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Humans are weird #915

I thought some more on aliens and humans and I read an older post about humans being able to see and that it might seem foreign to aliens who haven’t got eyesight. There was another post too about walking through memories ( I think it’s in the humans are weird tag). I also think sign language is really cool.

And humans has a lot of different senses we developed as defence mechanisms until we turned into the adaptable space orcs we are today. So imagine a deaf person travelling with their team to a new planet and meeting up with aliens and being nervous because they have been warned that the aliens have a very strange way of communicating and this deaf person worries about not fitting in or understanding the aliens because they can’t hear.

And the aliens emerge and looks kind of humanoid and the meeting or whatever they are there to do starts and the other humans think they are difficult to understand but something clicks for the deaf person.

And then it turns out that the majority of the aliens are in fact deaf and that they have a much easier time understanding each other by signing because it suits them better, and the trading works much smoother after that and the deaf person that fretted so much is revered as an important human in their new joint culture.

Secrets, Songs and Bad Habits

In which the reader and Jughead develop a strange dynamic.

A/N: My second fic and it’s awful, I thought practice made perfect? Apparently not but it doesn’t matter because I’m posting it anyways.

Warnings: Language, kissing and smoking (don’t do it kids it’s bad for you)

You were the new girl in town, the new addition to the river vixens and with an ass that made the entire football team want you and sass that made jaws drop. Jughead was the dark, brooding loner kid with more baggage than an airport and sarcasm that got him a one-way ticket to a black eye. Your paths could never intertwine, it was the rule and yet somehow you had both found yourselves wondering around the derelict building-site that was now The Twilight Drive-in. You casually leant against the scaffolding, a cigarette between your fingers and thick smoke escaping from your plump parted lips, unaware that somebody else was lurking around too.  

“That’ll kill you y’know,” a husky male voice came from behind you but you didn’t turn your head, simply rolled your eyes and continued to smoke leisurely.

“Wow, really? I had no idea, thanks random stranger now that you’ve told me that I’ll quit immediately,” you replied with sickly sweet sarcasm. The mysterious voice let out a low chuckle and the body to which it belonged stepped in front on you, illuminated by the lit end of the cigarette now between your lips. The boy stuck out his hand and introduced himself as “Jughead Pendleton Jones the Third” to which you scoffed but shook his hand nevertheless. You vaguely recognised him from the school hallways and from your English class.

“Do you have a name?” he asked.

“No,” you answered peering up at his tall frame but he just narrowed his eyes and glared back at you expectantly. “(Y/N), (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

“Well (Y/N), (Y/N) (Y/L/N) what are you doing here at two o’clock in the morning? Other than filling your lungs with tar that is.”

“I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d come and explore this part of town,” you strode up to him and folded your arms across your chest in annoyance, tilting your head at an impossible angle so that you could glare back at him.

“I hope you’re aware that there is a killer on the loose, this is a rough part of town princess and that sarcasm can’t save you from a bullet,” he said in a hushed tone.

“I’m aware of that but I can take care of myself thanks!” you spat.

“I seriously doubt that.”


“You’re like three feet tall.”

You huffed and rolled your eyes again but couldn’t help your lips from curling into a small smirk. And then you realised the hypocrisy of the lean, beanie-clad boy before you.

“Hey, what are you doing here at two o’clock in the morning? For all I know you’re the killer in question,” you asked furrowing your brows and poking him in the chest with a perfectly manicured nail.

It was his turn to smirk and he told you that you were right, he could be the killer but he promised you that he wasn’t. you held out your pinkie and told him to pinkie promise that he wasn’t and he simply linked his pinkie with yours in response. You smiled widely.

“So Jughead Pendleton Jones the Third,” you mimicked his voice when you said his name and you could have sworn that he almost smiled, “what’s with the crown beanie and the whole angsty look?”

“I won’t be judged on my appearance by the girl in an oversized hoodie, no pants and…ugg boots.” He retorted with a breathy laugh.

“Hey these are my pyjamas, not my everyday attire. If you see me in school, I’ll be wearing heels and skirts and crop tops thank you very much!” you shrieked and flipped your hair. You continued to bicker and chat with him until you had reached the end of your smoke. You threw the butt on the ground and stepped on it before turning to leave. As you walked away from him you briefly turned your head to mutter a quick “see ya” only to see him jogging to catch up with you.

“Stalking me now Jones?”

“Like I said (Y/L/N) there’s a killer on the loose, I can’t let an unarmed dwarf wander the streets all by herself, now can I?”

You huffed but allowed him to walk beside you to your suburban home. Once you reached your driveway, you beckoned Jughead to follow you around to the side of your house. Confused, he followed you.

“Give me a leg-up?” you asked him, doe eyes silently pleading. He simply rolled his eyes but kneeled down and clasped his hands together nevertheless. You quietly squealed in delight and stepped onto his hands, hoisting yourself up onto the flat roof of your garage. From there you tiptoed over to your window and slid up your window. Just before clambering inside you turned back to your new friend.

