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Got7′s Reaction to their s/o being in a super cuddly mood

This got posted way after school started so I’m very sorry about that but I hope you’ve had a good school year so far… even though it’s kind of ending xD. But I hope you enjoy the reaction. I tried my best to make it with extra fluff on the side so yeah… lol @the-riseofbangtan

BTW, I’m sorry I didn’t post last Sunday I had a busy weekend along with a busy week of school work that a kind of procrastinated on…I hope you guys aren’t mad :(


*When you asked him to cuddle with you, he’d start to joke around and ignore the fact that you just really wanted to cuddle.*

BamBam: *gif* “You want to cuddle with ME????” *smirks*

Y/n: “Yes! I just really want to cuddle.”

BamBam: “So you really want to cuddle with ME???”

*When he noticed that you were starting to get a little annoyed, he grabbed you and then layed down with you. While he was cuddling you, and some point you felt him hugging you tighter, which made you feel safe. He then kisses your forehead and the both of you fall asleep holding each other.*


*When you see him sitting down on the couch, you quickly walk up to him and tell him you want to cuddly with him. He ignores you and continues doing whatever he was doing.*

Y/n: “Oppaaaaaaaa, please cuddle with meeeeee!!” *acts cute*

Yugyeom: “If you continue to call me Oppa, I’ll cuddle with you.” 

Y/n: *cute voice* “Oppaaa. Oppa. Oppa. Oppaaaaaaaa” 

Yugyeom: *gif* “Ahh so cute!”

*He pulls you down to the couch and starts cuddling you. While he cuddled you, he started to play with your hair and then softly tracing your facial features. When he noticed you were falling asleep, he whispered that he loved you.”


(You’re Jinyoung)

Y/N: *gif* “Youngjae! Let’s cuddle.”

Youngjae: “Right now?”

Y/N: “Yes right now! So go, take me to where we are cuddling.” 

*He’d then, while holding you, walk to the couch and the both of you lay down. He’d start to cuddle you while rubbing your back. He would also kiss your forehead and admire all your facial features while telling you everything he loved about you.”


*You thought he needed a break from work so you took advantage of your super cuddly mood to get him to take a break.*

Y/N: “JB. You should take a break from all this work and like… cuddle with me.” *cute smile*

JB: *gif* “I have to finish, Jagiya.”

Y/N: *grabs his arm and pulls him to the bed* “It’s okay you can finish it later. A little break won’t hurt.”

*He’d laugh and then would lay with you and cuddle you. He’d look at you and give you a little kiss on your nose and would tell you that he loved cuddling with you because he gets to hold the most precious thing that made him happy. Then the two of you would end up falling asleep.*


*As you see him already laying down, you take advantage of it and just lay really close to him.*

Y/N: “Jinyoung.” *hugs up* “Cuddle with me.” *holds him tight*

Jinyoung: *gif* “You still want to cuddle with me?” *smirks*

Y/N: “Yes.” *holds him tighter so he couldn’t get up.*

*He would then laugh and shower you with small kisses until he got tired of it. Then he’d hold you while his hands intertwined with yours.*


*After you ask him to cuddle with you with a cute sad face, he couldn’t help but smile.*

Mark: “What if I don’t want to?” 

Y/N: “You don’t have a choice.” 

Mark: *laughs* *gives you a tight* “AHH Fine… I’ll cuddle with you.”

*He’d then lay down with you and hold you tight. While cuddling with you, he would just look at you and admire every single thing about you and would smile at himself, thinking of how lucky he was to have you.*


*Right when you ask him to cuddle without hesitation he would open his arms wide for you.*

Jackson: *gif* “I’d cuddle with you anytime. I get to hold the most precious thing I have with me. And I also get to tell her that I love her.” 

*He would stay cuddling with you even after you didn’t feel like cuddling anymore because he just wanted to be close to you and show you how much he loved you.”

