this is a sketch believe it or not

Anti Love At First Sight

None of the Pevensies believe in love at first sight.
Peter may have thought that the girl in front of him was attractive, but he didn’t love her until he found out she did things like help little kids after school, or she sketched mermaids and other Narnian type creatures in her drawing pad.
Susan had met too many princes and kings who claimed to love her at first sight. They were never interested in her, only her looks. Love at first sight was a joke to her.
Edmund had seen what happened when you judge purely by looks. He’d learned that you need to judge someone by their hearts.
Lucy. Pure, sweet Lucy who trusted a half goat man (a faun, not a satyr though. Faun.) never judged anyone by looks in the first place. She fell in love, plutonic and romantic, because of how a person acted.


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