this is a shit picture but i miss this place

They had spent the majority of time in the woods in reasonable silence, Chris supplying jokes or small comments every now and then to ease it. 

Mainly so the forest didn’t feel like it was closing in on them.

After a few moments of companionable silence, Chris began to notice the forest was even more quiet and menacing than usual, pausing in his step to listen.

That was when he heard the twig snap, a wendigo’s cry echoing in the distance. Close. Much too close. 

“J-Joseph?” He asked nervously, freezing up in fear and whipping around to stare behind them. 

“We’re not alone.” Joseph said quietly, loading his gun. 

YOU GUYS! I have been trying to draw this crossover for a FRIGGIN YEAR! I love both of these characters, and had to do a crossover where they teamed up. I picture this taking place after the events of Evil Within, where Joseph and Sebastian design a task force that deals with spooky shit. They get a call to come check out the missing persons in the woods, only to run into the giant shitshow of a night these kids are going through. I plan to do some doodles in the future of my ideas. Enjoy this for now though!

Team Building

*waves* Hello friends! I’m back at it writing! BUT HOLD THE PHONE! IT’S NOT A SAMI STORY?! WHAAAAAT??????? 

Hope you like it! 

Title: Team Building

Pairing: Finn Balor x OC

Rating: Smut! ;) 

Summary: Finn is fresh out of surgery staying in an apartment with his girlfriend for observation and after care. His best friend brings his favorite activity, but Finn realizes maybe he needs help… 

A/N: Shameless input of myself and Sami into the story just because I can. Hope you guys enjoy. Hey, maybe I’ll actually post something else I have written in the next couple of days? 

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Humbling Experience

These past few weeks have been a humbling ass experience.

I was with my ex who basically paid for my apartment in London and silly shit like drugs and alcohol.

Our relationship is completely OVER and he’s basically given me the deuces and £3000, His words “figure shit out on your own”

I haven’t been in London for a month now and I’ve stayed in contact with a few POT’s. Also my for sure confirmed SD (only £2000/PCM and he’s demanding, and I planned on dropping him  but with these recent change in events that £2000 is going to make a shit load of a difference)

I am flying back to London this week and will most likely have to get a shared apartment if I want to continue living where I live. I don’t care so much about sharing. Its just how abrupt shit happened.

I will literally be starting from square one. I know I will appreciate every penny I make now and I’m more then determined to catch my big whale.

I was basically settling for a nice place, blow and champagne. Fuck that. Its hard. I will miss him.

I’m literally going back to London with only 3K to my name. But I’m so determined.

My Plan


  • I’m going to self advertise myself at a a lower rate with different pictures then the £600/hr agencies I work with (the work is not as frequent and I need constant flow of money)
  • I am thinking £250 an hour. It makes me sick to my stomach to go that low but I gotta do wtf I gotta do. And I need at least TWO clients a week to pay rent in a shared apartment where I’d like to stay. (My sugaring money is all for my school and shopping expenses)


  • SD 1- £2000 a month
  • SD 2- $5000 a month <—he hasn’t deposited shit so he doesnt even really count
  • I have a few other potentials but my absence is fucking shit up. I have one guy willing to pay for me to stay in a hotel for a week till I figure out my housing.
  • Juggle enough sugar daddies to get at least £8,000 a month
  • Message 5 guys a DAY on SA

Hoe’ing is officially becoming my fulltime job.

I no longer have him to fall on.

This was the biggest wake up call. And hopefully 6 months from now I’ll be laughing how dumb I was to stick with him for as long as I did.

Pray for me.

Undesirable- Chapter 1/3

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HALSEY- Trouble

I felt goosebumps graze my cheeks as the cold air brushed my face. Being a resident in Beacon Hills all my life, my heart fluttered at the sound of leaves crunching under my feet.  

This town was my home. It was where I met my friends, grew up, and discovered that it was crawling with the supernatural. To make things even better, I turned out to be a full-blooded siren. My parents initially didn’t want to have any kids for fear of a miscarriage. Since my mom was a siren and my dad was a werewolf, they didn’t want to take any chances- and then I came along. According to Dr. Deaton, I was “a miracle.”

Shaking my head out of the memories, I smiled when my eyes landed on the greatest thing in my life- Theo Raeken.

Theo and I met about 2 years ago when he first moved to Beacon Hills. Words couldn’t describe what I felt when I saw him. Everything he did made my heart beat a thousand miles per minute and thankfully, he felt the same way.

I found out that he was a werecoyote after I joined Scott’s pack. He discovered the hard way that sirens had a very low tolerance for people who flirted with their boyfriends.

As he pressed his lips against mine, I didn’t care that we probably looked like lovesick idiots in the middle of the parking lot.

