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i never see (that much) cute stuff in hk... your mom knows where it's at 👌👌👌👌 have a nice day ~~

THIS IS SO SWEET WOW i just picked up my laptop and carried it over to show my mom this and she got all giggly and happy ♡♡♡ she really does though! thank you for bringing joy to this old lady’s heart…and my mom’s ~~

I really don’t think [reylo] would devalue her because Anakin wasn’t devalued when he fell in love. Honestly though, she’s not going to not be the main character; she’s really important. And if anything Kylo would get a lesser role because he’d be stepping out of the main antagonist slot and instead fill a love interest role. He’s the love interest. She’s not the love interest, make no mistake. He is in love with her at the moment. She’s not in love with him. That is a legitimate argument that I’ve heard from antis, that she hates his guts. Of course she does. Of course she does! But there’s some potential for her to forgive him and from there to get a little closer to him. Mysterious connection, man, mysterious connection. For the vulnerable young warlord and the girl with raw power. Damn. It’s so good.
—  @cobwebbing in her excellent reylo ramble 

God it’s no wonder Nalistri fell for Elora tho

Like all that envy curling up and vibrating around inside him slowly turning ‘i want everything she’s got’ into ‘I want to share in everything she is’ and all the messy in between areas where he’s not sure if he wants to BE her or be WITH her. 

And like, as he slowly realises she isn’t a spoilt little princess but a terrifying woman who will tear off a man’s head with her teeth to save someone who needs helping… even though she’s completely unsure of herself sometimes, especially when it comes to her personal quest… It’s a complete 180, and it would be mind blowing to have every single one of your expectations smashed one by one as they slowly reveal a more complete image of an imperfect person

And then seeing her full of cold dark fear and cold dark determination as her family is torn apart, where previously what was there was just a young woman doing her best. It kind of draws a really nice parallel with Nalistri’s own situation, as it shifted from day to day survival to powering through the horrible circumstances surrounding his brother’s death, to facing his father and freaking exploding him the heck up. Those same feelings of fear and determination, come to a very important moment, and finding someone to share similar experiences with for the first time in his life, especially someone of the same rank, would have totally rocked his socks

Before the events in the story it would have felt like he was the only person in the world feeling all of these things. And then, suddenly, kicking his emotional doors open with a meaty, clawed paw and an angry polar bear roar, a beautiful elven princess, prepped with open discourse about feelings and friends that love and support her

like damn, it’s no wonder he fell for her

In Hook, Robin Williams’ children are kidnapped when his family is visiting his wife’s grandmother, Wendy, and a former Lost Boy, Tootles. He goes to Neverland to find them, is able to regain the magic of childhood of whatever, and saves his kids from Captain Hook. In the middle of all this, Phil Collins makes a cameo appearance as a British detective. It’s a nice little scene, though it’s a bummer that Collins doesn’t break out into a performance of “That’s All.” Not even once. This absence takes the movie from a B to a C effort, if I can be honest.

At the end of Hook, about three seconds after Robin Williams returns to the real world, Tootles gets sprinkled with some pixie dust and flies back to Neverland. The movie never really makes it clear about how old Tootles is, but from how he looks and acts, he’s somewhere between 60 and Fuuuuck. So when he flies back to Neverland, it may well be the last trip that he ever takes. It’s meant to be a magical moment, but this house and family were under investigation a day ago. Maybe give it a second before you think “Oh, my youth!” and leave everyone who’s ever loved you forever.

Detective Sussudio is going to come back, find that Williams and the kids have come back, but now the old man is nowhere to be found. He’s an old guy, it’s not like he could go anywhere substantial on his own. You can’t tell the law, “Yeah, he just went to the grocers. He’ll be back in a few … days.”

Williams’ kids are going straight from being held hostage in Neverland to being held by the British police. And Williams, just having rediscovered his happy thought, is going to be the number-one suspect in the slaying of Tootles.

