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Unlike Godzilla, Pacific Rim doesn’t try to be serious even when it’s being serious. Characters have names like Stacker Pentecost and Hercules Hansen. The film requires you to believe that the best way to battle a giant monster is to build an even larger robot to fight that monster.

Much of the Act 2 drama derives from inter-pilot tension airlifted from the Val Kilmer scenes in Top Gun. It’s the polar opposite of the Godzilla school of drama, where everyone is a total professional who has absolutely no personal goal besides Saving The World. In Pacific Rim, Idris Elba is Rinko Kikuchi’s Obi-Wan Kenobi, and two of the last Giant Robot-pilots in the world frequently get into sneering fights over who’s the bigger badass, and Charlie Day is a scientist.

So, for all these reasons, Pacific Rim is a movie that I’ve heard perfectly smart people describe as “stupid” or “silly.” The problem with this line of thinking is that, really, that every blockbuster is pretty “silly,” in the context of Things Adults Should Care About. Godzilla is not less stupid than Pacific Rim just because people frown more. […]

The difference, I think, is that Pacific Rim glories in its own silliness. There’s a flashback scene where Idris Elba rescues a little girl, and when he emerges from his giant robot, the sun shines upon him like he’s the catharsis in a biblical epic. There’s a moment when one giant robot swings an oil tanker like a sword. Then it grows a sword out of its wrist. Then it falls from space to earth.

There are real complaints to make about Pacific Rim, I guess, all of them fair and most of them pedantic. I know a lot of people who have issues with the story. (“Why didn’t they use the wrist-sword earlier?” is a popular one.) Conversely, I don’t really know anyone who minds the story in Godzilla, possibly because everything stupid that happens is prefaced by Frowning Watanabe saying “This is why the stupid thing that’s about to happen makes sense.” Godzilla wants so badly to make sense. Pacific Rim wants so badly for Ron Perlman to wear golden shoes.

—  Darren Franich, “Entertainment Geekly: A call for an end to serious blockbusters”



I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.


I don’t know a lot of people have wanted to see my (some cause there are 100s) scene phase photos but I don’t really like them too much and feel self conscious sharing them since I look super feminine but I just want to share it and show everyone that you grow up and into yourself. 

I was bullied in my freshmen year of HS and I transferred schools to get away from the hostile people to a performing arts school. Dancing, Drama, Writing, Visual art etc. Everyone was a lot more accepting there even though I never indulged myself in social life at school. I only liked a handful of people. But I was never bullied. It was a 6th - 12th school and still pretty small. But anyways. I lived the scene life for about 3 years? Then MySpace died (lol) and I started to chill out and not care more and more. I always had colors in my hair since 9th grade even if the school didn’t allow it. I somehow always got away with it? Through the rest of my HS career; I pretty much kept to myself and when coming out of HS I’ve just been working different minimum jobs. Not knowing what I wanted to do with life. When I was 20, I moved out, I cut my hair off into a mohawk and haven’t looked back since. When I was younger (I.E. Scene phase) I cut off all my hair (9th grade) and LOVED it but was bullied about it and after that I wore extensions for 5 years and desperately tried to grow my hair long again, and the only reason I did it was because I thought without long hair, no guy would want to date me. I was so self conscious all the time. But then from 14 year old kids, fast forward 6 years to 20 year old me. I had cut all my hair off to and then to a mohawk, because I found someone who loved all of me. She let me be exactly who I was and loved me even more after that! When I became more and more myself, she loved me more and more. So with that, after meeting her when I was 20 and dating her for 2.5 years; She’s helped me so much to love myself and be true to myself no matter what anyone says. So now I’m 22, 2.5 months on T (last two photos are p recent [1 month maybe]) and I’ve never been more happy in my life. 

AND I’m enrolling in Cosmetology School next year! Super excited about that! Finally figured out what I want to do and I’m excited to go back to school for something I’m passionate about. 

I don’t really know where I’m going with this but I thought I’d share it even if I was self conscious about it all.

