this is a stupid fad

My favourite thing about Soldier 76 being a cranky old man is that he’s born in like, the 2020′s so all the “back in his day” stuff he reminisces about are things we’ll all be complaining are stupid young people fads in the next five or ten years.

Like, Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes as young men in the 2040′s would be leaving comments on like, Justin Beiber futuretube videos complaining “people my age just don’t appreciate the classics anymore.”


I get Trans and I get being a man that is effeminate, or masculine women; however most “gender-less” people seem to just be silly special-snowflakes looking for attention. Creating new boxes to escape boxes is stupid. I’m pretty sure it’s a fad for 85% of the new “non-binaries” It gets worse in pagan circles. “I identify as a unicorn”, “I identify as a forest elf, not a female”….wut? Why? Why can’t you be a woman/man AND someone who mainly identifies with their interests and beliefs. Why treat gender like the most important part of who you are as a person? By making 37 genders that is what you’re doing. You are saying gender, above all else, is what defines a person and makes them who they are.

So I’ve been watching Brave Police J-Decker and have been loving the shit out of it but I realized I’ve taken quite a few screenshots with observations and posted them on my twitter account (which you should totally follow), but not on here! So here goes. 

First, I noticed this little reference in episode one (and a couple others) to another famous robot police officer. 

Not to mention, I realized that Deckerd’s name is itself a reference to a sci-fi detective who may or may not be a robot himself. 

Then, there was this one episode where the bad guys concocted a gas that makes people believe really stupid things are cool, basically creating fads to make everyone look really stupid. 

Then it seems the group that subbed the show had some disagreement about one of the episode titles. 

Then in the same episode, we get one of the best explanations for a design element ever. 

Then I recently got to an episode where a panda grows to immense size (it’s that kind of show) and the show demonstrates an excellent self-awareness of its own nature. 

We also get the formation of a new religion which I’m sure many people would be into. 

Then, after they’ve gotten the panda to stop destroying the city, this 1994 anime semi-predicts the future of children’s media. 

And finally, McCrane has a really weird way of flirting. 

That’s all for now. last episode I watched was 20, so please no spoilers.

Absolutely Fabulous hit the nail right on the head back in 1992(?). No matter what the HAES-Fat-Acceptance crowd would have you believe; it really is that easy, and everyone should be doing it.

Step 1. REDUCE your calorie intake. This does not mean starvation or only eating lettuce for the rest of your life. Eat that burger and fries if you want, but only have it once a week as opposed to daily. MODERATION is the key. Any adult should be capable of reducing their calorie intake sensibly, without resorting to stupid starvation diets and fad crazes that either don’t work or are impossible to maintain. (Grapefruit diet, anyone?)

Step 2. Increase your exercise. Simple things; get off the bus one stop sooner and walk the rest of the way, take the stairs instead of the lift, do some bloody lunges while the kettle is boiling…again, its not difficult.

The problem comes when people “Diet” as opposed to “changing their diet”, a Diet is a plan that may or may not work, and is a short-term thing. Going on a 2 week Fad Diet, then going back to eating 5000 calories a day is stupid, and is the reason behind the “95% of diets fail” excuse that fatties love to spout at you.

Changing your diet means accepting that you need fewer calories than you are consuming. Plus, choosing healthy options over unhealthy ones actually means you can eat MORE, why would you not want to do that? If you think that healthy eating automatically equals starvation, you need to make better food choices.

Anyone can lose weight, by making some simple changes and by taking responsibility for themselves, but that takes a modicum of effort. Let’s be honest, fat people either start off or become lazy, and would rather claim that they are “meant” to be obese and it’s “not their fault” than make the slightest effort.

You don’t need fad diets and fat-loss wraps that some idiot is selling on Facebook, you don’t need to spend money on expensive gyms or equipment; all you need to lose weight is the willingness to take responsibility for your own body, to learn to moderate your calorie intake and the will to succeed.

But that would mean admitting your precious Fat Activism and HAES campaign is simply passing the buck and placing the blame on everyone and everything except where it actually belongs: with you.


Let us all recognize our beautiful indian culture with thousand year old classical (Bharatanatyam) and folk dances (Bhangra). Indian culture is one of the most unique and extravagant in the world, with deep roots and meaning behind every aspect. The bindi is very holy to hindus, and it is not to be desensitized and fetishized for an insignificant music festival. Desi girls should wear their Bindis, Lehngas, Mehndi, Tikkas, leg hair, and bushy brows with pride. Never will I be ashamed of MY culture, and I cannot believe that I allowed myself to conform to white supremacy because you white people can’t stand to see something different and beautiful. We’ve had enough of you nitpicking the pretty and shiny aspects of indian culture, and then going and teasing brown girls because of their body hair and food. This is MY culture, this is MY identity and you WILL NOT make it into a stupid fad. #reclaimthebindi #coachellashutdown

date: here, have a breadstick.

me: oh, thank you, but I have to eat gluten free because I have Celiac-

date: oh, don’t tell me you are on that stupid fad diet too, I know so many people that do that, like you don’t even lose weight-

me: *dumping salad in my purse* oh I just remembered I have to go feed my cat, bye.

women: surrender your boundaries, stupid!

Another peak “trans” phenom: I’m noticing a trend on-line of people in the “trans” fad/cult calling any woman “stupid” if she is not willing to share intimate space (showers, locker rooms, restrooms, shelters, etc.) with male strangers. Since when did a healthy regard for one’s own safety and the safety of our daughters, sisters, mothers and friends become “stupid” or “uneducated” or “ignorant” or “low-IQ”?!? If male “transwomen” were women, they’d understand instinctively and experientially, without having it laboriously spelled out for them, how risky it is for a woman or especially a young girl to disrobe with a naked male stranger in the room. Talk about letting the wolves have unfettered access to the lambs - now THAT would be stupid!

