this is a story all about how.

No one “lets you” tell your story, you tell it with no apology. So, when all they want to see is war torn stories and poverty. I want to write about the first boy you kissed in Lagos. I want to write about how you replace “darling” with “Nkem” or “Ife mi.” I want to write about streets that closed up so your Yoruba neighbors would dance and celebrate the first birthday of their daughter. I want to write about naming ceremonies you witnessed from the third floor of your flat, the flat you swept and scrubbed every Saturday before watching cartoon for two hours. You want an audience that does not need you to prove you lived a life full of beautiful memories sometimes, that you lived in a part of Nigeria and still never visited a zoo unless it was watching the television and wanting to visit a safari! This is who you are, you are no less an African because you do not appeal to some stereotype. So, when they ask you why your love poems have Igbo names or Yoruba names, like you should explain that Africans do fall in love? Decide to own your narrative and be unapologetic about it.

There is nothing to prove. Remember that.

—  Ijeoma Umebinyuo

A year ago in the pub, a friend asked writer Kieron Gillen what the big deal is about WATCHMEN. It got him thinking. This speech was the result of all those Kieron Gillen head thinks about that famous eighties comic with the smiley face on the front. See Kieron Gillen wave his hands and fanboy out about comics formalism in an intimate environment. Topics include nine panel grids, structuralism in story, his own autobiographical transformation during a chance encounter on Oxford Street, the unanswered challenge of Watchmen, how he rips it off and yet more nine panel grids. He also wears his second most expensive of skull jackets. All images are property of their respective owners. Kieron Gillen Talks Watchmen Tomfoolery Pictures

Y’all, the lovely @amber_karnes of Body Positive Yoga & I had a great time chatting as part of her new Body Positive Yoga Interview Series.

In the interview, I talk about my yoga origin story, yoga as therapy, and how I deal with internet haters (among other things). Amber was and remains one of my biggest yoga inspirations- she was one of the first curvy women to really be vocal about her yoga practice on the internet and I am so humbled/honored by the opportunity to be featured on Click The Link to Watch The Video!

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How do you feel about Sam?

In general? I love Sam! Contrary to popular belief (all Destiel shippers hate Sam, yada yada), I don’t see any reason at all not to like him?

In fact, when I still watched the show it often pissed me off (and from the bits and pieces I’ve seen of s10 that hasn’t changed much) that they were hardly giving him his own story lines in later seasons. Like, he’s one of the two main characters, but lately we rarely see him dealing with his own struggles, his story line is most of the time narrowed down to just Dean’s struggles, which is such a waste of potential. 

I remember the earlier seasons, for example when Sam was dealing with his addiction to demon blood/trying to make sense of his new found powers. I really loved that, because aside from the story line he shared with Dean, he also had his own, which made the character so much more interesting. 

But even in later seasons when that was sort of lacking, I’ve never had a problem with the character itself. 

Actually, I watched the s10 mid season finale (because people insisted that I would like it, and that I had to meet Claire) and the first thing I noticed was that nowadays, it seems Sam is nicer and a more considerate friend towards Cas than Dean is, lmao! So hey, anyone who’s a decent friend to my baby Cas is a winner in my book. ;) 

KWW: Favorite Female Driven/Dominated K-Drama

Miss Korea

How many dramas can you say that the men are just there to move the plot along and it’s the women who get the interesting roles that are all about character growth? Okay, now how many those dramas are centered around a beauty pageant?

Sure, this drama tried to convince me that Lee Seon Gyun aka “The Voice” was the driving force, but I know better. It’s the ladies. All the ladies. From our leading lady who refused to let the men walk over her in her pursuit to get what she wanted, to the other contestants (all with their own stories and hopes and dreams), to our skeptical and cranky on the outside (but a total softie inside) scientist, to the warring beauty directors — which, of course, includes the amazing Director Ma. Or “Queen Ma,” I should say, because I’m pretty convinced that the “Miss Korea” referenced in the title of the show isn’t Ji Young, but Director Ma — now she’s the real driving force. And the most regal of them all.

