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? Toriel's phone can't send messages ? So it's not like Undertale, because I remember that Toriel send messages at Frisk in the True Pacifist's ending, before leaving the underground...

In Undertale, Toriel’s phone did not support messaging, until Alphys upgraded her phone at the end of the True Pacifist route.

Hello, Frisk. Alphys upgraded my phone.
I am having a lot of fun with the “texting” feature.

The phone Toriel gave to Frisk did not have texting either until given an upgrade.

Let me give you my ph-phone number!
Th-then… m-maybe… If you need help, I could…
Wh… where’d you get that phone!? It’s ANCIENT!
It doesn’t even have texting.
W-wait a second, please!

Toriel had a pair of really old phones!

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I just really hope Rebirth has Dick becoming Robin at like 9/10 again. He was the first kid sidekick/hero and that was important to his character and he's lost so many important character things he needs to get some back.

MY DREAM is for 9/10 yr old dickrobin to be canon again! if (after these recent events….) there’s a 15 year timeline, then modern~ dick would be 23ish (tho I prefer 25 yr old but it’s close enough) which would fit in continuity and all will be well again. prayer circling rn!!! 

hey good ppl of tumblr - between taking care of my mom & being ultra busy i think my time here is definitely gonna be limited (this post is more for me than for you guys as a way to keep me off this site lol) but if any of you guys want to keep up with me elsewhere feel free to shoot me a message, as long as you aren’t a 50 year old man living in someone’s basement & are ultra creepy I’m happy to share my Facebook or Twitter where over the next 1~ 2 months i hope to be able to share stuff professionally and/or simply be active there for work purposes. 

Otherwise, i hope you all stay doing amazing and loving life!! I might be on here only to answer messages but definitely not going to stay updating, I think it’s time I really restricted my time here.

Much love,


Hi! My name is Erika, I’m 20 years old and I’m Italian. This is my second time here and I still suck at descriptions so…
I study Animation and Visual Effects in Rome. I really like films and series like: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Jurassic Park, The 100, Carmilla, Glee, OITNB, Wynonna Earp, The Last Ship and many others…
I’m looking for new friends so feel free to message me even if you live on the other side of the world, I’d love to have some foreign friends. :D


Instagram: @potterhead_productions
Send me a message for my Kik username.

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Old fan when Taiki was being made, even took part in your contest. Can't believe I found you and OMG HOW MUCH YOU HAVE GROWN SINCE THEN!!! <3<3

Hey! Thanks for the message! It’s always really great to hear from people who followed my Taiki stuff when that was going! If you took part in one of my contests that musta been a loooong time ago. haha Hopefully after Phoenix Comicon this year I can get started on a new comic. :D

Ever had that moment when you’re writing a cute loving relationship in a fic and suddenly feel really sad because you are yourself a completly unlovable sack of potatoes?

Yeah, that’s the moment I’m having right now.

But the good news is that the next part of the easter project is nearly done!

Community Ethics

A lot of new comers tend to drop me a message when they get here, I suppose seeking the sage advice of a more elderly member of the joint. Sadly I am not wise enough to provide much, nor am I old enough to really give a full catalogue of this whole thing from the annals of time. I am also not mature enough to resist laughing at the word “annals”.
Hilarious words aside, a lot of these new folks speak somewhat aprehensively about interacting with people from here, which is understandable considering how new and alien-seeming this whole experience can be at first. Sadly I also hear how some individuals have validated these worries by being, shall we say, less than respectable in their approach. So, to that end, just a reminder for everyone of some basics to try keep everyone feeling comfortable:

 - Don’t just open with tickle talk. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of this happening. I can’t even keep track of how many times it’s happened to me! And not just SFW stuff either. Like, some graphic, graphic stuff, people. Introduce yourself. Ask how the other person is. Ask about hobbies and interests. Get to know them! Now I’m not saying tickle-related stuff is off limits, or that there’s a specific time frame for this because between the two of you you’ll figure out when’s a comfortable time, but don’t assume they’ll be comfortable to launch into some deep, dark roleplay from the get-go. Make sure the other person is on board, and ready for it.