Life gets a lot better and the sooner you start living for yourself; that happier you’ll be. You’re going to find someone who loves you for everything you are; the good and the bad; Even if you need that or not. They will be your friend, maybe your partner. They may stay around for your whole life; Or just stop in for a bit to show you how to love yourself and then be on their way. Either way. You will find many people who love you for you. So don’t worry about impressing people who don’t care about you; who don’t notice you when you’re not even trying; cause they don’t matter. Don’t waste your time. Love yourself and love the ones who love you for you.

- Sappy rant is over. Sorry it’s so long but again, showing these old photos of me is really putting myself out there and I thought some context would explain better.

( “What happen between ‘09-’12?” Well find out here)

„You still refuse to face your greatest rival, Eraqus? I thought you want to become a Keyblade Master. Pathetic.“

„Rival…? You…you’re my friend…Xehanort.“

„Shut up and fight!“

So, canon-wise I know Eraqus got his scars from Xehanort and then I had this random scene in my head when both teenagers face each other in a fight. Xehanort has gone astray after he met his future Heartless and attacks Eraqus to find out how powerful darkness works against a pure innocent heart of light. But since Eraqus loves Xehanort as a friend, he refuses to fight him and remains heavily wounded and defaced on the battlefield when Yen Sid interferes to cope with Xehanort himself in a heartbreaking combat. This horrible experience is the reason why he’s older!Eraqus is so afraid of the darkness and why he constantly praises the light. Still, he has a good heart, he forgives Xehanort for the things he did many years ago, although the scars of a broken friendship would remain forever.


6 Important Life Lessons “Angry Mom” Taught Us

Sometimes dramas make you laugh, some make you cry, others make you rage, and a few bring you hope. MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Angry Mom,” did all of this with its thoughtful and intense story about school violence and societal corruption. While there were many dark moments and scenes that made you despair, there was also a lot of hope and a lot of love. There was a mother’s love for her daughter, a teacher’s love for his students, a friend’s love for a friend, and a boy’s love for his first love. There were life lessons and adages, moving and relatable.

To celebrate this all too short drama, which just ended its 16-episode run, I want to share with you some of the most moving lines from the drama- the ones that can shed a light on a dark road or bring comfort and warmth on a cold night. There are only six below, but believe me, there are many more. If you’ve watched this drama already, I’m sure you’d agree with me. If you haven’t, please do, so you can enjoy them all.

[ENG] SEVENTEEN’s Interview @ Haru Hana Magazine (Part 3)

Parts: [1] [2] [3]

※The interview was done before the comeback in the middle of April.

Music production episode—Secret talk about producing music & special stage

Q:  What is your inspiration for composing music?

WW: Reading books, movies, dramas etc. becomes the hint for writing lyrics and stage performances.

VN: It’s the trend. Because lyrics are the stories of this era. Because (I) want to write lyrics that everyone can relate to, I often search up on trends on the internet.

SC: You have to have a lot of imagination. Sketching out the music video on your mind, and writing lyrics according to that scene. But the MV that I always think about is always totally different from the actual MV. (laughs)

Q: How did you all create the concept for the choreography?

HS: After listening to the music, we will first hold a concept meeting within the unit. We considered concepts like should we be good students, should we be bad students. From then, I will search for items that complies with this concept, and after that, it’s the time to start making the choreography. Then, we will gather everyone one by one, and make changes to the choreography that we already have.

MG: In the instance of PRETTY U, we rewatched “High School Musical” while preparing for the choreography. We were really concerned about how should we do it to make it fun and overflowing with energy on the stage.

WW: This time’s use of books in our performance is also a point, because it’s the first time we used small props, we couldn’t really imagine it happening…. We are a bit worried because of that.

cr: jia @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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“It is disgusting. It is painful. But I will endure.”


Ivy is dead

Delena drama is back

Dalaric reunion + Defan scenes being all about Elena and her memory

Elena - I want my memories back… I don’t want them… I want them- Gilbert

Damon’s voicemail to Bonnie

Caroline being done with Stefan and his bullshit

Caroline to Stefan: “After all this, I don’t wanna be friends anymore”

Jo being a witch (bet you she’s Kai’s sister)

Tripp abducting Damon and knowing Caroline is a vampire


Stefan crossing the border to save Damon & Enzo

Alaric isn’t an Original anymore (another way to keep TO and TVD away from each other for good)

Elena can’t have her memories back


Nic & Worick @ Police Department
  • Nic & Worick @ Police Department

Since people started making audios of the Anime because they loved Nic’s voice in the Police Department scene, I also want to come up with the same scene but taken from the Drama CD because the Anime left out one important part - Nic’s dull voice and his laughter behind the thick glass that had cracked me up all the time and was literally the reason I loved this scene so much. 

