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so, medici was a flawed show. some things about it, particularly in episode 3 and 5, annoyed me and made me roll my eyes. but i’m not here to rant. in fact i’m here to take my mind off that orange talking std [cit] who just won the american elections and list some reasons why i’m happy i had medici. 

  • it’s a rai (italian public tv) production. this in itself is a huge point because rai so far has produced, with few exceptions, mediocre fiction for barely literate old people (aka its average target). producing medici means, at least i hope, that this is going to change. it also breaks a seemingly never ending tradition of miniseries about the risorgimento and 20th century popes and nuns. i don’t mean to say my (beloved) grandmother should have nothing left to watch, but i wouldn’t mind watching something on raiuno as well, since we all pay for it. to put it shortly, it’s a step ahead. and i’ll seldom shut up about how unlike rai this show is in the following points.
  • cosimo is an anti-hero. rai made some, if few, co-productions about far-from-perfect characters before (see nero starring hans matheson) but they shamelessly whitewashed them by throwing other people under the bus and stretching history far more than it’s intelligent. here, cosimo is depicted as an essentially decent but also very deeply flawed person, a liar, an unfaithful husband and a somewhat cold father. he’s brooding and unreadable most of the time and while it’s impossible to hate him (at least for me, madden’s eyes make me weak in my knees) he’s not the shiny, stainless, misunderstood poor soul rai usually showcases.
  • contessina. cosimo’s wife is the strong female character™ you don’t expect. she doesn’t kick ass, she’s not cool as ice, she doesn’t go around poisoning people and claiming her right to sleep around as our modern age seems to want strong female characters™ to always do. she is strong as fuck, she is an iron lady, but she gets to be so even if she cries for her husband, if she’s desperate for his love, if she shouts hysterically at him (SO HAVE I is my favourite quote from the entire show, know it) and yes, wants some dick from him even if that’s just angry sex (ON RAIUNO). even if she’s petty to her husband’s mistress, if she endures, if she forgives him time and again and stays. not gonna lie, i would have ripped his balls and added them to the medici insignia, i wanted her to leave. but because feminism is about allowing a woman her choice and not judge her for it, whichever that is, long live contessina and her choice to stay and raise carlo as her own child.
  • the women. none of the girls from this show are entirely forgettable. bianca was a touching figure, if a bit vanilla. contessina’s what i just said. lucrezia is very sweet, but also growing into a formidable woman. maddalena isn’t just ‘the slut’ and even gets to shade the medici for their disrespect of her. emilia is gossipy but loyal.
  • renaissance in fiction. most italians know very little of the renaissance. ours being a relatively young political entity, we study and celebrate the risorgimento a lot, we produce a lot of fiction about it, we’re time and again told the story of the two WW and the holocaust. which is also great, we should do that. but we forget about the rest too much. we read the da vinci code but we hardly know what da vinci did and we still think napoleon stole the monna lisa because we don’t know leonardo died in freaking france. when medici was announced a lot of people had no idea who cosimo was. the renaissance is sometimes explored in documentaries, though not nearly as many as i see are made on the 20th century and the risorgimento; and it certainly hadn’t been explored in home-made fiction for at least some 30 years. to see brunelleschi (and with preziosi’s face) on tv, well that was special. personally i was really proud. that was florence, montepulciano, tuscany, lazio, finally celebrated. and not much cgi.i hate cgi.
  • the story. again i should remark how rare it is for rai to make a show like medici. we produce a lot of historical fiction, as we should because we have excellent costumes, but we usually make it about fictional characters or we whitewash historical ones, overromanticizing their lives, erasing their ambitions and their flaws and their gray areas. if we’d done cosimo’s story some ten years ago we’d probably have written of a goody-goody guy ending up with a huge bank because he was fundraising to feed the poor and buy his wife some flowers and then just happened to have a fortune to share with a saintly pope. this story wasn’t romanticized, in fact it’s much less romanticized than it was, say, on the borgias, where cesare was only ever driven by his love for lucrezia.
  • the bad guys. antagonists in fiction are usually ugly and just plain mean. albizzi, on the other hand, was a very handsome man and even an ex boyfriend of cosimo’s, which created a nice, interesting dynamic between the two of them. i’m afraid that won’t be the case with the pazzi next year.
  • the flashbacks. they were kind of poorly made because the characters all looked exactly the same when supposedly 20 years younger, but flashbacks were a peculiarity of this show and i missed them when they stopped coming. following two plans of the story would leave me wondering just how the hell we’d ended up there.
  • the music. seriously i’m addicted to this ost, praise paolo buonvino. sometimes i even think i wouldn’t like the show this much if it wasn’t for its soundtrack. i feel so dramatic walking around the city with renaissance in my ears and i absolutely adore how the theme is kind of broken into pieces and spammed in various tracks throughout the series.

so yeah this is way too long but i’m happy i had medici and i forgot about trump for about 30 minutes. thanks. 

