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Your peacock art was on the radar :) Looked fantastic!!!

omg again woah WHAT WHY UH!!! thank you!!! ʷʰʸ ᵈᵒᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ʰᵃᵖᵖᵉⁿ ˢᵒ ᵐᵘᶜʰ

and uh, heya new ppl!! what’s swinging hope youre doin alright. i make lotsa art here glad to have ya!! and if you’ve been here for awhile hope things are doin okay too!! hope i can draw stuff you like! / /// aa

Rotten Judgement - part 8

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,997 (see what I did there?)

Warnings: the usual + Blood, Mention of Torture 

A/N: The final chapter. Thank you all for your feedback, you literally tricked me into writing more ;) I adore you guys ♥ There’s an epilogue coming this Sunday bc it was already super long. 

Rotten Judgement - Masterpage

“People do crazy things… when they’re in love.”

Nat gave Bucky a curt nod as she slowly closed the door. He stared at the closed door for a long moment, trying to understand the meaning behind her words.

Was she taunting him? Surely you couldn’t have sacrificed your life unless you truly loved him. He started pacing back and forth as he talked to himself.

“You are, by far, the most stubborn person I have ever met,” Bucky groaned, talking to your lifeless body. “If I say ‘black’, you say ‘white.’ You never listen. It’s like you enjoy winding me up or something.”

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PLOT SUMMARY: a multichapter imagine fic where the reader is dustin’s older siblings. follows along directly with the events of season 2. she’s friends with nancy, and drama ensues. over the course of the fic we see how the reader reacts to new challenges and a new romantic interest.  ( inspired by two other imagines that i literally can’t find for the life of me. )

CHAPTER SUMMARY: Steve realized he is an idiot but, he matters.

PAIRING: SLOWBURN Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader

WARNING: Swearing and Spoilers



You sat in silence for some while. Your position on Steve’s arm felt so comfortable. Like you fit perfectly there. After hearing about Bob, you were more scared for Steve than before. He had jumped into a crowd with those things. You – you didn’t know Bob, but just imaging how Joyce Byers must have felt when she knew he was going to die… It made you sick. Because, that very well could have been Steve, if the Demogorgons weren’t called back home…. He would have been the one – with six on his body sucking the life out of him. You would have had to watch the whole thing. And, in order to keep the kids safe… you would have had to run and leave his body behind. That was enough for your eyes to well up in tears. Steve, who had been laying against the wall with his eyes closed opened the one to see you trying to hold them back and sniffling. He turned to you and picked your chin up a bit so he could look at you.

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Decathlon | Peter Parker

Summary: The fourth part to this mini series where Peter Parker misses the decathlon and saves the reader…

Warning: Spoilers and swearing

Pairing: Peter Parker (Spiderman) x reader

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Five / Part Six


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Liquid Courage [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Originally posted by sensuous

Warnings: SMUT, language, choking, breathplay, unprotected sex, oral sex

Words: 4,843 (HOLY CRAP)


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Slow Dancing on Hot Coals

Fic description: Rick and Morty have a serious argument about the state of their relationship.

It was like a routine they knew all too well.

A quiet knock on a bedroom door; the steady creak creak creak of shoes on a wooden staircase; and the shushed whispers of two people who knew they were doing something they shouldn’t.Two pairs of footsteps threaded as one, as they crept about the house carefully to not disturb its sleeping inhabitants.

Or maybe… maybe it was a dance.  

 A hand on the other’s shoulder, protective yet stern; the harsh staccato rhythm of two individuals who anticipated each other’s movements as easily as they anticipated their own;  and the looming hyperawareness of each other’s presence, knowing that one false move from either one of them would spell catastrophic disaster for them both.

The sixty-year-old man and his apprehensive grandson basked in the soft green light of a dimensional portal, ready to run off to do whatever inane mission was in store for them. 

“Rick, I just want to talk about something,” the boy stammered. “I-I-I’m… can I just say, about, well, you know—”

“Don’t worry MoURPrty,” his grandfather replied, wringing his hands. “W-w-we’ll be back before your parents ever find out. A-a-and y-you’ll be back with time to spare f-for your stupid test tomorrow.”

“I didn’t—”

“W-w-who cares about what Jerry thinks anyway—”

“Rick, just listen—”

“…And remember what I-I told you about school, Morty—”

Morty cut him off mid-rant. “I’m not talking about that, Rick. Y-y-you know that. L-last night—”

“What about last night?” Rick said sharply.

Rick’s sudden change in demeanor made Morty stop short. There was something about Rick’s expression that made it seem like a dangerous subject to touch.

“W-w-well, I…” Morty trailed off, suddenly feeling like he had been doused with ice water. Rick waited impatiently.

“Spit it out Morty, y-y-you’re wasting my time.”

“I think…uhh…”

 “Nothing? Okay then.” Rick turned to leave, one foot already in the portal.

“Wait, Rick!” Morty grabbed Rick’s hand unthinkingly as he forced Rick back towards him. “I—”

Rick’s chest slammed heavily into Morty. As Morty attempted to avoid toppling over, his grandfather steadied him with a deft arm wrapped around his waist. 

“Morty, you klutz — ”

The pair both stilled. They were pressed flush against each other, arms entangled as they held each other upright. The arm around Morty’s waist tightened as their eyes locked. The world tilted, the memories of last night coming forward unbidden. 

It started with their bodies just a hair too close together than the usual. A small hand pressed itself against the older man’s chest. A calloused finger ran lightly on the boy’s lower lip. The two stared at each other for a small eternity, their previous argument all but forgotten as they sat in the cramped space of the ship, the smell of stale beer mixed with vodka permeating the air. A whisper and a nod of agreement later, all inhibitions were thrown to the wind.

In no time at all, a lab coat was being shed, belts unbuckled, and shirts thrown haphazardly on the floor. The pair’s eyes were hazy with lust as hands roamed over each other’s bare chests. Their bodies twisted and tangled so intimately that they couldn’t be separated without injuring the other. A boy’s nimble fingers tugged hard on spiky powder-blue locks, his mouth open in pure ecstasy. The other smirked, leaning forward to lick the sheen of sweat off the neck of the boy more than four decades his junior—

Rick jerked away violently.

Morty’s eyes widened as he realized his mistake, backpedaling as if he was teetering on the edge of a precipice. “I-I’m sorry Rick, I-I didn’t mean—I just wanted to—”

“Shut. Up.” Rick’s cold voice froze the boy’s core. A tense atmosphere quickly descended upon the room.

“I’m leaving riOOOUght now. You either go with me or y-y-you don’t, Morty.” the scientist turned abruptly and entered the portal without another word. After some brief hesitation, Morty followed suit.

Throughout the adventure, Rick was as distant as he could be to Morty. Rick tolerated only the barest minimum interaction, paid him little attention other than to give him orders, and didn’t even look Morty’s way when the boy almost slipped off a ledge. Any attempt at talking that strayed too close to last night was met with silence or an obvious change of subject. Rick even flinched away from Morty whenever he stood a little too close.

It frustrated Morty to no end. He wanted to talk about last night. He needed to talk about it. His relationship with his grandfather had always been fucked up, sure, but last night had been different. Still fucked up, but different.

Last night was the first time he felt… loved. Truly, honestly, loved. Rick had hugged Morty close to him, whispering soothing nothings to the boy as he drove himself deep inside the other. He cradled Morty’s face as he gazed at his grandson with starstruck adoration. Rick acted as if he wanted to imprint himself on every cell that made up Morty’s body. But after that…

Rick had just sat at the edge of the seat and held his head in his hands, unmoving and with a stony expression on his face. After they made love, after Rick caressed Morty until he came down from his blissful high, he just grabbed his clothes, dropped Morty off at the house, and left.

Without a single word. 

And his grandfather was determined in pretending the whole thing never happened.