“Thanks, see you around Jughead,” and with that you climbed through the opening and closed the window.

Jughead watched as you clambered into your bed and snuggled down. He began to walk away with a smile on his face paired with the strong feeling that you would not in fact see him around. You were from a different world, a world with a best friend named Cheryl Blossom and Reggie Mantle and the like hot on your heels.

The following day at school, as you were talking to Reggie, you noticed Jughead stood by the lockers talking to a ginger haired jock and two of your fellow Vixens; one with short dark hair and the other with a tight blonde ponytail. You caught his eye and shot him a wave to which he swallowed dryly and shook his head slightly. You furrowed your brows and turned back to Reggie, confused and annoyed that he seemed like he didn’t want to know you. That is why you were so surprised when that night, as you climbed out of your window and off of your roof, you were met with a nonchalantly awaiting Jughead.  

“Oh, so you won’t acknowledge me at school but you think its okay to turn up at my house in the middle of the night?” you were royally miffed.

“Yeah…no princess, I will accompany you to and from the drive-in so that you don’t get murdered. If I didn’t I would be a total ass. But other than that we don’t know each other, people like you and people like me don’t fraternise in the real world.”

“So this, right now isn’t the real world Jughead?”


“Okay then…did you just come here to argue with me or are you going to walk me.”

He didn’t answer, he just started to walk and you followed. Over the next few weeks this continues. Every night at two o’clock you would meet Jughead outside your house and you would walk. Sometimes to the drive-in and sometimes just around town, exploring. He would talk and you would smoke and then you would go home. You liked his company, his wit and his sarcasm and he loved your fiery nature and flirtatious gestures, he adored the way that you were always completely confident in yourself. Despite this, at school, he would ignore you and you would reluctantly do the same. Neither of you realised that you both stole secretive glances at each other.

It was five minutes until the vixens were due to perform with The Pussycats and Josie’s voice had completely gone. In its place was a scratchy whisper, courtesy of a throat infection. Cheryl was freaking out. Who was going to sing? How would we perform without a singer to sing our song? How will Valerie and the drummer do it without a lead singer? Then the redheaded girl snapped her head to face you, the memory of you drunkenly singing at one of her infamous soirees suddenly invading her thoughts.

“(Y/N) you have to go up there!”

“…and say what exactly Cher?”

“Not say, sing, you know the song, we’ve been practicing it for the routines.”

“I can’t what about Josie, what about the routine?”

“Can you not sing and dance?”

“…yeah  okay…but what about Josie….”you were cut off by the pussycat herself.

“Oh hunny you’d be doing me a favour, I don’t wanna be known as the leader of a group that lets people down now can I?”

“Okay fine, I’ll do it but if I flop then don’t blame me, I’m not a singer.”

Cheryl beamed and ushered you onto the stage at the edge of the football field, following closely behind. She scurried over to the mayor, whispering something in her ear and pointing over to Josie who was desperately slurping at a bottle of foul-smelling cough syrup. The mayor nodded, sighed and then plastered a smile on her face before stepping towards the microphone and addressing the swarms of people in the stands.

“Riverdale, a town of pep has never been a more accurate term for our wonderful town,” as she spoke the marching band paraded and Cheryl had joined the rest of the Vixens that had assembled, pom-poms at the ready. She turned around to give you an encouraging smile and then turned back to face the crowd with a pout. “I am proud introduce our very own River Vixens who will be performing with Valerie Brown, Melody Valentine and newcomer (Y/N) (Y/L/N) who will be filling in for my lovely daughter.”

After sharing some confused glances, the audience cheered and you plastered false confidence on your face before picking up the mic. The music began and you took in a deep breath preparing for your impending embarrassment.

I’ve been here all night

I’ve been here all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side

I’m talkin’ to ya

See you standing over there with your body

You pointed your finger to the audience and wiggled it seductively before circling your hips and dropping to the ground, springing back up.

Feeling like I wanna rock with your body

And we don’t gotta think ‘bout nothin’

I’m comin’ at ya

You spotted Jughead in the crowd, he gazing at you intently and you flushed under his stare, biting your lip and tearing away so that you could continue undistracted.

'Cause I know you got a bad reputation

Doesn’t matter, 'cause you give me temptation

And we don’t gotta think 'bout nothin’

These friends keep talkin’ way too much

Say I should give you up

Can’t hear them no, 'cause I

I’ve been here all night

I’ve been here all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side

I’ve been here all night

I’ve been here all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side

Been tryna hide it

Baby what’s it gonna hurt if they don’t know?

