this is a really nice save though

SP-Gaiden: Sasuke’s character

I must say I liked this week’s episode. Sakura’s fight scenes were badass, the new ending was cute and a nice conclusion to the first ending. I appreciate that they had Karin say ‘she’s truly Sasuke’s and Sakura’s child’ or something along those lines. Sasuke hugging Sarada was done well and I really enjoyed those last scenes, including the dinner.

However. While I appreciate that this arc didn’t have that much bias concering Sakura, and while I appreciate the nice animation and some added filler scenes such as Sakura’s fighting scenes, I do not appreciate their treatment of Sasuke.

Without any doubt, his character suffered the most this arc. SP changed canon scenes, even deleted some of them, and added filler material, very well aware that all of that combined makes Sasuke look colder than in the actual Gaiden.

How so, you ask? For instance, this episode they had Sasuke save his daughter using Amaterasu. But even though he just saved her, he looks at her with a blank expression, asks her what the matter is and walks away. But it gets even darker. Sasuke is about to kill the Shin kids, as he feels like it needs to be done and says he’s not ‘as soft’ as Naruto. They empathize on the fact that Sarada cannot understand why her father is about to kill those children, leading to her screaming out ‘Papa! Stop it !” which, personally, reminded me of Sakura screaming almost the same during Part 1, but I digress.

What was the point of that scene? There was no need whatsoever to have Sasuke appear even colder and darker than he actually is just so Sarada could be scared and feel like she doesn’t recognize who that man is.
Similar happened quite a few times in this arc and every and each time, there’s no resolution. In fact, they have Sasuke react cold more often than not.

Example being, they removed Sasuke leaning down to Sakura as he asks if she can heal herself.

Adult Sasuke is a redeemed man, who has payed for his sins and is now trying to make the world a better place, not only for the village he wants to protect, but also for his family that he very deeply cares for.

Instead, SP gives us a man, who takes this mission upon himself because he feels like he still needs to pay for his sins, refusing time and time again to go see his family, specifically his daughter, and refuses to tell her the truth. SP removes the scene where everyone agrees Sasuke’s mission has to be kept a secrent, removes the scene Naruto tells Sasuke he wants to come with him and instead has him ask Sasuke why he doesn’t go see his family and why he doesn’t tell his, at this point at time, small child the truth about his mission. Fun fact, they also have Naruto encourage Sarada to go see team Taka. 
SP gives us a man who tells his daughter, right after her mother got kidnapped, that emotions have no place during a mission and that she needs to remember that if she wants to become a ninja. In case you don’t remember canon, Sasuke looks at Sarada with worry in his eyes and it’s clear he feels the pain she’s going through after losing her mother mere seconds ago. 
SP gives us a man who doesn’t blink or bother to move even though his wife just collapsed to the ground right in front of him, sweet, eh?
By the way, take a shot every time Sasuke says ‘I’m not soft’ in episode 23.

The last two chapters of Gaiden are supposed to show the connection between Sasuke and Sakura. In the anime however, we get a Sakura who, just like in the manga, is very confident about the fact that she and Sasuke are connected through their feelings. But do we get the same impression from Sasuke’s pov, just like in the manga? No, the answer is simply no.

SP removed the memory, they removed the family picture that said ‘this is the real deal: love’, they removed Sasuke leaning down, they removed several flashback scenes, they removed several very important moments that showed Sasuke caring as a husband and father and honestly I have no time to go back and try list everything they have without a doubt ruined or changed.

People say Sakura was treated well this arc, compared to the past anyway, and that I should be grateful.
But no, I’m not grateful. Because yes, I’m a big Sakura fan. But I’m also a Sasuke fan.

And this anime arc has trashed Sasuke without remorse, claiming it’s just their interpretation. You know what I call that? I call that bias, insecurity and fear to show Sasuke like he’s supposed to be, a caring husband and father who has redeemed himself. Not a cold asshole who would rather jump down a bridge than show emotion. SP, Honda included, clearly have a problem with allowing Sasuke to be with his family, to show positive emotions towards anyone other than Naruto or Boruto and stop adding filler material that makes him look like his old pre redemption self.

And of course, this fandom will be the only one calling this bullshit out. Sasuke’s so called ‘true fans’ are probably having a blast with this wreck, because as we all know, they don’t mind it when Sasuke’s character gets trashed as long as it means it’s somehow negative towards his own family. Because their ship comes before Sasuke himself.

In short, kiss my ass SP.

Keith has a little doc on his computer saved as ‘Hunk stuff’ and it’s just all the nice little things Hunk’s done for him that he might forget with time but made him feel very loved in that moment.

‘- brought me a glass of water. Said the way i ‘always take a breath afterwards is cute’

- spent a minute or so trying to flatten my fringe out of my eyes for me

- thought i was asleep and tucked me in really well; fluffed the pillows up a little and everything

- kissed me behind everyone even though he was a little embarrassed to because I asked for one

- kept touching my hand because he wanted to hold hands but he had stuff to do

- was perfectly fine with not touching me when i asked him not to even though i promised we’d have a cuddle night that night’


Gang of Super Heroes - meet The Dream Team!


Wanted to do some nice and ironic heroes - though Sun Ray (based on the most awesomest Grace Jones) turned out pretty fierce ;)

Lord of the Hammers: I’m thinking he’ll be surprisingly feminine and with a smidge of Johnny Bravo attitude. Nothing like an annoying self-absorbed, overly narsicistic superhero. Will he save someone if it means upsetting the ‘do?

Daisy Diamond: the classic feminine blonde heroine. With muscles to fit how hardcore she really is! Nails ready to be broken. Bring it on!

Sun Ray: Probably the actual leader of the pack. You’ll think he’s the worker-bee soldier type. Nope, this lady is all sass and cunning! - obviously in the wonderful deadpan kind of way..

Miss Kitty Fantastic: - yea what would you peg her to be? I’m thinking she’ll not want to be labeled any time soon….

uuuh can’t wait to do up these guys in their civil wear - and of course their antagonist gang!

I really like how in Seraph of the End they show that despite Mika and Yuu both vowing to save and protect each other, they do it in different ways. Mika keeps Yuu safe on a mostly physical level- he helps him in battle, carries him away when he’s injured, and tries his best to keep Yuu from rushing into dangerous situations. On the other hand, though, Yuu helps Mika on a mostly emotional level- he’s his support and stability. Mika doesn’t always need physical protection because his body is practically invulnerable, but his mental and emotional health is pretty bad. Not only does Yuu help him to be happy again, but he also encourages him to keep on living despite the difficulties and tries his best to support him (though he really does need to actually sit down and *listen* to what Mika has to say on things). And Mika’s mental health/depression is treated as something that he genuinely needs saving from just as much as Yuu needs to be saved from physical harm, which is nice.

  • listen, this boy is the biggest dork EVER if there were an award for ‘world’s biggest dork’ he’d win it
  • meaning he’d be the silliest boyfriend in the whole entire world
  • but you’d love him for that exact reason
  • seriously you two would be so in love it would be disgusting
  • he would completely change when you two actually start dating he would’ve been so shy when he was crushing on you but after having you say yes to a date with him he’d calm down (mostly)
  • but when you wear his clothes, he’d go back to being that shy little boy again
  • he’d tell you you look so beautiful whilst doing that little smile he does yOU KNOW THE ONE
  • he’d always candid shots of you and some of them would actually be really nice
  • but other ones would be ones of you eating with food all over your face
  • you’d get him back though by screenshotting all his ugly snapchats
  • you’d be each others lockscreens
  • but it wouldn’t be a nice aesthetic photo, it’d be one of those stupid photos he took of you
  • your text conversations can be one of four things: memes, cheesiness, stupid deep conversations or you complaining to him about something he did
  • the meme conversations would be you spamming him with memes of himself and he’d haTE IT (well he’d pretend to but he lowkey saves them in an album)
  • the cheesiness ones are obvious, him getting emotional at 4 in the morning and texting you about how much he adores you and loves you and never wants to lose you
  • you, of course, respond 'you woke me up for this?’
  • the stupid deep conversations would be the same thing, hansol texting you at 4 in the morning about aliens or some new conspiracy theory he read about later in the day
  • you actually don’t mind these texts because you’re both dorks who like to research and talk about conspiracy theories
  • the complaining ones would be when the tables turn and you text him at 4 in the morning asking him why he ate all your snacks
  • 'hansol you were only here for 5 minutes yet my pantry is empty’
  • 'honestly i dont know how i did it either i kinda blacked out and next thing i know all the food is gone’
  • he’d get upset when you say 'ily’ or 'love u’ instead of 'i love you’
  • you’d touch his butt all the time and he’d get so flustered the cutie
  • he’d touch your butt back and giggle
  • arcade dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cuddly movie marathon wrapped in blankets dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • staying in bed all morning snuggling and smooching!!!!!!!
  • as soon as he finds a new song he’d send it to you
  • and every single lovey dovey romance song he finds, he says it reminds him of you and that its “our song”
  • keep in mind he finds about 10 every day that are 'our song’
  • and every time, you remind him that you have about 200 'our songs’ already
  • you love it a lot though because some of the songs are so sweet and basically say how in love with you he is, you won’t admit this or show it though
  • he’d be really bad at trying to be upset with you because he’d just do something silly like throw a blanket over you
  • you’d purposely annoy him even though he doesn’t get annoyed
  • but then when he does it to you you get so annoyed
  • when you’re not together you’d facetime for hours and hours
  • you’d end up falling asleep on facetime together every time no matter what
  • you’d basically just be best friends who are completely inseperable and everyone around you hates it because you’re so cute


“Dennis’ Double Life” Defense & Explanations

In this post, I’ll attempt to explain/defend all of the controversial scenes in the Season 12 finale, “Dennis’ Double Life.” This write-up has helped me to appreciate the episode a lot better and it might help some people who have mixed feelings about the episode to view it in a different light.

