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Vanderwood with an MC who's like adorably clingy? And blunt? Like they will tug on their sleeve and just say "I want attention." Or crawl in their lap because warm boyfriend. Or even just hug them randomly because "I just love you a lot." (Lots of face kisses included. Or arm kisses because short MC can't reach but still wants to give kisses.) And sometimes they just do things that turn Vanderwood into a blushing mess because SO CUTE FUCK. (Also I adore your writing and Vanderwood THANK YOU.)

✿ sorry next few days are gonna be vanderwood spam because, while i don’t have the energy for big long headcanons atm, i always have the energy for my One True Love.

  • “Get off, you damnable monkey” practically becomes their catchphrase, and every time you wriggle onto their lap they tell you to stop treating them like they’re Mount Everest.
  • You do not listen.
  • Weirdly enough, they aren’t really sure how to deal with your clearly articulated demands. Vanderwood is the type of person who isn’t shy about saying exactly what they want from someone, but when you’re there, in front of them, arms crossed and toe tapping - they just… don’t know what do do???
  • you want??? affection????? how can you be so blunt omfg do you feel no shame?
  • Tries petting you on the head like a dog as if that will, somehow, satisfy you. Whether it does or not is probably up to how much you want them to suffer at that moment.
  • When you sprawl over their lap, they just kind of sigh and adjust themselves so you aren’t cutting off the bloodflow in their leg. And when you ooze over the back of the couch, draping your arms across their chest as you rest your chin on top of their head, they mumble something about getting you an actual headrest or something.
  • “Why would I want to replace something that’s already perfect” JESUS HOW CAN YOU JUST SAY THAT
  • UGH
  • shut up they are not blushing.
  • ‘”Excuse me,” they say as you plop down into their lap and then steal their jacket, which you then drape over yourself like a blanket.
  • “You’re excused.”
  • oh my god you sassy little - 
  • Finally, they give in, and give you a taste of your own medicine by using your shoulders as elbowrests.
  • You don’t mind, since they’re warm, until their shoulders start getting a bit pokey, which you alleviate by, once more, crawling all over them like a cat.

Monsta X Reaction: You Flinch During A Fight

Shownu: *ignore the text*

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He’d be so hurt and so angry- but not at you, at himself. He hated the fact that his actions would drive you to be scared of him that he would just shutdown.


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He had taken a step closer to you for a hug; he was tired of fighting after all– but he would freeze once you flinched. He wouldn’t know what to do and would leave you alone for a few hours before coming back to you to talk.


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He would try his hardest to make you smile, but after a few minutes, you’d be able to see him slowly breaking down; his voice cracking, his eyes glistening with tears, etc. But he would still be trying to make you smile.


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Although he’d be on the verge of tears while doing it, he’d want to talk to you about what had just happened instead of letting it sit. He’d make sure you know that he’d never hurt you.

Hyungwon: *try to ignore the water?*

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He would start tearing up right then and there. You would watch as he lowered his head, not wanting you to see him cry.


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He would pamper you for the entire day eternity, making it known that he would never lay a hand on you in that way ever.


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He would leave you alone for a few days so you could calm down and he could collect himself. He’d be hurt that you’d think he’d hurt you above all.

book tumblr’s activism problem.

im not gonna lie, ive thought about quitting tumblr a lot specifically because of the reactions to my blog posts about racism, ableism, and anti-lgbtqia*.

the reason why im even mentioning this is because every time i crosspost a post about this or speak up about problematic books its met with hostility. not always publicly. mostly via asks. 

see, i can deal with you harassing me. im used to harassment. but i cant deal with ignorance. and in comparison to the overwhelmingly positive responses i get on my blog and on twitter? well, tumblr looks pretty bad. you guys are looking really bad. and i know its not all of you. i know there’s a good portion of you guys who care. theres also a good portion that belongs to the “dont say anything unless its positive” fraction which is probably the worst thing you can do considering we’re living through the global rise of fascism right now.

i know tumblr is escapism for a lot of people. but you dont get to be escapist when you’re living in a world like this and are disabled, non-white, non-straight. non-cis. we dont have that luxury.  do you want to be escapist or an ally? make a choice.

i just really wish people would openly support more. share posts. discuss problematicness. you dont even have to support me specifically, you dont have to care about me. but you shouldnt refuse to talk about racism, anti-lgbtqia, and ableism and happily continue to promote and reblog and gush about extremely harmful books. its not only me. book tumblr is making activists leave. a lot have left already. and you know what happens when activists leave. bigotry will take over. 

this is just me telling you guys one more time before it’s too late.

