this is a scene i wanted from that drama

Jackson: Jaebum - hyung had a kiss scene too, right?…. that is crazy! Was in the bed! Oppa! 

JB: why did I? It doesn’t make sense.                                                                     

Jackson: I want to film a kiss scene too (fans: no, you can’t!)… with Jaebum - hyung (fans: do it now!)                                                                                           

Jackson: Now? Okay, let’s do it from Jinyoung’s drama                                         

JB: Don’t make us do it

Jackson: I’m gonna make us do it… My lips are soft

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My Drama Year!

It had been some time since I had wifi, so I ventured to the library to download K-Dramas for entertainment purposes. This is My Year in K-Dramas. The last two are recent and I have watched them with wifi because I am in a better place. Yay!!

     1. Oh My Venus

      This drama started out being really sad to me, then it became rather weird, but then I thought it was cute. It is one of those dramas that I would definitely say I enjoyed. Without wifi and cable, it was also hard to watch a second or third time. By the third time, I just went through my favorite episodes/moments. Would still recommend! 4.5 STARS!


           2. Cheese in the Trap 

                Now this one I was actually kind of bored with until about the fifth episode. Sorry, but true. I had a hard time understanding why it was popular. Of course, though, I did enjoy watching it after getting into it. After some time, it had me hooked and trying to figure things out as it went and the male lead had me all confused and stuff! Kekeke Would I recommend? Yes. 4 STARS!


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            3. Liar Game

                This one I stumbled upon by chance. I looked it up on Google and decided the synopsis made the show seem very intriguing. So I downloaded it and enjoyed every second of this mystery thriller!! From beginning to end I was hooked, like a fish on a line!! I could not get enough of the show and even checked to see if there was another season. I still need another one. TOTALLY DAEBAK!!! 5 STARS


            4. Descendants of the Sun

                 THIS ONE!! Yes, this one. This drama I kept in my files for a long time, even after I moved TWICE(!!!!). I love this drama from beginning to end and may have watched it about ten times… Without skipping episodes. I love it so much, I had the poster as my phone’s background and had ringtones. I am not ashamed!! Song-Song couple is love, dude!! This one breaks the record. WAY PAST 5 STARS!!!


             5. W: Two Worlds

                  Now tell me why Lee Jong Suk said he wants to play a more masculine type of character when he did such a cool, manly job playing as his character Kang Chul?! He is the definition of perfection and I love him so much. I started feeling rather odd when I wanted him to catch me in a bathroom. Like, I volunteer to be scared like that!! All semi-joking aside, the drama is freaking awesome and the story line was well thought out. I would like to meet the writer and get some tips. 5 STARS!!!


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             6. Goblin

                 So many favorite scenes, so much bromance. Is it bad of me to say I loved this drama from beginning to end, too? I hope not. Although, for some reason, I wasn’t too into the beginning scene of the first episode. I shrug when I think about it because I have no idea why I’m not pleased with it. Gong Yoo did amazing acting out the battle and the movements were great and everything, but eh. ANYWAY! This drama had me swooning over anything and everything and even made me feel lonely af. I super love love it, though and totally watched it again and again!! Another one that broke the scale!!


            7. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

                 I just recently finished this one, so fresh out of the mind reaction. Here goes. NAM JOO HYUK, STOP STEALING MY HEART!!!!!! The story was great and the acting was even greater!! I love that it’s not the typical thin boy loves thin girl. Noooope, nope, nope. I am so in love with the story, I may go watch it again. With each episode, I had to make sure I was breathing because Nam Joo Hyuk kept me from breathing correctly. The love scenes were so cute and well thought out and that’s what really had me feeling like a high school teenager again. Oh, those feelings of blissful love. Sigh. I would definitely recommend this drama that peoples ears would fall off. I’m so in love with it. ANOTHER SCALE BREAKER!!!!!


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    Thank you so much for reading!! (If you did) I know it was super long and not well typed, but I was afraid of mentioning any spoilers. Please keep in mind that I really did enjoy each and every one of these dramas. No harm, no foul.

    Got a drama you want to recommend I watch and review? Leave me a comment/message! Thank you!! Heartu!


    I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.

    10 drama scenes I want to live in my life

    I could have also called this post “10 reasons why I am still single and won’t find a boyfriend any time soon” and it would still make sense.

    After the Notebook came out, thousands of women (if not more) wanted to have their own version of the kiss-in-the-rain moment between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Well, for me it is the same, except it is not just one scene and it is because of Korean Dramas. Here are 10 drama scenes (and their dramas) that I wouldn’t mind live in my life.

    The “I’m so glad you are back after a year of pain” scene from Descendants of the Sun…but to be honest I could live any romantic or bromantic scenes from the drama and I would be happy.

    Originally posted by mile-ruichi

    The “sit you up” scene from Oh My Ghost!

    Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

    The “we accidentally fell asleep together” from Pinocchio….or any drama actually. I am sucker for this scene.

    Originally posted by lovingkdramasforever

    The “back hug” scene in general. I love this scene a lot.

