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Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Note: Let me just say that this could be dreadful and I apologize if it is, this is my first attempt at writing a proper sex scene. Shout out to @daveeddiggsit for the advice, it really helped me so thank you! I hope y’all enjoy but I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t.

Request: Anonymous asked: #715 for jefferson????!

Prompt:  715. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Warnings: Smut

AU: Modern

Word Count: 1,330

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You groaned loudly as you drop your keys just as you try to shove your key into the lock on your front door. Of course, after the shitty day you’ve had, you would struggle to do something as simple as unlocking a door.

You pick up your keys and try again to shove the the key in the lock but you miss, your frustration causing your hands to shake. You know there is no way you’re going to open the door unless you calm down but you just can’t. Once again you try to put your key in the lock, but before you can the door opens to reveal your husband Thomas, looking down on you with a raised eyebrow.

“Did you forget how to unlock the door?” he asks his voice playful and you glare at him.

“Shut up” you growl as you push past him and into your house, dumping your bags on the floor.

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Gang Leader!Ashton | Prologue


Ashton’s POV

  “Hey, did it like ever occur to you that we’ve never had a girl in our gang before?”

  The words tumbled off my mouth is some sort of an understandable frenzy, being thankful that I still know and have half-control over what I’m doing.

  “Ash, you’re drunk. Let’s sleep it out buddy,” Calum laughed out, yet still taking a sip from his beer mixed with whiskey.

  “But did it like also occur to you that you’ve never had a girlfriend?” Luke retorted sarcastically, well-knowing that Calum’s attempt at making me go to sleep was shitty.

  “Every fucking day.”

  The four people in my couch including myself laughed out, making me contemplate whether it was the alcohol taking over my system or if I’m just really funny.

   "But anyways, if you’re really serious about the first one, I’ve got a cousin. You all know Y/N, right?“ Michael said after the laughs died out, earning a series of eager nods from his friends, making him roll his eyes.

  “I’m really serious. But can she change the second question?”

  Michael snorted, smirking afterwards.

  “We’ll see.”

   Calum raised his voice a bit to he heard apart from the cheers and hollers, saying, “And if this doesn’t turn out like one of our drunken late-night talks, what’s gonna be her position?”

   "Oh. We’re still in touch up until today, knows about our gang and stuff. She can override stuff, a psychology graduate if that could help and maybe, when compared to us four, she could create a successful plan against our whole ‘cuss and shoot’ thing.“

   I nodded, maybe but clearly impressed.

  "That’s only if we don’t kidnap her. And if her family approves.”

   Michael heavily sighed, “Well I am her family.”

  We were all struck in silence, an awkward piece of tension present before I became the first one to break it.

  “Shit, yeah. Uhm, sorry.”

  Michael waved it off, grinning before raising his glass, the previous noise from the four of us returning.

   "However, if something happens to Y/N, something more terrible that usually happens to us-…“

   "Yeah, we get it.” I confidently said, grinning as Michael flipped me off, going to the kitchen to get the Advil.

   Being technically the biggest and greatest gang here in LA, even if the odds were turned of being dared to keep Y/N unharmed, it’s impossible for me to lose.

nosoundallecho  asked:

You said sob story was okay. Well I had my boyfriend, probably the cutest human to ever live. He was the first person to say that my gender didn't matter and he was in love with me not my genitals. We were together for two years and they're still most of my happiest moments. Three years ago on October first his Mom texted me for the first time, I wish it had been good. He was in the hospital for a suicide attempt. No word from her until Halloween. They'd had his funeral the night before.

that is awful, bro. i said this before, but it’s important you realize how much people hide from us. he was probably going through things he never shared with you, and that was a really shitty way for you to find out. scars like these don’t really heal completely, but I sincerely hope you find peace.

I’ve never posted a fanfic on tumblr before… Not really sure how the format’s supposed to work and I’m too tired to go copy off of somebody else. It’s 4am and I accidentally wrote 6 pages when I was hoping for 2 at maximum.

Unfortunately, I got more ideas while I was writing this, so I might write an extended version of the akuma attack at a later time if I find the motivation.

But yeah, here’s my first attempt to contribute to the Miraculous Ladybug / Ladynoir fandom.