The Final Problem - Portrayal vs. Perception

(This morning @i-like-shooting-walls and myself had a bit of conversation on our impression that after TFP the appreciation of - if not the love for - Mycroft is at an all-time high. In fact, I think that this outcome is one of the mayor archivements of TFP and it’s not in any way by chance. I found people wonder what Mofftiss had in mind, when they had Mummy Holmes call Mycroft idiot boy and limited. Most people seem to find that she was being absolutely unfair here, and she was. Yet Mofftiss are not stupid. They know what they’re doing and what they’re doing is making use of the difference between Portrayal and Perception. What the actors say or show is on the one hand whilst our perception, our reaction is another thing altogether.)

(I’m sorry the post got rather long….)

Abstract, stiff, unfathomable, shady, untrustworthy:

This is a journey from Mycroft’s exposition in Episode 1 // via him being rather a plot device in Sherlock’s and John’s adventures and Sherlock’s characterization // to the moment when you (whether you liked him before or not) want to wrap your arms around him for a hug and maybe even a declaration of love.

From the very first episode the relationship between Sherlock and Mycroft is established as being difficult (this is quite an understatement). Mycroft mentions to John that Sherlock might perceive his big brother as his arch enemy, and when John later tells Sherlock that he had just met Sherlock’s arch enemy Sherlock knows instantly that John is talking about Mycroft (ASIP).

In the whole of season 1 and 2 Mycroft remains quite abstract. He is the British Government or at least one of the most powerful men in the country, but what he does exactly we only see glimpses of. His name literally opens doors to secret, high security facilities (as in THOB). He fills a plane with corpses to blow up in midair to fool some terrorists (as in ASIB) and generally keeps an eye on Sherlock and John, trying to get Sherlock to help with Government’s issues. All the while Mycroft remains shady - or as my best friend put it ’stiff and unfathomable’.

We have to wait until season 3 to finally see a bit more of Mycroft and some other nuances of the character that might suggest that there is a softer core to the Ice Man. He personally gets to Serbia to free Sherlock though he very likely could have sent a team of agents to do so. He also plays operation and ’the deduction thing’ with Sherlock. For the first time ever we see him without wearing a jacket what in terms of Mycroft means that he is essentially naked. At his most humane we find him in HLV with upturned sleeves (which as some people pointed out is basically porn) at the kitchen table of his mother, he is alluded to by a nickname that he doesn’t like, he hates Christmas, tries to hide from his mother that he is smoking, and asks Sherlock to decline an offer by MI6 frankly because he is scared that Sherlock might die if he accepted the offer. Most importantly he eventually attempts to express his feelings towards Sherlock (’your loss would break my heart’) and we even see him in shock and deep concern for his brother after Sherlock shot Magnussen.
And yet on the other hand he is still uncannily at some points of season 3 with his cryptic statements (’Do you remember Redbeard?’, ’I’m not given to outbursts of brotherly compassion. You know what happened to the other one.’)

TAB, whilst finally giving us a bit of background to the relationship between the brothers Holmes (in telling us that Mycroft would usually be the one to go and find Sherlock in drug dens and get his younger brother off drugs), also pushes us into speculating over the meaning of the cryptic discussion between Sherlock and Mycroft in Sherlock’s drug induced Mind Palace. They bet when Mycroft might die which led a great many people to believe/fear that Mycroft’s days were counted and that he would die in season 4.
A very integral moment of the plot of TAB is the scene when Sherlock, Mary and John get off the plane in the end. Mycroft calls John back and - for what I think is the first time - doesn’t use John’s first name but calls him ’Dr. Watson’ (and if I remember correctly he never call’s him John again in season 4). He asks John to look after Sherlock in a very melancholic expression, even using the word ’please’ which is a first time, too. Has he just decided to be the nice big brother for once or is this foreshadowing? We do know now, but back then we might have been led to assume that this was just another hint, that Mycroft’s days were counted and that he knew it.

