this is a small wooorld


Happy New Year, everyone! <3

I wasn’t sure what to do with messages on this blog, so stuck in the limbo of indecision, they just sorta piled up and started collecting dust. But I feel rude for not doing anything about them. :,T So here goes! If you know how to block tags, you can target “Hush Replies” if you don’t like text posts. Should do more private replies in the future. Mm mm.

  1. @rapid-artwork – Alexi is close to 6′4 (193cm). Hanna 5′8 (173cm). They both buff out a few inches extra when they go full-on angel mode.
  2. Anon#1 – That’s a dragongirl, right? I’m sure I’ll do at some point for fun.
  3. @silicasurf-art – My blog is named after the same project she’s from. Hushabye Valley. There are more orders of knights I’ll very likely be posting art of. :3 And lots of monsters too ofc.
  4. @silicasurf-art – Small wooorld :,D I think I have like… 3… 4… 5 or somesuch blogs. But only 2 are somewhat active. So you’ve found the most relevant ones at least!
  5. Anon#2 – I tried so hard to figure out the references in this message… But I’m clueless. :,3 I found some illuminati stuff but that can’t be it…
  6. @monster-girl-connoisseur – Oh wow thank you! :,D I don’t normally take requests, but I appreciate suggestions!
  7. @mcbalderus – *highfive* Thank you!
  8. Anon#3 – I think this blog is as nsfw as it gets. I draw lots of nudity, but rarely for lewd reasons. But if I were to draw lewd stuffs, I’m not sure where I’d post it… Hm.
  9. @tentaclebrain – Thank you! :,D <3
  10. @tyranticonic – Thankya! <3 <3
  11. @tsushiya – I don’t think I have any specific favorite… But anything with thick, strong tails makes me extra happy.
  12. @forsakenreject – She’s been around for a while. :,3 And thank you! You have a nice day too!
  13. Anon#4 – Waah, thank you! :,D
  14. Anon#5 – Love em! I tend to like lizard-type girls a lot :3

*Piano starts*

Cabba: 🎤 Just a small town girl. Livin’ in a loonely wooorld~ She took the midnight train going aaany wheeere~

Frost: 🎤 Just a city boy. Born and raised on Sooouth Detroit~ He took the midnight train going anywhere ~

*Botamo joins in leaving Hit sitting down as Magetta turns on a candle and raises it in the air*

Cabba: 🎤 A singer in a smokey room! The smells of wine and cheeeaap perfume! For a smile they can shaare the night! It goes, on and on and on and on~!

Frost/Cabba: 🎤🎤 Strangers!! Waiting! Up and down the boulevard! Their shadows~! Searching, in the niiight ~!


Frost: 🎤🎶 Living just to fiiind emotion! Hidin’! Somewhere, in the niiiiiight ~!

*Frost nudges Hit to continue and refuses*

Cabba: 🎤 Workin’ hard to get my fill! Everyone wants to thrill~! Payin’ anything to roll the dice.. Just ooone mooore tiiime~!

Frost: 🎤🎶 Some will win! Some will lose! Some were born to siiiing the blues! Oh, the movie never ends, it goes on and on and on and on ~! 🎶

Frost/Cabba/Botamo: 🎤🎤🎤 Strangers!! Waiting~!

Cabba: 🎶 Up and down the boulevard~!

Frost/Cabba/Botamo: 🎤🎤🎤 Their shadows! Seearching in the night~!

Botamo: 🎤 Streetlights! People!

Cabba: 🎤🎶 Livin’ just to fiiind emotion!

Frost: 🎶 Hidin’ somewhere in the niiiiiiiight ~!!

*Hit slowly smirks and goes up to them. Cabba hands him a microphone*

Frost/Cabba/Botamo: 🎤🎤🎤 Don’t stop!! Believing!

Hit: 🎤 Hold on to that feeeeling~!

Frost/Cabba/Botamo: :D

Frost/Cabba/Botamo: 🎤🎤🎤 🎶 Streetlights! Peeeooooooooople ~!!

Frost/Cabba/Botamo/Hit: 🎤🎶 Don’t stop!! Believing!!

Cabba: 🎤 Hold ooon ~!

Cabba/Botamo: 🎶 Streetlight!!

Frost/Hit: 🎶 People, Ooooh ~!!

All: 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎶 Don’t stop!! Believing!! (Hold on that feeling ~!) Streetlight!! People, WOOOAH~!