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Searching for Fanfiction101
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: 1,000 fanfics about their kids but only about like 10 of Jack and Sally
  • Undertale: Hundreds of Sans X Reader fics and the rest are AUs/ships with a small portion of general
  • FNAF: hundreds of thousands of fics and no one has time to go through them but most are made by little kids
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: More than half are of human Tony and Paige fighting and the rest are Crack fics
  • Fran Bow: There are none besides that one Itward X Reader fanfic
  • Ancient Magus Bride: None anywhere unless you search on AO3
  • Candle Cove: Candle what?
  • Mystery Skulls Animated: A quarter is some gay ships and the rest are OC or Lewvi
  • Pucca: Abandoned area. 1 or 2 fics per year but barely gets any reads
  • Steam Powered Giraffe: Good fanfics from the SPG cosplayers but that's it
  • One Punch Man: 98% Saitama/Genos and no one cares about the rest
  • Teen Titans: Lots of emotional fanfics on the old series but gets nothing cause of its TTG reboot
  • Spongebob Squarepants: You have a lot of free time to be looking for fanfics of fucking Spongebob
  • Wander over Yonder: The show is dead the fandom is dead and so are its authors
  • Battleblock Theater: 0 Results. Try again?
  • Don't Starve: 100% Don't Starve Together but 0% DS
  • Wizard of Oz: Only crossovers. Maybe 2 of the original but ONLY CROSSOVERS
  • Shrek: someBODY ONCE TOLD ME
  • Beetlejuice: Really good ones of the movie but if you're looking for the cartoon buddy I got bad news for you
  • Wizard101 / Pirate101: Who the fuck makes fanfiction of this
  • Zootopia: Did you mean Wildehopps?
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: 86% shipping and the rest we just don't know
  • Robots: 3 Results
  • Megamind: Good fanfics and some hidden ones of Roxanne turning evil
  • Subway Surfers: Dude that's a mobile game no one makes fanfics of that shit
  • Looney Tunes: You don't get stuff as good as the show tbh
  • Lazytown: Gay fics of Sportacus/Robbie. That's it.
  • Ivy: *Pointing to ed on the tv* Is that the guy who you loved and then shot you?
  • Oswald: Yes
  • Ivy: No offense but he looks like a geek
  • Oswald: He is a geek a stupid intelligent loser with his smug cute face i hate him so much i cant wait to kill him.
  • Ivy: Wow you really like him bad still don't you?

Controversial opinion, but I think Joseph’s ‘good’ and ‘bad’ endings are actually in reverse.

In his ‘bad’ ending, he professes that he still loves Mary and that he can’t do this to her and his family. He has to make things work, he has to save his marriage. Yes, he dumps the MC, but over all it shows Joseph more in character and portrays him with a more realistic reaction to the whole thing.

But, in his ‘good’ ending, he doesn’t even mention his love for Mary. He only says that he’s keeping up his marriage…For appearances, and for his kids. It feels like everything you learned about him got tossed out the window just so the writers could find a way to get Joseph and MC together. Everyone agrees that being someone’s ‘side piece’ is a horrific ending, both Joseph lovers and haters. Joseph and MC’s relationship goes from ‘I was divorcing my wife and chose this relationship’ to ‘hey wanna have a long lasting affair’, and it’s…Kinda upsetting, honestly.

Joseph’s good ending has always felt really rushed to me, like the writers didn’t actually know what they wanted to do so they threw a quick sex scene in there (one of the only ones in the game you don’t get a prompt to accept/deny) and then had you both have an affair because…I don’t know, they didn’t want to write in a divorce? Because they felt it was a ‘better ending’ over all? The devs said they wanted to put a ‘twist’ on the Dating Sim industry, but if they had given Joseph an ending like Robert’s, one where he breaks up with the MC to work on his divorce/marital problems with the implication that they will get back together once they are both ready for the relationship again, then that would have been not only a big twist but it would have been a satisfying ending for all parties.

We wouldn’t have so much discourse over Joseph if it weren’t revealed that he’s okay with cheating on his wife. We wouldn’t have every Joseph fan crying while listening to Margaritaville if that hadn’t happened. We wouldn’t have Mary fans upset that she is stuck in a marriage she isn’t happy in for the rest of all canon time.

Best of all, that ending would have still been a big twist. Robert’s ending was already a big surprise to me. Dating Sims end with undeniably happy endings where everything is happy and they lived happily ever after…But Robert’s ending felt so realistic, so bitter sweet. So…Good. Yes, Robert’s getting better, but you can’t be together. Not yet. Not until he heals. People have tried to say I like to demonize this man based on my other posts, but I think Robert’s writing is some of the best writing in the game. It’s so heartwarming to have such realism in a game that is portrayed well enough that it doesn’t feel like it’s tripping over it’s own feet!