    Originally posted by cola-kiss

    The “I am passed out in a bus and you are looking out for me” scene. I mean seriously…you may look like hell but at least someone is looking out for you.

    Originally posted by littlecloverstar

    The “I am so glad to see because I need comfort despite us fighting” scene from Cheese in the Trap. This was one of my favorite scene in the drama because Hong Seol who was at her limit finally let herself go and live a little.

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    The “I only have time to kiss you before I disappear again” scene from Who From Another Star. I am not a huge fan of aliens but if they look like Kim Soo Hyun I certainly don’t mind.

    Originally posted by manmeilan

    The “ I am lonely” scene from The Heirs. Because no one in his right mind would say no to a Kim Woo Bin opening up his heart to you and telling you he is lonely!

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    The “Let’s drink a beer” scene from A Witch’s Romance.

    Originally posted by kdduck

    The “I have waited for you to travel 400 years in time to see me” scene from Queen In Hyun’s Man. My love for this scene knows no boundary.

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    Bonus: The “I am literally in a drama” scene because let’s be honest who wouldn’t like to be the lead character of their own drama?

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    To second chances

    What if Killian had found out the truth before finding David in that cell…Based on a scene I wrote once in another fandom and suddenly seemed super appropriate to captain charming.   

    (Because darn it I wanted this drama wrapped up in one episode) 

    The click of the cuff around his wrist was far more insulting than anything else and Killian watched in annoyance until David’s truck vanished from sight.  But there were only so many places to go in this town.  Lifting the chain from around his neck with his hook he found a small silver key, hidden amongst the charms,  very convenient thing to have around, living in close proximity to Charmings.  Taking the key in his teeth he made quick work of the handcuffs and sprinted to Granny’s pushing open the door and calling inside.  

    “Drinks on me for a week for the first person to give me a ride-” he gestured in the general direction David’s truck had taken.  

    “Sure, why not,” August spoke up from behind him. Killian turned around to see the puppet had pulled up on his infernal contraption.    “But you’ll have to wear the pink helmet.”

    “I’m not wearing the bloody pink helmet.”  

    “My ‘ship’ my rules,”  August drawled,  then seeming to remember something he dug into a satchel.  “When you catch up with David, would you give these to him?  Honestly there’s nothing else in there but I thought he’d like to have them anyway.”   

    Killian glanced down briefly and suddenly his blood turned to ice.  That face-  He must have hesitated for a moment because August looked back at him.

    “Thought you were in a hurry, Cap?”  

    Killian snapped the pink helmet onto his head and hopped on the demon bike without a second thought.  “We need to find Dave’s truck, now.”

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    BTS| Having a normally calm gf/bf but when they meet their s/o’s bestfriend he/she get’s really loud and silly

    Thank you for the request Anon. <3

    Enjoy! Suga’s was a little shorter than the others, but i thought his reaction was really obviously.

    Also I’m not satisfied, but I hope you like it anyways.



    When you and your bf suddenly started fangirling over a new actor, Jin was already surprised about your behavior. But when you both started screaming, Jin would be seriously worried about your condition since he never knew a human being could have such a high pitched voice.

    “Are you okay?”

    Originally posted by ceohan


    One of the things he loved most about you was your calm and chilled character, so when you started to scream and roar with your bf about a drama, he would do nothing but judge you.

    “Who tf are you?”

    Originally posted by jeonbase


    Namjoon was reading in your bedroom when he heared a high pitched scream from you. He immediately jumped on his feet and rushed to the living room where you and your bestii wanted to watch a movie. When he breathlessy arrived he saw you laughing with your bf about a funny scene. When you turned and saw his exhausted expression a big question mark formed on your face.

    “I swear, I thought you got murdered.”

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    He watched a really silly comedy movie with you and your friend at the theater. Suddenly he heard you whooping while clapping your hands. You saw a scene which remembered you to your childhood and your bf had the same thought as you, Hoseok, who never saw you this much out of your calm character also started laughing after you told him your reasons.

    “Welcome to the sunshine-club, jagi.”

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    You went shopping with the two most important people in your life. When you stopped at a small café, Jimin bought ice cream for all of you. No one knows how, but suddenly your bf  dropped his/her’s on your chest. After a short awkward moment a loud squeal filled the street. You laughed so much that your stomach hurted and the fact that you weren’t able to say why made it even more funnier. 

    “I assure you, I don’t know them.”

    Originally posted by okayoongz


    You, y/f/n and Taehyung were at the park, when suddenly a bug started to attack your friend. S/he run over the large meadow placed in the centre of the park. You laughed like you never did before and Tae, although he never saw you like this, joined in. When the bug finally let go of y/f/n s/he returned back to you. When s/he arrived s/he started to playfully hit you. The rest of the time you and your friend horsed around while arguing who’s more afraid of bugs, Taehyung observing you with a soft smile on his face.

