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170608 Thoughts:  BTS and THAT Japanese Article

On Colorism:

Colorism is an issue, especially for countries with mixed skin tones. No. It isn’t that it is not frowned upon in Asia (as I’ve read some people say) it is an accepted mindset that quite plainly, sucks. It is truly more about your color and what it means as opposed to what race you are form. It is sad how some people still equate lighter skin colors with people who are more learned and urbanized. Here in our country it roots from the idea that those with darker skin tones work in the fields or by the seas while those with lighter skin tones spend days working in doors. This is also the reason why in some countries like Korea, Japan, Philippines, whitening creams are all the fad.

That is the root and it is stupid and it should stop. It would be hard for this mindset to just abruptly die, but seeing all skin colors as beautiful and understanding that it does not define what you do and what you CAN do can be a start.

On Bangtan having preference:

This question of ideal lover (no, not just girl as Yoongi have stated clearly in the past) should never be asked. No matter how many times they get asked this, they always have to create a BS statement that would have to be vague enough for any fan to fit in anyway. So what is the point?

Everyone is allowed to have ideals and preferences, but when you are being followed by millions of people worldwide, saying something that will hit any type of sensitivities is possible. They have the right to have ideals and preferences especially if it is with respect to the type of lover they hope to have, but do we really need to know? No. It should not affect how we love them or their music. So please, for the love of world peace and fandom fam love. Just don’t.

On that Japanese article released:

I was surprised when I saw the questions and answers to be honest, because some of them did look familiar, and yet some where not. The last part about the member’s relationships with each other was clearly from their profile release in 2016 BTS Festa. Some descriptions like whether the girl should be taller or shorter seemed rehashed from a 2014 interview (Jimin didn’t say short, he said shorter than him, LOL). The jeans or skirt question has also been answered in a 2014 interview, but I remember Yoongi said skirt instead of jeans. Even the type of hair and heels/sneakers question has been old. Of course they answered sneakers, this was in 2014! They were younger then!

Anyway, on the topic of the fair skin/wheat skin issue. Based from what I have seen in the article, the responses were all rehashed and put together in a very shady manner. Taking bits and pieces from wherever and editing other bits too. But for this question, in my memory, only Kookie and Namjoon ever mentioned a preference (Kookie – fair skin, Namjoon – pale skin) and they both received heat for this.

When I read what they answered at first, I was surprised that the BTS we know today would answer something like this. And that’s the thing, based from the questions and answers in the articles, it does not seem like they did an actual interview with the members.

I think the article is shady and that BTS now knows better than to say anything like that. Unless it is an official update, meaning the interview was shared by either BTS or Bighit, or you have seen and heard them say it (warning sometimes even subs and trans are not accurate), take everything in with a grain of salt. 

please don’t quote any part out of context. Ty!

The article in question: 

Link to the article trans thread: @Naikyuu

My favourite thing about Soldier 76 being a cranky old man is that he’s born in like, the 2020′s so all the “back in his day” stuff he reminisces about are things we’ll all be complaining are stupid young people fads in the next five or ten years.

Like, Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes as young men in the 2040′s would be leaving comments on like, Justin Beiber futuretube videos complaining “people my age just don’t appreciate the classics anymore.”

I finally got my fidget spinner (still waiting for my fidget cube, though…). And I love it !

I have very noticeable hand stims, who can be painful sometimes, but mostly tend to attract a lot of unwanted attention.

Redirecting my stims to the fidget spinner is quite helpful, especially in my workplace. It’s small enough to not get noticed if I’m using it under my desk and it’s not super noisy either.

I use it as a visual stimming when I’m walking on my own or when I’m at home, because it’s helpful to calm my nerves and to focus my thoughts on something and it’s mostly a hand/finger stimming at my workplace.

I find out that it doesn’t make any noise if I’m just turning the little circle in the center of the fidget spinner with my thumb and it does wonders to prevent my meltdowns and my shutdowns.