What I love most about this drama, though, is that even though the women spend the majority of their time officially competing against each other, they’re actually incredibly supportive of each other. Ji Young knows she’ll lose her job, but she stands up for her fellow elevator attendants who suffer constant sexual harassment and belittlement from their asshole manager; Director Ma refuses to allow Ji Young walk out unprepared on the stage, even though Ji Young left Director Ma to try and win on her own; the contestants — although they go through a “mean girl” phase — eventually learn to look out for each other, realizing they’re all in the same boat.

Notably, the unlikely friendship between Ji Young and Hwa Jung is one of my favorites. Hwa Jung is at first sneeringly condescending to Ji Young — after all, she’s a scientist who’s worked hard to get where she is, and Ji Young is just a pretty face who barely graduated high school. But both realize that they’re not that different after all, and soon it’s Hwa Jung who is one of Ji Young’s greatest supporters, and the one who helps her get ready for the competition.

My other favorite friendship is between Director Ma and Choon Ja. I loved that they openly fought for their girls and against each other, but when it came to important things (like making sure the pageant actually happened), they banded together to move mountains. I was also delighted to realize that the reason Director Ma was so hard on Choon Ja was because Choon Ja was one of “her” girls back in the day, and one Director Ma had been grooming to help with the business of finding more Miss Koreas.  Director Ma knew “her girl” well enough to know that Choon Ja would probably mess things up — but she still had the potential and the eye to do great things, and by pushing her to try even harder, she was trying to make sure Choon Ja lived up to her potential (even though she still comically fell short so many times, of course).

Let’s also not forget the best female relationship of all: mentor-mentee relationship between Director Ma and Young Ji near the end of the show, after Young Ji wins the crown. Young Ji may have just wanted to win so she could get the money (and save ViVi cosmetics), but Director Ma knows the pageant is more than just about winning a prize — it’s a way of life. There’s a responsibility that comes with the title of Miss Korea, and to ignore it is unprofessional.

Maybe that’s another reason why I love this drama — it explains that life goes on (and is still a struggle) even after you’re handed the crown and bouqet of roses. Where most shows might end at the winner being crowned (or maybe with a quick jump into the future with a “and everyone lived happily ever after” fifteen-minute wrap-up), the actual pageant is just one step along the way. Each contestant was hoping to win so that they could get closer to their dream, but becoming Miss Korea wasn’t their final goal. They were willing to endure all sorts of hardships to try and win the prize, but after the pageant is over, life goes on.

Yes, it goes on, and these women continue to live those lives by their own terms. As Young Ji said when Hyung Joon asked if she was “his:”

I’m not. You’re mine. I’m mine. Everyone’s mine.

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sorry you guys are in a writing slump you're my favorite tumblr blog so i hope you all keep writing. As for a prompt how about the Allies and there s/o get tired of studying so as a break make a game out of people watching and giving strangers background stories?

America/Alfred F. Jones: All of Alfred’s background stories were grandiose and unrealistic, with him talking loud enough that the people you were playing the game with grew uneasy and walked out of sight. Eventually you realize almost all of them were plots of famous movies, smacking his arm and telling him that he can’t cheat or he’s disqualified.

China/Wang Yao: Yao would ask why you can’t just relax and take in the fresh air for a little, but grows bored of his own teachings and agrees to play. He tries to make them interesting but he grows uncomfortable when they look over at him, with him stopping short despite them having no way to know he’s talking about them. He grows shifty, not wanting to admit defeat but no longer wanting to play, and instead makes up an excuse to go home and drags you away.