 - Don’t freak out if people don’t reply super quick. Another good one to remember is that people have lives outside of this place. This is paramount to remember. They might not be on here as often as you. Or they might not feel like chatting. We all have a spectrum of moods, and on that spectrum is the “I don’t feel up to talking right now” shade. And that’s cool. So just be respectful and don’t spam people if you feel they’re not replying fast enough. And if they never reply, then just accept it, I suppose. It might seem mean, but there could be a plethora of reasons, and these strangers don’t really owe your their time.

 - Don’t feel you have to go out of your comfort zone until you’re ready. I think coming out of your comfort zone is good! It helps you grow, it gives you new perspectives, and it can broaden your horizons. However, it’s a bad idea to do it before you’re ready. Never feel pressured to talk about anything until you want to. You’re part of the conversation too, so you also get a say in where it goes, and both of you get to veto stuff if you so choose. So work it out between the two of you.

 - Sometimes people just don’t gel. It’s sad, but true. I think we can all agree that pretty much any two people can find some common ground, even if it is just “Hey, I’m a human too! How about those human things we do, am I right?”. However, to make a solid, meaningful connection (however you personally define that) if often takes a fair amount of similarity. From morality, to sense of humour, to interests. It takes a lot sometimes, depending on the people. But sometimes you just don’t really work, beyond a shallow level. And that’s fine. You don’t have to be best buds with anyone. It’s not a failure on anyone’s part to be a specific way. Just be open minded and accepting, and if there’s no real connection there, there’s not. Nothing wrong with it. You can still be respectful of each other, shake hands (or whatever the cyber equiavalent is) and move on having hopefully learned something from them.

 - Be understanding. As we’ve mentioned, this place and these interactions are not the be all and end all of anyone’s life. There is so much beyond this place you may never know about these individuals. And that’s cool! We’ve all got lives. With families, friends, work, studies, problems, all that stuff. And we might not want to open up about everything, especially at the start of a conversation with someone new. So, as much as you believe someone should be considerate of the fact you have a life that affects you outside of this, you should extend that same courtesy back. It just means less tension, and and easier time for everyone.

So, everyone, please do respectful, no matter if you’re new around here or one of the old guard. Everyone has their reasons. Everyone has their life to deal with. So be considerate and kind where you can, and understanding in all instances.

Thank you, and have a lovely time.


I had a few sketches of them lying around :))) Sorry, these two are almost always hanging out together HAHA //rolls

Small headcanon from my old IG post:
Taemin and Jae Keun always pairs up for their college projects ✨ Except, Taemin actually helps with the project despite being busy with his modelling job && he even refuses to let Jae Keun do all the work ((Jae Keun insists though ✨ Too pure omg but Taemin will never let him work alone)) Guess Taemin inherited empathy from MC :))))

*please don’t repost on facebook or ig - thanks!




We as a community love you and support you no matter what as we have shown with how we responded to your recent late night vlog.


You said in your ONI livestream that you wanted someone to compile a list of some of the games people wanted you to play.


I started it back in January of 2016. It has over 6 pages of various games. SIX PAGES!

And I realize that you get thousands of messages. Emails and posts just thrown at you. But I still try..

I have made a Google Doc. Shared with your gmail (both markiplier and markipliergame) and I would post the link here but honestly… I put some more personal stuff on there… ANYWHo 


-Go to your google drive

-Get to the search bar

-Look up “Markiplier Master Game Suggestions List”

-Click it 



I do try to add more games when I can and some games are kinda old but still.

If you do see this, please give me some kind of signal?? Write on the doc, send me an ask, anything.



The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

Hit Korean boy band BTS is ready to take over Anaheim

Rap Monster, one of the seven guys in the South Korean boy band BTS, says it was only at the end of 2016 that he and the others realized how huge their band had become around the world.

“Somebody in the company sent me a message: ‘You got No. 26 on Billboard OMG congratulations,’” says Mr. Monster, the 22-year-old rapper born Kim Nam-joon, by phone from Chicago where BTS was set to play on Thursday before hitting Honda Center for a pair of sold-out shows on Saturday and Sunday.