NOTE: This is a mix of speculation and canon evidence.

Question 1: Why was Dennis a butt to Mac the entire episode, especially after he was so nice to him at the end of “The Gang Tends Bar”?

Answer 1: I will break this answer into three parts:

  • Part 1: I got the vibe that Mandy surprised Dennis with the visit, which explains why Dennis had mere seconds to tell the Gang to pretend that he was someone else. With the flesh-and-blood reality of Brian Jr. on his mind, I don’t think he had the mental energy to consider Mac at all. (In “The Gang Tends Bar,” Brian Jr. wasn’t there, so Dennis didn’t feel that immediate/strong pressure. Also, Dennis was emotionally vulnerable and available after having told the Gang about his “big feelings,” so he was able to react better to Mac)
  • Part 2: I’m not sure Dennis fully comprehends Mac’s feelings for him. I think he knows, to some degree, that Mac is attracted to him, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he sees Mac’s attraction to him as a kind of strange “hero worship.” Dennis verbally confirmed that Mac is gay in “Mac Day,” but he constantly acts weirded out or confused when Mac does/says something that shows that he has feelings for him. For example, in “Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs,” Dennis thought it was weird that Mac would name their dog Dennis Jr. That reaction, of course, mirrors Dennis’ reaction to Mac’s reveal that he perfectly recreated their old apartment. I don’t think he was trying to hurt Mac. He just flat out does not understand why Mac would go through all the trouble.
  • Dennis also doesn’t appear to understand his own feelings for Mac. He has asked Mac to “get off with him” (a “mostly sexual” manipulation game) and tried to get him to participate in a threesome with a male golf caddy in “Frank’s Back in Business,” admitted to Dee that he made his sex tapes for himself and Mac in “The Gang Group Dates,” stated that he has a thing with Mac where he picks out porn for them that he doesn’t want Charlie to join in on (“The Gang Spies Like U.S.”), and danced for Mac when he saw him avidly watching him in “PTSDee,” but he doesn’t see anything strange about this. It’s just par for the course in their relationship.
  • If Dennis has trouble seeing his own feelings, then like hell is he going to fully see Mac’s feelings. And if he can’t see Mac’s feelings, he can’t deal with them properly. 
  • Part 3: In the back of Dennis’ mind, he was seriously considering leaving the Gang and being a father to his son. He knows that leaving the Gang is going to hurt him, so he emotionally pushed them away. When the Gang becomes “lesser” in his mind, it doesn’t hurt as much to leave them.

Summary: Dennis was stressed the heck out about Brian Jr. and didn’t have the energy to deal with his relationship with Mac.

Question 2: Were Mac’s feelings for Dennis treated as a joke?

Answer 2: Not necessarily. Even though Dennis likes to act like he’s the smartest member of the Gang, Mac is clearly more aware and accepting of the nature of their relationship than Dennis is. Mac was 100% fine with them pretending to be a couple and raising Brian Jr. (with or without Mandy), not because he’s super desperate and lovesick, but because, no matter what they call their relationship (lovers, partners, pretend, friends), they’d still be together. Mac just loves being with Dennis and wants to help solve Dennis’ problem, so, of course, that would be his plan. (And it’s actually a good plan.)

It hurts the empathetic audience members to see Mac treated the way he is by Dennis, but it’s normal Dennis behavior that Mac has accepted. Mac has survived his internalized homophobia, his father’s dislike of him, his mother’s indifference to him, and the Gang’s occasional dislike of him. Mac is stronger than we think he is. And if he gets tired of Dennis, he definitely has the strength to walk away from their relationship relatively unscathed.

Summary: Mac was pretty much having fun playing a character (he even wanted his character’s name to be Griffin) and hanging out with Dennis and Dennis was stressed the hell out about Brian Jr.

Question 3: Charlie wanted to have sex? With The Waitress?

Answer 3: Yes. In “Charlie Has Cancer,” Charlie was visibly disappointed when he realized that he missed the chance to possibly have sex with The Waitress. In “Who Pooped the Bed?” a drunk Waitress stated that she would get drunker and bang a random dude and Charlie asked her if it could be him. In "The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang’s Revenge,” when a drunk Waitress told the Gang that she’d bang the next person who talked to her, Charlie opened his mouth and stepped forward, but Schmitty came out of nowhere and The Waitress went home with him.

Summary: I know some people headcanon Charlie as ace and/or sex-repulsed (I personally headcanon him as gray ace) and that’s fine, but Charlie has expressed interest in having sex with The Waitress in the show.

Question 4: Why did the Waitress have sex with Charlie?

Answer 4: Surprisingly, the possibility of that happening was set up in a previous episode. In "Charlie and Dee Find Love,” (which was written by RCG) the Waitress reacted in an arguably jealous manner towards Charlie’s then-girlfriend Ruby (“Who the hell is this, Charlie?!”). Also, at the end of the episode, the Waitress told Charlie that she needed him in her life and that she was thinking about reducing his restraining order. Admittedly, the Waitress’ strange behavior was after Frank accidentally put rat poison in her shampoo (which made her sick) and hit her with his car (which put her in a hospital), so she could have some kind of permanent brain damage.

In the beginning of the show, the Waitress wasn’t attracted to Charlie, but was concerned about his well-being sometimes. (In "The Gang Gives Back,” she tried to help Charlie with his alcoholism) It’s possible that after “Charlie and Dee Find Love,” the Waitress’ view of Charlie started to change. As the years went on, the Waitress’ problems started to get worse and worse, and, like Cricket (her male counterpart), she still found herself continually drawn to the Gang. Even though she still thinks Charlie’s a mess, a part of her might think that he’s all that she has left. (And that might, sadly, be true) And, if Charlie can help her to fulfill her dream of having a baby, maybe things can get better for her.

Something I noticed as well is that the Waitress never said she loved Charlie back. It’s possible that she still doesn’t love Charlie and never will, but sees him simply as a partner that can help her to take care of her child. (Also, in order to get Frank’s money, she needs to be partnered with Charlie)

Question 5: What’s the deal with The Waitress acting the way she did after having sex with Charlie?

Answer 5: We don’t know that much about The Waitress, but we do know that she sometimes does/thinks weird stuff like the rest of the Gang. (In "Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom,” The Waitress slept with Frank, a man she’s not attracted to at all, in an attempt to get back at Dennis because she thought he was cheating on her with older women. In “Charlie and Dee Find Love,” it’s hinted at that The Waitress might be stalking Dennis because she has his phone number even though he changed it. In “The Gang Group Dates,” after years of Dennis’ mistreatment of her, The Waitress was still excited about possibly being Dennis’ girlfriend.) Also, even though she was kind of aggressive towards Charlie, all of her points were valid, some of Charlie’s responses were dumb, and her dislike of Charlie is totally understandable.

Question 6: What’s the deal with Charlie freaking out after finally getting The Waitress’ attention?

Answer 6: Surprisingly, the possibility of that happening was set up in a previous episode. In Season 9’s "Flowers for Charlie,” Frank paid The Waitress to hang out with Charlie because he was getting worried about him after he started taking “intelligence” pills for an experiment. When the Waitress began talking about her life, Charlie immediately started getting annoyed, started hearing a ringing in his head, and had to leave. We found out at the end of the episode that these pills were placebos. Basically, this was a strong hint that Charlie might be in love with the idea of The Waitress, not the actual person. So, even though he has been stalking The Waitress for 15 years, he might not really want to be with the real her. (The fact that he thought of The Waitress’ negative reactions as a “game between them” is another hint, of course)

Also, even though Charlie fantasized about raising multiple children with The Waitress in “The Gang Saves the Day” (which aired before “Flowers for Charlie”), it was still a fantasy. Charlie might fantasize about having a nice house, a wife, and children, but he still likes living in his unfancy and dangerous apartment and doesn’t handle stress well. There are huge conflicts that he doesn’t see.