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hi! ive just started a multi fandom blog (its falconsolo but it's a side blog hence why I am messaging from this one!) I was just wondering if you could recommend your favourite blogs so I can follow them? Thank you! :)

any fandom??? well I FOLLOW A LOT OF PEOPLE so there’s a blogroll in case you want the whole deal but here’s some of my favs!!

@stiilesstilinski @lmwechirrut @oscariasac @im-solo @paulbenjamins @kanjiklubs @queeniegoldsteiinn @ltfrankcastle @quicksiluers @jim-kirk @imwhe @sithobi @sitharmitage @ballerinawidow @bottomskywalker @bottomkenobi @bravekenobi @artoo-detoos @binarysunset @spacenerdevans @jedidameron @rogers @sgtjimbarnes @orsonkraennic @alrightanakin @karlmordo @sebastianfucker @lihgtsabers @hermionegrangers @jynersoandor @oikenobi @skellydun @lumberjacklogan @ffinn @kylarens @darktonystark

ok that’s only off the top of my head, like i said if u want the whole list of awesome people check out the blogroll!! i’m terrible at remembering/thinking of ppl off the top of my head LMFAO

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Hey there, I've been a bit shy to inquire, but since someone else asked about a baby torchic today, it seems like a good time to ask... MY baby torchic, Zuko, has an ENORMOUS appetite. I give him double the reccommended portions of food for a torchic his size, and he always eats it all. Sometimes he still seems hungry! Is this healthy? Should I keep feeding him this much or ration his food more? Does he just have a fast metabolism? (On a side-note, I love your blog!)

Is he gaining weight? Or is he just always hungry? If he’s hungry and gaining weight, you may just have to play tough love and put him on a diet. Quick tip: giving him more fiber may make him feel “fuller,” so you can trick him into eating healthier without too much of a fuss.

If, however, he is not gaining weight, there could be a problem. Pokémon can have metabolism problems, and diabetes is unfortunately common in over-bred Pokémon, including starters. Please get Zuko to a Pokémon center immediately if you suspect this is the case. A change of diet, insulin supplements, and additional care will help your Torchic live a healthy and happy life.

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"Of course Sam liked that pic- those are his feet so cleverly, and obviously, cropped out of the left of the frame" I'm lost! and reading other blogs I see they think those are Cait's feet. Can you elaborate about your theory please? Ps: I found really intriguing Maril's answer about not outing OL bts loves, marriages or children been born yet.

The feet you see in Cait’s pic are indeed Cait’s feet. My caption was only implying that the way the short vid was framed left the other side of that bed, daybed, lounge, or whatever she was reclining on out of the frame- which would mean that the feet of any companion whom she may have had upon that piece of furniture would be out of frame and not visible. Which, of course, leads me to wonder that there might indeed be a pair of feet located out of the frame to Cait’s left- and given the antics that Cait and Sam got up to at around bedtime in SA during Maril’s Q and A which clearly suggested that they were sitting there together: Sam speaking for both himself and Cait about not looking forward to giving up the sun and warmth of SA, not to mention Cait’s showing of what looks very much a bite mark on her upper thigh which was got during filming the Turtle Soup scene (one of the more passionate sexual encounters in the book), Sam’s cheeky answer to Cait, and then Sam’s thumbs up to Maril’s advice that it was time for bed. -I don’t think it’s too far out on a limb here to guess that any unseen feet, if they exist outside the frame of that shot, would belong to Sam. Sam who incidentally was implying by making it obvious that he was in Cait’s company so late on a work night that he just might live in the same flat as she- or at the very least he’s implying that *ahem* he doesn’t have “anywhere else” that he should be that late at night *ahem*, or anyone else he should be with .