“I missed you…” he murmured in my ear.

“You saw me yesterday,” I reminded jokingly.

“I know.” Kissing me again, his arm wrapped around my waist as we walked to class together.

“He’s bad news Y/N,” Stiles warned while the pack walked to lunch.

“You just don’t know him the way I do Stiles,” I reasoned. “Must you act so hostile towards him? He is my boyfriend after all. I would never treat Malia the way you treat him.”

“That’s because you’re friends with her and you like her. I am obviously not friends with him and even more obviously do not like him. At all.”

“I’m with Stiles on this one,” Scott said quietly, trying his best not to upset me.

“He doesn’t exactly make an excellent first impression. At least, to us,” Malia noted.

“It’s great that you two are together. We can all see that you’re genuinely happy,” Kira said to try and cheer me up.

“We just don’t know him well enough to let him into the pack Y/N. You- know that, right?” Lydia asked with pleading eyes.

“Yeah,” I sighed. “But please- just be nice to him? Everyone?”

They all agreed begrudgingly, nodding slightly.

After finishing our food and joking about Coach’s new vein in his forehead, we went back to class, my mind still lingering over everyone’s opinions about Theo.

Free at last. I ran upstairs and tossed my backpack onto the floor, not caring about the loads of homework I had due on Tuesday. Did I mention that 3-day weekends were God’s gift to mankind? And headphones of course.

Only 2 hours later did I find myself to be completely and utterly bored with absolutely nothing to do. Taking out my phone, I decided to call up Theo.





I’m sorry- the person you have called is currently unavailable. Please leave a message after the tone-

I narrowed my eyes in confusion- Theo always answers his phone. Then I dialed Lydia.





I’m sorry- the person you have called is currently unavailable. Please-

My confusion was cut short by a banging on the door downstairs. Just for safety purposes, I went downstairs with my training dagger in hand.

Opening the door my eyes were greeted by Malia, Stiles, Kira and Scott with worried expressions.

“Is Lydia here?” Scott asked with his voice in an anxious and gruff tone.

“I thought she was with you guys,” I responded, eyes wide and alarmed at the fact that she wasn’t answering her phone, nor was she with the pack.

“She’s not answering her phone either,” Malia panicked.

“Have you guys seen Theo?” the relationship part of my personality asked.

“We thought he was with you…” Kira trailed off.

“So Lydia and Theo are both missing?” Scott summed up.

“Shit,” Malia fumed.

“You don’t think that they-” I started.

“That their sudden disappearances are somehow linked together?” Stiles huffed sarcastically. “Of course not.”

“Um- guys?” Kira peeped. Holding up her phone, I almost screamed.

A picture was sent from a restricted number to Kira of Lydia- strapped into a chair, a metal helmet placed on her head and small plastic suction cups attached to her forehead.

You have 3 hours

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What kinds of things do you think Niall would do to remind his gf that he's thinking of her/she's special when he's busy traveling or doing lots of promo/appearances or even eventually on tour? 💖

Random texts with pictures from a famous landmark “MISS YOU SO MUCH LOOK AT THIS PLACE!!!”

Mentions of her in interviews when he’s asked, “She’s an angel.  Actual wings and a halo.  She traded down when she got stuck with me so I try to make sure she knows I’m always thinkin’ about her.  So no other bloke moves in on her.”

Always comes home with huge bags of shit he bought in every place he went to that he picked out personally for her.  With stories about how he got each one, “Old man on the street told me I looked like I was in love…he was sellin’ all these little decorative mirrors so he gave me one so I could see what he was talkin’ about.  I bought the whole damn cart.”

Calls her on the rough nights when he’s feeling lonely “Just needed t’hear your voice.  How was your day?  Tell me all about it.”  And he silently listens to every last detail.

Patiently listens to her on her rough nights while she rants and raves about something totally stupid that he knows has only upset her because she misses him.

Facetime when he’s doing something really awesome “Wanted ya t’see what I was doin’.  Gonna bring ya back here one day.  Promise.”

Distracted by Beautiful Things

Request: Can you write a clingy Harry imagine???

A/N: It feels like I haven’t posted anything in forever!! I hope you like this; I was listening to Sympathy by Hedley while writing this. If you haven’t heard it yet, what are you doing with your life?! xx

“Hey, where’re you going,” Harry slurs sleepily as you slide out of bed. You flinch as your bare feet hit the cold floor, but you don’t bother turning around, “Babe, come back,” He whines when you don’t answer him, “I miss you.”

“Harry, honey, I love you, but we’ve barely left the bed since you got home,” You explain, reaching into your underwear drawer for clean panties, “There’s so much work to be done around the house, we can fool around later.”

