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Since this is serious Gillian five Friday faves I thought I would add Serious Subject matter Gillian. She does so much for others. She is an activist and a feminist. She is so selfless in all that she does. I really appreciate her courage, her conviction, her voice, and her activism. She can light a fire under my butt with 1 small action. Her strength gives me strength.
@storybycorey forgive me for going out of the norm, but I want to express my gratitude and love for this brilliant, beautiful woman.

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I will highly recommend the webcomic Dumbing of Age. It's a comic about some people in their first year of university/college. It's very funny and also manages to be decently serious when it matters. It has many queer characters including at least once asexual character and it also has excellent racial diversity.

ace rep!!! awesome!!!

How to get away with Murder

If you make excuses for Laurel telling Connor to kill himself then you need a serious reality check.

No matter how upset, angry or how much you are grieving IT IS NEVER OKAY TO TELL SOMEONE TO KILL THEMSELVES!

If you think Laurel telling Connor to kill himself was okay in ANY WAY you need to get help and learn why it is a disgusting, vile evil thing to tell someone to kill themselves.

There is NO excuse to tell someone that.

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You're being toxic and gross. How can you not how problematic it is to alienate people from the only community that's safe for them?

i cant tell if youre being serious or not.

youre safe no matter what, labeling yourself falsely as lgbtq or not. youre not gonna be murdered or discriminated against for not wanting to fuck people. its disappointing and disgusting that people try so hard to be something theyre not. youre not being alienated, not by the lgbt community, not even by people outside of the lgbt community. literally no one gives a fuck except for you and other selfish aces and aros.

……..soooooooo how about instead of complaining about not being in an oppressed group,you appreciate the fact that you dont need to wake up in fear of your life every morning .get over yourself

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Prompt idea: Jane Green's reflection on Emma and Henry's interactions in 2x03 and in 2x04, maybe how she notices an attraction between the two. I need more Emmry fics after last night's episode!! And yours are terrific!

This was a GREAT prompt, kind anonymous friend! What started as a brief break from trying to tackle the next chapter of In Haste turned into a four page mother/daughter introspective extravaganza.

So, without more fanfare - 

Obedience - A Mercy Street Fanfic

Characters: Jane Green, Emma Green, Henry Hopkins

Additional Tags: Biblical ReferencesMother-Daughter RelationshipParent-Child RelationshipIntrospectionGrowing Up, Leaving Home Disapproving Family

Summary: “Children, obey your parents in all things.” Jane Green is giving serious thought to the small matter of obedient, and disobedient, children.

Jane Green was giving much thought to Paul’s letter to the Colossians.

She had always found great consolation in all of Paul’s epistles (her new testament more heavily considered than her old) but Colossians was of special interest of late.

Of course, there was Paul’s first injunction Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands , which, she daily prayed, she followed to the best of her ability.

But more than that the line that followed: Children, obey your parents in all things.

Read the rest here on AO3!

I’d like to think that a lot of people just don’t realize that it’s a serious matter and make jokes about it like everything else.

I also know that there are people out there who know exactly what they’re doing, and make those jokes specifically because they hurt people, and they find that entertaining.

Don’t be like those people. Don’t act in a way that makes people think you’re the kind of person who likes to hurt other people.

826. It's become quite common for students to send each other love songs in the form howlers. The teachers put a ban on explicit songs when a Hufflepuff sent the explicit version of Enrique Iglesias's 'Tonight I'm Loving You', to their Slytherin partner.
  • Gravity Falls Fandom: Yeah, and there's this one character, one of the main ones, whose name we never learn! The creator might tell us at some point but for now we don't know that one character's first name
  • Les mis fandom: ...
  • Les mis fandom: ...
  • Les mis fandom: ...
  • Les mis fandom: that's rough buddy
bfs jarchie hcs
  • jughead is a known food stealer and when they start dating there are no limits. archie will have a twizzler in his mouth and jug just leans forward and takes it out of his mouth w/ his mouth
  • do that cliche share a milkshake thing its very pure
  • archie, a goddamn sap, does everything he can to touch jug’s hand while they’re sharing a basket of fries. jughead does not respect this because food is a SERIOUS MATTER
  • so archie is that guy who shakes is leg and it pisses jug off but after so many fights abt it all he can do is just move to put his leg against archie’s– it works though
  • all they do in the car is drag each other’s music bc archie plays shit like ed sheeran and ellie goulding and jughead listens to like. the screams of the tortured? (jk he listens to like all time low and other emo shit)
  • archie tries to take up knitting to fix jug’s hat when it gets a hole. he is not successful and jug’s dad fixes it for him and lets archie claim he did it
  • vegas and hot dog are dog bffs and it’s genuinely weird how often archie’s pics for insta of the dogs turn out looking adorable because literally what the fuck hot dog will fucking pose under vegas or some shit
  • jughead loves horror movies and archie is scared to death of themwhich leads to a lot of watching them while archie hides his face in his jacket or jug’s shoulder
  • they’re so casually affectionate it’s disgusting like just chilling at pop’s jug’s hand will be on his thigh and archie’s arm will be over the back of the booth around his shoulders

In today’s story of “These White Womens”…

Lena Dunham recently spoke out candidly in her Lenny Letter regarding her met gala experience sitting next to Odell Beckham Jr.. She surmised a series of conclusions— literally telepathically, resulting in an innocent black man’s character now being called into question in the court of public appearance.

This isn’t the first time a white woman’s telepathy, rather inspired by insecurity, prejudice, or meritless offense–has put an undeserving black man in a position of unwanted, unnecessary, and at times dangerous attention.

Let’s take a look at the problems with Dunham’s story:

1. At no point does Dunham state that there was any verbal communication between her and Beckham.
2. At no point does Dunham state that there was any written communication between her and Beckham.
3. At no point does Dunham state that there was any notes delivered via carrier pigeon from Beckham, to her, stating any of the insults or opinions she forcefully attributed to him in an effort to placate herself.

With that in mind, Lena becomes the only one between the two that seem hostile. If given the opportunity to sit next to Lena Dunham, I’d be on Instagram, too.

Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t owe you a conversation, doesn’t owe you a compliment, and doesn’t owe you any attention whatsoever.

You sound like a creep in a bar, angry at a young girl for ignoring his subtle advances and minding her own damn business.

Here’s a suggestion to Lena’s PR, if you want to spin this in her favor–say she wrote that Lenny Letter in an effort to convey just how silly men sound when they complain about the attention they feel entitled to from women being withheld. That’ll teach em.

In closing, if women like Lena Dunham didn’t exist–Emmett Till would probably still be alive today.

- The Restless Introvert

All right, I’m gonna go ahead and call pre-boarding for all Zabvronians with elite status. Ah… Oh. No, wait. That’s… that’s only me. Suck it, coach trash.