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Chapter 6: Forgetting Peter Parker (Spider-boy - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

A/n: I don’t really mention the original marvel characters that much since Y/n Stark’s character doesn’t live with the rest of the Avengers but actually resides on the Upper East Side (as if it weren’t already that obvious). BTW, I apologize for the various time lapses because the big events usually happen on weekends. By the way, the new guy stepping in will kinda be like this story’s version of Nate Archibald (bc let’s face it, he’s gorgeous af) and let’s just say he’s going to form the love triangle; Wouldn’t you want to date a guy from Vieux riche family? ;)

 Also, I may have inserted a quote from Riverdale, if you managed to spot it, congratulations!

UES = Upper East Side


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Before Y/n Stark’s rise to the social ladder, there was Liz Allan, the Upper East Side’s golden girl, Spence Middle School’s perfect student, and the talk of the town. She was the batch valedictorian, was vied to be the first in line at the Dispensary Cotillion and Debutante Ball where the children of the Upper East Side get to show their grand entrance to the high society. Liz was the ideal lady but Y/n knew she had to step up to take the crown from her ex-best friend.

Unfortunately, Liz Allan left without an explanation whatsoever, that’s when Y/n Stark rose to become Spence’s golden girl sitting on top of the Elites pyramid, the Queen Bee of the Upper East Side, and every Prep school boy’s dream girl.

For everyone on the UES, Liz Allan is a dead woman walking, nobody knows her whereabouts, thinking she went to boarding school or migrated somewhere far from the US. Y/n’s prominence is what keeps her moving, and she intends to stay that way.

Tony steps inside the Stark Penthouse apartment on the Upper East Side. He sees his daughter holding papers in one hand and a calculator in the other.

“Hi, sweetie! It’s a Sunday night, what are you doing?” Tony sits beside Y/n looking at her oddly before looking at the television screen to see the news.

“I’m almost done with this month’s audit. I know you like it when your staff is early when it comes to tasks so here I am finishing what I have to do, so all I have to do tomorrow are; go to school until 10 AM since the teachers will have a general meeting or something, I wasn’t really paying attention…. and then I’m going to drop this off at your office in the afternoon.” Y/n states.

“Wow, you’re like a self-cleaning oven. Efficient, just the way I like my staff, but you’re my daughter. Honey, you need to relax. I’ve always been proud of your work ethic but you’re a kid, you’re my kid, I want you to let loose, show them how Starks party.” Tony reminds you.

“Are you telling me to go out and do something stupid? Because you have Nicholas to do all the party stuff for you.” Y/n replies, not looking at her dad.

“Yeah well he’s at Dartmouth, I can’t really have my son party his life away since he’s going to inherit most of the company.” Tony responds.

“What about me and Eloise? What do we get?” Y/n looks at her dad sternly.

“See now, you’re starting to look like your mother when you’re angry. You get to keep the penthouse apartment and besides, I thought you wanted to go to Med school?” Tony asks.

“Yeah but I also want to be part of the Stark Industries, at least own a share of it.” You tell your dad.

“Alright, alright. At this rate, you can always consider Law. You have your mother’s tenacity.” Tony jokes.

“Well, would you look at that.” Tony looks at the TV screen to see Spiderman breaking in the Washington Monument.

You lift your head up from all the slouching to see what your dad’s reacting to. A footage of Liz and Spiderman locking eyes the moment he saves her from the falling elevator.

“Gross.” Your face forms into a disgusted expression.

“Hold on, the Liz, Peter was talking about is the same Liz from Spence?” Tony inquires.

“Yup. It’s a small world, dad.” Y/n sighs.

“Did Peter tell you about his infatuation with Liz? How’d you know about it?” You furrow your eyebrows at your dad.

“No, the baby monitor in his suit sends me updates of his whereabouts and what he’s been doing. He might have mentioned her a couple of times through his suit.” Your dad replies.

“Of course, he’s mentioned her.” You mumble.

Because even when she’s no longer living near me, she still manages to annoy me to my very core. Everything just has to be about Liz.’ You think to herself.

“Want to talk about it or am I just going to assume that you’re harboring feelings for Peter Parker?” Tony questions.

“Dad, clearly Peter doesn’t want anything to do with me or my life here on the UES, he’s all about becoming an avenger and getting the girl of his dreams, Liz freaking Allen.” Y/n sneers.