“But, baby,” He pouts, opening his arms as an invitation for you to come back to bed, “I missed you, come love me.”

“Harry,” You warn, doing your best to stand your ground, “Get your lazy ass out of bed and come help me do house work. The faster we’re done, the sooner we get to be naked again.”

“Can we do the house work naked,” He smirks, getting out of bed. He walks over to you, his grin getting bigger as he catches you sneaking glances at his naked body, “I think that’d be a fair compromise,” He shrugs, wrapping his arms around you and bringing you flush against him.

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Do you Nate part 2

Do you then part 2

It’s been three weeks since I last saw or heard from Nate, I know that he’s still on tpur, his last three shows are coming up soon and then the last one where he will be performing here in LA. I had bought tickets to the LA one and he’d given me personal vip passes. They lay on my dresser looking so lonely and sad. I’d been in my bed more than I watched Netflix, I didn’t really know what to do with myself, and if I wasn’t in bed then I was at work but my boss, the sweetheart that she is let me have paid leave, saying she knew how it felt to go through heartbreak. That comment alone had me bawling in the bathroom until I was able to pick myself up off the floor and go back to our apartment and cry in bed.

Yes Nate and I had moved in together before he’d gone on tour something about feeling good he had someone to come home to. I’d already packed everything of mine up, taken down our pictures replacing them with things I knew he would like. I was going to leave a letter but then thought better of it.

As I was leaving his apartment I saw one of the tenants come out from their apartments and wave. It was dale, one of the nicest people that lived in our building, he’d brought over homemade mashed potatoes that were delicious.

“Hey y/n what are you doing with all those boxes and bags?”

“Oh I’m moving out.” I sigh thankful for the cap that hides my face.

“Oh why isn’t Nate helping you out? Aren’t you too inseparable?”

“I used to think so dale, anyway if you see him tell him I left everything to and for the apartment inside, and that I paid my part of the rent for the last three months.”

My voice only breaks two times as I say this. Dales face fills with realization and he pulls me into a tight hug.

“Oh honey, he’ll realize he was wrong I promise you, and if he doesn’t tell me so I can knock some sense into him.” He whispers.

I laugh trying to cover up the tears but it’s no use as they fall anyway, staining his shirt. He kisses the top of my head like a concerned big brother, before pulling away to wipe the tears away.

“Stay strong all good things come to those brave enough to take it” he smiles.

I give him a watery smile back before Giving him one last hug and lugging all of my things to my car, now to go move into a one bedroom studio apartment.

~ ~ ~

Tonight was the night.

It was Nate’s final performance and my friend and convinced me to go, I mean maybe it would be the thing I needed to move on and let him go. So I dressed up again, wearing high waisted acid wash jeans, with a black and red flannel wrapped around my waist, a white crop top and an all black snapback on my head. I paired it with white converse. I felt good, my make up was on point those wings doing their job of making me look better than usual.

My friend shows up looking good and we head out to the venue, I check Nate’s snap story, something that has made me more sad than happy to see if he’s there or if I can slip in without him noticing. Apparently they’re on the tour bus as we pull up but are about to come and greet everyone. My friend is stoked saying how she must meet Derek, so I tell her to go on and save me a place in life. I watch as he goes out and greets everyone and takes pictures before they’re ushered away. Only then do I get out of the car and find my friend.

“Shit you just missed him you’re lucky!” She squeals catching other girls attention who squeal with her.

I grimace nodding as we make our way inside. Since we are VIPs we get to be backstage, before being out up in the front of the stage. It’s cool and I already know his routine so I strategically go into the that illness he makes his way on stage, though I don’t anticipate running into Derek on my way out.

“Oh shit y/n!” He yells laughing.

“Derek” I say before moving away and heading to find my friend hoping that he won’t tell Nate I’m here.

He doesn’t seem to have the opportunity to as everything is lit, and there spraying the fans with water bottles and such. And then Johnson Sammy and all the boys are out and stage. I watch as Nate is a little energizer bunny giving the show his everything, the smile on his face takes my breath away.

I’m smiling like an idiot for no reason. And then I see some raven haired girl coming up the backstage and standing just at the edge as the show winds down and every one is coming off stage. Nate stops in front of her smiling softly, and then the girl is kissing him hard, and he kisses back.

“You had an amazing show baby”
He smiles and then looks up.

I don’t love fast enough and he spots me, his eyes widen and his mouth pops open just as Derek comes up and whispers something in his ear.


And then I’m running, somehow able to see even though it’s blurry making it nearly impossible. I’m running hard towards my car though I’m pretty sure Nate wouldn’t give chase he still has some fans to greet and a new chick to be with.

But I’m wrong.

