this is a semi rant

this poor little red ribbon was bullied in elementary school. i just have this hc in my mind with poor kid tendou crying his eyes out in front of his parents after a volley practice because the other kids did not want him to play because they said he looked like a monster. he started playing volleyball because blocking one of his bullies’ spike made him feel good and he wanted to feel that same satisfaction over and over again, but you can clearly see from both the anime and the manga that even if he was good at it, he still struggled to make friends. teammates still talked behind his back.
that was so real. like, kids are adorable and all, but they can also be so mean. and really, being good at something doesn’t mean you’ll be 100% accepted.
i have this other hc in my head with tendou playing volleyball 24/7 after he got complimented by someone. and this other one with tendou seeing wakatoshi and thinking “wow” and despite being afraid of being rejected still tried to talk to wakatoshi. at first he thought it was just a one way conversation because waka’s not really looking at him as he’s talking, so tendou stops, but then after a second waka just goes, “and then?” and that’s like one of the most precious memories of tendou satori’s high school life. but enough of that, tendou’s such a bittersweet character, okay? he takes pride in his team, he 100% supports them, he compliments goshiki on his haircut AND WE CAN ALL GUESS WHY. and then after losing against karasuno he goes and says those words that broke us all. i think his “farewell my paradise” isn’t just about him quitting volleyball. it’s more than that, it’s volleyball played with his team, with shiratorizawa. JUST. JUST APPRECIATE TENDOU SATORI OKAY? HE MAY BE TALL AND HIS RED HAIR MAY LOOK FIERCE BUT THIS BOY NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COST. don’t let him quit volleyball furudate sensei. let him break more spikers’ hearts.

i just want to point out that just because i’m an asian who hangs out with white people doesn’t mean im suddenly whitewashed?? like i don’t know why some people say i’m whitewashed like YOU’RE the one who is perpetuating the stereotype that all asians need to hang out with only asians?? i grew up in a suburb with people of different races, but mostly i was surrounded by white people. obviously i’m going to come in contact with a white person and befriend them? i may not be the most cultural person ever since i was born and raised in the united states but like idk i’m sick of people who think i’m trying to be “less asian” just because i’m friends with some white people like no lol i’m fucking proud of being chinese and i can hang out with who i fucking want to

It's okay to make mistakes...

You’ve done so much research but your furbaby/scale baby got sick or passed away. They needed different food. More hides. Different humidity. Everything went went wrong at once.
It’s okay. Breathe.
There is a lot of information out there, and it can take a while to figure out who can be trusted, and to take some advice with a grain of salt. There is always new information coming in
That being said, it is NOT OKAY to refuse to do research. To blatantly ignore advice as it is given to you. To rely on only one source of information.
Ignorance means that you are not willfully seeking the best care for your animals, and it is not an excuse.
So do your research, again and again, and share your experiences. The community will be here to guide those who are humble and caring, I’ve seen it first hand. We protect because we care.

it really bugs me when some people say things like “where did b.a.p go I miss them” or “remember when everyone used to love b.a.p aw good times” etc. I understand it’s being said with good(?) intentions but??? b.a.p is right here. they’ve not been hiding in a void since the hiatus, they’ve been out there making music and gaining new fans and being as active in the last year and a half as they always have been. if you can’t be arsed to follow them on social media or attempt to keep up with them by other means, that’s your own fault for not seeing them around and loving them. and if your attention only spans as far as the next new popular trend or whatever, that’s your own problem for missing out. b.a.p doesn’t need your pity

*hits pan with a metal spoon* 

LISTEN UP PEOPLE to anyone commenting about BTS downgrading themselves this time to do a cheesy love line concept, ITS NOT THE FIRST TIME THAT THEY HAVE DONE LOVE SONGS. So don’t act like it’s a surprise. For you, I need u, just one day, war of hormone, danger, school luv affair THEY ARE ALL LOVE SONGS but I don’t see you guys commenting on those songs? So why this one?


here are quite a lot of very self-indulgent and excessively poetical cyborg AU vs. medieval AU thoughts.