Also, keep in mind that he came up with the plan only a few hours earlier and he mentioned that he wanted to get The Waitress pregnant so she would be tied to him for life. (clearly no thought about the actual baby and being a father)

So, with Charlie being Charlie and the reality of the situation crashing on him, he is starting to freak out.

Summary: Charlie freaking out is 100% in character.

Question 7: Why was Charlie a butt to Dee after having sex with The Waitress?

Answer 7: Charlie is an idiot and a misogynist, so he projected his issues with women and The Waitress onto Dee. Also, as Charlie mentioned, Dee possibly tried to have sex with him an additional time after “The Gang Misses the Boat” and he didn’t want that to happen again that night. So, overly-stressed and tired Charlie absentmindedly begged Dee not to be a whore numerous times before immediately falling asleep on top of her because even though he has issues with women, he feels comfortable with Dee.

Summary: Charlie and Dee’s relationship in a nutshell.

Question 8: Why did Dennis want to leave the Gang to take care of Brian Jr.?

Answer 8: I get the vibe that this might have been the first time that Dennis actually held Brian Jr. (or he hasn’t held him in a while?). Holding the child made him really understand that he is a living, breathing being he created and not just an obstacle to overcome to get back to his usual life. And then the child knew who he was, which made everything feel even more heavy. This is the first time in Dennis’ life that he’s been responsible for someone other than himself. He knows that if he stays with the Gang, he’ll feel guilty for whatever happens to the child. He’ll feel guilty that the child knew who he was but couldn’t see him. And the fact that the Gang doesn’t comprehend this at all (Mac, for example, excitedly told him “The plan worked!”) pushed him even further away from them and towards his child.

Question 9: Why didn’t the Gang seem to care when Dennis left?

Answer 9: The Gang has a great track record of unusual responses to deaths and departures.

In “Dennis and Dee’s Mom Is Dead,” Dennis reacted to his mother’s death by partying/hazing guys in his mom’s house and Dee and Frank seriously considered grave robbing her. In "The Gang Gets a New Member,” Mac and Dennis had no problem kicking Charlie out of the Gang and replacing him with Schmitty. In "The Gang Beats Boggs,” Mac’s only response to a drunk Dennis spontaneously leaving their plane was to write the number of beers he consumed on his forehead. In "The Gang Misses the Boat,” the Gang “broke up,” yet everyone just spent the episode doing their own thing. In "Frank Retires,” the rest of the Gang started cheering and clapping after Frank declared that he would be retiring from the Gang. I could go on and on, but you get the point.

It’s very likely that the rest of the Gang is still in shock/denial about Dennis leaving and they are expecting him to come back soon like everyone always does.

Since the highlight of the night was firing Dennis’ RPG, they decided to not let Dennis’ departure stop them. (It also doubled as a nice, fiery distraction)

As for blowing up the Range Rover? They think Dennis intentionally left it and it’s the perfect target to take out any frustrations they had/have with Dennis. (This is also one of the reasons Mac, who gave Dennis his cherished RPG, is the one blowing up the Range Rover, one of Dennis’ most prized possessions)

When Dennis comes back, they can excitedly tell him that they blew up the Range Rover and it was awesome.

Question 10: Why did Dennis leave the Range Rover?

Answer 10: Dennis wants to take care of his child, which is a good thing, but he is clearly going through a crisis and is not thinking clearly. He mentally/emotionally disconnected himself from the Gang (notice that he said “The bar’s done” and turned off the lights even though the rest of the Gang is still there and can run the bar) and left everything that reminds him of the Gang behind (which explains why the Range Rover is still there). He did not even think about packing, called a taxi, and headed straight to the airport to fly to Mandy and Brian Jr.’s location. This is one of the reasons the ending feels so “off.” It mirrors Dennis’ mindset.

Question 11: Why did Dennis name his child after Brian Lefevre?

Answer 11: This was probably Mandy’s idea and Dennis went along with it because he couldn’t think of anything else. He also probably wasn’t in the right headspace to complain since he wasn’t ready to have a child.

anonymous asked:

can you do the neighbor au for seokmin, jihoon, and minghao?? only if you have time of course ^_^

joshua, mingyu & seungkwan can be found (here) ~
wonwoo, hoshi & seungcheol can be found (here)
[this post mentions snakes so if you’re scared of them be careful~!]


  • is barely ever actually at his apartment 
  • like he’s the kind of person that has a super active social life so he’s probably spending the night over at a different friend’s house every day of the week or getting home at like weird hours of the night
  • but the landlord doesn’t care because hey in the end he makes rent and that’s what matters
  • like his door is full of take out flyers and sometimes even packages stand out on his mat for like 3-4 days at a time because like ????? does he even come home like ????? ever
  • inside his apartment though he’s got a lot of stuff because he never really throws anything out ?? like he’s got CD’s from when he was kid, boxes full of comic books and old action figures, and thrown over his couch is a blanket he got second-hand from hoshi
  • and it’s really kinda cool though because he has bookshelves full of trinkets and books and photo albums
  • and on his wall he has photos of singers and rock bands he looks up to
  • and since this is an au, seokmin’s closet looks like you took it from the nineties lots of dad caps, flannels, and ripped jeans because tbh if seokmin was going to have an aesthetic as just a regular dude living on his own he’d probably keep up with his band days and be the type to own a ‘nirvana’ t-shirt 
  • does weird stuff when he’s home alone like sit on top of the kitchen table and eat take-out and drink his soda from something that looks more like a vase than it does a cup
  • and you don’t even know who seokmin is. you don’t even think the apartment next door to yours has anyone living in it
  • until you’re over at a party a couple of blocks down hosted by your friend seungcheol and somehow you get involved in this crazy game of twister
  • and it gets down to you and this boy,,,,,, who is kinda cute with his pretty half moon smile and really big grin
  • and you’re supposed to get your hand over his and like flip yourself around but you end up wobbling and falling forward,,,,,,,,RIGhT ontop of this cute boy
  • whom you’ve never meet
  • and you’re like !!!!!!!!! sfhksda im so sorry!!!!! but you’re also laughing because god how awkward to fall on someone during twister
  • but the boy is just laughing too and he’s like “don’t be sorry, it’s my pleasure ^^” and you’re like your pleasure??? and he’s like “ive never had someone so good looking fall ontop of me before ;)” 
  • and you playfully like nudge his arm before giggling into your palm
  • and then you hear seungcheol’s voice like “hey lovebirds get off the twister mat so we can restart the game!!!!”
  • and you flush red when you realize you two,,,,,,are just laying there in front of everyone at this party
  • so you get up and offer your hand to the boy who gladly accepts
  • and the rest of the party you two stick together and talk and you find out his name is seokmin!!! and that he’s really really hilarious and good at body gags and puns
  • and he’s so totally your type and to your surprise seokmin is like “THIS is gonna sound corny but,,,,,,,, you’re totally my type,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like omg no way that’s what i was thinking and you two burst into giggles again
  • and when it’s time to go,,,,,,,,,seokmin is like “let me make sure you get home safe!!” and you’re like oh sure i live a couple blocks down and he’s like whaT a coincidence me TOO
  • and as you’re walking you and him are talking more and more and tbh you stop and you’re like “i don’t wanna leave,,,,,,,,i wanna spend some more time but since i have to go let me do this-”
  • and you lean up to kiss his cheek and seokmin is like grinning and he’s like i don’t want you to go either
  • and as you continue walking he holds your hand and you smile, but you’re so happy because finally you went to a party and you acTUALLY met someone sweet
  • and you’re like ‘oh this is my building here!!” and seokmin looks up and he’s like ,,,,,,,,,,,, wait
  • i live here too
  • and you’re like what oh my god what floor
  • and then he says the same floor as you and you’re like NO WAY WHAT ARE WE NEIGHBORS
  • and yes,,,,,,,, turns out that apartment you thought was always empty is actually seokmin’s apartment 
  • and you’re both staring in awe until seokmin is like 
  • “hey maybe that means fate brought us together for a reason,,,,,,literally together because we’re neighbors and also because i like you let me take you out on a real date tomorrow?”