 Morty couldn’t take it anymore.

“FUUUUUUCK!!!” Morty yelled, causing every alien in a thirty-foot radius to turn their heads. Rick looked at him in alarm. Morty tugged his bewildered grandfather into an empty alley, ignoring the protests streaming from the other’s lips.

“W-what the actual hell, Morty—”

“I-I-I don’t care what you say, we’re talking about it right now.” Morty hissed, putting his hands over his hips.

“L-listen, Morty, I doOOUGHn’t know what the hell you’re—”

“You know, Rick. You. Know. Don’t f-f-fucking bullshit me!” The two stared at the other in defiance, until one of them caved.

“Fine,” Rick snapped. “You wanna talk so bad, Morty? Then I-I’ll give it to you straight. It was a fucking mistake.”

“Mistake? Mistake?!” Morty screeched. “Y-y-you took my fucking virginity!”


“How was that a mistake? We-we’ve done things that —w-w-what the hell was so different this time? W-w-we’ve made out, I gave you a hand job, you’ve even sucked me off — ” Morty was hysterical. His hands fisted Rick’s labcoat, quivering in anger and distress. “We’ve done everything short of actual sex, Rick! And now that we’ve done it i-i-it’s different? W-we weren’t found out—M-m-mom and dad didn’t even know I was gone yesterday — ”

Rick laughed without humor. “T-t-that horse left the barn a loOOGHHng time ago, Morty. The HELL we weren’t found out. Jerry and Beth found us swapping spit a-a-a whole month ago. W-w-why does it matter if they know if y-you were gone yesterday? Th-they’ve been thinking that I’m a child rapist for a month!”

“They can mind their own business, Rick, a-a-and stick it up their—”

 “Remember? Remember, Morty?” Rick taunted, prying Morty’s fingers from its death grip on his lab coat. “The-The whole family found out a-a-about us, the-they kicked me out of the house and threatened to call the police, i-is it ringing any bells for you, Morty?”


“A-a-and now we have to sneak around at night to go on any adventures, Morty,” Rick continued, ignoring Morty. “W-w-we have to meet up in the middle of the night, M-morty, so Beth and Jerry and Summer won’t fucking have a clue—”

“That-that doesn’t mean–”

“A-a-and now, we have some messed up relationship that y-you think is completely normal. Do y-y-you realize what kind — how many dimensions consider us freaks? How many planets in this galaxy alone? This thing w-w-we have? I-I-It isn’t fucking worth it. To you, and more importantly, to me.”

“Geez, Rick! Twist the knife a bit more, will you? I-I know what we have i-i-isn’t normal! I-if it wasn’t a mistake for us before this, why is it a mistake now?” Morty yelled, distraught. “W-w-we’ve been doing just fine like this for weeks! You could’ve—”

“ — Drawn the line at molesting my own grandson? Yes. I could’ve.” Rick shook his head. “Oh, Morty…y-y-you fucking moron. Engrave this on your minuscule brain, Morty.” Rick leaned in, mouth brushing lightly on the shell of Morty’s ear.

“It’s always been a mistake.” Rick said, soft but clear. Morty recoiled as if he was punched in the face.

“Do you think I liked the fact I kissed my own grandson?” Rick sneered, his words dripping with malice. “Do you think I thought it was great that w-we’re fucking around behind everyone’s backs? W-w-what did you expect would happen? A-a-a happily ever after? A-a fucking wedding? A honeymoon cruise? Do you think that we’re j-j-just gonna slow dance and stare at each other’s eyes u-until the fucking song ends and we make gooOOURPgly eyes at each other? W-w-why the fuck should we stay together when i-i-it’s this much work to even be able talk to you?”

Rick stepped closer, backing Morty into a wall. “N-n-news flash Morty, we’re not slow dancing, w-w-we’re doing the salsa over hot coals, a-a-and we don’t know any of the fucking steps. W-w-what we’re doing right now? I-it’s just gonna burn the both of us.” Rick leaned away from Morty. “So do us both a favor a-a-and stop fucking pushing it, okay?”

Morty’s answer was swift and cutting. “No.”

“What?! W-what do you mean no, Morty, th-this isn’t negotiable!”

“I—I don’t believe you. You care for me, Rick,” Morty said, in one last desperate attempt to win over his grandfather. “You love me. Y-y-you can’t tell me that you don’t care about me a-after last night. A-a-after everything we’ve been through.”

There was a long silence.Then Rick uttered the words that would drive the final nail into the coffin.

“M-morty,” Rick replied with as much indifference he could muster, “i-in no conceivable reality is that sentence even close to true. I-I-I don’t love you. Y-y-you think you’re so special, Morty? You’re not even on the double digit list of people I-I’d want to fuck again. W-w-we have done absolutely nothing to prove the fact that w-w-we’re anything more than physicaUUURPlly involved with each other. Y-y-yoOOUGHr ego i-i-is so inflated, I’d be able to fill two Macy’s day balloons with y-your hot air. Get over yourself.”

Rick has seen a truly astounding amount of horrifying, sickening and bloodcurdling things in the long time he had been alive, but even he had to look away from the painful sight of Morty’s heart being shattered into a million pieces.

“…That’s it, then… w-we’re finished…” Morty mumbled. “J-just like that…”

Rick stepped away from Morty, ignoring his grandson’s tears. He pulled out his portal gun and shoots a portal to Morty’s house. “Y-you can’t finish what you’ve never started, Morty,” he said with finality. “The-there was never anything between us.”

He yanked Morty through the portal—

—Into the disbelieving and angry presence of the whole Smith family.

The two groups stared at each other.

“…I knew it,” Summer said, turning to her parents after what felt like an eternity. “I told you Morty was sneaking off to see Rick. And you guys didn’t want to stay up to check.”

I thought I told you to stay away from my son, you perverted bastard,” Jerry snarled at Rick.

“Dad, you’re not supposed to be here,” Beth murmured sadly.

The house was anarchic. The Smith family descended like vultures, tearing into Rick and eating him alive piece by piece. Over and over, they hurled their criticisms, until they had nothing left to give.

But it wasn’t Summer’s disgust, Beth’s disappointment or Jerry’s outright hostility that got to him.

It was the complete apathy in Morty’s eyes.

As Jerry, Beth and Summer crowded around Rick, Morty stood in the background, face impassive as the rest of the family doled out their verbal punishment. Mouth pressed in a hard line, Morty clenched his hand and climbed up the stairs without attracting anyone’s attention.

Anyone but Rick.

“Dad, I’m only going to ask you one last time,” Beth cried, tearing Rick’s gaze away from Morty’s retreating figure. Her eyes were wet with tears and her voice was hoarse from screaming. “Please go. Just leave.”

“And don’t come back,” Jerry added after a moment. Upstairs, a bedroom door closed quietly.

Rick left.

cave-in (langst fic)

Lance trying to survive a cave in, communications cut off, and the only way the team knows he’s alive is his suit, but they think he’s back at the village bc that’s where Blue is.

thanks for the prompt @tokyoteddywolf!! (this ended up way longer than i planned it to be)

“I am sending you on a different mission than the other paladins, Lance.”

Lance stares at Allura like she just grew another head- which isn’t all too bizarre, considering she is a shapeshifting alien princess.

“Why?” Lance asks. The other paladins agree, looking to the princess for answers.

“This mission is…” Allura hesitates, pointedly looking down at her clasped hands. “… well, to put it simply, it is…”

The princess takes a deep breath. “Well, Lance, this mission requires a certain level of… seriousness… that I am not certain you can achieve. You see, this is a  very powerful kingdom that could be a potential ally of Voltron. And it has… it has a princess. I am very sure she, and her parents, would not appreciate your-” Allura coughs. “-romantic advances. However, the mission you will be carrying out is of much less importance, and therefore should be quite difficult to mess up-”

Lance interrupts Allura with an uncharacteristically emotionless and quiet tone, though the hurt is clear in his eyes. “So you’re not letting me go because I’ll flirt?”

