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I saw art so beautiful I fainted??? Like dude woah. The lines and colors and style and the way you interpret characters and how you can add to the design but still make it look 200% canon and how you draw hair and faces and nOSES and eyes and did I said colors already becAUSE COLORS MY DUDE WHAT THE FRICK

thank you!!!

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Title: Teach Me

Warning: N/A

Request: No

Notes: quite short

“Hey Y/N! Look at this!” Your boyfriend Sirius said, turning in to a black dog.

“Woah! You gotta teach me how to do that!” You exclaimed. He turned back in to Sirius.

“Okay. It’s really hard though and you have to hold a mandrake leaf in your mouth for like a month, love.” He replied, smiling.

“Oh. Okay.” You said, grabbing for his hand. He chuckled. “Man, I wanna turn in to an animal too and who knows maybe I’ll turn in to a white dog.” You said, pecking his cheek.

“Maybe.” Sirius agreed pecking you on the lips.

“What’s got you so lovey today?” You asked, smiling.

“I don’t know, but I’m liking it.” He replied, pulling you in for a kiss. You smiled wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Ew! Padfoot and Y/N/N are kissing!” James shrieked. You pulled away smacking him over the head.

“Shut it, Prongs.” You snapped, laughing.

“I’m going to teach Y/N how to become an animagus!” Sirius announced.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” James asked, worried.

“Yes I’m perfectly happy, might register myself though boys, I know you could escape Azkaban but I don’t know if I could.” You joked.

“Ha, ha, ha.” James said with a straight face.

You had finally finished the month of holding a mandrake leaf in your mouth. You had felt so gross that you wouldn’t kiss Sirius the entire month. Much to his dismay.

“Y/N! I demand you kiss me right now!” Sirius yelled as soon as you’d come out of the bathroom after you’d brushed your teeth. You giggled and launched yourself in to his arms and you decided to tease him by pecking him on the cheek. “No fair! Come here!” He shrieked pulling your lips on to his. You tangled your hands in his hair and he groaned. “I’ve missed this.” He said.

“I’ve missed this too. Hey, let’s see my animal.” You whispered. He grabbed your hand and dragged you up to his dorm where James, Peter and Remus were waiting. “Hey guys. Ready to see my animagus?” You asked, they all nodded. “Okay, one, two, three.” You decided to purposely not turn so it would make it seem like they forgot a step. “Did we forget a step?” You asked.

“NO!” Sirius yelled. “No! I can’t go through all that again! You made me wait a month to kiss you! I nearly died!” Sirius shouted dramatically. As he was talking you turned in to your animagus form which coincidentally was a big, white dog. “Oh my God!” He shrieked. You turned back and started laughing, going to kiss him.

“Sirius Black are we soulmates?” You asked, smiling.

“Yes, I think we are.” He replied, grinning.

“How do you feel about that?” You asked.

“Wonderful, Y/N. I feel absolutely wonderful.” He gushed.

“Oh come here you big dork.” You pulled him in for a kiss.

“Shut up, short stuff.” He replied, pecking your cheek.

“You two sicken me.” James retorted.

“you make a good pillow” bellamy one shot

You were stuck partnered with the ever so popular, Bellamy Blake for tonight’s hunting trip. He was a little too serious for you most of the time and you have never talked to him before. “There’s a storm coming, we need to get back to camp.” He said in a barking tone. Before you could even reply, lighting struck dangerously close to you two. “Woah,” you say, in a bit of shock. Bellamy instinctively grabbed you by the hand and leading to the small bunker he knew of. His large hand, led you down the stairs then he followed you. He shut the door and you found a dim light to light the room. Thunder roared again from outside. “Looks like we’re gonna be here a while,” you chuckled at him as he took off his now, soaked jacket and hung it up.

The bunker was rather cold. Taking off your soaked jacket helped a little but you couldn’t help but shiver as you sat on the bed. Bellamy glanced over while getting situated.  “You cold?” He asked rushing over to you. “Maybe a little,” you laugh.

“You’re (Y/N) right?” Bellamy puts a hand on your upper arm. You nod. You two agree to try and get some sleep while you wait for the storm to pass.

“Bell?” He looks over. “There’s only one bed…” He laughed a little “It doesn’t have to awkward useless you make it.” He hopped onto the bed. You rolled your eyes and climbed into too.