Makin’ everybody think that we solo

Just as long as you know you got me

And boy I got ya

'Cause tonight I’m making deals with the devil

And I know it’s gonna get me in trouble

Just as long as you know you got me


These friends keep talkin’ way too much

Say I should give you up

Can’t hear them no, 'cause


I’ve been here all night

I’ve been here all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side

I’ve been here all night

I’ve been here all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side

You finished breathless and attempted to courtesy in your skimpy cheer uniform before hopping down the steps beside the stage. You ran towards Cheryl and the Bulldogs that had now run onto the field. She hugged you and squealed her praise. You spotted Jughead over her shoulder but chose to ignore him, that is what he wanted after all. As you made your way through the boys you were wolf-whistled and sloppily hugged until you felt your feet leave the ground. You squealed in confusion and shock until your captor turned you around in his arms and you were met with the face of Reggie.

“You’re one hell of a performer Dollface,” he yelled spinning you around and holding you tightly as you shrieked and laughed. You leant down and pulled him into a tight hug and kissed his cheek.

“Thanks Reg, now it’s your turn, go get ‘em tiger!” he hugged you once more before planting your feet on the ground, squeezing your ass cheekily and jogging off to start the game as you were left giggling at his boyish antics.

It was then that you felt the all-too-familiar craving for a cigarette so you meandered your way behind the bleachers. You fumbled with your pocket, trying to prise out your packet and lighter and not concentrating on where you were going. You bumped into something tall and dark. You looked up to find that the thing was in fact a Jughead. A very pissed off looking Jughead.

“Shit sorry Juggie!” you squealed through a giggle, still in the midst of the rush from perfroming, He just huffed out an exasperated sigh and turned to walk off. “Jug?”

No response.

“Jughead?” he continued to storm away from you. “Jughead Jones the Third don’t fucking ignore me, where are you going?”

“Sorry I forgot I had to check in with the singing dwarf” he muttered bitterly, whirling around to face your direction. Your brows furrowed and (Y/E/C) orbs widened at him in shock and confusion, clearly waiting for an answer. “Reggie, (Y/N) are you serious, why are you even talking to him let alone allowing him to touch you?”

You were silent for a moment as your anger towards the boy bubbled inside you before spilling over and scalding everything in its path. You couldn’t believe that Jughead was trying to control you like this, he wouldn’t speak to you in school so why did he get to dictate how you behaved around your friends.

“Are you fucking kidding me Jones?” you shrieked, lunging towards him and shoving your tiny palms against his slender chest. “You don’t want to know me at school and yet now you think it’s cool for you to criticise my choice in friends?”

“Hmm gee princess I thought you were smarter than that.”

“What are you talking about asshole?”

“Well I think your friend Reggie has a little more than friendship on his mind.”

“Jealousy doesn’t look good on you Jones.” You retorted, scoffing. You stood on your tiptoes and peered up at him, faces mere inches apart. He leaned impossibly closer so that your noses brushed and you could feel his hot breath on your skin. With that you pulled out a cigarette and lit it, blowing the smoke into his face and striding away defiantly leaving him stood bewildered, guilty and alone.

It was two in the morning and you were lying on your bed clad in your underwear and a large hoodie when you an incessant knocking on your curtain-covered window could be heard. Curiously you strode over and yanked open the blinds to be met with the face of a sheepish beanie-wearing boy. You rolled your eyes and exasperatedly unlatched your window and pushed it up with a huff.

“Grovelling isn’t going to work Jug just piss off,”you hissed, crossing your arms over your chest.

“(Y/N)…please…” you huffed in annoyance but made no effort to dismiss him. “Can I please come in before I fall?”


“Okay…can you come down then?”

“I don’t have any shoes.”

“I’ll carry you.”


He smirked triumphantly but immediately returned sheepish when he saw you pouting in annoyance. He clambered down and waited with open arms on the grass beside your house as you lowered yourself into his grasp. He turned you around so that your legs wrapped around his waist and he could rest your back against the wall. You huffed at the position but made no effort to move as the grass was damp and muddy.

“I’m sorry,” Jughead whispered. “I was jealous and stupid and I’m sorry. I mean, you infuriate me and you’re so fucking sexy that it’s really distracting…. up there on that stage you were incredible…and even your bad habits drive me crazy… I can’t write anything because all i can think about is your lips on mine instead of the end of a cigarette. I can’t concentrate around you and It’s driving me insane because I need you but I can’t have you.”

You bit your lip at his babbled, whispered confession, realising exactly what he meant. He liked you. You saw his eyes flit from your lips and then back and you felt butterflies in the pit of your stomach. You leaned in and brushed your nose against his, looking up at him with doe eyes and batting your thick lashes. His chest heaved against  you with each laboured breath and you brought your arms around his neck, threading your fingers through the raven hair at the nape, eliciting goosebumps on his olive skin. You became aware of the feeling of his large hands that were holding your bare thighs, fuelling the heat that was spreading over your body.

“Juggie.” you leaned in so that your lips were almost touching and he could feel your whisper tickling his cupids bow.