5 Films That Are Horrifying If You Switch Their Perspectives


•y'all if Taeyong was ever a prince I would move to wherever kingdom he’s about to rule
•like no questions ask
•he would be such an amazing prince
•of course he’s next in line to rule his kingdom because
•idk because I said so
•like the moment he was born everyone knew he was gonna be a good King
•I could even bet there was an old sorcerer with a long white beard going
•'he’s the one’
•so like now for visuals
•he has his light brown hair because it just looks so nice and fluffy I just can’t
•he always wears a dress shirt either white or black
•sometimes navy but he didn’t want to kill too many fangirls so no more navy
•and he’s always wearing either black skinny jeans or dress pants
•basically looks really neat and put together
•he might look cold but he’s a very nice and caring prince though
•everyone knows it
•like one smile and boom, we’re saved
•he helps with the cleaning a lot since he doesn’t trust anyone else to do it
•he helps with the cooking a lot because he doesn’t trust chef!Winwin to make good food but loves Winwin too much to say that so he just ‘helps’
•he helps with the gardening a lot too because he wants his baby flowers to grow up tall and strong like his cousin Johnny
•likes to personally go to the town and actually do stuff since all the kids looks up to him
•he absolutely loves playing with the kids and reading to them
•their faces are just so cute and precious that he wants to just stuff them all in his pocket and take them home with him
•he already helps the king make a lot of decisions because he’s so responsible
•like everyone adores and cherish him especially the queen
•the queen babies him a lot and only wants the best for her son but his dad doesn’t baby him at all so I guess it evens out
•probably has like 3 royal puppies so he can relieve stress and fanboy on how cute Winwin looks while playing with them
•probably has like pet fishies because he can sort of relate to them
•probably has pet bunnies because they remind him of his frienemy Doyoung
•definitely has a fat cat that he likes to cuddle with
•you’re probably the person that’s in charge of all his pets and a bunch of other things
•you started working at the castle because you needed money and a place to stay because your parents went bankrupted or something
•not only are you in charge of his pets but you’re also in charge of making sure Winwin doesn’t burn down the kitchen and a bunch of other stuff
•you might have been young but everyone knew that you were basically the master at multitasking and making sure everything goes right
•like do you ever get a break?
•the answer is no
•once you stayed up for 36 hours straight to plan and do stuff for the queen’s birthday party
•you never really talked with any of the royals other than the queen tbh
•one day, you were cleaning the kitchen because Winwin made a mess and suddenly someone was next to you and spraying febreeze
•when you saw the Prince you have him a suspicious glance before going back to work because you have a list a mile long of things to do after this
•Taeyong is like surprised because the staff would have kicked him out by now but he’s grateful that you let him help
•so the two of you work in quiet because talking equals wasting energy
•at the end of the day Taeyong figures out that he likes you a lot because you actually give him space to breath and do what he wants
•not like as in I like you, marry me
•at least not yet anyways
•like as in I like you, you’re cool
•and so that was how you two became friends in a way and when you began your tradition of letting him clean so he doesn’t like die because everything is not perfect
•but he doesn’t get why whenever you talk to him that you call him 'your highness’
•like I thought we were close cleaning buddies
•he starts liking you a lot when he first saw you laughing with Winwin on your 2 minute break of the day
•it was like the heavens gave you a golden glow and someone told him
•'she’s the one. Make her yours before one of the dogs accidentally mauls her’
•and so he set out on a mission to get to know you better
•now when you guys are cleaning, he always asks you questions about yourself and your like
•'um your highness, I’m suppose to be working’
•answers his question anyways
•if you don’t hen he’ll get his info from the castle’s to go to for info person
•you guessed it, it’s Donghyuck aka the prince’s little butler that spends more time getting information to the maid s then actually serving him
•eventually one faithful day….
•he found you out in the garden and you were like sleeping against the tree because you were too tired to do anything
•so he personally carried you back to your room in their servents place and made sure to tuck you in and everything
•before he leaves he confesses to you because he’s sure you’re sleeping
•when he goes in for the cliche kiss on the forehead, you wake up
•'I like you too your highness’
•cue blushy Taeyong
•'but don’t tell your mom, she’s gonna like banish me or something’
•cue pouty Taeyong
•and there’s the start of your relationship

Idk if I should make a dating Prince!Taeyong or something

C: There’s this young woman who is a year or two older than me at my job and she’s really nice to me. goes to the back and saves me food, always brags about me to everyone and openly makes jokes about us dating. It’s confusing because inside, I love the attention/validation so much. I like when she says this, even though I’m female. But even if she were male I’d probably feel the same way too. Idk…It just feels good to be seen as anything other than a fuck-up to some people.