Because just as I make it to my car and am opening the door, I’m being pulled out of it with strong arms wrapping around my waist in a vice like grip. With accompanied smell of weed and sweat I catch Nate’s scent.

“Lemme go, lemme go, lemme go” I scream kicking my feet and tying to escape from his arms.

But he holds burying his face into the side of my neck while continually murmuring my name over and over again.

“Lemme go Nate lemme go” I sob.

“I can’t, I can’t let you go y/n”

I’m not kicking or struggling much anymore my body is exhausted, and the tears are taking it out of me.

“Bullshit, you let me go before so just do it again go back to you’re new chick” I whimper.

“She ain’t nobody and you know that lil ma.”

“I don’t care, I don’t care, let me go. You don’t want me anymore. So let me go!”

He loosens his arms enough so that he can turn me around before tightening them agin much to my disdain, but I look away from
Him, sniffling.

“Hey look at me”

I can’t do this I can’t have him this close I’m not ready for it. All the emotions and love come back, all of the memory’s that I tiredly try to forget come rushing back. But it’s not what Nate wants, not anymore. So I squared my chin and look up into those beautiful eyes of his.

“I don’t love you anymore, and i know you don’t love me so let go.”

I think he’s shocked by my words, because his arms go limp and I’m running to my car slamming the door and driving back to my apartment. Once again with my heart shattering.

When I get back to my apartment I keep the lights off going straight to my bed letting out the pain in screams and whimpers.

“Nate, why did you let me go, Nate please come home, please come back to me. I didn’t meant it. Please come back” I mumble over and over again.

Lol hope you like I’m guessing you’ll want a part three?

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I joined tumblr in the middle of June but I'm very curious to know... What was it like here when the first pictures of Taylor and Calvin holding hands were posted?

oh damn…it was a mess. i think it was mostly messy because before that were the pictures of both of them walking around nashville and you had people who were like “no guys you dont know everything stop jumping to conclusions” and “maybe he’s helping her make mixes for the tour” blah blah blah everyone was completely in denial and shit. then you had me who had low key already predicted them getting together like a week or so before time just like randomly sending pictures to friends like “wouldn’t they be cute” so i was losing my shit at this point like what are the odds? then i went to sleep after that long night because i vividly remember having a race in Arizona the next day. woke up, everyone was screaming all over the place all caps here, all caps there pictures, gifs,, videos, everything surfacing from the shit i missed the night before with taylor and calvin holding hands and cuddling up with each other at the kenny chesney concert….a. fucking. mess. then taylor came online that morning and started liking posts about her being happy and people loving them together (this was before people had time to make up their minds about them as a thing) so there were people who were just in utter shock then you had other people who were like HOLY SHIT SHOLYSHOTPYSHOLY SHIY because it was adorable and it was amazing to watch because it was such a change and she was so at ease. woah. that was an amazing day. then i made this blog.

So anyways I just finished an eight hour study session wherein I read about 110 pages for all my classes tomorrow because i’m a damn procrastinating fool. My advice to you: try to instill a good study habit while you’re young, lil tulips. Don’t wait until you’re a junior in college and overloaded by 200+ pages of dense academic texts (THERE ARE NO MORE PICTURES IN MY TEXTBOOKS, IT’S SERIOUS SHIT) and articles because your tiny lil fragile mind will crumble and you will die


Collide Part 2

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester

Summary: Reader gets a better understanding of what Dean is talking about when he says that this situation has happened before.

Warnings: Cussing, Attempt at humor, a bit of violence

Part One

A/N: I didn’t mention on the first post but this story was requested by @dancingalone21. She asked me to do a fic with Dean Winchester and Reader being actors and not getting along very well. I hope this isn’t too far off into left field of an AU.

Tagging: @jotink78, @perpetualabsurdity, @maileann, @daydreamingintheimpala, @gecko9596, @gemini75eeyore, @winchesterprincessbride, @sandlee44, @exploratiionist  *If I forgot you let me know!

One thing was entirely certain after Dean’s visit. There was no way in hell you were going to sleep any time soon. The level of paranoia he’d left you with was so thick it was palpable. You were tempted to take one of those sleeping pills your agent had given you, but how could you be sure it was just a sleeping pill? The last time you’d met with Brenda you’d confessed that you weren’t sleeping very well and she’d happily given you a few of her own pills to try. At the time you’d been grateful. Brenda had always been nothing but kind to you in the face of the rest of your management team.

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Very late review on Girl Meets Triangle

Hello, people of the world! i apologize if this is irrelevant to the current events happening but i was suppose to post this a while ago but never got to do so. So, i sincerely apologize but please bear with me. Okay, let’s get started!