  • always worn-out and the kind of neighbor who would fall asleep in the elevator ride if it weren’t so short 
  • you can tell by his constant yawning that he probably spends a lot of the night up doing work,,,,and like his clothes never look ironed and if you see him going to take the garbage out or get the mail he’s like got a face-mask on and the most sleepy expression
  • but also he always lugs around a guitar case twice his size and a shoulder bag that seems stuffed to the brim with notebooks of all different sizes
  • and he’s respectful, nodding to elders and things like that but mostly he doesn’t speak much to others
  • and it’s probably because he’s got one million things on his mind but also,,,,,,,,,i repeat: tired
  • his apartment reflects his hard work like the one thing that’s most noticeable in the entire apartment is that his living room has a huge desk with dual monitors and a shelf stuffed with books on musical composition and journals full of songs and lyrics
  • and jihoon has pens in coffee mugs in the kitchen, paper crumpled near the foot of his bed (a bed he never uses since he falls asleep in the computer chair or on the carpet beside his desk)
  • and im not saying this au brings back ponytail!jihoon,,,,,,,but that’s exactly what im saying
  • and there’s a point in the week when you have some trouble sleeping so to calm down you make some tea and go out on your balcony to sit in the night air 
  • and that’s when you hear it,,,,, the soft strums of a guitar,,,,,, then a sudden stop,,,,,, and then the guitar again
  • and you look over and for the first time, even though it’s a bit dark you can make a figure out on the balcony beside yours and you tell yourself “isn’t that jihoon’s apartment?” 
  • because although you don’t talk much to him, you know him by first name because your neighbors and when he’d moved in you had stopped by to welcome him and he’d told you his name
  • but it’s weird,,,,,you’ve never seen him outside his apartment 
  • and you never knew that he,,,,,played the guitar so well like you’d seen the case and assumed he liked music but the melody you’re hearing now is absolutely gorgeous
  • but then it stops suddenly and you hear him grumble a loud that it’s no good
  • and before you can really think you get up and go “i really like it!”
  • and jihoon’s head snaps up an he’s looking at you from above the fence of his balcony and he’s like ,,,, “o-oh uh im sorry for disturbing you ill be quieter!”
  • but you’re shaking your head and you’re like “no, i really liked what you played, is it your own?” 
  • jihoon nods, looking shyly down at his hands because gjfsgfs he didn’t know anyone was listening ,,,,,
  • but you just smile and go “it’s pretty, i would want to hear more.”
  • and jihoon seems hesitant, but it’s like 2am and you’re the first person he’s talked to in days since working on this song so he asks if you’d really want to hear what else he has and you say you do
  • so he plays it,,,,,,, and you close your eyes so entranced by the sound
  • and it’s enough to even make you feel a bit sleepy and when it’s over you give him a thumbs up from your balcony and he just shyly hides his head, but he’s smiling
  • and you say goodnight as you go back inside
  • and as your head hits your pillow, the sound of jihoon’s guitar fills your memory and you fall asleep easily
  • while jihoon sits outside on the balcony, holding his guitar and thinking about how breathtaking you looked standing there, eyes closed, with the moon as your backdrop and you and him as the only ones awake in that moment ,,,,,


  • honestly,,,,,,,is he a model????? why does a model live in this building???? it must be because the rent isn’t that bad,,,,,,,
  • jkjkjk but seriously everyone is always in awe of minghao,,,,, because like is it humanly possible to look that good??? no matter what??? because he can come out in his pajamas and still look like he’s walking the runway at seoul fashion week good lord
  • but also,,,,,he’s just a sweet oblivious kid
  • and everyone whose older has the strong urge to offer him food and take care of him like maybe it’s because he’s so tall and thin but also just looking at him makes someone want to take care of him,,,,,he’s just so endearing
  • all the neighbors invite him over for dinner tbh he never even has to buy food
  • except jun will come over and literally eat every snack minghao has bought in the past week and minghao is looking at the wrappers all over his living room floor like: jun ge,,,,,,,,,,,,you’re a punk you know that right,,,,, (same goes for hoshi hyung who does the SAME damn thing some1 save minghao)
  • his apartment is pretty nice though,,,,like he’s got this nice aesthetic going with fresh flowers in the kitchen and lucky chinese charms hanging from the walls ,,,,,,, lots of tea and other herbs his mom sent him from china
  • it always smells really good in his house
  • but the coolest thing and like,,,,,,,ok seriously just think about this: minghao,,,,,,,,,,with a pet snake
  • and he has like a whole tank just for his pet,,,,who he named sunflower in chinese,,,,because of it’s yellow skin,,,,and when you first come in you’re like huh do you own a liz- THAT IS A SNAKE
  • but minghao love sunflower, he can take her out and wrap her around his shoulders and he’s like ‘she’s a shy thing, come and hold her’ 
  • also idk i just think he’d look so cool with a snake ,,,,,
  • but yes you find out one day about the snake because minghao gets in the elevator with you and he’s holding a box,,,,,,and the box just says,,,,,,mice
  • and you’re like “are those really,,,,,mice inside there?” and minghao smiles and he’s like “yes! for my sunflower!” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,your sunflower???? and in your head you’re like is that his s/o??? why would they need mi-
  • and minghao is like “you wanna see her?” and you’re like ,,,,, “her?” and minghao is like “yeah!! sunflower!!” and tbh you’re like confused because you know minghao as he’s your neighbor, but you’ve always been scared to talk to him because lmao he’s beautiful and now he’s just inviting you to his house???? to see ‘her’?????
  • but the elevator is open and minghao is pulling you out by your wrist and he’s so excited that before you can even say much
  • you’re following him into his living room and he’s like “there she is~!” and you see it,,,,,,,the tank,,,,,,,,,,and then the little head of a S na ke ,,,,, and you’re like “t-t-t-that’s sunflower?” and minghao is like yep! and this is her meal!!”
  • and you figure out that whats in the box,,,,and why is was for sunflower,,,,,, and you might not watch sunflower ‘enjoy her meal’ but minghao just claps and is like “she’s pretty right??”
  • and you’re,,,,,,you know,,,,,,shell shocked to say the least but you’re like “yes,,,,,,she’s a pretty color,,,,,,” and minghao grins and he’s like “she also does a good job of keeping jun out of my house,,,,,he’s not fond of her.”
  • and you assume jun must be a friend of his but you laugh because that’s actually smart, say you have a pet snake and see how many of your friends refuse to ever come over again
  • but minghao turns to you and he’s like “usually people are running down the hall by now. good job.” and he ruffles your hair and you’re like,,,,,a bit embarrassed
  • and minghao is like “do you have any pets” and you guys talk about it until you say you have to go and minghao is like ok,,,,,you should come over and play with sunflower sometime!!!!
  • and you’re like gulping because how does one play with a snake,,,,and minghao can read your expression which just makes him laugh even more and he ruffles your hair again (he must really like doing that hmmm) and is like “don’t worry, ill be beside you to supervise!”
  • and you know,,,,,,,,why not like when will you get the chance to hang with a snake again so you’re like “sure!! just call me when you’re free~”
  • and minghao is like “oooo really?” and you’re like “sunflower,,,,,,,,seems nice,,,,,” and minghao grins and he’s like “i knew i liked you, sunflower will like you too~”
  • and you’re like well one you’re like oh you liked me 
  • but two now you have a play date with a snake,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’ll be worth it though
  • because one date with the snake but also,,,,,a date with xu minghao tbh i would sell my soul for that so snakes aren’t all that bad LOL 

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What did you notice with Andrew's body language??

WELL there are quite a few things to cover. 

To start off he hugs himself throughout almost the entire interview which is a self comforting gesture that humans do when we are uncomfortable: 

you can also see the he is slumped over, not making eye contact, and generally making himself smaller.

he also touches his face (which effectively hides part of it) when he talks almost every single time you can see why this would be time consuming to do a complete post of.

he also frequently preens and touches his neck (a common sign of lying in males specifically).

he also uses extremely closed off body language (legs crossed, arms crossed, covering crotch, slumping, etc)

In this gif they start talking about how this could be the final episode specifically. He starts drinking (a common tell), rubs his leg from thigh to knee with his palms down (a sign of discomfort), he preens by messing with his sock, then he crosses one leg over the other and clutches it with two hands (a common sign of discomfort in males specifically).

Here he does a really nice combo of crossed legs, crotch cover, clenched jaw, and a hard swallow (all signs of lying, closed body language, and discomfort).

It’s important to note that even if you yourself are not lying, you still show all of the signs because you are in on the lie that those around you are telling.