Triggers?: Slight blood, I guess. I’ve actually done this before while half-asleep, so I hope my shitty wording didn’t make it scarier/cringe-worthy.

Rating?: I say K+

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug / Ladybug x Chat Noir

Summary?: Marinette accidentally gets a heart-shaped cut on her forehead and tries to hide it with a bandaid. Not wanting anybody to see it, of COURSE Chat is the only one who notices, right?

Anything else?: I’m so sorry.

A Tiny Heart

by cheerilyeerie

That week had been a rather hectic one. Although there had been consecutive akumas daily, the fights they had to conduct against them were more annoying than difficult. There were group assignments due the following Monday on top of general homework, so trying to get together with their classmates had proven to be impossible until the weekend.

In her mind, Marinette, slightly sleep-deprived, was hoping with all of her heart that Hawk Moth wouldn’t be THAT much of a douchebag and send a 7th akuma that Saturday. There was no sleeping-in, because she had to help out in the bakery that morning before going back to school in the afternoon in an attempt to meet up with Alya.

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I haven’t posted much about how excited I am for Rebels season 3 (mostly because I know Im annoying everyone with my excitement) but I haven’t really been inspired yet to draw art for it. So you get my second shitty attempt at Grand Admiral Thrawn (there was a first attempt that wasn’t so great). Was inspired by a friend who Im sure I annoyed. Sorry
Probably gonna delete this because the perfectionist in me wants to tear Thrawns face off the paper. It’s horrible and I can’t put my finger on just what’s wrong but I hate it. Hope you guys are excited about Rebels!
Just feeling like a failure of a fan… And I don’t believe at all this will happen XD I don’t know why I drew it. I think they actually did arrest Hondo. Blah

Chicken Soup and Cuddles (Requested)


y/f/c=your favorite candy 

y/f/m=your favorite movie

Catching a cold is never fun, especially when your boyfriend just returned from tour. Instead of having a romantic reunion and going out to celebrate, I was stuck in bed and Mikey was stuck waiting on me. I felt really bad I was ruining his break from all of this traveling. I heard the bedroom door creak open as Mikey walked in, attempting to balance a bowl of soup, a juice box and some medicine on a tray. He smiled up at me “How are you feeling hun?”

“Shitty”. I replied quietly, trying to fake a smile. Mikey chuckled and placed the tray next to me on the bed. “Are you hungry? I brought you some soup” he said, gesturing towards the bowl. “I also got some cough syrup, but you need to eat something first. I don’t want you to get an upset stomach”. 

“I’m sorry” I blurted out suddenly. Mike looked up confused,”Sorry? Sorry for what?”

“You know, getting sick and guilt tripping you into waiting on me when you just got ba-” Mikey interrupted my rambling with a loud laugh.

“Y/n, you getting sick isn’t your fault. Plus, your my girl, I don’t mind taking care of you”.

“But we planned a whole movie date and now our whole romantic weekend is ruined”

“Who said this isn’t romantic?” Mikey giggled as he scooped up some noodles with a spoon. He began to carefully help me eat the soup, making plane noises when he guided the spoon into my mouth of course. When the soup was almost gone and I finally gave in and drank the disgusting grape cough syrup. “I’ll be right back” Mikey smiled comfortingly, giving me a quick kiss on the nose before grabbing the tray and exiting the room. He returned a few minutes later with his hand behind his back, a playful smirk on his face. “Guess what I got” He isn’t singsonged, making sure to drag out the “got”.

“Whaaat” I mimicked back.

“Ta-da!” Mikey pulled up a bowl of popcorn from behind his back. A pack of y/f/c and y/f/m. “I know you were bummed out about not being able to go to the movies, so I thought I would bring the movies to you!”

“Aw Mikey, you didn’t have to do all this”

“I wanted to. Were gonna have a nice, romantic movie date. More romantic than anything in those sappy love books you read” He laughed as he put the movie in the DVD player.

“Actually, their romantic novels” I said matter of factly.

“Ah the sass,”he groaned as he clutched his heart. “Scoot”. I rolled over to the other side of the bed, giving him so room to lay down. I smiled as he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me into his chest. “I love you Milky Way” I teased, watching him blush lightly at the silly nickname.

