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Even if you called 6 months later at 3 am, I’d still answer; I’ll always care.
—  Unknown
  • Junkrat: *driving random Overwatch-stamped vehicle* I dunno WHY the company puts me under this kind of pressure, I’m just the FACKIN'delivery guy! THEY'RE the ones overpromisin’ customers, but I HAVE TO RISK MY LIFE to get their packages to them on time, it is ABSOLUTE bull shit. *Later* What can I do here, can I find a shortcut, here we go, up this hill, get to do a bit of a trick as well *goes flying 20 feet in the air* TO KEEP THE DAY EXCITING. Ya orda’ ya fuckin’ doll off Amazon in the mornin’, ya get ya doll in the afternoon, THAT’S OUR GUARANTEE. *fixes ramp on front of vehicle* Ya know what, the other problem is there’s TOO MANY PEOPLE on the road! *driving full speed* If all these BUMS could just get off the fuckin’ road, then they would NOT interfere with my job! Look at me kids, GET A JOB, GET A JOB, FUCK OFF, I got fuckin’ packages to deliva’, thERE ARE PEOPLE WAITING ON THEIR DOLLS OFF AMAZON! Fack off, fack off, fack off, fack off, fack off, fack off! Ya may THINK I’m actin’ Like Michael Douglas in the movie Falling Down, But *vehicles flying off* I’VE JUST FOUND A WAY TA BECOME SUPA’ EFFICIENT IN MY PROFESSION, THIS IS MY FACKIN’ CRAFT, I DON’T CARE HOW THE NEWS REPORTS IT, PEOPLE ARE GETTIN’ THEIR FACKIN’ PACKAGES!
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Very professional revenge for unprofessional behavior.

As humans often do, I became tired one day at work. I decided to use one of my 15 minute paid breaks to take a nap at my desk. One of my coworkers, who I have not only never wronged but never really had a conversation with prior to this, posted incredibly unflattering photos of me sleeping on Facebook all captioned by him with insults to my character and appearance. So, I got to wake up to a bunch of comments from people I’ve never met about how I’m a lazy, special-snowflake, millennial who looks like she used to be a man. That was super fun. What was even more fun was the fact that he’s firmly planted in the Good Ol’ Boys Club, which makes him bulletproof. The manager agreed that it wasn’t professional, but the poor man was suddenly and inexplicably stripped of his ability to do anything about it by those jerks in corporate.

I decided to do my poor manager a favor and take the responsibility off his hands. I sent all the screenshots I took to HR. They can’t fire my jerk coworker, but there are fates worse than firing. He is now currently becoming more and more annoyed by the mandatory harassment training he has to do. I can see him watching it at his desk, making annoyed comments to anyone who walks by and generally looking like he wants to shoot himself. I’m having a very good day today.

The kicker to all of this? I’ve been keeping track of all the 2 and 3-hour paid lunches that Mister Champion of the Company takes. To loosely quote the same man in his hilarious Facebook tirades against me, “How dare someone steal company time like this. What’s wrong with people?” I’ll be sending all of that to HR, plus some recordings of his racist/sexist tirades, when I leave in a week or two. I have interviews lined up, all for better paying jobs with lesser commutes.

Sayonara, shitty company, you gave me the experience and the resume boost to ditch you like the sack of crap you are.


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Favorite Electronic Beats Profile Quotes-Noodle

 -”Noodle here from Gorillaz. Of course you know that, but I have to check, because recently I did a Facebook quiz called Which Member of Gorillaz Are You? and I got Russel! WTF? He doesn’t like octopus and he’s not even a Libra.”

-”I was only 10 when I joined the band, despite England’s child labour laws.”

-”I’ve battled hell demons, killed zombies (when it was still cool), staged my own death and been replaced by a cyborg. A really cute one.”

-”Usually I make a bowl of okayu, a kind of chicken soup, or just oil my mini-gun. Both are very soothing.”