“I’m here, nobody else and I want you, nobody else, I have since we first met. You’re such a sarcastic ass sometimes and you’re angsty and brooding but you have the biggest heart and I love that about you. You literally met me, a virtual stranger and took it upon yourself to see that I made it safely to and from my house every night. That’s completely mental. Nobody else would do that for me, Jug.” 

“Wow Princess, you made me sound like a real catch, no wonder you’re totally in love with me.” he answered cockily, a lopsided smirk gracing his delicate features.

“Don’t flatter yourself Jones, need I remind you who it was that came here to grovel?” you replied, raising an eyebrow and mimicking his smirk then you bit your lip once more and beckoned him closer with your eyes and crashed your lips to his. He kissed back, tentatively at first until you ground your hips into his making it abundantly clear that you needed more. He gripped your thighs tighter and moaned into your mouth which allowed you to slip in your tongue. He pulled you flush against him, needing to hold you as close as possible before reluctantly pulling away.

“What about everyone else, what about school, Reggie?” he asked breathlessly, becoming serious once more so you kissed him again, tongue sliding between his lips slowly and sensually.

“They’re not here Juggie, it’s just you and me.”

The spray of lilac fell from his hand upon the gravel. A furry bee came and buzzed round it for a moment. Then it began to scramble all over the oval stellated globe of the tiny blossoms. He watched it with that strange interest in trivial things that we try to develop when things of high import make us afraid, or when we are stirred by some new emotion for which we cannot find expression, or when some tought that terrifies us lays sudden siege to the brain and calls on us to yield.
—  Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Not So ‘Strange’ After All

Like many people, I saw the new Doctor Strange movie in theaters this weekend. I expected a fun, visually exciting film (which I got); but I wasn’t expecting a lot of library screen time, so needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised! Without spoiling anything, the library is the scene of some important plot developments, and features some very interesting set pieces, including books chained to a honeycomb-like sliding rack alongside the more traditional bookshelves.

While the sliding rack may not have been recognizable to librarians of old, the practice of chaining books certainly was. From the Middle Ages to the late 17th century, books were expensive and precious objects that weren’t allowed to be removed from the library willy-nilly. However, due to both their value as objects and as containers of knowledge, books were under a very real threat of being borrowed for reference and never returned. Initially, books were kept in large locking chests for security, but as libraries began to expand, the chests no longer provided enough room for storage and the books had to be moved onto open shelves. And so, much like dogs kept on a leash to prevent them from running off, the books were chained to the shelves.

It is unclear exactly when and where the first books were chained, but the practice caught on all over Europe.The chains were linked to a metal rod that ran the length of the shelf, which meant that in order to reference the books, readers were literally “chained” to the spot! To remedy this, desk areas were often placed in front of the chained shelves, such as these in the chained library of Hereford Cathedral.

There are some lovely examples of chained libraries that survive today, such as that of Hereford and a smaller one in Chetham’s Library in Manchester. If you get a chance, pay one a visit! It’s amazing to see a snapshot of what a medieval reader would’ve been faced with when entering a library. However, if you can’t make it to Europe, at least you can get a peek of the concept and feeling in Doctor Strange!

So the finale of Rakugo Shinjuu happened, and I really don’t like the idea of Yakumo being Shin’s dad.

I initially thought when they said “the blood of Yakumo”, they meant the newly appointed Yakumo, that is to say, Yota. But then after thinking about it, I realized Eisuke was being his gross self again and brought this new development to the table.

And you know they’re really pushing for that, because Shinnosuke looks so much like Kiku (eyes, mouth) and has that fan fiddling nervous tic, and he’s all subdued like Kiku used to be. Which is strange, because Shin used to be super energetic like a mini Yota. But kids grow up and change, I suppose?

Aside from the initial knee jerk reaction, I don’t like how feels as though the story is sweeping Konatsu’s trauma and long standing grudge under a rug and being like “she was just confused and in love!” Like it just kind of ruins that part of her character, you know? It trivializes her suffering, and I don’t like that. It also really takes away from Yota’s big rant that he did.

It just. Really shouldn’t have been thrown in there the way it was, you know?

Edit: something else came up, and that was the fact that if Konatsu and Kiku slept together, it would contradict Kiku “giving up women” because of Miyokichi, and it soils Kiku’s whole “raising Konatsu in her parents’ place”

This really shouldn’t have been included, it really shouldn’t have

Saw power rangers this weekend. I loved every minute of it and even with all the changes. Normally Trini/yellow ranger has been my favorite (she still is), but I was genuinely surprised to find that I was most drawn to the new blue ranger. I love his development and backstory (not going into detail b/c … spoilers … even though it’s not really a spoiler b/c it’s been all over the net… but just in case people have been avoiding it).