[picture of a black fidget spinner. The center of it is indicated by a red arrow, to clarify my explanation]

Sometimes, people look at me when I’m using it while walking on the street, but I don’t care. I know what they’re thinking, that it’s just a “gadget”, a “fad” and that it’s “stupid”. But it’s not for me. It’s helpful and it’s all that matters.

Now, I’m waiting for my fidget cube. I want to have it soooo bad !

Lucky Number Five

“Come have your fortune told.”
It’s hard to refuse
An offer of something so important.
I’ve always been a fan
Of fate and serendipity;
The comfort of some
Greater destiny,
Some higher purpose
Somehow reserved for me.
I don’t trust it, though, it’s just
Like a fallback, something to
Rely on when
The world is far too gray.
Maybe this really is my future, though.
“Let me see into your future
And your past:
How you arrived here
And why.”
I would like someone to tell me
I look into her
Crystal ball, some other dimension
Swirling in its glass
And reaching, lonely tendrils
Stretching out in want.
Reality and possibility
Intersect; I wait and dread and dream.
Maybe I have no future.
Maybe her crystal ball will
Engulf me, shepherding me
To a shadowy realm
Outside of my understanding,
Outside of time and space and love,
Away from simple
Stupid pleasure and into
Harsh unpleasantness.
But as the dizziness fads
And I come back into myself,
She just sends me on my way,
Telling me my lucky numbers:
Five, sixteen, twenty-two, thirty-four.
I wonder what that means.

Getting very, VERY sick of seeing fidget spinners everywhere.

They are not toys. They are stimulation agents for non-neurotypical children.

This stupid hipster fad is causing them to become distractions, leading them to be banned in certain places, and therefore making them unavailable to those who ACTUALLY NEED THEM.

I, an able-bodied, (mostly) neurotypical person, am just going to go right ahead and blanket it. Fidget spinners are ableist.

Absolutely Fabulous hit the nail right on the head back in 1992(?). No matter what the HAES-Fat-Acceptance crowd would have you believe; it really is that easy, and everyone should be doing it.

Step 1. REDUCE your calorie intake. This does not mean starvation or only eating lettuce for the rest of your life. Eat that burger and fries if you want, but only have it once a week as opposed to daily. MODERATION is the key. Any adult should be capable of reducing their calorie intake sensibly, without resorting to stupid starvation diets and fad crazes that either don’t work or are impossible to maintain. (Grapefruit diet, anyone?)

Step 2. Increase your exercise. Simple things; get off the bus one stop sooner and walk the rest of the way, take the stairs instead of the lift, do some bloody lunges while the kettle is boiling…again, its not difficult.

The problem comes when people “Diet” as opposed to “changing their diet”, a Diet is a plan that may or may not work, and is a short-term thing. Going on a 2 week Fad Diet, then going back to eating 5000 calories a day is stupid, and is the reason behind the “95% of diets fail” excuse that fatties love to spout at you.

Changing your diet means accepting that you need fewer calories than you are consuming. Plus, choosing healthy options over unhealthy ones actually means you can eat MORE, why would you not want to do that? If you think that healthy eating automatically equals starvation, you need to make better food choices.

Anyone can lose weight, by making some simple changes and by taking responsibility for themselves, but that takes a modicum of effort. Let’s be honest, fat people either start off or become lazy, and would rather claim that they are “meant” to be obese and it’s “not their fault” than make the slightest effort.

You don’t need fad diets and fat-loss wraps that some idiot is selling on Facebook, you don’t need to spend money on expensive gyms or equipment; all you need to lose weight is the willingness to take responsibility for your own body, to learn to moderate your calorie intake and the will to succeed.

