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I need to do this… Shout out to:

- Philip for not giving up on this family and Lukas and being so brave;
- Lukas for accepting himself and his relationship with Philip;
- Helen for dealing with her trauma and protecting her son and his boyfriend;
- Gabe for not giving up on his family and supporting them;
- Bo for getting past the fact his son is gay and just loving him unconditionally;
- Anne for loving her son more than her life;
- Tony for trusting Helen even though he was scared shitless;
- Rose for accepting Lukas and Philip’s relationship;
- And Kamila for giving up her dream job to take care of her nephew.

I’m extremelly proud of all these characters and I’m gonna miss them dearly! Some of you come back to us ❤️

Something came fluttering down from the sky. Two things: a pair of leather pants, and a puffy white poet shirt. They landed at Simon’s feet.
“Take your clothes and go!” Isabelle shouted.
Above her another window opened, and Alec leaned out. “What’s going on?” His gaze landed on Clary and the others, his eyebrows drawing together in confusion. “What is this? Early caroling?”
“I don’t carol,” said Simon. “I’m Jewish. I only know the dreidel song.”
“Is he all right?” Aline asked Clary, sounding worried. “Do vampires go crazy?”
“He’s not crazy,” said Helen. “He’s drunk. He must have consumed the blood of someone who’d been drinking alcohol. It can give vampires a sort of—contact high.”
“I hate Raphael,” Clary muttered.
“Isabelle!” Simon called. “Stop throwing clothes at me! Just because you’re a Shadowhunter and I’m a vampire doesn’t mean we can never happen. Our love is forbidden like the love of a shark and a—and a shark hunter. But that’s what makes it special.”
“Oh?” Isabelle snapped. “Which one of us is the shark, Simon? Which one of us is the shark?”
—  City of Heavenly Fire

anonymous asked:

(school anon) welp ok I'm sure you're not that bad.. ok but Lukas coming over to Philip after school and ended up staying the night because Philip wouldn't let him go back home (despite Helen's effort). And Philip doesn't wanna go to school the next morning but Lukas has to and at school he's making sure if the bully will be punished bcs Philip doesn't need that kind of stuff.. shout out to understanding teacher(s).



 |Happy 39th Birthday, Amy Acker! (December 5, 1976)
~Amy Acker Birthday Project Video featuring artwork, photos, and videos from fans across the globe!~

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY ACKER and <playfully witty sign-off>

December 2015

The Something Else

Kramer’s beautiful singing voice lures sailors to crash into Manhattan. George engages Jerry in a battle of wits, and overconfidently declares “Never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line!” Elaine breaks up with—and then reconciles with—Puddy 471 times in a single day. Frank and Estelle get into a shouting match so fierce the neighbors show up and start placing bets. Uncle Leo starts wearing a toupee he found in the trash. Morty and Helen get kicked out of another retirement community when a neighbor accuses them of money laundering after finding some wadded-up cash in one of the facilities’ washing machines. The Soup Nazi finds great success in Brazil. Peterman slowly metamorphoses into a flying squirrel, and glides from skyscraper to skyscraper in Manhattan. Bania insists that “the vest” is “the best” article of clothing. The dead mobster in the foundation of Jerry’s building is unearthed by the building’s super, but will only sing and dance when nobody else is watching. Newman gets sick in the middle of his mail route and vomits into his mail bag, then spends the rest of the day trying to recreate fresh pieces of mail by forging the ruined letters. Jerry’s skeleton has its own comedy career.

Anything For Cookies

Charles was at his desk, writing down things PK didn’t care about. PK was bored, but had no reason to cause any mischief yet. It wasn’t until Helen walked passed with a plate of artificial-pumpkin cookies did he suddenly take control.

“PK,” Charles shouted when PK stood them up.

“Shut it, Charlie!”

PK began walking towards Helen, but a group of kids on a tour blocked his path. He growled and looked down the hallway, seeing that they weren’t stopping any time soon. PK looked around for a different route and smirked when he looked left. He ran and jumped up in the dining tables, accidentally knocking over some children, that were set out for tonight. He got angry shouts from workers as he climbed up on them. He flipped them off and began jumping from table to table, ripping up table cloths. He laughed proudly when he saw Helen, but let out an unmanly yelp when he tripped off the last table and skid forward on his chest. Helen turned around and looked at the fallen man and the damage he caused.


PK looked up to see a cookie and reached out for it, but it was snatched away.

“After you clean up this mess!”

And with that, PK was left setting out the tables and leading the kids tour. Afterwards, Helen gave him a cookie and a glass of liquor.

“Worth it, PK?”

“Damn right.”