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can you please do a taohun gif spam with your favorite taohun moments :') //puppy eyes

anon…. do you know what you have done… i’m in so much pain after looking for all these pictures….. just a warning: there will be a shit-ton of gifs. a lot of them. also you get my commentary on the side bc how could i share my fave moments without telling why they’re my favourites.

anyway, here we go!

star splash was amazing. not the part where tao cried after his family obviously (it was horrible i might’ve cried too) but everything else was great. (tao’s very flattering diving outfit also.)

  • okay so the first moment comes here: tao makes a successful jump and you can see how relieved sehun is. suho is there like “thumbs up son that went well i’m glad i paid the diving instructor a little extra“ meanwhile sehun looks like he’s going to collapse from relief.

  • then the iconic moment when suho thinks tao is going to hug him but sehun goes n o p e and pulls tao to himself.

  • here’s another angle (not a gif but i don’t discriminate based on image format)

oh man. moving on! the 13th music billboard annual festival was also absolutely terrible

  • look at this fucking sunshine dweeb waving please both of you focus on the things you’re supposed to be focusing on.

  • then there’s tao, smiling like a goddamn dumbo. please leave.

i’m going to put the rest under a read more~

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So why do you want a new tmi cast for the show? the current cast is great xD

The Mortal Instruments fandom is blind

Yes I’m going to talk about the existing cast. Yes you should read my stupid rant. Yes there will be typos.

This is my honest opinion, most likely it’s different from your opinion but I’m going to post it anyway and probably get hate for it but meh. If you can’t handle my criticism then why are you on tumblr?

Recasting: I honestly do not understand whyyyy this fandom likes the cast we have so much, yeah the actors are nice and friendly as hell but um… they cannot [save for Robert and Jemima] for the life of them act as the characters. 

Hear me out. I highly recommend you watch polandbananasbooks’ review on the CoB movie on YouTube first if you haven’t - she covers the problematic acting in the movie (and other things). I’m not trying to be mean to the actors, I know they do their hardest at their job, but this is my favourite book series and uGH.

  • Jamie as Jace - asides from the fact he doesn’t look at all like Jace (he also looks nothing like “the greatest Shadowhutner of his age” he looked sickly and skeletal in that shirtless scene he had with Clary when she was telling him she found the mortal cup), he’s actually not sassy. He’s deadpan, Jace is a very emotional character - and I know, I know, I KNOW he hides behind his mask, but never, ever in the books is he deadpan - he’s a sarcastic lil shit who puts everything he has into everything he does. Jamie had no energy, and he speaks his supposedly “sarcastic” lines in a very monotone voice. And Jace is cheesy as hell in the movie - ew god no book Jace is smooth af.
  • Lily as Clary - I love Lily so much, and I don’t have a lot to say about her acting, but she always had her mouth gaping in the movie and, like, forced her lines out through gritted teeth. I know Clary has a short temper, but this didn’t feel like a short temper - it felt like she was whining throughout the movie.It just didn’t seem believable. 
  • Kevin as Alec - I’m sorry but he’s just too old; most of this cast is just too old. These characters are teenagers, not 30 year olds with children! I literally cannot imagine him being all flustered around Magnus tbh.
  • Jonanthan Rhys Meyers - I love JRM in the Tudors, great actor! In CoB….. not so much. He was too overly dramatic with his lines and tooooo villainous - which I’ll admit is partly part of the scripts problem because it made him crazy. Valentine is a very manipulative villain, he would go to a massacre in a velvet suit tbh, he’s about democracy and politics - he acted like Sebastian in the movie, all action and violence. No. (Also he didn’t look the part: gross black hair with rats tails and no shirt??? As if classy McGee here wouldn’t wear a shirt.)
  • Godfrey Gao as Magnus - monotone voice; Magnus says the most outrageous things and is so quirky and odd, Godfrey was just really glittered up and spoke his lines. He didn’t even have any quirky mannerisms ugh. Also: where are his pants and his witty remarks?

Yes I know the script stuffed up everything, but these are not the Mortal Instrument characters.

Also [most] of the CoB actors were movie actors and you can’t just expect them to be on a tv show like that.