But that would mean admitting your precious Fat Activism and HAES campaign is simply passing the buck and placing the blame on everyone and everything except where it actually belongs: with you.

at risk of sounding annoyin and salty and w/e my biggest pet peeve rn is nts buyin fidgets n usin em 4 a day n bein like “im bored :/// what a stupid fad :////” like no shit lol have u considered that for once in ur life smth wasnt made w u in mind?????!!!!! like consider!!!!!!!!!! they dont work on u!!!! bc u dont need them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like i get it its a craze nd im not angry at nts for buying/using em i actually rlly appreciate the normalization of fidgets bc it makes me feel less judged/weird 4 usin mine!!!!!!! it just bothers me when they call em useless and stupid bc thy dont ‘’’’’work’’’’ ykwim

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c an you refrain from mocking "gluten free" things bc some people mock it to a degree where they willingly contaminate people like me with gluten bct hey think its all a stupid fad (im sorry to bother and i know you didnt mean harm but its the unknowing aspect that harms most)



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Hi I'm pretty brand new to your blog, but Admin Lana reblogged your work and it BLEW me away! You're amazing! I was wondering if you could write a Soul Mate AU where the first words your soul mate says to you appear on your skin before you meet them? I'm a mess for that one tbh... but could you make it a Tsukishima and a female S/O? Maybe a relieved Tsukki because he never thought he'd 1) ever have an S/O to accept him completely and 2) ever find them since it's such a big world? Thank you!!!

I accidentally took this prompt and ran a marathon with it. Zero chill was involved while writing this, so I hope you forgive the fact that this turned out probably more angsty and much more fic than scenario in the end. (A few of my pairings snuck their way into some honourable mentions, don’t mind those, just passing by!)

Thank you for your support and patience, I hope you enjoy this!

It’s a racket, even with his usual headphones on, and the people around him didn’t stop swirling and moving on with their lives. It’s amongst this ridiculous crowd that Tsukishima shivered. It’s Christmas Eve, and he’s never felt so incredibly alone, surrounded by so many strangers. The streets of Tokyo were a hundred times more viciously packed than Miyagi, and his lack of familiarity with these streets were starting to kick in. Sure, he knew them by name, but he didn’t have the freedom to wander around, didn’t know where the best spots were, and definitely didn’t know where he could hang around in relative peace and quiet until his parents were done with their anniversary dinner at home.

He could see it now, everyone and their mothers flashing bits of skin around haphazardly on the street. Not that his parents were any better. It being the season for giving and in memory of their beautiful proposal, all Tsukishima had been hearing all day was chatter about those stupid marks. Couples were kissing each others’ everywhere he went, and his parents had been fondling theirs ever since breakfast.

The thing is, if you asked a year ago when Tsukishima was still a first year in university, he’d have told you with incredible disinterest and denial that he thought it was stupid and a hinderance- after all, who wants to live with the fact that your soul mate was predestined, that the person you fall in love with isn’t really your choice after all? He would have told you all that to your face, but that was before all his friends started pairing up and finding their soul mates. His previous conviction that this bullshit wouldn’t work out in the long run was trampled in the dust as he watched Suga and Daichi fall so deeply in love with each other that they practically melted into one being. Then there was Lev and Kenma, something that would have never crossed a sane person’s mind, but Tsukishima had to catch a glimpse of how Kenma glowed around Lev, and he had spent the following evening testing out how many shots of Jack Daniel’s he could down before Kuroo confiscated his alcohol.

Speaking of Kuroo… Tsukishima paused in his tracks, ignoring how at least three people bumped into him after that, and tapped in Kuroo’s number. At least he was the one guy that Tsukishima could count on to genuinely not give a shit about soul marks at this time of night.

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to all the factkin people: please seek professional help immediately!!!!

dissociating like this is extremely unhealthy and can have very real consequences so please go talk to someone about it, for your own good and for everyone else’s. it’s one thing to relate to your favorite youtuber/celebrity but it’s a very different thing to identify as them. 

if you take it too far it could be considered identity theft. you have your own face, your own traits, your own voice and hobbies and experiences; they belong to you and no one else. this is true for everyone else too. it’s not right to steal someone else’s identity because you aren’t satisfied with your own!! 