I liked all the characters, even jason… who has been my least favorite since ever. But my top two favorites were a change for me…. normally the girls are my favorite…. this time I loved Billy the most, followed by Zach, and then Trini. So strange, but I’m good with it. It would have been cool to have an asian zack to be a role model when growing up, i’m happy for the the asian kids of this generation. There are more and more material popping up. I’m just very pleased :)

What If

Time and space are so flexible. A single change, a single action, can cause reality to spiral in a new direction. A sad ending can become happy, a victory can become defeat. All can be altered by the tiniest events.

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Chapter 4

Muzuka sat on the edge of the ceiling, one leg dangling out in the air. The night was illuminated on the horizon by the city’s millions of lights. Deep in thought, his gaze was directed downwards, but he was not interested in observing the strange developments of the human. Today he was restless. It had already been several days since M-21 disappeared. Frankenstein and Garda had finally found his physical location, but all they had to report served to increase Muzuka’s worry.

The puppy was playing with death. Why?

Soft steps behind him announced a visitor. Muzaka did not have to look around to recognize that it was Garda. He recognized her by her smell. It was the smell of warm, fertile soil cooled by summer rain, mixed with the smell of warm bread.

He had not told her yet, but her smell had a tremendous impact on him. Perhaps it was because she was a werewolf too, or perhaps it was because he had associated her with the life and warmth which he had forgotten about during his stay in the Union or perhaps it was because whenever she was around he didn’t feel lonely anymore, his clan, his race, the only member who had stick out with him through the thick and thin of life. Muzuka couldn’t help but relax as she drew closer and leaned against the railing, following his gaze down to the city.

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Hood needs assistance (Jason Todd imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Can u do a Jason x reader where she’s the new batgirl and she and Jason knew each other for a while and he gets in trouble and she has to save him and he confesses his feelings!?!
Summary: Jason needs help on the field, and finally confesses his feelings. 
Word count: 511
Warning(s): swearing ? 

Your interactions with Jason had been few and far between, since he seemed to have a strong distaste against you, you had known him before his death, but back then you weren’t a vigilante, life was normal. You were the new batgirl, ever since he found out he had developed this strange hatred, you had been very close friends before, so it left you baffled.

The boys always teased it was because he wasn’t as good of a fighter as you, even though you knew that wasn’t true, it had to be something else, something more.

You were out on regular patrol, it was an average night. A few muggings and smaller robberies here and there. You were grappling from building to building, looking for people in trouble, when Tim spoke from behind the computers in the batcave, “y/n, hood needs assistance, you’re the closest, I forwarded you his coordinates.”

Letting out a small annoyed groan, you head towards him, “On my way.” you let Tim know. ‘gotta help the fellow vigilante’ you thought in fake cheer.

Reaching the destination you hear shots being fired, its definitely more then one gun, so you presume that the fire was opened towards Jay. Running across the metal container units, trying to remain as unseen as possible, you try to locate the fellow hero.

Finally spotting him taken cover behind one of the containers, you jump down next to him. “Here to assist,” You say cheerfully, trying to hide the obvious fact that you would much rather be somewhere else. 

You can just hear him roll his eyes as he backs towards you.  “We need to take them out,” He says simply, not really even looking at you. “What the hell is your problem,” you ask, before taking out one of the assailants that had their back turned towards you. “My problem?” He questions in faux surprise, taking out two others. “Ever since you found out I was batgirl you’ve been a little bitch about it.” You comment, managing to pull two of the criminals of their feet before taking out one and Jason taking out the other in a simple punch.

Me being a bitch, Excuuuuse me that I care that the girl I fell for might be killed by some idiot.” He grunts as one of the last few guys punches him in the stomach. You stay quiet for a bit, knocking out the man that had just hit Jay, the new info just starting to register.

“Wait you fell for me?” I ask, holding the last guys hands behind his back, giving Red hood a chance to take him out. “Wasn’t it painfully obvious?” He asks, standing right in front of you.

So I wasn’t the only one,” I mumble, looking straight at his helmet, where his eyes should be.  He pulls you into a bone crushing hug. “you were still a lil’ bitch about it,” you smirk pulling away.

“Looks like i have to make up for it,” He laughs, pulling you up close to him as he grapples away.


With love,

And I won’t freeze you out
Like I have been
I won’t freeze you out
My heart is melting

THIS SONG by Sia describes perfectly Sasuke’s long path to let Sakura in. From coldness to a “smile that he never shows anyone but Sakura”. I decided to draw a few important moments between them. Moments when they both meet after some time, when Sasuke confronts that “new”, more mature, more powerful, more beautiful Sakura. Because she’s better every time they meet. 