You woke up suddenly from a long, deep sleep realizing your head as on top of Bellamy’s chest. “Sleep good?” He chuckled, a little. You sat up and smiled as you stretch out your arms. “You make a good pillow,” He laughs and shakes his head.

Gaming as a Girl

So, I’m just going to rant a little bit here about something that’s really bothering me as an avid female gamer.

This morning I was on Xbox Live playing ESO and chatting with some people in a party I’ve gotten to know through playing ESO. Most of the people in the party were indeed male gamers, most of them my friends online, but there was one who I didn’t know very well. I, all of a sudden, speak up about something, and he goes, “There’s a girl in the party? I don’t like it when girls are in the party.” To this I reply, “And why is that?” He answers, “I just don’t like playing with girls online because they’re not good at video games. Every girl I’ve played with online has been horrible.” Astounded at his remark I reply, “Woah, that’s so stereotypical. I for one am not the best at games like Call of Duty or Destiny, but you shouldn’t just generalize a specific trait with a gender.” He goes on to say how it’s all science because guys have faster reflex times etc., blah, blah, blah, and while that may be true, he shouldn’t be so sexist and dog a girl for doing something she enjoys just as much as some guys do. I have been discriminated against by many male gamers just because I am a female playing online. It sucks. I’ve been told that I’m probably fat and ugly and that’s why I’m a female playing video games, I’ve been accused of being a guy using a voice changer to sound like a female because there’s no way a female would be playing GTA V Online, I’ve been called just “the girl in the party” and not by my actual gamertag like most people go by, and I’ve been told what to do, how to do it, and the best way to do it because there’s obviously no way I would know how to play a game, right? I have loved video games ever since I was a little girl, and was probably the only one in my group of friends growing up who avidly played games, so yeah, at times I felt embarrassed when I would be asked about my hobbies and one of my top ones would be “playing video games.” Socially, it just didn’t seem normal for a girl, so yeah, even as today more and more people are accepting of it, there are still those assholes out there that think girls can’t and shouldn’t play video games. Well, I’d just like to say to them, kindly screw off…and to anyone out there who has ever felt that they’ve been discriminated against for playing any video games, to you I say, game on! :)


BTS Reaction To Thinking That You Don’t Speak Korean So They Compliment You Between Themselves And You Reply in Korean

[EXO Version]


*Nudges Jimin*
“Woah, look how pretty she is! Her smile is really cute!”
*You turn their way*
Y/N: “Thank you, I don’t usually get random compliments”
*J-Hope in disbelief and Jimin walks away*


“Hey Jungkook! Look at her! She looks like a doll, that’s so cute!”
Y/N: “I do? This is a little surprising”
*Jimin gets startled and begins stuttering*
“Oh w… Well that was embarrassing”


*Talks about your body quite boldly to Rap Monster*
*You stare at them with a bit of disgust and walk away giving them a startled look*
“You think she understood?”
Rapmon: “Yup.”


*Giggles like a little girl*
“She’s so cute!”
Y/N: “That’s so sweet, you’re cute too”
*Looks at You, then at Hobi with confusion*

Rap Monster

*Rap Mon’s Pretty Girl-radar went off so he started talking about you to the first member he saw*
Y/N: “I’m really not that pretty, but thank you for exaggerating”
*Flirt Monster*
Rap Mon: “I’m not, I mean it”


*Suga isn’t the type to openly do that in front of the girl, but thinking she won’t understand he took the chance to talk about you with V as he was passing by*
“She’s kind of my type, what do you say?”
*You turned to look at them and smiled awkwardly*
Y/N: “That’s nice to hear.”
Suga: “Goddamnit, I’m never safe to say anything”


“She looks so adorable, I bet she likes bubbles!”
*You laughed*
Y/N: “That’s a funny statement”
“You speak Korean…?”

I hope you liked it!
Feel free to request more!

green monster [jimin&you]

Summary: You never understood why Jimin seems to hate you.

a/n: here goes to the anonnie who requests for jealous jimin! truly sorry if it wasn’t super amazing. i went shopping all day and came home tired, but still wanted to finish your request. if it’s not what you like, send me another requests and i’ll work on it! thanks so much for requesting. ^_^

“Woah, your song suggestions are so amazing,” the youngest, Taehyung and Jungkook says as they listen to the music which plays in your shuffle list.