Starting with the beginning. This episode is suppose to be the starting of Maya’s “identity crisis”. While I don’t agree at all with the concept of “Maya turned into Riley”. I do believe that she has lost her way a bit but that doesn’t mean she isn’t still Maya. It’s shown in the starting of the episode that she still acts like “old Maya” since she still enjoys watching people in despair during break up Monday. And that she still doesn’t enjoy school at all besides art class. It is only when their art teacher, Mr. Jackson, questions Maya about her art and what she’s trying to say. That is the moment when Maya and Riley suddenly starts to question why Maya is suddenly acting differently than before.

Now, I am in no way, shape or form dislike Riley but a lot of the things that Riley says in the bay window scene following the art class scene bother me a little. The things that Riley said to Maya in that scene made me fairly uncomfortable but I see where she’s coming from. From Riley’s POV, she is saying all those hurtful things towards Maya as a way to try to bring back Maya’s fighting spirit. So this is her way to provoke Maya to fight for what she wants instead of sitting back and accepting what comes to her. Although I don’t agree that Maya has changed at all beside trying to be better in school, which I don’t see why the Matthews family thinks is a bad thing.

In the next scene, where Riley asks her parents to try to ‘fix’ Maya. I really did enjoy watching Katy in this scene. But i think that they portrayed her as a parent who doesn’t really care for Maya instead of the parent who works a lot to ensure that her daughter has a roof over their heads and genuinely loves her daughter. I don’t really know how to put it into words but the way that Katy reacts to the situation just doesn’t seem like her character. Please correct me if I’m wrong about this. Anyways, in this scene when Maya says “I’m a teenager. No teenager knows who they are.” That statement is very true. Maya is NOT going through some big identity crisis like how everyone else thinks. She’s just like every other teen at their age, she’s still trying to figure out who she is. 

Moving on to the next scene, which is another bay window scene. It has been evident that Maya is more mature due to her early exposure to the reality of the world. And this scene sorta proves that she is trying to handle this in a mature way but Riley is so dead set on the idea that Maya has turned into her. Maya’s trying so hard in this scene to get Riley to listen to her but Riley is still so sure of her theory that Maya has turned into her. Just the scene alone says a lot.

I really don’t know how to put how i feel and think about this scene above. I have a lot to say but it’ll only make this post longer than necessary. If you do want to know what i think about this scene message me and i will do a separate post about it.

Okay almost done, next scene is back in art class where Mr. Jackson is teaching them about a new painting. I absolutely loved that he apologized to Maya, not because of his previous criticism but because he never took the time to look at the full picture to see what Maya was trying to say. This scene kinda got to me when Mr. Jackson says “You didn’t lose your voice, you’re screaming, Ms Hart.” That is exactly what Maya was trying to tell Riley at the bay window. Maya was literally screaming that her voice is still her voice, but Riley didn’t listen. And Maya’s right everyone does owe her an apology.

In my opinion, Maya hasn’t become Riley just because she painted a purple cat. Her painting is saying something, she’s screaming. What I interpreted from Maya’s painting is that despite all this triangle drama and her less than desirable home life is that only one thing is clear to her. And that is Riley being in her life, therefore the purple cat (representing Riley) being clear when you look at the painting because despite all the chaos in her life, Maya still has Riley. But that’s just what i think.

In the scene where they get to the apartment, i don’t have much to say about that scene but when Riley and Maya leave, Cory reveals why Maya painted her painting in the first place. The bench that Maya chose reminded her of Riley as shown in the picture that Cory held. The bench in that photo is the same bench that Maya chose to paint.

Holy shit, this was a lot more than i intended to write. I know I’m missing some parts of the episode here but I decided to post that separately as this post is mostly focused on only Riley and Maya. 

Well that is all for this post. I’m sorry if i missed anything, I didn’t miss it intentionally. As always feel free to ask me anything. I apologise if anything I said is wrong I write everything that comes to my brain and I don’t read back everything I write so I sincerely apologise for anything that I may have said wrongly. Also I’m sorry this is so long. If you actually read this entire post, thank you so much for reading!

Till next time!

Happy birthday Warren!

Since it’s already 20th November for me, let me finally reveal the first part of my Grahamfield fic to the public in celebration of Warren’s birthday. Hope you guys will love it! It’s a bit different than the usual Life is Strange fics and you’ll soon see why.

Also, if you don’t ship Max with Warren and you dislike that ship in general, don’t read this and don’t hate.


Rating: Teen(mild swearing)

Relationship: Max Caulfield/Warren Graham

Words: 2850

AO3 -

Summary: Max and Warren go to Newberg for the GO!Ape movie marathon.