How well I think the v3 characters were handled
  • Kaede: wasted. just, her main purpose was to be framed and die. no. her execution however was the best I've seen
  • Amami: same as Kaede, except we never even got to see him in trial which kinda sucks because he'd be extremely helpful given his insight.
  • Iruma: never really expected much from her, but she was a fun character with pretty standard motive
  • Ouma: they just HAD to make him a Komaeda.
  • Kiibo: good god someone save this cinnamon roll please
  • Tsumugi: too obvious a mastermind. Her motives were pretty crap and her execution was too boring. loved her junko cosplay though
  • Saihara: another twink protagonist without any actual talent, yaaay. It would have been nice if he turned out to be evil but it seems kodaka thought no.
  • Gonta: wish he had more time ingame to not just be an ouma slave
  • Maki: another killer, yay. Have to admit her screentime was used well though
  • Ryouma: I like how he's conflicted over his lack of will to live but he shouldn't have died so early on
  • Kirumi: a good woman. nuff said. However, chapter 2 had too many death flags.
  • Shinguuji: the personality twist was rather unexpected, but it made him into some sort of creep nobody missed in the end. except me. Shinguuji is best woman.
  • Tenko: I'm glad they made her more than a boy hater. Seriously Tenko is too good and pure
  • Angie: a murderer angie would have been nice. Her personality didn't change much throughout the game and even towards her death.
  • Himiko: too pure. Character development pretty cool. Also probably the only "short loli girl" to survive a killing game
  • Kaito: good grief where do I start, Kaito Momota is perfect and his character development was off the charts, that twist was brilliant, he died for my s i ns
What if...?

the Supernatural series ended with Cas being a human forever, and he’s kneeling besides Dean’s headstone. He just talks to his grave and hopes that somewhere, in some way, Dean is listening to him like the way he listened to his prayers.

“Dean, I met someone today. She’s really nice and pretty, smart as well. I’ve been planning to move in with her… but I hope I’m not going too fast in this.”
“I saw Sam today. He’s doing good; he really likes being a lawyer, even though he says it’s hard. He’s taking great care of the Impala. Sometimes he even lets me drive it.”
“Dean, are you doing well there?”
“Dean, can you hear me?”
“Have you found your heaven?”
“I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.”

“Norman and his Eye In The Dark” - Digital Oil Painting

“Every man needs a nice furry companion to help keep him warm when the zombie apocalypse gets here.”

That really is Norman Reedus’ cat and his name really is Eye In The Dark. (Though ‘Lil Ass Kicker’ is also accepted.)

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

Pretty sure Mycroft and Lady Smallwood aren’t really dating, either, if that makes anyone feel better. There’s another explanation. But it’s long, so give me some time for that post.

Does anyone have a nice, complete list of examples of the times Lady Smallwood’s first name has seemed to flip between Elizabeth & Alicia, though? (Preferably one without a ton of theory attached, but I’ll take what I can get.) Because it would sure save me some time if I could just link to something that exists instead of building my own list from scratch.

Edit: Got some! Thank you, @symbolicanus and @mollydobby.

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Hey it's me again 😁 since we have yet to see the precious rabbit known as Lavi in the more resent(?) chapters could you possibly do some really fluffy and sweet headcanons for him please? Thanks in advance!

Arghhhhh I had a draft saved for this forever ago but tumblr deleted it?? I’m so sorry about that I should’ve had this done much earlier. It’s nice to see you again though!!

[ Lavi Bookman Jr. ]
- I’ve said this a billion times but he’s a huge cuddlier
- Lavi actually loves it when his s/o feeds him
- Isn’t afraid to show the world how much he loves you. PDA is not uncommon at all (its kind of embarrassing)
- Lavi sometimes goes out of his way just to fluster his s/o. But when the tables turn, he’s a blushing mess and really confused??
- Will play little jokes on his s/o just to put a smile on their face
- Really likes to sleep with his s/o curled up in his arms. It makes him feel like he has a place to belong and someone to genuinely trust
- Secretly loves it when his s/o plays with his hair. He’ll totally let them put bows in it if they really wanted. As long as nobody sees him like that, he’s fine with it
- So many nicknames for his s/o you can’t even keep track of them
- Takes his s/o for really relaxing dates and pampers them to know end. He just wants you to see how much you really mean to him

“You’re an Art student and I’m an English major and you keep stealing the papers for my assignment to doodle and I would kill you but you’re really cute and hey that’s actually a really nice sketch” AU.

Somebody shared a prompt list, and this was the second one. Switch You’re with Kylo is and I’m with Hux is…

Yes I should be working on other fic…but this one got in the way.

Armitage Hux ran a shaking hand through his rain wet hair. He decided to save some money and walk to campus for his night class. Though he checked the weather on his phone before he left, the storm blew up suddenly. He was definitely relieved by the fact that his messenger bag, which held his books, his laptop, his notebooks, and his finished assignment, was very much waterproof.

The phone in his hooded sweatshirt pocket did not fare so well. He had no idea just how late he was running, having been hampered by the heavy rain. So when he walked into the classroom he was very relieved that Professor Tarkin hadn’t arrived yet.

His normal seat, 2 back from the very front in the center, had been taken by another student, so he gave them a withering glare as he tried to decide which of the 2 remaining seats to take. The closest was front and center where the professor, whom he enjoyed impressing every week, would see the state of his star pupil. (At least Hux assumed he was.) Or there was one at the very back of the room. Next to the oaf dressed head to toe in black (Hux wondered if the black hair was natural or if he dyed it to match his clothing and tattoos…and he was sure he’d seen him posting scribbled flyers for his band).

