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I love a comically anachronistic character design as much as the next guy, but it hardly seems fair that American characters so rarely get saddled with them, and when they do, it’s always something relatively recent - like, Victorian or Old West at the absolute oldest.

So anyway, here’s my idea for a new Overwatch character:

  • His name is Fortitude Johnson
  • Wears a pilgrim hat and buckled shoes; primary weapon is a bunderbuss
  • Standard movement speed, high health, no shields or armour
  • Active special abilities all involve quick-drawing the impractically large, leatherbound King James Bible he wears in a satchel on his hip and reading a selected passage - in a thick New England accent - to inflict various AoE debuffs
  • Ultimate is giving a thunderous sermon about the End of Days, which inflicts damage over time in a large radius around him and ignores line of sight; he’s invincible while sermonising, but the rate of damage is relatively slow, so it’s avoidable simply by getting the hell away from him (unless he’s managed to corner a captive audience, of course)
  • Not a time traveler

a-broke-in-heart  asked:

What is every single detail they said about Lance?

  • he’s very serious about his video games
  • he, apparently, is notorious in the castle for milking kaltenecker and providing milkshakes to everyone
  • he’s such a motherfucking snark?
    • lance: “first off, kaltenecker is a girl”
    • coran, sincerely, to kaltenecker: “apologies, madame”
    • lance, with fake sincerity, to coran: “right! and she’s a cow, so she can’t understand you :)”
  • the hurdle he had to go through to get red to accept him was an emotional one, while keith’s was a physical one (peeps @ the subtle “keith and lance being each other’s foils” reference)
  • another one: montgomery literally fucking said “he’s keith’s stability”
    • at the same time, my ass was literally on fucking fire
  • he took up farming as a part time job once
  • when asked about his development as a paladin, dos santos said that he’s “trying to rise and become the hero we all know he can be”
  • to conclude i love him so fucking much you don’t understand-

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Opening Sequence

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2 Types of each of the Zodiac Signs


Type 1: Blue eyes, blonde hair, tall, thick, athletic build, sharp facial features, generous and kind, but when they get angry it’s absolutely terrifying, loves Mexican food, anything with lots of spices

Type 2: Brown hair, hazel to brown eyes, most likely an Aries-Taurus cusp, awkward, anxious, shy, but very impulsive and quick-tempered

***Aries is prone to migraines***


Type 1: Loud, stubborn, hilarious, tv show and video game obsessed, most likely a class clown, short, loves to spoil their friends, has a vice of some sort (drinking, smoking, sex, food, etc)

Type 2: Quiet but very weird and eccentric around close friends, intelligent, musically inclined, bright eyes, sensitive skin, does not usually listen to advice given, determined to achieve, loves anything related to the arts (music, poetry, books, art)

***Taurus is prone to over indulging in food***


Type 1: Bubbly, talkative, huge smile, obsessed with nature and animals, hobbies include hiking, swimming, and constantly traveling, great fashion sense, sparkling eyes, average to tall in height, slim build

Type 2: laid-back style, down to earth, casual to hippie fashion, also obsessed with nature, knowledgeable about plants and trees, calm, open minded, thick hair, average build

***Gemini is prone to asthma, infections, and the flu***


Type 1: dainty, small frame, soft hair, sweet and shy, love for psychology and true crime, temperamental at times, short

Type 2: round features, thick and dark hair, usually average height, gregarious, emotional, movie obsessed, probably owns lots of perfumes and lotions

***Cancer is prone to stomach problems***


Type 1: Strong features, wide forehead, thick hair, explosive, boastful, loud, excitable

Type 2: Thin hair, light colored eyes (light blue, light brown, etc), protective, family oriented, spiritual, moral, modest, can be terrifying when angry

***Leo is prone to heart problems and back pain***


Type 1: Thick hair, blue or hazel eyes(where appropriate, if you don’t have this eye color it’s ok this is just a common theme in type 1), practical, serious, does not like attention, prone to OCD or ADHD, critical, anxious and irritable, intelligent, neat, close group of friends, sensitive skin, prone to hives, lupus, etc

Type 2: Hypochondriac, preppy in appearance, refined taste, intellectual, slim build, bookworm, probably obsessed with YouTube and blogging sites

***Virgo is prone to mental health issues and problems with the intestines***


Type 1: Average to thick in weight, usually tall, thick, long hair, bright eyes with a “knowing” stare, straightforward, generous, friendly, passionate about music and writing, mature

Type 2: Calm, charming, tan or dark skin, tall, slender build, very few serious relationships throughout life, deemed a player, love of sports, video games, introvert

***Libra is prone to weight gain and problems with the kidneys or bladder***


Type 1: Impulsive, secretive, unpredictable, always smells like perfume or cologne, tall, straight to wavy hair, philosophical, “extra”, few close friends, great sense of humor, talented 