    *She should be like this more often*

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    The three of you played video games at your home. You played like your life depends on it since you wouldn’t accept a win of Jungkook or y/f/n. When you suddenly fought against y/f/n you used a special weapon and won the match. The same thing also happened with your boyfriend and suddenly both of them lunged at you. You screamed and foughted back till you sat on your best friend while laughing like you never did before,

    “Never seen this side of you, jagi”

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    Morning After Confessional.

    Summary: Following a TV marathon, your best friend wakes up groggy… and with a confession to make. 

    Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader 

    Prompt: I got the entire “Lin and reader watching crappy reality TV” request from anonymous here and then incorporated prompt #199 from @otpisms as well to make it all well-rounded and fluffy. Just how I like ‘em. 

    Words: 2,615 

    Warnings: Mild cursing. 100% fluff. 


    (Another shoutout to @hamilbye for reading this for me again. You’re the best, Nat. My favorite person. Seeing as this trope is one of your faves, this is dedicated to you.)

    No!” You screamed, covering your face with your blanket, letting only your squinted eyes see the television screen. Next to you, Lin only laughed, remarking on the female heroine’s actions on screen. You glanced over at him and rolled your eyes.

    “How are you not freaked out by this?” You questioned him, your eyes narrowing as you watched the light from the television dance over his facial features.

    He looked over at you, “(Y/N), you invited me over for a horror movie marathon. This is entirely your fault if you’re scared.”

    “Yeah, but I didn’t think you’d enjoy the horror movies.” You remarked back, almost grumbling under your breath.

    “It’s cinematic mastery at its best – controlling the human psyche, predicting your next reaction. What’s not to love?”

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    PLL 7x11 Playtime - (long) thoughts

    Overall, for a premiere episode, it was slightly underwhelming in the sense that it doesn’t justify the appearances on Ellen, GMA, Facebook lives, etc. But as a general episode of PLL, it was honestly great. Like I’ve always said, season 7’s episodes are incomparable to season 6 which was a total flop.

    I am OBSESSED with this board game! What a brilliant idea for the reveal of the endgame. If every episode is structured by a couple moves on the game plus (somewhat interesting) filler, they’ve got a recipe for success.

    The board game is so high tech, which unfortunately reminds me of LucAs. I hope not, but it’s likely. The board in general is great. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the tasks are.

    Whoever wrote the episode, kudos to you. This episode had some of the best writing. Forget plot progression, answers, and all that good stuff. I’m talking actual writing. The words and dialogue between characters. Holden’s comment about having a heart attack was a nice touch for long time fans and Veronica and Spencer’s scenes were tragically beautiful. “What did she tell you?” and “what do you think she told me?” - and all those comments about Veronica still being Spencer’s mother at heart; and Mona saying “too bad about Noel. Not really” (homage to their season 1 relationship) - the writing was overall great.

    When I see people complain about getting no answers, I just scroll past it. I’m not going to let unnecessary negativity get in my head. I was actually shocked that Spencer confronted Veronica about this and that was an appropriate amount of answers for one episode. I’ve seen people say that we weren’t told anything we didn’t already know - but I think that’s our theory caps talking. We already knew everything Veronica said (and that there was a second shooter; AD) because we theorised it months ago. Seeing our theories verbalised in the show are probably coming across as if nothing is happening because we’ve “known” for so long. But things WERE answered. What a big moment for the PLL series - Veronica freaking admitted to Spencer not being her daughter!

    Oh how could I forget: I GOT IT RIGHT!!! Peter and Mary are Spencer’s parents and Peter got Mary pregnant thinking it was Jessica. SO FAR, ONE THEORY IS CORRECT! Let’s see if I stop there for the rest of the season or if I manage to get anything else right…

    (Please don’t forget that there was a 1 week later note on screen. Spencer and Toby didn’t get out of the hospital in all of 3 minutes. People complain over nothing.)

    Yvonne will not make it out of that coma, no doubt about it.

    During the episode I was kind of frustrated at the amount of time they spent on Mona and Hanna and the fashion thing. But, now typing this, I’m smiling. THEY ARE GOING SOMEWHERE WITH THIS. This fashion thing is just a symbol that the writers are using to show that every time Mona tries to help the girls, she gets treated like shit. Just like when Hanna threw out Mona’s bridal shower card unnecessarily. Also it shows Mona’s power over Hanna. This is just the beginning. This filler is going to blow up into something massive and it will reveal Mona’s true alliances down the line. It may be boring now to watch, but they’re going somewhere with it. Keep an eye on it.

    I was shocked that Ezra is still staying with Aria without consideration of the circumstances. I thought Nicole would pose a bigger obstacle.

    Holden’s return was too corny. “Oh you work here!?” His scenes were probably the most boring of the episode. Whilst it was absolutely great to see this friendly familiar face, I felt underwhelmed that they spent the highly anticipated return episode talking (very slowly and frustrating) about where they want the reception for the wedding to be. That should’ve been saved for a later episode, if not cut out completely.