There are a ton more signs from this panel, but I honestly do not have the time to make gifs of them all haha. You can see these are already a bit low quality to save time. I hope this answers your question sufficiently though! (:

boyfriend! lai guanlin
  • captain awkward supreme
  • the type who looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll
  • when you first met him at school because your mutual friends wanted to hang you thought he hated human beings
  • he had this dead look in his eyes and barely talked the whole time y’all were at karaoke and basically just watched his friends sing
  • you couldn’t deny that he was rly good looking man
  • you almost felt sorry that he seemed so secluded so you approached him and was like hey…what’s your name?
  • you learned that he was from taiwan and was like!!!! that’s so COOL wtf taiwan is so cool sjneodlfk i wanna go there >:(
  • guanlin smiled a lil and he soon found you super easy to talk to and stuff bc you didn’t make fun of his pronunciation 
  • also got this massive crush on you bc like….ur so nice to him and takes care of him and teaches him korean words without saying shit like “lmao how do u not know this”
  • the crush was sO obvious like the wanna one members didn’t even know you but they kept finding guanlin with this stupid lil smile while texting so they were like ok suspicious
  • jisung: I bet 5000 won that he has a crush and they’ll get together in two weeks
  • seongwoo: 10000 won here that it’ll be in three days
  • one time you guys were texting and it was getting late and suddenly you were like…hey, do you like me?
  • guanlin: FREAKS OUT but he also knows that it’s either now or never
  • guanlin: yeah…..
  • guanlin: can we be together?
  • he didn’t tell anyone about you bc he wanted to keep it lowkey but one day jihoon was like hey who’s this person on your lock screen
  • he’s not a very touchy person and could be misinterpreted as annoyed with you but after a while you realized he just needed some encouragement
  • if you reach your hand out to him and say “hold my hand >:0″ he gets a little shy but after a short hesitation he’ll hold it
  • howeVER hand holding with him is so nice bc….his hands are rly big tbh and his fingers are long and it really sorts of gives you this safe feeling
  • the type to want to try a lot of things with you but too shy to say it so you usually have to be the one to bring it up
  • he has this cute af reaction though like you’ll say “hey did you want to cuddle and watch a movie?” he’ll nod his head really fast and get this sparkle in his eyes
  • puppy guanlin yes
  • he suppresses his smile a lot because he doesn’t want to seem overly excited and bc he has that sweggy rapper image u know but he’s weak for u so that image is nonexistent when it’s just the two of y’all
  • lets u feed him cookies while cuddling
  • after a few months into the relationship he’s a lot more relaxed and laughs more often
  • guanlin’s the biggest victim of teasing bc his reactions are just straight up CUTE
  • mild embarrassment: puts his head down and smiles a little
  • medium embarrassment: giggles and shoves you
  • maximum embarrassment: shouts sTOP and gets into this ball position with steaming red ears
  • imagine fashionista guanlin dressing you up and picking out the best accessories for you
  • but also imagine shopping at a mall with your arms linked and guanlin looking like a runaway model who could fight off 12 men
  • but aLSO imagine fooling around in the candy section and laughing because guanlin spread the chocolate all over his teeth to make you laugh
  • guanlin: the type to look cool af but also has the mindset of a 10 year old
  • even after a long time he still wouldn’t seem to be very touchy but he absolutely wouldn’t mind you initiating any type of pda
  • but ONCE you two were on the train somewhere with your hands locked and he noticed that you looked rly depressed :((( so he raised your hand and kissed the back of your palm and said “hey feel better okay :(”
  • and that made like your entire week LMAO
  • if he catches you looking sad he’d start to comfort you and then make this freestyle rap in the middle to make you laugh
  • whenever he visits his family in Taiwan he makes sure to bring back a lot of taiwanese snacks and merch for you
  • first kiss with guanlin……lmao
  • again mr AWKWARD SUPREME here and you were just cuddling and suddenly mama jisung’s words rang in his ears
  • jisung three weeks ago: hey if it’s already been six months haven’t you guys kissed yet? 
  • guanlin: yeah why
  • seongwoo: no he didn’t mean those baby kisses on the cheeks and stuff sweetheart he meant if you guys have smashed your lips together yet
  • when he said that guanlin’s life flashed before his eyes and he was like…..kISS????? THAT IS…….TOO HIGH OF A LEVEL FOR ME TO CHALLENGE……………..
  • back to present your eyes got so wide when guanlin went “we haven’t rly kissed before have we” BECAUSE HE’S JUST SO SMOOTH
  • and then guanlin kinda just starts leaning towards you and your mind’s like holy shit this is really happening 
  • you suddenly feel really warm and you could smell the strawberry cake he had a few hours ago….and when your lips are almost about to touch your noses bump bc guanlin forgot to tilt his face 
  • and he gets so ridiculously embarrassed about it he just stands up and leaves to the bathroom and legit wouldn’t come out for the next four hours
  • guanlin may not be the “perfect ideal boyfriend” that matches his looks but he always tries his hardest to make sure that you’re happy!!

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D: wait, is lance homeless?? (idk that's just how it looked)

I mean yes??? he’s more of a nomad LMAO

basically he was saved by a very nice family of aliens and when he got better (he was kinda super rekt) he decided to go off and travel around space with a craft they lent him. He feels like he needs to find something but he’s not sure what it is.

Lance has basically been just going around helping where he can / working odd jobs / enjoying space (AND BEING REALLY LONELY) 

he made a few friends though and the family of aliens leave their home open to him whenever he wants to come stay with them (that’s actually what he’s doing when Keith finds him) He rents his own little place from the family behind their house whenever he stays, because he doesn’t wanna be a burden to them?? Lance is a good mans

things klance would be like in my opinion:

- the two still annoy each other without end but they usually laugh about it and actually find each other’s mistakes endearing and funny
- lance makes a lot of jokes about stuff and keith always laugh-wheezes at them, vice versa as well
- there’s a lot of laying their heads on each other’s shoulders
- lots of private story times at night about scary stories or just warm, family, childhood related stories
- lots of smiling into each other’s shoulders
- they take it slow because they’ve fallen so within their rivalry they need a lot of time to step back from it, they still make mistakes bc of that and from time to time hurt each other but they always find a way to forgive each other
- they’d have to be really in love to attempt that though
- regularly saving each other in battle and having come up with duel battle strategies they both can follow up together nicely (lance still needs practice to keep up with keith and keith sometimes gets impatient but they can endure and grow in it together)
- keith smiling so proudly and happy for lance when lance can finally get their moves right, lance and keith celebrating often their small victories together
- also everyone else is happy for them because at least two of them are happy.

A Neph for the upcoming banner!

I… didn’t really use her in path of radiance, but she was an all star in radiant dawn, plus I’m always a sucker for lance-fighter classes. Hope I can pull her in heroes tomorrow!

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I don't really have any prompts, but if you look up the Jamilton tag on @midnigtartist's blog, you might get a few ideas! Aimee is complete Jamilton trash, loves the heck outta them

I did just that! The prompt/feeling I got from that is “Jefferson actually likes kids and takes care of Philip for a day when Hamilton loses track of him, causing Hamilton’s entire view of Jefferson as a person to shift”

@midnigtartist Happy birthday! I was already writing this before I learned it was your birthday, but I hope you enjoy it regardless! You’re art is great! Also, I sent you an ask about this but severely underestimated the size of your inbox. If/when you see the anon that sounds suspiciously like this post, feel free to ignore it! 

As much as he’d like it to be the case, Thomas did not at first recognize the kid loitering around the office. He did however, recognize that the kid couldn’t be more than 10 years old, if that- and was therefore too young to be standing around anywhere, never mind outside the ‘Washington and Associates’ law firm.

It wasn’t quite time to pack up, but Thomas figured this was more important. Plus, no one else was dealing with it, or even noticing. He saved his work, and stood up.

“Leaving early?” James poked his head up, at Thomas’ movement.

“There’s a kid hanging around outside, it’s distracting,” Thomas explained. James peeked out the window, furrowed his brows, and nodded.

“Don’t take too long,” James reminded, turning back to his work. Thomas rolled his eyes and nodded, even though he knew James’ attention was already back to his work.

The kid jumped when Thomas opened the door, immediately turning around and looking down as if he just happened to be standing there. It wasn’t very convincing.

“Hi,” Thomas pitched his voice, warmer and completely devoid of his usual sarcastic drawl. “You’ve been standing out here for a while, is there anything I can help you with?” Up close, the kid was even smaller. The parents had better be nearby, or Thomas would be having words.

“Uhh,” The kid’s head bobbed up, then straight down, his mass of curls hiding his face. Thomas felt his heart thaw, just a bit- the kid was just shy. Which was fair, given Thomas was a tall, mysterious stranger. Even adults tended to be intimidated. Thomas leaned down, dropping to the kid’s level.

“That’s okay,” Thomas tried to put the kid at ease. “Could you tell me where your parents are, so we can find them?”

“Umm,” The kid started again, but this time he brushed his hair behind an ear and glanced up to Thomas’ chin. “Mom’s at her home, I’m s'posed to be with Dad this week, and he’s s'posed to be here. I think.” He nervously glanced up at the building. “There’s only one Washington law place, right?”

Ah, a divorced kid. “Yes, as far as I’m aware, this is the only Washington law place,” Thomas didn’t want to correct the kid and possibly confuse him. Still, he couldn’t stop an amused smile at the term ‘law place’. “Can you tell me your Dad’s name?”

The kid froze, paling instantly. “U-uh, it’s my Dad, um…” He started shaking. Crap.

Thomas thought quickly. “It’s okay, it’s okay!” He smiled wide, waving his hand in what he hoped was more comforting than dismissive, though he used it in the latter sense far more often. “Could you tell me your name, instead?”

“Oh!”, the kid grinned. “My name’s Philip Hamilton! I’m 8 years old!” Thomas nearly flinched. There was only one Hamilton who worked at Washington’s, and there was no way this was a coincidence. He should have guessed- Hamilton’s divorce was well known in lawyer circles, and now that he was looking for it, the kid’s face bore some resemblance. Standing in front of Thomas was his biggest work rival’s son.