England/Arthur Kirkland: Arthur’s stories start out interesting, creating a character with a good personality with a normal background, but it always lead to a downward spiral. Often the wife of the character would leave them, or the young girl would end up having murdered ten people before strolling to the park. You grow uneasy and stop playing the game, eying the little girl warily before making your way home.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: Francis could manage to create the most heartfelt, heart-wrenching stories do to his passion for people and romance. He always created the people to have flaws, but still made them likable, cherishing their growth as people through random events that happen in their lives. When they reach their happy endings you can’t help but tear up a little, telling him he should start writing romance novels as it seemed to be his true calling.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Ivan wouldn’t really get the gist of the game or why you wanted to play, asking why you two couldn’t just head home if you were bored of being there. He would imagine every person as either you or him, giving out details from both of your lives instead of simply making them up. You sigh as you agree to just head home, appreciating the fact he at least pays attention when you talk about your past.

npr had a story about how female math majors pursue careers that don’t make them as much money as the careers male math majors choose. they were particularly talking about how much money women lose by becoming math teachers.

all i could think about was how there wouldn’t even BE math majors if it weren’t for math teachers, so maybe women’s career choices aren’t the problem? maybe consistently undervaluing female workers, particularly educators, is the problem.

just how can you report on this story and not even mention this? why would you frame the issue in such a way that makes women’s choices the problem rather than pointing out that the way we undervalue the work women do is the problem?

Happy Birthday, Valentine (Requested)

You are bitter that your birthday falls on valentines day every year. It never really feels special, just like another day. Dylan knows how you feel about your birthday and even though you told him to treat the day like it was February 14th, not valentines day or your birthday, he somehow gets you to agree to go out with him and do something “fun”. You are riding in his car for what seems like forever when all of a suddenly you pull up to a field. The only thing you see through your window is grass, and tons of it.

You say to him, “Are we having a picnic? Because American Horror Story kind of ruined picnics for me.”

Dylan snorts and responds with, “I’ve never seen that show.”

“Well basically this couple was having a picnic and a creepy clown showed up and- never mind. What are we doing here?”

“Look out my window.” You haven’t even noticed that you’d been only looking through your side since you pulled up to the field. When you turn your head, you see a huge hot air balloon sitting on the other side of the car.

You immediately get excited by what you see. “Oh my god!!! Is that for us?!”

“Hell yeah!” He looks down at his phone and says, “we need to get in there like right now or else we’ll miss it.”

“Miss what?!” Dylan ignores your question and you both rush over to the hot air balloon. What could you guys miss?

There’s a guy waiting to help you two into the balloon and he explains that he’ll be in there with you as part of his job. You never realized how big these balloons were until now.

Dylan stands in front of you before asking, “You okay?”

“Um, yeah. I’m scared but also excited.”

“That’s adrenaline. We don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”

“No, I want to! When else will I have this chance? This is crazy! I can’t believe we are doing this!” As soon as you feel the balloon take off, you scream and run into Dylan’s arms. You both laugh as you try to balance yourself and stay holding onto one another. The man riding with you asks if you want him to take a picture, and Dylan hands him his phone. You take one picture kissing each other and one making silly faces. You look out the balloon and see the most amazing view of your life. It’s breathtaking. Dylan comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist. He places his head on your shoulder and you stay like this for a while, looking down at all the small cities and people.

“So how does it feel to be one year older?” He whispers in your ear.

“Not as crazy as it feels to be this high up in the air!” You say back. The ride lasts for about 30 more minutes and you pass the time by talking a lot and taking a bunch of pictures. Eventually an airplane appears in the far distance and you see it spelling out something. It doesn’t take a while for “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y/N” to appear in the sky and when you see it you jump into Dylan’s arms to give him a big kiss. “I can’t believe this!” You say. “You are absolutely insane!”

“So you like it?” Dylan raises his eyebrows as he waits for your response.

“Yes! I love all of it!”

“Good, because there’s something else I need to tell you.” He turns you around back toward the clouds and under the happy birthday message, you see the airplane has added more words. “I LOVE YOU- DYLAN”

“You love me?”

“I sure do. I love you, Y/N. I think I’ve been in love with you for a while, but I’ve been scared to say anything. You don’t have to say it back, I just want you to know. Happy valentines day. But most importantly, happy birthday.” Dylan kisses you on the cheek and places his hand onto yours. You can’t believe everything that just happened. Not only did he surprise you with an amazing day, but he said he loved you for the first time.

“This… This is the best birthday I’ve ever had. And you’re the best boyfriend anyone could ask for. I love you, too. And I’m not saying it because you said it.” You kiss him again but pull away after you notice the man in charge of the balloon staring at you two. “Now I need to think of how I can top this and make your next birthday extra special.”