-”I accidentally released a shape-shifting hell demon from a pearl shell. Oops, my bad.”

-”So now I have his head. On a shelf next to my Hello Kitty alarm clock (vintage, quite valuable).”

-”So you see, being in Gorillaz has shaped me into the woman you see today: a feminist-anarchist-avenging-angel-intellectual-soul-sister-of-mercy.”

this a post (complete with links, pictures and other tips) dedicated to all of you struggling through what seems to be a hell they call high school. i get it. i struggled through it, all my friends endured it and you’re probably in the same boat of wanting to throw yourself down each flight of stairs that presents itself. but please don’t do that! i’m here to help, friend!! this is a comprehensive list of all the things i learned from my time in high school. i hope this helps at least one person out there! as always, if you guys have any questions, my ask box is open :)

before we get into it: this is a link to my study routine because some people have been asking for it and don’t have a section in this post to put it under so i’m just going to leave it here.

self-care advice:

okay so, i’m going to be completely upfront with you. high school is hard. it’s especially hard if you want to do well. i can honestly say that senior year took its toll in more ways than one when i didn’t take care of myself or pay attention to my body’s needs. so here are some self-care tips to keep you happy & healthy.

1. eat a lot & stay hydrated

when you’re trying to finish a 2000 word essay, or pretty much all but shoving toothpicks in your eyes to stay up studying for an exam the next day, food is your best friend. food helps your brain work better and you’ll find that your concentration levels increase when you study on a filled stomach. there are lots of brain foods out there like dark chocolate, nuts, vegetable sticks etc. but don’t forget to reward yourself with a food of your choice after you feel like you’ve done a lot of work. couple all of this with lots of water to keep you feeling refreshed.

2. pamper yourself

i am completely aware of the fact that high school students don’t have the time to go to a spa or sauna every other weekend. however, you deserve a nice long bath or a good face scrub every now and then. other things you can indulge in:

  • sheet masks
  • body lotion (especially the nice smelling ones)
  • scented candles
  • hand cream
  • nail polish
  • eye masks
  • a good facial cleanser
  • serums
  • bath bombs

and the list goes on. trust me, being physically relaxed plays a big part in how your brain performs. if you feel a bit gross, take a shower before you start studying. it’s little things like that that’ll make a massive difference.

3. sleep

everyone says it, i know. but it’s so important. if you don’t get sleep the night before because you were cramming for tomorrow morning’s exam, go home and take a nap in the afternoon. get some shuteye in one form or another. pls. 

4. believe in yourself

it sounds so weird, and it’s usually not included in posts like these but in my opinion it’s one of, if not the most, important factor in high school success. think about it. if you’re spending those years of your life doubting whether your answer is correct, whether your science report is as good as the next person’s or whether your friends truly like you, you’re using up a lot of energy that could be used for things that’ll actually benefit you in the long run. that’s why my blog is titled “breathe” - because that’s exactly what you have to do, and sometimes that’s the only thing you can do in order to keep going. chin up. you’re going to be okay. you’re doing great. i believe in you. and you should believe in you too. 

organisational tips:

1. plan everything

i’m telling you now, get some kind of planning system. whether you want to use a bullet journal, a planner, a diary, an app, a computer program or your grandma’s paper napkins, seriously just pick something. when you have seven different classes and you have assessment for each, i highly doubt you’re going to remember every task that goes along with them. so, just take my word for it and plan plan plan.

here’s a link to how i used my planner back in high school. 

i also recommend a whiteboard monthly calendar so you can keep track of all of the important dates you need to remember.

2. post-its

i love love love post-its. i honestly can’t stop myself from buying them - especially the cute animal ones. post-its saved my butt when keeping my books organised and easy to navigate. you can use them to separate different semesters, chapters, lectures, topics etc. i also use post-its to mark any questions, sections or subjects that i’m unsure of so that i can ask my teacher about it the next day. i then write down the answer or explanation on a separate sticky note and stick it next to the question so i can refer back to it when studying for exams.

