this is a spinal tap

You: My favorite movie has won multiple Oscars and comes from a well-respected director and has an all-star cast

Me, an intellectual: This Is Spinal Tap is the best movie

Kellyanne Conway looks so exhausted and sick and tired these days. It’s astounding to watch.

Like, a year ago, she looked, eh, still sorta pretty? And had energy?

You look at her now. It is like looking at a zombie. 

The Matt Lauer interview was something else.

Christ. If her eyes were any deader, they’d be a Spinal Tap drummer.


We Are The Eighties: A Spotify Playlist

  1. LL Cool J - “Going Back To Cali” from Less Than Zero (1987)
  2. Killing Joke - “Eighties” from Weird Science (1985)
  3. Prince - “Take Me With U” from Purple Rain (1984)
  4. Eurythmics - “Would I Lie To You?” from One Crazy Summer (1986)
  5. Altered Images - “Happy Birthday” from Sixteen Candles (1984)
  6. Spinal Tap - “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight” from This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
  7. Busy Bee, Lil Rodney Cee, and DJ Grand Wizard Theodore - “M.C. Battle” from Wild Style (1983)
  8. Slayer - “Tormentor” from River’s Edge (1986)
  9. Ry Cooder - “Paris, Texas” from Paris, Texas (1984)
  10. Sinéad O'Connor - “Jump In the River” from Married to the Mob (1988)
  11. Yellowman - “Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt” from Something Wild (1986)
  12. New Order - “True Faith” from Bright Lights, Big City (1988)
  13. Romeo Void - “Never Say Never” from Reckless (1984)
  14. Salt-N-Pepa - “Let The Rhythm Run” from Colors (1988)
  15. Suicidal Tendencies - “Institutionalized” from Repo Man (1984)
  16. Klymaxx - “Meeting In The Ladies Room” from Secret Admirer (1985)
  17. Roger Eno - “Voices” from Nine ½ Weeks (1986)
  18. Madonna - “Crazy For You” from Vision Quest (1985)
  19. The Replacements - “Within Your Reach” from Say Anything… (1989)
  20. Dwight David - “The Last Dragon” from The Last Dragon (1985)

Listen to this Spotify Playlist & more curated by Rotten Tomatoes here

Disaffected white working class Americans  who thought Billionaire Trump (born into wealth, living in a *literal* gold penthouse) was genuinely gonna stand up for their rights are as dumb as that Spinal Tap drummer who was TOTALLY sure he was never gonna die.

“Well, when I joined, they took me aside and explained the situation. It freaked me out a bit.  But it can’t always happen. Can it?”

“I mean… I mean…the laws of averages says you will survive.”



hey gamers i have some bad news

my cat’s been diagnosed with a spinal injury of some sort. we need to do x-rays (roughly 300 dollars) and potentially a spinal tap to find out the exact problem but it’s clearly not something we can ignore. i just spent all my money on vet bills and i have like two packets of pasta and half a bag of rice to last me for the next two weeks.

if you have some spare cash laying around and wanna throw me five bucks to help me keep myself fed while we’re investigating my cat’s spine i’d really appreciate it.

additionally, i have skill as an editor and i’m perfectly willing to do some cheap work if you’d like to get something out of this. i can do anything from more intensive structural editing (where i work closely with you as you write and help fine-tune the narrative) or simple proofreading. i can edit anything from fanfiction to a resume or cover letter.

my paypal and email address is

thanks for reading and boosting, please wish my cat luck and a smooth recovery.