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happy birthday to our vocal king (and the king of my heart), kim jongdae #HappyChenDay

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Do you have a tutorial on how to do shoes cause i am s t r u g g l i n g

Im not really good at drawing shoes but this is how i usually draw em

make a weird square

add a weird rectangle

add some.. i dunno.. stuff

more stuff

and then just edit some parts 

some moar

sorry if it doesnt make sense im bad at explaining


All of Wyn’s Warframes, so far. They like the freedom that comes from having lots of options for different sorts of missions, and that definitely isn’t an excuse for me to have a large collection.

2/? eye color edits

Hawkeye’s baby blues

Hey guys, sorry to ask again but I could really use a few buck for milk and ramen noodles. Turns out three people dont last long on what little we had. Again, I’m offering to rip songs and edit music and sound files for people, for any amout of money. I’m so sorry for asking again. I just dont know what to do anymore.
(The offbraind sprite is BC I’m sick and a friend brought that over for me yesterday, and the sodas up top are BC my mom is diabetic and needs them if her sugar drops)


I sometimes think that a serie about the Marauders’ time would be great. It’s my favourite period in the Harry Potter world and I’m sure there are plenty to make out of it.

Karen Gillan as Lily Evans
Ben Barnes as Sirius Black
Pierre Niney as Remus Lupin
Callan McAuliffe as James Potter
George Mackay as Peter Pettigrew
Louis Garrel as Severus Snape
Richard Harmon as Regulus Black
Megan Fox as Bellatrix Lestrange
Dusk Till Dawn


Request - Heey:) could you do harry hook x reader imagine to the song “Dusk till dawn” by Zayn & Sia?? Just if you wants to of course☺️
Requested by - Anonymous
Word Count - 3, 150
Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader (Daughter of Tiger Lily[cheifs daughter in Peter Pan])
Warnings - Ok I definetly swore in this, but only because I have been swearing more than usual in day to day life aswell so…yeah ; )
Summary - I feel like I made short stories or mini canons to each lyrics that were together oops these don’t really fit togther unless by fit together you add in small or large timeskips. Basically the lyrics became prompts to short stories so yep, also I got bored and made a moodboard in piccollage! 


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