Allura nervously glances up at Lance from her fidgety hands. “I don’t know that you will, but we cannot afford to lose this opportunity.”

Hunk cuts in, his expression dark. “Allura. You know Lance can’t jeopardize the mission, don’t you? He can handle himself fine. Right, Lance?” Pidge nods rapidly in agreement, and Hunk’s expression softens as he looks to Lance, though Lance isn’t looking back. He’s calmly glaring at Allura, who is anxious but clearly standing her ground.

“I can control my flirting, princess. I’m not stupid.”

“I don’t mean to offend you, Lance. You are a capable paladin with many abilities, but seriousness is not one of them.” Allura’s voice is gentle and sincere, but also firm, as if speaking to a mere child. She patiently returns the stare with an equal amount of coolness that amplifies her royalty. “You being there could risk us a very important advantage that could further our progress to defeat the Galra. I’m sure you understand, Lance.”

“So by existing-” Lance gestures to the other paladins, who are concerned and surprised by Lance’s change in mood- “- I’m holding back the team? I thought I was part of you guys.” Lance’s voice betrays him by cracking at the word ‘part.’

Allura is horrified. “No, no, Lance, I don’t mean to say that you are not part of the team, I just mean-”

“-That I don’t belong? That I’m not important enough to go on the important missions? Isn’t that why I’m the only one that has to go on the easy mission so I don’t mess up everything like the stupid mess up of a person I am?” By now the tremor in Lance’s voice is blatant, rising in pitch with every word he spits like venom. Allura shakes her head wordlessly, tears spilling from her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she finally says. “I-I…”

“Lance. You know that’s not true,” Shiro intervenes softly. The other paladins are all gaping in disbelief and sadness. Lance turns away, not wanting to be pitied by his friends.

“Just brief me on the mission,” Lance says curtly to Allura, who nods shakily in response.

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eastofthemoon  asked:

Here's a thought for you, when Shiro comes back from wherever he vanished to, for him it's only been like an hour but for everyone else it's been like five years or maybe even a decade?

:3   I like a decade.

Immediately after stepping out of the Black Lion, something felt wrong.

Something was different.

Shiro stood in place, helmet on his lip until it clicked.  The hangar was rearranged.

Not that it had a lot of things in it already, but there was some equipment on the walls and shelving, and it was either switched out or moved around.

An odd thing to do, while he was flying around Zarkon.  Shiro found himself a little irritated at the idea - he was the one who used those tools most, after all, and someone else messing with it made him antsy.  But he shook that off.  It wasn’t like Shiro owned any of it, and Allura and Coran had every right to move it around as they pleased.

That settled, Shiro walked back out, head tilted.  Was he the first one back, somehow?  He didn’t remember anything after passing out during that battle until he woke up in the Black Lion, hungry and cold but otherwise intact.  Maybe Black had flown him back and he had just woken quickly?  

Shiro put his helmet back on, listening for the inevitable post-battle chatter, at least from Allura and Coran.


(read more below)

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Requested by anonymous

“Wait, this is…” you said, recognizing the most recent destination that the Doctor brought you to. It was your home.

The Doctor gave a nod. “That last trip showed me something,” he stated. “You aren’t safe with me.”

You stared into the Doctor’s face. You grew to love the quirky time lord. Even though you were able to tell his wounds from the past were recent, he still made sure you had a fun time, even when you ended up on battlefields or in the middle of an invasion.

“But I want to stay with you,” you stated firmly.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. But it’s my turn to run. You’re still fantastic,” the Doctor stated as he backed into his TARDIS. The door closed and the box de-materialized, and you ran to where it once stood, tears forming in your eyes.

A month later and you’ve given yourself a good chance to move on. You went about your daily life as though you never left Earth, though the Doctor still occasionally crossed your mind.

You walked down the street, going home from your new job, when suddenly what looked like a plastic mannequin lunged at you. You gave a shout and jumped to the side, out of its way.

A hand grabbed your arm. “Careful there,” a voice you didn’t recognize warned. You looked up, seeing a young brown-haired man. He, however, had a look of recognition. “Y/N?”

“How do you know me?” you asked.

“Later. Now, run,” the man stated. He grabbed your hand and ran off, pulling you behind him. Something about this situation seemed familiar.

“Okay, Autons aren’t that fast, we have a moment to talk,” the man stated. “And I know why you don’t recognize me. I had a different face then. I’m sorry about leaving you behind like that.”

“Wait, Doctor?” you asked, looking the new man closely in the face. He had mentioned that his appearance would sometimes change, but you never saw it.

“Yep, that’s me,” the Doctor replied. “It’s been a while.”

“A month,” you told him.

“Couple hundred years for me, I think,” the Doctor stated. “But I still think of you from time to time. I regret leaving you behind, even though I don’t really regret my decision.”

You opened your mouth to reply, but noticed something behind the Doctor. “Watch out!”

“Woah!” the Doctor exclaimed, practically tripping over his own feet as he dodged out of the way. “Maybe I should keep you around.”

“Okay, that settles it,” the Doctor stated once he and you drove the Autons off of Earth. He turned to you. “Would you like to travel with me again?”

“Only a month ago to me, you suddenly left me back home,” you told the Doctor, your tone showing how much it had hurt.

“I know,” the Doctor said gently. “I was so afraid of losing you, and I thought that leaving you here was the best way to ensure I wouldn’t. And maybe I’m being selfish now, but…” He trailed off, giving you a kiss on the forehead. “I want to travel with you again. I miss having you with me.”

You couldn’t stay mad. You gave the Doctor a soft smile. “I miss traveling with you. Let’s go.”

Being an archangel, being captured by demons and your brothers saving you

word count: 1096

request by: anon -Hello, may I request an imagine where the reader is an archangel and she get kidnapped by demons and tortured and then chuck and the other four archangels find her and stuff, just happy and comfort and yep, thank you so much!!

A/N: I’m sorry this is really bad aha. Also, I forgot about writing about 4 archangels so this is literally a brother!Gabriel and brother!Lucifer fic.

Also, I haven’t proof read this so it could be really reallyt bad aha. 

You screamed as loud as your lungs would allow it for Sam, for Dean, for any of your brothers or sisters to come help you as the demons dragged you into the room. You trashed your arms, desperate for one of the, to slightly lose their grip for a moment so you could wiggle your way out of their arms but that moment never came. The demons threw your battered body into the cell, you clambered as quickly as you could too your feet and rushed to the closing door in an attempt of a last escape but the door seemed to close too quickly and slammed shut just as you reached it.

A slight sob escaped from your lips as you leaned against the door and sunk down to the floor, your knees tucking up to your chest and your head atop of them. Quietly you let out a small whisper even though you knew no one would be able to hear you due to the immense amounts of archangel warding the demons had put on the place.

“Dad? Gabe? Luci? Anyone, please help.”

A slight shiver went down Gabriel’s spine as he entered the bunker, his fingers clicking and materializing a lollypop in his hand.

“Whats going on?” he spoke before placing the red lollypop in his mouth, sitting down at one of the chairs and kicking his feet up at one of the chairs.

“We’ve all just been looking for a new hunt, chuck’s in the kitchen making some breakfast and well, he hasn’t moved from that chair or lifted his head from that book for a while,” Sam spoke nodding his head in Lucifer’s direction.

Gabe looked over at Lucifer whose full attention was indeed on the book in his hands, so much so that it looked as if nothing would be able to gain his attention ever again. A confused look ran over Gabriel’s face as his head whipped around the room as if he was looking for someone.

“Where’s Y/N?” He asked, concern lacing his voice.

“I don’t really know, she left a couple days ago and hasn’t come back since,” Dean replied as Chuck walked into the room with a fresh plate of pancakes in his hands.