And I, like you, anon, am also intrigued by Maril’s answer to the marriage and children question. First, that she chose to respond to it at all. And second, that the answer she chose to give to it was everything but a ‘No’. There certainly would be no need for such circumspection or privacy if It was that a second AD and a groundskeeper had got together, or if a makeup artist and an electricians assistant had just welcomed a new baby…

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I'm not trying to attack you or anything like that (and you can do whatever you want), but that person has a point. As a confession blog runner, you should at least try to look on everyone's side of the arguments and things. There WILL be Hinata/NaruHina fans who will be and will confess on this blog. Maybe you should cut down on the Hinata/NaruHina hate or save it for another blog?

maybe you can take ur guys bitchin elsehwhere and make ur own blog

i literally just posted a pro NH confession. & why should i stop what i post on MY blog just because y'all NH shippers don’t like it? it’s a naruto confessional blog so i post whatever people send in and people just so happen to hate NH a lot sorry if y'all are stuck in ur bubble of the fandom

Please Read~💓

Hello everyone! This is going to be a long post, so just a head’s up!

Firstly, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GETTING MY LITTLE BLOG TO OVER 2100 FOLLOWERS IN A SPAN OF ONLY 3-4 MONTHS. You have no idea how much this means to me! Honestly, I started out with so many doubts about creating a writing blog. I was so worried and anxious that my writing wouldn’t be good enough, I was so scared that everything I planned to post was going to be flop.

Originally posted by baeksilisk

However, thanks to the lovely people who acknowledged me when I reached out to them about this blog! Thank you to all my mutuals, followers and loyal anons who have stuck by me through thick to thin, through highs and lows, through my random down moments and through my joyful days.

These are the list of people I would like to thank right here, right now:

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So I was actually planning this thing called “Personality Change AU” (I can’t think of a better name, because I am Asgore in disguise :))

A universe where Frisk doesn’t go all -_- and actually talks in game. I thought of the name “Undertale but Frisk is an Asshole” but it’s too long.

So far, I only scripted to the part in the ruins in these 4 months… And I only have the reference for Frisk atm.

I’m making a side blog for this one day.

O N E D A Y.

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I watched an interesting theory video today on the outcome of a war between the allies and Russia immediately after Germany's defeat in 1945. One of the arguments of the video was how superior the Russian T34 was over the US Sherman, and so the Russians had a huge advantage in confrontations. I was curious what your opinion of this is? (Love your blog btw!)

Well, this is a scenario I’ve thought about myself, that of Operation Unthinkable.

As for your first question, I really think people knock the Sherman too much in these sorts of things, but thats personal. I’m not as well equipped as others, like @enrique262 and @konigstiger1944, who would be MUCH better at answering the tank side of things. I’m more nuclear and prototype.

I think as to who would have the advantage confrontationally, is tricky.

The Allies would certainly have the upper hand strategic bomber wise, although the Red Army’s Tatical air force (not exactly sure of their proper title) was extremely impressive, so I’ve heard.

I really do believe that even if the US and company can put its primary war goals into defeating the Soviet menace in the European Theater (excluding Japan and that business for this), I still think the Soviets could force the Western Allies off of Europe.

In terms of troop numbers alone, it would be a nightmare for Allied forces (western) to defend against a Soviet force.

It would however, make a fucking great video game.

Name Change!

thewarlordscontract -> brynwrites

For anyone who was following what used to be my brynwrites account, that side blog is now brynprocrastinates. The content on the individual blogs will not change, but the theme of this blog will slowly shift to encompass both my writing projects instead of merely The Warlord’s Contract. 

There will be a thewarlordscontract blog still, but only as a placeholder to direct people over to here. 

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That being said, I think I’m going to actually force myself to stop. I needed glimpses to give me strength so I could last until May 2nd, and I’ve more than indulged that. I don’t want to lose the magic of reading a book I’ve waited a year for, especially since the spoilers are definitely more on the “key moments” side of the reveal spectrum in my opinion.


anonymous asked:

I'm in my last year of high school and I want to know what college is like? Can you pls reply! Btw, I love your blog!!