+ look at all the different kinds of cute post-its you can get!

so you can obviously get all your standard, basic post-its.

buuutttttttt, you can also get all of these fun ones too! they make studying a lot easier and a lot more fun, trust me. 

3. figure out a system that works for you

so in high school, i liked having notebooks for each class and having an accordion folder to hold all my papers. that worked perfectly fine for me but there may be other methods that work better for you. i suggest, especially if you’re just about to start or just started high school, that you experiment with different organisational systems to find which one suits you best.

i’ve got a page dedicated to my favourite supplies and how i use them. i hope you can get some inspiration from it in some way. 

motivational tips:


go on google, tumblr, facebook, instagram, weheartit or whatever tickles your fancy and search up some quotes that inspire you. it sounds really corny, but i’m telling you that it works. i had three quotes above my desk and they always used to motivate me when all i could think about was crashing into the comfort of my blankets. i would pick quotes and write/draw them out myself so i could add my own spin on them. i used:

  • “make hermione proud”
  • “effort only fully releases its rewards to those who refuse to quit”
  • “you have galaxies in your head, don’t let anyone tell you you cannot shine”


2. studyblr

this community! it’s the best motivation in my opinion. whenever i was in a procrastination slump, i would scroll through the studyblr tag or scroll through studyblr blogs and before i knew it i’d be ready to study for another hour. it’s honestly one of the most helpful resources, and if it’s available to you then i definitely recommend that you use it!

3. music

get yourself a study playlist. it’s amazing what music can do for your mood. add a mix of songs that will get you pumped to blitz through that 5-star difficulty chemistry question and songs that will help you concentrate when you need to find the right word for that english essay. studying when it’s dead quiet is weirdly deafening to me and i can’t concentrate if there isn’t some sort of background noise. just add whatever helps you - whether it be panic!, classical or in my case, kpop hehe

i have a playlist suggestion on my blog if you want to try listening to some new songs. :)

that’s all, folks!

in all honesty, high school isn’t going to be a walk in the park if you want to succeed. it takes dedication, a lot of persistence and a consistent work ethic. you need to know what you’re aiming for, and you need to want it just as much, if not more, than the person who wants the same thing. my high school experience was stressful and anxiety inducing, but i can honestly say that the rewards on the flip side are very much worth it. you’ve got this. you’ll do a lot more than survive. you will succeed. 

you can do it! i believe in you! 

stay motivated x

I feel like this is when I should tell you how much I miss you, but a part of me knows you probably don’t care. If you did, we’d probably still be friends…right? But I still hope you think of me on occasion and miss me too.

It’s been months since we last talked who would’ve seen that coming? I know I definitely didn’t. So much has happened since we last spoke, and I’ve wanted you to know it all. Isn’t that twisted? Even though we’re no longer friends, I still want to tell you all the things I used to. And it sucks because you’re not that person to me anymore.

You were the one person I was supposed to be able to count on for anything. You used to be a phone call away but suddenly you stopped answering. You were supposed to always look out for me but then you forgot . We were supposed to be friends forever but the next thing I knew, we were growing further and further apart

But I guess that’s life. Nothing is constant and no one owes you anything. And even though we’re not friends anymore, I still want to thank you. Thank you for being my best friend and dealing with everything that comes with that. Thank you for the nights we stayed up til dawn just talking and laughing. Thank you for being honest and genuinely caring about me. Thank you for taking me for me, and never letting other’s judgments get in the way. Thanks for never sharing those embarrassing pictures you took of me. And thank you, thank you, thank you for being the best friend I needed during that part of my life.

And even though we are no longer friends, I just want you to know that I could never hate you. Trust me, I’ve tried. It sounds awful, but I thought it would be easier to get over losing you if I could hate you but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was hurt when you left, but I will never hate you. You were my best friend. And despite how things ended up, because of that, I will always love you.