I have encountered a tiny number (fewer than five) of male “transwomen” over the past three decades who admit how risky male strangers are to women and girls, but the vast majority of the current “trans” fad/cult are busily brainwashing young girls into thinking that it’s perfectly safe to undress with a man at the next locker, completely ignoring everything that women have learned over the millennia about what happens to women and girls when we let down our guard around male strangers.

The whole mind-fark is very troubling. On the one hand we’re told that it’s not safe to open our doors to strangers, or walk at night in bad neighborhoods, or accept rides from strange men - but we’re supposed to be perfectly fine, fine, fine with undressing with a male stranger and going into the open-plan shower alone with him at the local pool? How many ways is that INSANE?!?


i think it was rose who said that the meteor crew basically became its own culture. a weird stir up of alternian and american. pls consider that bc of this, there has to have been certain stupid slang terms that got exchanged and went around the meteor. stupid verbal fads like they go around tumblr that are there one day and gone the next. stupid jokes or references to something dumb someone did that are quietly snickered abt. their sense of humor gets so warped only bouncing shit off of each other in a spiraling pit of memes and inside jokes that by the time dave and karkat are talking to john, their sense of humor is boiled down to just a word or two that seem totally unrelated to anything but has them both in stitches.

Why is there such a stigma against people who are younger? Like, I’ve never understood why kids are being told to “grow up” and “act more mature” like??? That’s the whole point of being a kid. It’s making mistakes and saying stupid things and conforming to dumb fads and saying thing you don’t mean. You learn from that. And it’s entirely unfair for people who are older to treat the younger generation like they’re dirt on the bottom of their shoe. It’s not right and it just makes you come off as bitter and unlikable. The whole point of being young is caring too much or not knowing everything and learning. Kids aren’t going to learn anything by you acting like a grad A asshat. 12 year olds aren’t the problem, you are. 

Political Correctness time.

Theres a big hoohaa going on (am I allowed to say hoohaa? Is that offensive to anyone?) About the whole “dis/dem/dat” post a few posts ago because I’m not allowed to say them or I get branded as a racist.

People have explained to me in my inbox why it’s offensive (apparently because its how black people are brought up to talk and white people use it in a “silly” way) but I’m just going to speak my mind and say that’s just another stupid fad thing for tumblr to get upset about. Which seems to be the main thing people are saying in my inbox and in the reblogs.

I’m not racist at all. Everyones is the same, all striving for the same things. But I’m not going to stop saying those words. I’m a firm believer in free speech. And I wouldn’t ask people to not say the word ginger anymore just because my hair is.

If me saying “dat glitch doe” or whatever really offends you. Just unfollow me so you don’t have to look at it.

To all the peeps sticking up for me etc, you’re awesome

This is my stab at the Kylie Jenner challenge-oh wait, I was already born with naturally full lips. In all honesty though I’m getting sick of ubiquitous black features on a black person being constantly demonised (big hips and ass, dreads, full lips, cornrows and much much more) by white people but then the same features praised on a white person. Seen as a ‘new fad’. My features aren’t a fad and you don’t get to demonise them again when they cease to be in fashion.
Between rap music, rock, ass implants, twerking, Botox, this STUPID new fad, cornrows and much more-can you guys just admit that you want to be black already and not try to pass yourself off as 'original’.
Also giving your lips too much suction can not be good for you and you look fucking ridiculous. Like you all look ridiculous and I can see your overdrawn lips. Also cornrows look stupid as fuck on you.
This has been a PSA.

I feel like Harry would be the boyfriend you would do a juice cleanse or one of those stupid healthy fads with. Like at first it would start out as doing it for a laugh and then it would become like a competition to see who can do it for the longest (Bc Harry is competitive and cocky shit and has a lil I told you so dance) but then you wouldn’t be able to take it anymore and you’d sneak out to maccas at 1 AM and come home to your shared apartment and hide in the pantry to eat the shitload of unhealthy food but then Harry would hear the sound of you eating and find you sitting in your underwear hoffing down a burger and he would just like be like ‘thank fuck’ and sit down w you and that’s the story of you and Harry stayed up until 5 am eating McDonald’s in your underwear

Emo is one of the best music genres around and it sucks that because of a stupid fad that happened 10 years ago with people who do the black make-up, the “rawr means i love you in dinosaur” and the “Black Veil Brides get me cos I’m so emo like them,” there is now a massive stigma telling someone you like emo music.

No, emo music isn’t the screamo/alt metal stuff that Kerrang like to brown nose, emo music, particularly in the 90s was such a brilliantly emotional and melancholic genre that captured a generation of self-loathing and angsty teenagers (ironically how emo kids wanted people to see them as). It derived from post-punk and was so critically adored, became it’s own genre. And it even managed to go mainstream last decade with a few decent bands like MCR and Panic getting worldwide recognition (unfortunately that’s when the emo kids started to come in).

Bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, American Football, Weezer, Mineral, Jimmy Eat World all have influenced many bands of today, and it’s sad how they and the genre aren’t recognised for being truly great.

21977) There’s a girl in my year bragging about how she’s cutting out x until the summer, and I got so unbelievably angry hearing it. Fuck off with your stupid fad diets when there are people struggling with eating disorders who just want to have normal eating patterns.