
  • it would be favorable if you weren’t homophobic or transphobic. or like a shitty person in general.

btw, signal boosting this would be great.

Some shitty things happened at work today and I felt super down, so I edited  this graphic into this silly thing and made it available on my Redbubble shop. I made it available on tote bags, throw pillows, stickers, phone cases and spiral notebooks :)

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I Won’t Hurt You

Request: One where reader gets beaten up and is found in an alley way by g and is taken in and wakes up to him drawing and freaks out and 👌👌👌👌👌

AN: YES I FINALLY FINISHED ONE!!!! oml im so happy that another request. This one in particular was really fun to write. Also possibly a shitty title but idk??? oh well, I hope you enjoy it!

Warning: not a super graphic description of someone getting beaten up but still be careful just in case


Kaitlyn turns to you as you run up to her, a disgusted look on her face, which she quickly replaces with a fake smile. It’s clear to you that she’s going to try and act like she’s completely innocent. You brush your hair out of your face and stand firmly, face to face with her.

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sovereign-chuami  asked:

Moosey I have another dumb question for you :| ... how do you take the black background off your gif sets? I'm using Hex for my other blog and I noticed it has one of your HUD graphics on it with a transparent bg. I did google this, but the only solution I can find is to manually delete the black from each gif frame, is that the only way to do it? I had a go but it's leaving ugly blocky bits of black behind in the tiny corners and stuff.

arrrgh, oooh no… that’s like, super hard work!  not a dumb question though, just a little ps trick… the hex theme gif isn’t transparent, what i did was overlay the gif onto the background image and change the overlay mode… soooo, here’s a shitty graphic and a lil tutorial to demonstrate how to use one of the ‘overlay’ gifs on your graphics (which gives an almost ‘transparent gif’ effect)!!

i’ll be making this ( in like 2 mins, so it’s not perf!! )

tutorial and links to gif overlays under the cut! :3

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Summary: Dan has fallen into a deep depression and has developed an eating disorder. Phil is painfully unaware until it’s too late.

Categories: Angst (but a semi-happy ending?), One-Shot

Word Count: 2,732

Warnings: Self-harm, established Phan, depression, eating disorder, character death, graphic depiction of suicide, swearing, and about a thousand extremely subtle MCR references.

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so i made this at four in the morning yesterday and passed tf out and haven’t been on the computer since

but here u go

can everyone please stop making shitty inaccurate posts now


Oh, am I talkin’ too loud?
Sometimes I get over excited, shoot off at the mouth
I never had a group of friends before
I promise that I’ll make y’all proud


Skip Muck (feat. That one thing we all pretend didn’t happen) + text posts (4/?)


I didn’t  k n o w .