Author’s kinda long notes: I changed the date of the marathon for obvious reasons.  There’s a lot of retelling of the in-game events for also obvious reasons which you’ll get after you read this. Also, while it is cool that Warren believes Max the moment she says about her powers in ep 5, I don’t think he’d believe her so easily when he isn’t living through the apocalypse. It wouldn’t take him much with some proof(I think Max’s journal survived with everything in it, it makes sense to me). And, for those that never played Dragon Age or Mass Effect so you get the references: *Flemeth - mysterious, old, powerful woman from Dragon Age series. **Conrad Verner - an NPC from Mass Effect who is revealed in the last game of the trilogy to be a) ridiculously smart and b) has an altar for Shepard(the player character) because of his obssesion with her/him. (And now, finally:)

“I am surprised you want to go with me to the drive-in, especially so soon after the funeral.” I said as we were walking to my car. It was uncomfortable even asking Max that, since the Go!Ape marathon was only five days after her best friend’s funeral, but I reasoned it was better for her to be with a friend than cooped up in her room, alone. Still, I barely managed to invite her without tripping over my tongue.

“Warren, I’ve actually been looking forward to it. After everything that’s happened this week…” Max replied. I was looking at Max, and she was still the same Max, short brown hair, light blue eyes, a sea of freckles. But I could tell this was not exactly the Max I knew, and I wasn’t the only one to notice it.

“That’s… great! The old-school Ape films are such classics, even though the new one is pretty good too.”

“I’ve watched the new one back in Seattle with my parents. It was pretty damn cool.” I was just about to unlock my car when Max stopped me. “Would you let me drive? I know you want to show off your drive, but I swear it’s important. If I don’t tell you this, or anyone, I’ll feel I’m going crazy.” She said this all with so much energy I never knew she had in a voice so weary and pained she was almost like I pictured Flemeth* - proud, strong, enduring in a long life. I blinked, checking if Max’s hair didn’t suddenly transform into snow-white. “You might be the only one to believe me, but I almost didn’t want to tell you anything because… Well, you’ll see.”

“Max, you know you can tell me anything.” I gave her my car keys.

“Thanks. I promise I will.” She hugged me tight, but let go before I could register what happened.

Inside the car, Max took out a black notebook, plastered and filled with protruding notes and photos, from her bag. I recognized it - it was her journal, and it seemed much fuller than I guessed it would be. Max sighed before looking at me skeptically.

“For reals, Warren, this is only between me and you, not social media.”

“Don’t insult me. Max, Go on.” I didn’t get what made her smile before she said:

“This was my journal from the past week. Only, the week in it is nothing like this week.”

“In what way?” I asked, a ton of questions and scenarios running through my mind.

“I’ll let the journal tell most of the story - it’s why I asked to drive - and I’ll tell just the start. The actual start of the story, and not what I told everyone else happened.

The morning I saw Chloe get shot… It was not the only time I saw her get shot. Actually, I think I saw her die or almost die more times than I can count.” She laughed. Listening to it felt like, if sugar could turn bitter, that was its equivalent in Max’s voice.

I said nothing, enraptured, waiting for her to continue.

“I need to back up a tiny bit. I woke up in Jefferson’s class” Max said, saying his name like it was hydrocloric acid, “though I don’t remember sleeping during it. I thought I had some kind of a weird dream where a tornado destroyed Arcadia Bay. After the class, I had to go to the bathroom to calm a bit, gather the nerve to give my photo for the Everyday Heroes contest. But, I couldn’t, and I shredded it. That’s when a blue butterfly came in for the perfect photo op.

Then, Nathan Prescott came in, and Chloe behind him. I didn’t know who she was at the time, honestly. I’ll skip most of this, since you already know it. When he shot Chloe I held out my hand…

And rewinded time until I ‘woke up’ at Jefferson’s lesson again.”

If I had been looking anywhere else except at Max, I think I would have turned my head so fast I’d fear I’d have hurt something in my neck.

“What? How?” It was impossible. Someone with a power to distort time that way would make a ripple effect throughout both time and space and cause all the catastrophes in the book one after the other. And humans had no superpowers at all(however much I wanted them to have, or myself to have, actually), and besides, her friend Chloe was dead. I attended her funeral with everyone else, after all.

“I can already guess what you’re thinking. It’s exactly what I would imagine if I was in your shoes, my pop cultural pirate connoisseur. Just,” Max said, her voice turning from joking to sad, “read my journal. It’ll tell everything.”

“Okay, time girl.” I said. She looked at me with hurt in her eyes, hurt because it was so stupidly obvious how difficult saying what she already said was for her. I wished I hadn’t teased her, but I couldn’t… rewind time.

Max checked her phone. “We should be going. We’ll never get to Newberg on time otherwise.” I nodded.