Lucifer’s head shot up and he locked eye contact with his brother, a worried expression lacing his face. Quickly he stood up from the chair.

“Woah. Lucifer’s showing emotion?” Dean spoke sarcastically not catching on to why he seemed so worried.

“Don’t talk to me Winchester.” Lucifer spat back like poison. Even though Lucifer was made out to be the evilest of all, people got it wrong, he was the kindest person you could ever meet when he was around his younger sister Y/N and was extremely protective of her.

Both Gabriel and Lucifer shared a look of concern, most of the time they could not bond over anything, they were too different to be able to hold a civilized conversation and not argue constantly but that all changed once their younger sister was born, they both became extremely protective over her and would do anything to make Y/N happy, even if that included ‘everyone getting along’. Lucifer almost instantly flew away in order to search for Y/N.

“Wait, what’s going on?” Sam said noticing the concerned expression on both Gabriel’s and Chuck’s faces.

“Since Y/N is the youngest,” chuck spoke, “everyone is extremely protective of her. She was the one who managed to help all of her siblings no longer fight and work together instead, meaning she is extremely high on the list of things to capture by demons.”

“Dad.” Gabriel spoke impatiently waiting for his father’s approval to go search for Y/N, the way his hand was tapping against his leg showed how desperately he wanted to leave the bunker to try and find you. With a simple nod of Chuck’s head, Gabe flew away to help Lucifer look for you. Neither Sam nor Dean had seen Gabriel act so mature and in that moment they realised how much you meant to all of the angels.

Sobs escaped your lips as the demons left the room after one of your torture sessions for what felt like the 1 millionth time this week. You had no clue how long you had been tortured within these walls but it had been long enough for you to almost give up hope on ever leaving.

“Y/N,” you heard a faint voice in the corridor of the cells scream out. That kind of sounded like Gabriel. No, it can’t be, I must be hallucinating.

“Y/N!” you heard the voice again but this time it sounded much louder and like, Lucifer?

“Gabe?! Luci?!” You screamed out, even if you were hallucinating, you wasn’t taking the risk that they didn’t hear you.

“Y/N!” Lucifer spoke sounding like he was just outside of your cell, “where are you?!”

“I’m in here!” you screamed with everything you could, tears streaming down from your face.

“Hold on Y/N. We’re busting your ass out of here,” Gabriel joked causing a laugh to escape from your lips, the sound almost sounding foreign to you.

Not a moment later, the door to your cell bust open and in walked Gabe and Lucifer. A slight gasp escaped their mouths as they took in your beaten and bruised body and they didn’t fail to notice how you seemed to no longer have any grace leaving you human.

Gabriel picked up your frail body and Lucifer stroked a stray piece of hair out of your sweaty face and behind your ear as you all flew back to the bunker.

Lucifer’s fingers grazed your head as he healed your body of all wounds watched as you fell asleep from exhaustion.

“Is that.. Y/N?” Sam spoke with shock as Gabriel carried you into the main living room and laid you down on one of the sofas. Sam was simply shushed by Lucifer and shoved out of the room.

You let out a slight moan in pain as your body ached when you move it.

“Shhh.” Gabriel said whilst running his hand softly through your hair, your head placed on his lap. “Go back to sleep.”

The idea of sleep confused you yet you felt so exhausted that you didn’t even think about questioning it.

“okay… Night.. Gabe… Luci.” You spoke tiredly before falling asleep in Gabe’s arms. His worried eyes locking onto Lucifer’s as you cuddled closer to him.

“We’ll sort this out, we always do.” Gabe spoke softly placing a kiss on your forehead as he got up along with his brother to go tell their father they had found you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Before It’s Too Late (part 10)

Summary: Bucky starts dating a girl from his History of Art class. The only problem: you’re in love with him. College AU.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: lil bit of this, lil bit of that

A/N: I remember back in 5th grade I got an A+ on a paper I wrote about how fun it was to collect rocks lmao.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Steve spat at his childhood best friend.

It had been three days since you had confessed your love for Bucky and he was now telling Sam and Steve about it.

“Right? I mean how could she do that to me? How could she put me in such a situation where-”

“No, Bucky,” Steve cut him off. “How stupid are you? I mean honestly, Buck, how fucking idiotic do you have to be to blame Y/N for – well, for having feelings for you.”

Bucky scoffed. “Steve, it’s fucked up.”

“How so?”

“That’s what I’d like to know.” Sam agrees as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“It’s fucked up because I have a girlfriend-”

“Yeah we know that already.” Sam spat.

Bucky shot his friend a mean look before continuing. “-and she knows that. Now I’m in an awkward position.”

“Awkward position?” Steve repeats and the long haired brunette nods.

“Yeah. She’s in love with me but I’m in a relationship. Awkward position. I don’t know what to do.”

Sam scoffs. “Here’s a suggestion; get your head out of your ass and accept the fact that you feel the same towards Y/N.”

“But I don’t.”


“You know, you don’t have to listen to what I’m saying.” Bucky huffed.

“You’re right, I don’t.” Sam stood up from the couch. “It’s bullshit anyways.”

The blonde and brunette watched as Sam walked over to the door with intentions to leave but was stopped when he opened the door to a fuming Natasha. Sam opened his mouth to greet the red head but was cut off by her pushing him out of the way.

She stormed over to Bucky, standing in front of him as he sat on the couch.

“Hey Nat, What’s u-”

He was cut off when her hand made contact with his cheek. Hard. The brunette cups his cheek, mouth gaped and he looked up at the red head in bewilderment.

“What the fuck did you do to Y/N?!” she shouts, becoming angrier just by looking at Bucky.

“W-What do you mean? I-”

“Don’t give me that bullshit, Barnes! She’s been locked up in her room for three fucking days. She hasn’t been going to her classes, I don’t even know if she’s been eating or staying hydrated!” she exclaimed.

“How do you know it’s me who’s done something? For all you know it could be someone else!” Bucky replied.

“Because, you inconsiderate piece of dog shit, Wanda and I went into her room at check up on her and when we asked what was wrong the only thing she said was your name before she started crying so I ask again; what the fuck did you do to Y/N.” it wasn’t a question. It was more of ‘tell me or else I’ll murder you’. He didn’t have a choice.

Bucky gulped. “I… well I… it’s kind of-”

“He rejected Y/N.” Sam says for him. “But that’s not all. It wasn’t just a ‘oh I’m sorry, I don’t feel the same way, I have a girlfriend’ he made her feel like shit. He yelled at her for having feelings for him, made her cry and didn’t bother to stop until, of course Kristen came.”

Bucky looked at Natasha whose eyes were shooting daggers into him. He genuinely feared for his life, even more so when she lunged at him but was pulled back by Steve.

“I’m going to fucking kill you!” she shouted as she struggled to get free. “I can’t fucking believe you, Bucky! She tells you how she feels about you and then you pull some bullshit like this!”

“Woah, woah, woah, how about we talk about the fact that you all knew she was in love with me yet none of you guys even bothered to tell me?!” he looked around at his friends.

“Because it wasn’t for us to tell! It was how she felt, not how we felt! She had to be the one to tell you!” the red head replied.

“Well why the hell did she wait five fucking years?!” Bucky yelled as he stood up. “Why’d she wait till I was in a relationship?!”

“Because she was scared!” Natasha gave up and let Steve hold her back. She let out a huff and fixed her hair that had landed in her face. “I told her to tell you how she felt before it was too late. It was eating her up, Bucky. I couldn’t stand there and watch my best friend slowly get her heart broken but seeing her like this, right now at this moment,” she shakes her head. “it breaks my heart. You’ve completely broken her, Bucky.”

She breaks free from Steve’s grasp and walks over to the door. Glancing over her shoulder at the brunette, she shakes her head again. “A simple ‘I don’t feel the same way, I’m sorry’ would have sufficed.”