AND A BIG TMI FANDOM PSA: STOP PESTERING THE TMI MOVIE CAST TO BE IN THE TV SHOW. I see it on their twitters, instagrams, facebooks, tumblrs or whatever social media they have - if they want to be in the tv show they might be, but spamming them endlessly like I see every. single. day. is not going to MAKE them be part of the show. You can trend #KeepOriginalTMIcast or whatever you want but you have to let these people live their lives - they’re not here to answer your pleas on a daily basis.

I don’t even want a tmi tv show - but I’m probably not going to boycott it, so if you’re planning on boycotting it if you don’t like the new cast. Suck it up. This is the closet thing we’ll get to seeing all six books in a visual media, don’t screw it up for the rest of the fandom.

(Why don’t I want a tmi tv show? I’m probably going to watch it though, just fyi. Well I do think this has a better chance at succeeding, but I’ve seen so many good shows based off even better books turn to absolute trash after the first few seasons and it’ll break my heart if that happens to tmi. Also, if tmi becomes too popular I’m so scared it’ll succumb to bad writing for fan service :/ sigh)

  • All in all, we need a brand new and good scriptwriter who actually sticks to the plot, and we need a new cast for Jace, Clary, Alec, Valentine and Magnus.

EDIT: Lol no I hate Cassanadra Clare and I’m not watching that god awful show, I’d rather choke. Stop supporting Cassandra Clare.

As promised, here’s a breakdown of how a self-prompt turns into a full story for 30 straight days of one-shots. Spoiler, the farther in you get the more things change :)

Let’s start with the numbered prompts. The numbers represent my original plan for when I’d post each story:

1- Broken Pocketwatch - Unsurprisingly, this is the story A Broken Pocketwatch. I wrote this story prior to starting 30DaysofCreampuff and actually have an altered version of this as a generic short story that I ultimately decided not to submit to professional journals. I’m a sucker for soulmate au.

2- Dear Creampuff New - Prior to 30days I’d already written 9 chapters of Dear Creampuff, this was the 10th chapter. Still loved writing in Carmilla’s sassy voice. Looking forward, you can see that I’d planned to publish 1 new chapter of Dear Creampuff each week as a story. This got squashed as I realized just how many fic ideas I had. 

3 - Cookies & Strangers - turned into Just Buy the Cookies. I knew I wanted to write a Carmilla and Laura meet for the first time fic and have it confrontational. Originally I’d thought it would be something to do with Carmilla stealing Laura’s cookies until I was accosted with Thin Mints and changed my mind. Tiny Laf was a bonus.

4 - Sadish LaFerry - before I realized the fandom’s bias to Hollstein, I wanted to try a few other pairings. This story was 100% percent based on kbearluna’s video with Annie where Kaitlyn talks about a headcannon where Laf is a ghost. I ran with it. Define Death ended up doing double duty and looking at identity and what it’s worth. I still like it but it’s definitely one of my lowered loved fics. 

5 - The Sticking Incident - is literally still called The Sticking Incident. I cheated slightly, i knew I’d be busy that week and so this is strongly strongly based on something I wrote as part of a huge story for the Justice League fandom. But come on, literally sticking two confrontationally in love people together is always fun :)

6-  Heart AU - you can tell from the pen colour change that this wasn’t in the original plan. Love is Orange was inspired by coming across one of my favourite comics for the Once fandom by delintthedarkone where literal hearts keep popping up between characters. She graciously gave me permission to take the basic idea and run with it. Currently, I’m working on the third and final chapter. 

8 - Angsty Take 2 Coffin - my one and only true foray into the deepest angst that is a Coffin of Starlight. I was originally intrigued with what being in the coffin for that long would have been like for Carmilla which lead to wondering what could possibly make her go back. Which lead to angst and turned into a writing lesson on descriptive prose (thus the penciled in blood roo?). 

You may note that chronologically I posted 2 stories before I got around to coffin of starlight. 

10 - Superhero AU (retired villiany, villainy roommates) - This actually turned into Beneath the Boots and Leather which we wouldn’t see until the near end of 30days. I wanted to write a fic where Carm and Laura were roommates and arch nemesis who kept having to make excuses for why they were rushing out of the apartment all the time. I like the final result better when it finally worked. I also just posted a chapter 2 for this story.

However, I did post Powerless at this time which was an offshoot of this prompt for a generic superhero mixed with half of prompt 18 for ‘high school au’ which somehow became University. Also, I’d just watched Sky High. 

11- When Carmilla Met Laura - Originally I’d planned on doing a ‘When Harry Met Sally’ spoof but I never ended up writing it. Maybe I still will. Maybe if we get a season 3 and i do this madness all over again…

I’ve added the break because I just realized this is going to get super long and I don’t want to spam. But I really hope you’ll still keep reading <3

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