“I love you too, y/n”

Raiden vs public school

Raiden says he was six when he first picked up a gun, and the Liberian Civil War was 1989-1996. So if he started fighting at the very beginning of the war, and left right when it ended, he would have been around 13 when he was brought to the US.

This has some larger implications. 

In the US, most 13 year olds are finishing up middle school. Raiden would be coming from a 3rd world country, without any previous education, probably not even knowing how to read, and then attempting to catch up and prepare for highschool.

Oh my god… Highschool. Can you imagine imagine both the social structure of highschool and the college/test pressure, for someone that learned to read a year ago? (I see all these highschool fics, and they’re all shitty character transposition fics. Where as an actual, HS fic that takes into account the struggle and his problems contrasted with everyone else’s first world problems would be really interesting.) 

It also explains a lot why he’s in the army in the first place. Since first, he wouldnt have a family to save for college for him. And the other problem being that he’s probably too academically behind to do well on entrance exams. Like, imagine never being taught basic science, and then taking chemistry in highschool, or having never learned any math beyond simple addition, and having to complete a required calculus course. Or having learned to read 2 years ago, and then having to take the writing portion of the SAT. 

Besides getting a dead end job out of highschool, joining the military was probably his only chance at anything meaningful….. especially with the college program afterwards.

Given the inevitable previous difficulty, it’s actually pretty sad when you look at MGS2 and how hard he tries to do well. He might not have done well in school, but man, he ran those VR trials until he got those scores perfect. He’s jsut so chipper about things, because every new challenge is chance to prove himself, to shine, and not be that one really old kid in remedial reading. 

And he followed directions perfectly, did his best, and did so well that they thought he could be the next snake…. the ultimate soldier…..

….but even the ultimate soldier was only human……but the patriots had an answer for that.

Grif treating Sarge really well despite Sarge’s constant insults and attempts to kill him my heart

They were burying Sarge because Sister said he was dead. Grif went along with it but as soon as they were done he was expecting to dig Sarge back up- he knew Sarge’d be okay cause of his armor, and the first thing he asked was how much oxygen he had (and thus how fast they should work).

When Sarge was depressed over Command’s shitty orders, Grif was the one trying to cheer him up, even encouraging him to insult Grif because he knew he enjoyed that.

When Sarge attacked the Meta head-on, Grif was really distressed by how much danger he was in.

And let’s not forget that after Simmons defected, Sarge was about to promote Grif to number two man (over Donut), and only went back on that because Grif deliberately fucked it up. And later he tried to order Grif to come back to base so they could eat ice cream together.

-rolls around in Grif and Sarge feelings-

Teenage Dirtbags, a shitty garage band AU featuring Bellamy Blake and John Murphy

Another excerpt from an upcoming longfic. Let it be known this is my first attempt at Bellarke.

Clarke really just dug in there. Bellamy didn’t know where that stereotype came from that girls hated dissecting frogs because Clarke Griffin fucking lived for it. Fascinated, Bellamy could not take his eyes off her. She adjusted her safety goggles usually reserved for chemicals. Bellamy wasn’t exactly sure why Dr. Sharma thought it necessary to have them.

Ever the rebel without a cause, Bellamy was not wearing them. In a fashion show at MWHS, only Clarke could make indents of the goggles beneath her eyes not look uncomfortable.

What was that about? 

“You’re not going to faint, are you?” Clarke was holding the scalpel but her attention wasn’t on the frog anymore. He realized she was staring at him. 

“No.” He sounded as offended as he possibly could.

“You had this weird look,” Clarke said. She stopped looking at him and turned her attention back to removing the heart. 

Bellamy didn’t know why her seeming indifference annoyed him so much. And it bothered him that it annoyed him. 

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Consider: Jack Zimmermann makes really amazing pancakes
But, he only makes them sometimes. As in, morning after sometimes.

So there’s a very limited number of people who have ~tasted~ these pancakes but somehow Shitty finds out about it and sets out to attempt to get Jack to cook them for him (even attempted to seduce Jack once but Jack didn’t think he was doing anything out of the ordinary, which okay, is fair)

Bitty doesn’t find out until the first morning after in Providence when he wakes up to something that smells absolutely heavenly
Cue to Bitty trying the pancakes and yelling “JACK LAURENT ZIMMERMANN YOU’VE BEEN HOLDING OUT ON ME”