And she was gone.

It was quiet. Sam and Steve watched Bucky who was looking down at the floor, walking around the living room.

“Buck.” Steve said softly.

Bucky reached out and grabbed a vase that they had bought for decoration and smashed it on the floor, startling both Steve and Sam.

“God damnit!” he yelled. “God fucking d-” he stopped mid-sentence to knock over the little coffee table, kicking it until it was ruined.

“Bucky, calm down.” Steve says, walking over to his friend who swung around.

“Look what I did, Steve. Look. I ruined Y/N – I ruined my relationship with her! Why? Because I’m a fucking asshole who can’t admit the god damn truth!”

“What do you mean you can’t admit the truth? What truth?” he questioned.

Bucky scoffed. “Oh, as if you guys didn’t know.” He rolled his eyes. “I like Y/N.”

“Wait,” Sam jumps over the couch to join Steve and Bucky. “So you’re telling me that you rejected Y/N, yelled at her for having feelings for you but you feel the same way towards her?”

“Yeah.” He nods. “It’s stupid, I know but throughout the years of knowing her I learned what her type was. Every time she would say someone was cute, they would fit right into her type of guys that she likes. Even past guys she’s liked all into the type of guys she likes.”

“What type of guys does she like?” Steve pressed on.

“She likes preppy, high-classed guys. Guys who gel their hair and keep it nice, guys who probably go golfing and wear polos. That’s the kind of guy she likes and do you think I fall under that? Hell no. I’m nowhere close to that so why even try?” he plops down on the couch and rubs his face with his hands. “When I kissed her on New Year’s it was the best fucking kiss I’ve ever had. I’d kiss her over and over again if I could. I thought she liked it, hell, I did but afterwards she said nothing. Just stared at me. The car ride home, nothing. Not even a goodnight when we went to sleep. She laid on the opposite side of her bed just to get away from me.

“I tried getting over her. All those girls I’ve went on dates with never even compared to Y/N but I knew I had to get over her. That’s when I met Kristen and she was pretty cool. I like her. But that’s it.” Bucky sighed and looked up at Sam and Steve. “That day in the hallway, when she told me she was in love with me, it was all I’ve ever wanted to hear. But it irritated me because why wait so damn long? Why wait until I’m getting over her to tell me how she felt? I get it, she was scared, I understand that but just… why?”

There was a pause before he sighed. “For a split second I thought Vis told her that I was in love with her and she was just saying all of that, just playing with my emotions which was why I acted so mean.”

“Wait, Vis knew?” Steve questioned and Bucky nodded. “How the hell did he know but I didn’t?”

“It’s not something I was broadcasting to the world, Steve.” He rolled his eyes. “Vis came over to hang out but I was finishing up my art project and he found my sketch book – well he didn’t find it, it was just laying on my bed – anyways he looked through my sketch book and I have… a lot of drawings of Y/N and some other sappy things. I guess it’s like my diary except I don’t express my feelings through words, I express them through drawings.”

Sam and Steve nod before Bucky continued.

“I wanted to throw myself into Y/N’s arms, to hold her and kiss her but I couldn’t. Especially when Kristen came. I had forgotten she was coming over.” The brunette sighs. “I fucked up, didn’t I?”

“Big time, my friend.” Sam pats his shoulder.

“What should I do? I have to talk to her. I have to make things right, to tell her that-that I feel the same way. She needs to know-”

“Slow your roll, Bucky.” Steve says. “Give her some time. And don’t forget that you need to talk to Kristen first. She deserves to know what’s happening… also you don’t want to go over to Y/N’s right now, I’m sure Natasha’s still pissed and Wanda will definitely be pissed. You won’t make it out alive.”

Bucky sits back on the couch and sighs. “You’re right, you’re right. I’ll go talk to Kristen tomorrow.”

It had now been day five since you confessed your love for Bucky and today was your first time back in class. The day had went by smoothly and you were in your last class of the day which just so happened to be your creative writing class. The class had ended and you took your time packing up. When you looked around, everyone had left and it was now just you and your professor.

You walked over to her desk and she greeted you with a warm smile. “What can I do for you miss Y/L/N?”

“I actually wanted to talk to you about my last paper. Y’know, the one where we had to write about the time we felt the most pain in our lives?” you say and your professor nods.

“Ah, yes. It wasn’t your best work.” She frowned.

“I know which was why I came to ask you if there was a possibility that I could rewrite it. I know it’s a long shot but I know I could do so much better.”

Your professor thinks it over before nodding. “I’ll let you rewrite it but only because I know you can do better. Your writing is amazing. That and I let a few other students rewrite theirs.”

You smile. “Thank you so much.”

“Not a problem.” She responds. “Turn it in by Friday.”

With a nod and another thank you, you leave the classroom and make your way to your car.

As you arrived at your apartment building, you looked around for Bucky’s car. You didn’t want to bump into him. You hadn’t seen him for 5 days, he had been ignoring you but it was probably for the better. You wouldn’t be able to be in the same room with him without crying.

You make it into your apartment without running into anyone and see Natasha and Wanda sitting on the couch. They turn their heads to you and you flash them a smile, although it wasn’t a big one.

“Hey guys.” You greet. “What’re you guys doing home?”

“I don’t have softball practice today.” Wanda says.

“Yeah and I just have nothing to do.” Nat shrugged.

“You’re not hanging out with Bruce today?” you questioned, locking up the door.

“Nah, he’s out with Tony and Steve.” She responds. You nod your head slowly all while Natasha and Wanda watched you like and eagle watching its prey.

“How are you feeling?” Natasha asks.

“Uh… good – better than yesterday so we’re getting somewhere.” you smile.

“That’s good.” She nods.

The three of you stare at each other before you clear your throat. “Well I’m gonna go in my room now.”

“No, stay out here and watch a movie with us!” Wanda exclaimed and Nat nods her head in agreement.

“Maybe later. I have to rewrite something for my creative writing class. It won’t take long, I promise.” You say.

“Okay. We’ll let you pick the movie.” Natasha replies.

You nod and disappear into your room. You throw your bag onto your bed before sitting down on your chair and sighing. The last time you sat in this chair was when you were writing for your last paper and Bucky was sitting on your bed just-

“No.” you say. “I’m not going to think about him.”

You turn around and get your notebook and pen out of your bag before setting them on your desk. You take one look at your blank piece paper before starting to write.

What is pain? Pain is that heart-wrenching feeling you get. You know, the one where your heart physically clenches and you feel like you can’t breathe.

I didn’t know what real pain felt like until now. I just thought pain was the feeling you got when you fell and scraped your knee or - in my case - when you fall off your roof and your thigh gets impaled by a shard of glass.

That’s what I thought pain was.

I never thought about the pain you get when you tell the person that you’ve been in love with for five years that you’re in love with them only for them to not feel the same way. It hurts.

Now I know I could give you the short version and be done with this quickly but I’d rather not.

This is about the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life. This is about my first heartbreak.

It all started years ago with my best friend James….



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The Tenant ;

Originally posted by cyyphr

Summary: After failing to pay your rent on time, you’re extremely close to being evicted so you decide to take matters into your own hands.

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and as always credits to @cyyphr for the gif

Member: Yoongi from bts x fem reader

Rating: Mature

Words:  2430

[masterlist] | [request]

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Fan Submission: Meeting Dylan O'Brien - My Experience

Okay so on Wednesday 26th April I was able to visit the set of the death cure because I won a short film competition last year! And I was able to chat with Dylan on set.