Anyway, here’s first scene. Genin’s time. The beginning. Let’s just say this is the moment when Sasuke found out that Sakura seems strange and then he decides to comfort her. I’ll draw next scene soon. (Really inspired by this freakin songggggg)

And guyssssss, don’t you dare forget this ship. It has the most beautiful story, huge development AND IT’S CANON, U KNOW

I just go to bed…

actual horoscopes for this week i swear these arent homestuck references
  • aries: youre going to see a lot of things change within both yourself and the world around you in the future
  • taurus: you will find the courage to speak up for yourself when it really counts. dont squander your opportunity to do big things
  • gemini: you spend too much time doing things for other people. take a break. set some time aside so you can spend time with the people you care about.
  • cancer: your friends are going to need your help soon, but with your help, even the most scary things can be overcome
  • leo: you dont have forever to dwell on things! if you dont tell people how you feel now, youll carry those feelings to the grave. sieze the day.
  • virgo: youre on the verge of interesting development in your romantic life. dont be afraid to try new things, even if they seem strange at first.
  • libra: sometimes its hard to make decisions. and sometimes no matter what you choose, you'll regret it. learn to move on, or youll end up feeling sorry for yourself forever.
  • scorpio: there will always be haters. lots of people will stand in your way. but youre the hero of your own story. stay true to yourself and do what you know is right, and you will be rewarded handsomely
  • sagittarius: you cant protect people by controlling them. learn to let the people you love be free, or you risk losing them
  • capricorn: youre going to disappoint a lot of people, but the future has a lot in store for you, so youll survive
  • aquarius: not all relationships last. it may be tempting to give up hope, and to lash out at others. dont do anything youll regret.
  • pisces: most people will forget your sacrifices, but that doesnt mean you didnt make them. some time spent in isolation will bring you many new friends
Shield Me (Part 1/?)

Title: Shield Me (Part 1/?)
Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Characters: Steve, Tony, Nat, Clint, Wanda, Vision, Sam, Bucky, Reader
Warnings: Mentions of rape, violence, automobile accidents, fluff! (for later chapters)
Words: 1546
Summary: Reader has a shielding power that’s relatively new. The team teaches her to develop her powers, fluffiness ensues with Bucky!

A/N: I’m still very new at writing; this is only my second fic. I’m too new to know anyone, but if you want to be on a tag list, just let me know. Please be kind!

The Avengers sat around the conference table, all eyes trained on the screen ahead of them, watching one of the strangest sights they had ever seen. A large man was inside what appeared to be an even larger bubble. He hit the sides, kicked at them with all his strength, and even shot at the sides, but the bubble refused to pop. To the left of the strange bubble stood a young woman. Nothing strange about her, in fact, she was the most normal looking person they had ever seen. She blended so well into the background, that unless they were looking for her, they might not have noticed her at all. She was watching the large man struggle to get out of the bubble. Her right hand was raised at waist level, palm facing the bubble-encased man. The man stopped struggling and nodded to her. She closed her hand, lowered her arm back to her side and the bubble disappeared and the man walked free.

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Netflix introduces a new kind of superhero in the trailer for iBoy. Based on the novel of the same name by Kevin Brooks, the Netflix original film will debut on the streaming service on January 27.

Directed by Adam Randall (Level Up), the British sci-fi/action movie stars Bill Milner (X-Men: First Class), Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones), Miranda Richardson (Sleepy Hollow), and Rory Kinnear (Penny Dreadful).

Tom is an average teenager whose world is turned on its head when a violent encounter with local thugs leaves fragments of his shattered smartphone embedded in his brain. He wakes from a coma to discover that returning to normal teenage life is impossible because he has developed a strange set of superpowers. With these new powers he sets out to seek revenge on the gang, who also assaulted his best friend Lucy.

100 Days of Character Development
14. Do you have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?

Zexx would stop and stare for a moment as he would raise a brow giving a very confused look to the questioning. It was all well and good on long trips like this to learn what you could about your companions but now it felt a bit off in the specifics. Shaking his head, he would make his way to the wagon and pull out one of the new bedrolls they’d gotten for the journey north. He heard over his shoulder about ‘habits’ and ‘quirks’ of his along with the clatter of dishware as it was put away to emphasis the awkwardness of the conversation.

“Good night, Kelly.” Was all the answer that the drover would get as the swordsman stalked off a bit from the fire and main camp. They hadn’t traveled to far into the country so the worry of anything other than a wild animal or foolish bandit were fairly minimal. Some of the other trailsmen were still up and probably on for a game or pass around a bottle, but that wasn’t for really for Zexx anymore.

Spring was closing up faster than usual this year as the days were warming up and the nights refusing to be left behind. He was looking forward to the cooler north with the impending fury of the summer. Laughing at himself Zexx found a marginally flat spot as he muttered to himself, “You really have gotten boring if you’re thinking about the weather first thing.”

Unfurled and spread out over his clear spot he would have the wide open shot of the night sky of Azeroth. Laying back he would pull his eye patch off and tuck it away in the bag surrounding him. He had to hand it to Lady Ludlow ( @ludlowvineyards ) they knew how to take care of their couriers, finding the bag large, warm, and comfortable for life in the wild. Laying back he would look up and see the spread of the night sky, the littering of stars doing a terrible job of making it full on country dark.