I might not be the best person to tell you about the whole college experience because I’m commuter student that still lives at home with my parents but I will try to give you an idea of the academic side of things. (I’m also almost done with my freshman year so that might impact some of these answers)

  • if you already have your major picked out (and it’s the right one for you) you’ll be taking classes that are actually interesting to you. High school is basically 4 years of gen eds (classes everyone has to take regardless of their major) but college is like “oh you want to take a class on film genres? here it’s available next fall”
  • The last couple weeks before finals week are even worse than finals week because that’s when all your big projects are due
  • Idk if you’re familiar with the comedian John Mulaney but he has this joke about how “college is just your opinion” it’s literally just your opinion. I wish I had a dollar for every time a professor said “Come on guys I want to hear how you feel about this” during a lecture
  • most professors won’t admit it but they will go easier on the people who volunteer to present their projects first
  • you get to decide your schedule so if you could have 3 hours between classes if you wanted or you could schedule your classes one right after the other
  • longer winter break and shorter semesters. I’m getting out of school a month earlier than I did in high school and it’s great
  • it seems that people communicate exclusively through snapchat (I haven’t made any friends really this is just an observation)
  • you will have a ton of reading (people say you should do all your reading i’ve found that you should do the first couple to see if you really need to do every reading for that class)
  • your professors also don’t want to be at that 8am/10am lecture 
  • in my experience a lot of professors openly express their hatred for Donald Trump (My symbolic logic prof once spent 5 minutes saying “we’re going to do the best logic. I have the most logical logic. And you’re all going to score bigly on your tests” it was real weird)

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Hey I'm 18 and recently got diagnosed with ADHD (combined) and I've started taking vyvanse. I'm just wondering if it's normal that it makes me feel so much more awake? Like once I take it I go from Mentally Ill Tired™ to the awake it seems I should be, but I don't know if that's just because it clears up my symptoms or if it's a side effect I should watch out for? I love your blog btw, it really helped me work up to getting a diagnosis!!

I wrote a little bit about this recently.

Vyvanse is lisdexamphetamine, which is a stimulant medication, so it works the same way as the medications I brought up in the linked post. It also makes sense that you’re able to stay awake better on medication because you don’t have to spend as much energy on things like focusing, since the medication helps with that. I don’t think you need to be worried; if anything, being more awake is a positive side effect.

I’m glad we were able to help :)


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I personally used to think Destiel was a more platonic ship,but now I see the more romantic side through the more recent seasons and your blog has also helped me see the more romantic side

Dude, I live for messages like this, seriously, a flutter of warmth filled my heart.

Am I a Destiel preacher? Helping people see the truth in the text? lol

Originally posted by giantmonster

What I love about this is that I and the meta writers don’t make a thing up, we just analyse what is given to us by the show based on standard literary and cinematographic knowledge and texts, it’s not rocket science, cos it’s THERE. 

This is what they’re telling us, so yeah, it’s definitely real. Also, hell yes it has ramped up in recent seasons (Chuck bless Dabb!). Whether they decide to follow through is separate but it is definitely there and I’m thinking there must be a reason they’ve ramped it up in recent seasons, enough so that people like yourself are now noticing it… You just consolidated my view that this was the case, thank you!!

Thank you for this awesome message :)

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I saw your post on your side blog... I know they say to do that grounding exercise when you feel that way. So I made you a more fun one! Think of the following... 5 dog breeds with long coats, 5 dog related objects you can see around you, 5 (happy) smells that remind you of doggos, 5 funny sounds Goa and Aska make. 5 great things about both dogs. But seriously, I really hope you feel better soon :(

This is just the loveliest message and I appreciate this so much, so incredibly helpful. ❤

Ok guys I have an annoucement. Since this is a side blog, I’m moving to a seperate blog so I can have another mod help me out with requests! The new blog is botwscenarios-and-headcanons so that is where you can send all your requests from now on. I’ll still leave this blog here so you guys can go through all of the old imagines though.