“Of course, I do enjoy the indie genre,” replies you, who cheekily grins at them both.

Just then, Namjoon and Yoongi walks inside the waiting room as they sit alongside the maknaes. Curious as to what you three are talking about, Namjoon quickly asks, “what are you guys listening to?”

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Who do you consider as your friends here on tumblr?

WOAH THIS IS SO HARD that’s why i took awhile to reply 

*sorry anoniee T ⏜ T*, hmmmmm first off EVERYONE like legitimately EVERYONE, honestly i consider myself friends with every single starlight cause we all love VIXX and i honestly love all of you them for that :’) 

But if i had to list out, i would say these amazing bbys that interacts with me ♥♥♥♥, 

@tranquies @achahakyeon @bigseuegsobtob @chyogi @rapperravioli @ch-y @brekineee @hakyeon-go-go @taek-danada @starlightingly @starlight-vixxen @n-chanted @chained-up-taekwoon @reila-ravkong @wonsik-chic ♥♥♥♥

i’m very awkward so i honestly thank every single one of them for talking to me and OF COURSE i would consider them as my friends I LUV ALL OF THEM ❤︎

i’m pretty sure i missed out some of you but my memory honestly SUCK so i’m very very sorry ;u;


“Did he really say he was from Brooklyn?” You said excitedly as you flopped down on Parkers’ bed. Your boyfriend watched you get super excited over his recent trip with the Avengers.

“I don’t see this whole obsession with Captain America. I kicked his ass!” Parker replied smugly crossing his arms.

“You’re right but he’s from where we live. Maybe he can visit and I can see those bright blue eyes of his.” You sighed thinking about how beautiful Steve Rogers looked. You’ve only seen him on YouTube videos and magazine articles. Peter rolled his eyes and clenched his jaw.

“Hey! I thought you liked me.” Peter exclaimed annoyed by your small obsession.

“Omg Is Spider-boy jealous?” You smirked.
“Woah -Woah. Don’t you dare. Just because Mr.Stark called me that doesn’t me you can too” Peter bursted out loud.

“Look.” You walked over to your annoyed boyfriend. “I like you Peter. I just got a little too excited. I’m sorry.” He nodded his head.

You rested your head onto his chest and he wrapped his arms around you. “I’m sorry for getting jealous” Peter mumbled and kissed you on the forehead

Maze Runner Preferences - Your hands touch accidently

Your hands touch accidently


“Hey, (Y/N). Is there something you need?”, the dark-skinned boy asks you with a slight smile. You noticed that he always has it in your near. “No, I actually have something for you. Clint asked me to give you the list with the supplies they need”, you reply as you hold out your hand with the list for him to grab it.
“Ah, thank you”, Alby grabs the piece of paper, when his fingers brush over yours. To your surprise your heart skips a beat because of his touch. At least you are not the only one who feels this way. Alby tries to avoid eye contact, “I guess I see you later then, (Y/N).”
You only nod for an answer, before you almost run away from him like a maniac. “Woah, what’s wrong with (Y/N)? She looks like a tomato!”, Newt asks his friend chuckling. The Glader doesn’t know what to say. His head is just full of thoughts about you. “What the shuck is going on? Alby!”, he shakes the leader’s shoulder to get his attention.
Newt throws his arms into the air sighing, “Oh my god! You are so totally in love! Just talk to her finally!” Maybe he should gather up his braveness and tell you what he feels for you. But first things first… more dreaming about the “hands touching”-moment.

“You are holding it wrong!”, you look at Gally with a judging look in your eyes. He furrows his eyebrows in surprise, “I’m holding it wrong? Did you forget that I’m the Keeper of the Builders?! You are holding it wrong!” A sigh escapes your mouth as you let go of the wooden plank. “Fine, then you hold it alone and I grab the nails”, you roll your eyes annoyed.
“No, I’m holding the plank wrong so you can hold it! I get the nails”, Gally holds out the wood for you to grab it, but you refuse, “No!” For a brief moment you two stare at each other. None of you wants to give up. Suddenly both of you grab the plank at the same time.
First you feel his warm and surprisingly soft hand on yours, then you feel the heat in your face. You wouldn’t mind to hold this plank with him for the rest of the day. Within one second you two drop the wooden plank in unison. Gally scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.
“You know what? I asked you for help, but you are making everything more complicated. Go build something else”, you push him playfully away from still not finished building. Your statement makes him chuckle, “You are just as stubborn as me. It’s not my fault.” You need a little bit time alone to think about that warm feeling in your stomach.