    Bitchy Ali. Hell yes. Welcome back. Please don’t go away too soon. But I did feel bad for Paige. That was just way too bitchy to bring up Paige’s history in the meeting. No one is the same person they were in high school. Paige should’ve slammed back harder because Ali was the worse person in high school.

    I know Emison is endgame but… I do like Paige. Always have. Paige is always right about Ali and I won’t forget the accuracy of what Paige said to Emily last finale: call me when you decide to cut the strings with your puppet master.

    ALI MIGHT NOT BE PREGNANT. Don’t forget Sasha said at Paley Fest “well Ali says she is (pregnant)” - she didn’t even let Emily come to her appointment!! She’s hiding something. Every time Paige gets in the way, Ali drops a bomb: a kiss, a “I’m pregnant”, “I’m broke and alone, please stay, don’t go out with Paige,” etc. She might not be pregnant after all.

    Detective Furey can get lost. I just don’t like him. Is Tanner coming back? What about Holbrook? I liked them. Shit cops obviously, but they were entertaining characters. I hope they’re back before the end.

    What was that tiny jigsaw puzzle piece Spencer got and put under the iPhone in the board game? Is that supposed to reveal a picture or something?

    So did AD reveal themselves to Jenna - is that what the final scene was? And duh, the liars really thought Jenna and Noel were AD? They didn’t pause to think “where is the A and D coming from then?” I liked hearing that confirmed out loud though.

    Overall - an underwhelming PREMIERE, but a fantastic general PLL episode. They’ve got a great formula for success with this board game. I want the girls to turn on each other (but know that they’re doing it because they’re forced! It won’t ruin the friendship.) I want drama. And despite what anyone says, yes we did get some answers and I can’t wait to see what piece to the puzzle we get next week. Another shoutout to the person who wrote this episode because the Veronica/Spencer/Mary reveal was beautiful.

    Actor Park - Jinyoung

    Jinyoung and I are cuddling on the sofa as we watch one of the many dramas on our list. Since the rest of the guys are in their room either still awake or already asleep, Jinyoung and I manage to not be too loud with our bickers or comments. But either was never a problem since we usually like to watch movies in silence.

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    One of the things I love about TV shows, is the ability to re-watch scenes with the click of mouse. Especially after learning something new. I like to re-watch with my new knowledge and see if the story was leading there all along.

    This scene from 2x13 of Supergirl gave me that opportunity, but in a new perspective.

    With just a few heartwrenching, well-acted lines the writers gave us a look into the Maggie Sawyer backstory we’ve been screaming about. An idea to why she’s so guarded. An explanation for her patience and understanding with Alex’s coming out.

    The best part for my giant fangirling emotions? Re-watching the Sanvers’ scenes knowing she’s lying about her parents acceptance and she’s hiding the pain for Alex. Seeing how truly happy she is that Alex told Kara with no negative repercussions and wondering if it stings a little. Understanding these lines better, “I heard everything you said.” “I don’t meet many people that I care about.” And simply understanding Maggie Sawyer a little better. From one scene!

    I’ve said it before and will continue reiterating, this is my favorite show since Buffy. It’s not perfect. But it has kickass female characters. Played by fantastic actresses. And a lesbian storyline I’m loving. I’m excited every week for a new episode.

    Do I want more Sanvers? Always. Especially if it’s more opportunities to showcase the acting of Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima. Especially especially, if it’s angsty, meaty, heart-felt content. What can I say, I like my drama in fiction not real life.

    This season feels a bit all over the place, but I’m still in love. I’m here for the kickass women. The strong acting. And the lesbians help.

    Ps, if you think my over indulgence into the significance of one scene for Detective Maggie Sawyer is bad; come talk to me about
    Meredith. Fucking. Grey.

    brothers ; bangtan boys (part 4)

    genre: fluff, maybe some angst

    summary: you live with seven boys who turn out to be your brothers, but what could go wrong? THIS WILL BE SO FUCKING LONG BE PREPARED

    y/b/f/n = your best friend’s name

    part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4

    “do you think they’re on the plane already?” you shook your left leg under the table repeatedly, bouncing it up and down non-stop.

    “they’re probably still at security,” jungkook laughed, “you really miss them, huh.. it’s only been fifteen minutes.”

    “i will..” you say honestly, “you won’t be leaving me, right?”

    “of course not,” jungkook ruffles your hair, “i love you too much to leave you.”

    “since when did you start saying ‘i love you’ to girls?” you teased.

    “i was forced to say it to my ugly dongsaeng,” jungkook winked as you laughed, sipping your drink.


    “i miss you,” you say to yoongi, “it’s only been an hour but i miss you cursing to me in secret.”

    “aw,” yoongi said, “i’ll visit when i can, i promise. i’m definitely going to miss your smile and voice that wakes me up.”

    yoongi gulped as you began to talk while rubbing your thighs, at home you just wore sweatpants and probably someone’s shirt (a lot of the time you wear seokjin’s because of how big and comfy they are), and since they weren’t around anymore you decided to wear shorts and jungkook’s shirts, which half of them were white and it showed your bright pink bra.