We were on the 101 in a couple of minutes. I turned on the radio to an indie-music station which began playing Mt. Washington. She had no interest in explaining what she said, her eyes on the road ahead, ignoring me. I hoped her journal would tell me what she couldn’t or wouldn’t. I started reading it, not knowing what I wanted more - for it to prove Max’s claims, or not. The first couple of entries were from before last Monday, written every so often. There was nothing weird about them, but I liked them a lot. They defined Max… or they used to.

At least, it was nice that she mentioned me a couple of times.

Then I saw ‘October 7th’ on the page. Max had already told me the first part, but I didn’t skip it. I wasn’t prepared for what followed, though. Max used her rewind to spray water and paint on Victoria Chase and her groupee, then comforted her which was the right thing to do, though I don’t know if I would have done that. She had to rewind because she didn’t know Juliet’s last name, then solved another teen crisis cause by Victoria. She was just about to tell me about her powers when Nathan showed up, I defended her and got a black eye, but managed to distract him so Max could escape with Chloe, who was definitely not dead. Max stood up to David Madsen in his own house to help Chloe.

I was hooked better than teenage girls in line for another Twilight movie. She wrote like every other teenage girl(I think), but it was both interesting and exciting to read it. The pages flipped without me noticing them. Between everything else, I was also a part of the story - it seems I had already asked her to the movies and she said yes, even if her words felt friendzony, getting her help for an experiment(Which I should have known in any timeline. Dammit brain!), and helped her make a bomb so she could break into the principals office. Hell yeah!

Before I got to ‘October 11th’, I stopped reading only twice. When Max had to save Kate… and when Chloe asked Max to ki… euthanize her in an ‘alternate’ timeline was so overwhelming, so scary to think of, I let the journal rest for awhile and watched the road, trying to feel blank, to not feel how real it all sounded for all the crazy stuff that was in it. Max gave me a curious look the second time, but said nothing.

Since I was morally obliged to finish reading it before we arrive in Newberg, I resumed reading. Max chose to do it, in the journal. She had managed to do it. I almost put the journal back down again, but I had to deal with that while reading on. Fortunately, the next part wasn’t so draining. All that private detective work, Max would have been perfect for an Enid Blyton book. And she stopped me before I could beat the shit out of Nathan, which sounds as incredible as it would be scary if it happened.

Then they find the ‘Dark Room’ and Rachel’s body. I tried to picture Max and Chloe at the Junkyard, crying over the missing girl’s dead body, but I couldn’t focus on it well enough and place the details properly. This chapter(I guess?) ended on a half filled page, right after Max warned Victoria. On the next one, there was a prologue of sorts:

Somehow, this version of the journal transported itself with me back. I have to fill the missing parts of it out with my story and hope the images will become less vivid with each more word I write about them.

Max’s writing became less neat after that. It was difficult to keep myself from facepalming when they went back to the junkyard. It was the worst amateur mistake that someone could make, one that killed Chloe(again). I had completely forgotten about Jefferson, so when he showed up I stared at the page for a good couple of minutes, unbelieving.

It was not the worst thing Max put me through by making me read her journal, not by a longshot. I stayed perfectly calm through the torture scenes, because if I hadn’t, I’d not stop imagining GOING APE on him so much worse than what I could have done to Nathan. It was so hard to concentrate on being calm that I almost didn’t realize - I am starting to believe her.

I couldn’t dwell on it, so I continued on. It went from things turning out great in San Francisco to going back to the Dark Room to being saved by David and going to Two Whales for a photo of us and saving people and Max kissing me for luck, holy shit(and saying that she cared about me), and returning to save Chloe again to a nightmare of such magnitude, Jefferson’s torture was a breeze to the one her own mind(or the world or some other force) created. I felt physically ill for the things in there about me. I had feelings for Max but I never thought possible I could be similar to Conrad Verner, or even worse, an extra creepy Conrad Verner**. I wanted to burn the locker photo the moment I saw it.

And she realized what caused the tornado and what she had to choose. I could sum the choices in one word - sadistic.

I closed the journal. I was surprised to see a city moving around me. Time must have passed the same way Flash ran, which was way too frickin’ fast.

“If you don’t believe what I’ve written, look at the photos I have in there. That’s not a thing I could have faked - I am into instant images, not expensive digital ones extra edited.” Max said, somehow guessing I read the journal.

“Yeah, I know.” I replied, remembering them well, especially the apocalyptic Arcadia Bay. “Could you pull over somewhere? It’ll be easier to talk.”

Max said nothing even when she found a place to park. She just stared at me and waited for me to speak. It was infinitely worse than her barrage of questions she usually served, and it was about as helpful as water noodles in a storm.

“Max, I uh, don’t know exactly what to say. I guess I’ll try my best and not complicate.

