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Shut Doors (Doctor Strange x Reader) [SMUT]

Title: Shut doors (Doctor Strange x Reader) [SMUT]

Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader

Characters: Reader and Doctor Strange, the Avengers

Request: Doctor Strange x Reader with 10+17, annnnnnnnnnd smutty-ish, please? If you could write it, I would be appreciate so much. And thank you in advance. Hoping that you would have a nice day! By @septimaseverina (sorry the link didn’t work the first time around, silly me. 

10. “It’s not what it looks like…”

17. “Oh please! It’s not like you’ve never seen something like this before.”

Summary: When a one night stand leads to awkward silences, awkward glances and awkward conversations you feel you’re never going to get your best friend back. But, when a mission threatens your life will everything change?

Word count: 965

Warnings: Mentions of potential death. SMUT, yep, you heard Doctor Strange smut. 

Tags: @tmntwhat-you-get-is-what-you-see @trinswhimsys

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Tedium of Minutiae - Chapter 1 - esama - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
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Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Doctor Strange (2016)
Characters: Tony Stark, Stephen Strange
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Time Loop, Infinity Gems, Temporary Character Death, Tony Stark-centric, Time Travel, Fix-It, Not A Fix-It, Existential Angst, i guess

“We’ve been here before, having this same conversation.”

In which long, long time ago Stephen Strange trapped Tony Stark in a time loop.
(Not) Getting Married Today - superhusbands4ever (Potterwatch97) - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Hey guys I just published a new fic today so maybe read it if you want pls?? :)

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, The Avengers - Ambiguous Fandom
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, James “Bucky” Barnes, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Clint Barton, Thor (Marvel), Sam Wilson (Marvel), Bruce Banner, Nick Fury, Peter Quill, Rocket Raccoon, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora (Marvel), Groot (Marvel), Peter Parker, Thanos (Marvel), Nebula (Marvel), Stephen Strange, Various characters mentioned
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Not Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie) Compliant, Not Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant, Fluff, Like so much fluff omg, Weddings, Humor, Established Relationship, Romance, slight angst I guess, Happy Ending, The Avengers Are Good Bros, Rhodey Is a Good Bro, 10 years of SteveTony, They get married eventually I promise

“Steve,” Tony whispered through clenched teeth, “just ignore it.”

“Tony, I can’t just—“

“Ignore. It.”

“Tony, I—“

“Steve, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we are about to get married.”

“What if it’s important, I can’t just—“

“If it was important they would’ve alerted both of us.”

Which, naturally, was when Tony’s alert started going off as well.


AKA the one where Tony Stark would just like to get through one wedding without the world coming to an end.


Stephen Black in Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, “The Black Tower”

My skin means that any man may strike me in a public place and never fear the consequence. It means no matter how many books I read, how many languages I master, no matter how diligently I work, I will never be anything but a curiosity.

It means that I am nothing.


Favourite characters meme

Tagged by @ladyspock7, thank you!

Rules: List your top 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms (in no particular order) and tag 10 people.

  1. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - A tie between Stephen and Childermass. Stephen because he is so compassionate and clever and Childermass because of that sass 😎
  2. Discworld - I feel like I’m being cruel to myself with this because the range of choice is just phenomenal and my fave fluctuates all the time.. but right now it’s probably Cheery Littlebottom. Her arc is a joy to read, and she is hands down the best forensic analyst in any piece of police media.
  3. The Vorkosigan Saga - This is another one with a lot of choice… ummm… again it fluctuates but at the moment maybe Ekaterin? She is so quietly humorous and the way she puts up with Miles’ shit is admirable.
  4. Temeraire - Temeraire. Truly the best dragon in any piece of media (also I would have said Levitas but it would be too painful).
  5. Chronicles of Ancient Darkness - Renn. She is such a trooper and I love her.
  6. Cabin Pressure - Arthur! They’re all lovely and together as an ensemble they’re great, but Arthur is just so endearing… even though he has killed before.
  7. Welcome To Night Vale - DANA! DANA! DANA!
  8. Wolf 359 - Doug Eiffel. Listen. I fell in love during the toothpaste debacle and I have never turned back (also I am firmly team ‘what’s wrong with handcuffs?’… and I see you people who don’t listen to Wolf 359 thinking about kinky stuff… get your minds out of the gutter).
  9. EOS 10 - I love them all! Help me!!! Uuuuuuhhh, Dr Urvidian, I guess? I don’t know, Ryan is brilliant and I would happily get JANED and the interface and Levi and Akmazian… just. I love them all…
  10. The Penumbra Podcast - SIR MARC!!! A DISABLED KNIGHT IN A HIGH FANTASY SETTING DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH OF A DREAM COME TRUE THAT IS FOR ME???? Also the way Tal looks out for him reminds me of the way my little brother looks out for me so I love him too…

I tag @headstonedeliveryservice, @highlybredlikeahilltopbakery, @clockwork-hobbit, @sherlocks-tall-hobbit, @catherineofwinchester, @wolfinthethorns @athousandturtles, @vanilla-bean-meme-machine, @onjollityfarm, @iamanathemadevice and anyone else who fancies doing it :D

Absolutely no pressure to do it if you don’t want to, but if you do, enjoy!

One Grain of Sand

So, a friend made me watch Doctor Strange recently, and it blew my mind. I wasn’t expecting it to be that good, but it was amazing. I rewatched it yesterday, and then this happened. A little post-movie scene between Strange and the Ancient One. (So beware SPOILERS if you haven’t seen the movie yet.) This is absolutely my headcanon, and I’m sticking to it.

If there was one thing in the whole world that Dr Stephen Strange had discovered was more complicated and fiddly than brain surgery, it was brain surgery via magic. Okay, so there was no real need for him to be trying to figure out just the right application of dimensional energy to the pathways in the brain to stimulate cell regeneration without breaking the natural laws, but it was his pet project. Something to work on in the momentary lulls between extra-dimensional threats.

His study at the New York Sanctum was quiet, filled only with the sounds of his own breathing and the faint rustling of the Cloak of Levitation hanging in the corner. He had books stacked up around him, some of them propped open, others discarded in piles, but the central part of his desk was clear, to make space for the complex spellwork he was trying to weave. Not to activate, but just to see if the concepts would hold together, or if the spell would collapse outright on him.

“Really, Strange, you should know better than to try and combine opposing hexagrams.”

Stephen would forever deny that the sound that escaped him was more like a shriek than anything else. It was not high-pitched and terrified squeal, more like an… alarmed but very dignified yell. A strong, if vaguely startled, kiai.

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The Perks of Being an Avengers Wrangler - TaleasOldasTimeandSpace - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationships: Darcy Lewis/Charles Xavier Darcy Lewis & Balrog the Bilgesnipe

Characters: Darcy Lewis Charles Xavier Jane Foster (Marvel) Stephen Strange Tony Stark Balrog the Bilgesnipe - Character

Additional Tags: Soulmate-Identifying Marks Alternate Universe - Soulmates Darcyland SHIP DARCY WITH ALL THE THINGS Balrog the Bilgesnipe Wendy the Cloak of Levitation Wart the Clockwork Squirrel abuse of the space/time continuum patching together what i want from canon and blithely ignoring the rest As you do Fluff Crack

Language: English

Series: ← Previous Work Part 19 of the Yet Another Gratuitously Fluffy Darcyland Soulmate AU series


Darcy loves her problematic superpowered children. Yes they drive her up a wall, but every so often they do something that makes her remember why she hangs out with these nerds in the first place.

Like, say, building an inter-dimensional gateway so that she can meet her soulmate.