His right arm would nestle behind his head to work as makeshift pillow before his one eye would focus on the night sky. Following and tracing the stars above for his own little constellations that only the people looking at the time would know what they guessed them to be. A dragon. A boat. Doughnuts. His face slipped into a tight smile as he raised his left hand to reach out to the cosmos above his fist set against the back drop of stars and moon. “Rey.” His thumb sticking out from the closed fist. “Gen.” His index following the thumb. “Xaya.” The middle coming forth. The next would come but he held a moment staring at the black band of ink about the finger. “Bea.” Finally his pinky could come out as he stared at the open hand now set against the sky. “Zexx.”

Slowly the digits would close again, each finger folding back into a fist as he spoke each of the names again. His fist now standing almost defiantly to the heavens, steady and strong above him. Habits. Sleep would take the swordsman quickly after that, his dreams filled with what he needed most.

Unpopular Opinion

People keep saying that Malira or Malydia will never be Allydia but I think they had more development and actually make more sense than Allydia ever did. Its kinda strange how Lydia just went up to her on the first day of school and said “You’re my new best friend” and voila they were best friends willing to die for each other…idk but that didnt make any sense to me…and the fandom keeps talking about Malydira being forced but so was Allydia.

The New Kid’s Crush

Mello felt her gaze burning into the back of his head. He’d have this feeling regularly, as she seemed to do this everyday ever since she’s got here. She’d been staring for about 30 minutes now. A new child had recently been brought into the orphanage. Her name was y/n l/n, but she went by the name y/a (your alias). Wammy’s House hardly ever got new children admitted, as the orphanage was reserved for genius orphans. That type of child was hard to stumble across. The only 3 notable things about the Wammy’s children was their brilliant minds, their strange habits, and of course, their aliases. A new child had recently been brought into the orphanage. Y/a had arrived about three weeks ago, but she was even more special than the other children at Wammy’s. Why, you ask? Because she developed a crush on a stone-hearted, cold-blooded, one-tracked-mind tweenager who went by the name “Mello”. He was the second smartest child in the entire orphanage and was being trained to surpass L, the smartest detective in the world. The boy was currently getting fed up at the girl’s constant watch over him. He turned around, and sure enough, there she was, staring at him with sparkling eyes, a dazed look spread across her face, with a deep blush tinting her cheeks a rosy red. She looked truly love-stricken. Mello got out of his seat and began to angrily walk over to the y/a, blonde bobbed hair bouncing as he stomped. This caught her attention as her object of affection had moved from his once idle position. Mello looked down at her and the notebook and pencil tightly clutched to her chest. He decided that he’d snoop through it later. “Oh! H-Hi, M-Mello.. If that’s what your name is, I-I mean! Hi, uhm, I’m y/a.” Y/a nervously stuttered out. She had just watched him from afar, but never made actual contact with him. “Ok y/a. Why do you keep staring at me? I know you are, so don’t deny it.” Mello plainly stated, almost no emotion. His eyes slightly widened as he realized that he sounded like a firmer version of Near, but he soonly settled down. “No reason.. hehe…” Y/a said, trying to salvage any bit of mystery and deceit she had available in her. Her lies weren’t very convincing. Mello continued to look down at the embarrassed, flush-faced, overly-intelligent girl. He realized that he and her weren’t so different. In many ways they shared the same qualities, but different scenarios and with different context. Mello’s lips twitched up into a smile. It lasted for mere seconds before disappearing down into his usual deadly resting face and leaned down. Mello stared directly into the girl’s eyes, patted her desk, and said “Have a nice day, y/a.”. It may have been out of character, but as long as no one saw and she didn’t tell, Mello didn’t care. He never really cared much for anything, except beating Near and chocolate. Why Mello had been unrealistically nice for how he was? A sudden voice popped inside his head and told him to be kind or he’d severely regret it. He followed the voice’s instructions, as this time they seemed reasonable. Maybe it was that, or maybe it was just because of how adorable the new kid’s crush was.



The game is being developed by Telltale Games and will be released in 2017. It will be a five-part episodic series and be available on PC, console, and android. Check out the first teaser trailer above!

Trixie’s infant son Moondancer says his very first word…to the wrong mama

Following Trixie’s unlucky breaks in both life and love, she’s taken in by Maud Pie, who helps her back onto her hooves. They start out as a wary acquaintances, then awkward friends, but then their relationship takes a complicated, romantic turn and they find themselves forming a sort of impromptu tiny family unit. Trixie puts back on her magician’s cape, while Maud often takes care of her new foal…this has lead to little Moony misidentifying rock horse as his mama and Trixie’s gonna be pretty tsundere and huffy about this for a while

it will take many Maud kissus to convince Trixie that Maud isn’t trying to steal her babbu

Maud meanwhile is rapidly developing strange protective feelings for this pudgy tiny bab
it’s so soft and squishy and unlike a rock
oh no, maud loves baby
when did this happen help

As for the identity of Moondancer’s father…well. You all can probably guess. Not that it matters much, he is removed from our story, though by his own choice or not, you can be the judge. Maud adopts Moondancer, and Trixie finds happiness and stability with deadpan rock horse, yay

Slime Science Preview

The next big thing for Slime Rancher is really different from anything we’ve created so far. We call it Slime Science, and it’s a suite of features that allow you to build crazy gadgets and place them throughout the world.