Sometimes, I still scroll through pictures of us and smile. I see screenshots of old conversations and laugh. And whenever I see something that reminds me of you or an inside joke, I almost always almost send it to you. I don’t think there will ever be a day when you don’t cross my mind at least once, but the sadness and hurt are fading, and I’m learning to look at you as a cherished memory.

Everyone chooses their paths in life, and I guess your path just no longer intertwined with mine. But I hope you’re happy. Because I really do wish you the best. I hope you’ve found someone new to send all those weird memes too, to stay up on the phone with on the nights you just can’t sleep, to binge watch Friends with, and to equally complain and celebrate about all the things with

Just know that I don’t hate you and that I’ll always love you. Know that I cherish the memories we made and wouldn’t trade them for anything. I’ll always check your snaps and Facebook posts to make sure you’re doing okay, because some things will never change. And know that even if I don’t go up to you the next time I see you, I will always be grateful to have called you my best friend.

Sincerely, Me.

—  loyaltyxoxo, #bestfriendbreakups #dearyou 

Coffee Date?

I was going to go into the office today, but I slept super terribly.  I need to get a few things done, but I’d much rather do it in my bathrobe and in the company of the world’s best coworkers (perhaps rivaled a bit by @runningforbiscuits‘ coworkers).  Walter was just happy for extra morning chin scratches.  The Boo Boos had other priorities.  The coffee cups are in the cabinet above the cat treats–he’s patiently awaiting his treats.

I shared the quote I liked and the book I’m reading on Facebook, as well as here.  Apparently, my mother wasn’t a fan.  I made my regular phone call to her and was met with, “I think I deserve great credit for my restraint because I HATED the quote and picture you shared, but I didn’t make any negative comment.” Um, what? This led to a long diatribe that I won’t get into here, but it really soured my mood.  I’ve mentioned before that I am not a fan (to put it mildly) of The Cowboy Church that my parents began attending a few years ago. I have no problem with any religion; however, if the cornerstone for your religious expression seems to be bashing anyone who is even remotely different than you…well, I can’t get on board with that.

I was discussing this with the husband last night, and I’m not sure which I’m more upset about: (1) the fact that my mother is now so forcefully opposed to certain things that she once encouraged me to support/embrace/learn more about or (2) the fact that the woman who was a big part of the reason that I grew up wanting to approach the world with an open mind; a desire to understand, value, and respect diversity; and a compulsion to stand up for the underdog is now someone who I don’t recognize as the earlier role model she was for me.  I think #2 is pretty significant in why I’m most upset.  It just feels like a huge blow.  Perhaps I’m being dramatic.  But, my worldview is extremely important to me.  I respect everyone’s right to their own opinions and judgements regardless of how they sit in relation to my own.  My father’s beliefs have long been radically different to mine.  So, why am I so completely thrown by this?!    


Read this before you repost

[Update 04/14/2017] I’m getting a lot more traffic than before, and it called for a policy revision. Still, I struggle to get by as a full-time artist. Do not divert traffic or take advantage of my hard work for your own gain. 

Tumblr - No Reposts, Leave OP intact

This is my most active platform thanks to Tumblr’s sharing algorithm. Likes and reblogs will do just fine, and my art tag is #vergiliaux. Seriously, you have no reason to repost my stuff on here. I will report misattribution on sight, and I won’t stop until it gets taken down.

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Ask first, please. A link back to my Tumblr or Twitter must also be in plain sight.

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I appear to have caused some minor controversy on the Schipperke facebook page… I have been sharing quotes from sources I’ve been reading about schipperkes and it seems people disagree! I’d be happy to be corrected, but nobody can provide a source for their information.

Its hard to believe
That it was you
It was you
Who broke my quiet heart
Everything was perfectly fine
Until you realized
You didn’t loved me anymore

This girl didn’t cry
Because she knew it was going to happen
This woman accepted all the pain

After what he did to me
I haven’t seen him anymore
And I am scared of seeing him again
Because this woman might cry
Seeing this guy with someone else

And made her asked herself
“Have I really moved on?”