…………..I was writing a raymanthia AU and thinking about universe swaps (because of a certain SOMEBODY you know who you are).  So I was thinking idly about how maybe they have magic in Raymanthia but their tech is basically nil and their medical/scientific skills aren’t the most advanced and their wars are fought differently and etc. etc. etc. 

And then I thought about the different burners switching into their places in the realm and I have a lot of thoughts about Mike seeing the army his other self leads, the men who respect and admire him, and getting really emotional!   BUT THAT’S NOT THIS POST (mostly)

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Okay you know what really needs to be talked about more??? 2D and Russ’ relationship.

Russ is the most supportive and best person in 2Ds life (besides noodle of course)

Russ puts murdoc in his place (whenever he can) when he bullies 2D

They have a lot in common and are practically family,

they’ve been through thick and thin together, when 2D goes through hardships and when Russ does as well they’re there for eachother, even if it seems like things won’t get better

These two are dynamic and we gotta talk about the morreee

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honestly with the b.a.p thing i get it like yeah they did go through a lot and it did hinder them since they were gone so well but that wont make people like em?? like yall b.a.p is genuinely...good like i get where ur comin from but focus on the fact that theyre here and theyre okay now!! theyd rather be know for their music and how good they are then the shit they went through if that makes sense? like they dont wanna hear pity? id rather here genuine like hey i like ur shit!!!

exactly!!!!!!!!!!!! they’ve not been sitting around making puppy eyes at people to beg them to be fans, so why should we act like it?

in the 1 year and 9 months since the hiatus, b.a.p has:

  • had 5 korean comebacks (released one full album, two mini albums and two single albums) + daehyun x jongup project album (solo debuts!!!) (+ yongguk’s yamazaki)
  • had 4 japanese releases (and a japan tour)
  • had 2 actual world tours
  • finally starred in their own show (one fine day)
  • been a guest on other shows (heyo tv’s private life, asc, hello counsellor, celebrity bromance, idol battle likes, etc)
  • had a go at hosting (youngjae at inkigayo, daehyun at idol battle likes)
  • kept us updated on social media, their v live channel and tsent’s b.a.p chalddeok
  • had one member make his acting debut (daehyun in the musical ‘napoleon’)
  • become even more self-sustaining, with yongguk producing and writing (and sometimes zelo too), jongup and zelo helping with choreographies, and all the members expressing an interest in creating their own music
  • experimented with different concepts and genres, whilst still maintaining their own distinct sound
  • continued to address social issues in their music
  • overcome numerous difficulties

yes, they’ve been through hard times and the lawsuit hiatus hit everyone hard blah blah, but some people need to stop confining b.a.p to just that! them having suffered isn’t a reason to like them. b.a.p are out there being badass and making a point. they don’t want pity, they want support and appreciation for their achievements.

Art Prints PSA

This is a semi-rant/semi-PSA about prints. There’s a tl;dr at the end:

The other day, I bought a print from an amazing artist online. They’re a primarily grayscale artist and I love their style! It’s quite unique and I was so excited to hang this print up on the inspiration wall. When I opened the print, it was just a laser-copy on 24lb standard copy paper… It looks okay from a distance as it’s in black and white, but up close it’s disappointing. Another example: A year ago in an artist alley I was anxious to buy a print from another great artist. The print I wanted was on display at their booth and it looked really nice! But when I paid and received a copy it had some noticeable lines running through it, with very uneven borders…
I’m happy to support fellow artists, for sure! My office is covered head to toe with art bought straight from the artist online and at cons. But I just had a feeling of getting “ripped off” with the paper quality lately.

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Does anyone ever stop and think about how popular Danny Phantom is? Like it kinda makes me sad because the show wouldn’t be nearly as popular if Danny was alive and couldn’t end his life and come back whenever he wanted.