“The conversation about Peter is making me feel uncomfortable; Firstly because you’re my daughter and you’re only turning 16 next week. Secondly, I don’t like you gushing on my protege, I thought you were into Prep school boys? You know, those future Yalies type. Lastly, I trust your every decision, Peter is the stupidest boy if he thinks you’re not the most gorgeous girl in Manhattan.” Tony smiles at his daughter reassuringly.

“Thanks, dad. Creepy comment, though.” You raise your eyebrows at him.

“You know I’m bad at these ‘Father-Daughter’ talks. You’re like a self-cleaning oven, I trust you well enough.” He pats you lightly on the knee.

Did he just compare me to an appliance? twice?!’ You think to yourself.

“Anyway, I have to go back to the Headquarters. Good night, sweetie.” Your dad kisses you on the forehead before heading off.

“Good night, dad! Go save the world for me.” You exclaim a second before the you hear the elevator door closing.

The news is still focused on Spiderman.

“Ugh, Spiderman is sooo two weeks ago.” You grumble, turning off the television.

Your phone’s IM ringtone starts to buzz like crazy.

Tinatintin: Any of you seen the news?

ElizaBabe: What are you, 30??

You: Liz Allan still has it.

MaddieMadness: Dalton boys are raving about Liz’s comeback, even if it’s on the news.

You: That’s not what I call a comeback, for all I know, Liz Allan is a dead woman walking on the UES.

Tinatintin: Looks like everyone knows Liz still exists.

You: But still irrelevant.

ElizaBabe: Completely.

MaddieMadness: On it…

The three of them understood what Maddie’s onto, she’s Spence’s real life gossip girl, minus the anonymity, the obsession over the Upper East Siders and the fact that Spence girls are not as catty as the girls of Constance-Billard.

You move around your bed, trying hard to fall asleep when a thud against your window interrupts your reverie.

Y/n sits up and sees a shadow lurking against the bedroom window. You turn the lights on to see Spiderman outside your window. You were about to open the seal when Peter decides to sling away.


Y/n and the rest of group are gathered at the Gramercy Tavern for lunch

“Okay girls, now I brought you here today to discuss Y/n’s current situation.” Eliza starts.

“Girls, as much as I enjoy all of you partaking in my non-existent love life, I’d rather not talk about that Tony Stark ass-kisser, Liz Allan fanboy.” You hiss.

“Exactly, hence the reason why we found you a new guy. His name is Ted Vanderbilt, his surname already speaks for himself and he’s the captain of Dalton’s Lacrosse Team.” Tina states.

“I need a picture.” You pretend to be uninterested.

Maddie takes her phone out see a teenage guy with golden blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes, looking like a true poster boy of the UES.

Just the distraction Y/n needs from all the Spiderman fiasco she’s experienced, plus he’s a Vanderbilt, what more can Y/n ask for?

“Girls, set up the date. Tomorrow night, here at 7 pm.” You tell your friends who just nod along in excitement.

Y/n drops off the files on top of his dad’s desk and sits on his office chair. Out of sheer curiosity, you open his Mac desktop and look for Spiderman’s baby monitor protocol.

Hundreds of videos appear of Spiderman jumping off buildings, web-slinging along Queens. Then there were clips of Peter wearing only the mask in front of the mirror.

Hey what’s up, Liz? Peter’s told me a lot about you.” Peter does a wink through his suit.

You roll your eyes and click fast forward.

Hey Y/n! I heard you’re into bad boys, I don’t mean to brag but, I’m bad at almost everything I do.” He shrugs his shoulders.

You see a footage of Peter scrolling through his science notes and you notice his sketch of you and Spiderman.

You turn on the television to see live news regarding a Staten Island ferry.

“Oh my god, Peter.” Y/n mumbles.

You take your phone out from your Mulberry bag and call your dad.

“What is it, honey?” Tony picks up.

“Dad, Peter needs help. He tore a Staten Island ship in half.” You say calmly.

“He what?! I’m on it, sweetie.” Tony then hangs up.

“You owe me, Peter Parker.” You murmur.

Y/n is sitting on one of the Fendi Casa couches she picked out for the Stark Tower living room, waiting for your dad’s update.

You hear loud knocks against the window to see Spiderman himself, signaling you to open the window. Y/n opens the window for Peter to enter.