But then you have Joseph, where the devs felt so desperate to try and switch things up that they changed gears halfway through and went “yeah no he gets no happiness at all, and neither do the players who like him.” and I still for the life of me don’t understand why.

Both of them said their favorite character was Mary, both of them have talked about how they wanted to break away from the Dating Sim cliche and make something new, both of them spoke endlessly about creating this game to be a positive and wholesome game focusing around MLM issues and representation. But then they go and say that the happy ending for the queer Christian character, an archetype that is riddled with real life scenarios that force queer Christian men and women into unhappy marriages, is the ending where he is forced to stay with his wife for ‘’appearances’’ but is totally okay with maintaining an affair and hurting the wife he proclaims to still love in other parts of the game/during his bad ending? Where’s the positive representation in that? Where’s the wholesome game we were promised in that? 

They say they were trying to send a message about ‘not homewrecking’…By portraying a marriage between an alcoholic and clinically depressed wife and a queer Christian man trying desperately to hold himself together for the four kids who appear also have behavioral issues? Of course your fan base wanted those two to break up! No matter what side of the fence you’re on regarding Mary or Joseph, you fucking want them to get a divorce because that’s one of the most toxic and unhappy marriages you have ever seen.

I didn’t mean for this to get so long, but I guess that’s just my lot in life; writing long ass posts. In short, I think Joseph REAL good ending is the one he leaves you in so he can try and recover what he has with Mary, and the real bad ending is the one where he continues the affair just so he can ‘keep up appearances’. The devs really fucked up in letting this game send a positive message, especially when they already showed with Robert that they weren’t afraid to give the players an ending that is only bittersweet.


Joseph deserved better. Mary deserved better. This game deserved better.

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Yo hey u fab artist u, I gotta a question. Um, I kinda want to start an artblog but I don't really do digital art, and I think not all of ur art is digital, so how do u get good quality pics of traditional art? When I try to take pictures it looks fuzzy, and u can't really see the lines that well, or its just bad quality and then I don't want to post it. Any tips on how to fix that?

Hey you, fab anon!

It’s great that you want to start your own art blog. I think every artist should do that, even if they think they’re not good enough, because, after a while, your followers and even yourself will be able to see how much you’ve improved and the best part is that they can be witnesses of your growth.

As you said, most of my art is traditional; I love black and white drawings with ink and coloring with comic markers, and, to be honest, it’s a huge challenge to get the digital image to look as good as the original piece.

I don’t usually “take pictures” of them. I use a scanner connected to a pc or a laptop where I edit them using photoshop. I you use photoshop, it’s important to know how to use the infinite editing options that the program offers.

Start with the image adjustments and play with the options there; learn what each of them do to your piece and think of how do you want to turn out. Do you want to change the colors? Or do you want to look as much as possible as your original piece?

An usual problem is that the whites aren’t as white as the paper so you can use ‘levels’ to fix that, even to darken the colors as much as you want, making the contrast more visible. 

To fix the colors (if they’re not as cool as on your original piece) use ‘selective color’ to fix each color separately: reds, yellows, greens… even neutrals, blacks and whites. Be careful to not to change them too much, being subtle is better.

 If you see that your image is too yellowish or too blueish use 'color balance’ to fix it (remember to use the complementary color to do it).

If you’re not happy with the results, I encourage you to keep playing around with the options! If you’re inexperienced I assure you that you will improve in no time.

It is true that some times I take pictures of them, the stickers I make, for example. If you don’t own a scanner you will have to use a camera to show your art to the rest of the world. My first advice: don’t try to use it as a scanner, don’t try to take pictures to make them look like you scanned them, all straight and from above the piece. For aesthetic purposes, you can set the materials you used to create your art next to it, like pencils, pens, markers… 

The key is to try to make your pictures as bright as possible and the colors vibrant. If you can get to make the picture clear enough to to make the strokes of the pen, marker or brush, visible, even better. Because that is what is so cool about traditional art, that you don’t have to fake the texture of the paint or the paper.

The most important things:

Light! Take the picture during day light. Use a lamp if you feel like you need to to fill the shadows from the opposite side of the window, but have in mind that natural light will give you a blueish color on the paper while the bulb light will add a yellowish one.

Editing! If you use your phone to take the picture I’m sure you will have some apps to edit pictures. Try to turn up the exposure and the contrast to make the whites even whiter and the blacks even blacker xD

Filters! If your drawing is a black and white piece you can alway try to use a b/w filter!

And the most important thing: CLEAN THE LENSES before taking the picture! It has happened to me before that the camera was filthy and it took me a while to realice why my pictures were so shitty lmao.

Sadly, in the end, the quality of your camera has a lot to do with the final results.

I hope this will help you! And if you start your art blog, don’t forget to send me the link because i will love to follow it!!