The first thing that happened was Dyl waving at me.
I was walking up an area of set & he was filming a scene. I was just there and I smiled at him because I saw him looking at me. I wasn’t really expecting him to smile back since he was filming but then he did! And the next thing I know is that he’s there WAVING HIS GOOFY WAVE AT ME. I wave back (blushing and totally in shock) and Dyl just keeps waving at me.
When I have to walk away from watching the filming I can’t help but continue grinning, heart pounding, because Dylan waved at me without any prompt or anything. I can’t describe how wonderful that was.

So we were about to leave set (I’m still smiling from Dylan’s dorkiness) when he arrives through the door! First of all, all I see is his hair because he’s actually so small & fragile looking like I just melted.

The first thing Dyl did was shake everyone by the hand and introduce himself to them like we didn’t know who he was - I mean he is so humble. I was really nervous and I think he could tell that but he was so sweet and caring, my
mum came to the set with me and when he shook her hand he was just like “Is this mom?!”
He was asking us where we were all from & started putting on accents (Italian, Irish) and he was so funny and sweet! We chatted a bit more & he was so genuinely interested about the competition. I was so happy to see him so happy and healthy.

I then plucked up enough courage to give Dyl the drawing I drew him of Thomas (the character!) and his reaction was the cutest thing:
“Woah! You drew this? This is insane!”
I then told him that it was for him and he said, “This is for me? Oh my god, you’re super sweet!” I literally just melted I mean being called super sweet by DOB is the most heartwarming feeling ever, his smile just radiates me. He even knew it was from the first movie and was so kind. I thanked him again for taking the time to meet us and he replied “No problem - I really wanted to meet you guys, I just hope you guys like the movie. I can’t wait for you guys to see it!”

After that, he hugged everyone and wow his hug was so warm and strong and safe.
He thanked me again for the drawing and could see how nervous I still was so just made me laugh by saying “Thanks again for the drawing of my face!” Then Dyl did that laugh with his dimples and his eyes were so bright and happy. When he walked off he was showing another guy who worked on set the drawing and was looking at it. I was just beaming, my whole body was so light and my heart was so whole but then… Dylan came back again!

He wanted to wave us all off but ended up having another conversation before that, just chatting about Cape Town and being so casual and cool whilst I’m just internally melting. When he says goodbye this time he shouts “Enjoy your time on the party bus!” and I couldn’t help but laugh because he was being so normal and chill with us.

When I was walking towards the bus I turned back again and smiled at Dylan and he looked at me straight in the eyes and gave me the most beautiful, reassuring smile that I have ever seen. When we were driving away he waved at us with two hands again.

Honestly, Dylan is such a genuine, honest, beautiful human being and I am so grateful.

Hey, Bartender (Rogers/Barnes x reader)

Request:  So I have this idea (because in my opinion there just isn’t enough protective Steve and Bucky) where they go into a bar one night. Both Steve and Bucky immediately get bad vibes. They watch as this bartender is getting treated like crap by all these different guys. Like cat calling and unwanted touching. They notice how she doesn’t do anything about their behavior so they ask her about it. She tells them that she can’t otherwise her boss will fire her. This outrages Steve and Bucky. They hear this one group of guys talking about jumping her once she’s done closing. Steve and Bucky walk her home that night, and every night after until she finds a new job.

“I don’t know, Steve, this place looks a little shady,” Bucky grimaced, taking a quick look around the bar, having to squint in the darkness despite his enhanced abilities.  There was a heavy haze in the air, a combined stench of old smoke, cheap cologne, and spilled alcohol stinging at his throat with a biting dryness that had him ready to leave before even taking his seat.  A deep groan escaped his throat when Steve clearly ignored his input and dropped onto the bar stool, leaving Bucky no choice but to join him.  “This place is nasty,” he continued, grabbing a napkin to wipe the cushion before sitting, “I have no idea why you keep coming in here.”

“They have the only bartender in town who gets my drink right every time,” Steve smirked, watching you approach.  “Hi, (Y/N),” Steve greeted you enthusiastically, “how’s business tonight?”

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“I knew you loved me by the way you looked in second period”

AN // this is based on me and my old English teacher, even the dialog bit, except for the ending because of like the law so have fun reading what a loser I was in secondary school. Also just an idea but listen to Older by Birdy for extra tugs at the heartstrings.

TW // age gap?

Requested // Yes

Requests are open // Request here

I knew you loved me by the way you looked in second period

She’s been loving him for too long and she knows it’s wrong but she couldn’t stop even if she wanted to. It can’t happen, she knows it can’t happen but he talks like he cares and that’s so alien to her. Maybe it’s her curse, that she falls for anyone attached to affection, but she can’t help but imagine what it’d be like if they could love without limits. The discipline of loving without return isn’t passive or optimistic. She knows no harder work. If nothing else she has divine delusions.

She’d memorised every one of his features, from the way the corner of his eyes crinkled when he smiled down to how his hands hold a pen. She’s focused on him, figures that why she does so well in his class, because she can’t not pay attention when he’s standing there looking like that with a voice like honey.

He’s noticed her too, she can tell by how when her asks the class is they’re good he’s always got his eyes on her. Just to make sure. He notices when she speaks in her smallest voice and when she doesn’t speak at all. Notices her blush when he calls her his favourite student. Most of all he notices the affect he has on her, sees how she visibly relaxes when he walks into a room and how her eyes get a little brighter when he smiles at her. All his wordless reassurances dance down the spaces in her spine and she can feel their harmonies.

It started off like this. The silent gestures and unspoken comfort. Then it became 2am emails when he’d be grading papers, his laptop would ping and he’d instinctively smile when he saw her name pop up in the corner of the screen. Emails full of conversations about everything from their favourite books to problems they had that no one else knew about. That they didn’t want anyone else to know about. It was different with them and it made her happy. She’s found her person in her English teacher and she can’t ignore how there must be a reason her fingertips gravitate towards her lips whenever she thinks about him.

It’s a strange thing for him. You see they weren’t like teacher and student, they were more like best friends. They talked like they’d known each other forever and they held a respect behind their eyes for the other that you wouldn’t find for anyone else. He’d never cared so strongly about a student before and he doesn’t know what makes her different. Doesn’t know why there’s a tug on his heart whenever she walks into class with sad eyes. Maybe it’s because she trusts him, maybe he takes pride in being her safe place, or maybe it’s how he trusts her. How he’d look forward to his lunch break just because he knew he’d see her, knew he’d get to talk to her. He’d tell her about the parts of his day he didn’t even think were interesting and she’d listen like he was preaching gospel.

Some people give you a gift of an always open door and for her that person was him. So much so that she didn’t even knock anymore.

“Do you think it’s weird how my only friend is my English teacher?” He didn’t even need to turn around from his spot at the whiteboard to know it was her. Could pick her voice out of a room of noise.

“Well hello to you too.” He’s moving to lean against his desk, his shirtsleeves rolled just above his elbows, he’s got an amused smirk on his lips and it takes her a second to reply because woah.

“No seriously do you think I should like… mingle?”

“Do you want to make new friends?”

“Well no, but-”

“Hey-hey, I’m more than happy to be your only friend if I’m the only friend you want.”

“Thanks Mr. Styles, seriously.”

“None of that. Call me Harry when we aren’t in class, yeah?”

“Okay… Harry.”

His name feels nice on her tongue, like it was always meant to come from her lips and he quite likes the sound of it too. Now he knows any other teacher would’ve told her to make new friend, to socialise and meet new people but he just couldn’t, know’s he should’ve but you see he thinks her heart is too beautiful of an ache, a blue note on a midnight piano, doesn’t think anyone else deserves to know it the way he does. Her question spiked a kind of jealousy in him that he can’t explain. He knows this isn’t going to last forever, know he’s just her teacher but he can’t help the thump in his chest whenever he thinks of the unavailability of her leaving.