“Peter, do you realize what you’ve done? You could’ve died. What the hell were you thinking? Did you not think about the consequences of your actions?” Y/n bombards him with questions.

Peter removes his mask as Y/n notices the redness in eyes, her anger washes away immediately.

“My actions? Those bad guys had millions worth of weapons of destruction. Somebody had to stop them, I didn’t want to sit around and wait for bad things to happen because I have a responsibility to the world.” Peter defends himself.

“No Peter, you are not like one of the Avengers just yet, you’re only 16. My dad told you to stay away from those guys and you didn’t listen. Your responsibilities are your education and your Aunt May because if anything happens to you, it might kill her.” Y/n replies.

“And besides, how could we even forget about Liz Allan, Peter Parker’s dream girl and Spence’s brightest, nobody could’ve forgotten about her. Even when she’s not here, she’s still being talked about. Don’t you see how frustrating it was for me to live behind her shadows when we were growing up?” You feel your tears pooling.

“We were best of friends, Peter, but I always felt like I had to prove myself to the UES while Liz… She didn’t need to, she was the perfect student, the perfect daughter, heck she was Spence’s Golden girl. I was just the salutatorian, always coming in second. My parents wanted me to be like my best friend, they put the pressure on me and not on my siblings, because they knew that living in the High society means having to show yourself that you are the best of what your parents are. You know how my dad is.” Y/n continues.

“I was just trying to do the right thing, Y/n. You’re Y/n Stark, an Upper East Sider and I’m just Peter Parker from Queens, I can’t say the right words to make you feel better because my life is no walk in the park either. I’m scared, okay? I’m scared that if I don’t do something about it, I might lose an important someone again.” Peter sighs.

“-And Liz…. Liz was my real first crush, the first girl I ever truly liked, and she’s always been nice to me. I just… I care for her. I care for you too, Y/n.. You have no idea hard it was for me try and not to like you because I do, I really really do.” Peter adds.

“Peter-” You try to put your hand on his arm but his hand stops you from doing so.

“I’m sorry… for everything.” He looks at you with a sincere look on his face.

“Get your hands off my daughter, Mr. Parker.” Tony walks in in full Iron Man gear.

“Sweetie, it’s time to go home.” Your dad steps off from his suit and walks over towards you.

Peter lets go of you as the two of you look at one another.

“Dad, it’s only 3 pm.” You remind him.

“I don’t care. I need to have a word with Mr. Parker, alone.” Your dad looks at you sternly.

“Bye Peter.” You smile weakly at him before heading out.


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“Is he there?” Y/n and your three friends are on a three-way call to prepare you for the date with Ted Vanderbilt. The three girls are already seated at the Tavern.

“He just arrived! He’s wearing a gray blazer, white button downs, and dress shoes. He looks so gorgeous, Y/n/n.” Maddie sighs.

“Hey, ease up on the squealing, he’s my date.” Y/n reminds Maddie.

“Alright alright.. Settle down. Anyway, are you near? He’s already seated down.” Eliza asks.

“Turn your phone off ladies, I’m about to enter.” You tell your friends as you step out of the car.

“I’ll call you when I need you, Happy.” You smile at your father’s personal security.

Happy just nods and heads back inside the car.

“Show time.” A smirk forms on your face.

Before you could walk inside the restaurant, you see a red and blue object swinging around. Peter followed you again.

It’s time to let go, Parker… Because as of this moment, I’m already trying to.’ Y/n thinks to herself.

You walk inside to see to see the golden blonde boy seated at your favorite spot in your favorite restaurant while your friends are seated 3 tables away, all three of them giving you the thumbs up.

“Hi, you must be Ted Vanderbilt.” You smile down at the handsome fella.

He stands up from his seat, a bit shaken but leans in to kiss you on the cheek, not that you mind or anything.

“And you’re THE Y/n Stark. Wow. Gala pictures don’t do you justice.” He smiles at you before the two of you can sit down.

Good answer, Vanderbilt. 

Looks like Peter Parker may just have found a loophole out of Y/n Stark’s life. At least he now has time to focus on the ex-best friend Liz Allan, the former golden girl, but now just an old name for everyone on the UES, because right now, it’s all about Y/n Stark and her Waldorf-esque emergence from the chrysalis of Spence’s Red Door


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