honestly it must be very scary for the person you identify as. it scares me just to think about it. and as someone who has dissociated in the past, it’s kind of insulting that “factkin” is even a thing??? like why?? people really suffer from disorders that make them think like this and here some of you are using this as a “coping mechanism” that is really just a stupid tumblr fad???? you have no idea what you’re doing?? it makes me so angry i’m sorry

however if you arent just using this as a quote unquote coping mechanism then please talk to a psychologist because it is not normal and trust me it can get very dangerous. take it from my past experiences. dissociating is confusing and terrifying but it can be fixed, i promise.

don’t be scared of treatment, because getting your own identity back is so much better than having to take someone else’s :) hugs. stay safe

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I hate the stupid McCree fad. As someone who lives in the south, it’s not exactly fun to see someone who talks like me get treated like their stupid, not to mention McCree probably wouldn’t have survived this long if he was. I’m not saying he’s Winston level intelligence, he might not even be very book smart, but I’m pretty sure the guy’s got street smarts in spades. After all, we are talking about someone who became infamous in his gang at a young age, so much so that Gabe took notice, and has managed to evade custody even with the largest known bounty in the game. 

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  • ☠ What does someone have to do for an instant unfollow from you?

Never respond to a starter, say they’ll respond and then never actually do it, get into a major irreconcilable fight. 

  • ☀ What’s your rp pet peeve?

Stupid text formats, like only having your characters speak in bold or italics, or having a page that is impossible to read because your page format is atrocious or too bright/dark coloured. USING PRETENTIOUS LATIN THAT ONLY MAKES YOU LOOK STUPID RATHER THAN SOPHISTICATED

  • ☢ What fads/trends are you so over?

It’s about 4 or 5 years old, but it resurfaced around the time of P5′s launch, every single character, no matter what serious, whether combat-related or otherwise, having a Persona and/or Shadow. I’m going to be honest, despite how I used to like it, for a myriad of reasons, I despise the Persona series, I hated 3, I used to like and now hate 4, I have no motivation to keep playing 5, I completed two dungeons and then stopped because of how incredibly boring the game is. I haven’t touched it in 2 months, it’s so fucking slow and boring. How do you go from physically abusive sex offender to plagiarism and expect to keep any momentum, much less interest curve? You don’t, and you certainly lost me, maybe i’ll pick it up and sing a different tune another day, but it certainly isn’t today

  • ✦ Thoughts on duplicates following you?

Do you mean copies of different characters or multiple of my character? In the latter case i’m all for Mio talking to herself, it seems like it could be a really cool idea, say for a character to talk another version of them from the past or future, and either admire where they are, or give meaningful advice to the youngin? 

In the former case? Well it depends on the character, and the writer especially, if I love someone’s interpretation of a character I basically refuse anyone else’s interpretation, if i’m not super attached, i’ll give someone else a shot, see if they can do what the other couldn’t. 

  • ❥ Has someone ever ruined an FC or character for you?

I’m rather spiteful man and so even using a character as a face for one of your own is enough to make dislike that character hardcore, and I just remember someone awful who was a right douche that made me loathe Haruka Tenoh from Sailor Moon

  • ❣ How salty are you feeling right now?

You couldn’t begin to process the amount of salt i’m drowning in right now. 

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what's with the covering of one eye

Now I’m not going to pretend like there’s some concrete conspiracy with some puppet master(s) at the top causing the writers and producers (and architects) of these people and places to deliberately include the All Seeing Eye (also known as the Eye of Horus or the Eye of Providence).

The fact remains, though, that this symbol is one of the oldest symbols in existence and its history (and use) is shrouded in esoteric philosophy. But there are a number of contemporary theories behind its use; many claim that use of the symbol represents:

  • A mind control victim, either of MK-ULTRA or some other trauma-based program
  • A satanist
  • A member or pawn of the Illuminati
  • Possessed by a demon
  • An occultist of some kind
  • A freemason
  • A stupid celebrity imitating some gesture because its a “fad” and people “eat this shit up” (for 7000 years)
  • Some combination of the above

Well and fine, but what does the symbol mean exactly? How do you get from the Masonic Eye of Providence to “popular singers covering up one eye”?

