this is a satire post

how to be a donna tartt character

wear old-fashioned clothes in all black or all white, odd glasses are a bonus

have weird nicknames with your friends and only refer to each other by them

intellectualism™ is important. make sure everyone knows that you love homer more than them

moral ambiguity is slightly more important. wanna scam people with fake antiques? wanna murder a friend? wanna steal your stepmom’s dog and drugs and run away across america? wanna semi-accidentally steal a painting and worry about it for years? wanna get into an ecstatic state and murder some random farmer? no time like the present

speak a few languages, preferably dead ones or russian

embrace your angst. amplify your angst. worry

consume copious amounts of substances. smoke, develop a drug problem, get sick drinking as often as possible

forget having actual romantic relationships with people, instead opt for romanticizing someone and obsessing over them and then confessing your love unsuccessfully or being totally gay for your best friend and then denying it later when they try to bring it up

(Note: Satire)

Tell everyone with Tourette’s how disruptive their tics are because they’re totally doing it to be annoying and if some people can suppress tics for days then all people with Tourette’s can, amirite?

Deny everyone with ADHD the meds they need because they just need to try harder to sit still and pay attention like everyone else, amirite?

Quiet hands and other forms of stim suppression makes NTAB peoples’ lives so much easier because who cares about the autistic people amirite?

Sending triggering things to people with PTSD is hilarious. You’re so cool to put someone through hours of flashbacks, phantom sensations and anxiety. It’s just a joke to you, amirite?

It’s totally fine to say something and walk off on an AAC user without waiting for them to compose their response because it’s so inconvenient of them to make you wait, amirite?

Send someone with epilepsy flashy gifs. Their seizures aren’t really that serious and it’s totally their fault for looking at the gif and ending up at the ER in status epilepticus amirite?

Stealing someone’s inhaler from their bag and not telling them where you hid it when they’re having an asthma attack is comedy gold. Watching someone panic because they can’t breathe is the best thing ever, amirite?

It’s perfectly fair to treat nonverbal autistic people who need lots of daily help and can’t make their communications understood like babies because they MUST have brains like babies if they can’t express themselves exactly like NTAB people, amirite?

All wheelchair users love people shoving them and their wheelchair out of the way as they walk by. It’s not their personal space, it’s an obstacle amirite?

Kathy Griffin got crazy and deep, she earned the hot seat..But I remember when they depicted Obama as a monkey shot dead in the street..The NY Post said it was satire, quoted the 1st amendment..I guess you can threaten a president when he’s an African descendant
—  Born Free #therealbornfree


Week Two: MOVIES
Week Three: BOOKS
Week Four: POETRY
Week Five: MUSIC
Week Six: COMICS
Week Eight: PODCASTS
Week Eleven: RESOURCES

Week Nine: Hello again and welcome back to the LGBT+ Masterlist Project!

I had originally named this post ‘BLOGS + VLOGS’ but after the overwhelming amount of suggestions specific to YouTube channels, I figured to dedicate this week’s post entirely to YouTubers. Voilà, here we are!

The genres vary this week, as always. We’ve got beauty vlogs, lifestyle vlogs, cooking vlogs, music vlogs, talk show set ups, and a bunch of other types of content! One thing is for sure, and the whole point of this entire project: these are all LGBT+ YouTubers. A lot of them are here on Tumblr too! So I added their @’s for you as well. 

If you think I’ve mislabeled someone (as in, if I have put them in this list or in the gifs above when they aren’t LGBT+), please tell me immediately as there’s nothing I value more than accuracy - I will be sure to follow up. In addition! If you’ve got recs, don’t hesitate to send them my way (particularly LGBT+ YouTubers who are people of color - I was underwhelmed to see the vast yet not so diverse YouTube vlogging landscape when it came to popularity.)

Next week: LGBT+ HISTORY - a compilation of academic journals, articles, autobiographies, YouTube videos, and other types of media that cover the long and too often glossed over history of the vast and diverse LGBT+ community. If you have any recommendations, send them my way!


  • Pero Like - “Pero, like… You know what we mean. Weekly videos of tu vida.” A Latinx-oriented vlog in which one of the YouTubers is Salvadoran and gay, but LGBT topics are not the main thing they vlog about
  • Shannon @now-this-is-living​ & Cammie @the-2nd-star-to-the-right on their channel nowthisisliving - A lesbian couple who are “just sharing [their] story/love/life with anyone who wants to listen”
  • Claudia Boleyn - A bisexual YouTuber who makes videos about mental health and social justice issues
  • Miles Jai  (giffed above) - Posts improv sketches, parodies, “beauty tutorials”, as well as vlogs
  • Kat Blaque @katblaque (giffed above) - “Opinion Vlogger, Children’s Illustrator and Thrift Store Addict”
  • Sara @rnashallah(giffed above) - Totally not putting her up here because we’ve been mutuals on Tumblr for like mad long and I’m just very fond of Sara as a person. She vlogs about her life and tbh that alone is worth a sub in my book!
  • Eileen W. @peeves(giffed above) - Another good friend of mine (let me live). HILARIOUS, sarcastic, honest, and is pretty much always there to Validate You, so support her and subscribe!
  • Marina Watanabe @marinashutup​ (giffed above) - “Part time feminist vlogger, full time sass machine. Biracial, bisexual, bipedal.”
  • Kid Fury @signedfury - “Born in Miami and raising hell in New York City, Kid Fury is a media mouthpiece with a whole lot of nerve. This channel is one of many avenues Fury uses to cover life, pop culture and more with a unique and sharp flare of truth, shade, and fuckery.”
  • AriFitz @itsarifitz - Lifestyle + style vlog