“Take me to a Mets game!” Dylan says with lots of enthusiasm.

You nod your head in agreement and respond with, “You got it.”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a queer fan finding an idol sexually attractive and hoping they’re queer.

Straight fans are allowed to scream over how they’d love to rail an idol without everyone jumping down their throat. But when a queer fans tries to point out that an idol has allude to being queer, suddenly it’s all about how they’re seeing things because they just want to have sex with them.

If you perpetuate that double standard, you are queerphobic, end of story.

Not to mention I’ve seen a shit ton of you cishet fans reach impossibly far trying to prove your gay pairings, but the second it’s not about your gross little fetish it’s all ‘oppa isn’t gay, stop trying to push your agenda on him!!!!’  

  • omniverse writers:What character from the previous series should we bring back next?
  • some writer person:Maybe the Amalgam Kids. The viewers probably had a bunch of questions about their lives and personalities and how they feel after the events of "Rooters of All Evil." Or maybe we could bring back Elena, since her entire story line was never really resolved and the viewers never got to see what happened to her after "The Perfect Girlfriend." Or Cooper? Maybe we can expand more on his character and how he's using his powers now that he's older and is one of the Plumbers.
  • omniverse writers:lol nah let's bring back that blue monkey guy

Listen to WireTap on TuneIn

This is seriously the most amazing thing. I know that people say that all the time and you’re probably going to be like, yeah OK I’ll listen later. But seriously. Seriously. I will personally bake you a batch of delicious egg-free cookies if you listen to this story about Jason trapped in a panic room for a weekend while contemplating the nature of human companionship and do not find it utterly engaging. I don’t even know how I found this and no one ever tells you that it’s Jason but it’s definitely him and omg. OMG. 

Jason’s story begins, without fanfare, at time-mark 11:37. The stuff before that is just some other people talking, and it’s pretty interesting too, like maybe this is just a super cool podcast, but you can skip to Jason saying, “I have to tell you about this weekend I just had in Malibu.” The story is less than 15 minutes long and involves a dog and a crazy Hollywood producer and Jason listening to goddamn Joni Mitchell albums and it will make you fall in love with him (if you weren’t already).

The other night my dad (a retired officer) was telling a story about how he was going in to work at about 9:30 at night, and he hears gun shots where the interstate is, near he was. Then he heard the call come out, that shots were fired at an interstate, the man who is the suspect had just ran away from robbing an elderly couple at a Waffle House, at gun point. Anyways, the perp took off, on foot, down the interstate, and another cop was on the scene. He stopped the man, and was just like “Put your hands on the vehicle” and all that, and he did, and the officer made a rookie mistake about not putting his leg between the perps legs to knock his balance off, and the perp locked the officers hands in to his side, took his gun out, and shot the officer in the head. He survive, the bullet grazed under his skin, above the skull and exited out the other end. Then he got angry. And tackled the perp to the ground. Enter my father and another officer, this other officer I’ve met, he was just starting out on the force and the officer wrestling the perp on the ground was screaming “SHOOT HIM, SHOOT HIM” and the other officer shot, hit the perp twice in the side, he’s still going, and both him and the officer who was shot, had so much adreneline going through their bodies that they weren’t giving up at all. Another shot fired from my dad, hitting the perp right in the head, blew half his skull clear off, and HE IS STILL GOING. HE IS STILL FIGHTING THE OTHER COP. They are all screaming obscenity at each other when the medics arrive, and the perp is still fucking going, brains half gone and all. His mind was literally too pissed off to tell his body he was dead. They were fighting with a dead man. Perp is still alive when they get to the hospital. Of course both the officer who was shot and him had their clothes taken off in the ambulance and as soon as they get to the hospital the doctor asks “which one is the cop?” and the let him know who it was, and even though his injuries weren’t as bad, they treated him first. Then they get to the perp and without anesthetic he takes a scaple and just guts him on the side, pushes his rib cage back and starts pumping his heart by hand to try and keep him alive. After about a minute of that they were just like “Nah, call it” and he died, thank goodness. Anyways, moral to the story is, is you may have to shoot multiple times to take someone down. I’m going to apply this to Ferguson and Michael Brown. Cops risk their lives daily for everyone, and sometimes this is the shit they have to put up with.