Sign out day. The last day of school. She knows she should be excited, she knows this is what she’s wanted since her first day of school, but she can’t stop thinking about him. She can’t help the lump in her throat and the hum in the back of her mind that just keeps repeating ‘what if you never see him again?’ and what if she doesn’t? Some part of her understands the inevitable end of all good things yet she cling to each one like it’s her only life raft and this good thing is one she doesn’t think she can let go of. She walks through his classroom door and for the first time she’s not relieved to see him. For the first time there’s tension between them.

“I- um, I need you to sign me out.” She’s not looking at him, doesn’t know if she can. Holding her sign out slip in front of her, she’s fighting the urge to grip it tighter when he goes to take it from her.

“You know as soon as I sign you out you’re not my student anymore.”

“Yeah, I know.” There’s a sadness behind her words and he’s watching her. Studying her. He’s picked up on all her little anxious quirks over their time together and can tell she’s nervous from how she pushes her hair behind her ear and focuses her eyes anywhere but on his.

It’s only as he’s handing her now signed slip back to her that he realises. She’s not his student anymore. It’s only as he’s looking at how sad she is, how sad she is to be leaving him, that he realises he only ever wants to be the reason she’s smiling. He’s realising he could finally feel all his different adoration’s for her that he’d been ignoring for so long and it’s making him reach out for her as she’s walking away. He’s got his hand grasping her arm and he feels what’s reminiscent of little lightning bolts under his fingertips.

“Harry what are you-”

She’s interrupted by his lips against hers. She’s frozen for a moment, unable to take in everything that was happening, this man who she’d found such light and happiness in was holding her so close and if she had a penny for how many times she’s wanted him like this. I don’t know how long they stood there like that, so caught up in one another like the rest of the world had stopped just to give them privacy. When they pulled away it was only slightly, lips detaching but foreheads still resting against each other, his hand still cupping her face.

“You’re not my student anymore…” Her eyes finally land on his for the first time and they’re calm. All traces of her previous anxiousness is gone. Leaning into his hand and kissing his palm she answered in a soft, content voice.

“I’m not your student anymore.” He’s smiling as he presses the gentlest kiss to her forehead.

“Hey, how about we go get lunch?”

“I would love to go get lunch with you.”

The Accidental Husband

Part 1 - Breakups and Marriages

Fireman!Dean x Reader

A/N: This is an AU inspired by the namesake movie. It doesn’t follow the same storyline, just the main concept.

Summary: Dean gets dumped and apparently it’s all your fault. That’s why he and Charlie decide that a little payback is not gonna hurt and, if it does, well… then it’s just karma.

Word Count: 1800+

Tags: @mrswhozeewhatsis @why-do-you-want-my-user-name @daydreamingintheimpala @driverpicksthemuusic  @mysoul4dean @thing-you-do-with-that-thing  @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @skymoonandstardust 

Originally posted by frozen-delight

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Lacrosse Practice

A/N: I didn’t proof read this, so I’m so, so sorry if there are any mistakes, if there are, please tell me and I will fix them right away and enjoy this imagine. I love you guys xxx

You were so nervous yet so excited, you were getting ready for the Lacrosse try outs and you were on the field watching all the guys clumsily put on their jersey’s. You picked up your stick and picked up a ball and flung it across the pitch and perfectly into the net. You heard someone cheering and applauding you in the background, shouting your name, you turned your head and saw your best friend, Y/B/F/N, standing on the bleachers.You waved and placed your focus back on the ball. You picked up another ball and threw the ball into the net again.

“Woah, who the hell is that?” Stiles asked Scott as he watched you throw every ball straight into the net. “That’s Y/N.” Scott replied. “What? Are you sure? I’ve loved her since the first time I saw her, I think I would recognise that goddess. Maybe your werewolf superpowers aren’t working properly today.” Stiles insisted. “Trust me, that’s Y/N. And when do my wolf senses not work?” Scott snapped as he narrowed his eyes at Stiles. “Like that time when we were in that gay club a couple years ago.” Stiles smirked. “Right, sure, ‘cos my powers are meant to be used to sense all gay people, real mature, Stiles.” Scott playfully rolled his eyes at Stiles. “Everybody get on the field! Come on, my grandma can run faster than you, and she’s dead!” Coach shouted and blew his whistle.

You dropped your ball on the ground and ran to the centre of the field where Finstock and all the other players were. “Oooo wow, a girl. Are you sure you’re in the right place, you could get seriously injured by us men.” teased another Lacrosse player. “I can take care of myself, and as for you, get ready for any humiliation and broken bones. I heard for a guy, it’s kinda embarrassing to get beaten up by a girl.” you insulted back. Seriously, a girl can do whatever she freaking wants, don’t be a sexist pig and get a life. “This is the most important time of your lives, these are Lacrosse try outs! Now go! Move it!” yelled Coach. You grabbed your stick again and got into one of the lines, next to Greenberg.

“Come on Greenberg, get the hell up and get to the back of the line. Greenberg, you suck,” your eyes widened. “God, I hate that kid.” Finstock whispered the last sentence but it was loud enough that you heard it. “Careful, Stilinski and McCall are dangerous animals, take it easy, Y/L/N.” you rolled your eyes at him and put the ball in the net of your Lacrosse stick. Stiles and Scott got in position and glanced at each other, both of them tightening their grip to their Lacrosse sticks. You charge at the two boys and they did the same. You pushed your shoulder into Scott and pressed your stick against his back hard and he fell to the ground. That was pretty easy, not gonna lie. Stiles ran towards you and you quickly dodged him while hitting his shins with your stick, causing him to trip up and fall to the grass, immediately joining Scott. You threw the ball towards the net and the guy in goal missed the ball, letting the ball hit the back of the net.

You turned round and everyone’s jaws had dropped, even Coach’s. “There’s no point looking at you losers now, Stilinski, McCall, you disgust me. What the hell was that?!” Finstock yelled and you snorted and tried to cover your mouth. “I guess, you should congratulate your new Lacrosse captain…?” Coach continued. “Applaud her, you lazy slugs!” A roar of cheering and whistling deafened you and you smiled. You turned your head and you saw Stiles still on the floor as he watched Scott lift himself up. You barged through your disgusting classmates and made your way to Stiles.You offered your hand to him and he gladly took it, you lifted him up and he brushed off all the grass off his uniform.

“That was pretty amazing, you even beat poor McCall here.” Stiles pointed at Scott. “You probably scarred him for life, poor Scottie boy.” Stiles continued sarcastically and you laughed at his humour. Scott placed his hand on your shoulder and you looked over at him. “That was incredible, congrats on being Captain, you deserve it and it’s about time a girl proves everyone wrong. Well done. Stiles, I’ll meet you in the changing rooms, bye Y/N.” Stiles winked at Scott. “Thanks Scott, trust me, you did great with the other players.” you finished and he left, leaving you and Stiles alone again. “Sorry if I really hurt you, Stiles.” Stiles shook his head, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. It would be kinda funny if you left a mark, then I could be reminded everyday that I got my ass kicked by a beautiful and talented girl.” Stiles immediately stopped when he realised what you said and his a soft red coated his cheeks.

“Oh god, I just meant that…” Stiles paused and froze for a second. “There’s literally no way of me saving myself here, is there?” you shook your head and smiled. “Sorry Stiles, now, what were you saying?” you taunted. “Oh fuck it. Y/F/N, you are the most prettiest girl I ever laid my eyes on and I’ve liked you for so long, so, so long, trust me, it’s been long and Scott thinks it’s pathetic since I never confessed my love to you and I talk about you literally everyday and it’s been long, you can even ask him. Actually, don’t, that would be pretty embarrassing for me when you find out how long I’ve liked you, and I’m rambling, oh shit, this is hard. Okay, how would you like to go on a date with me, this Friday at 6?” You pretended to think even though you knew what your answer was gonna be but you just wanted to taunt Stiles just a tiny bit longer. “Look, Stiles, you’re a great guy and i’m sure any girl would be lucky enough to have you but i’m not one of them…” Stiles looked down and grabbed his Lacrosse stick and was about to say something until you quickly continued. “Of course I will, I’ve liked you for so long too but maybe not as long as you, the way you described it, it was liked you’ve liked me since I was literally born.”