Ancient Egyptian tradition claims that the Eye of Horus was, in particular, a representation of Horus’ right eye, being associated the sun god Ra (with the left representing the moon [the god Thoth]). Horus was the ancient sky god associated closely with the pharaoh. Later in Egyptian culture Horus and Ra become kind of merged as a single god but it’s irrelevant to the development of the symbolic eye which meant to convey protection, good health, and at times, royal power.

Eventually mystery schools in Egypt (and later Greece and Persia) adopted the symbol to illustrate the concept of spiritual enlightenment; eastern esoteric philosophies associate enlightenment with the opening of a ‘third-eye’. Perhaps this is the precursor; a similar concept is seen in the Rig Veda, a Sanskrit text thought to have been written over 3,000 years ago and one of the oldest known texts. In it there are many references to the sun and to other deities as being an eye in heaven, as an eye which reveals creation, or an eye which never closes. Educators in these esoteric schools—I use the term “school” here very lightly; these weren’t buildings that children went to learn, they were tight-knit, closed-off secret societies who were often persecuted—would employ this symbol among many others as they passed on their wisdom and knowledge to their students.

Spiritual philosophies and religions, such as Zoroastrianism and Mithraism were well-known by scholars and thinkers like Pythagoras, Rumi [the Poet], Plato, Hermes Trismegistus, Hasan-i Sabbah, etc. As the influence of esoteric thought spread, so did its symbols and ideas, permeating Gnosticism, Kabbalism, Sufism…

As the centuries pass by, humans became more populous and thus society became more stratified. What was once a small collection of skilled artisans becomes a guild or a house or an order or brotherhood. Thus the esoteric schools of thought found themselves firmly established with organizations like the Rosicrucians, The Knights Templar, and the Freemasons (and later still, the Bavarian Illuminati founded in 1776). It’s around this point in history that the All Seeing Eye gains its connotation with divine providence.

Nowadays, the symbol is seen as a sort of inside-joke by most, and as a the dark influence of Satan/Illuminati by a few.

You won’t find many photos predating 1980 of celebrities covering up one eye. I don’t mean illustrations of the Eye of Horus, the Eye of Providence or the eye in the pyramid, I mean someone covering up one eye like these celebrities are doing above. It makes you wonder.

So, what’s the one covered eye supposed to represent? Diminished awareness? Concealment? Loss of perspective? “You’re only seeing half of the story”? Does it represent absolute surveillance, a veritable panopticon? Because in the past it meant almost the opposite—it meant an enlightened perspective, the unveiling of the concealed, the visualization of the big picture.

It is not my place to say one way or the other what the purpose of this symbol is, as I have yet to scratch the surface of its usage and history. If you are truly interested in uncovering these secrets, I trust you will begin to dig yourself.

date: here, have a breadstick.

me: oh, thank you, but I have to eat gluten free because I have Celiac-

date: oh, don’t tell me you are on that stupid fad diet too, I know so many people that do that, like you don’t even lose weight-

me: *dumping salad in my purse* oh I just remembered I have to go feed my cat, bye.

MTVS Epic Rewatch #109

BTVS 4x19 New Moon Rising

Stray thoughts

1) It’s a wonder that my heart can be simultaneously breaking and swelling with joy because of the same episode, but that’s exactly what happened after I watched New Moon Rising. Feelings, y’all, am I right?

2) “I want my room to be Willow-friendly.” 

How cute are they, though? They are holding hands and making the decision to adopt a pet together. Something that, in my book, pretty much equals marriage, okay? You can’t possibly be more committed to a relationship than that, okay? Cuteness overload.

3) It’s so awesome that Tara is finally at a Scooby meeting, and that Willow is trying to make her feel comfortable as she translates Scooby-speak for her. And Tara is happy to just be there, you know? Like she doesn’t really care if she doesn’t understand a single word they’re saying or about the fact that they’re possibly discussing end-of-the-world super-evil stuff. She’s just overwhelmed by joy because Willow is finally sharing this other part of her life with her, and that’s all she’s ever wanted. 

4) But of course… all good things come to an end. Or at least to a stop. And obviously Oz’s first line had to be monosyllabic. Just… “Hey.”

