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Is there any doubt in your mind that SamCait's stylists work together and that they themselves help plan their clothing choices? They look like images out of old Hollywood and even separately they look like one part of a matching set. They are meant to be together. Besides being clueless about what makes a real relationship STARZ execs are marketing morons.

They’re gorgeous together even when they’re not.  SO meant to be.  Maybe it’s the subtlety of it, intentional or not, that keeps us drawn in.  Sam and Cait are subliminal advertising.  Sam and new gf are the Kenny Rogers chicken sign outside Kramers’ bedroom window,

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Why does Mojo Jojo have pointy ears in the later seasons of the show?

…aesthetics? I guess? After the movie came out, they freshened up the designs of the characters on the show to reflect the new design from the film, and that’s where his pointy ears first showed up:

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I’m just gonna go on a limb and say it was just a stylistic choice to make him look a little more evil and bring in some more angles (and I’m sure a certain individual here on Tumblr could further elucidate if he was so inclined to! :D), but… ick. I’m personally not a big fan of the choice. It’s a little less extreme in the movie than in the show where it makes him look more like a goblin than a chimp. And I think they ended up kind of making his face a little more narrow for the show, too, so he kind of looked…

…icky. Bleh.

I dunno. I was glad that for The PPG Rule!!! they went back to his original design with his rounded ears (and I was happy they did it for the reboot too… even though the rest of the design is lacking) ‘cause he’s not JUST a super serious evil angular villain. He’s gotta be able to look goofy and chimpy too! He’s our little antihero!

the signs as directly quoted insults from Donald Trump's recent tweets
  • Aries: Ungrateful TRAITOR
  • Taurus: "evil"
  • Gemini: FAKE NEWS
  • Cancer: Sad!
  • Leo: Very Un-American
  • Virgo: Total Disaster
  • Libra: so-called judge (bonus: SEE YOU IN COURT)
  • Scorpio: Did a bad job as Governor of California and even worse on the Apprentice
  • Sagittarius: EASY D!
  • Capricorn: The Failing New York Times
  • Aquarius: Fake Tears
  • Pisces: Bad "dudes"

What the heck, I didn’t even notice that the title card for the original Killing Stalking was so cool, look at this:

In Korean, the title should be written 킬링 스토킹 but they’ve replaced the ㅋ and the ㅅ with their English consonant counterparts. What a neat stylistic choice. I prefer this to the rough, scribbly font they used for the English title card instead.

consider: fukurodani’s sharpshooter second in command akaashi keiji from @natroze n I’s khr/hq au (muffled yelling)

I’m opening my commissions! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

Paypal only please (Payment in full beforehand)★

Works best with bright colors and feminine characters (No anthro)★

Artistic freedom and stylistic choices will be made★

Mild NSFW okay★

[You must confirm the terms of the commission before an invoice will be sent. A lot of people forget this and I wait to hear back from them–In this case I move on to the next inquiry and re-open that slot.]

Cartoon Criticism Dictionary

(aka phrases I use here to describe very specific things)

Sameface Syndrome: when various female characters all have their faces designed according to the exact same formula, in a way that detracts from the story and is clearly done only to make them “beautiful.” Does not apply to stylistic choices, and does not mean that the characters literally all have the exact same face. Ex. The women in Frozen were designed with major Sameface Syndrome.

Keaneface: currently the most common female face in Western animation, consisting of a heart-shaped face with large eyes and a small, low-placed nose and mouth. Popularized (though not invented) by legendary Disney animator Glen Keane.Ex. Moana has a different body type, but she still definitely has some Keaneface going on.

Girly-Tomboy Compex: when all female characters in a movie or show can be defined as either “girly-girls” (typically feminine clothing and interests) or “tomboys” (actively rallying against feminine clothing and interests, and/or interested in “boy stuff”). Ex. GoGo Tomago and Honey Lemon are pretty much complete stereotypes! They really exemplify the Girly-Tomboy Complex.

Usagi Syndrome: when a female character is criticized for traits that are universally accepted in male characters, such as being annoying, lazy, or gluttonous. Named for the protagonist of Sailor Moon, Tsukino Usagi.Ex. The publisher told me that the protagonist of my novel was too immature for her age. I guess she got hit with Usagi Syndrome.

Girl Power Quota: the practice of having your female character(s) act tough throughout most of the film and/or save the male character(s) at least once, only to suddenly become helpless during the climax.Ex. How come that character who knows kung fu was suddenly incapacitated by someone grabbing her arm? Guess the writers hit their Girl Power Quota.

Strong Independent Woman™: also called the Strong Female Character™. Refers to a method of writing female characters where, instead of giving the character an actual personality, the writer instead makes them “strong” with shortcuts like making them needlessly violent, having them constantly sass others, decrying all typical feminine traits as “weak”, etc.Ex. I was excited that they decided to add a female character to the action hero team, but she was too much of a Strong Independent Woman™ to be interesting. The writers clearly don’t know what women are really like.

