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Is it bad that I love proof of concept guns? Things like classless ammunition, the KRISS, and the like are super cool to me

Hell no! Shits awesome! If you want some really neat reading on some crazy fucking guns go look up the Special Purpose Individual Weapon (SPIW) trails.

SUNMOON POKEDDEX DAY 18 - Favourite Dragon Type: Kommo-o

I fell behind a bit because I decided to make this one larger and more detailed. I felt like Kommo-o really deserved that. I like the design and the concept so much and the entire line is super neat. You don’t always have Pokemon lines of this high quality. Jangmo-o is super cute and it becomes this big fighting badass dragon. What’s not to love?

I’ve been working on concepts for our upcoming comic “Quibbling” lately. I was reading a lot about familiars, talismans and amulets and found something really neat about all of those things. Magic is often associated with known (sometimes religious) symbols, but a a lot of magic is very personal. Medieval familiars were creatures with forms the “witch” decided or found attractive. A lot of magic symbols are just shapes that came to the users mind. Doodles with significance only to them. It’s the personal significance, the emotional connection, that gave them power. Modern practical magic kinda goes back to that. Using Pavlovian responses, soothing smells, tastes and colors. Gave me the idea of maybe splitting the world of Quibbling between Grand-magic and Small-magic (Practical-magic?) Not sure what to do with that yet. The lead of the story, Cid, is the type to wear patterns and carry cute things because she believes it would bring her luck. I love that type of character. Here’s a few practical magical examples I thought you guys would dig.

let me tell you why i’m absolutely in love with hamilton: an american musical.

the show’s diversity, for one, is an incredible and crucial aspect of its success. never before has a broadway production given so many traditionally white roles to people of color. hamilton provides POC actors with opportunities so fantastic that many would fight for, and that’s just a really really neat concept to me.

very few shows (or movies, or books, or tv programmes, for that matter) convey their protagonists as deeply flawed, or their antagonists as hidden “good guys”. well, actually, many do, but not in the way hamilton does. alex cheated on his wife, he’s arrogant, he somehow always beats burr. burr does everything he does for theodosia, he just wants to win for once, he’s one of the most intelligent men of his time. in hamilton, there really are no good guys or bad guys. everyone’s just a person, with positive and negative qualities, and i find that really touching.

hamilton’s music is unlike the music of any show in history. it’s a hip-hop musical about the founding of a nation, for goodness’ sake! hamilton is a story told through song. there’s not a full moment onstage without music, and each song beautifully and brilliantly flows into the next. the show contains some of the most meaningful raps of all time, and they’re all about the founding fathers. dwell on that for a moment.

that’s my final point. being the brilliant hip-hop history phenomenon it is, hamilton has educated millions, including myself, about their past. before this year, i never thought i could be so obsessed with american history. hamilton has inspired me to do my own research and learn more about all aspects of our history, rather than focusing on the victories and the people who lived through the end. be honest, before listening to the soundtrack, how much did you know about john laurens? hercules mulligan? aaron burr, even? if you’re anything like me, chances are you’d never heard the names. these are the people you don’t hear about in the lectures.

so i’d just like to thank @linmanuel and anyone and everyone who has ever been involved with or changed by hamilton. thank you for teaching us.

SUNMOON POKEDDEX DAY 17 - Favourite Rock Type: Lycanroc (Night) 

The concept for this Pokemon is so neat. I actually prefer the day version of the two but I have that in another slot so I drew the night version for favourite Rock type. Lycanroc’s such a cool Pokemon and really good, too. Mine just happened to die in my Sun Nuzlocke. It sucked. 

I wasn’t all that impressed by the Night version’s design at first but it does have its charm. The way the hands are drawn in the original look a bit silly and I’m questioning the floppy ears. I’ve come to terms with the stubby tail, though. But what comes to the main and mainly the fringe, it is weird. And there is an explanation.The dex entry says “ delivers a headbutt, crushing their bones with its rocky mane” which would make it seem like the black part is actually solid, not fur. And in the official art it does look more solid. So, that’s why mine’s a punk unicorn werewolf.

intp, me, about all you kiddos

ENFJ: very cool and magical and awesome but also I really don’t like parties as much as you do

INTJ: we’re the same but you’re better

INTP: fuck off

ISFP: are you guys okay?? should I get you like. Colored pencils or something also Weed

ESTJ: you guys get shit done and that is a foreign concept to me

ISTJ: neat Handwriting

INFJ: y'all motherfuckers are annoying as fuck but I would dig into the earth’s molten core for you

INFP: the most infp thing an infp has done to me is made me a flower crown. Also 89% of tumblr

ESFP: never met you but I’m almost 200% sure I won’t like you (sorry)

ENTJ: you scare me

ENTP: do you ever?? shut up??

