this is a really pretty video


I’ve loved this video for years now and i just am watching it again for the first time in a while. I figured i’d share it with you all because it’s  really pretty and so calming


Fox.i.e feat. Venior - Snow

The song mentioned in the previous post. So pretty, especially the chorus. I Dunno much about Fox.i.e but Venior is a new Finnish artist with a cool voice :>

The video is a bit weird collab with Moomin characters and looks really cheap even though it’s official…..


Yuzu FS Ruthrough at Practice Day 2

So this was not his best training session, but it does not really matter. It is practice after all and there are also good things in it. A 4S to die for, Bielman Spin is back and once again a 3A+1Lo+3S right at the end of the program. He shows once again that he can change his layout in one thought.

I don’t care too much about practices.

Quality of the video is pretty good!!!!!

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Honestly, I'm just convinced that the reason dan couldn't do a live show tonight was because they were filming/editing a gaming video for tommrow. They seem to put out new videos on the channel every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. And it seems pretty suspicious that phil retweeted something about the horse prince almost two hours after what would've been dans live show. So maybe we can look out for a two hour my horse prince final tommrow?

very plausible!!!!!! i def think they’ve been really swamped, per their own statements about stress/not sleeping/etc. and i think the frequent uploading is a big part of that! i think youre right in suggesting that the horse prince finale will be coming soon (if not tmrw then sometime this week i imagine). especially bc the second horse prince video flopped by their standards (in terms of views) so they probably just want to get it over with instead of randomly uploading it a month from now. also generally, bc they have so many travel plans coming up (hong kong + other vacay possibly, to australia for the convention, to florida for lester family vacay, although dan joining that isn’t confirmed it’s v likely imo, and then to playlist) it seems very possible to me that they might also be trying to pre-film a lot right now for dapg, on top of whatever other stuff they’ve clearly got going on, which means it is totally unsurprising that they’ve had to cancel and they’ve seemed so tired lately lol 

Ending campfire scene of new Gladio DLC.

lol at Noct’s “I’m worth the wait” line.

Prompto: So that’s how you got it.

Gladio: Whaddya think?

Prompto: Very perpendicular. Really compliments the one you got when you saved Noct from that bully.

Gladio: Yeah. Only difference is, this time,  I ended up taking a pretty bad beating, too.

Ignis: Not unlike the licking the marshal received back when he was a lad.

Prompto: Musta had a lot of guts to go up against Gilgamesh back then.

Noctis: Yeah, Dad said he used to be a real firecracker.

Prompto: The more you know.

Ignis: If the Blademaster sequestered himself during the Founder King’s reign, then he’s haunted those halls for some two millennia.

Noctis: That’s a long time.

Gladio: All those years waiting for the Chosen King to arise. You sure know how to take your sweet old time.

Noctis: What can I say? I’m worth the wait.

Prompto: Gimme a break.

Ignis: And I, as well.

Gladio: Just because you got a Shield to protect you know doesn’t mean you get to slack off. But if you do, I’ll be ready.

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In most of the videos I see of Teka she's usually doing her quiet chatter and beak grinding, does she do the typical Sun Scream very often? She seems very well behaved!

I mean she is pretty well behaved, but yes she does do the sun conure scream. She does this really annoying scream when I’m cleaning the apartment because god forbid she has to sit on her cage while I clean - the cruelty!  And sometimes she screams because she just needs to I guess haha


So I had forgotten I did this.


Years ago a bunch of friends and I were hanging out at my place after game, and for some reason, we had popped in some Old VHS tapes to watch stuff.

Smurfs comes up. And one of my friends started NARRATING IT TO THE NEW CATA CINEMATIC. I just about died laughing. So later I traversed the net to put the two together. 

The sound is really hella weird because the two videos had two different volume levels and 6 years ago I had no idea wtf how to fix that. 

Enjoy! Or not. 
I still thnk it’s pretty funny how well they sync up.

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Bark! hose are all really cool question so do them all :3

Jeez ok lmao

🌜: Favourite song(s)?

Ballerina by Van Morrison and After The Flood by Talk Talk

🥓: Favourite movie(s)?

Fantastic Mr. Fox

🎱: Favourite TV show(s)?

Twin Peaks

💃: Height measurement?


🌎: Dream holiday location?

My boyfriend’s arms and wherever he wants to go 

🦑: Favourite weather?


🌈: Sexuality?

Pretty Gay

🐲: Favourite video game(s)?

The Metal Gear series, Fallout and The elder scrolls

👾: Any fandoms you part of?

The photography and music fandom lmao (mayybe the furry)

💩: Biggest fear(s)?


👽: Favourite book/comic(s)?


👑: Biggest idol?

Diane Arbus and Sally Mann

🙉: Tell me a secret?

