this is a small feminist rant fyi

The point of feminism is not saying that every man is evil and should be hated–it’s not about misandry and feeding off of some hatred of the male sex. It’s not about finding issues that don’t exist or complaining about the fact that women get a period every month and have to go through childbirth and shit like that. It’s not just another way for women to “bitch”, it’s not saying that men never experience problems, and it’s not stupid and pointless.

Feminism is noticing and criticizing the inequality in society. It’s realizing that there are problems with the way women are treated in society; it’s understanding things like intersectionality and how fucked up jokes degrading women and society’s standards of gender roles are. It’s about noticing that equality between men and women doesn’t exist and having a problem with it. 

Feminism for me is not being okay with growing up in a society where I have to feel like the weaker sex.