Historical Accuracy Fallacy: the claim that it is okay for a story to star mostly white characters because of historical accuracy, even though the story uses fantasy elements that are obviously not historically accurate, not to mention many historical time periods had more POC than we realize.Ex. I got an anon message saying that there shouldn’t be black people in How to Train Your Dragon because the vikings were white, but I guess they were still fine with the dragons! They fell right into the Historical Accuracy Fallacy.

Chipette Principle: making female characters who are essentially exactly the same as the male characters, except with gender signifiers like eyelashes, pronounced lips, the color pink somewhere on their person, or clothing. Coined by Lindsey Ellis. Ex. Classic Disney characters rely way too much on the Chipette Principle, what with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck.

Feel free to suggest more!

can i just say, please don’t hate on taeyong or winwin for their hairstyles? i am pretty sure idols aren’t really in the place to tell their stylist what hairs styles to give them (i don’t think mark would ask to bleach his hair 7 times) so please please don’t hate the boys or anything. it’s not their choice i’m pretty sure it was their stylists. 


This picture popped up on my dash so many times that this idea just wouldn’t stay away… 

Assisting on a photo shoot with none other than Harry Styles as the subject was a dream come true. You worked with the stylist for weeks before hand, selecting the perfect suits and outfit choices. Everything was run past Harry. You saw him at every meeting. He was there with you and your boss pouring over the photos of Idol, McCartney, and Jagger for inspiration. He was charming and incomparably kind. 

The first day of the three part shoot was full of excitement and last minute additions. One of which you were holding in your shaking fingers. A leather collar that you were about to strap onto Harry. You were alone in the bedroom of his home in Homes Chapel that was doubling as his dressing room. Harry gathered up his hair as you stood behind him and slid the collar around his neck and slotted it through the buckle. You pulled it through and tested the tightness. 

“How does that feel? Too tight?” Your voice shook a little as you walked around in front of him. He let his hair down. You stepped closer and leaned in to adjust the placement of the collar on his neck and make sure it was centered. 

“It’s good. It feels just tight enough.” He rasps, his hand joining yours on the leather around his neck. You hoped he wouldn’t notice the shake in your fingers at the sight of the collar. 

“It looks good on you. It works well with this look. Very edgy.” You said, your eyes still locked on his leather clad neck. Your crush on Harry was exploding into full blown lust while being faced with your light bondage kink. Suddenly, he removed his hand from the collar and gripped the back of your bare thigh under your skirt and pulled you closer to him. 

“It does look good, but I bet it would look better on you.” He whispered into your ear. Your knees wobbled and all you could do was gasp. 

“Will you wear it for me later, Love?” He nibbled along your neck and squeezed your thigh. You could only nod. He smiled and stood up, his body brushing against yours on the way up. “Good girl.” He winked before leaving you standing alone in his bedroom, hopelessly turned on. 


chapter 9 // chapter 18

it looks like most of his bandages are missing, and notably the one on his collarbone from when sangwoo cut him with the can. i can’t tell if it’s just a stylistic choice, or if it’s supposed to signify that a good amount of time has passed and lots of his injuries are healed/healing…

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i dont understand why zoro wears glasses sometimes. i mean, im not complaining, but

ahaha well a lot of the straw hats randomly wear glasses sometimes, it seems to be a stylistic choice more than anything

it is kinda funny that zoro often ends up being given glasses in movies/official art though, since i doubt he’s super big on reading (i headcanon him as being essentially illiterate, actually) and, as a glasses wearer myself, i can say there’s no way in hell someone as active/physical as zoro would choose to wear glasses for no reason, since they’d be falling off and pissing him off all the time

BUT like you said i can’t complain lol, he looks super cute in glasses.  i especially love the ones he wears in film z.


The stream I recorded from yesterday is now up online. It’s me compositing a 2D animated shot (Actually, two!) in After Effects from start to finish. This is for one of my projects of I’ve been on and off. Again, compositing is also known as “Post Production”, “Final Image” or “Polishing the poo”. I talk about direction, making stylistic choices, composition, cheating certain effects, etc.

Fenris in Fog

This is my submission for @teamblueandangry’s reverse big bang event: Glow Bang! As part of the event, I was teamed up with @wardenari who created an amazing fic to go along with my artwork. Please go check it out!

His First Friend - @wardenari

My goal with this piece was to create a visual story that represented the mystery that comes with the Fog Warriors and Fenris’s time on Seheron. I also wanted to take the opportunity to explore stylistic choices outside of my comfort zone as well as pattern making. I hope you all enjoy the art and fic as much as I do! <3 

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Hey Khonjin! First I'd like to say thank you for the awesome series, and all the entertainment you've provided all of us! My question, is lore related. Is there any significance to the repeated imagery of Pent bleeding from his head, or is it just a stylistic choice to show him going mad? If I'm not mistaken it appears at least twice in KH and seems quite important to understand whats going on with Pent's character.

Smack dealt him the injury.