There wasn’t anything for it, though. Thomas was hardly going to just leave the kid out here. “Nice to meet you, Philip. I work with your Dad. My name’s Thomas Jefferson.”

Philip’s eyes lit up in recognition. Thomas had just enough time to worry about what exactly the kid was recognizing. “Jefferson? Dad mentions you all the time! He says you’re really distracting!”

Distracting, huh? Not 'evil’, not 'idiotic’; nor any of the other insults Hamilton would shout to his face? Not even 'bad man’, if he wanted to soften it to his kid? Thomas itched to ply Philip for answers, for what Hamilton really thought; but it was the middle of winter and now was not the time.

“How about we wait inside for your Dad, and you tell me what you’re doing out here?” Thomas spoke cautiously, not sure how Philip would react to being asked to go somewhere with a relative stranger.

Strangely though, Philip’s shyness went straight out the window after his introduction. “Oh! That’s because Dad promised me this time, for real promised, that he’d get off work on time and take me to see a movie! I wanted to make sure he really would, so I looked up 'Washington law’ on google and bussed here all by myself!” Thomas led the way to the building as Philip chattered, small hand immediately latching onto Thomas’ fingers.

“That’s very cool!” Thomas enthused, opening the door and immediately shooting a glare at every person who stared. “Now, your Dad’s out now, the boss sent him to the courthouse to drop something off, but we can wait for him, alright?”

Philip beamed. “Alright! This place looks even cooler than I thought!” He was so enthusiastic, that Thomas couldn’t help but smile back. Hamilton would still be getting an earful, being so unreliable that his 8 year old child felt the need to escape his babysitter and bus through the middle of town to check up on him. Hell, did he even have a babysitter?

Thomas’ work was left, forgotten on his desk. James would clean up for him, this was more important. “What do you say to meeting your Dad’s boss?” He needed to at least explain the situation, after all.

“Mr. Washington? Yeah! Dad says he’s too nosy, and Mom says he’s basically like my second grandpa, even though I’ve never met him before.”

Thomas couldn’t stop the chuckle if he tried. “Did he? You’ll have to tell me more, later.” He joked, but Philip nodded anyways. This was far better than finishing his work.

Alex was determined to keep his promise, for real this time. He was not staying late, and if possible, he would even be home early. Washington owed it to him, for all that free overtime.

Unfortunately, all the owing in the world meant nothing when Washington ordered him to take some important documents to the courthouse, a good half hour away, when the day was nearly over. Alex could never say no to a direct request like that, even if Washington probably would have relented if he explained his circumstances.

No, he could do this and still be out on time, if he drove straight to Philip’s school, instead of back to the firm, first. Alex did so, driving as fast as he reasonably could.

Only, when he did that, Philip had already left, instead of waiting for him. In fact, he had left for the washroom in the last hour of class, and never returned, according to the teacher. Alex barely spared the time to chew them out for not keeping a better headcount, and then he was running off to his car and to home.

Philip wasn’t at home either. Alex started panicking in earnest. He could be anywhere, but why would he? Philip was so excited about going to see the movie, he wouldn’t have just run off today of all days, would he? But he alternative- if Philip hadn’t purposefully run off himself- was far worse. Alex started by doing circles of the neighbourhood, then the local parks.

Alex was focused; so focused that his phone remained in his pocket, battery dead before he’d even realized Philip was missing.

It must have been hours later, the sun starting to set, when Alex finally gave up. He had panicked somewhere early down the line, and never quite stopped. His limbs were shaking. Alex had lost his son.

He didn’t want to even think about the phone call he would have to make to Eliza. But first, he’d check the house again, just in case. Alex wasn’t holding out much hope at this point.

Alex was just stressed enough to miss the strange car behind his in the driveway. He was not, however, too stressed to notice two people sitting in his living room.

“Hamilton, about time!” Jefferson waved his arms enthusiastically, though something sharp glinted in his eyes. Alex’s brain stuttered for a moment at the sight of his coworker/rival relaxing in his home, but then Philip was bounding into his arms.

“Dad! Where the heck where you? Mr. Jefferson’s called you like, a million times!”

“Wha- Philip, where have you been? You weren’t at school, the teachers told me you disappeared, you weren’t at home, I’ve been worried sick, looking for you!” Harsh, panicked words spilled from Alex’s mouth, even as he seized his son in a fierce hug. “Don’t scare me like that!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” Philip hugged back tight, voice suddenly subdued and guilty. “I just wanted to find you at work, so you’d actually go on time.”

Alex loosened his hug so that he could face Philip directly. “Wait, you what-?” Alex cut himself off, remembering the other person in the room. “Jefferson, why the fu-heck are you here?” Philip’s head poked up at Alex’s accusatory tone, brows furrowing in confusion.

“Nice save,” Jefferson smirked, always as irritating as possible. “Also, is that really the way you want to be speaking to the guy who’s been watching your kid all evening? When I could have been doing anything else with my time?”

There was no reason for Jefferson to be lying. In fact, that answer made the most sense, given that Jefferson had literally been in his home, watching Philip, when Alex got in there. Still though, this was Jefferson. Instinctive denial surged in his chest. “Excuse me-”

“I’m sorry!” Philip shouted again, lip trembling. He wasn’t looking at Alex though, instead facing Jefferson. “I didn’t mean to waste your day!”

Alex’s blood ran cold. That was exactly the opening one could never make to Jefferson- he could never hold back his infuriating sarcastic comments. He was going open his mouth and spout some negative bullshit that would make Philip cry, because Jefferson was an asshole who didn’t have any kids and probably hated them.

Jefferson did open his mouth, but his eyes were suddenly wide, with surprise and maybe guilt- something Alex had never seen him wear. He scrambled off the couch. “No no, I didn’t mean that, Philip! You’ve been great fun!” Jefferson assured, stepping over to crouch in front of Philip.

Philip looked up at him cautiously. Alex held his breath, completely taken aback. “Really?”, Philip whispered, and Alex could hear the tiny smile working its way into his voice.

“Of course!” Jefferson reached a hand over to ruffle his hair. “I got to read all your poems, and you got to hear all about the silly things your Dad does at work! It’s just that your Dad’s back now, so I should probable get going.” He gave Philip a wide grin, full of warmth and life.

Alex wasn’t sure he’d ever seen Jefferson with a smile like that. It did something to his stomach that he’d rather not analyze.

“No! You gotta stay for supper! We can’t do the movie anymore anyways, right Dad!” Philip bounced back, both emotionally and literally, on the balls of his feet.

Alex opened his mouth, searching for an excuse that wouldn’t upset Philip. Then, he glanced over to Jefferson. He was fidgeting, glancing away awkwardly. With a start, Alex realized he must have actually had fun. Somehow, Jefferson was actually really good with kids, if Philip’s excitement meant anything; and now he was standing there, in Alex’s house, looking more awkward and vulnerable than Alex had ever seen him.

“Yeah… yeah, he can stay. If he wants to.” Alex didn’t even want to guess what his face looked like right now. He wasn’t even sure what his feelings looked like right now. It was all a mess of exposed wires, his entire worldview turned on its head.

Jefferson flinched in surprise for a moment, eyes snapping to Alex. Then, he gauged Alex’s pure, undiluted confusion, and a smile slowly took his face, one that more closely resembled the teasing smirks Alex was used to. Now though, it seemed just a little less aggressive than Alex remembered.

“I suppose I can stay and tell your Dad all about how you skipped your last class, looked up his workplace online, and then bussed there all by yourself without telling anybody.” Jefferson shrugged, nonchalant.

“What! Mr. Jefferson, no!” Philip whined, even as he smiled broadly. “I’m gonna get grounded!”

Jefferson laughed. “Well, whose fault is that? You’re a little troublemaker!”

Philip spouted denials in between giggles. Alex felt his paradigm shift further off axis. “I guess I’ll get started,” Alex said, quiet and distant. He stood up and edged his way to the kitchen. Jefferson and Philip continued to chat in his hallway.

Somewhere between numb and completely unsure of himself, Alex turned the oven on and got out a frozen pizza. He took as much time as he could retrieving the round pan and opening the pizza box. Replaying in his mind was the smile Jefferson had made at Philip. His stomach flipped again.

“Hey,” Jefferson’s voice was calm and subdued, but made Alex jump a foot anyways. “I put the TV on for Philip.” He was right behind Alex, nearly crowding him into the counter. “I assume you want to know what’s been going on? No one’s been on the same page today.”

Alex swallowed. It wasn’t the first time Jefferson had crowded him, Alex had realized over time that it was more a matter of not knowing about personal space, rather than an active bid at intimidation. It was also overwhelming, especially now. “Uh,” Alex started, horrified at the squeak his voice made. “I guess not.”