“At first I thought, 'Ha ha, your humor isn’t really very good,’” says Rap Monster, the leader of the group and its primary songwriter. “We didn’t believe it.”

But as more messages started to ping onto their phones he says the BTS boys realized it was no joke: Their sophomore album, “Wings,” entered the Billboard 200 chart at No. 26 after its October release, making it the highest chart position for any K-pop act – not to mention one that sings primarily in Korean – and offering a bit of foreshadowing for Billboard naming the record the best K-pop album of the year.

Since then things have only gotten sunnier for Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. In February, “Wings” was re-released in a new edition as “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” and the combined editions have since sold nearly 1.5 million copies worldwide. Music videos for “Spring Day” and “Not Today” were released a week apart last month as well and exploded on YouTube where they’ve currently racked up 59.2 million and 60.1 million views respectively.

“When we heard that and really got that, I was saying, 'OK, this is going to be a whole other world,’” Rap Monster says of the significance of the Billboard chart success and all that followed. “And I feel like we should do something more, and dream something more.”

This past week they’ve taken a step toward something more, playing their first headlining and sold-out arena dates in the United States, after previously having mostly played on multi-artist billings at KCON conventions held here.

“So many people just to see BTS was really an honor,” Rap Monster says of the opening pair of shows at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. “It feels dreamy these days.”

Not, mind you, that it’s been anything like an overnight success or an easy road for him and the other BTS members.

He grew up a top student in his school who loved American rappers such as Eminem and Nas, performing even as he attended high school and eventually catching the attention of BTS future manager Bang Si-hyuk at BigHit Entertainment in South Korea. And though he says he gave up on music when he was 16, lacking confidence in where he was headed, he says Bang encouraged him to stay strong, believe in himself, and sign on as the first to join BTS, even though at the time he wasn’t sure who or what it would end up incorporating.

“I was not aware of the other members,” Rap Monster says. “But I like the company and I respect them. And he promised to me, 'I will make you do your music and get big someday, so please believe me.’

"So I believed him.”

The other six members soon were selected, each of them bringing different talents on the mic or on stage. Songs were developed by Rap Monster and the other members, with a team of producers working to craft the best music from the raw material, the melodies and beats, that they created.

“Our chemistry is different from other groups,” Rap Monster says. “Everyone has their own points and characteristics. If I’m a bad dancer, a good dancer teaches me. If I’m a good songwriter, I help the others with a good melody.”

We ask the obvious question: Are you a bad dancer?

He laughs and answers: “Yes, I’m a bad dancer.”

Their music is different from a lot of K-pop acts that have made ripples on the American airwaves. They’re not popular because of the novelty aspect of their songs – think “Gangnam Style” by Psy from a few years back. And they’re not quite as bubblegum as a group such as Girls Generation or as eclectic as the synthpop of f(x), the first Korean band to play the South By Southwest festival.

Instead, BTS often aims for that sweet spot where R&B and rap get together, the kind of stuff Justin Bieber might be doing if he sang in Korean and there were six Bieber variations with fashionable hair and eclectic yet unified fashion choices.

“BTS music sounds like it’s from America,” Rap Monster says. “We decide to always watch the trends and watch what’s going on over the world. America’s the No. 1 market in the world so that’s why people in America prefer us.”

As for communicating through the language divide, Rap Monster says that’s partly handled by the group’s wildly enthusiastic social media following: “Fans translate our lyrics and interviews,” he says of a following that has landed them at the top of Billboard’s Social 50 list for a total of 17 weeks since “Wings” dropped in October. “They’re able to say, 'OK, BTS is talking about us and our lives.’”

And it’s partly addressed through lyrical subjects that express the common hopes and dreams and fears and worries of any teenager or young adult in any country.

“Our lyrics are mostly Korean but we always talk about the young people’s lives and their minds,” Rap Monster says. “There’s something similar between every young person in the world, in America or in Korea. We share something together even if we use different languages or live so far.”

American fans are also the savviest music lovers in the world, Rap Monster says, which made heading out on this brief headlining tour a little bit intimidating at first.

“We actually were scared of performing in America as a solo act,” he says. “Their playlists are the best in the world. I was really nervous for them.

