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Jason keeps finding notes meant for him written by Red Robin, usually accompanied with some bad guys tied up together. Who the hell does Tim think he is? 


For JayTim week: Valentine’s Day Edition.
Day 5: Flower Shop // Love Notes


I may or may not have faked my death on multiple occasions.
~ Neal Caffrey

Sorry for the inactivity.

I haven’t been feeling too good about myself lately, but here’s a think I tried to ink as an entry into a T-Shirt design contest for a Monster Hunter Group on Facebook. (even though I barely use fb ;-;)

The whole thing was supposed to be white, but this is a picture from my sketchbook that had to take in really bad lighting and I made it transparent to make it look meh n yeh…

(please do not edit or repost my work please)

Alright scrubs this is my first follow forever. Thought Id do one cause I’ve never done one before and I’m bored LOL. Id like to say thank you for making my dash what it is (a meme mess). nO but really! y’all make my dash alive! keep doing you, it makes meh happy (✿´‿`) ill probably forget a lot of ppl so don’t shoot me im soRR-

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