    “oppa?” you ask as yoongi blinked blankly. “o-oh yeah?”

    “you were saying?” yoongi said.

    “i was wondering if i could visit instead,” you say. “all you six..”

    “that’s a lot of money, you know.” yoongi said, “just steal jungkook’s card and you’re fine.”

    you laugh, “i would.. but he’d probably kill me.”

    “just wait, yeah?” yoongi smiled at you, “i’ll visit. at least i’m able to take breaks.”

    “are you sure?” you ask, “i just.. want to explore the places.”

    “just wait until you see.” yoongi smiled, “be patient. i have something for you.”


    “yeah.” he said, “the more patient you are, it will come sooner.”

    you raise your eyebrow, “uh, okay..”

    “it’s exciting.”

    “you made it sound sarcastic.”

    yoongi laughed, “it will be exciting. h-hey, i gotta go now.”

    “be safe!” you say, “i love you oppa.”

    “i love you too.” yoongi’s smile went wider, “bye!”

    you wave and smile as yoongi hung up and you sighed and put your hair back. “who were you talking to?” jungkook asked as he put a grape in his mouth, sitting on the other couch and turning the tv on.

    “yoongi-oppa,” you said, “it looked like his flight was delayed.”

    jungkook laughs, “quite new, him flying alone.”

    “well, you will soon.” you say, “i know, like tomorrow, you might say ‘y/n, i’m leaving to blah blah to do stuff blah blah’.”

    “hey, how many times have i said i’m going to look after you?” jungkook said, “once you graduate, we can go together.”

    “you sentimental weirdo,” you pinch his cheeks, “what will i do without you?”

    “you’d be dead,” jungkook said, “you know you can’t live without the best brother.”

    “since when were you the best brother?” you scoffed.

    “hey!” jungkook shoved your shoulder, “i know inside your heart i’m the best.”

    “i’m out,” jungkook said, “don’t wait for me, just head to sleep.” he began to tie up his shoes.

    “where are you going?” you asked, throwing popcorn inside your mouth.

    “don’t know, maybe a restaurant.” he said, “love you!” he placed a kiss on your forehead before heading out. you raised your eyebrow as he seemed like in a rush. you shook your head before grabbing the remote to change the channel.


    “how are you?” jimin asked, “is jungkook there?”

    “not at the moment,” you sigh, “he’s been out for almost four hours i think.”

    “four hours?!” jimin exclaimed, “god, what’s he doing? are you fine?”

    “i am,” you laugh, “he isn’t picking up either. maybe he’s doing… stuff?”

    “jin-hyung’s gonna actually kill him,” jimin muttered. 

    “anyways,” you start, “have you seen the school?”

    “not yet,” jimin said, “we’re waiting tomorrow so i can unpack since i’m staying at the dorms.”

    “is hoseok-oppa sharing the dorm with you?”

    “actually, he’s in an apartment,” jimin said, “he’s doing his own club at the school.”

    you smile, “that’s great, have you decided?”

    “might help him, or he’s gonna have competition,” jimin smirked, “i got the looks, so if i do the club i’m obviously gonna get more people.”

    you laugh, “i’m telling him that. good luck for your next couple of years.. i’ll miss you..”

    “don’t be sad!” jimin smiles widely, his eyes smiling too, “i’ll miss you more.. i hope hobi-hyung doesn’t end up waking me up with his hugs.. yours are a lot more better.”

    you flushed red, “ah.. i’ll miss your hugs.. take care for me!”

    “ani.. you take care for me, okay?” jimin smiled, his head tilting, “i love you y/n-ah.”

    “i love you more, jimin-oppa..” you smile, “goodbye!”

    “goodbye, love you more more, y/n.” jimin laughed, “say hello to kook for me.”

    “will do.” you begin to wave as jimin waves too, ending the call.

    “you must be kidding me,” you hiccuped and sighed as you stared at your favourite character getting stabbed, “no- no, i refuse to believe this.”

    “h-he was too handsome to get stabbed!” you sobbed, “ah, why do i always cry over this scene again.”

    your phone began to go off and you were too intrigued into the scene that was making you cry a river. wiping it off as your phone flashed again, you answered the contact; jungkook.


    “uh.. hi- is this y/n?” you hear a different voice. “it’s uh, yugyeom..”

    “o-oh! hi,” you said, “sorry about cancelling our study times.. i’m kinda busy-”

    “are you.. crying?” he asked.

    “i-it’s from the drama i’m watching,” you laugh lightly. “why do you have jungkook’s phone?”

    “well, uh, he’s currently drunk..”

    “you must be kidding me,” you repeat.

    “i’ll take him home, and i’ll stay over if you want the help.”

    “i should be okay.” you said, “thanks for calling me- i think i’ll help you get him in the car.”

    “okay, see you then.” yugyeom said.

    “see you.” you hang up.

    “jungkook, you’re dead.”

    thoughts on Iron Fist (spoiler free)

    The harshness of the critics astounds me — not that the show is perfect, of course, but such virulence is surprising. Could it be that after the greatness of Luke Cage, their expectations were too high?  