“There is nothing! I haven’t found a single shucking thing!”, you exclaim angry and depressed at the same time. The day started so good for you, but now your mood is way more than just bad. You stare at the little building from the Maze in hope to find a clue or something like that, but nothing happened.
Minho leans against the table with his arms crossed in front of his chest. “Come on, don’t freak out. Someday we will find something. Just a little bit more patient”, he cheers you up successfully with a few words. A sigh escapes your mouth, “Maybe you are right.”
The Keeper of the Runners unfolds his arms to put his hands on the table. You feel your heartbeat doubles as his skin touches yours. Suddenly you can’t focus on the Map anymore. “That’s my hand under yours, shank”, you try to sound as sassy as always, but you fail miserably. His typical smile on his lips grows immediately, “I know.”
Minho hasn’t planned it, but now he’s just curious how you react to the contact. “I’m starving. You too?”, you escape his grip with a faked smile. It’s just a bad attempt to skip this moment and hide the blush on your cheeks. “No, I’m fine”, he replies grinning like a little boy. That’s the clue he needed to be sure you feel the same for him.

“Oh no! What have you done?”, you ask Newt worried and shocked at the same time as the Glader enters the Med-Jack hut. The cloth he presses against his bleeding leg is already red. “I… I was distracted for a moment”, he replies smiling sheepishly. It’s maybe not the best moment to tell you that Newt was thinking about you, then he fell to the ground.
“Sit down! I’ll patch you up”, you search through the shelves to find the supplies you need to treat his injury. A sigh escapes his mouth as he watches every move you make. “Don’t look at me like that. You know I’m always worried when you are injured! I can’t turn it off and on like a light switch”, you already know the look he gave you.
“You don’t have to be worried. It’s just a little scratch. See?”, he lifts the cloth to show you the wound. You use your chance to disinfect it. Newt grabs gasping your hand, “Oh my god! That bloody hurts!” The smile on your lips widens immediately. Your strategy worked better than you have thought.
“I’m sorry, but it’s necessary to avoid infections…”, at the end of your sentence you notice that he’s still holding your hand. “Could I get my hand back?”, Newt lets go of your hand blushing like hell. “Sorry, I was overwhelmed.” From the pain or the wish to hold your hand?


“Right! Thomas! Right!”, you inform him yelling. The brown haired Runner almost crashed into you as he tried to escape from a Griever. Now you two are running away from the monster. Heavily panting you follow him around the corner. At the end from the way is the Glade waiting for you two.
Suddenly Thomas stumbles over his own two feet. As fast as you can you grab his hand to steady his balance. It would be his death if he falls to the ground now. “Thanks!”, the brown haired Runner mumbles between two heavy breaths. You are still holding his hand as you two squeeze through the gap of the closing doors. It was too damn close…
“Uh! The two love birds made it back alive. Really dramatic, shanks!”, Minho notices the two of you are holding hands. The other Gladers exchange glances, while some of them wiggles their eyebrows. Blushing you escape his grip. Thomas clears his throat with red cheeks like you.
“Come on, boys! Give them a little bit time alone!”, the Keeper of the Runners makes the situation more embarrassing for you two. “You were great in the Maze. Thank you for saving me life”, Thomas breaks the silence between you. Laughing you wink at him, “I have to keep my eyes on you. Problems are attached to you like Minho to his sassiness.” The brown haired Runner just looks at you smiling.