The first two episodes of season 4 bring back the shady Mycroft. We see the Ice Man that is using the machinery of the state to keep tabs on his family, who is powerful enough to conceal that his brother is a murderer without even letting the PM know, and who uses spooks to find out what triggered this new incident of drug abuse of this younger sibling and to get rid of the evidence. Plus, there is the moment his tongue slips when talking to John on the phone (’The fact that I am his brother changes absolutely nothing. It didn’t the last time and it won’t with…. with Sherlock’ - TLD) calling into our memory the ’You know what happened to the other one’ from the end of HLV and his obvious and outright lie to John when John understands that there is another Holmes child. Furthermore, if you didn’t like Mycroft before, the ’get out of my house, you reptile’ moment with Mrs. Hudson was what would have broadened your antipathy towards Mycroft even more.

At the exposition of TFP we have a Mycroft, that has obviously been lying to Sherlock and John for a long time, that is shifty, deeply untrustworthy, really powerful, rather abuses the machinery of the state to control his brother than trying to intervene on a brotherly level (which I am sure he simply can’t and Sherlock would never accept), and who seems to be very much devoid of any kind of emotion or empathy. (Did I mention that I REALLY like him =D)

Send in the Clowns:

Pranking Mycroft in the beginning of TFP is a wonderful proof for the friendship and funny dynamics between John and Sherlock. They are an impaccable team not only in carrying out the prank but also in planning as John explains that it was not in the first place - as we might have thought - Sherlock’s idea but John’s.

From the moment on that we arrive in 221B Baker Street both speech and facial expressions of John and Sherlock establish the ‘we against you’ plot. First Mycroft is dissed by Mrs. Watson (’the kettle is over there’) and both Sherlock and John smile. Whenever John snaps at Mycroft, Sherlock smiles. When Sherlock tells Mycroft, that John will stay, because he IS family, John smiles quite triumphantly. You can indeed read the joy from Sherlock’s face when John points out, that he knows the quote by Oscar Wilde (’the truth is rarely pure and never simple’).

After we arrive on Sherrinford the mood of the ‘we against you’ dynamic shifts pretty soon and heavily. Until now it has been one of two very close friends facing the brother of one of them who has been lying to both of them, but on Sherrinford the attitude of Sherlock and John towards Mycroft becomes dismissive if not hostile.

It’s in the look Sherlock gives Mycroft after his brother’s dry heaving, but then turning to John and asking him if John was ok. It’s in the ‘I’m beginning to think that you are not very clever’ comment by Sherlock towards Mycroft and in the many times when Mycroft is completely disregarded or cut off by Sherlock. We’re influenced to pick the side of Sherlock and John because of Mycroft’s refusal to play along, because we know that he allowed the meeting between Moriarty and Eurus, because it was John who figured out first that Eurus had taken control of Sherrinford. We’re supposed to see Mycroft as being weak, squeamish, to be a spoilsport and absolutely inhumane when he suggests that they must get the girl on the plane to crash into the sea.

While Sherlock and John do their best to be soldiers to pull through Eurus’ tasks Mycroft is the third wheel. He understands quite soon that him and John are being made to compete with each other and also tries to make John aware of this, but again he is dismissed. He is disinclined to play Eurus’ game and whilst John and Sherlock put a lot of effort in their attempt to work through (because of their nonsensical hope they might win) Mycroft is getting more and more dispensable both by his own doing and by the attitude of the other two. 