    Anyway, here’s my opinion no one asked for: 


    • The show starts slowly. Realistically so, perhaps, but given how uncomfortable the first plot line is, the first three episodes could have been covered in one or two.  
    • Danny starts with blatant flaws; he is impulsive, naive, and can get pretty darn irritating. Even if these are understandable seeing his past, it took me a while to get attached to him and there was quite a bit of second hand embarrassment.
    • Some parts made me really uncomfortable (ex, the hospital). Though I guess that is probably what was intended, and therefore a success in that way, it’s not a feeling that I enjoyed, and I don’t think this angst was relieved satisfyingly. 
    • I wasn’t sold on the romance. Not even because it was so straight (Netflix’s Marvel has made me root for straight couples in the past) but the chemistry left me a bit lukewarm. The most in love person of the show was D****, god damn it (season 2 is going to hurt).


    • While it takes three or four episodes to start, once the intrigue is set, the show is fascinating. It is intelligent. It’s not just about defeating a powerful enemy, it’s about finding out who the enemy is, and when your point of view is that of such a naive, trusting character as Danny, it is not an easy task. 
    • On the same note: great plot twists. 
    • While Danny starts with some pretty major flaws, not only are the consequences from these taken to their full length in a very realistic manner (as Netflix has shown to do with the other Defenders — when they fuck up, they pay the price), it also leaves space for impressive character development. He evolves very interestingly throughout this season, and I can’t wait to see how the other Defenders are going to change him.
    • CLAIRE. TEMPLE. Seriously. She has now become my favorite character in this universe. 
    • More generally: the female characters. The men of this story can be sexist and underestimate them, but Colleen, Claire, Joy, Gao and even another whose name might be a mild spoiler — are characters of depth, strength, and intelligence, each in their own way. I do believe that the sexism they face was not the proof of a sexist writing, but instead the insightful writing of a sexist setting which is sadly realistic, yet from which they triumph. 
    • CONSENT. I don’t want to spoil. You’ll know it when it’s there. I slow clapped in front of my screen. It was beautiful. 
    • I thought the fight scenes were pretty damn cool. 
    • The Iron Fist’s special effects are beautiful.
    • As with the previous shows: cool easter eggs references to other Defenders. 
    • I loved the finale. 

    Overall, I’m very excited for Defenders. I think the characters are all in positions in which they need each other to grow, and I’m looking forward to see their interactions. (Plus, there’s going to be heaps of romantic drama, which i hope won’t break my heart. Too much.)

    Servamp AUs yet to be seen but would like to see (in my opinion)


    Steampunk AU

    Military AU

    Alice in Wonderland AU (like LEGIT not-subtle AU with Misono and the others)

    Casino AU

    China AU (fight me with this, but I can’t erase the thought of Kuro wearing a Chinese outfit and eating dim sum so casually with Mahiru lecturing from the background)

    Idol AU (it’s a thing, I know, but can someone please get onto this? I want to read deep, dark emo drama sh!t)

    Daycare AU (where Mamahiru is canon and he babysits everyone else who are just little kids [Where has THIS been in the fandom??])

    Prison AU (suddenly thinking of Nanbaka)

    Pokemon AU (we all know Licht will totally be on board with catching all the fairy Pokemon in the entire universe)

    Exorcist AU

    Spiritual AU (I can just imagine the dark/tragic scenes combined with hurt/comfort between the Servamps and Eves)

    Sports AU (apparently the volleyball thing in the drama CDs is a thing, so why not go Haikyuu on this?)

    Yokai AU

    Victorian AU (*fan of Victorian era clothes* I just want to see my sons wear them!)

    (Insert fairy tale AU)

    RPG AU (I’m surprised there hasn’t been official art of this or something. I honestly thought this could’ve been a legit thing!)

    Animal/Pet AU (join us furries ‘til your demise! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA *chokes*)

    Restaurant/Cafe AU (yes, this is also a thing, with Mahiru and the others wearing waiter uniforms, but can this be put into a fanfic or something??)

    Mafia AU (I just got hit with Katekyo Hitman Reborn nostalgia)

    Fashion AU (have you SEEN the recent winter collection? Good lord, Yumi can rock those heels like a boss!)

    *Forgets to mention this but was too lazy to fix*
    (Insert sport AU) (‘cuz in case you don’t know, the male cast have voiced in at least one sport anime [and strangely it fits in character??? *Connects Licht and Haru’s (AKA that one swimming anime) seiyuu together* …Hot darn.])

    Futuristic AU (hey, I like techy style also. Kuro would most likely be suitable wearing them. Plus, imagine Mahiru with a hoverboard and it’ll be perfect)

    (Female) Mahiru X reverse harem AU (‘cuz why tf not? Go MahiMahi!) Circus AU

    Honorable Mentions already included in the fandom/serie:

    Ice-skating “Yuri On Ice” AU
    Age AU (*looks at a certain someone* no pressure or anything)
    Reverse AU (Eve = Servamp, Servamp = Eve)
    Servamp Academy AU
    Idol AU
    Noragami AU (no really, there’s this one post that mentioned it)
    Red Riding Hood AU
    College AU
    + Others

    Feel free to include your own. I want to see how many of us want to see the different versions of Servamp.