5) Oh my god, I just noticed this parallel! 


WILLOW: When, when did you get back?
OZ: Pretty much now.


OZ: I think I better take off.
OZ: Pretty much now.

6) This scene is so hard to watch for me because the awkwardness is palpable and also, in a way, I’m kinda rooting for both Oz and Tara, tbh.

I mean, it’s not like I wanted Willow to get back together with Oz by this point. And it wasn’t just because of Tara. Oz repeats throughout the episode that he has changed. But so had Willow. And again, not just because of Tara, although she had a lot to do with Willow changing. But what happened with Oz also changed her. Both of them had changed. So it was odd that Oz felt they could kind of pick up their relationship where they had left it off. They were still Oz and Willow but at the same time, they weren’t. They could still care for and even love each other, it just wouldn’t be in the same way. But I digress.

What I was talking about is how I feel for both Tara and Oz in this episode. Even if Oz/Willow the way we knew them were in the past, that doesn’t take away from how meaningful and important their relationship was. He was Willow’s first love, and throughout season 2 and 3, even when I know Tara is coming, I ship them. They make sense together. They had a cute and beautiful and at times sad history. And I never hated Oz, not even after the whole Veruca thing. Because even though he cheated on Willow, that whole arc wasn’t really about him and Willow or him and Veruca for that matter. It was about Oz trying to find himself, to make sense of the human and the wolf in him, to reconcile those two identities (because - and I know I’ve mentioned this before - at the core the show is about self-discovery and identity and agency.) And yes, seeing him back gave me a lot of warm fuzzy feelings. 

But Tara, though, my baby!

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I get Trans and I get being a man that is effeminate, or masculine women; however most “gender-less” people seem to just be silly special-snowflakes looking for attention. Creating new boxes to escape boxes is stupid. I’m pretty sure it’s a fad for 85% of the new “non-binaries” It gets worse in pagan circles. “I identify as a unicorn”, “I identify as a forest elf, not a female”….wut? Why? Why can’t you be a woman/man AND someone who mainly identifies with their interests and beliefs. Why treat gender like the most important part of who you are as a person? By making 37 genders that is what you’re doing. You are saying gender, above all else, is what defines a person and makes them who they are.

women: surrender your boundaries, stupid!

Another peak “trans” phenom: I’m noticing a trend on-line of people in the “trans” fad/cult calling any woman “stupid” if she is not willing to share intimate space (showers, locker rooms, restrooms, shelters, etc.) with male strangers. Since when did a healthy regard for one’s own safety and the safety of our daughters, sisters, mothers and friends become “stupid” or “uneducated” or “ignorant” or “low-IQ”?!? If male “transwomen” were women, they’d understand instinctively and experientially, without having it laboriously spelled out for them, how risky it is for a woman or especially a young girl to disrobe with a naked male stranger in the room. Talk about letting the wolves have unfettered access to the lambs - now THAT would be stupid!

I have encountered a tiny number (fewer than five) of male “transwomen” over the past three decades who admit how risky male strangers are to women and girls, but the vast majority of the current “trans” fad/cult are busily brainwashing young girls into thinking that it’s perfectly safe to undress with a man at the next locker, completely ignoring everything that women have learned over the millennia about what happens to women and girls when we let down our guard around male strangers.

The whole mind-fark is very troubling. On the one hand we’re told that it’s not safe to open our doors to strangers, or walk at night in bad neighborhoods, or accept rides from strange men - but we’re supposed to be perfectly fine, fine, fine with undressing with a male stranger and going into the open-plan shower alone with him at the local pool? How many ways is that INSANE?!?


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When people say asexuality doesn't exist, I think about how I knew I wasn't sexually attracted to people before I knew that it had a name. Clementines were named after Clément Rodier, but before he named them that doesn't mean they didn't exist. This might be a stupid metaphor, but for people who just claim asexuality is a 'fad', they need to understand that people felt this way before knowing there was a name for it, we're super happy to find a community that accepts us.

I actually really like that metaphor.