If I had lived through all this you’ve written, I’d have accepted it, no questions asked. Now, my mind wants proof because it cannot see it really happening.” Max’s expression became more and more rigid and pale and hurt with every word I said, her blue eyes downcast. I did the bravest thing I thought of doing, emboldened by the journal - I touched her cheek, hoping she wouldn’t recoil, hoping she’d look at me. Her eyes shot up and met mine, but she stayed still, surprised.

“But Max, I believe you. It fits. All of it fits.”

Max straight up smiled before almost crushing me by hugging, which wouldn’t have been bad in any timeline or reality. She cried, but it was the good kind, the finally-someone-believes-me kind a good movie should have. We sat like that for so long, weirdly comfortable, it was full dark when Max broke it off.

“I’m afraid we missed the start of the movies.” Max said, wiping the last of the tears off her face.

“To be honest, I’d rather do something else right now. I’ll make sure to plunder the interwebz for them when we get back. We’ll have to improvise on big screens, though.”

“I think we’ll manage.” she replied as she got out of the car. “Let’s find some place interesting. Or at least one with coffee.”

“I know a good place where, if we’re lucky, we might turn up at the start of a D&D campaign, and there’s a coffee shop nearby. We can go there, if you want?”

“That sounds nice.” Max took my hand, but said nothing else. I almost jumped from the welcome surprise, but restrained myself so I didn’t look like an idiot.

Silence enveloped us like the thick fog we passed through, unoppressive in its lightness. I liked walking through Newberg, or Mini-Seattle as I called it every time I got here, which was rarely. The bright neon multicolored lights on almost every building, combined with the harsh light of streetlamps and the fog, gave a border town cyberpunk feel. I could easily imagine a hero, a white knight in black robes starting his vigilante campaign here before moving on with his sidekick, a bright eyed detective who worked on the inside to provide him general information on suspects, and of course her specialty, which was providing her own, high-res photos of the criminals.

Weird. The sidekick always got the spotlight when I imagined it.

We got to the place kinda fast, even with the short detour to a local coffee shop for a large cappuccino for Max and a medium hot chocolate for me. As far as getting into a D&D campaign, Max and I were lucky because they had a couple of spots open. I was less lucky with the way I rolled my character, Arendil, a human paladin with a history in the church who was kind of frustratingly bad because with a couple of ability points or skills more at the start he’d have been the strongest character in the party. Max rolled a much stronger cleric, one Melisandre who came from a distant, dying land, where magic and nature and religion fought for power and shaped her, whose stats and skills were perfectly suited for her. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at how gritty Max’s character was, but it still didn’t look right compared to her usual light side support/heal spellcasters she RP-d.

The campaign was a short one, which was obvious considering it was for a one all-nighter, and it ended up being partially successful because we managed to slay the high dragon defended by a dragon worshipping cult but couldn’t defeat the monster army invading the land in time. Me and Max were the least experienced people in the group, but I did my part well enough with the rolls I got, while she was the most effective support cleric, particularly because of the darker skills her character commanded so she could escape trouble. Max saved my Arendil from a couple of tight spots. Each time she did, she’d say in a serious tone: “Why didn’t you Bubble Heart, my white Paladin?”, and I’d laugh every time. I accepted she’d joke about it every opportunity she got because of the one time, ONE TIME I did that. It was still annoying.

We ended up sitting side by side in the sand at the river beach as light started to break through the night. If there was wind, the cold would have been biting and I’d suggest going back to my car fast, but it felt like an unintrusive constant and we were exhausted anyway.

“Max,” I said, looking into her light blue eyes of the pre-morning sky, “I don’t know  what you’re going to do or how you are going to deal with everything. I just want you to know that I am here for you and that I’ll do whatever I can do to help.”

“I know, Warren.” Max said, our eyes locked, the distance between our faces measured in paper sheets, and I thought that this was the moment and I dreaded it and wanted it and I somehow moved closer and Max did too and we were kissing, holy shit Max was kissing me. Her lips were as soft as the kiss, and  I wished we could stay like that for more time than we had here.

And now bed is made and ready to be slept in, for anyone wondering this is how i usually store my alpacas except now with the new additions they are starting to look abit cramped so i might have to invest in something except there’s not much space in my room since everything has a place, they do not look happy with me haha especially tuna he was giving me the stink eye.
This won’t be my official rainbow picture as its crap quality and missing my eden babies, just thought it’d be funny to see them all tucked in hehe :3 unfortunately i can’t cuddle them much atm because i have shit skin all of a sudden and the cream I’m using has literally bleached the fabric of my pillow which my gloomy is hiding so i don’t want to find out what it’d do to my poor babies!
Sorry for the rambling, I’m tired 😟
Goodnight! 😙


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