Stiles wrapped his arms around your waist and picked you up, twirling you around. He stopped after a few seconds of you both laughing and you squealing. “Don’t do that to me ever again. A guy like me can only handle a lot of rejection and I swear I could hear my heart breaking, I don’t think I could ever love anyone again if you carried on.” you laughed and smiled at him since he really did love you and you could feel yourself falling deeper and deeper for him. “We should probably go. You know, before Finstock screams at us and makes you cry.” you playfully insulted Stiles. “Yeah, I cry really easily, you know I cried when I first watched the ending of the last Star Wars movie, that shit hit me hard.” you laughed so much, you could feel yourself tearing up. You knew you were going to fall hard for Stiles and you had no idea how you were going to pick yourself up if anything bad happened. It was going to be impossible.

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Just Friends, Part 2 | Jughead Jones x Reader

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    It’s been less than an hour since Jughead left. (Y\n) was still in her room. She already calmed down and now had this weird eptiness inside her, which a lot of people feel after having a break down. She didn’t want to do anything at all. The girl just layed on the couch, constantly thinking and reminiscing, waiting for Kevin to come and drag her out of this state.
    The doorbell rang. (Y\n) ran downstairs and opened the door. As she expected, it was Kevin. But he wasn’t alone. There was Veronica standing beside him. They both waved at her.
“Hi, sweety pie,” Veronica said, smiling at (Y\n), making her smile back.
“Hi,” (Y\n) greeted her friends. She was surprised, but happy to see Ronnie. “I see you guys come as a matching set,” the girl referenced what V said on her’s and Betty’s audition for their places in River Vixens cheerleading team. “Come in.”
    The two walked inside (Y\n)’s house.
“I noticed that you were feeling kinda sad today so I wanted to cheer you up,” Veronica said, closing the door behind her.
“As I promised,” Kevin handed her a milkshake.
“Aw, thank you,” the girl said and took a sip. “Let’s go upstairs.”
    They all came into (Y\n)’s room and sat on the couch.
“How are you feeling?” Kevin asked.
“Uhm… I’m alright, I guess. I talked with him so I feel a little better now,” (Y\n) answered.
“What? You talked?” Veronica raised her eyebrows.
“Well, he came over and… Wait. Ronnie, you…” (Y\n) and Kevin looked at their friend with surprised looks, realising that she knew what they were talking about. (Y\n) turned to Kevin to ask if he told her but he immidiately shook his head no without her even saying a word.
“Ah, come on, (Y\n), did you really think I wouldn’t figure it out? Who do you think I am?” - Veronica said.
“Yeah, right,” the girl chuckled. “So, what do you guys want to do? Do you want to stay over? We could watch some movies or something like that.”
“Sure, sounds good to me,” Kevin said.
“That’s a great idea, BUT. You still didn’t tell us what happend when Jughead came over,” Veronica’s voice was filled with excitement.
“Nothing much, really. He said that he’s sorry, I cried and said that it’s not his fault. I think we both decided that we’re just friends. Huh, as if we ever were something more than that,” (Y\n) said.
“Of course you were!” Veronica exclaimed. “I mean, everyone saw that there was something between you two. People who want to be "just friends” wouldn’t act like you did,“ she wanted to say more, but noticed that Kevin gave her a worried look. She put her hand on (Y\n)’s shoulder. "Sorry, I’ll stop torturing you.”
“Now, let’s pick something to watch,” Kevin changed the topic and turned the TV on.
    An hour later, the three found themselves snuggled up on the couch under some blankets, watching a movie that Kevin chose and eating snacks that they managed to find in the kitchen.
“Please tell me I didn’t ruin our friendship,” (Y\n) said quietly, sighing. Veronica and Kevin faced away from the screen and looked at her.
“Of course you did…” Kev said and paused for a second. “…not.”
    The girls giggled and (Y\n) elbowed him.
“Don’t worry about it. I think this friendship can stand literally any drama in the world,” Ronnie said. “I mean, think about it. Betty liked Archie, but he rejected her and slept with his music teacher. Me and Archie kissed in Cheryl Blossom’s closet while Betty was in the room. Crazy, right? But everything’s fine. Like nothing ever happened.”
“But what about Betty?” (Y\n) asked, nervously tugging the sleeves of her sweater.
“And what about her? She went almost through the same thing that you’re going through now. She won’t judge you. She’s still our bestfriend. Your bestfriend. It won’t change. Not because of that,” Kevin replied. Veronica smiled at him, letting him know that she liked what he said.
“Yeah, you’re right,” (Y\n) nodded and suddenly remembered about the TV. “Shit, we missed like half of the movie because of me.”
    The next morning Veronica and (Y\n) headed to Pop’s. They were supposed to meet Archie, Betty and Jughead there and have a breakfast together. Kevin said that he had some other plans, so they went without him. Ronnie asked (Y\n) if she really wanted to go numerous times.
“If you’re not ready to meet him after what happened yesterday, it’s okay. Just tell me if you’re not. I’ll come up with an excuse for you,” she said to her.
“No, V. I’m ready. Everything will be fine,” (Y\n) replied. Of course, she was a bit scared and nervous, but she didn’t want to hide or avoid anyone. She just wanted to let it go.
    Eventually, everything went quite well. They had some milkshakes, as always, talked about different stuff and laughed a lot. The little things that made people around (Y\n) think that she’s not okay weren’t there this time. It wasn’t awkward or anything like that. It was just fine. “Like nothing ever happened.”
    When the friends finished their breakfast, they walked out of the diner and started saying goodbye to each other. Archie planned to work on some music with Valerie, Veronica needed to meet with her mom. (Y\n) thought that Jug and Betty would probably want to hang out together, so she said bye and decided to go back home.
   When (Y\n) left, Jughead and Betty stood near the diner for a little while, talking, then kissed goodbye and separated.
   After a few minutes of walking, (Y\n) heard someone running behind her. The girl turned her head to see who it was. It was Jughead. She stopped and waited for him.
“Woah, I though I’d never catch you,” he said. They started walking together.
“You decided to walk me home, huh? Just like the good old days?” She asked, smiling.
“Yeah, haven’t done that in a while. Life’s been crazy recently,” he replied.
“I know.”
    For the next ten minutes they just walked, talking about everything, realising how much they both missed it, and that they did this a lot more often before.         When they were already walking in (Y\n)’s neighbourhood, they kept silent, looking at each other from time to time and smiling. It was a nice type of silence. The one that’s just as good and meaningful as a conversation.
“Time to say goodbye,” (Y\n) said as they walked to her house and stopped.
“I’ll see you in school tomorrow,” the girl turned away and started walking up the stairs.
“(Y\n), wait,” Jughead stopped her. She stepped back on the ground. “I know we already talked about it. At least, we tried, but… I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for the way that things are.”
“Don’t be. Everything’s okay.”
“I don’t wanna lose you,” Jughead said.
“Jug, don’t say that,” (Y\n) replied. “You’re not going to lose me.”
He came closer to her and pulled her into a hug. It was relieving and painful at the same time. She wanted him to hold her like she’s more than just a friend. She knew that he couldn’t. And didn’t even wanted to anymore. She also knew that she should move on, but didn’t know how, even though she kept convincing everyone that she’ll be alright.
They stopped hugging and looked at each other.
“I gotta go,” the girl said.
“Yeah, me too,” Jughead replied, wiping a tear from (Y\n)’s face with his thumb. “If you need anything, call me. Or Betty. She’s worried about you.”
“Ok,” (Y\n) said and smiled.
She then walked up the stairs, opened the door and waved him goodbye, walking in.