It’s make your mind up time

When we arrive at the Eliminiation Game we find ourselves with two characters that work together flawlessly, that have been inseparable from the start of the episode and that need each other to pull trough. If you didn’t like Mycroft all along or were pushed into not liking him because of all you saw in TFP so far, you might be very sure and maybe even content with Mycroft now biting the dust. If you still liked him, you might be very scared for him now.

Mycroft attempts for the last time to stop his sister, but realizing that she’s not gonna give in, he steps forward and starts to bash John. What we are supposed to feel in this moment is bewilderment because WE know how much Sherlock and John need each other. If we didn’t know before TFP then we learned in this episode. How can Mycroft not be aware of this? And we’re meant to be outright furious because of those nasty things Mycroft says not only about John but also in confessing that he had always despised Sherlock. Mycroft is picking at Sherlock’s and John’s self-esteem what angers us, pushing us towards a climax of complete contempt for Mycroft (if he had meant it, would anyone still be resolved in liking or even loving him?).

And then the rug is being pulled from under our feet

Whatever antipathy, doubt or contempt you might have felt towards Mycroft it’s falling apart with just a few words: “He’s trying to be kind. He’s trying to make it easy for me to kill him.”

Here is the Ice Man, that seemed to be so much devoid of emotion, that is a control freak, is abusing his possibilities as one of the most powerful men in the state, has no empathy for others and who would just be dragged along as a third wheel while Sherlock and John fought on as soldiers. And there is the Big Brother that is - beneath that shield of iciness, beyond the facade and the posh suits - willing to sacrifice himself as he DOES know that Sherlock would never recover from losing John. He eventually tries to push Sherlock into it by bashing John, by abasing Sherlock, by laying the blame for everything onto himself.

Even Mycroft

The whole episode of TFP we are pushed and persuaded and influenced into antipathy towards Mycroft because that is the message that is conveyed troughout most of the episode by the attitude/portrayal of Sherlock and John. We’re told that Mycroft is the one to be blamed for everything Moriarty and Eurus did. 

Yet at the very end we can’t bring ourselves to stick to this antipathy and we don’t lay the blame on him. When John answers Lestrade’s explanation that Eurus put Mycroft into her old cell with ’what goes around, comes around’ we don’t agree. When Mummy Holmes glowers down at Mycroft, calling him ’idiot boy’, telling him that he is very limited because he didn’t manage to do better, we want to burst into the room to tell her off. We are left to feel angry about the way Mycroft was treated, though we are well aware of his mistakes. We throw them into context - ‘context’, that is one of the catch phrases of the episode. All the dynamic against Mycroft, all the mistakes he made, we still do not find it in our hearts to despise him or to condemn him. And all of this just because of that short ‘brother mine’ scene. Now we see who he is underneath. We see beyond the disguise, beyond the facade and find a character that not to like, that not to vouch for or not to defend becomes quite unbearable.

Here the discussion at the end of TLD is true once again:
Sherlock: “It’s not a pleasant thought, John, but I have this terrible feeling from time to time that we might all just be human.”
John: “Even you?”
Sherlock: “No. Even you.”
Ultimately: Even Mycroft.

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Hello Lovely♡ I love love love your blog & don't you worry about not posting anything♡ Can you just imagine Newts reaction when he finds out you gave the Niffler your wedding ring (just to admire for a while of course).

Aww love you!!

Newt would probably freak out at first, and then stop panicking to take in how adorable it was that you trusted the Niffler enough to give him your ring. And then Newt probably have to tickle him to get it back in the end 😅😂

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You know what hurts? Going through the Allura tag and seeing a bunch of 'i hate allura now' 'she's racist' posts.

“Oh no, she’s having a natural reaction towards the people that COMMITTED GENOCIDE AGAINST HER PEOPLE AND DESTROYED HER HOME holy fuck”

That’s what I see. Objectively, she knows there must be good Galra. But damn, let the woman FEEL things! She’s still mourning. Let her fucking mourn. Let her feel grief and be irrational, she’s still reeling from it.

We don’t blame Black people for disliking white people. So leave Allura the fuck alone.

  • Non-kpop fan watching a BTS mv: Wow there are so many members!
  • me:
  • me: *snorts*