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Give me a live action Batman film that tries to be dark and gritty but gets ruined by the sassy and sarcastic comments and bad puns from all of his kids


@thisshouldbegayer and I just began a mermaid AU, and I don’t know where it’s going, but this is how it started.

You’re alive. You’re here. You’ve made it through another day and though there are 365 of them every year and you’ve lived through thousands before, you made it through this one. The world is a better place because you are here, living through another today.

Adrinette Month Day 5: Coffee Shop Au 

Back to working loosely haha I enjoy it far too much 8]

He didn’t know when she started sitting there, every morning at eight, with a cup of coffee in her hands. He only knew when he started remembering her. 

Sometimes she was with someone–a friend, he hoped–but most times, she was alone, sitting contentedly with her beverage, enjoying her own company. 

He never could quite muster up the courage to go up to her–what was he going to say? “Hey, I’ve been watching you drink coffee every morning as I walk to work, how’s it going?” Yeah, that’s not a bit creepy.

So one day, when it was down-pouring, and he went his way to work, believing fully that perhaps today, he might not get to see her, he was surprised to find he was wrong. There she was, wearing a bright red raincoat–but no umbrella.

And he finally found his chance.

Pokémon CEO on The New Pokémon Game for Switch and the Future of the Franchise:

  • “With the Switch, we see it as a chance to create Pokémon that goes deeper and with a higher level of expression. As a result, that makes it an extremely important platform.”
  • “Right now we’re using 7 to 8 inch screens, but on a high-definition TV you can express a whole different world with graphics and sound.”
  • “Until now, games were made as one for one person, but now you can go home and play with everyone – so how do we tackle these themes, and how do we make sure it’s not complicated?”
  • “I can’t say that we’ll release accessories, but I’d like to think of that possibility.”
  • “Unlike smartphones, the Switch is not a game device that assumes that there’s constant network connectivity. So from our perspective, it’s really not that different from DS or 3DS in terms of connectivity.”

Ishihara also spoke at length about augmented reality, a technology that superimposes virtual characters and scenes onto real-world images. He said that this fits well with the Pokémon company’s vision of blending fantasy with reality, as Pokémon Go did as a location-based game.

  • “With current AR, even if you say Pikachu is there, no one really thinks that. But that reality is just one step away. For example, you’ll be able to find Pikachu, and it can sense this table and jump on it, and you can see its shadow on the table, and then it faces you and starts talking to you. We will see the birth of this reality that is another step up from the current Pokémon Go. And I’ve only mentioned the visual aspect, but you can add haptic and rumble technology to that.”
  • “Voice-activated assistants are increasing. Whether it is Google Home or Amazon or Apple Homepod, there are many of them and we could see these dialogue-based devices give birth of a new form of entertainment.”
  • “Switch is just one of the possible platforms. I think we will open up more possibilities from all these platforms. Playing in a more realistic way should be possible.”

Guys really love doing their ladies’ hair… They just don’t want you to know it because you’ll have them do it all the time. And work is, actually involved in doing it. Wheeeeeew!

I feel like (actually I KNOW) that when yall say that we have to break gender roles or post those cutesy “gender isnt real” posts/images all yall mean is “let boys wear crop tops uwu” and all that its always centered around men being cutesy which actually isnt frowned upon by women like at all… like Every ugly man thats feminine instantly gets 100k on instagram. yall only mean “let men wear pink” or “let my cute boyfie wear blush and highlight” its NEVER about gender non conforming women (lesbians !! butch lesbians!!!) you just dont care you say “break gender roles” all you want but you want people to break them to the point thats comfortable to YOU. The furthest you will go is straight skinny girls with pixie cuts and men wearing pink but you get uncomfortable the fucking second a woman DARES to be masculine the second she DARES to be unbothered by mens beauty standards and live comfortably the way she WANTS to and yall lose your minds the second you see a fat woman do that. All in all gnc positivity is so very much centred around men catering to straight girls fantasies of being ~soft boys~ while butches still and always will get tons of shit for merely existing as a lesbian and as a woman who isnt attractive to straight men.