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Alright so MediBang has a pretty fun brush-creation thing going on! I’ve been using the mobile version, although I’m sure that the desktop version can do this as well?

So you go to make a new brush, right? If you wanna make a brush that has several images built in, like the gummy bear thing, you’ve gotta pick a “multi” brush option

Once you select one of those, it’ll ask you to either use your current canvas or to import from your MediBang gallery or another app

What I did was I made my brush canvas in a separate file, so I imported from the local gallery

On the right there is the file I would choose! Notice how it looks kind of weird, that’s because each image that goes into making the brush has to be its own separate layer. It’s a little weird, but that’s how it works

Essentially that file just looks like this, one bear on each layer! So once you select that, the program pretty much does the rest. Just fiddle with the brush settings until you get exactly what you want

So I’m really not sure how you’d make this brush in literally any other program, but here’s how I managed it! I know this is kinda jarbled and aimless but I hope it helps at least one person, it took me a little bit to figure out how to use the multibrushes

  • Jungkook: Hyung, don't you think being called a princess is a little bit gay?
  • Seokjin: Yesterday, you we're screaming 'FUCK ME NUMB, JIMIN', and I'm the gay one?
  • Jungkook:
  • Jimin:
  • Taehyung: This is why we can't have nice things

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I wanted to know who BHB was so I looked it up and it's the guy from snake bytes TV? I used to watch his show a lot as a kid and it's part of what got me really into reptiles. I haven't watch his show in years and I don't know much about him so can you tell me why he's bad? I don't want to end up supporting him in the future when I get more reptiles if he's a bad breeder

Here’s a pretty good post on the subject with just a few things he has done ->

I also want to talk about bhb’s leopard gecko care specifically. He keeps 4-6 geckos year round in 28qt tubs, which I wouldn’t even keep a single gecko in (in some videos it appears they’re in 32qt tubs, which is still ridiculous. Don’t cohab leopard geckos folks). His tubs are also filthy. I’m gonna take one for the team and watch one of his shitty videos to pull caps from. 

(three leopard geckos in a 32qt tub.)

(look at the amount of poop in this cage)

But Morgan! you say, these videos are a few years old! Surely he doesn’t keep his leopard geckos like this after being informed that this is incorrect husbandry!!

I hear you friends! Which is why i watched his latest leopard gecko themed episode!

(from the episode “$10,000 leopard gecko”. Note the SHIT. This is a 32qt tub and had 4 geckos in it. I watched the vid on mute because I cannot stand to hear his voice)

This isn’t even touching the fact that.. how on earth does he keep track of genetics when he houses multiple breeding females in the same tub and doesn’t appear to take any time to check who is gravid and/or just laid!

Remember! If you disagree with this husbandry you’re just a HATER and will be BLOCKED :,)

This post is already pretty long, so I will be making a PART TWO of “WHY BHB SELLING LEOPARD GECKOS REALLY PISSES OFF SUNFISH EXOTICS”

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Ah well! Uhm maybe n*18 of that writing a drabble post ("this is without a doubt the stupidest plan you've ever had, of course I'm in") and then like college AU? (you don't have to ofc I'm just weak for college AU luro) Honestly anything w college AU luro would be a blessing I was just looking at that posts Bc I'm bad w prompts lmao 😂 just do Whatevr you want I guess? I'm sure it'll be amazing either way 🙏🙏

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh-kay! This took a long time, and I’m really sorry bc finals, work and I was just generally exhausted bc im an anxious lil shit something but but!!! Here it is! 

I really hope you like it! It has no plot whatsoever but I think the interactions are pretty good and cute! First time writing Kuro so like, I tried??? 

Okay, I’m done rambling. OH OH, uh, not really beta’d at all. I apologize for any mistakes, hope u don’t cringe like agressively. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had, of course I’m in” // Luro

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had, of course I’m in.”

Lance flips his boyfriend off before he drops to his knees and takes a small bobby pin from the back pocket of his jeans.

“Keep talking, Tadashi, and this is the last time I do something nice for you.” Lance threatens, his hands still focused on pick locking the door.

“Well, that doesn’t sound good for future horny me.”  The young adult mumbles before frowning, “And stop calling me Tadashi.”

“It’s your birth name, Kuro.” Lance replies, nickname rolling easily on his tongue, and waves him off with a shrug, “But fine, your wish is my command, babe.”

Kuro pouts at him and kicks him on the butt from behind, smirking when Lance yelps in surprise.

“How long have you been planning this, babe?”

Lance hums. “A month before you graduated last semester.”

Kuro’s eyes snap open in surprise. “That long? Babe, you didn’t have to do this, I told you back then that I was okay not getting a photo.”

His boyfriend scoffs. “Hell no. You graduated with honors, love, despite the fact that no one believed you could do it. You deserved to have your picture with the Black Lion, your career mascot! It’s a College Tradition!”