My favorite soda is diet coke

🕸: Favourite food(s)?

Mac n cheese and a steak burrito smothered in queso 

💫: Single or taken?


💥: Ever got in a fight?

Multiple lmao 

🌵: Done any drugs?

Yeah, nothing crazy. I smoked weed a lot but stopped, I drink, I’ve done Vyvans lmao 

🦄: Got any talents?

I take decent photos

👅: Follow any religions or beliefs?


👻: Country you live in?


🤡: What are you currently wearing?

A tribe called quest low end theory shirt and black jeans

💲: Last thing you bought?


💯: Best gift you ever received?


⚜️: Name your 3 favourite tumblr blogs!

@globaloffensive @gudram @crocophile
🔮: Any paranormal experiences?

Not yet! I did see a UFO once though.

💻: Best pickup line?

I have none. I’m a dork. 
🐮: Favourite animal(s)?

A fox DUH
🌸: Speak any languages?


🐙: How long is your hair?

Kinda long in the back 

🍙: Selfie?

here I am lmao 

this is me from a few days ago with my brother’s pup, ronin.

As many of you know, monsta x just recently had their comeback and us monbebes are working really hard to get them their first win. Unfortunately there is tough competition at the moment so it’s getting a little difficult. Even though our fandom is growing, it’s still relatively small. Because of that, I would kindly like to ask for the help of the Army and Exo L fandom to help us with this comeback. We have been working really hard, but we still need more support to make it happen. I know this a pretty big favor, but it would be really nice if we could all put behind all the negativity and unite as fandom’s to help each other out and have each others backs. Please help us by voting for them on the music shows and streaming the video. (Even once is fine). Help our boys get their phones back by helping to get their very deserved first win!
Sincerely a Monbebe who just wants to see them get a win!!!


The daughter of Mormon fundamentalist Sister Wives stars just came out as gay and her family’s reaction was actually really heartwarming

As for Mariah? She’s a pretty badass 21-year-old who just came out on national television. Her Twitter bio reads: “ask me about my radical feminist agenda.” Wait, she seems awesome on multiple levels.

Gifs: Entertainment Tonight


there’s something that bothers me about the general understanding of victor sitting around mooning over yuuri and being a lovesick fool about yuuri for months after the banquet until the viral youtube video and i’m having trouble articulating it but i think it both mischaracterizes victor a little bit and it overlooks how severely depressed he probably was at that time in his life and how that would have affected his frame of mind.

like i genuinely don’t think he was actually considering coaching as a serious way out until that video finally just hit him with “i remember that man, i remember the night i had, maybe i can do this. and maybe i really do want to do this.”

maybe it’s just bc i read victor as seriously depressed - and there’s like… a pretty heavy grey cloud in your head. you don’t see ideas and opportunities and change. yuuri’s offer is a nice thought, but he can’t actually do it, of course. it’s safe to continue doing what you’re used to doing, what you know. so victor just… keeps doing it. it’s what he should be doing, right? it’s what victor does, right? that’s what he does. of course he has to keep doing it. what else does victor nikiforov do if not figure skate

and i’m sure he looked back at the pictures and videos from the banquet but not in the “omggg japanese yuuri i looooove him i have to know everything about him” sort of way - and honestly not even often at all. but looking to remember what it was like to FEEL (which may have even been hard to take, remembering that but knowing you don’t have it any more! so he may not have even wanted to remember it over and over again, because it hurts).  and what the video of yuuri skating his routine does is that it reminds him that it was yuuri specifically who really made him feel, yuuri specifically who wanted him, yuuri specifically who’s this talented and who’s skating this routine in a way victor has never seen and who could NEED him, need him just as victor. victor’s opinions and victor’s advice and victor’s experience, not victor the skater and public figure who has to keep performing for an audience and surpassing expectations.

so it is impulsive, it is. he hasn’t been planning this or thinking of it as something he could really, actually do. because it takes months for him to hit that wall and finally get that push to say, i could get out. i could actually go be happy. i could do something for him, yes, but also for me. it’s more than just a big gay crush (not that i don’t think at all that victor wasn’t also genuinely flirting in the beginning, but that’s not the reason he went). and when you think about it it’s probably terrifying to drop everything like that especially when you’re that depressed for something you don’t know will work out and to fly to a foreign country that speaks a foreign language and to move your whole life there. if you’re depressed it’s not easy, it’s terrifying. but yuuri represents hope for him. it’s hope for his own life and, yes, hope for his own love, and it pays off. victor take his life back into his own hands and falls in love – and the latter more accidental than i think we generally have been believing.


he really is the prettiest boy i love him 😭💗💓💞💝💖💕💘💕💖💗💗💓💞