    P.S: I might just start drawing one of these AUs just for my own amusement. Everyone is free to join in the fun. :D

    anonymous asked:

    Do you know any upcoming spoilers apart from the bughead kiss and the baby shower?

    i know that betty and jughead are going to do a lot of sleuthing in episodes 5 and 6, which is going to lead them to polly. i know that in episode 5, jughead is in betty’s room and they sit next to each other at jason’s memorial. in episode 6 (which has apparently been said to be a good episode for bughead), they’re going to be investigating in the rain and jug is going to hold her face in his hands (not in the rain). we’re going to learn more about jughead’s family situation in, maybe, episode 7. episode 8 is the episode with the trailer park kiss as well the baby shower drama/kiss at the baby shower. veronica also called jughead betty’s boyfriend in the episode and there’s going to be a scene of archie, veronica, betty, and jughead at pop’s. there are other spoilers from the episode, but those are the ones that have to do with bughead– i don’t know if you were looking for spoilers about them or just in general 

    i know of a few things in episodes following, but i don’t know if you want to hear anything past episode 8? 

    anonymous asked:

    Honestly things have been such a mess lately and looking more and more like it's going to be a long term battle. Not even sure if there is still a band left anymore. I still care about the guys but if we have to continue with the bullshit then I don't see the point really. Now we got two fake babies and a bunch of fake girlfriends and the most shady promo. I would rather give my time and money to someone else. Still gonna be here for your writing though :)

    Who would’ve thought this shit would stretch for long and get even worse, eh? I certainly wouldn’t. But we’re here, and that’s the current situation. *sighs*

    I don’t even worry about the band TBH. All this shit we’re seeing traces back to money. We’re seeing the result of a predatory industry preying on young talents (literal kids when the boys started). So, even if it takes 20 years, 1D will still come back because it’s profitable. (New Kids on The Block have returned, so why not 1D?).

    Even if they were at each other’s throats (like the press wants us to believe), at one point they would still come back because $$$. Remember how everyone got excited about the prospect of some dude suing 1D and how that would mean all five reunited in court? That only proves that, despite the fuckery in this fandom, people would nut for a reunion. End of. 1D are a big name. It doesn’t matter that many think they’re a band for kids. Pretty much everyone knows about 1D, even if just to mock them as “kiddies stuff”.

    (And here I don’t have much to say because 1D’s team targets grown men making all kinds of lewd jokes and singing innuendos at kids. If you go back to UAN tour, you’ll know a bunch of hormonal teenage boys were NEVER appropriate for little kids. “Blow a kiss, blow a job”? “Different dick every night”? PLS!)

    But back to the subject. Yeah, it feels like everything will drag for some time. We see all those babies around, and it doesn’t seem like we’re getting any denouement soon. We can’t enjoy anything about the boys’ solo careers without some kind of fuckery, or being used to promote their so-called “girlfriends”. Everything is normal and people break up and get cheated and go back again.  Yup, nothing to see here. Celebrities are fickle and so are the normal people associated to them. :)

    Many don’t care for facts and roll with it. Some even want you to dumb down to their level when logic and facts tell you otherwise. Fandom life is more and more complicated because you don’t know who to follow, the friend of yesterday is the heterosexuality-loving anti of tomorrow blocking you and pretending like they’ve never seen the shadiness they turn a blind eye on now. Many of your blog friends are deleting or changing blogs completely; everybody and their nan are a Kpop blog now.

    I agree with you in that we don’t have many positive things right now. Haven’t had them for years now TBH. It’s just no fun. I can see why investing time in other thing would be nice, or even just enjoy casually the music that (hopefully) comes out. I’ll probably do that at one point, too. I’m not interested in drama. When I want drama I watch Soraya Montenegro try to kill three different characters in the same scene★. Now That’s What I Call Drama™.

    All that said, I still want to see the boys emerge victorious. It won’t be easy (we’re seeing it now), but one day something good must happen, right? We’ve never asked for much.

    We wanted nice merch? Have dolls, bags and 256 perfumes!

    We wanted OT5 content? Too bad, they’re all mortal enemies now. Their securities actually are to protect them from one another.

    We wanted the rumoured collabs with other artists like FOB? Get rekt! There’s no ‘team’ in ‘featuring’, and have I mentioned that all 1D boys hate each other?

    We’re honestly starved of everything we’d get from a normal band. I’ll be blunt here: I don’t give a single fuck about personal lives, naming their families members or whom they’re supposedly banging. I never did. But what did we get? A bunch of “relatable” canvas girlfriends to supposedly makes us squee. Aww, see that? The boys date normal girls! Older girls! That means you too can be a 1D girlfriend!!! Yeahhh… there’s not a single thing surrounding 1D that had been aimed for typical fans. Everything had been done like we all want to bone them. (And many do, but that’s not everyone. They’re not pieces of meat and we’re not fucking pumas!)