Jefferson smirked- how could he not?- but relented, backing up a step. “It really wasn’t all that crazy. The kid showed up in the last hour of work, and no one else would do it, so I watched him. Tried to call your phone, I’m assuming it’s dead.” Alex dug into his pocket, pulling out a very dead phone. He paled. “No, it’s fine, it’s done.” Jefferson waved his hand dismissively. “I didn’t- I mean, it wasn’t awful.”

Alex paused at Jefferson’s stutter. His ears were pink. Adorable, Alex thought, then shook it from his mind. “Thank you,” he said instead.

“Uhhh,” Jefferson’s ears turned pinker. “No offense, but that sounds so weird coming from you.” Suddenly, he started laughing. “And I just said 'no offense’, which is even weirder!”

Alex snorted. Giggles stumbled their way between his lips, turning into chuckles, then full blown laughter. “Oh my God,” Alex wheezed, “This is so weird!”

Jefferson was howling right beside him. “I know, right?!”

Their laughs petered off, save for a quiet snicker from the distance. Both their heads whipped around- Philip peeked from the doorway. “Dad hasn’t laughed like that in ages,” He said knowingly. “You guys should hang out more. Hey, can Mr. Jefferson come with us to the movie, next time?”

Alex flushed, his mind stumbling to a stop, not sure if it was from the sheer audacity of the question, or how the idea of going out with Jefferson sounded too much like a date. His only saving grace was that it was probably the last thing Jefferson wanted, anyways. It didn’t matter that the sight of him being so nice to Philip did things to Alex’s heart.

“That sounds nice. If your Dad agrees.” Jefferson gave Philip an indulgent smile, then turned to Alex, question standing.  A quiet blush graced his cheekbones as well. He looked so much more attractive- cute, Alex’s brain supplied- when it was open like this. Usually, Jefferson’s appearance was the only attractive thing about him. Alex realized suddenly that he was gone- had been gone the moment Jefferson had revealed a side of himself that wasn’t pure opposition to everything Alex stood for.

“Alright,” Alex agreed. He needed to see where this was going. He was going to figure Jefferson out, or die trying.

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how can u afford to have such a pretty desk?? it looks really expensive.

I know there are a lot of misconceptions about studyblr ideals and I’ve wanted to clear the air about having a ‘perfect desk’ for a while.

My study space is something I take pride in, and I find that making it look nice motivates me to study and succeed. I consider it an investment in my future. Though it looks somewhat luxurious, I’m not particularly wealthy. I’m a student living at home and I make money by babysitting. I’ve managed to get my desk the way it is by saving money, and putting it towards small purchases over the span of years. Some of the things you see are also gifts. It all boils down to being able to find a good bargain, or being able to DIY things. 

For example, those ‘prints’ on my vision board might look fancy but they’re either images pulled off the internet, or graphics I’ve made myself and printed on regular printer paper. The cute little picture frame with a print in it, is literally a $3 frame from the Reject Shop with a piece of scrapbook paper in it. The pretty notebooks, pink vase, stapler and candle are all from Kmart too. I know that the rose-gold theme kind of exudes luxury and expense, but it doesn’t have to be expensive! I think a big part of it is having an eye for a colour scheme. Literally 98% of what you see on my desk comes from an affordable store; most of the decor is IKEA, Target or Kmart, and the most expensive items I’ve bought to date are my lamp and my textbook stand (cookbook stand lol) which were both only $20. I’m not the type of girl who spends money on clothes or shoes, and I rarely go out, the little money that I do have is either saved or goes towards things such as my textbooks, novels or stationery supplies because those are things I enjoy. 

Also, please keep in mind that I generally post photos when my desk is in a decent state. 95% of the time it’s covered in random papers, half-full mugs, empty bottles of water and a fork sticking out here or there. 

Cold Feet | JIMIN

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pairing: jimin x reader

↝ genre: angst & fluff | best friends to lovers

↝ length: 6.8k

↝ summary: snippets of your years with park jimin. you have an awful habit of getting cold feet when it comes to jimin but lucky for you, he’s a trooper. 

“Can I sit here?” The boy in front of you asks gently.

“No,” comes your brutally immediate reply.

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docloudscomeinpurple  asked:

idk if you've heard but joey is going to be on Arrow and they've cast liam hall to play him. your thoughts? do you have high hopes (or any hopes at all) for a live action joey?

it came up on my facebook feed a while back actually! i was pretty surprised; i don’t follow arrow at all but i was sure they’d said joey wasn’t going to be in it. maybe he’s been received well enough in the deathstroke comics lately for the showrunners to change their minds? 

the actor they’ve chosen isn’t to my taste at all (where are joey’s blond curls???), but i think the way the character is portrayed will take precedence over physical appearance - robbie amell is my favourite live-action fred jones, after all. if joey’s just another edgy vigilante with grant or rose’s personality then i won’t be interested, but if he’s truer to his classic self (and perhaps even has his disability?) then this could be a great step forward and i’d love to see where it goes.

i don’t know enough about DC’s TV-universe (is there a better name for that? flash and arrow and supergirl and so forth) to expect good or bad things, so i’m going to push this to the back of my mind until it actually happens. it’s too exhausting to hope, but a pleasant surprise would be very welcome!

Save me (Loki x Reader)

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Word Count: 887

Pairing: Loki x Reader

AN: This is my first loki imagine so I hope you guys like it :) you can read part two part three and part four here

The first time Loki saw you was the day that started it all. He was walking through the city streets with his brother Thor, helping him with a mission on earth. Yes, the god of mischief was willingly helping his brother, there had to have been something in it for him. The brothers were walking in silence beside each other, not sure of what to say as their conversations were rarely civil anymore, but Loki decided to break the awkward silence.

“So brother, how is Lady Jane?”

Thor’s head immediately turned to face his brothers, cheeks bright red from the mention of the love of his life. Before he could actually respond however, a loud screeching of tires could be heard from across the street. Head jolting up, Loki’s eyes caught sight of you walking across the road completely oblivious to the car that was about to hit you. Upon hearing the tire screeching you looked up, frozen in fear ass the car was just centimeters from hitting you.

Something really strange happened that day, something that left Thor gobsmacked and questioning whether or not he truly knew his brother. Some form of heroism deep inside Loki caused him to use his magic to stop the oncoming car, the green aura of his magic floating around the vehicle as it stopped it’s movement. Your eyes widened noticing that someone, most likely a mutant had just saved your life.

Your eyes searched the crowds of people around you and stopped upon noticing a man concentrating with his hand held toward the car. The man was gorgeous to say the least with dark hair that just reached his shoulders and pale skin. He wore a dark green shirt and black jeans that clung to his long legs. You were immediately attracted to this strange boy.

You had to thank this man for saving your life, you had to know who he was. Snapping out of your intense gaze you made you way across the road towards the mysterious stranger who rescued you just moments ago. You notice a man next to him and immediately recognize him as the Avenger Thor making you a little nervous to approach the men, but you had to thank him for his actions. 

Loki, who has now released his magic on the car, notices you approaching and starts to turn around and walk in the other direction, dragging his brother behind him. Noticing him trying to escape you start to speed up your pace, calling out to the man. 

“Hey, please wait up. Please.”

Loki wasn’t sure why but he stopped running away and turned around, letting you catch up to him. You bending over and catching your breath from the short amount of exercise, this is why you didn’t run! Loki’s eyes where taking every inch of you in, noticing your long dark curly hair and the beautiful hazel colour your eyes held. He was taken away by your beauty, never had he met a woman let alone a mortal who had the ability to take his breath away but for some reason you did. 

Thor suddenly cleared his throat, standing up taller as he questioned you. “Is there something troubling you miss?”

You shook your head, becoming shy all of a sudden standing in front of two powerful beings. “That was you, wasn’t it? Who did that, who just saved me?” Your eyes were directly on Loki’s as the words left your mouth.

Clearing his throat and trying to snap himself out of this strange trance he was in, he responded. “Perhaps, what’s it to you mortal?” He came off rude, like the normal Loki but that’s what he was aiming for. He wasn’t going to let himself come off as weak just because of some pretty girl he just met.

You scrunched your eyebrows in confusion with his words. “Mortal? What-uh, never mind. What do you mean what’s it to me? You just saved my life, I came to thank you.”

The god seemed uninterested as he crossed his arms. “Whatever.”

Quickly becoming annoyed with the arrogant boy you let your thoughts be heard. “Gosh you don’t have to be rude you know. Didn’t anyone ever teach you any manners?”

Loki seemed shocked by your outburst, not expecting such harsh words to come out of a seemingly shy little girl. Before he could respond Thor stepped into the conversation. “Please excuse my brother, he is terribly ill mannered and hasn’t much experience with people on earth.”

Recognition flashed in your eyes, Thor was Asgardian so if this was his brother he must be too. That’s why he refereed to you as a mere mortal. “Oh you’re Thor right? I’ve seen you on TV with the Avengers. You guys are pretty darn cool.”