I was quite sad they left that out, because it added to the humorous situation of him finding the wanted posters. 

Anyhoo, here you go ~♥ 

ps: if your dash doesn’t play it, you gotta listen to it on your blog.


“I basically don’t want to do romance. I don’t know. Maybe when I’m about 40, I might say ’I’d like to do some romance’, for all you know. But as for now… I’ve only had a kiss scene with a guy. Well, I don’t know when it’ll ever happen. You might be able to see it! …Or not. (laughs)” - Ohno Satoshi talking about kiss scenes in dramas - Arashi Discovery 2014.02.13 (translation by twosen)

The kiss scene that Satoshi mentioned is from Shijou Saiaku no Deeto (The Worst Date) - 2000 - episode 4.

When roleplaying, always keep in mind that a plot always stagnates if someone says ‘no’ to something and does not build on the scene. 

The “Yes Let’s” game is from drama, but can be very helpful in writing situations as well. The game starts with one person saying “Let’s ____!” the other person automatically must say “Yes, let’s!” and does whatever the first person suggesting, but–and this is a very important but–they also suggest something else to do that goes along with what the first person says.

How to put it into one’s writing:

“I’m bored, let’s go to the mall or something.”
“Yeah, and then we can get shoes.”
“Of course. Do you want to go for coffee after?”
“Sweet, then I can try to hook you up with the barista!”

And so on.

This can also be applied to actions.

He stepped into the room.
She noticed him and patted the seat next to her on the couch.
Walking over to her, he smiled, sitting down beside her. He offered his name: “I’m Bob.”

The important thing is not only to go along with what your writing partner sets up, but also add to it. When writing, it’s nice to have something to actually reply to. If your or your partner ONLY says yes and does not suggest something else (or does not add anything additional to reply to) then the scene can also stagnate fairly quickly.

Give your partner something to reply to by adding to what they already have. Repeat that into infinity and you’ll always have a moving plot one way or another.

If for some reason your character would not do what your partner suggested (they can’t shop for shoes because they have no feet; they don’t want to sit next to the girl because they are socially inept), then offer an alternative that still builds the scene, or COMMUNICATE your issues with your writing partner. Telling someone that you need a little bit more to work with, or something different to work with is perfectly acceptable and any communication ooc regarding ic things should be encouraged.

thatweirdparamedicstudent  asked:

AANNNDD this one ‘you’re so attractive but every time you open your mouth i want to strangle you how did you end up in my bed exactly how many tequila shots did i have last night’ au

A|N: It’s my life’s motto to make every one of these drabbles a part of my missing scenes from S1 series, tbh. Hope you like! 


You see, Clarke was never all that great at holding her alcohol.

Sure, she went to parties on the Ark, but there was always someone else to take care of, or some sort of teenage drama that she was looking to avoid, meaning that the opportunity to get spectacularly drunk never really presented itself. It definitely explained why things always got a little hazy for her after a round of Monty’s celebratory moonshine though, and her instincts usually led her to curl up somewhere and sleep it off.

So, really, Clarke doesn’t think much of it when she wakes up in a cocoon of blankets and warmth, mouth uncomfortably dry and sweat beading against her neck.

Then the weight against her back begins to shift, and that’s when she snaps awake, dislodging herself from the tangle of sheets–

“God.” The voice grumbles, hoarse but familiar in equal measure. “Just go back to sleep already, princess.”

And, okay, she’s definitely awake now.

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every pynch moment in trc (really!! every one!!) part 2 : the dream thieves

alternatively titled: it’s all about the subtext,,, UNTIL ITS NOT JUST SUBTEXT ANYMORE

part 1 (the raven boys) is here


The second secret was perfect was perfect in its concealment. Ronan did not say it. Ronan did not think it. He never put lyrics to the second secret, the one he kept from himself.