"But after we were on stage our fear disappeared. They’re like everybody, they’re like friends. Singing along all of the lyrics even through the raps. They know how to play, the rhythms and the dances.”

An aside here to share our favorite piece of Rap Monster trivia. You might be wondering whether he spoke through a translator. He did not. His excellent English skills were polished in the classroom but also at home through what he refers to as “a Korean mothers syndrome.”

“'Friends’ was really famous for the mothers in Korea for English education,” Rap Monster says of the hit American sitcom from the '90s. “It was kind of like a syndrome. Korean mothers make their kids watch 'Friends’ even when they were eating food or playing.

"I think it really helped. It has like 10 seasons, I think, and I watched it like more than five times through the 10 seasons. They use the gestures and expressions, like, Americans use, right? I think that naturally teaches me how to speak or how to make a gesture when you try to express some emotions.

"Thank you, 'Friends,’” he says, laughing. “God bless 'Friends’!”

Rap Monster recently collaborated with the American rapper Wale on the song “Change,” which like some of BTS’ other songs – and unlike most K-pop – touches on politics and societal issues. He says he’d loved Wale’s music for a few years when the opportunity to do the song came along last year “like a miracle, like a dream come true.

"The song has already come out and we shot a music video together, but still sometimes I lie in my bed and think, 'Did I really do something with him?’” Rap Monster says.

He knows that boy groups from Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync to the Jonas Brothers and One Direction tend to have a finite lifespan before members get restless to move on solo projects, acting gigs and other opportunities. But he thinks the variety of interests and musical genres that individual BTS members have can be handled on the side or even within the group, and BTS itself can carry on.

So while Rap Monster says he’d love to collaborate with Drake or Miguel one day, Suga feels the same way about Kanye West and Flume. Jungkook seems more inclined toward pop R&B – his dream musical partners would include Bieber or Charlie Puth. V is a little bit old school, having mentioned Norah Jones and the Fugees as on his wish list. Rap Monster ticks off the rest of the band: Jimin digs Chris Brown, J-Hope is into the similarly initialed J. Cole, and Jin is a fan of old-school showman Bruno Mars.

“I always tell them that every time we have hits under the name of BTS we shine the best when we are a team,” Rap Monster says. “I know all the seven members, they love music, and I know their No. 1 wish is for us to perform and make music and sing and dance.

"Maybe someday someone will want to be on a television show or be an actor,” he says. “I just hope they know all of the popularity and fame and money is from the name of our team. That’s not one person, everybody contributes to the team.

"Nobody knows the future. I just hope it can last as long as possible.”

Peter Larson @ OCRegister

Auction AU Part 2

Here’s the first part  ! I recommend you read it before this part, or else it won’t make much sense.

Sorry this took like, ten million years. Thanks to everyone who messaged me and said they liked the first part, it always made my day <3 


    The relief only lasted so long once he realized that yes, no more old-leopard-print lady (thank god), but still there’s a date with someone. A stranger.

    Jack’s barely held decent conversations with his teammates, how would a date with a stranger work?

    It wouldn’t. No way.

   Feeling like he’d just survived a brutal game, Jack took a few seconds to gather himself. He wiped the condensation from his forehead (he really hoped no one had noticed), slowed his breathing, let his jaw unclench. Once his fingers became steady enough he fixed the cuffs of his uncomfortably hot suit.

   “Fuck it,” He shucked the jacket off entirely. It felt good until he lifted his arms- “Ugh.”

   Pit stains.

   For a moment he struggled with what to do: If I wear the jacket I’m uncomfortable and sweating more, but if I don’t people can see the sweat and thats embarrassing and-

   “Jack!” Someone from management tapped his shoulder, “This way, the kid is waiting on stage right.” She gave him a brief once-over, “Put on the jacket.”

    With a somewhat relieved nod, he slipped the jacket back on and wished for a calmer heart-beat.

     The wish didn’t come true, of course. It rarely did.

    They approached the stairs leading off the stage.

    This kid must like you. They bid on you. They spent money for a date-thing-whatever with you. Just smile. Act like a normal-



   “Uh, hi.”