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Even though this was a Blake-centric episode, I didn’t really care for it that much. It felt a lot like a filler episode. We didn’t get a lot of movement over at Science Island and I also feel like Bellamy’s story didn’t actually move. He’s ALWAYS been full of self loathing. He ALWAYS blames himself for not saving everyone. He’s ALWAYS guilt ridden. 

I would love to see Bellamy’s story actually move forward now. That would be nice. 

“And you’ll do it for him, and you would do it again…”

John takes one for the team and fuses with the BRO fusion to save Dirk and Dave. It’s really fucking terrifying though and he doesn’t make it out unscathed. From shacklefunk‘s gemstuck AU.

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Oooh Ponyboy dating an artist (the type that paints or draws) headcannons?

-He’s like obsessed with the fact that they do this.

-He can honestly sit for hours just watching them draw or paint.

-And will often times read to them or tell them a story while they do it.

-They have dates like that a lot.

-Going to new places for them to draw what they see and for Ponyboy to write about it.

-Ponyboy starts hanging the drawings and paintings he was given all over his room.

-They start giving Ponyboy lessons too on painting and such.

-And he always makes paintings and drawings for them.

-And even if though the paintings aren’t the best at first they still hang up every one that Ponyboy gives them.

-Ponyboy also saves up for months to be able to buy them a really nice art set.


Here, have some really really shitty/halfassed Storyshift sketches ;v;“
I made up a lot of these designs, save for Chara and Asriel. I just tried to create unholy fusions of the outfits, I guess?? Alphys be looking like a sausage though X’D
Also I feel like Mettaton would be very Flavortext-y and would essentially just be Frisk’s sassy gay friend X’D
AU does not belong to me though I’m not 100% sure who it does belong to so I’ll tag that specifically when I figure it out QvQ”“ (help would be nice there)

so i started thinking of what tatum would have been like after the first film ( had she survived ) and through the other three films.

scream 2 :

there’s a part of her that really misses stu and she hates herself for it. what they had may not have been love but she cared about him. she probably has a locket that has a picture of the two of them that sidney took or something that she wears.

she would have stuck by sidney, because i can’t imagine her anywhere else. they share scars ( physically and emotionally ) and it’s nice to be around someone that understands it. 

she’s changed towards her brother a bit, respects him more. ( just because i headcanon if she survived he probably came in to stop ghostface / billy and save her even though she was doing really well on her own minus the garage door ) calls him every night to make sure he’s doing okay, doing his physical therapy and whatnot.

she was distrustful of derek at first because sid’s last boyfriend tried to kill her but she came around.

she was attracted to mickey ( who wouldn’t be ? ) not saying that the attraction was returned BUT if it was and she survived to find out that he was one of the killers she wouldn’t believe it at first, but she would come around. finding out he was the killer probably wouldn’t sting as much as stu.

scream 3 :

she misses stu a little less. she’s living in LA where she can be around dewey and make sure everything’s okay. probably seeing a therapist because she keeps having nightmares of ghostface.

still close to sidney and firmly on team sid you can’t hide away from the world forever, but she respects her decision and looks forward to her calls where they can talk about their days.

tatum is a different person than when she was in high school, more subdued. her and dewey have family nights every wednesday where they play board games, she makes dinner ( badly at first but she’s getting better ) but sometimes they’ll just sit in silence just happy the other is alive and that they have each other.

attracted to roman too, mostly because he doesn’t SEEM like stu or mickey. he seems different and she likes that about him, then when she finds out HE’S the killer AND sidney’s half brother, her world sort of falls apart for a little bit. she considers cutting sidney out of her life, knowing that if she did there would be less murders in her life and she wouldn’t have to wonder if these guys like her for her or just want to use her to get to sidney. she couldn’t though. she has very few constants in her life and sidney is one of them.

scream 4 :

ten years later and she still has the locket, but she no longer wears it. it’s locked away with memorabilia ( probably from mickey and/or roman )

she’s married, no kids, but happy. no more looking over her shoulder. the guy that she’s married to ( whoever he may be ) did everything in his power to restore tatum’s faith in men AND in herself. 

they don’t live in woodsboro, no matter how much she tries it’s hard for her to be in that town.

she does visit dewey and gale though for family night. it’s taken a few years, but she finally likes gale.

when the murders start up again though, all she can do is be happy that she doesn’t live in woodsboro any more.

still friends with sidney though, used to talk to her every day, but with her book tour it’s mostly a call once a week.