Slime Science is a big, complex project so despite everyone at Monomi Park working very hard, it’ll likely take some time to complete. However we feel like you’re going to really enjoy the results and the added depth it brings to Slime Rancher.

While things are still very much in development, here’s a little preview of what’s to come:

The Lab

The Lab is a new ranch expansion, much like the Grotto and Overgrowth. It features some new, empty ranch patches for you to customize, but the main attraction lies in the old barn that Hobson once built sitting near the back. Within this barn you’ll find a strange array of scientific equipment that will allow you to harness the power of plorts and other resources to create gadgets.

Gadgets come in a variety of forms: everything from helpful utilities to decorative objects and more.

But before you build anything you’ll need the necessary ingredients. About half of the ingredients come in the form of plorts and the other half from resources previously undiscovered.

The Refinery

The Lab contains a large, silo-like device called the refinery. The refinery is a one-way storage unit for your plorts and resources you intend to use in Slime Science. No need to have the items in your vac tanks when fabricating gadgets, the refinery keeps it all neatly organized for you.

The Builder’s Shop

The builder’s shop is a special shop for budding Slime Scientists that allows them to purchase gadget blueprints. Once acquired, the specified gadgets can be fabricated so long as you have the necessary ingredients.

The Fabricator

The fabricator allows you to build any gadget so long as you have its blueprint. Once built, the gadget can be placed at any build site.

Build Sites

Once you built some gadgets you’ll want to place them. And using a special new upgrade to your vacpack, you’ll be able to see all the available build sites in the world. Then it’s just a matter of choosing which gadget goes where! Build sites are located all over the world, including your ranch.


In addition to plorts, all gadgets will require new, unique resources. These resources can be acquired in a variety of ways, but the most dependable method is to use a series of gadgets known as extractors.

Extractors include drills, pumps, and apiaries and can be placed at any build site. Over time they collect resources and must be emptied periodically. Drills will unearth gems and minerals, pumps will siphon up oils and other fluids, and apiaries will harvest honey and other bee products.

And that about covers the basics of Slime Science! We look forward to sharing more as it develops and are very excited to see the way you’ll all further customize your worlds.

Stay tuned!

Unpopular opinion maybe not sure, but does anyone feel like that a lot of the relationships between the seven in hoo, romantic or otherwise, were just.. either  not-well-developed, built-up by the fandom, or just overall hard to believe.

Like I don’t understand why Rick would have Piper and Annabeth become ‘best friends 5ever’ during the unwritten pause between tlh and moa. For one thing, we know Annabeth is an extremely closed off person - she doesn’t open herself up to new people easily. So for her and Piper to be like sisters in Moa with private secret jokes and what not.. it was really really strange to see because that entire development happened off screen. It made it hard for me to believe and over the course of the next books, I really could never get into their friendship because I never saw how it all started which sucks because so many of their interactions were amazing, but just lacked the build-up I personally needed to get into it.

Jason and Piper on the other hand, I could much much more easily get into because I was introduced to their characters in tlh and saw how they interacted with each other - but once again, why have the beginning of their relationship happen offscreen? Why not write that development? That would have been so interesting to read and I don’t know about you guys, but I would ship their relationship so much more if I got to see more of the build up and the actual start to it.

Now but what really gets me is the Jason and Percy bro bro friendship. Not only did most of their friendship get crammed into the last book, I just felt like it was.. not how Percy and Jason would act?? Once again, that’s just my opinion, but it just felt really, I don’t know, forced?

Like I love the platonic relationships between Frank, Hazel, and Percy, and the one between Jason, Leo, and Piper. I cannot tell you how much I love Percy and Annabeth’s relationship. But all of those relationships go back to the fact is I read everything that happened - beginning, middle, and end. I got to see how Frank and Hazel acted as a team and how close Piper and Leo were. I had an entirely different series for Percy and Annabeth. It was just when Rick tried to connect all of the seven into this one big friend group - it just didn’t feel right. 

And that makes me so sad, because as the fandom has brought up - there are so many relationships that could have happened that would have been so natural and seamless and amazing to see. I would have loved to seen Piper and Percy become best friends because hey - they use sarcasm like a second language and Piper could have easily brought out the playful ‘troublemaker’ side to Percy. I would have loved to see Jason and Hazel and Frank become friends because not only did Jason mention Hazel in the first book as someone important in his life, all of them could have bonded so much over easily anything in Camp Jupiter. Annabeth and Leo could have easily become friends over being smarty pants and building and designing the Argo 2 together.