Thor seemed happy with you compliment letting out a small chuckle. “Much thanks kind lady, however we really must be off now. It was nice meeting you.”

Laughing at the strange way they talked you waved goodbye to the men. “Um, see ya. Goodbye angsty magic guy who saved my life.” You smirked as Loki scoffed at your words, turning and walking away. What you didn’t see though was the small smile that appeared on his face as he walked away from the most interesting mortal he’s ever met.

Who is the mole?

Wild speculation incoming.
Also: massive spoilers incoming for people who don’t read the manga (I’m putting anything post-season 1 under a cut).

Y’all know UA has a mole problem, yeah?
I’m far from the first to come up with a theory on this, but I’m happy to note that I did (I think) arrive upon a new suspect.

For context: after the villains attack UA, it becomes increasingly clear that someone in that school is a traitor. They’re either working for Shigaraki, or as a subsidiary of his ‘sensei’.
Deduction methods: I’m mostly going by elimination, Sherlock Holmes style. Also, I’m basing myself on the following classic narrative rule: If you’re going to have a traitor in the midst of your cast, you have to introduce them way before anyone knew there even was a traitor. If a writer goes 'oh, here’s our traitor, the person that showed up right before they got found out’, that is lame. Like… super lame and I give Horikoshi more credit than this. Dude put cameos of several characters in the very first chapter of the manga. He knows what he’s doing.

The villain invasion

Let’s start with the first time we see Shigaraki and his cronies in action (incidentally it is also the part where BnHA stops being a high school slice of life romp and starts getting Serious).
So, the invasion starts with an electrical cut-out, which shuts off the trespasser sensors. Then the villains use Kurogiri’s ability to flood in.
Straight off the bat, the following teachers are proven innocent, by virtue of nearly dying trying to protect the students:

  • Aizawa
  • Thirteen
  • All Might

The following are also out of the picture for really messing up Shigaraki’s plans. I mean. There is such a thing as acting to avert suspicion, but for a spy this probably goes too far:

  • Izuku (duh)
  • Todoroki, Bakugou and Kirishima
  • The five kids beating up/sabotaging Kurogiri at the entrance: Iida, Uraraka, Shoji, Sato and Sero (Ashido is present but doesn’t actually do anything).
  • I’m going to put Snipe on the Innocent List as well, for shooting the hell out of Shigaraki.

Right here, that’s like half of class 1-A in the innocent pile. Please note that I’m not taking off any of the other teachers that show up to Save the Day. That’s their job, you see. Not coming along to save the kids would make them suspicious.

People that are Highly Suspicious after this incident:

  • Aoyama and Hagakure: where they go tho?
  • Kaminari: because of the electric blast at the start. However, it is heavily suggested that the electric villain that captures him, Momo and Jirou is the one messing up the sensors.

 Extra thoughts:

  • The rescue mission exercise was a surprise. At least to the students of 1-A. This makes it less likely that the traitor is one of the class and more likely that they are faculty. Although any spy worth their salt could, of course, have snuck into the teacher’s office.
  • The villains, and this is a major point in Izuku’s water fight, don’t know the kid’s quirks. If the traitor is 1-A or, for that matter, someone who regularly teaches them, they should probably know them at least a little? They had that physical test and everything. Again, though, I can’t really rule them out because the info they gained from the test is vague at best, and they may not have had the time to relay it fully.

With that said, let’s go to the next incident.
Everything from this point is a Manga Spoiler, so please beware.

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67. Drunk Dean mumbling about his really great girlfriend while you take care of him.

A/N: This one was kind of fun to write. Also, if anyone has any requests, I’d be happy to give them a shot! Enjoy.

Word count: 731

Warnings: mentions of oral sex, but otherwise pretty clean


“Hey, get your hands off me,” he slurs, pushing at her arms when she helped him so that he wouldn’t fall. “I have a girlfriend.”

“Oh, you do?” she murmurs, raising an eyebrow at him as she tried to make him sit on his bed so she could get him changed.

“Yeah, she’s really beautiful,” he mumbles, blinking tiredly at her form after plopping onto his bed. He looks up at her much like a child would, with wonder-filled eyes as though he’s never seen her before.

“Tell me about her,” she states, pulling his shirt over his head and taking it to the laundry basket. She can’t look at him, now with how he’s watching her like the most perfect thing in the world.

“She kicks ass at hunting. She’s saved my life so many times,” he begins, grinning happily. “And she’s really smart, too. And her eyes are like stars in the sky when she’s happy and her hands are always so soft and she’s so nice to me, even after we fight.”

“She sounds good for you,” she half smiles as she returns to him. She considers recording his sweet words spoken with an unhindered tongue, then decides against it.

“She’s great, she really is,” he agrees, leaning back as she presses his shoulders to the bed. “She looks just like you, you know. You’re as beautiful as she is.”

“That must be a very odd coincidence,” she tells him as she sets to work unbuttoning his jeans. He doesn’t offer much help to her since he was too busy daydreaming, but finally she manages to undo them and pull the zipper down. “Do you think she’ll forgive you for getting drunk like this?”

“Maybe. She gets drunk with me sometimes and we dance and act weird together. You know she likes to dance when she thinks I’m not paying attention?” he rambles, and she pauses for a moment, looking up to his green eyes and cheesy smile. “She thinks that I don’t see, but I like to watch her. She dances really good.”

“That’s… good to know,” she murmurs, kneeling down by the bed to start on untying his boots.

“She goes down on me really good too,” he says with a flushed smirk. “She kneels down like you’re doing right now and just-”

“Dean, I’m not going down on you,” she tells him firmly. “I’m taking off your boots and then I’m going to take off your pants and get you to sleep, okay?”

“Are you my girlfriend?” he sits up on his elbows, his muscles crunching together as his eyes widened. “You’re really pretty like her.”

“Dean, you’ve told me that a few times now. Yes, I’m your girlfriend,” she tells him, pressing a quick kiss to his chest. “And you’re very drunk and need to stop talking.”

He watches her silently, finally cooperating by lifting his hips and letting her pull his jeans off those glorious thighs of his.

“How did I get so lucky?” he finally asks, cocking his head to the side.

She has to smile some at his words, even as she tries to tuck him into bed.

“I have such a great girlfriend,” he babbles, nodding.

“I’m glad to hear that,” she runs a hand through his hair and kisses his temple. “Now you need to sleep this off.”

“Will you sleep with me?” he asks quietly, reaching up to hold her wrist.

“I still need to shower, and then I’ll come to bed,” she tells him with a small smile. “But only sleeping.”

“Only sleeping,” he agrees with a nod. “After your shower.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back,” she tells him, and he nods.

“You’re my It Girl,” he says as she walks away, making her pause in her tracks and look back at him in confusion. “If you really are my girlfriend. You’re my It Girl.”

“What do you mean?” she asks him, leaning against the threshold to the door.

“My That’s It girl,” he explains, giving her an honest expression. “Like “That’s it” and I’m done with girls. There’s no one else for me anymore.”

Her chest flutters with his honesty once more, and she smiles at him.

“I’ll be right back,” she says. “And Dean?”

“Yeah?” he returns eagerly, and she can’t believe she’s found someone so excited to call her his.

“You’re my It Man, too.”

Bethesda E3 Conference Summary
  • Bethesda VR: DOOM, and Fallout 4 
  • The Elder Scrolls Online? Morrowind available now. Horns of the Reach, Clockwork City added in the future.
  • Creation Club. New weapons, armor, etc, for Skyrim and Fallout 4. Fuck that, you have to use credits? How much do you think that’s going to cost? Basically pay for mods. They’re really trying this again?Coming Summer 2017
  • Fucking Christ. Really? Their card game again? Does anybody care about their fucking card game???? New cards are being added: Heroes of Skyrim
  • Skyrim for Nintendo Switch. You can put Nintendo Amiibos in? That’s kinda cool. Motion controls for weapons. 
  • Dishonored Death of the Outsider. September 15th release. 
  • Quake. “Takes ESports to the next level” Gaming commercials are always bad. Bad in a humorous way. The Quake World Championship. THEY GET A MILLION DOLLARS WHAT THE FUCK??
  • A guy needs to save his daughter. He needs to go back to an alternate world? It looks really good actually, visually, graphics wise. Is he getting reborn through this white junk? The Evil Within 2. Didn’t play the first one, would probably explain what I don’t know. Also though. Wasn’t the first one really poorly received? Oct 13th release. Didn’t even know they owned that. 
  • It looks like another history game. Possibly WW2? Cold War. Nazis. Called the WW2. Visually again, looks really nice. WW2, but in the future WW2. Super high tech WW2. Remind you of anything? Lots of robots. Wolfenstein 2. Again, another sequel for a game I didn’t even realize Bethesda owned. 
  • Everything will be out this year. So much for the good franchises eh? 

Ending Points

I have zero interest in anything they announced. Their line-up wasn’t spectacular this year. I will say that the graphics look phenomenal however.