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Oh, sorry >< did I bother you?

No, you didn’t, so please don’t fret about it. 

I think the melodrama on the PH tag has been getting a bit much as of late, though, and it’s getting rather tiring to see fans obsessing over the negative and not the positive and deeply emotional aspect of how all of the characters had been fulfilling their development in so many ways. 

When the series ends, I really want to sit down and focus about explaining the greater themes of Pandora Hearts, which had been how people are inherently blind and selfish, but there are moments, nonetheless where connection happens. It is trust in those who love you (even unexpectedly). It is determination to move forward to the end to become who you are on your own terms.  It is the importance of having your story (even if others don’t like it). And, actually, it is faith that though we cannot predict how love manifests itself (whether it ends up hurting or helping others), people can still be redeemed somehow.

The deaths have been sad, but for the characters I cared about most who died, their stories only elaborated on those themes.  For the most part, I’m just really proud to see how some of the cast really grew and changed over the years. For characters that hadn’t, I pity them and that sympathy is important to realize about terrible people (this is probably the reason why I cried when Zai died — for the same reason Oz did, actually). For the most part I respect Mochijun as a storyteller to be able to draw these feelings.

So I’d rather have the tag focus on stuff like that than just feeling sad or distressed as if that is the only purpose of Mochijun’s ability as a writer. She made characters we honestly care about and it’s that love that pulls us through every month, not just some fear for our hearts being ripped apart.

Freier Fall 2?

I don’t know how reliable this page/info is since non of the Freier Fall actors like the page. There’s also only been one online news outlet that has picked up the story so far and I’m not German so I don’t know how reliable that website is either (the name means gossip though). Anyway, here below you can read the message about Freier Fall 2. I hope it’s true and and we’ll get a sequel!! :D


first of all, we want to say thank you! Thank you for all of your support! It makes us very happy and proud that Free Fall has touched so many people from all over the world.

Over the past one and a half years we received thousands of comments from our audiences asking for a sequel.

We have to admit that in the beginning we didn’t really believe in the idea of continuing the story of Marc and Kay. But over the past year we’ve been all sitting together a couple of times thinking it through and little by little an idea for a second part evolved in which we really started to believe.

We started talking to German financiers and although Free Fall was successful at the box office no one really wants to put money down so we can develop the new script and go from there.

That’s how we came up with the idea to launch a crowdfunding campaign in order to get the project started.

Over the next weeks and months we are going to post new updates over this Facebook page.

So if you would like to see Marc and Kay it would be great if you could spread the word and tell your friends to get connected to this page.

Stephan Lacant (director of FREE FALL)
Daniel Reich & Christoph Holthof (producers of FREE FALL)
" (x)

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People are definitely not allowed to send anyone hate - celebrity or not but I think a lot of people are upset because Lea acted in a certain way in the media just to get some pity after Corys death and just a few months later she was back in another guys arms. We are all allowed to move on but if you are in a relationship for a very long time and you suddenly break up it just hits you and being in a new relationship is way far away. And Cory even died and Lea moved on very quickly.

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When I first auditioned for Castle, I had on a shirt that was too long. I’d hoped I could tuck it in, but it didn’t work. So I went to find someone to cut it for me, and Nathan Fillion ended up cutting the bottom off my shirt. A few days ago, my non-profit, the Alternative Travel Project, put this shirt up for auction, among other sentimental items, meet-and-greets etc. Somehow, my fans managed to create a project called ‘Give Back To Stana’, where they won the auction on this shirt and just told me to keep it. They didn’t want me giving away something so sentimental and, as a bonus, all the money goes to ATP. It’s probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever had my fans do for me. How about you guys? Do you have any adorable fan stories?

story time so yesterday this motivational speaker gave an assembly at our school, and then his band was supposed 2 perform a concert at the school that night but it got canceled because apparently the school found out that they’re all anti-gay anti-islam Christian extremists YIKES