Type 2: Serious stare, average to tall, loves music, a huge movie critic, possessive, close to family, wide shoulders, strong

***Scorpio is prone to digestive issues, problems with reproductive organs, and constipation***


Type 1: Tall, athletic build, popular, loves sports (including dancing and cheerleading), charismatic, smart, adventurous, hilarious, noncommittal, probably a “player”, but usually settles down later in life, overindulgence, can be an asshole tbh

Type 2: Short, average to thick build, love of music, art, animals, and traveling, optimistic, bubbly, philosophical, strong legs, jovial, expressive, short fuse, probably owns lots of pets or wants to

***Sagittarius is prone to liver and thigh issues, including high blood pressure, sciatica and torn ligaments (to name a few)***


Type 1: Slender, bony, deep-set serious eyes, usually long hair, down to earth, home-body, family oriented, either loves or hates reading (no in between), intelligent, doesn’t normally express their feelings

Type 2: Average-thick build, tends to be bossy, mature, stern, ordinary, long term goals, possibly will become a doctor, teacher, or scientist, hardworking, generous, actually really funny

***Capricorn is prone to skin conditions, arthritis, and weight issues***


Type 1: dark and thick hair, slender, unique, possibly deemed “weird” to others,unusual style, interested in the field of music, acting, etc., personality stands out

Type 2: Serious, mature, casual style, eccentric, odd interests, blue eyes, short in height, sparkling with life

***Aquarius tends to be prone to epilepsy, neurologic disorders, bad falls possibly injuring feet or ankles, and brain tumors***


Type 1: Short-average height, hypnotic usually very big and bold eyes, quiet but not shy, loves music, philosophical, passionate, hardworking, considers their friends as their family, poetic, stern voice

Type 2: Plump, average height, benevolent, mysterious, golden heart with a bad temper, almost impossible to “read”

***Pisces is prone to colds, bronchitis, sensitivity to temperatures, and issues related to the feet***


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I just watched the newest Jacksepticeye video.

Throughout the video Schneeplestein tries to save Jack, starting confident but getting more and more scared and desperate as the video goes on. The glitching gets worse and worse, his voice cracks as he yells at Jack to hang in there, and at one point he even breaks out in the crazy laughter we associate with Anti.

As his patient dies Scheenplestein looks to the camera and yells to the viewer, to the audience, “I need your help! Save him, save Jacksepticeye!”

Furthermore, when he prescribes antidepressants he rants about how we need to “depress Anti” and “get him out”.

Until finally Jack dies and Schneeplestein cries out. The screen glitches and then, Anti takes over.

And the very first thing he says, establishes, is that “I am in control.”

He goes on to talk about how we all thought we had saved Jack, yet there’s a huge difference in how he presents it then all his other appearances.

I’ll direct you to his last video, the PAX appearance.

In this video, the very first thing he does is laugh. And throughout the video, he mocks the audience, revels in the fact that we thought Jack was ok, yet he was in control the whole time. He is confident and enjoying putting on a show.

He does so in the Say Goodbye video as well, along with many of his other appearances. And that is the difference.

In this video Anti is serious. Angry. Yelling in a fury that nothing gets rid of him, that he is eternal, always there. And for the first time, he curses, yelling that we are going in “fucking circles”, for the first time feeling the need to use such an expletive to portray his anger when in the past he was confident enough that he didn’t feel the need to use such accentuation.

He once again yells about how Schneeple was weak, just like the rest of them, immediately followed by once again saying he is in control. He even hits his chest in his absolute fury, waving the knife around as he yells about him being in control.

Which all leads me to believe Anti is scared.

I believe this is an act of “offense is the best defense.” A defensive front of anger that he’s never portrayed before. He yells multiple times about being in control, more times than really necessary. He does not laugh or smile and instead is furious and serious. He portrays confidence in the form of anger, when really, we know anger does not equal confidence.

This is the behavior of someone who knows they are slipping and can feel themselves losing influence, lashing out violently in what is almost a desperate attempt to scare the viewed aggressor.

He’s seen the septicsave tag, seen fans beginning to raise up and save Jack and the other egos. Before this moment the fans have only watched and done nothing and he has sat back while leaving hints that send us all into a frenzy.

People are starting to retaliate and Anti is scared.

To this, I say; support the septicsave tag. Continue to retaliate. Anti was created in the first place by us and is sustained by our ever growing excitement and attention. He is not, as he claims, all powerful, and he knows this. I remind you that while he says he is in control - he depends on us and our attention.


(That being said, fantastic job on the video! I am  S H O O K  man! Congratulations to Robin and Jack for once again throwing the fandom into awesome turmoil! )

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