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Workaholics Anonymous

“Vay-cay! Vay-cay! Vay-cay!” Loco chants as the AOMG boys were walking on to the tarmac, about to board a private jet to Fiji.

Gray was on his phone trying to document everything on his instastory. Ugly Duck was following from behind trying to take a video of everyone else on his instalive. He was narrating everything using random sound effects for everyone. He then zooms over to his boss who was still on his phone talking last minute business details.

“Wooooaaaah~ Park sajang’s on his fly shit,” he voices over. He then pans the video from Jay’s Puma slides, then to his palm tree beach shorts and swimming singles. He then walks in front of him and videos his boss’s face.

“Oppa! You so hawt. Oh my gad!” Ju Kyung teases him, panning the phone back and forth his brother’s face. The latter played along, flexing his arms to his friend’s entertainment.

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11th September 17 Update

Story: Lack of Air (Doctor Who fanfiction)

Today’s word count: 373

Notes: Back to ‘Lack of Air’ again, the joy of multiple WIPs is that I can choose which fic I feel like writing. I think the two Lego daleks I have on my desk are helping me be in a Doctor Who writing mood at the moment. That and I have a screen cap from Jodie Whittaker’s reveal video at the top of my document so when I choose which WIP to work on I have her face smiling at me from the document menu in Google Docs.


She was confused a few moments later, when she heard Bill’s amused snort and felt her companion’s hand stroking down her hair. It took a second but she realised that it must have been standing up after her rough toweling of it earlier; she still wasn’t used to this length of hair and it’s wild behaviour. Men’s short hair was so much more manageable and she didn’t know how some women could keep their hair so much longer than hers. How did River manage to never have a curl out of place, no matter what adventure they were having?

She felt Bill’s gaze and looked to see what had caught her attention. She seemed to be staring at the hoodie she had on. Her previous regeneration’s hoodie. Remembering what she had taken from the wardrobe, and why, made her feel a little self conscious.