this is a sketch believe it or not

Waa I can’t believe I totally forgot about this, funny thing I came to find it now that I’ve been drawing MatsuHanas xD
I draw this around last year’s Christmas Eve inspired by the idea that Makki gets really caught in conversations and he’s so passionate about whatever he’s talking to the point were he even get mad sometimes and Mattsun just loves it because is not something you get to see everyday

YALL I was cleaning out my old sketchbooks and found one from 6th grade. In it was a sketch of what I had titled “Older Ahsoka, Jedi Knight” 

I realized two things:

1: I’m still here, still in love with Ahsoka, and still drawing her past the show and in original costumes.

2: Younger me had the hecking right idea when she drew Ahsoka’s lekku that long and I’ve become a coward in my old age. I will fix this immediately.

I doodled a stripper/killer Richard from my dream that I talked about a while ago.

I can’t believe I’m making this a thing. I’m even thinking of adapting him into an OC - you wanna help me test his character out, @saint-moo?

Oh, yeah, I’m drawing more lmao. Prepare your eyes for more shitty art of strippers and assassins.

Some Favs

Note: This was made back in November

I’ve been playing the new South Park Game, The Fractured but Whole @lemongraves let @actionbutter and I barrow. It has caused us to start watching the show again. I secretly believe @warmcandy had something to do with it too. >w>

Here is some of our favs. I absolutely adore Jimmy but after watching the show again Timmy is right there next to him.

anonymous asked:

Is there any disturbing artwork some of your students have drawn? I was a ta (teacher assistant) and one of the children drew her mom getting beheaded by a dark figure labeled daddy. I was shooken

C: Yeah? I mean, god, I teach high school and the weekly assignment is two sketches a week. Anything they want to draw, as long as it takes two pages, it can include one two-page picture or two one-page pictures or a study of sketch practice of some sort. But it’s completely free. They can do whatever they want in their sketchbook
C: I’m.. Teaching the end of gen Z and.. Its both astounding and horrifying how they see the world and put it into their art. They kinda like believing nothing matters and we’re all gonna die in the end. Its.. Beautiful.

M!A: 9/?

;)   An anonymous fear submitted to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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Would you believe me if i told you that it’s a German tradition on New Year’s Eve to watch a British black and white sketch from the sixties that’s entirely in English and deals with an old rich woman celebrating her 90th birthday while her butler impersonates her dead friends and gets more and more drunk throughout the sketch, with the highlight being the multiple times said butler stumbles over the head of their stuffed tiger carpet? And also that this sketch is not almost completely unknown in its home and that the writer and star of that sketch actually really hated the Germans?


Some giveaway gifts I owed since May and I couldn’t keep dragging ‘till next year! LMAO Talk about procrastinating;;;

First one is for @campaignofmadness and second one is for Paola ^q^

These are my last drawings of this year! I wish you all have a great 2018! ♥♥♥ Thanks for sticking with me! >v<


I know it’s a bit early but tomorrow I’ll be off all day for work so I decided to post it now. 

11th of January is my fav character’s birthday and I really wanted to dedicate a little thing for him with the boys.

Believe it or not he really is my favorite, even tho I usually draw deku the most. It’s because he’s so cool and beautiful I’m so afraid of not drawing him right. We’re very similiar and I luv him.

also maybe later the flowers would catch fire