this is a subtle call for intervention

[Al-Latif/ The Subtle]
In line with this divine name we all benefit from Allah’s numerous favours. Needless to add, He has provided us with a variety of material objects which stand out for their beauty, proportion and usefulness. Out of the same divine attribute we are blessed with mental, psychological and spiritual faculties, consciousness, insights and inclination for doing good. We therefore owe it to Him that we should act kindly towards everyone and help the needy in particular. “Allah is kind to His servants. He gives provision to whom He wills…” ‎﴾42.19‬‎﴿‬
Allah is gentle to people. He looks after them though they may not be aware of it. ‘Al Latif’ also means the All subtle. Sometimes Allah’s kindness comes in subtle ways; ways people may not discern. He may turn an anticipated calamity into a less harmful incident or even into a blessing. The Prophet Joseph, peace be upon him, had this to say when Allah turned his misfortunes to glory and happiness “Surely my Lord does what He wills in a subtle way.” ‎﴾‎12.100‬‎﴿‬
The All Subtle is also the One who cannot be apprehended by any means, while He sees even those things that seem to us invisible, like vision itself. “No vision can grasp Him, but He has grasp over all vision. He is the All-Subtle, the All-Aware.” ‎﴾‬‎6.103﴿‬
Thus our hearts and minds are open to Allah; He knows the most hidden thoughts and secrets. “Shall He who has created all things not know them all? And He is the All-Subtle, the All-Aware.” ‎﴾‬‎67.14﴿‬
This is the name to call when one is in hardship, asking for Allah’s gentleness and subtle intervention.

You’re a cruel one, Touka.

I thought this was an interesting choice of words to describe Touka. In Ch. 120 of TG, Touka hits him and calls him trash. What is Kaneki’s reaction to that? Nothing. He takes the beating, and he even mulls over her words afterwards, eventually deciding that she’s right, he’s being selfish, and that he wants to return to Anteiku, where he is loved.

In this chapter (Ch. 72 of TG:Re), Touka simply calls his name and tells him that she’ll see him later, a subtle reminder that he has people who love him waiting for him. And this time, Kaneki’s reaction is to call her, or her words at least, cruel.

I’m not saying that Touka should continue physically beating sense into Kaneki (although I don’t think she should be dragged to hell and back for it either, because she was shown regretting it and clearly has learned from the incident), just pointing this out because it says a lot about Kaneki, I think. Kaneki, who is used to being physically and verbally abused, takes her first intervention nonchalantly. This kindness, this gentleness, this faith in him that Touka is showing now –– it’s something that Kaneki is not used to (he has people who treat him well of course, like Hide, but he simply doesn’t internalise kindness the same way he does abuse).

My take on it would be that when Touka hit Kaneki, when he saw how much he had hurt her by leaving, he must have felt awful, but at the same time, he used that to validate his view of himself, that he’s not worthy of receiving love and kindness. So seeing how much faith Touka has in him now, compared to their last proper encounter where she took her anger out on him, takes him by surprise. 

He wants to die for someone in order to feel like he’s worth something, but here Touka is, telling him that he is worthy and he is loved without needing to go to such lengths. She is being cruel in this instance because she is deconstructing his reasons for seeking a glorified death. She is being cruel because she’s no longer enabling and validating Kaneki’s view of himself as worthless. She’s calling out to the part of Kaneki that doesn’t want to die, that wants to go back to all his friends, making it harder for him to tell himself that this is something he must do. After all, why would he need to die to prove his worth if he already has people who love him?