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this years holocaust remembrance day is very important, given the current political climate. take today to remember the horrifying acts committed against jewish and romani people. take today to recognize the beginning of those same acts forming against PoC in america today. take today to resist those in power however you see fit, and after today, dont stop resisting. i am a jew still personally affected by the holocaust even 2 generations later. every jew is affected by the shoah, but there is a special pain to know what happened to your own family. or worse, not knowing what happened to the unknown people you see in old family photographs. we as a people will never be the same. remember the holocaust today. dont let this happen again.

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First off, you are very welcome for the last ask I did and I am glad that I didn't mess anything up. Also, I (finally) got an idea that almost certainly has already been done but I'm to lazy to try and find. Keith or Lance accidentally texting the other with one of the pining texts and the other playing along.

i actually don’t really have a text like this!! the only one i can think of is this one! but it’s old and i was hype to make this so i hope you like it! :)

keith might be just a littleee thirsty for lance…..

Why Teens Shouldn’t Run Revolutions

Hi guys. I’m going to piss off a lot of YA writers (and possibly readers) today, so hang onto your hats.

Mainly, if you’re in love with the idea of a high schooler with no strategic or combat experience heading up a revolution or war because they’re “so dedicated and determined,” don’t read this. Please, don’t. You’re not going to see anything you like. Go ahead and keep enjoying your guilty pleasure – that’s fine. I’m not going to own up to some of the guilty pleasures I love in fiction but don’t buy for a second in real life. That’s chill. Go for it, man.

But there are just things that I – and readers like me – are tired of seeing. If you’re sick of that trope, then keep reading. If you’re open to the idea of ditching that trope in your writing, then I really recommend reading.

This assessment/collection of tips on why teens shouldn’t run revolutions - and if you’re going to make them, how they CAN do it well - will include comparisons to history, other fiction (Unplugged), and Black Butler. Plus swearing and a range of incorrect capitalizations, because it’s fun.

On we go:

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Daiya no Ace Act II comicbook Vol.7

 - includes ch56 - 64

- cover: Shirasu

- Additional page at the end of ch60: Miyuki batting + Furuya & Eijun adorably staring at each other

Close-up (because this panel is so cute):

- Bonus manga featuring Chris at the university + Miyuki & Sawamura consulting each other how to reply to Chris’ question:

Daiya no Ace #6 “First Impression

Team-mate: What? Really!?

Team-mate: You’re the same age?

Team-mate: So you are a player!?

Chris: I’m 18.

Team-mate: I definitely thought you’re older than 20!! You’re too calm [for your age]!!

Team-mate: I used the honorific language to you since I thought you’re the coach!!

Team-mate: Really, *how many times have you lived before!? [*common joke in Japan you say to people who are very mature for their young age as if they are living their life for the second/third/fourth time.]

Later in the evening…

Daiya no Ace #7 “A question from Senpai

Eijun: Miyuki-senpai, look at this!! I’ve got a LINE message from Chris-senpai!
Miyuki: Hm? You’ve got that, too?
Eijun: Eh? You, too!?

Chris’ LINE message to Eijun: Sawamura, please answer honestly. How old do I look? Btw, I don’t need any jokes right now.

Chris’ email to Miyuki: Do I really look that old? My senpai use the honorific language to me… […]

Eijun: Seems like something happened to him…?
Miyuki: What are you going to reply?
Eijun: What should I reply?

Miyuki: Maybe something like “You are so calm, that’s why you don’t look like a child”?
Eijun: That sounds nice!
Miyuki: What about your reply?
Eijun: Mmmmm, maybe something like “You look 5 years younger with your hair down”?
Miyuki: Yes, that’s it!
Eijun: Yes, this is it!

- Breaking News: Miyuki is confirmed to be a flip phone user (while Eijun, Chris and probably everyone else are smartphone users.)

- Chris-senpai sent an email to Miyuki while he contacted Eijun via LINE. This means that Miyuki does not have a LINE account. Someone give miyuki a fucking smartphone and teach him how to use LINE omg he’s the captain of the seidou baseball club after all. Seriously, how can he not have a LINE account xD