But it still played in the background. (pg. 4)

not explicit, i know, but i’m setting the SCENE!! ronan is in love with adam!! he doesn’t want to think about it!! the drama!! and the reader at first doesn’t know that this is what he’s talking about,, but we’ve all read the book like, 8 times

“Well, it’s impossible, then,” Adam said. […] “It won’t fly if it has no battery and no engine.”

“‘It won’t fly if it has no battery and no engine,’” Ronan mimicked in a higher-pitched version of Adam’s faint Henrietta drawl. (pg. 9)

he’s such a fuckin flirt get ronan out of my sight

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Title: Liar, Liar, Trousers on fire!

Author: Mod. Grunge

Words: 2,052

Pairing: aou!Pietro x Reader (water-manipulator)

Trigger Warning:There are some swear words here and there.

Genres: Fluff, Crack (??)

Prompt: ( x )

Comments: I got a little bit carried away, but I really do hope that this is what you wanted! Thank you for requesting! May you have an amazing day, dear annonie!

It was ridiculous to think for even a second that living amongst The Avengers, known as the protectors of the world and the good guys, would spare one of drama or, even, childishness and unnecessary arguments that start from something so insignificant, one would have to pause their actions to really think if letting them guard their lives was a good idea.

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The Hollywood Reporter visited the Albuquerque set of AMC’s hit drama “Breaking Bad” as they shot scenes for their final season. Pt. 1

1. The view from the street of The Schrader’s seemingly peaceful home. 

2. Bryan Cranston discusses a scene with writer Moira Walley-Beckett.    

3. Norris teases the final season, “Hank is back on track, he’s back to where he wanted to be at the DEA. He’s back in the saddle. I still think he knows zero about Walt. The great thing about Breaking Bad is the double lives people sometimes have."                                                                   

4. Cranston says of his TV family, "There’s a marked period of time, we’ve grown a lot, and hopefully when we say goodbye, we will be able to look back and say, ‘That’s some damn fine storytelling right there.’ And we are very lucky that we had this time together."                                                 

5. MacLaren confers with Director of Photography Michael Slovis.            

6. The crew discusses how to set up a particular shot in the house.          

7. Brandt says, "Marie is more defined. Now she’s kind of the stable one!”

8. Norris says, “I’ve never asked Vince where Hank is headed. He doesn’t offer it up and I don’t ask. Every change in this character, I find out when I read the script. Doesn’t do me any good to know where he’s going."        

9. One of the actresses who plays Holly. Gilligan named the youngest White family member Holly in honor of his real-life girlfriend of the same name.

Photo by: Jessica Chou

Thank You!

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who donated, spread the word, bought something from the auctions, or contributed designs, artwork, ideas, etc. for Louis’ charity drive! Despite all the drama, as of right now, we exceeded our goal by $2,500+ this year - $26,568 and rising! It’s our most successful drive to date! Tricia and Jo did an amazing job this year as Team Leads on Louis’ drive (and they’ve agreed to come back next year - woo hoo!).

I couldn’t do anything without Ariel (createdoutofnecessity) behind the scenes keeping me on track and helping me with the mammoth task of shipping all the stuff. Beth did a great job taking over the 1D Fans Give tumblr and giving it a much needed facelift! Thanks to all the artists who contributed to the art book and cyrilliart for helping coordinate that. Thanks to @firstmatesheeran, and the artists, @ashleyrguillory, @rosketch and @rubycurls for making the quilt soooooo beautiful - it was our most successful auction item this year!  thanks to the 24dol crew at @louisforlunch for organizing that part of the drive. Thanks to @fuzzypurplestuff for all the knitted goodies. Special thanks to @laynefaire for her quilts/beanies and letting ariel and i bend her ear via text message. There’s so many other people who helped so please know that i appreciate the effort EVERYONE put into this.

I know this was a hard year for everyone, but I want to thank everyone for supporting our drives and helping us meet and exceed our goals every year. I’m so unbelievably proud of what we accomplish here every year and I’m honored that you all still support me and 1D Fans Give! We still plan to do this next year so start brainstorming for 2016!