I had the world’s idea of pleasure at my fingertips,
but something deep inside kept gnawing at me. Most of the
time I was going too fast to notice it. It was only those few
minutes before I’d fall asleep at night that my soul would be
quiet enough to tell me what I was doing wasn’t working.
I hear a lot of people say that the fear of death and the fear
of public speaking are two of the main fears in my generation,
but I disagree. I think it’s the fear of silence. We refuse to turn
off our computers, turn off our phones, log off Facebook, and
just sit in silence because in those moments we might actually
have to face up to who we really are. We fear silence like it’s an
invisible monster, gnawing at us, ripping us open, and showing
us our dissatisfaction. Silence is terrifying.
—  Jefferson Bethke

anonymous asked:

Hello. I find it funny that Jensen in his tweet only mention himself as an actor. I mean shouldn't he wrote: /Comedy&Tragedy. Solid representation of their parents. Well done kiddos./ Instead of /Comedy&Tragedy. Solid representation of their father. Well done kiddos./ | Don't get me wrong, I think this tweet is super cute but i find it just a little bit weird since his "wife" and twins' mom is an actress too. Any thoughts on this? Love your blog, ty! :]

Hello, dear anon!

I totally agree with your take on this. Let me quote a comment left by @supernaturalforevet2012 on one my posts that really haunts me in the best possible way.

The fact that he sings “that it’s your love that brings me home” is pretty explicit.  IMO, Jensen is not closeted.  He does not pretend to have a life with Daneel.  He is openly and energetically in love with Jared and has been for a long time.  How anyone with functuoning eyes and ears can miss that is beyond me.

Not only did he tweet ths picture, but he put it on Facebook and Instagram, too. Their captions were even more aloof, if you ask me. Facebook: “My twins have figured out how to mock me and they can’t even roll over yet.  I’m toast.“ Instagram: “Comedy&Tragedy.  Those are MY kids alright.  #dadlife

Alright Jensen, we get it, they are your kids and you certainly don’t have a wife. Well, unless the 6′4″ ball of sunshine counts. ;)

I hope you have a very lovely day, sweet anon, and thank you for your kind words. <3

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Doctor Who Meme ▬ Two quotes (2/2) :

“Listen to me… Listen, I just… I just want you to think. Do you know what thinking is ? It’s just a fancy word for changing your mind.”

I think first loves will always have a place in your heart no matter what. I don’t love him anymore, nor do I think about him every day. Even though I was second priority for him and he didn’t treat me right, it doesn’t change the fact that he was my first love. I will notice him at every party, and his Facebook statuses will just have more meaning for me than other ones.

And I guess that’s just first love for you.

I posted a picture on Facebook of my cat wearing a purple ribbon with the caption “the belle of the ball.” My older brother literally just commented “isn’t Forrest a guy cat?" 

 Alex, he’s a cat wearing a ribbon, and he doesn’t have time for your gender roles, all he wants is chicken treats and to sleep right in the middle of the bed he doesn’t care about your heteronormative bullshit and neither do I

Tag Game

So my twin @deanssweetheart23 tagged me to create a mood/aesthetic board using only pictures on my phone…

Ta Daaaa… most of these were previously saved from facebook/tumblr/pinterest and only the pretty lake one is actually mine. Clearly depicted here are my two loves: Dean Winchester and Horses… And while I have eight hundred (exaggerating) quotes on my phone, that one snagged my attention as being related to Dean.

I don’t know who has been tagged already, so please just ignore me if you’ve done it or don’t want to do it… @lipstickandwhiskey @bringmesomepie56 @emilywritesaboutdean @atari-writes (I know you’re away, hun but I couldn’t leave you out…) @trexrambling @amoreagron @feelmyroarrrr

If anyone else wants to make one, go right ahead! I’ll be happy to reblog it.