Kuro chuckles softly at the passion in the brunet’s voice. “The Director didn’t like me, we all knew that. I’m just glad I was able to prove them all wrong.”

Lance looks behind him over his shoulder to met his eyes and then he smiles softly. “Yes…you did prove them wrong and I couldn’t be prouder.”

Kuro flushes at the praise and looks away, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. “Oh, hush.”

“But still, babe! You didn’t get to have a picture flying the Black Lion! So, that’s why we are here for!” Lance grins proudly and Kuro snorts.

“To break into the Castle of Lions just for me to climb over a rock statue?”

“Heck yeah, we are.” Lance smirks and Kuro returns the smirk.

Director Zarkon won’t be happy with the fact someone climbed over his favorite kitty.”

“Director Zarkon can kiss my ass.”

“Ew, babe, no.” Kuro laughs, “Just hurry up, before someone catches us.” He urges, leaning against the wall nonchalantly besides his boyfriend.

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A Motorcycle AU. I’m surprised that I haven’t found any Motorcycle AU for the Voltron/Klance Fandom. Therefore, I bring you this 2 Quiznackboys, Where Lance Rocks hard a Moto, and Keith Rocks a Moto but not as good as Lance. (I’m made it with the Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, cuz why not, and it would be Alpha Lance, Omega Keith. I haven’t just found any fic where Lance is an Alpha. Besides, I drew Lance being the top most bad ass asshole I could ever do, But, Hey! Keith is sexy too and he makes a good Omega for Lance. Don’t Judge!!) An AU where Voltron it is a Academy with high Tech. Where they make Trials and quest. Shiro is the best Motorcyclist of them all. Lance is second and since Keith just moved in Voltron Academy he would need to beat all theses top Motofuckers including Shiro and Lance, but there are going to be some difficulties with Lance, more than he expected. (Also, since it is in space, I wanted to draw Keith like a Galra too, but I ran out of time.) Anyway, I was going to make more drawings yesterday, but I ran out of time, cuz I needed to sleep early for school. I will post more artworks of this AU, cuz I’m a big sucker for Motorcycles, besides I really like it. If anyone makes a motorcycle AU, please tell me!

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You're so disgusting. Being rich doesn't automatically make you bad. Being a certain class doesn't make you better or worse, there is bad and good everywhere. You're really no different then a bad rich person of looks down on others. The only big difference is wealth and power. But your mentally is very similar. It's somewhat ironic. This is dangerous and I'm not even to well off. (Don't bother posting that reaction pic, you probably will anyways lol.)

this is so funny oh my godddd

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Please for the love of God stop adding your two cents to every post on this website. Just talk in the tags I have you blocked and I still see you everywhere it's so frustrating. You could be a nice guy or whatever but I don't want to see your little useless notes. How do I block a Tumblr completely? I don't want to make you feel bad like I said you could be a nice guy with a kind soul and good intentions, I just don't like what I read. I'm really sorry


  • <p> <b>Murdoc:</b> *looking at himself in the mirror* holy fuck. Holy fuck holy fuck holy fUCK<p/><b>2D:</b> what?<p/><b>Murdoc:</b> bloody hell. I look so fucking handsome today. What the heck. So handsome. I love me<p/><b>2D:</b> *giggling* babe i love u but u r not really handsome<p/><b>Murdoc:</b> yeah love say whatever u want I don't care. Today I'm the pretty guy. *stares at himself again* Holy shit can you believe this? Fuck you you're so damn lucky for shaggin' me. Wow<p/></p>

I thought i posted this before i left for vaca but i guess that was lie ;v;!

So here is Techie waving at you  *waves back*! 

This will be a sticker c:..just a couple more designs and i can do samples soon!

Tried drawing they toys’ responses to a couple of gifts you guys have given to Sproing…

The bow tie was a gift from @icetigerkitten

The sweater was a gift from @peachdalooza

Just wanted to point out that (like @hufflepuffpanda said in her post,  his heart eyes are on) BUT ALSO LOOK AT HIM, HE NODDED!!!!!!! If Adam wasn’t there, he would have totally said something like ‘‘yeah, she really is’‘ and Kristen would have figured it all out (you know that he is incredibly in love with Amy)

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I'm feeling so sad right now, several of the people that I follow and talk to have said some variation this past week of that they're not in the fandom anymore or they're not writing anymore because they don't have inspiration or that season 12 is just so bad for them that they've cut cold turkey. It's like I get into the fandom meet all these people and now they've just left. What do I do?

There are THOUSANDS of people out there that loved season 12 and are really excited for the next season, you just have to look for them! Check out all the awesome people posting on @spnhiatuscreations and such and look for people in the tags! There’s lots of love still around.