It also amazes me because like the show ended 13 years ago and yet THE FANDOM IS STILL GOING STRONG!!
It honestly makes me really happy 😊

I wonder what 9 year old me would think if I knew I was going to come back to the same show I used to just watch to satisfy boredom, and become addicted to it again lol

So for months IMDB have been stating that Tyler Hoechlin will be in fifty shades darker and fifty shades freed. I sat through the whole movie tonight, hearing them saying “Boyce fox” 5 or so times thinking, “this is it, here he comes” and then boom! The credits come on and no Tyler Hoechlin.

Check IMDb, oh, what’s this, Tyler Hoechlin is only in fifty shades freed. Well you could have told me sooner.

*sigh* have to wait another year now for the next movie just so I can see his cameo. I know it will be worth it though.

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about pied piper lyrics: idk if it's just my interpretation but i didn't take the song as them being 100% serious? which is why i don't think the lyrics are actually creepy

Serious or not, it’s still irresponsible. I’ve seen a range of opinions around today, and while I’m cautious to flat out call it paedophilic, I can’t deny I personally found it very inappropriate and creepy as well as really disrespectful. I don’t know, as a fan myself, I felt a bit ridiculed and disappointed that they’d mock the idea of fans spending time over them: where would any artist be without devoted fans who hype them up? Whether they’re joking or not, it’s still :/

But most importantly, just the use of the Pied Piper as a running metaphor in the song is a complete no-no. The story is about a man luring children from the village of Hamelin/Hameln to follow him with his music as a punishment for their parents’ wrongs, and he leads them away from the village and they’re never seen again. Now, why would anyone think BTS comparing themselves to the Pied Piper, and their fans to the innocent children who presumably die at his hands, would be a good idea? It’s messed up, especially considering so many of their fans are children, and haven’t grasped the full implications of the lyrics, if most fans just laughing at being “called out” and “roasted” is anything to go by.

Some parts of the lyrics seem undeniably sexual to me, which combined with the Pied Piper metaphor of the fans being the children who find the Piper’s music irresistible, is… fairly self-explanatory. Nasty :/

One small example of the way I perceive people merely as objects whose only relevance is their effect on me is the way I think of pedestrians while driving in a busy parking lot.  To me they aren’t unique living individuals whom I must be careful not to hurt with my car, just annoying mobile obstacles with the potential to completely ruin my life if I accidentally run them over and have to face the consequences of doing so.  In many ways, this is a microcosm of how I perceive people in general.

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Where are you from/live?

i live in bulgaria, its in eastern europe, the weather sucks, you either freeze to death or burn to death, everyone is racist or homophobic, the people who are actually nice move to other countries because they know they don’t have a future here, the politicans are 50 year old white men, small children smoke weed, they also get killed by older kids over where they should smoke weed, if u like video games and dislike sports ur automatically fat and ugly, everything is expensive, the wages suck, gender stereotypes are still a thing, nobody gives a shit about poor people, if u like american music or movies ur not a TRUE BULGARIAN!!!1 U SHOULD LEAVE TO THE STATES U LIBERAL BITCH, “gay” is still an insult, everyone is entitled, long live russia, putin should bomb the states, the nature is beautiful and the flowers are nice, the dogs are cute, the food is great, and our healthcare system is decent! 

Love yourself enough to walk away from things that does not serve purpose. You’re a whole lot better than that. If you know you’re a good person, that’s their loss not yours, be cause you know you would have never done that to them. Give somebody else, a opportunity to love you like you alt to be loved. People will always forget what you’ve said, but they never forget how you treated them. Believe me, when they see you with somebody else, they’re gonna think about you, because you have given another person something, that they took for granted, so Be strong, Be Beautiful, Be wise, and have self confidence.

u know what makes me So Incredibly Mad? when people say that Ippolit’s only character trait is “stupid” or “he’s an idiot”! like!!!! I know “autistic coded” wasn’t a thing in 19th century Russia but??? he speaks at least 2 languages! he’s described as speaking “in a way that one couldn’t tell whether he was saying something very smart or entirely nonsensical!” he’s not an idiot! jesus cliffsnotes!