Tomco Headcanons

-Marco gets tickets to Love Sentence for him and Tom, as a totally brotonic thank you for the Mackey Hand thing, but they end up sharing their first kiss during the finale performance of “Too Little Too Late”, after laughing about the irony and singing along
-start hanging out regularly after that
-Tom’s dumbass life coach keeps screwing everything up to the point where Marco, in a fit of frustrated bragging, claims he could do a better job as Dr Marco PhD
-ends up getting really invested in researching actual demon psychology from a library that Star found in another dimension, where they have sources for literally EVERYTHING
-finds out that not only is a demon’s anger necessary, but helps them harness their powers in ways they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. the only caveat is that it can consume them completely if they don’t exercise mental checks and balances to keep it at a manageable level, which is what Tom should’ve been learning instead 
-Marco shares this discovery with Tom and starts helping him find healthy ways to be the true DEMON he should be, instead of the average human he was trying to be
-Tom fires Brian, but keeps the bunny. he’s really grown attached to the little thing
-soon becomes much more centered and in control, only after a short month of training with Marco, and now can actually get angry without losing himself, even taking pleasure in a therapeutic rage smite like other demons
-his possessive feelings towards Star also disappear, much to his amazement, like a huge weight has been lifted from his heart
-probably helps that he and Marco have been smootch buddies this whole time
-even trying polynesian
-neither of them really want to admit anything about feelings, so just resign themselves to a close-friends-with-benefits title
-Marco still argues that his crush on Jackie comes first, and he read that sexual releases can help demons to focus their energies, so defends that it’s mostly for Tom’s benefit rather than his own urges
-Tom just doesn’t want to screw up the only great, stable friendship he’s ever had
-Star calls bullshit and, once she’s past the my-ex-and-my-bestie-are-hooking-up weirdness, decides extreme matchmaking intervention is in order
-tries EVERY not-so-subtle chance she gets to pair them off together
-even going on fake double dates just to ditch them in the movie theater
-or park
-or bubble lounge
-or romantic dimension where couples go just to make out
-eventually Marco’s like STAP and Tom actually talks to her about it
-Star, surprised by his maturity and actual ability to rationalize his thoughts towards Marco’s feelings and the uncertainty of his own, rethinks her hastiness and realizes just how GOOD they are for each other
-decides to play the long con instead
-gives them their space but still organizes little ways to nudge Marco or Tom into opening up to each other, especially about each other
-eventually BIG SCHOOL DANCE happens
-Marco tries and fails desperately to ask Jackie out
-Tom, even though they’ve still been intimate, is supportive of Marco going for it, trying to help him succeed with each new plan
-after all they’re just FRIENDS
-however, the Big Day looms nearer and Jackie ends up getting asked out by someone else, whom she says yes to
-Marco is crushed
-Star huffs about it, knowing the OBVIOUS answer to his problems, but doesn’t want to pressure him 
-so instead calls Tom
-convinces him no it won’t ruin ANYTHING if you just go with him, come on, you can go with friends to dances it’s better than him just moping around the house watching karate marathons and bingeing on Sad Marco Nachos
-but still makes him bring his boom box, for reasons Tom
-which is how Tom wound up in Marco’s living room, holding a boom box above his head, blasting Love Sentence’s “Girl, Don’t be Sad, Let’s go Stag” at top volume while a pajama-clad Marco drops all his nachos in shock and Star’s eyes grow way too dilated in excitement behind them
-so Tom and Marco go have a grand ball (get it) of a time and even when they run into Jackie and her date later in the evening, Marco surprisingly doesn’t… feel all too bad… about missing his chance with her
-because he realizes, while watching Tom hex the punch bowl to never quite fill any glass all the way to the top, laughing along when they spot someone’s frustration and catch each other’s eyes, maybe he took a much more important chance instead

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OUaT - Justice?

Tumblr ate your ask, Anon, but fortunately I have a copy.

Your recent Regina post got me thinking about theories of justice. What do you think is OUAT’s philosophy of why/who/and how to punish someone? I feel like there’s a fair amount of karmaic punishment by the show universe (“villains can’t get their happy endings…[because they] always go about getting them the wrong way” i.e. Hook vs Oncoming Car), but less direct punishment by wronged characters (Belle sending Rumple over the town line). Would love to hear your take!

What a delightful question this is! I hope I’m going to answer this well for you, because I had so much fun thinking about it while I was away. :) This is officially my favorite thing.

OUaT is a fairy tale; that’s the language it speaks, the symbolism it uses. Fairy tales are, to a large extent, concerned with rules. Do this, or a wolf will eat you. Don’t do that, or the fairies will get you. Be polite to old women, or don’t come crying to me when you get cursed.

So what are the “do this or elses” of the Once-verse, what is the “else,” and who deals it out?

This is kinda long. :)

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anonymous asked:

mattfoggy, "I just wanted to see you."

He knows Foggy’s apartment as well as his own. The position of every piece of furniture, the layout of every hall, which floorboards creak and how you have to hit the shower after you turn it on to get any water. Foggy’s changed nothing since he moved in, yet another unconscious adjustment his friend has made for him.

He’s never entered through the window before though and it puts him off kilter for the briefest second, twisting his mental map of the drafty apartment. Matt makes a note to get Foggy some new windows, it was far too easy for him to break in. He’s not sure why he came, what he hopes to accomplish by breaking in to Foggy’s apartment before dawn.

Matt breathes in deep, holds for a second before releasing the air in his lungs. He notes the rough gravely sound echoing from three of his ribs. Fractured, not broken. A blessing considering the particularly rough beating he’s taken that night. Potter’s armour may have saved his life.

“Matt?” Matt flinches, his bruised and dislocated shoulder cracking against the frame of the window as his attention snaps towards Foggy. His senses falling upon his friend picking up the soft rise of his chest, the gentle scent of sleep clinging to Foggy’s skin and the rapidly increasing heartbeat beneath his ribs, echoing like a drum. He didn’t even notice his approach, which is disconcerting for Matt. “Buddy?”

“I’m fine Foggy.”

“Really? Because there’s small lake under you and you didn’t respond the first couple of times I called out.” Foggy says, his feet padding quietly across the floor towards Matt. The disturbance in the flames is subtle, like Foggy reached out but changed his mind.

“Rough night.” Matt replies simply.

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