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Imagine Barbara in her mid 40s got Botox and peter sees her and he's like "Woah Barbara, your lips look like a baboons ass." And she doesn't react. And Peter gets uncomfortable and is like "wh-what's happening here? Are you dead? Did you die standing up? Babe, I think Barbara needs help!" And Barbara in her stuff voice replies "I'm glaring at you, idiot. It's the Botox"

oh my fucking god

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HIII it's me again 😂 do you know any manga with a chubby/overweight girl as the heroine? And the guy falls in love with her? I only found one (I forgot the title but I'm pretty sure it's sounds like Pochamani) . I hope you can recommend me more! Thank you so much and I love love love your blood

Hey there once again, haha.
You love my blood? Woah there, hold up and let me back track a little there. This is getting a little too out of hand. Jk jk. I know you meant to say that you liked my blog. XD

Here are some that I’d recommend:

Manga w/ Chubby/Overweight Heroine

  • A Pudgy Girl’s Love
  • Cherry Boy, That Girl 
    (The heroine used to be chubby)
  • Chibi to Pocchari de Renai Shimasu Kedo, Nani ka?
  • Cousin
  • Fat Cinderella!!
  • Hanabatake no Iberico
    (The heroine used to be fat, but the male lead falls in love with her regardless of her weight.)
  • Pochamani
  • Uchuu o Kakeru Yodaka
  • Waltz no Ojikan
  • Watashi ga Motete Dousunda
    (Well, the girl loses weight, but there’s this one guy who treats her well regardless if she was chubby or not)

❀ = Recommended by

doubledare27 replied to your postCould I have some sad Hercules x Lafayette,…



woAH THERE– no one’s being hit omg ghdfjknclm

more like, Herc wants to talk but Laf’s been hiding and avoiding him and eventually Herc gets fed up and tries to force Laf to talk and– well yeah that didnt go so smoothly 

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woah alright so i *think* i just found out something really cool and i want you to confirm for me...i live in the northeast us (EST) and saw you come on to answer asks and was like "wtf isn't it nearly 2 am in the UK?!" (according to GMT) but then i found that you don't spring ahead one hour during daylight savings time? so like last night our clocks went ahead one hour but prior to that there was a 5 hour time difference. now, until daylight savings ends, there's only a 4 hour time difference?

Wow, that’s so weird!

late replies

I’m sorry i got lost in the dead chicken thing, how horrible was it that the current ‘burnt chicken’ is a better choice?

shield your eyes

woah shoma really did have such a commitment to illusion mesh :0

it’s the team japan way

Do you think he might be keeping Loco for his FS for oly season? (it is well received by judges and the audience) That’s my theory anyway for him having 3 (3!!) different costumes for it. Or maybe the first one was too good and he felt like he was the shame of TJ men. haha

i highly doubt it, he’s competed with it so many times this season. other skaters have also changed their costumes more than once in a season before, for whatever reason.

I’ve noticed this season that Shoma is starting to buff up a little and he actually is kinda hot. I don’t feel weird saying that since he’s older than me tbh (which is hard for me to believe) #sorrynotsorry

👀👀👀👀👀 i mean, true, but i’m really not the best person to talk to about this, especially on anon. i’m too old for this lmao.

I know Shoma is all about some illusion mesh, but I feel like that costume would look so much better if even the turtleneck part was dark like the rest of the costume… it just looks misplaced or sthg

i just don’t think he looks good in a turtleneck, so if it were all black it still wouldn’t look good. something needs to be done about that neckline. (or just GO BACK TO LOCO 1)

if shoma’s fs costume numbers 2 and 3 are dead chicken and burnt chicken, then what kind of chicken is the nice one?

the nice one isn’t a chicken, it’s a glorious phoenix in its prime

@kryniczanka: Have you seen D10 Women’s Day Tweet? I choked.

tbh…i prefer to tune out everything men say about IWD, it’s better for my mental health.

ahhhhh so you’ve been doing this tumblr thing for a while now and i was wondering why posts dont show up when i search for tags in within my own blog?

it usually works for me when i search up my own tags. did you type the tag properly? sometimes tumblr just has weird bugs. and the /search/ feature isn’t really that reliable. also, if you have too many tags on a post (i think more than 20?) the later ones don’t work on your blog. i’m afraid i can’t help you unless i have more info…

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What do you think of art-is-art-is-art?

i never knew they existed until now. they seem like a typical white supremacist blog, woah woah, identity, woah woah tradition, national pride, european heritage, we’re all gonna die if we aren’t bigoted enough.

this is why i don’t usually follow art blogs only, sometimes behind the casual snobbery lies something far more sinister.