ESFJ: very sensitive flowers who will get drunk and party

ENFP: “I’m an introverted extrovert”

ESTP: why are you so attractive?? Rude

ISTP: cars are sexy

ISFJ: You. Are so little I love you guys so tiny and precious and soft god I love you

I commissioned the incredibly talented @kisu-no-hi a few weeks back and she managed to turn a twisted idea of mine into an amazing piece of art. Seriously, go check her works, follow her, commission her and shower her in money. She deserves it as a great artist and a really cool person to talk to.

Having romanced Merrill in DA2 and left Hawke in the Fade in Inquisition, I was wondering what could happen next, how their story could end (or not). The idea of Merrill being able to see Hawke through her Eluvian seemed like a neat concept to me. But is it really Hawke? Or a demon taking this form to torment her? We’ll never know!

(I’m so sorry Daisy I love you but I’m a piece of shiet who enjoy tragedy)

SUNMOON POKEDDEX DAY 8 - Favourite Psychic Type: Lunala 

As in my PokeddeXY challenge, I have figured out a way to draw both of the title legendaries for this SM challenge. I generally try to avoid drawing legendaries unless I really can’t find anything else that fits. I really love both Solgaleo and Lunala, I think they’re both super neat concepts and their duality is really interesting. Lunala’s design is so cool and I’m very happy with it’s typing and all. Also, bat Pokemon are love.


Hate me all you want for giving Athena a human face, but her Christmas themed logo and screen was just so adorable. That it made me suddenly have a stupid idea, like what if there was an AU where she had a human projection or something? I don’t know. 

(I’m aware of that concept drawing with the omnic that has her logo on it.)


quick updates!  WIPs and whatnot

went to designercon and CTN, picked up some books and a couple neat resin things from mold3d and missmonster, chit chatted with some very neat folks, got my inspiration levels back up.

Going to try to be doing smaller, doable, lunch crunchy type of things (1-2 hour projects like the tooth fungus above) in addition to longer, more detailed sculpts (wip top left, concept by spysheep)

I also changed my instagram name to xsculpts as I want to really focus on sculpture there from now on.  So follow that if you’re keen on more up-to-date rumblings, as on tumblr I’m going to just post “master posts” of finished works and breakdowns.

tl;dr:  not dead yet


Well I’m out of characters that I officially have in game, but I can share my recent concept for a frosty sylvari. I wanted him to look both frosty and a little aurora borealis like; he also really makes me think of the Japanese Painted Fern (very neat plants).
Aside from the base design though, I don’t have anything else, not a name, I couldn’t even put together an outfit that I felt fit his design. I guess I’ll have to work on designing him outside of the game (which is okay cause I also have that ogre out of game).

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you know how in the REALLY early stage show michael crawford would layer blue contacts over his right eye to make it seem like a blind/glass eye? i think it'd be neat if ALW!phantom was actually missing the eye on the deformed side of his face (how he lost it- or if he was born with it- is up to you)

Ooooo, that’d be super interesting! 

I’m actually a huge fan of the phantom having different colored eyes myself, but hey no eye at all is pretty unique too! Also it’d be an interesting concept for the stage show because then we as the audience could wonder if he was born that way or if it’s from traumatic injury!

I was watching Markiplier’s Silly.TIFF video, and when it got to the clip with Hotep, I was like, “oh my god that’s Sonic Underground”.
Which led to me listening to some of the music again. And then I wanted to draw Sonia and Manic. So today at work I doodled the sketch for this and finished it up digitally in about 5 or so hours.
While the cartoon itself may not exactly be very good, I still like the main concept behind it of Sonic having siblings that have to find their mother in order to stop Robotnik. I think it could be kinda neat if they sort of redid it but replaced the music concept with something a bit more up to date. Hence why I included the Chaos Emeralds.

I also tweaked the designs of Sonia and Manic a little because the skin tight clothes didn’t really work in this style and Manic’s Mickey hands always bugged me.

So… Yeah.

BTW, if you’ve never seen the show, Someday is the song they play in the first episode.


I think they call it the “End Dress.” It’s really, really beautiful. I think Trisha wanted to get an ocean sense. Someone said to me that it was very “Ophelia”. With the flowers and the hair, it does look like I’m drowning. -Natalie Portman

I remember asking Trisha why she chose the specific fabric and color for that dress. She looked at me in bewilderment, and very gently explained that the color-this beautiful azure blue-and the rippled fabric matched the ethereal and melancholy landscape of the Naboo lake retreat at Lake Como, where Padmé and Anakin fell in love. This is where Padmé had wanted to escape with Anakin, and the funeral gown symbolizes her spiritual return to that lake. - Rick McCallum

more JTTW characters are all here!

Sun Wukong(it’s quite surprising that sun in the concept is a girl!)


Wu Bajing(thicc for reasons. Also thanks to @adelheidxvi for the neat base!)

Sha Wujing

Again, it’s been really fun to design them with @terminusest13 and the team!

They’re probably not the final version because their designs can be changed in the final update, though!

It’s been really fun, and can’t wait for more designing.

i hate how i still like.. really like sh//ka//tema it’s like. when will naruto stop cursing me and my future offspring.