    1D success has been DESPITE their team. The boys are loveable and their bond is what has drawn most of the people in. I still think we don’t have many 1D fans as we have “I’m [1D boy]’s fan and I’m stick with the other 4” around here. Too many hateful stans that thrive on tearing the others down to elevate their fave. When I think about that, it’s not hard see why 1D shitty team got away with the putrid stuff they try to feed us: too many scavengers.

    Anyway! I have no idea where I was going with this (it’s mostly 1AM ramblings), but yeah. We can only hope for something good in less than 20 years. I wish all five the best and want to see them succeed. I hope I can see it happen before we’re all 50-somethings. And thank you for the kind words. :) Glad my writing can add something positive to this hellhole of fandom. I’m here for the music, the boys’ friendship, to support them and fandom content. Sadly those are the things we don’t get any more. *sighs*

    Anisah tries to make a tutorial :) 

    There is probably a list of people who should never make tutorials, and i’m on it… but here we are anyways ~

    (this is a very detailed tutorial from start to finish, so please bear with me lols. also, its super long, so under a cut it goes )

    Keep reading

    RA Challenge

    ♡ #5 Favourite/least favourite romance

    As a romantic to the bone, there hasn’t been enough chaRActer romance for me and Richard does romantic so beautifully.

    I love Harry’s wooing of Geraldine in The Vicar of Dibley - who could resist that combination of charm, romance and sauciness?! Not me, that’s for sure. :-)

    “…therefore, you would in fact owe me the sum of one kiss……with tongues.”

    “I loved you the second I laid eyes on you, and I absolutely know that we are meant to be together.”

    “You see, all I want, as Gabriel Oaks said to Bathsheba in Far From the Madding Crowd, whenever I look up, there will be you, and whenever you look up, there shall I be.”

    However, as a Pride and Prejudice fan, and a lover of all things period drama/romance, North and South’s John Thornton and Margaret Hale just sneak in ahead of Harry and Geraldine as my favourite couple. The way he looks at her……

    …and then of course, there is that kiss.

    The. Most. Romantic. Scene. Ever. And the soundtrack for it is divine.

    Okay, now for least favourite romance. Lucas North and Sarah Caulfield in Spooks S08 is the first one that comes to mind, mainly because of a lack of any real chemistry between them but I’m going to choose John Mulligan and Ellie Morgan from Moving On mainly because I’m not all that keen on the character of Ellie, and I don’t think there was much chemistry between them either. For all that Mulligan was stringing her along in order to get what he wanted - a drug mule - Richard played the bad boy charmer soooooo well. I’m afraid I didn’t feel sorry for Ellie one little bit!

    My gifs.


    [PIC/TRANS] [170311] Minhwan’s “Hot and Sweet” Talk and Screening Event report digest

    • Minhwan said that there are a lot of quarreling scenes in the drama, but since he isn’t one who gets angry easily, he would drink a bit of alcohol and practice those quarreling scenes with Seunghyun before the actual filming. 
    • Minhwan who wants to co-star with Seunghyun also said, “I have wanted to do a movie together with the 5 members from a long time ago, but.. the content is still…” The drama director who was besides him replied, “I will think about it tonight (laughs)”
    • When the director was asked why he chose Minhwan, he replied, “Because he is cool, and because I’m a fan of FTISLAND” xD 
    • Minhwan said that at first, he was afraid of the director lol
    • Minhwan said that his cooking specialty is  Dakbokkeumtang. He said he would buy one whole chicken, cook it, and eat it all, he said thats the basic lol
    • He also said that he has composed over 40 songs since last October, “I want to do solo activities too, but.. I’m still practicing my singing..” 
    • Regarding his future activities with FTISLAND, Minhwan said, “This year marks our 10th anniversary in Korea. Me and the members are feeling that it feels like things are ending if we celebrate our 10th anniversary so much, so we were saying that we will just celebrate it naturally, we won’t do anything special for it. But since its our 10th anniversary, we still want to do something special anyway, so we are going to do it (laughs). We think its better to celebrate it naturally only in our feelings.” 

    I know the first episode of the season hasn’t fully aired yet but I wish we had already seen some stuff about (girl) Chris.

    Because it always seemed to me that she and Sana were quite close to each other.

    In the very beginning, Sana joined the group because she and Chris knew each other from German class. And in other scenes, it felt like they were always hanging out together, like the hoverboard scene, or when they planned that joke on the other girls in the cabin.

    I just hope we see more of their dynamic. Their friendship looks pretty lighthearted and fun, without any drama.

    And they both look pretty confident and outspoken and the outside, and we’ve already seen that Sana actually often hides her feelings and doesn’t always feel like she fits in. Maybe there’s another side to Chris too. So far we’ve mostly seen her as just ‘the funny one’.