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I’m curious, reblog and add/tag if the Captain Underpants books have had a profound impact on your life and how

with this new movie coming out it’s made me reflect and realize Wow, these dumb little books have shaped me more than I’d like to admit
YouTube's biggest star PewDiePie causes controversy with 'Death to all Jews' video
World's most popular YouTuber lands himself in hot water again.

The performers, who call themselves “funnyguys”, advertise that they will paint any message on their body in exchange for money while dancing in the jungle.

While many choose their own name or a funny message, PewDiePie jokingly asked the pair to display: “DEATH TO ALL JEWS”.

He published the resulting clip, showing them dancing and laughing while holding the antisemitic message above their heads, on his YouTube channel.

While some fans found the clip funny, others said the star had gone too far.

Despite requesting the hateful message to be displayed, and publishing the resulting video, PewDiePie apologised to fans at the end of the video – but still gave the performers a five-star rating.

He said: “I am sorry. I didn’t think they would actually do it. I feel partially responsible. I mean I’ve got to give them five stars for an outstanding experience because at least they did what I asked.”

He added: “I don’t feel good. I don’t feel too proud of this, I’m not gonna lie. I’m not antisemitic, or whatever it’s called, okay so don’t get the wrong idea. It was a funny meme, and I didn’t think it would work, okay. I swear I love jews, I love ‘em.

"I am so sorry. I don’t know what else to say.”

pewdiepie paid some guys actual money to hold up a sign that said “DEATH TO ALL JEWS”, published it, gave them a 5-star rating, and then tried to shrug off any responsibility by saying he didn’t think they would really do it. he even says he only feels “partially” responsible and he’s “not antisemitic” despite the fact that he 1) posted this video so close to a surge in antisemitic hate crimes following trump’s election and 2) posted this video at all.

this isn’t funny, this isn’t satire, it’s gross and hateful shock humor at the expense of people who are already unsafe with the increasingly emboldened neo nazis–i mean, “alt right”. it’s not defensible. stop supporting him.

Now that we know Shiro’s birthday is the 29th it just means one thing:

Shiro is legit the “youngest” paladin of Voltron.

Discourse is super dead now because Shiro is the real victim guys–can’t ship him with Allura or Keith or even the other “older” paladins anymore. That would be soooo gross guys like chill think of the children!

Bonus: Since Keith is part Galra he could technically be older/younger than a late teen since humans and galras age differently. Now we can’t even ship him with Lance or the others too since that’s super bad. Don’t even think about Allura because she’s full Altean and that’s super worse.

Whoa antis maybe you’re on to something after all–no ships in Voltron besides the Galra battleships…oh not even that since they gotta sink those ships too, amirite?

(Roll in my sarcasm guys roll with it)


I live in a space that is neither a home nor a studio, and both at the same time. I did this to myself. Lack of reasonable storage led me the store my miniature city in my carport, where the buildings have been brewing for the last six months, through rain and sun and bus construction.

It’s time to shoot the “aerial shots”, so I’ve pulled the mini city out of retirement. And it turns out that Mother Nature has rewarded me with a gorgeous coating of garage grime, dirt, and webbing that I couldn’t have achieved on my own. If only I could coax the “giant” spider denizens out on command…

American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition (2016)

“First published in 2001, American Gods became an instant classic, lauded for its brilliant synthesis of “mystery, satire, sex, horror, and poetic prose” (Washington Post) and as a modern phantasmagoria that “distills the essence of America” (Seattle Post-Intelligencer). 

It is the story of Shadow—released from prison just days after his wife and best friend are killed in an accident—who gets recruited to be bodyguard, driver, and errand boy for the enigmatic trickster, Mr. Wednesday. So begins Shadow’s dark and strange road trip, one that introduces him to a host of eccentric characters whose fates are mysteriously intertwined with his own. For, beneath the placid surface of everyday life, a storm is brewing—an epic war for the very soul of America—and Shadow is standing squarely in its path.“

by Neil Gaiman, cover by Robert McGinnis

Get it now here